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Our mission is to provide a Christ-

February 15, 2017

centered quality education to prepare
Issue 558
students to be life-long servant


Dear Parents, As Days

What a wonderful celebration we enjoyed with the missions team shar-
ing pictures and stories of what God did on their trip to Guatemala. The
whole school was attentive and responsive to the student's presenta-
tions. This is one of the ways MVCA wants to have as a target for our Upcoming Dates:
mission and purpose. Serving others and sharing the good news of the
Gospel is our primary focus as a school. This was a great picture of Blacktail Ski Day: Thursday
why we strive each day to provide a quality Christ centered education
and develop lifelong servant leaders. Feb. 16

Speaking of service, we are constantly amazed at the ways you par-

Early Release: Feb. 17 11:45 am
ents serve our school through PIP opportunities. Whether provid- Parent Teacher Conf. Feb. 20
ing Friday hot lunch, deep cleaning the facility, assisting in classrooms,
plowing snow, fixing or repairing items in the building, helping with re- (no school)
cess or monitoring Wednesday mornings are some of the ways you
help us function as a school. we are a better school because you are
involved in the culture and purpose of MVCA. If you still have PIP hours
to serve, contact the office for ways to fulfill the opportunity to positively
impact your child's education. Some choose to financially cover this ob-
ligation through FACTS or other ways but please know that we would
rather have you with us than just give money. 11:45 am early out
Tomorrow the school will be taking place at Blacktail Mountain for an all
day PE event. If you are not a skier or snowboarder, please come and
bring your sleds to enjoy a day in the snow. This family outing is an in-
tentional way we can spend time together improving our skills on the
hill and encouraging others to enjoy this uniquely Montanan experi-
ence. It's even fun just to drink hot chocolate and munch on snacks in
the lodge while others are exploring the mountain. Please join us for
this fun and enjoyable day!

We have only had five families take the survey http:// and are
hoping for at least half of you to respond. Please take this five minute
survey to help us improve as a school. Let me know if you have ques-
tions or problems logging into the site. I can make this available at Par-
ent Teacher conferences next Monday as well. Thanks for investing in

Christian Bumgarner
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Board meeting 3:45 Parents in Prayer 8:15 All School Happy Birthday
Swimming Lessons Blacktail Ski Day! Bella Smith
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Devyn & Zach
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Mrs. Brookman

Monday, February 20th

8:00 am - 3:30 pm SKC Job Fair for Upper school students
Sign up sheets in the Tuesday February 21 10:00-1:30
main entry area are This year there will be an employer panel that will discus Expectations in the
ready for you to sign Work Place and Perspectives on Social Media.
up! Any upper school student that is interested in participating is welcome to
Upper school teachers will be in a panel Pick up a permission slip from the office.
format . Only sign up for one time slot.
V alentines Day fun!

Monday Chapel-

Presenting the mission trip

to Guatemala with the school


God was at work touching

lives during this trip!