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Cancer. Lets get through it together.
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A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience. We want you to know that you are
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your care so that to your family, and friends.
Were here for you. Well get through it together.
To learn more, call 231-876-6420.
for you.
get Well get itthrough it together.
learn here
call 231-876-6420. through together.
To learn
To learn more, callmore, call 231-876-6420.
The Cadillac News serves many towns in the Greater
Cadillac Area and considers the entire coverage
area Our Community. Weve worked diligently to
make this an inclusive publication offering stories Trusted. Local. Connected.
about people and organizations that define the
Greater Cadillac Area.
February 2017
Within these pages, youll find messages from local A special section of the Cadillac News
businesses that play an instrumental role in the 130 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI 49601
continued success of our community. Additionally,
youll read stories about friends, neighbors and
organizations that are working hard to make a
difference in the lives of our citizens and strengthen
our community.

This publication is an effort of the Cadillac News,

consuming months of interviews, reporting,
photography, creative advertising and design
efforts. It is our purpose to provide information that
enhances the lives of the people, businesses and
communities we serve. We thank all those who
contributed to our 2017 edition and hope you enjoy
this opportunity to connect with your community.

Frosty Cadillac Morni
Shelley Rosenberry,
Congratulations to the win
photo cCoom
2017 Ourmunity
Your photo showed us the true beauty
and tranquility of this great community.

Photo: Katheryn Kidder, Lake Cadillac Sunset

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 3
A long-standing tradition.
Since 1872, the Cadillac News has been the thread
that knits our communities together. Dedicated
reporters, who live in the area, provide first-hand
accounts of the important issues that affect your lives.

If its important to the community, youll find

it in the Cadillac News. Well continue to deliver
the most in-depth coverage of local government,
environmental issues, schools, education and the
lives of local people.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Trusted. Local. Connected.

4 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017

40 pg.

Whats inside...
06 The gift lady of Kenwood
The anonymous grandmother who has provided
Christmas gifts for every boy and girl at Kenwood
Elementary School
42 Embracing the
12 A veterans park that heals cowboy lifestyle
A place for veterans to call their own A McBain family tradition to successful rodeo events

20 Anchor Wizard 44 Sailing into a proud past

Machine shop owner making Chris-Craft manufacturing history
a splash with anchor wizardry
50 Refloating your boat
24 Never a dull moment Restores old, sometimes forgotten boats
Cadillac Senior Center is a joyful place to their former glory

30 Iconic camp nears 58 Good, clean family fun

half a century of service Osceola County Fair is more than 140 years old

66 Quilting time
SpringHill Camps is helping the
community grow and succeed
North Star Quilt Guild stitches help to

36 Affluent society hold the community together

Cadillacs wastewater treatment plant
70 LeRoy Tool & Die is a
40 50th survival anniversary local success story
Marine Second Lt. Joseph Thompson is a war hero A premier die-cast producer in Michigan

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 5
The gift lady
of Kenwood

6 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Identity of
revealed By Mardi Suhs
Cadillac News

A llena Michelson has an unusual hobby,

or perhaps its a calling. Its the reason
her dining room, front porch and base-
ment even her car are filled with
childrens toys.
Allena is the gift lady, the anonymous
grandmother who has provided Christmas
gifts for every boy and girl at Kenwood El-
ementary School since 2013.
Its pretty incredible, said Kenwood
principal Kelly Buckmaster. Just to unload
all the gifts and take them into the art room
for distribution takes a whole evening.
Allena, with help from her husband, Dan,
plus family and friends, provided more than
300 gifts this year. She purchases popular
toys and games and packs them into either
pink princess bags or blue Star Wars bags,
along with a hat or scarf and candy.
She wears a Santa hat on the exciting gift
distribution day and works in the back-
ground, helping her volunteer Santa, Mrs.
Claus and the elves. Although its a joyous
day, sometimes she is emotionally over-

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 7
But its a
I have everything I could
possibly want or need and
this little boy was happy
with his scarf. I had to leave
the room. I couldnt do it.
Allena Michelson
Kenwood gift lady

One year we made scarves for out, she will raise awareness about the Wayne County Sheriff s Depart- called back and she said she would
everyone, Allena said. This little organ donation. ment, said his wife never takes no like to give a gift to every student.
boy showed me his scarf. He had Allena has always been gener- for an answer. Recalling that first year, Allena
a bag full of presents. But he told ous to charitable causes, donating Four years ago, after Michelson said she prayed, telling God that
me the scarf was the best present Christmas gifts for children to the retired, the couple moved north. she needed 320 gifts so no one would
because now he would be warm. Wayne County Sheriff s Depart- Along with the furniture, Allena be left out.
I thought, ... I have everything I ment and a local womens shelter. brought more than 100 gifts she I couldnt do this without God,
could possibly want or need and Giving, she said, is just some- was collecting for charity events she said. People say its just a co-
this little boy was happy with his thing you do. downstate. When she learned that incidence. But its a Godcidence.
scarf. I had to leave the room. I My wife is just fantastic, said students at Kenwood were in need, I say, Lord, I need such and such
couldnt do it. Dan Michelson. Im a retired she called the school. and there it is on sale. Its mind bog-
Although she has remained anon- police officer and when my depart- When she called the first year, gling what God will do for me.
ymous, Allena agreed to discuss the ment needed gifts, she would go she had 75 Teddy Bears, Buckmas- Although she gets donations from
story behind her generous, if not into the store and fill up the basket. ter said. And we had 75 students friends and businesses, one helper
exhausting and selfless, yearly proj- Then she would get the manager to in kindergarten. But she wanted to confided that she believes the fam-
ect. Recently diagnosed with liver donate it all. know how many students we had. ily spends thousands of dollars of
disease, she hopes that by speaking Michelson, a retired deputy of When I told her we had over 300, she their own money each year.

8 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
A lesson about giving
After her generosity in 2013, no one expected the gift gifting to be
more than a one-time Christmas miracle.
After the first year, Allena told me that she had so much fun and
her heart was so filled with joy she would like to do more, said Buck-
master. So the next Christmas, instead of one gift, she started doing
a bag of gifts. The students are so thankful. I think shes helped build
the positive relationship we have with families. This gives them a
positive connection with school.
Dan, a tall man with an easy smile, is a willing participant and
speaks about his wife with unabashed admiration. Last month,
when they were short of gift bags, he surprised her by taking a drive
to Houghton Lake where they found just what they needed. He calls
their family of three children and their spouses plus five grandchil-
dren, an old fashioned family. They all help with the project.
She is my best friend, Dan said of his wife of 41 years. Shes the
inspiration for all of this.
The gift giving not only helps families in need, one Kenwood mom
likes the example Allenas generosity is setting for her two daughters.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 9
She didnt have to do any of this, said Steph-
anie Barron. My girls have been at Kenwood
and the last few years theyve brought home
these amazing gifts. They call her the gift lady.
This is about caring about other people. One day,
I just sat and cried, trying to explain to my chil-
dren about Allenas compassion and caring for
people. Its a lesson about giving.


I used to be the energizer bunny but I have
slowed down tremendously, Allena said.But
its OK. God has always provided. I have no
doubt that he will.
Last May, she was hospitalized with sepsis, a
blood infection, and diagnosed with non-alcohol-
ic fatty liver disease.
Recently she had a liver ultrasound, the first in
a series of tests scheduled through March. She
also received a Model for End-Stage Liver Dis-
ease score, a scale used for adult liver transplant
candidates. Her score is 19.
A score of 25 is critical, she explained. I def-
initely will have to have a full liver transplant. I
dont believe a partial is an option ... A donor is
so important to the living. I like helping other
people. And now I will need a liver.
You will be fine, Dan interjected. I know
you will be OK. You have to be.
We are all organ donors in my family, she
said. There is such a demand for organs, I like
the idea of people helping people. I wouldnt
mind if people know that being a donor is so im-
portant to the living.
In spite of ill health, Allena is already shop-
ping for next year and has dreamed up some-
thing big, something different for 2017. Her
enthusiasm showed as she hinted about whats
in store.
God willing Im going to be alright and weve
already started next year. Thats why you see all
these boxes, she said with a sweep of her arm.
If you walk past my car, its jam packed. Its
going to be so much fun. But I cant tell you any
more because its a huge surprise.

10 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
the same great service.
over 30 years
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231-775-9000 Cadillac Downtown
US-131 North, Cadillac
231-779-8954 Cadillac North
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Compassionate and Quality Care

Cadillac ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in the treatment of ear, nose, throat and head and neck disorders, facial plastic
surgery with a strong emphasis toward sinus disorders and skin cancer lesion removal. We have superior training and experience in
treating both adult and pediatric ENT conditions.
Nose/Nasal/siNus disorders throat disorders ear, head aNd Neck Facial Plastic surgery/skiN
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turbinate surgery Snoring, sleep apnea surgery (UPPP, Tracheostomy procedures
Allergies palate advancement, tongue base Eustacian tube dialation Mid face and nasal fracture
Treatment for nasal trauma treatment, radio frequency treatment Blephoraplasty
Nasal polyps of the palate and tongue) Cosmetic rhinoplasty/septoplasty
Epistaxis (nosebleeds) Thyroid surgery Otoplasty
Vocal cord and voice disorders:
Laryngeal/pharyngeal reflex: GERD
Swallowing disorders

Board Certified in Otolaryngoloy

Head and Neck Surgeons:
Robert Kendell, For an appointment with Dr. Robert Kendell, D.O., F.A.C.S. or Dr.
Lisa Jacobson,
Lisa Jacobson, D.O. please call (231) 779-6260
8872 Professional Dr., Suite A, Cadillac
Robert Kendell, D.O. F.A.C.S. Lisa Jacobson, D.O.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 11
A veterans park that heals
By Mardi Suhs and purpose, and for some veterans,
Cadillac News healing and hope.
The park has already inspired
Last spring, a Cadillac orthodon- veterans and the community to pull
tist planted a sign in an open field together to provide a safe place for
near the airport. It read, Veterans veterans and first responders to
Park Coming Soon. gather, said Dr. Laurie LaMonde,
In June, volunteers began clearing a clinical psychologist who works
fields and broke ground on a large with veterans through the Aleda E.
storage building. As word spread, Lutz VA Medical Center and the Ca-
veterans were quick to get involved, dillac Community Based Outpatient
donating materials and labor. Clinic. Many veterans are exposed
The park founder is Air Force to traumas while enlisted and have
Capt. Roger Bandeen, a Vietnam-era difficulty engaging in activities
veteran who with his wife, donated outside of their comfort zone. The
33 acres on South 41 Road for the park will provide them a safe place
project. His goal is to create a place to promote social support, which is
for veterans to call their own, a instrumental in their recovery.
place where they can get involved in See A lot of People on page 15
projects that provide camaraderie

12 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Everyone should be able to hear the Improve Your Hearing Improve Your Life
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Left to Right: Dr. Kelly Pendrick, Audiologist Hearing Aid Repairs, Batteries and
Dr. Sharon Blackburn, Audiologist
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The Professional Choice for Hearing
Healthcare and Balance Assessment

Approximately 28 million people in the U.S. experience

hearing loss, over 50% of them are under 65. Call today and take the first step to improved hearing.
231-775-9398 or toll-free 877-775-9398
At ASC Hearing Clinic, our job isnt finished until our patients
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Text PINES to 38470.


3 PM - 6 PM FRI & SAT NIGHTS 5992 E. M55 Cadillac, MI 49601

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 13
Welcomes You!
Evart Events
Easter Egg Drop April 15 at Airport
Taste of Osceola April 18
Flea Market Memorial Day weekend
Honor your loved one with dignity, respect, and personal attention to every detail. Chalk Art Festival June Downtown
Summer Concert Series June thru September
Farmers Market Saturdays June-October
Wood Carvers Round June 7-10 at Osceola Fairgrounds
Mark F. Corey, Manager 415 N. Main St. Evart 231-734 -2251 Independence Day:
July 1st - Youve Got A Friend a Tribute to
James Taylor And Carol King
July 3rd - Fireworks at the airport
July 4th - 5K Run, Parade, Party in the park
Dulcimer Festival July 13-16 at Osceola Fairgrounds
Goldwing Road Rider Association - Reginal Rally - August
Evart Car Club Car Show September 2nd Weekend
Haunted Park October 28
Monster Mash Halloween On Main Street
Christmas Carnival December 2
231-734-3922 401 West 7th St., Evart MI Christmas in a Small Town December 2-31

Your Full Service

Neighborhood Pharmacy!
Prescriptions Fabric Notions
Nonprescription Drugs
Photo Kiosk Gifts Classes
FAX Service
Hallmark Cards & Gifts
Eversewn Sewing
Health & Beauty Aids
Precious Moments Collection
TY Beanie Babies
Willow Tree
Sewing Machine
Souvenir T-shirts & Gifts
147 N. Main St., Evart 231-734-5863 Repair
HOLIHAN DRUGS Scissor Sharpening
128 N. Main, Evart, MI 734-2551
Monday-Saturday 9 AM-6 PM
14 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Evart Pharmacy
art P

107 N. Main St., Evart, MI 49631

Locally Owned and Operated Full Service Pharmacy

Where youre more than just a refill number.

Free local delivery
Most insurance plans accepted Cards
Text message/email refill reminder Always
Smartphone app
Gifts, decor, jewelry
UPS shipping
Michigan made candles & decor
Kodak kiosk - photo prints in store
Mon.-Fri. 9 am-6 pm, Sat. 9 am-1 pm, Sun. Closed

Your one stop shopping

for craft supplies.

Areas largest Over 4000 Shades of Yarn,

selection of yarn! DMC Floss, Paint & More.
104 N. Main Street Evart, MI 49631
(Located inside Movies N More.)

92 years of dedicated service to the Evart area! Courtesy photo

Vietnam veteran volunteers Bob Eggle and Jerry Benson take a break
during a work day at the Cadillac Veterans Serving Veterans Park.
Life Home Car Business
140 N. Main St., Evart 231-734-5563
Healing for a lot of people
The Pedalers Horse Bike SaleS & Service
Continued from page 12

Jerry Benson, a Vietnam veteran who served as an infantry rifleman
during the Tet Offensive, heard about the project last spring at the VA
Mon-Fri: 1pM-5pM clinic.
Saturday By Ive seen veterans come out and work and then they start to talk,
Benson said. Its been a healing experience for a lot of people.
Benson admits he was mistreated when he returned from Vietnam.
231-734-6319 And those wounds have taken years to heal.

Shop 6630 50tH ave., SearS People dont understand what it was, he said. My healing process
began in 2008 getting together with guys with the same experience is
where you feel comfortable. This park will be a place where we can help
one another.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 15
No one exemplifies the fulfillment of Bandeens hopes and dreams for the
park more than John King, 54, a U.S. Army veteran who served from 1980 to
Until recently, King lived in a damp trailer in the woods near Cadillac.
After life-threatening complications didnt heal after a heart attack and sur-
gery last winter, he went to the Cadillac CBOC for help. He was treated and
hospitalized for a month to deal with medical and psychological issues.
The VA here is doing so much for me, I cant say enough about them,
King said. They didnt treat me like a number. They helped me with ev-
erything. They got me this apartment. And then the VA told me about the
veterans park.
King drove out to the property and took a look.
Thats where I met Roger and Jerry, he said, smiling. He also met Lori
Shaw, the owner of Helping Paws, who realized that what King needed was a
service dog.
With Zoe, his black lab, King took his Jeep out on the park trails almost ev-
ery day last summer. Working on his hands and knees, he dug up roots that
had caused flat tires and he began to regain his strength. Then he worked
on the pole barn.
Thats when it sunk in, he said with enthusiasm. THIS IS MY PARK.
The one I always wanted. I always dreamed of owning a campground park.
And there it is. Now I have all this camaraderie. Roger is always saying to
me, What do you think about your park, John. He gave me the keys to the
building. He said if you need anything, call me. We go out there for our exer-
cise. I spent half the summer without my cane. This is where Im supposed
to be.
See Veterans on page 17

Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News

Veteran John King with service dog, Zoe, visits the Veterans Serving
Veterans Park every day that weather permits. He has developed friends
at the park and a place where he belongs.

G reen Acres is a home away from home for

me. We chose Green Acres because of the
Our Mission: The
desire of Retirement
Let Us Help You!!
spacious apartments, the sense of family and
Living is to honor God 0% INTEREST!
by providing the elderly 1/2 DOWN & LOW MONTHLY
community. I am able to have my typewriter I
with a lifestyle that
love in my apartment along with any of my other
values their identity, PAYMENTS WITH NO INTEREST!
personal items from home. If someone would ask
me if I wanted to move, I would say NO. Green their independence
Acres is my home away from home. and their dignity. PLANS WELCOME PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE
~ Sincerely, Phyllis Hodges
Reside Reflect Relax Longs Hearing Care Systems
For a tour, call Olivia Cook,
Satisfaction 1-800-286-1378 231-779-0400
Administrator at 231-775-5300
235 Pearl Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 (231) 775-5300
= TRUST Guaranteed 1027 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac
Purdenville Traverse City Rudyard

16 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Veterans Serving
Continued from page 16

Now King is reaching out to other veterans, of-

fering help as a mentor.
Kevin McDevitt, chief warrant officer of the
Michigan Army National Guard, Clare County,
is a key organizer with the Veterans Serving
Veterans park project.
Some of the folks Ive met at the park had a
tough time coming back from Vietnam, he said.
But now they are associated with our park,
and they see the generosity of folks as opposed
to when they were coming home. Now they see
people that maybe got it wrong the first time,
that now heres a chance to do the right thing the
second time around.
This park is a long-term process and not a
race, said Bandeen. What God doesnt grant
this year, then theres the next year. Our unsolic-
ited donations and recognition of what we are Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News
doing has surprised me the most. Cadillac is an Roger Bandeen shares the music he composed that represents the hope he wants to provide for
amazing place. veterans through the Veterans Serving Veterans Park. Volunteer Kevin McDevitt is seated left.

A park where all Veterans can

come and be with other Veterans
and make new friends.

Honoring All Who Served

Thank you Veterans!

Veterans Serving
Veterans Park
S. 41 Rd. North of Boon Rd., A charitable organization that is dedicated to improve
Cadillac Michigan and enrich life in the community we love.

With assets of over $10 million, your community

foundation has awarded over $4.7 Million in grants in
Body & Fender Repair Wexford and Missaukee counties.

Expert Refinishing Established in 1988, awarding grants for over 27 years,

and housing 53 unique funds, your foundation is a
Family Owned & Operated cornerstone for our community.

Deans Body Shop Inc. To learn more about your community foundation, and
what we do, visit us at
6931 E. 34 Road, Box 546, Cadillac

775-5983 201 N. Mitchell St., Suite 101

Cadillac Michigan 49601
Tel. 231.775.9911
Fax. 231.775.8126

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 17
Leading Businesses 145 Years
2017 Cadillac News Honor Roll of Businesses Cadillac
Est. 1872

100 Years 97 Years 96 Years 96 Years 92 Years

McBain Falmouth Cadillac Cadillac Your Local Brand Source Dealer
231-825-2411 231-826-3333 231-775-3421 231-775-2488 Cadillac 231-775-3141
Est. 1917 Est. 1920 Est. 1921 Est. 1921 Est. 1925

52 Years 50 Years 48 Years 45 Years

53 Years
Cadillac HEATING SUPPLY Cadillac Cadillac Marion
231-775-7727 Cadillac
231-775-2479 231-775-1378 231-775-3796 231-825-0035
Est. 1964 Est. 1969
Est. 1965 1967 Est. 1972

38 Years 37 Years 37 Years 36 Years 34 Years

Cadillac BUICK Cadillac Cadillac RESTAURANT
Cadillac Cadillac
231-775-9398 231-775-4661 231-775-6261 231775-8181 231-775-7555
Est. 1979 Est. 1980 Est. 1980 Est. 1981 Est. 1982

30 Years 29 Years 28 Years 26 Years 24 Years

McBain Lake City
231-920-6953 231-825-2110 231-839-4444 231-775-6055
Est. 1987 Est. 1988 Est. 1989 231-839-2630 Est. 1993
Est. 1991
18 Years 18 Years 14 Years 10 Years
16 Years
LIVING Cadillac
Cadillac 231-775-4100 Lake City
231-775-8200 231-876-WOOD 231-779-4671 231-775-7425
Est. 2001
Est. 1999 Est. 1999 Est. 2003 Est. 2007
18 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
143 Years 135 Years 128 Years 120 Years 116 Years
Cadillac Manton Cadillac Tustin Cadillac
231-775-3416 231-824-6465 231-775-3501 231-825-2575 231-775-5331
Est. 1874 Est. 1882 Est. 1889 Est. 1897 Est. 1901

89 Years 85 Years 81 Years 78 Years 62 Years

Evart Cadillac Cadillac Evart Cadillac
231-734-2251 231-775-3411 231-775-8838 231-734-2551 231-775-2413
Est. 1928 Est. 1932 Est. 1936 Est. 1939 Est. 1955

43 Years 43 Years 41 Years 38 Years

41 Years
Cadillac Marion/McBain Cadillac
Cadillac Evart
231-775-8411 231-825-2196 231-775-1368
231-775-3371 231-734-5554
Est. 1974 Est. 1974 Est. 1976 Est. 1979
Est. 1976

32 Years 32 Years
34 Years 33 Years 32 Years
Cadillac Cadillac 231-775-1226 Manton
231-775-1810 231-775-1222 231-824-3041
231-775-9563 Est. 1985
Est. 1983 Est. 1985 Est. 1985
Est. 1984

21 Years 20 Years 19 Years 18 Years

20 Years
Cadillac Cadillac PROFESSIONALS Mesick
231-577-9575 Cadillac
231-779-4340 231-775-6949 231-885-3200
Est. 1997 231-779-9817
Est. 1996 Est. 1996 Est. 1999
Est. 1999

9 Years 6 Years 6 Years 5 Years 3 Year

McBain Cadillac Cadillac & Lake City Mesick CHILD CARE CENTER
231-825-2729 231-775-3448 231-775-3081 231-885-1030 Reed City
Est. 2008 231-832-0655
Est. 2011 Est. 2011 Est. 2011 Est. 2014
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 19
Machine shop owner
making a splash with
anchor wizardry
By Andy Duffy
Cadillac News

EVART As he sits at his desk in the office of his fac-

tory, Bruce VanScoyoc recalls the very moment the idea for
an anchor rope management system came to him. He was
sitting in a boat on Crystal Lake in early spring. He was jig-
ging for fish trout, whitefish, perch. The water was cold.
And every time he wanted to move the boat to a new loca-
tion, he had to deal with all the anchor rope.
VanScoyoc was already a veteran fisherman. Hed fished
for years with his father in the lakes around his hometown.
As he entered adulthood, hed ventured farther away and
fished other lakes in other places. Hed already learned
something about anchor ropes. If an angler just pulls up
his anchor and drops the rope in the bottom of the boat, it
will wrap around something or get tangled up. If he drops
the rope in a bucket as he hauls in the anchor, though, the
rope doesnt sprawl all over the boats bottom. It also doesnt
The guy pulling up the rope still gets his hands wet,
though. And on that chilly spring day, VanScoyoc was tired
of having cold, clammy hands. He began envisioning a
spool to hold his rope with a crank so he could keep his
hands dry.
VanScoyoc had his own machine shop a nondescript
metal building in a quiet, agricultural area of Osceola
County along a gravel road. When he wasnt helping out
with the family farming operation, he was in the shop doing
work for a number of area manufacturers.
See Evart inventor on page 22

Andy Duffy | Cadillac News

Anchor Wizards come in a variety of designs. Bruce
VanScoyoc is working on a design with a plastic housing.

20 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Welcome to
Reed City
Chestnut Phils County Line Service
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(EST 1982)

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5 Sat. 8-12

849 S. Chestnut Street, Reed City
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Happening Events:
April 27 | Michigan Week Dinner August 17-21 | Great American Crossroads Celebration
May 29 | Memorial Parade October 9-13 | Chamber Member Appreciation Week
June 9 | Chamber Golf Outing November 2 | Community & Business Expo
June 10 | Back to the Bricks Heritage Tour November 24-25 | Evergreen Festival
July 15-16 | Reed City Wide Yard Sales 2nd Thursday of the month -
July 16 | Vintage Market Chamber lunches w/Guest Speakers

Pattie Drug Pool Openings/Closings

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Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 21
Andy Duffy | Cadillac News
On the job in his shop
Bruce VanScoyoc
invented and manufac-
tures an anchor rope
management system.
Hes been producing
them for nine years.

Evart inventor wizard of anchor control

Continued from page 20 design allows an angler sitting in the stern of a Still, thousands of Anchor Wizards sit on
boat to handle the anchor perched in the crafts boats around the country. The wizards are car-
Back in his shop, VanScoyoc began tinkering. bow. Now, hes working with watercraft manu- ried in 52 stores. For a list of stores carrying the
He designed a spool system that would let an facturers to get boats designed with Anchor Wiz- product, an angler can go to VanScoyocs web-
anchor fall freely to the bottom of a lake. There ards in mind. One kayak builder even now plans site, A person can also
would be no wildly-spinning crank handle or to mold in special indentations where a wizard place an order on the website.
reverse cranking for him. Then, with a short can be mounted. Ever the tinkerer, VanScoyoc is now figuring
turn of the handle, no more rope would play out. For VanScoyoc, the Anchor Wizard was the out ways to keep the price down on his anchor
So innovative was his device that VanScoyoc fulfillment of a long-held dream. When he was in control systems. He and his sons are working on
applied for and received a patent for his system. school, VanScoyoc said, he would walk in a store wizard prototypes with plastic housings. He is
He called his anchor control devices Anchor and wonder what it would be like to find his own also negotiating with national chains that are
Wizards. product there. Then, after he built his machine interested in carrying his wizards. If talks go
VanScoyoc has been making and selling An- shop, he began thinking of a product that would well, VanScoyoc can see his business taking off.
chor Wizards for nine years now. Hes added create a demand for additional help. Employment at his shop would really increase,
twists to the product, too. Some are made espe- The dream of adding a number of jobs is still and a greater number of fishermen would be
cially for pontoon boats; others are made for to come. For now, VanScoyoc runs the shop with able to keep their hands dry while theyre fid-
kayaks. Some are driven by electric motors. One his two sons, Kameron and Keevin. dling around with their anchors.

22 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
A Great Place To Visit!

Reed City, Michigan

A jewel of a community at the junction of the White Pine and Pere
Marquette Trails. Visit the Depot! Hiking, biking, cross-country Rails To Trails
skiing, snowmobiling. Beautiful parks and canoeing, kayaking,
camping, golf, fishing, hunting, music and art. Beautiful downtown.
The Old Rugged Cross Museum. The Great American Crossroads
Celebration and Evergreen Festival. Check out the Osceola Quilt Trail
- an art movement celebrating our rural heritage and traditional arts.
Events Happening in
Reed City in 2017:
April 27- Michigan Week Dinner
May 29- Memorial Parade
June 9- Chamber Golf Outing
June 10- Back to the Bricks Heritage Tour
July 15-16 Reed City Wide Yard Sales
July 16- Vintage Market
August 17-21 Great American Crossroads Celebration
October 9-13- Chamber Member Appreciation Week
November 2- Community & Business Expo
November 24-25 Evergreen Festival
Chamber Lunch - 2nd Thursday of Each Month with Guest Speakers
Check website: for more information - 231-832-5431

Depot Community Room and/or Pavilion available to rent. Call for rate and date availability.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 23
Never a dull moment
By Mardi Suhs
Cadillac News

n the last year, there have been

14,000 visits to the Cadillac Se-
nior Center, where a packed cal-
endar includes Tai Chi, Euchre,
bingo, cross country ski excur-
sions, crafts, aerobics, aquatics and
much much more. And oh yes, frequent
trips to the casino.
Drop in and take a peek. The large
front room always smells of fresh
coffee and is filled with laughter and
Joe Zakrajsek is playing Let it
Snow on the piano while across the
room, Chuck Myers tunes his mando-
lin. A group of women are gathered by
the TV and begin a game of Wii bowl-
ing and later, 83 year-old Frank Haver
livens things up on the organ.
Everyone is just doing their thing.
It is a joyful place.
In the back, classrooms are filled
with craft materials, books, sewing ma-
chines, and one room will soon host the
AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program.
Last year, more than 400 retirees had
their taxes prepared for free at the cen-
ter by program volunteers.
Anything can happen here, laughed
Marilyn Myers, assistant director. We
get to be a family here. We are con-
cerned about everybody and want to
make sure we have fun.
Myers first brought her parents to the
center years ago at a different location.
She felt so welcome, she never left.
See Senior on page 26

Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News

Joyce Johnson, 92, exemplifies the spirit of the
Cadillac Senior Center. Johnson volunteers at
the center every day it is open.

24 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Welcome to
TusTin Tustin Events
Tustin Daze & C.A.M.S. Airshow- Labor Day Weekend

Canvas & 231-577-8639 or

109 Howard Street Tustin, Michigan

Call to schedule your session

Girls Night or Afternoon Out $20 Person
Birthday Parties (discounted pricing for large parties)
Tustin Branch 231-829-3351
Senior Groups $8 Children
Parent & Me Painting Together
Customer Care, Community Support
Children with Challenges
Baldwin Luther Walkerville
Inside Kristys Cut & Curl Salon Big Rapids Reed City Wellston
Office/Work Parties Irons Tustin

Swick Custom
231-829-3301 Butchering
106 E. Church St., Tustin The meating place where good
friends meet!
Featuring Powells Original Recipe Jerky Dan & Patty Swick - All we sell is service!
The Best Jerky In the North and Up North Specialty Meats (Luther, MI)
19197 19 Mile Road Tustin, MI 49688 231-829-3488
Open 7 Days A Week Convenient RV Parking While You Shop

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 25
Senior trips Continued form page 24

We want people to know this is not just where the old

people go, she said.
There is no stigma being here, said Doris Foster, who
comes twice a week with her husband, Richard. I cant
say enough about our director, Diane Patterson. She does
so much for the seniors. Youve got everything here. And if
you want to travel, its here.
Patterson organizes affordable motor-coach trips to
prized destinations. This year, partnering with Diamond
Tours, trips include New York City, Cincinnati, Maine and
AGAWA Canyon Train.
Because the trips are so affordable, reserved seats are
booked in advance.
Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News See Patterson on page 28
Chuck Myers practices on his mandolin at the Cadillac Senior Center.

Courtesy photo
Chartered motor-coach trips are available
through the Cadillac Senior Center. This shows a
group at a recent trip to our nations capitol.

26 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Dare To Dream
The home youve always dreamed about
is now within your reach.
Talk to one of our
mortgage consultants today.

Friendly. Truthful.
Home Loans.
Serving Cadillac Since 1999
231-779-9817 NMLS #162651
116 E. Nelson St., Cadillac, MI

Free pregnancy tests & limited obstetrical ultrasounds

Information on Pregnancy, Abortion & Alternatives

Welcome Parenting Support Baby and Childrens Supplies

Abstinence Education Post-abortion Support
Testing and Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections & Diseases
Home All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

Senior Living of Cadillac

Dedicated to your rehabilitation, memory care and

skilled nursing needs. Call (231) 775-0101 to schedule a tour. 419 Lake Street, Cadillac 231-775-1545

Chemical Bank aims to create a personal bond
with each community we serve and every small
business, family or customer that walks in our door.
To learn more visit

Were proud to support the Cadillac community!

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 27
A conversation with Diane Patterson
Continued form page 26 senior computer classes by matching one senior with one student. And
Ted talks are popular, educational short discussions available on the
These trips arent just for seniors, Patterson said. Its a way for internet.
families and single people to travel safely. And the trips connect people, Theres life and laugher here, she said. I love working with se-
they have a blast. niors. Its my passion. What do you want to do and I will make it hap-
The welcome tone at the center comes from the top. Patterson, who pen.
has a masters degree in recreation and gerontology, truly loves her job. Patterson said her first job after college was at a YMCA camp that
These are people who are loving this time in their lives and engag- instilled in her the true meaning of making a difference and how to be
ing in activities, she said. I love to destroy the stereotype of a senior passionate about what you do. It is summed up in the phrase, dear to
center. her heart, I am third. That means, God First, others second, and I
She does this through her belief in the power of play. am third.
The endorphins and different chemicals (released) in play are joy- For information call: (231) 779-9420.
ous. Why do we expect older adults not to play? she said. My focus is
playing. It might sound trivial, but it is crucial.
Another focus is creating connections, not just with play but with Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News
knowledge. The center hosts guest speakers on topics like dementia Diane Patterson, Frank Haver and Sheila Welch discuss the upcoming
and Parkinsons awareness and support groups. They offer free cyber- free tax preparations that will take place at the Cadillac Senior Center.

28 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Welcome to
South End SalES New Larger Storage Units!
Mechanic On Duty

General Auto Service & Repair
Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-6 PM
41 Years in Business

Events 231-824-3791 903 S. Michigan Ave., Manton

February 18 Polar Dip
March 4 Chili Cook Off
April 29 & 30 Fishing Derby Daily Specials
Fridays &
May 27 22nd Annual Car, Truck & Craft Show Saturdays $2
Aluminum Pints
July 14 & 15 Truck Show Steaks Every
August 5 Bluegrass Festival Friday Evening
$10 Pizza - All Day,
September 1-4 Harvest Festival Any Day
December 2 Tree Lighting &
308 W. Main Manton 824-3513
Community Raffle Winners announced! Open Daily at 11 AM
For more information go to

Great Golf at Reasonable Prices! MANTON MINI MART

Since 1976
Groceries Ice Cream
Beer Wine Liquor
Pizza Broasted Chicken
Pure Northern Michigan Fun! 231-824-3752 305 W. MAIN
6867 E. 16 Rd. (formerly M-42) Manton, MI 49663
(231) 824-3631 1-800-890-3407

Shopping Fun Starts Here

Unique Fashion Interesting
Shops, Great Coffee And
Specialty Drinks, Sleeping

Bear Supreme Ice Cream,
Soda Bar Featuring
Northwood Soda And Dog
Central Every Saturday In
117 W. MAIN ST., MANTON The Summer.

Latitude 44
(231) 824-6465 FAX (231) 824-6466 Come See The Excitement!
Emergency After Hours Service Free Deliveries Gifts/Cards Now Open Years Round!
Quality Hometown Care, for a Healthier You!
OPEN MON.-FRI. 9 AM-5 PM, SAT. 9 AM-1 PM 308 Wall Street, Downtown Manton (South Of The Park)

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 29
Iconic camp nears half
a century of service
By Andy Duffy sisting of two guitarists and a percussionist backdrop of a stage made to look like a Donkey
Cadillac News took the stage. Kong set, the syncopated rhythms of the music
The song lyrics were nothing similar to those overrode the rhythms of the words. Instead of
EVART It was a mid-January weekend, and the grandparents and great-grandparents of accentuating the lyrics rhythms, the music con-
a group of teens gathered at the Evart grounds those in attendance would have heard at camp torted them into something more like the blank
of SpringHill Camps with their youth leaders meetings of yore. Even under the overlay of verse of a Carl Sandburg poem or the sprung
for a winter retreat. Following a morning reli- music, a listener back then could often make rhythm of a Gerard Manley Hopkins work than
gious training session, those in attendance spent out the iambs and trochees of the words of the that of a heroic couplet.
the day playing broomball, foosball, ping-pong old hymns. In fact, in the older Christian tradi- The music captivated the crowd, though. Even
and enjoying an array of other activities. Eve- tion, the music often emphasized those natural the technicians in the sound booth sang along
ning came though, and the teens nearly 900 of rhythms of the language. with the band, their bodies moving in time to the
them gathered in the 1,100-seat auditorium for Things were different in the packed audito- music.
the evening religious session. rium, though. As strobe lights blazed across Then the featured speaker took the stage.
Strobe lights came on. A Christian band con- the auditorium and the band played against the See Camp on page 32
30 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Give your employees of Cadillac
what they deserve. SHOWING HOW MUCH WE CARE
Bagels on Fridays are a nice Some local organizations this money has been donated to
includes (but is not limited to):
touch too. American Veterans Post 110 Girl Scouts
Baker College (Student Nurses Kenwood Elementary
Association) Lake City High School
Boy Scouts Life Resources
Cadillac Area Public Schools Lions Club
Sports Association Manton PTO
Cadillac Community Chorus Manton Rotary
Cadillac Jaycees Marion High School
every card.

Cadillac Junior High Student McBain Junior High Basketball
Confidence comes with
Council Oasis
Cadillac Revival Center Relay for Life
Champion Force Athletic Resurrection Life Church
Cheerleading Special Olympics
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network Childrens Miracle Network Wexford Genealogy Organization
Family Video Wexford/Missaukee Dept. of
offer complete insurance solutions to protect the overall Ferris State University (Bulldog Health and Human Services
health and well-being of your employees. Sustainability Alliance) Young Life
First Covenant Church Youth Advisory
Franklin Elementary And more
(Wexford Missaukee CTC)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations
and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
Total Funds Given Back to Our Community


R050734_CadillacChamberAd.indd 1 1/29/16 12:30 PM $12,000.00







2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

In addition, our employees volunteer our time in the

community every month. Some volunteering we have done is:
*Clean up the Sleeping Bear *Provided Thanksgiving and
Dunes Christmas meals and gifts to
*Adopt-a-highway clean up Oasis families in need
*Helping at animal shelters *Served food at the Shepherds
*Serving meals to seniors at the Table.
senior center *And many more

*Assisting with color tour trains

Right To Life 8645 East 34 Rd. (Meijer Parking Lot)

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 31
Camp repackages old-time religion for a new generation
Continued from page 30

No Bible-thumping firebrand this guy. He didnt

even have the look of a preacher. He was dressed
in jeans, a pullover shirt and gym shoes. He had
no podium, no lectern, no pulpit. He had no notes.
It was just he and his conversational tone to hold
the attention of his audience.
Picking up where hed left off during the
morning session, he preached from the book of
Genesis. It was the story of the serpents tempta-
tion of Eve and the events that followed. His talk
appeared to be extemporaneous. He punctuated
Scripture references with anecdotes and ges-
tures. He threw in some tangential remarks and
rhetorical questions.
He talked about the absurdity of Adam and Eve
thinking they could hide from God. He spoke of
sin, but he called it messing up.
Did Adam pursue God? he asked.
No, he answered. God pursued them.
And so it went, a simple conversation between
the speaker and the audience. The message,
though, was entirely orthodox Christianity, a
message of mans failures, the consequences of
sin, and Gods redemptive plan, and he held the
attention of his audience. he learned of a 500-acre farm Spring Hill Spring Hill Camp became SpringHill Camps.
The camps leaders make no apologies for such Farms for sale near town. He looked the farm SpringHill has, of course, its summer camp
messages. The camp started as a Christian camp, over and began pitching it to his denominational program. That program lasts from about the
and its employees have Christian ministry as a leaders as a piece of property suitable for a new middle of June to the middle of August each year.
goal. church camp. During the winter, though, it features weekend
Chad Green is the camps operations director. The price tag seemed impossibly high for the retreats like the one that took place during that
The affable Green left a job with Consumers En- denomination. Still, the farms owner had been mid-January weekend. The retreat season runs
ergy after he decided he didnt want to spend the hoping the property would one day become a throughout the winter.
rest of his life sitting behind a desk. He wanted camp. The dream had been her husbands, and And somewhere along the way, the camp lost
to find work with a Christian camp. He prayed she wanted to fulfill his dream. The parties came its church affiliation. Its leaders developed a suc-
about his desire, and learned about an opening at to terms, and the denomination had its property. cessful program.
SpringHilll. He applied and was quickly hired. Soon, things were happening there. The Those who attend summer camp at SpringHill
Green said the camps mission is to glorify God church found a director for the camp. The camp are divided into age groups, and each group is
by creating notable experiences for those who officially opened in 1969. segregated from others. Camping experiences
attend functions there, and the staff take the mis- As time passed, the camp grew from its origi- are designed for those in grades K-3, 4-6, 6-9 and
sion seriously. Staff members talk openly about nal 500 acres. It now sprawls across about 900 9-12. Camp administrators want the camps to
campers who have dedicated their lives to God acres of rolling, wooded hills. About 120 acres are have a small, close-knit feel to them, explains
while attending there. That is the way things used for camp buildings. The rest has hiking and Green.
have been through the camps history. horse trails. Campers have plenty of activities to choose
The camps history, by the way, began in the The camp grew in other ways, too. It expanded from, too. The camp has three zip lines so each
60s. programs. It improved its facilities. A tubing hill group of campers can find an age- and size-appro-
On his way to Ludington from his home in Bay complete with snow-making machines sprang up. priate one to use. The camp also offers horseback
City to attend a board meeting regarding a dif- Tubing is a well-liked activity during winter re- riding, climbing walls, water slides, archery, Eu-
ferent church camp, the senior pastor of a Bay treats. And the camp even went through a name robungy and paintball.
City church stopped in Evart for a visit. There, change. With the addition of a camp in Illinois, See on page 34
32 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Eagle Village is a nonprofit organization committed
to helping children and families while also equipping
all individuals for success.

Services offered:
- residential care for youths 10-17
- adoption and foster care
- early intervention summer camps
- seminars
- post adoption services
- experiential learning
- family and youth challenge weekends
- Victors Edge team training for athletic teams,
organizations, and corporate groups
Highpoint Cadillac GMC...
Visit or call 231-832-2234 to learn more or to get involved
We Perform at a
Higher Level... Yours.
Gustave Flaubert once said, Success is a result, not a goal. There
are always a few who are inspired to work a little harder and climb a
little higher.
So where can you find this same commitment to excellence in an
automobile dealership? At Highpoint. Were a unique dealership with
an exceptional way of doing business.
At Highpoint, success will never be an indication of completion, but
a signal to begin again. Thats why we are constantly revitalizing our
CADILLAC HERITAGE facilities, our services and our premiere selection of fine automobiles.
Perhaps thats why so many of this areas successful individuals will
CHRISTIAN SCHOOL make Highpoint their dealership.
Visit us, we perform at the highest level . . . yours.
1706 Wright St., Cadillac 231-775-4272

Preschool and Young Fives

Kindergarten 12th Grade
Academic excellence with a Biblical worldview Non-denominational
Small class sizes Spanish taught in Young Fives High School
Computer Lab/Art/Physical Education Band/Vocal Music/Athletics
Daily Bible instruction and weekly chapels Financial Aid available
Member Association of Christian Schools International South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac
(231) 775-1222 1-800-828-9852
You have a CHOICE. Choose EXCELLENCE.
Training the next generation of Christian leaders to OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS OPEN
be academically excellent and spiritually MON.-FRI. 7:30 AM-5:00 PM, SAT. 8-12 NOON
mature so they can positively impact FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE!
their world for Christ.
Mon.-Fri. 8:30 AM-6 PM, Sat. 9 AM-1 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 33
Winning people to God
Continued from page 32 camper there, but also as a staff member. Later, The relationship between the camp and the
his children attended camp there, and those expe- community was strained, Green said, when he
Those whove been through a camp must have riences have been important to them. joined the team. He heard the complaints. The
enjoyed the experience. It is easy to find glowing Agee gives a lot of credit for the camps success camp was too expensive for local kids to attend.
testimonials from people. John Abraham is one to Enoch Olson, the first director, and to Enochs Townsfolk didnt have access to the camps ame-
such individual. son Mark. nities.
Abraham said he is following his aunts sugges- Enoch was a visionary, Agee said. Mark ad- So now the camp offers community swims in
tion, he and his sister attended camp there when opted Enochs vision for the camp and took some- its pool. It offers a 50 percent summer-camp dis-
they were young children back in 1999 and fell in thing already good and made it even better. count to in-county residents. Evart Public School
love with it. Not dwelt on by camp administrators but im- athletic teams are allowed to use the SpringHill
It was a week jam-packed with blobs, zip lines, possible to ignore is the camps contribution to gym. All the high school home cross-country
water slides, engaging teachings and being away the local economy. meets are run at SpringHill. The camp also hosts
from home, Abraham said. Every night we had The camp employs about 400 summer lead- an Evart Elementary School field day at the end
campfires and sang the most ridiculous songs a ers mostly college students. Between camp of each school year.
young kid could imagine. Between activities, we sessions, the leaders are often seen in Evart Were doing what we can to help the commu-
had Bible studies (and) watched skits ... . spending time at local eating establishments. nity grow and succeed, Green said.
After his camp week was over, he and his sister Green figures without the business the camp Its No. 1 mission, though, remains the same: to
spent the whole trip home talking about how employees provide, Evart would likely be several win people to God and to help them in their spiri-
much they wanted to go back the following sum- restaurants short of the number it has now. And, tual growth.
mer. of course, the camp has a number of year-round Anyone interested in learning more about
Hes gone back every year since then. Twelve of employees living and spending in the community. SpringHill Camps may visit the organizations
those years, he went as a camper. Then he spent And the camp has a good neighbor policy. website,
six summers as a staff member.
Its all about Jesus, Abraham said. At camp,
we strive for young people to recognize God in
everything. Yes, having fun is a top priority. But
ultimately, we want young people to know Christ
and grow in their relationships with him.
And there are the praises of Dean Agee.
Agee has been familiar with SpringHill since
1970. He had a front-row seat as the camp devel-
oped, because the church he attended, an Evan-
gelical Free Church in Grand Rapids, was one of
the camps founding churches.
After the property was purchased, Agees fa-
ther was appointed to the camps board and was
the chairman of it for a while. Agee and the rest
of his family would come up for Labor Day and
Memorial Day family camps. In 1972 when he was
8, he began attending summer camp there and
did so for several years.
From 1978 through 1980, he was on staff at
SpringHill and worked as a wrangler and a cous-
nelor. In the 80s and 90s he was involved there as
a volunteer. In 1997 he was looking for a summer
home and found a farm directly across the road
from the camp. He bought the farm.
SpringHill, Agee says, was very instrumental
in his spiritual development. In addition to the
spiritual training he received there, he learned
life skills at the camp not just when he was a

34 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Welcome to

Marion Marion Fair
High June 18-24
Bills! Marion Days
White 231-282-3194
Pine Outdoor Boilers, Llc. August 4-6

Potting Shed & Florist
Annuals and Perennials
Trees, Shrubs, Hanging Baskets Fresh Flowers
Greenhouse and Garden Center
Check out our gift selection of antiques & uniques!
231-743-6267 ~ 321 S. Mill St. ~ Marion

Northern Michigans Largest inventory

of Red Wing Shoes and Carhartt clothing 20669 30th Ave., Marion
Fax: 231-743-6674
108 W. Main Marion MI 231-743-2461

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 35
society By Chris Lamphere
Cadillac News

CADILLAC Thousands of people likely have

driven past the bland-looking facility off Plett
Road in Cadillac many times without thinking
It might not seem like much but if this facil-
ity didnt exist, Cadillac would have no way of
disposing of the millions of gallons of sewage
produced by its residents and businesses.
Cadillac Director of Utilities Jeffrey Dietlin
said the wastewater treatment plant essentially
is an artificial river.
Through natural mechanical and biological
processes, the sewage is transformed into rela-
tively clean water that eventually is discharged
into the Clam River.
Dietlin said the sewage consists of mostly wa-
ter when it arrives at the plant but before it can
be discharged into the river, it must go through
several steps to remove the majority of contami-
nants and solid materials.

Step 1 - Influent screw pump

All the sewage that enters the treatment plant
comes through a mechanism called an influent
screw pump.
This machine is literally a giant screw that
transports the sewage from the submerged pipes
to the ground-level elevation of the plant.
Dietlin said this pump is one of the oldest types
of fluid transportation methods still in use.

Step 2 - Equalization basin

In the equalization basin, overflow sewage is
stored in a tank in order to ensure flow through
the plant isnt too much to handle.
Plant Manager Doug Langworthy said its
important the flow is equalized so the micro-
organisms used to break down the sewage arent
overfed or underfed at any point in the process.

36 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Step 3 - Grit chamber
The first purification process involves separating the heavy pieces of inor- Welcome to
ganic material, called grit, from the sewage by widening the lane and slowing
down the flow.
This causes the material to fall naturally to the bottom of the sewage lane.
This process collects sand, rocks, egg shells, marbles and basically any-
thing solid that enters the sewer system.
Dietlin said this is the only material derived in the treatment process that Best Little Town, By A Dam Site
isnt reused in some capacity. The grit that is collected eventually is taken to
the landfill.

Step 4 - Primary clarifiers

Following the grit chamber, the sewage enters a series of circular cham-
bers that are designed to allow organic material and unsettled solids to fall to Rothig Forest Products, Inc.
the bottom of the pools.
This organic material is collected throughout the entire treatment process Providing Landowner Objective Multi-Use Timber Management
and converted into bio-solids and methane gas.
Hardwood/Aspen/Pine Logs or Pulp
The bio-solids are used as fertilization for livestock crops and the methane
is used to kickstart certain biological processes within the plant. Quality Workers and Experienced Operators
Free Estimates Degreed Foresters Firewood For Sale

Step 5 - Aeration tanks

Buyers of Standing Timber & Timberland

At this point in the process, the remaining organic materials in the sewage 231-266-8292 PO Box 340, Luther, MI 49656
are too light to be separated from the water.
To make them heavy enough to fall to the bottom, the sewage is pumped in-
to aeration tanks that are filled with micro-organisms that eat the materials.
Once they eat the materials, the micro-organisms are then separated from
the water. Luther Logging Days
Step 6 - Secondary clarifiers
Just like the first set of clarifiers, the second set is intended to separate the April 15: Annual Fireworks Fundraiser - Auction - Food - Fun
remaining heavy organic materials from the water. June 30 - July 1 & 2: Luther Logging Days
International Lumberjack Competition, Kids Games, Parades,

Steps 7-9 - Rotating biological contractors, Horse Pull, Car Show, Water Slide, Vendors and More!
Friday Night: Music by Local Artist - Main Stage 9-1
Aqua Discs, and ultra violet disinfectant Saturday Night: Joe Babcock & Company - Main Stage 9-1
The sewage at this point is nearly ready to be discharged into the river. Sunday Night: Acustic Assault - Millpoind Park - 7pm
Before it is, however, the nitrogen must be removed through a series of giant Sunday Night: Fireworks at Millpond Park
wheels called rotating biological contractors. November 4: Annual Chili Cookoff - Main Street
Langworthy said the wheels are covered by a material to which micro-
organisms are attached. For more information, to donate or volunteer,
These bugs consume the nitrogen in the sewage, after which the water please call Sherri Mead at 231-388-1684
passes through an Aqua Disc cloth, which is a final filter for solid materials
still remaining.
As a final measure before being discharged, the water is exposed to ultra
violet light, which kills any remaining bacteria.

Discharge into river

Dietlin said the water that is discharged into the river isnt 100 percent
clean but its close enough for the river to filter out any remaining contami-
nants on its own.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 37
Turning sewage
Influent screw pump

Step 1

into river water

Equalization basin
Step 2

Rotating biological contractors

Grit chamber

Step 7
Step 3
Step 5

Aeration tanks
Step 4

Flushed into Clam River

Step 6
Primary clarifiers
Secondary clarifiers
38 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017 Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 39
Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News
Amvets Post and District Commander
Matt Magiera considers his friend,
Lt. Joe Thompson, a hero and makes
sure the Post does everything pos-
sible to honor him and help him enter
the building with a special enclosed
wheelchair ramp.

50th survival anniversary

By Mardi Suhs help him get around, but Lt. Joe being Lt. Joe, he refuses to use it, said
Cadillac News Matt Magiera, Amvets district commander.
Thompson welcomed me to a table surrounded by large-screen TVs and
CADILLAC Forty-eight years ago on Feb.11, 1969, Vietnam war pro- Magiera joined us.
tests made headlines on the front page of the Cadillac News. Im very happy, Thompson said of the inauguration. I started watch-
On the same page, two paragraphs noted that Marine Second Lt. Joseph ing at 7 a.m.
Thompson, 25, had been wounded in action in Vietnam. When a row of U.S. flags filled the screen, I asked if he was patriotic. He
Two days earlier, Thompson, a 1961 Cadillac High School graduate, vol- nodded yes and laughed, Well I guess so. And then he became pensive.
unteered for a search and rescue mission, took a bullet in the head during He talked about how he loved being a teacher. After graduating from col-
an ambush, and lost the use of most of his right side for the rest of his life. lege, he taught middle school downstate but always wanted to be in the
I caught up with Thompson on Inauguration Day when I saw his car Marine Corps. He enlisted in March 1968 and after officer training at
parked in its reserved spot at Amvets Post No. 110, where an enclosed Quantico, he arrived in Vietnam that December.
wheel chair ramp aids his entry. Members bought him a power chair to
40 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Disabled Vietnam veteran has no regrets
Then his face brightened and he announced that in two years he would of his dads for help Bob Meyer, who made a few calls.
celebrate his 50th anniversary. After Bob got involved, I got a call from the VA, Charlie said. They
Isnt it unbelievable? he asked with disbelief and joy. I realized he was told us to see any doctor we wanted and admitted to me they had not done
referring to the anniversary of the day he was shot. their job.
I remember everything, at least until five minutes before I got shot, he To local veterans, Thompson is a war hero.
said. We were trying to ... And then he stopped, halted by a flood of emo- Its a miracle that he survived and he has just been an icon of this city,
tions. Later, he sent me a note through Magiera: Magiera said. Hes a very big part of the Amvets. The post wouldnt be
Right before being shot, Lt. Joe walked right past four or five NVA the same without him. The post is installing a camera that will show
(North Vietnamese Army) that were dug in and covered. Lt. Joe got about when Thompson arrives in his car so they can help him in.
10 yards past the NVA that were waiting for the ambush. They jumped up, Joe has been paying for his service since 1969 and it has been costly
one shooting Lt. Joe in the back, one shooting him in the head. to him, said his friend and U.S. Navy veteran Gary Becker.
Later, Magiera sent another message. Thompson added that the biggest But Thompson said he has no regrets.
part of why he got shot was that the platoon canine hadnt done his job. My dads lack of bitterness over all of it is something I really admire,
He was too hot and tired. It was his job to smell out the ambush. Charlie added. I try to emulate that and find the humor in situations and
What took place that day during Operation Taylor Common is well docu- go on with it.
mented. And much of what Thompson knows came from eye witnesses;
Cpt. USMC John Trott and Chaplain Bob Bedingfield, who watched as he
was harnessed and lifted into the air in a sling under heavy enemy fire.
And from Navy Corpsman Doug Stone.
We were ambushed at extremely close range, Trott said in a letter to
Thompson in 1970. You were hit with the initial burst of machine gun
fire ... corpsman Doug Stone was with you ... And in my opinion was the
individual that saved your life.
I was at a military reunion with my father, when I was about 22, and
Doug Stone wanted me to know what happened, said Thompsons son,
Charlie, 44. He didnt believe my dad would live. When the helicopter
was taking off, he could see that the bandage was coming unraveled as it
spun. It wasnt until years later that he found out my father was alive and
had three kids.
Several months into Thompsons recovery, Bedingfield got a note from
Thompson saying he was getting better. A year and a half later he re-
ceived two T-shirts from him inscribed, Southeast Asian War Games, 2nd
No one knows Thompsons sense of humor better than Charlie, his care-
On his anniversary days, he wears a helmet with a target on it, he
said. Hes always talked about having a big party for the 50th. He always
understood that the likelihood of surviving that injury was very thin.
Charlie, his brother, Stuart, and younger sister, Alice, grew up in Ha-
waii, where Thompson loved sitting on the beach in the sun. He also liked
to travel.
When I was a kid, my dad was always going someplace, Charlie re-
called. In 1982 he flew to Washington D.C. to witness the dedication of the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Later, after he divorced, Thompson moved
back to Cadillac where friends and family watch out for him. He contin-
ued to travel, twice returning to Vietnam. But Paris is his favorite destina-
I always helped my dad with things, but about five years ago, his move-
ment got slower, Charlie said. He was getting around but he was having Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News
a hard time. When things started getting bad we had no traction from the Charlie Thompson, Joe Thompsons son, shows a large print of a photograph taken of
VA. They told me they would do nothing. So Charlie called an old friend Joe during his service in the United States Marine Corps, Vietnam.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 41
Embracing the
cowboy lifestyle
By Chris Lamphere
Cadillac News

MCBAIN Cowboys are common in the west

but the legacy of one McBain family is proof
they can thrive just as easily in the north.
Hughstons Cow Camp Rodeo, which is held
each year on property outside McBain, draws
thousands and is one of the most successful ro-
deo events in Michigan.
It wasnt always such as spectacle, however.
The event was started more than 80 years ago
by Bill and Bonnie Hughston, who toured the
professional rodeo circuit together and raised
their five boys to embrace the cowboy lifestyle.
Their five sons, Dallas, Denver, Star, Lum and
Laredo, along with their wives, children and
grandchildren have carried on the tradition
passed down by Bill and Bonnie.
Kari Hughston, wife to Lum, said Cow Camp
originated as a place where the boys and their
parents could get together on the weekends to
ride horses and pasture their cattle.
Originally, the family had an old bus on the
property they used to escape the elements.
They used to say, going to the bus, Kari
This family tradition lasted until Bonnie be-
came involved in 4-H, at which point they started
using the property for rodeo events.
From these modest beginnings, the event has
grown rapidly and now plays host to annual
rodeo events with competitors from the Inter-
national Professional Rodeo Association and
Michigan Ropers Association.

Chris Lamphere | Cadillac News

Trace Hughston, son of Star, is following his grandparents
example by making a living as a professional horse rider.

42 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Kari said sibling rivalry is one of the main He also breaks in horses for clients. down to their children, it will be passed down
reasons the event has grown so much over the Its something Ive always done, said yet again to the next generation and the goal is
years. Hughston, who admits he didnt like school and for the event to continue to grow, Kari said.
You have five brothers competing, trying to doesnt know what he would be doing if not for Its something we really like doing, said
outdo each other, Kari said. And now their the rodeo. Kari regarding helping family members become
kids are competing against each other. This is Kari said this is the same for many of the more involved in horse-riding, farming and
something thats been carried on in the next other grandchildren and cousins, as well. rodeo. It really gives the kids something thats
generation. Recently, Lum and Kari transported a horse theirs.
Trace Hughston, son of Star, is following his to McBain Rural Agricultural School so their
grandparents example by making a living as a niece, Lorra VanderVlucht, 13, could give a pre-
professional horse rider. sentation on how to saddle the animal as part of Recently Lum and Kari transported a horse to
Every weekend, he travels to different parts of a class assignment. McBain Rural Agricultural School so their niece Lorra
the country to compete in bronco riding events. Just as Bill and Bonnie passed the tradition VanderVlucht, 13, could give a presentation on how to
saddle the animal as part of a class assignment.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 43
Sailing into a proud past
By Mardi Suhs of the world-famous runabout, Beck donated a Courtesy photo
Cadillac News model of the Cobra to the Wexford County His- Cadillac Chris-Craft had government military contracts
torical Museum, where its now on display. during World War II to manufacture the LCVP landing
CADILLAC Two generations have passed That donation renewed interest in our areas craft. Those were the boats used to unload troops onto
since Chris-Craft closed its manufacturing plant Chris-Craft manufacturing history. the beaches of Normandy.
in Cadillac. Thomas Robbins, however, didnt need a re-
Those 59 years had almost been forgotten minder.
until a boat dealer from Ohio reminded us. An Air Force Academy graduate and a Delta and watching the construction of the boats ...
Donn Beck, owner of Delaware Marine, pilot based in Cadillac, Robbins is the grandson And he was an enormous influence on my life. I
loves vintage mahogany Chris-Crafts. When of Frank Kelley, the plant manager from 1941 spent lots of time with him as I grew up.
he learned the world-famous Cobra, the most until it closed in 1968. Although he was 9-years-old when the plant
expensive vintage boat in the world, was made This is part of our history, he said. I was closed, his memories are vivid.
only in Cadillac, he was stunned. very close to my grandfather. I was in that plant
To honor Cadillacs role in the production many times as a child, walking around the boats See Quality on page 46
44 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017

Energy is essential to the way we live, work and play.

ITC operates, builds and maintains the regions

electric transmission infrastructure. Were a
Michigan-based company working hard to improve
electric reliability, increase electric transmission
capacity, and keep efficient, reliable energy flowing
to homes and businesses across the state.

Building the electric transmission

infrastructure that will power the future.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 45
Known world-wide for its quality
Continued from page 44 a Chris-Craft magazine, honored his legacy. landing craft, later known as the boat that won
A dealer noted, The boats that came out of World War II. That summer he quit teaching
I can still smell the varnish, the wood and Frank Kelleys plant all arrived like Steinway for full-time work in the plant. In January 1941,
sawdust, he said. The wooden floors always pianos. You knew that if you ordered a boat from Chris-Craft started to build the landing craft in
impressed me ... And the beautiful boats. As a the Cadillac plant, it would arrive on time and Cadillac. But the quality wasnt good and they
kid, I didnt get how significant those boats were. your customer would never have to worry. were only building one a day.
But I came to appreciate what they really are, They were having trouble getting the Cadil-
the quality. Those boats were classic works of lac plant up and running, recalled Maureen
As years have passed, I have taken pride in OUR WORLD WAR II Robbins, Franks daughter. They were building
boats for the war at that time. They did the land-
the fact that Cadillac was one of the few places
on the planet where those boats were produced.
MANUFACTURING LEGACY ing craft barges for Okinawa and Normandy and
some came from that Cadillac plant.
We should be proud that we produced a world- A modest, quiet man who loved practical jokes, Kelley was asked to go up and help. Within a
class product. Kelley was first a teacher who worked in the month the quality improved, costs came down,
The 25,000 units produced in Cadillac were Algonac Chris-Craft plant during his summer and production was up. He was offered the job of
known world-wide for their quality. And that and Christmas vacations. He learned engineer- plant manager.
quality was overseen and inspired by Kelley. ing and structural design in 1941 as they started See War Effort on page 48
After Kelleys death in 1993, The Brass Bell, making the patterns for the LCVP military

Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News

Thomas Robbins, grandson of Frank Kelley, the
former plant manager of the Chris-Craft plant in
Cadillac, spent lots of time with his grandfather,
both in the plant and on his farm.

46 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Great Lakes Family Care

College Credit
Explore and Train For Career Success,
While in High School
Learn hands-on in the classroom, on state-of-the-
art equipment, and on the job while earning FREE
College Credits during your Junior and Senior Years.
The Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Centers integrated
programs have instructors with real-life experience, industry contacts
and are second to none in student satisfaction. Working hand-in-
hand with instructors and fellow students you will gain valuable skills,
hone your talents, gain academic credit, compete in competitions,
earn national certifications and obtain free college credit to help you
succeed during and after high school.
Medical & Full-service Radiology Lab & Behavioral Post-Secondary Partners:
Dental pharmacy on site Health Baker College of Cadillac Ferris State University
Call us today, our Counselors and Instructors are waiting to prepare
Most Insurances Accepted, Nominal Fee Adjustment For Those Who Qualify you for career success.
117 N. Roland McBain (231) 825-2643 Agriscience & Natural Resources
520 Cobb Street Cadillac (231) 775-6521 Automotive Technology
Call to schedule an appointment Applied Construction Technology
Business Management Administration
Computers, Networking & Electronics Technology
Digital Media Production
Engineering Technology
Find Your Ford At Health Science Careers
Heavy Equipment Mechanics
Hospitality, Retailing & Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Health Care
Public Safety
Power Sports & Equipment
Teacher Cadet
Welding & Metal Fabrication

The Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center Mission is to

Prepare Students For Career Success. Please go to
for program specific information or call us to set up an appointment
to meet with a counselor or instructor at 231.876.2200
Proudly Serving Cadillac, Lake City,
Manton, Marion, Mesick,
The Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District does not discriminate in any of its educational programs, or employment
21351 MAPLE AVE US10 REED CITY, MI 231.832.2206 OR 866.333.2206 practices on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, handicap or English speaking activities.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 47
Cadillacs part in war effort was over looked
Continued from page 46 did a lot for the war effort, Thomas Robbins My grandfather taught me the value of hard
said. I dont know many people know about that work, paired with the importance of proper
During World War II, Chris-Craft shut down history here in Cadillac. And I think its impor- relaxation, Robbins said. I learned humility,
production of recreational boats to concentrate tant. confidence, good humor, grace and empathy
on the war effort, fulfilling contracts for util- After the war, tons of boats were shipped from him. He taught me what leadership is all
ity boats, landing craft, command boats, target from the Cadillac plant, many times by railroad about. His presence was seen and felt by many
boats and quartermaster ships. box cars, as Chris-Craft created a range of boats in the trees he planted, the buildings and boats
The people in the Cadillac plant and all over for just about every type of recreational pur- he built, and in the lucky people who benefited
Michigan in Holland and Algonac, they really suit on water. from his thoughtful teaching and Irish wit.

Among the papers and photos Thomas

Robbins has saved is this photo of a
woman looking over a 1955 Chris-Craft
Cobra in the Cadillac plant the only
plant that manufactured the boat

A history of the
building in Cadillac:
The Cadillac Handling Company
was the first company at the
Wright Street location. They
made wood products like broom
In 1922, the Mitchell Brothers built
a new flooring plant on the site.
By 1941, the Chris-Craft
Corporation bought the 19-year-
old building to manufacture
In 1971, Mitchell-Bentley Co.
purchased the building for the
production of auto trim.
In 1989 the building was vacated
and on Oct. 27, 2013, it burned to
the ground.

48 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Welcome to
Offering Traditional
& Alternative Services
McBain Full Service Convenience store
Including Cremation
movie rentals

211 N. Pine St., P.O. Box 38, McBain, MI 49657

108 S. Roland, McBain 231-825-2357
231-825-8191 Proud supporter of McBain High School &
Keith D. Burkholder
licensed mortician and resident of the area since 1974 Northern Michigan Christian Comets

McBain Family Pharmacy Autumnwood of McBain...

Know Your Medicine, Know Your Pharmacist!
Local Delivery Service
Skilled Nursing
Fast & Friendly Memory/
Blister Packaging Dementia Care
All Major Insurance Carriers Hospice Care/
Dr. Clayton & Dr. Lacey Gilde,
PharmD Pharmacists/Owners
Accepted Respite 231-825-2990
220 Hughston St., McBain
119 N. Roland St., McBain 231-825-8175
Hours: M-F 8:30-5:30, Sat. 8:30-1:00 Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Weddings Special Events Graduations Cowabunga... check out our farm insurance!
Family Reunions Fund Raisers
Call or visit us!

231.825.2615 113 N. Roland St., McBain, MI 49657

9421 S. Lucas Rd.
McBain, Michigan Phone 231-825-2411 1-877-251-0727

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 49
Refloating your boat
By Mardi Suhs in Arrands Cadillac Boat Shop, you will have to wait two years for an ap-
Cadillac News pointment and another two for the finished product.
Ted Grulikowski of Brighton found an old, dilapidated wood boat in a
CADILLAC Out in the woods behind Pleasant Lake, in a dusty work- storage shed in the U.P. in 1989. The 22-foot, 1927 Chris-Craft Cadet was
shop filled with decaying skeletons of old wood boats, Russ Arrand has exceptionally rare and had been in storage for about 60 years.
found his calling. He restores old, sometimes forgotten boats to their for- Only 16 of these were made with this power train and I wanted it
mer glory, making sure every detail is replicated with authenticity. restored with as much original wood and equipment as possible, Gru-
Thats why he has a two-year waiting list. likowski said. Thats why I called Russ.
If you want your vintage Chris-Craft, Gar Wood or Dee-Wite restored See Boat on page 53
50 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Family Owned & Operated Since 1920
Service Selection Satisfaction

24 Ft. Long!
Largest Meat Department in the area!

231-826-3333 Falmouth The Little Store With More!

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 51
Celebrating Faith
ConneCts A Community
The Greater Cadillac Community holds faith as a key to unity within our
neighborhoods. Worship becomes a place to connect and relate to one another.
The support and friendship found at church bonds people with ties that are
lasting. Those ties extend out into the community as people come together
to encourage others and make our up-north region a better place to live!
Whether you live in the area or are just passing through, make sure you visit
one of these local churches!

Temple Hill Baptist Church Worship Sundays at 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.
1601 West Division Street, Cadillac (231) 775-4942 Family Night every Wednesday 5:45 p.m. email: dinner, worship & education for all ages

Pastoral Staff: Jack Miller, Andy Brubaker and Scott Conner Rev. Joel Hess, Pastor
Proclaiming the Truth with Love
Current Ministries
Celebration & Worship Service Sundays . . . . . . 9:30 AM 11198 E. Division St., Cadillac
Awana - Wednesdays (during school year) . . . . . . . . . . . .6:30 PM 231.775.3261
Small Groups, Student Ministries, Ladies Bible Study, Mens Fellowship
Check out our website for more information .

Rehoboth Reformed Church

Great Worship
Family Focused
Vibrant Kids & Teen Ministry

Now matter who you are, or where youve been, youre welcome here SERVICES
SUNDAYS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 AM & 11 AM (Year-round)
Come join us Like us on Facebook WEDNESDAY NIGHT COMMUNITY CONNECT . .6:30 PM (During School Year)
along with Pastor Adam
Every Sunday at 9:30 am 8372 S. Lucas Road, McBain, MI 49601 OPEN DOOR (Grades 6th-12th) 2ND & 4TH SATURDAYS . . . . . . . . 6 PM-11 PM
for a life changing sermon. 1657 s. morey rd lake city 231.839.4978

52 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Boat of the year

Sears Church of God Mardi Suhs | Cadillac

5955 40th Ave, Sears 231-734-2686 News

Senior Pastor Scott McDonald Russ Arrand,

Sunday Services owner of the
Morning Worship 10:30 am Cadillac Boat
Church School 9:30 am Shop, pours over
books and old
The mission of the Sears Church of God is to share with records with infor-
all people the joy, love and healing power of Jesus Christ. mation about the
Affiliated with Church of God Anderson, IN Chris-Craft plant
in Cadillac from
1941 to 1968.

First Presbyterian Church Continued form page 50

Worship Round the Tables 8:30 AM
In 2010, the Chief Waramaug was named the Antique and Classic
with Sunday School for Pre K-12th Grade Boat Society National Boat of the Year.
We showed the boat all across the country for 10 years and won every
Teen Study 6:00 PM
Streaming Live at
possible award you can imagine because of his work, said Grulikowski.
Paul R. Tomlinson, Pastor Don Phillips, Director of Christian Education He knows where to go and who to bring in to do almost anything. But
that boat was 95-percent Russ.
Visit us at 221 E. Harris Street, Cadillac (231) 775-7111 Arrand came about his craft later life. Hes a scientist with a masters
degree in biology and has worked as a chemist, a commercial fisherman

St. Ann Catholic Church

and an engineer on an 80-foot yacht, traveling to exotic ports all over the
Later, he worked in boat restoration, where he gained knowledge of old
800 W. Thirteenth Street, Cadillac boats, woodworking and how to reconstruct them. A love of the outdoors
(231) 775-2471 brought Arrand and his wife, Tamra, to Cadillac and in 1992, he opened
his shop.
Masses: When he learned that Chris-Craft had a plant in Cadillac from 1941 to
1968, he began tracking down former employees, woodworkers who made
Saturday 4:00 PM Sunday 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 5:30 PM the most expensive and collectible boats in the world. He forged friend-
Nursery Care & Preschool Liturgy of the Word will be during the 10:30 am Mass ships and organized social events with them. He knew them all by name.
They gave him tours of the old plant, where he grilled them about how
St. Ann School: Preschool-7th Grade 231-775-1301 they did their jobs.
See Stories on page 54
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 53
Courtesy photo
Cruising in his
restored Chris-
Craft, Blue by U,
with his family
is one of Russ
Arrands favorite
things to do.
Here he is with
his daughter,

Builting friendships & boats from stories

Continued from page 53 Word-of-mouth has fueled demand for Arrands unique skills. He has
restored at least 50 Chris-Crafts and loves working on pre-WWII boats. He
I loved hearing their stories, he said. I would ask them how they did has three in the shop now, a Chris-Craft, a Dee-Wite and a Gar Wood.
things that helped me understand how they were originally built. This is my passion, he said. This is my hobby, its my business and
He became a close friend of Florrie Kanipe, the former manager of its my social life. My life revolves around the wood boats.
quality control. Kanipe shared the secrets of building a wood boat at the Arrand, who owns two Chris-Crafts, is a board member of the Water
correct moisture content. Wonderland Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society. The group
Florrie came out here and worked for awhile, but we talked most of the plans yearly boating adventures and activities, including four- to five-day
time, Arrand recalled. I just asked him about the procedures and the trips and day cruises with 10 to sometimes 20 boat owners. They also spon-
process. sor youth activities promoting interest in antique and classic boats.
54 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Welcome to
Shop Cadillac for the latest looks, and keep your shopping dollars here
in the community. With specialty shops, coffee shops and restaurants,
Cadillac is a great place to spend the day and stay for dinner!




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Prescription Drugs
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Gift Certificates Coffee Table Books And A Whole Lot More
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GIFTS Gourmet Snacks & Soda ULTIMATE
Where there is purpose in the present.
GRAND TRAVERSE PIE CO. 111 N. Mitchell Street, Cadillac
108 N. Mitchell Cadillac Next to Cadillac Family Pharmacy
231-775-7424 Mon.-Sat. 10 AM-5 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 55


lOcally OWNed & OperaTed
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LIVE Music at the Rotary Pavilion, City Park June to Sept.
Made in Michigan Market June to Oct.
Back to the Bricks Cruise Cadillac June 10-11
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56 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Hand Crafted Jewelry
An Eye Designed with you...
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For Detail Now Featuring
Dr. Richard Melstrom, O.D.
118 Stimson St., Cadillac 231-775-6031 Wexford Jewelers Our Passion is Design
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Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 57
4-H members clean their animals in preparation for
a showing during the 2016 Osceola County Fair.

Good, clean family fun By Andy Duffy to show their wares to merchants.
Weekly Voice Over time, fairs evolved into what they are today a means of dis-
playing agricultural and other products of note. Fulfilling that role, the
EVART More than 140 years old and still going strong: Thats the Osceola County Fair is among the best in the state.
story of the Osceola County Fair. It wasnt always that way. Evarts Ed Morgan, a long-time member of
Except for a time during and after the Depression years, the fair has the fair board, said the fairgrounds at one time had but one barn a
been a fixture in the county since 1875. Through the years, 4-H and FFA dairy barn. Slowly, over time, the board managed to get one building built
members have been able to show livestock and farm crops there. at a time. Now the fairgrounds have a full complement of buildings with
The fair, in fact, is a successional thing. Four generations of families, space for dairy cows, beef cattle, horses, poultry, swine, goats, sheep and
and perhaps more, have been displaying goods there. rabbits. Now, Morgan said, the fair probably ranks in the top five in the
Fairs, of course, have deep roots. They were mentioned in ancient lit- state.
erature. Then their chief function may have been as a way for producers See Fair on page 60
58 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Quality craftsmanship and the finest materials Cadillac
make every project a masterpiece for your home.
Hardwood Flooring Trim Moulding T&G Paneling
Ash Cherry Hickory Maple Oak Poplar Alder
The areas #1 Tire source
Custom & Affordable Woodworking & Milling
Tires have been our business since 1965!
Locally Made Products to customize your home or business!
407 Goode Ave., Cadillac 231-876-WOOD (9663)

DonT TrusT your vehicle To jusT anyone.

HAVE SOMETHING TO SHIP? For the right tire at the right price for you, rely on
SHIPPING AND PACKAGING NEEDS: over 100 years of our staffs combined experience.
Freight & Specialty Shipping Shredding Services NO Price Matching Games!
Wide Selection of Carriers: FedEx, UPS, USPS, YRC & R&L Our First Price Cadillac
Faxing & Photocopying Mailbox Rental Notary Public
Is Your
Best Price...

Boon Rd. Tractor South U.S.-131 Cadillac 231-775-7382

All prices include: Mounting, OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5:30 pm, Sat. 8:00 am-1 p
Balancing and Sales Tax
2141 Plett Rd., Cadillac 231.775.9920 or Fax 231.775.9927 Works Ave.
Plett Rd.



YOU HAVE A CHOICE If you or someone you love is living with a terminal

illness, choose the experts at Hospice of Michigan.
For more than 35 years, Hospice of Michigans local
team of hospice-certified physicians, nurses, hospice
aides and counselors have offered the highest level
of physical, emotional and spiritual support to
patients and families in the Cadillac area. And, we
are the only statewide hospice who has achieved
Level IV ranking for the We Honor Veterans program.
Choose the experts.

FRONT (from left): Robert Fernandez, Donna Franklin, Laurie Cross, Sandy Faiella | MIDDLE: Vera Harris, Christine Mondrella,
April Sibinovski, Margo Jacobs, Diane McDonald | BACK: Kathy Hassen, Libby Trowbridge, Mindy Purvis, Walter Ross, Jenifer 932 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac
Brocht, Kathy Lietaert | NOT PRESENT FOR PHOTO: Dr. Mark Zook, Cindy Wood, Tracy Hammar, Nicki Havens, Sharon Shepherd,
Jennifer Weinberg, Will Gasper, Deb Davis, Sue Dunham

Hospice-Community-4c.indd 1
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 59
1/24/17 1:17 PM
Osceola County Fair
remains a fixture
Continued from page 58 Joe Parsons affiliation with the fair didnt end with adulthood. He
served on the fair board and supervised the dairy barn for many years.
With its longevity, the fair has had an opportunity to serve generations He never missed the fair, VanBurgel said.
of families. Then the turns of VanBurgel and her three siblings to show came
Evarts Gloria VanBurgel knows something about being part of the fair along. They all took animals to the fair.
dynasty. Her father, Joe Parsons, was showing animals at the fair during We all looked forward to the fair and all the fun and work. The friends
the 1930s. His family had registered Jersey and Percheron cows. At the we made in 4-H have been our friends all our lives, she said.
fair, VanBurgel said, her father developed skills he used all his life. The quartet took great advantage of the opportunity the fair offered.
Those Depression years, though, were tough times to show. During The children, just as their father had, showed registered Jerseys. They
some of those years, the fair couldnt come up with the premium money also showed beef cattle, vegetables, grain, flowers and clothing.
it had promised. And, of course, the fair actually was silent for a while. VanBurgels brother, Mark Parsons, began showing market beef the
VanBurgels grandparents believed in the fair program, though, and the second year that option was offered. That was a feasible option because
family continued to be a part of it. They believed fair participation wasnt the family had a small herd of registered angus cattle.
about the money; it was the knowledge a person gained from the projects Working with the animals and then taking them to the fair was quite a task.
that was important. See Youth on page 63

60 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017 | (231) 577-1977 | (231) 577-1239

Be assured that you are buying only the best when you purchase a Fox Certified vehicle.

DURATION: 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

A $0 deductible applies to each repair visit.
COVERAGE: Warranty coverage includes engine, transmission, drive
axle, brakes, steering, electrical, front suspension and air conditioning.
Visit for complete details.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 61
Welcome to
Lake City Annual Community Garage Sale Saturday, May 20th
Lake City Area Greatest 4th in The North! Christmas in July!
Chamber of Commerce Friday, June 30th - Tuesday, July 4th

Car Cruise & Show

Friday, August 11th Cruise
Email: Saturday, August 12th Car Show 39th Annual Festival of The Pines - NEW DATES THIS YEAR!
107 S. Main St., P.O. Drawer H, Lake City, MI 49651 Thursday, September 7th - Sunday, September 10th
231-839-4969 Fax 231-839-5991

Live Bait Deer Feed Find Your Unique, n al Creation s,

Propane Fill Station Michigan Made rdi I


Mulch Black Dirt Item In Our

ilt S ft

6991 W. Jennings Rd.
Or sign up for classes and learn
to make them yourself! hop & G i
Lake City (231) 839-0440 JENNINGS RD.

Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 7 am-7 pm MILLERS

Fri.-Sat. 7 am-9 pm
1 mile from
66 on left
66 Handmade Gifts and More
7451 W. Blue Rd. (M-55)
Sun. 7 am-5 pm Lake City, MI
Wood Pellets Bait Beer Wine 231.839.5570

Lake City Family Pharmacy

Know Your Medicine, Know Your Pharmacist!

A beautiful, distinctive living center designed around

Local Delivery Service
our tenants needs. Our mission is to promote and Fast & Friendly
maintain the privacy, dignity, comfort & highest level
of independence & safety of each tentant. Blister Packaging
All suites include or have access to: All Major Insurance Carriers
- Private living area & bath Accepted
Dr. Clayton & Dr. Lacey Gilde,
- Meals, housekeeping & laundry services included PharmD Pharmacists/Owners
Emergency Call System for every suite
A tenant specialist ready to assist you with your unique needs 57 N. Morey St., Lake City 231-559-0005
2353 S. LaChance Rd., Lake City, MI (231) 779-4671 Hours: M-F 8:30-5:30, Sat. 8:30-1:00

62 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
It will continue to
teach youth skills that
will last a lifetime
5760 W. Houghton Lake Rd.
Lake City, Michigan 49651
Continued from page 60
See our weekly ads and 1000s of recipes
at We took as many as 30 head of cattle. Keeping them clean and train-
ing each to lead was no small undertaking. We lead them twice a day 6
a.m. and after chores each evening, coolest part of the day all sum-
mer, VanBurgel said.
A lot of familial competition existed. VanBurgel and her sister com-
Salads, Hot Foods and Fried Chicken To-Go
Fresh Deli In-Store Bakery peted against each other in some fair projects. Because not a lot of peo-
USDA Choice Cut Meats Fresh Produce ple kept Jerseys, she also competed against her brothers in some.
Liquor, Beer and Wine* Girls were not able to stay all night in the barns, so you can believe
*State minimum pricing all day, every day
we would come in the morning to a real mess. My sister had a neighbor
boy who was very willing to watch our cattle as well as his own. He is
now my brother-in-law.
VanBurgel really enjoyed showmanship. She won senior showman-
ship several times, and her father told her it was time to let someone
else have a chance. You know, she said, it was just as much fun to see
the others win. To me showmanship is about all your hard work coming
Located in Fosters Super Market for your convenience together. Feeding, care, time, picking the animal with the correct confir-
M-F: 9am-6pm Sat: 9am-4pm 231-839-5800 mation and showing it at its best. A wonderful life lesson you can always
Joe Parsons had 13 grandchildren, and all of them were part of the

Home of the Low Priced Cars! fair.

VanBurgel said that although her two children were very different,
they both enjoyed being in 4-H and participating in the fair.
Her older child participated in rabbit projects and won many awards.
She also did dairy beef, small exhibits and sewing. She later used her
sewing skills for employment while attending college. She made and
repaired theater costumes. She still loves knitting and cooking. Now she
works with children and encourages them to join 4-H.
CLASSIC CHEVROLET Her second daughter explored dairy, sheep, sewing and rabbit activi-
Corner of M-55 & M-66 Just South of Lake City ties before finding her true love with horses. Through 4-H she was able
231-839-7231 to enjoy trail riding, showing, taking part at state, and what she learned
she used in high school equestrian.
Now, VanBurgel said, her parents great-grandchildren are all over the

Northern Michigan
world. Some have taken part in 4-H, but all have returned to enjoy the
Osceola County Fair. They have learned that 4-H offers programs in any
Servicestore area they are interested in, and 4-H makes them better, just as the 4-H
Motto says it will.
6170 W. Blue Rd., Lake City The fair should remain a vital part of county life far into the future,
Corner of M-55 and M-66 too. Maybe it was good fortune or maybe it was financial smarts, but the
fair owned some property along Twin Creek that it wasnt using. Nestle

Corporation made an offer for the property the fair board thought it
couldnt refuse. A goodly amount of cash remains in annuity. Even with-
out other financial support, the fair can keep running every year just
with the income from the annuity, Morgan said. More generations of
Osceola County residents will have a means of learning skills that will
last them a lifetime, too.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 63
Dining Directory
Visit these fine establishments for some great eats
available in Cadillac and surrounding areas!

Over 30 Specialty Drinks Food, with a Focus on Taste.

Two Ways To Get Coffee On The Go!
Coffee & Espresso Lattes & Mochas Hot Chocolate Frozen Drinks Chai and More!

Drive Thru Drive Thru Open 7 Days For Lunch & Dinner Sunday Buffet 11 AM-3 PM
Next to Mancinos Downtown Cadillac Next To Cadillac Sands Cadillac West On Lake Mitchell in Cadillac M-115 & M-55 Intersection 775-5332


Fajitas Enchiladas
Burritos Tacos
Overlooking Lake Cadillac
Alcoholic Beverages
Conveniently located near Dunhams across from Meijer
2172 N. Mitchell St. Cadillac 231-468-3504
We Cater! 2403 Sunnyside Dr. Cadillac 231-775-7555

thurSday Friday Saturday

Ribs Fish Fry Prime Rib

Daily Specials Right off

Friday & Saturday Dinner Buffets 4-8 PM Pizza, Burgers Friday DJ & Karaoke the White
Breakfast Buffet 8 AM-Noon in the summer and More! Saturday LIVE Entertainment Pine Trail
Homemade Pies, Cookies, Breads &
other baked goods available with your TRAVLERS Nightly Drink & Food Specials
meal or to take home!
BAR & GRILL 4699 Mackinaw Trail LeRoy 231-768-4471
11 AM-2:30 AM Mon.-Sat. 12 PM-2:30 AM Sun.

64 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Full Service Deli
Deli Seating Daily Specials
Available Big Fresh
Dinner Pizzas Served
After 3pm Senior Specials
Check out our daily soups &
Fresh Homemade 916 S. Mitchell St., Cadillac Business Lunch
weekly features!
Sandwiches, Salads &
Personal Flat Bread Pizzas
Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm,
Stop In For Great DAILY SPECIALS! Specials
Try a 1/2 sandwich combo Sun. 11am-5pm
Fresh Produce & More Deli: Mon.-Sat. 10am - 5:30pm 6080 E. M-115 Cadillac West 231-468-3577

A part of Cadillac for over 50 years! 523 N. Mitchell

Downtown Cadillac
Mon.-Thur. 11 AM-10 PM,
Fri & Sat. 11 AM-11 PM
Sunday Closed
Food & SpiritS
Great BurGers,
Watch your FAVORITE games on our BIG
SCREEN Plasma TVs...viewable from any seat!
Great Food! Lunch & Nightly Dinner Specials OPEN AT 7:30 AM Kids Menu
Monday thru Friday. Sunday Specials! Sundays at Noon
& More!
516 N. Mitchell St Cadillac 231-775-9073

Mr. Pibs
3780 N. Mackinaw Trail, LeRoy
Daily Specials Burgers Subs Pizza Steak Seafood
All You Can Eat Friday Night Buffet
All You Can Eat Fish & Shrimp Every Day Mineral Springs Pizza Pub & Grill
Wednesday - All 16 Pizzas for the price of 12 21257 Mackinaw Trail, Tustin 231-829-4040
CATERING AVAILABLE ~ Breakfast Lunch Dinner Open: Monday-Saturday at 11 AM, Sunday at Noon

GreAT FOOd Prime Rib Steaks Pasta Seafood

Michigan Beer on Tap
And APPeTizerS!
Shareables & Appetizers... 5535 M-115, Cadillac
Stone Fired Artisan Pizzas... Located Between Division & 13th
Black Angus Burgers 231-775-6751
and 40 Beers On Tap Tuesday-Thursday 11:30 AM-9 PM
106 S. Mitchell St., Cadillac 231-775-6150
Friday & Saturday 11:30 AM-10 PM Sunday 11:30 AM-8 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 65
Quilting time
By Rick Charmoli ing those in need.
Cadillac News The group has donated 100s of quilts throughout the years to various
groups in the community including Oasis Family Resource Center, the
CADILLAC Much like the quilts the North Star Quilt Guild makes, Michigan State Police, Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital and Eagle
the 60 members that make up the group are unique and different. Village. In fact, since October, the group has donated 90 quilts to local or-
The members range in skill level from beginner to artist. They also ganizations to give to those in need. The group also has made quilts and
range in age, but all come together for fellowship, fun and the love of donated them to organizations to help with fundraising.
quilting. While this group, which started in 1976, has always been about Their stitches help to hold the community together.
promoting the art of quilting, in recent years it also has been about help- See Piecing on page 67
66 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Piecing it together
Continued from page 66 group comprised of about six women.
Arlene said at the time it wasnt like the guild is today and most of those
At 88-years-old Arlene Flint has been a part of the North Star Quilt women have since passed away.
Guild since its inception in 1976. In 1980 the group moved the meeting to the First Covenant Church in
During the four decades the group has been around, things have Cadillac and have been meeting there ever since.
changed. It went from a handful of members to 60 strong. They travel the While the group started out with only a handful of women, North Star
country to quilt shows, take classes and most importantly, have fun. But, Quilt Guild President Karen Boekeloo said, the group has grown to 60
for Arlene, the love of quilting has always been constant. members, but of that a little more than half are active the entire year.
It is something that is fun and you use your talent on colors, designs Many, though, leave for warmer climes in the winter and return in the
and that type of thing, she said. It is just a passing of time. I always have spring.
to be busy. I couldnt just watch television. I had to be doing something all We have been together a long time. It was a group to get together and
the time. sew, Karen said. We are just a bunch of women who get together to sew.
Arlene started quilting at home. It was a way to fill a need for bedding We come from Lake City, Cadillac, Manton, Irons and all over the area.
for her family and gifts. Eventually, she decided to join a group of like-
minded women who were meeting at the Old Kent Bank building. The See Helping on page 68

Rick Charmoli | Cadillac News

From left, North Star Quilt Guild
members Karen Boekeloo, Paula
Williams and Laura Bradley tie up
a quilt they are making to donate
to one of the several agencies they
give quilts to.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 67
Helping others
Rick Charmoli | Cadillac News
Arlene Flint, 88, shows
one of the quilts she
made as part of the North
Star Quilt Guild. Flint
hand stitched the entire
quilt and is one of the
charter members of the
North Star Quilt Guild,
which started in 1976.

Daniella Bell
Associate Broker, GRI, ABR
La Bella Vita Group
Walking in faith, Working With integrity for a beautiful life!
2721 Sunnyside Dr, Cadillac, MI 49601

Auto Sales
Continued from page 67

Oasis Family Resource Center Resource Coordinator Amie Mackenzie

has seen first hand what the guild has done for those in need.
She has worked at the agency for the past four years and during that
time the North Star Quilt Guild has donated at least 10 to 20 quilts every GUARANTEED CREDIT APPROVAL
six to eight weeks. Anyone who comes to the shelter is given a quilt they $1,000 Minimum Trade Over 75 Cars To Choose From
are able to keep.
First thing they get is a quilt and a stuffed animal for their children. 9 Miles West of Cadillac on M-55 231-862-3549
They usually have to leave a lot behind so a lot of times they come with
only the clothes on their backs, Amie said. I havent talked to anyone
who has received one but I know when they are going up to their rooms (at
the shelter) they know it is theirs to keep and they can take it with them. Come and Visit the Newly Updated Spin City Laundromat
They know people care enough to make these. We Offer Reasonable Prices and a Clean Atmosphere!
Amie said the agency values each one at $70, so, it is not stretch to say
the guild has donated 10s of thousands of dollars worth of quilts over the
years as they usually donate 100s of quilts each year.
Quilt Guild President Karen Boekeloo said the group enjoys giving the
quilts but added there are a few members who go above and beyond when
it comes to making sure there are enough quilts to go around to all the
agencies. Members like Patty Wallenstein; Leslie Schliet; Mary Ederer;
Gretchen Brinks; Carrie Anderson; Debroah King; and Arlene Flint all At the Pointe West Mall - Corner of M-55 & M-115, Cadillac West
help to make sure there are enough to go around, Karen said. Hours: 8:00 AM-8:00 PM Open 7 Days A Week!

68 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
How do you make a quilt?
Continued from page 68

These are the people who make extra quilts

for the group. There might only be two quilts
we have to bind and then there will be 10 or
more. They just do extra work, Karen said.
Arlene said knowing they are helping others
makes her and the other members feel good.
She added that she uses quilts she has made
and hopes the people who get one also fuind
them useful.
When it comes to making a quilt, Elsie Vre-
denburg has a lot of experience.
The 75-year-old joined the guild in 1980 and
couldnt remember exactly why she wanted to
join other than to say she wanted to be involved
with a group of other like-minded people.
When she joined, the group was still under
10 members, but her background as a home
economics teacher and the fact she had made a
quilt in high school caused her to join.
I trained as a home ec teacher so I had sew-
ing in my background and this (quilt making)
is another aspect of sewing, Elsie said.
Through the years, quilting has done many
things for Elsie. She has been helped financial- Rick Charmoli | Cadillac News
ly after she started a business but it also helped Oasis Family Resource Center Resource Coordinator Amie Mackenzie has seen first hand what the North Star Quilt
her to learn from others. Guild has done for those in need. She has worked at the agency for the past four years and during that time the
When it comes to making a quilt, Elsie said a North Star Quilt Guild has donated at least 10 to 20 quilts every six to eight weeks.
person can be as low or high tech as they want.
It can be done by hand, digitally by machine or
a combination of the two.
There is something for everyone. You can do by hand or machine,
Elsie said. Basically, all you need is scissors, a ruler and a needle and When it comes to the future of the guild, Arlene, Elsie and Deborah all
thread. just want to see it continue. While the membership varies in age and skill,
While Elsie makes it sound easy, you also need to have some knowledge all of them hope it will continue to give back to the community but also al-
on how to do things. To a novice, it can seem daunting trying to make that low for the members to have fun.
first block pattern and quilt, but the guild is willing to help. I would like to see it evolve to meet the needs of the people who are in-
Deborah King, like Elsie, has always sewn. So when a friend asked her volved. For many years we didnt have officers and we just met as a group
for help making a quilt, she figured it out and never looked back. and sewed, Elsie said. It has had its growing pains, but it needs to meet
To help the guild, Deborah and/or Patty Wallenstein create a different the needs of the people who are involved at the time.
block to complete. They are prepared packs of some or all of the fabric The group meets at 9 a.m. the first and third Thursdays of each month
with instructions and walk-thru steps needed to complete the block. The at First Covenant Church in Cadillac, 315 E. Pine Street. Meetings are
block of the month was started as a way to utilize the fabrics the guild open to anyone and membership is not required to attend. Dues are $15 a
has, but it also is a great way to help those who are just starting out or year and are paid by Sept. 1 each year.
need help honing their skills. The group also has an annual quilt show, which is scheduled for Sept.
I love math. I love to figure out how much fabric is needed to make a 23 and will be held at St. Ann Catholic Churchs gymnasium. Several ven-
quilt, she said. dors are usually on hand selling quilting and sewing supplies, fabrics, and
more. It also is the guilds annual fundraiser and along with membership
dues helps to fund the purchase of fabric and supplies.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 69
Chris Lamphere | Cadillac News
From left, Chris, Eric and Terry
Wanstead stand in front of their
shop, LeRoy Tool and Die.

LeRoy Tool & Die

By Chris Lamphere
Cadillac News

is a local
LEROY Terry Wanstead never could have imagined that the tiny shop
he bought nearly 30 years ago would one day become a premier die-cast pro-
ducer in Michigan that employed close to 100 workers.
Wanstead purchased the 5,000-square-foot building off Mackinaw Trail,

success story
now known as LeRoy Tool and Die, with his brother, Bobby, in 1988.
Terry said the primary reason he wanted to own a shop was to get out of
the factories.
The shop produces die-casts for rubber molds that are used in automobiles.
The molds that are created from the die-casts are used in vehicle suspen-
sions, engines and in many other applications.
See page 73
70 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
1997 1999


Oh My! Look how you have grown

2010 2013

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Cadillac News - Our Community 2017 71
Providing our community with a full line of Chrysler Everyone BENEFITS and WINS from shopping and donating
and quality pre-owned vehciles for over 50 years! to the Wexford Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

Pre-owned Vehicle Factory

>>> SAFETY Over 200 vehicles
>>> VALUE to choose from! 34 homes completed since 1987.
If we dont have

CFAFE Inaugural logo black horizontal Currently working on home 35.

what you want - Habitat homeowners pay home mortgages, pay property
Well find it! taxes and are productive citizens in our community.

CFAFE Inaugural logo black vertical

231-775-7561 231-775-8661

CFAFE Inaugural logo horizontal Helping to eliminate poverty housing & homelessness by

constructing & building adequate basic housing.
Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business! 7545 E. 34 Rd., Cadillac
1110 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI 775-2413 CFAFE Inaugural logo vertical
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM, Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.

CFAFE Inaugural logo white horizontal

CFAFE Inaugural logo white vertical


72 Our Community 2017 - Cadillac News | Thursday, February 16, 2017
Chris Lamphere | Cadillac News
In addition to creating die-casts,
the shop also makes their own
molded products, such as combs,
that they sell directly to vendors.

Keeping customers happy

Continued from page 70 cars, but rather sell the die-casts to factories that can mass produce the
During the first few years of business, Terry said most the work he did In 2013, LeRoy Tool and Die bought out a competing die-cast producer
was for local customers in Wexford and Osceola counties. out of South Haven.
Soon, however, he realized the market for his business was more wide- Terry said their shop currently is one of only a handful in Michigan
spread than LeRoy. Today, they have clients all over the United States, that do this type of work.
Mexico and Canada. In addition to creating die-casts, the shop also makes their own molded
Over the years, as business grew, the shop also grew from the origi- products, such as combs, that they sell directly to vendors.
nal 5,000 square feet, to 60,000 today. From the modest beginnings of the shop, when only Terry and his
In 2001, Terrys sons, Eric and Chris, began working in the shop and brother worked there, to today, the number of employees has grown to
helping their father expand the business. around 80.
Terry credits his sons for how much and how quickly the business has Long-time employee Jon Innis, who programs and operates the shops
grown over the years. mills, said he remembers sitting in a cold, uninsulated barn cutting dies
My kids are either a lot smarter or a lot dumber than me, Terry 14 years ago.
joked. Its quadrupled in size since then, Innis said.
While several buildings have been added to LeRoy Tool and Die over While the shops expansion has been impressive, Terry said the reason
the years, Eric said they mostly serve all the same purpose, which is why they have been successful is very simple.
building the die casts. When we pick up a customer, we keep them happy, Terry said.
However, they also built a facility that tests the rubber molds that the This spring, LeRoy Tool and Die plans to add another facility to keep
die-casts create. This ensures quality of the product that eventually is up with demand for their products.
sold to an outside vendor. Along with the new facility, Terry said they plan to hire several new
For the most part, Eric said they dont directly produce the molds for employees.
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Babies and Beyond:
Babies and Beyond: Caring for Women of All Ages
Caring for Women of All Ages
Our friendly team of OB/GYNs focuses on promoting the well-being of women at all stages of life. We consider it a
privilege to help you welcome your new baby into the world. And, we can identify and resolve womens health
issues that may arise as you moveOur friendly
through team
life. We ofwhat
love OB/GYNs
we do, focuses
and wed on promoting
be delighted the well-being
to have of
you as a patient.
Gynecology women at all stages of life. WeObstetrical
consider itCarea privilege to help you welcome
We provide preventive care and treatment including: We offer complete obstetrical care including:
Complete health screening your new baby into the world. And,
Coordination of care with other health care professionals
Delivery can identify and resolve
in family-friendly,
High-risk pregnancy care
private rooms

health issues that may arise as you

In-office endometrial ablation
Management of benign breast disease
move through life. We love what we do,
Pain management
Pre-conceptual counseling
Menopause and hormone replacement
and wed be delighted to have you
Menstrual disorder management
Pregnancy testing
as acare
Prenatal patient.
Pap and pelvic exams, urinary incontinence and Postpartum care
pelvic organ prolapse management and treatment Ultrasound examinations

We provide preventive care and treatment including:
Complete health screening
4985 Mackinaw Trail I Cadillac,
4985 MI 49601
Mackinaw Trailcare
I Cadillac, MI 7800
49601 US Highway
131 131
S.7800 S. IUSCadillac,
Highway MI131
S. I Cadillac, MI 49601
4985 Mackinaw

4985 Mackinaw Trail
I Cadillac,
I Cadillac,
MI 49601
MI 49601
of with other
new S.
I Cadillac,
I Cadillac,
MI 49601
MI 49601
Accepting new patients. Accepting new patients. Accepting new patients. Accepting new patients.
For an new
patients. call
For an endometrial
For an appointment, call 231-876-6100. call ablation
For new patients.
an an appointment, callan231-779-1167.
call For appointment, call 231-779-1167.
For an Management
appointment, call 231-876-6100. of benign breast disease
an appointment, call 231-779-1167.
Menopause and hormone replacement
Menstrual disorder management
Pap and pelvic exams, urinary incontinence and pelvic organ