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Syllabus – Solutions Elementary

Lesson Material content Date and

I: Introduction p4 Meeting people

A. Everyday SB: p4 Number, alphabet
English Listening: Introducing myself
B. Grammar SB: p5 be, possessives and pronouns
Possessive adjectives
Demonstrative pronouns
C. Grammar SB: p6 have got and articles
Vocabulary: possessions (a CD, a bike, a cat…)
D. Vocabulary SB: p7 Time, days and dates
Listening: Asking and telling the time
Ordinal number
Friends and Family
A. Vocabulary and p8 Family
listening Family words (aunt, cousin, stepmother, etc.…)
Possessive ‘s
Plural nouns
Listening: Describing my family

B. Grammar p9 Present simple: affirmative and negative.
C. Culture p10 The Royal Family
Reading: A Royal Couple
Vocabulary: monarchy and government (queen,
Parliament, etc..)
Listening: Three people talk about the British

go swimming.) Listening: Talking about hobbies and sports p19 Adverbs of frequency p20 It’s fun. etc. Writing p15 A message Get ready for your exam 1 p16 Reading Matching headings to paragraphs Speaking Situational role-play Listening Comprehension questions Speaking Description Use of English Close task 2 My time p18 Free-time activities Hobbies and sports (athletics. but is it sport? Reading: Cheerleading Vocabulary: action verbs (train hard. etc…) Verb+noun collocations (surf the Net.) F.. compete. Grammar p11 Present simple: question E. etc.. drama. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary monarchy D. etc…) Listening: A radio interview p21 can and adverbs . keeping fit. Reading p12 The Amish Reading: A simple life? Vocabulary: everyone activities (do the housework. do karate. prepare food. Everyday p14 Making friends English Object pronouns G.

some/any with plural nouns Prepositions of place p30 School in England Reading: Eton College .) Part of the house (bathroom. toes. etc. chest. bedroom. ICT. etc…) Listening song: Ain’t got no p24 Expressing likes and dislikes Vocabulary: giving an opinion bout things (He’s awful. etc.) Listening: What do you like doing? p25 An announcement Imperatives Language review Units 1-2 p26 Skills round-up Unit 1-2 p27 3 At school p28 School subjects School subjects (art and design.. etc…) Listening: Extracts from school lessons p29 there is/there are.. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary p22 Extreme sports Reading: Free time – crazy time! Vocabulary: parts of the body (back. study. biology.

She’s thin. classroom. evil.) p34 Giving directions Vocabulary: directions (turn left.) Describing people (He’s tall.. trick or treat. etc.. joggers. etc…) p41 Present simple and continuous .. etc. etc…) Listening: An interview about school p31 have to p32 Sumo school Reading: An interview with a young sumo wrestler Vocabulary: adjective + preposition collocations (keen on. witch. gym. go straight on. etc. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary Vocabulary: parts of a school (canteen.. etc…) p35 A letter Capital letters Get ready for your exam 2 p26 Listening Multiple-choice statements Speaking Situational role-play Use of English Cloze task Reading Matching headings to paragraphs Speaking Situational role-play 4 Special occasions p38 Clothes Clothes (boots.) Listening: Clothes p39 Present continuous p40 Halloween Reading: Halloween Vocabulary: (custome. skirt.

. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary p42 I do! Reading: The big day Vocabulary: weddings (bride.) Listening: talking about plans for the weekend p45 An invitation Language review Units 3-4 p46 Skills round-up Unit 1-4 p47 5 Healthy living p48 Food Food and drink (rice. etc. groom.. etc. processed food. daily products. etc. etc…) Listening song: Fallin’ p44 Making arrangements Vocabulary: activities (go dancing.) Listening: Different diets p51 ...) Method of cooking (boiled. a glass of water. some and any p50 Fussy eaters? Reading: Food for thought? Vocabulary: compound nouns (balanced diet. etc.) Listening: In busy kitchen p49 Quantity Countable and uncountable nouns How much…?/How many…?. ceremony. fried. meet friends..

car park.etc…) . Can I have…. etc…) Listening: Following directions p59 Past simple: be and can p60 Teen adventure Reading: A teenager’s guide to Sydney! Vocabulary: adjectives to describe places in a city (modern. safe. cure. etc…) Collocation (park a car. leave a message. fantastic. …) p54 In a café Ordering food (I’d like…. etc.…) p55 Questionnaire Get ready for your exam 3 p56 Listening: True/False statements Speaking: Picture description Use of English: Word formation Reading: Multiple-choice statements Speaking: Situation role-play 6 Going places p58 In town Places in a town (bank. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary Should/ Shouldn’t p52 Feeling good? Reading: Healthy alternatives Vocabulary: Health problems (painful. theatre. etc.

etc…) p64 Asking for information Listening: phoning a museum for information p65 A note 7 p68 Where are they from ? Fame Countries. Czech. etc.. have. angry. do homework. Vocabulary: expressions of interest and sympathy .) Vocabulary: events in life (was born.and take (have a dream. do. etc.) Make.. etc…) Listening: Four biographies p69 Past simple affirmative: irregular verbs Pronunciation:past simple forms p70 Changing the world Reading: Rosa Parks Listening: Three teenagers talk about their heroes p71 Past simple negative and interrogative p72 Famous artists Reading: Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso p74 Talking about your weekend Listening: three teenagers talk about their weekend.. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary Listening: Radio advertisements: Placed to go in Sydney p61 Past simple affirmative: regular verbs Pronunciation: -ed endings p62 Out on the town Reading: A strange accident Vocabulary: adjectives to describe feelings (bored. died. Nationalities (China.

) Measurements (50 years old.? Let’s…. etc…) Listening song: Planet Earth p84 Negotiating Making holiday plans (Shall we. How about? etc…) Types of holiday (safari. etc…) Listening: Talking about trips p81 Superlative adjectives p82 Dangerous! Reading: the scariest animals in history? Vocabulary: wildlife (bat. beak. Asia. etc. city break. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary (Oh dear! Wow! Really!. Europe.. diving. etc. etc…) p85 An advert Language review Units 7-8 p86 .…) Listening: Geographical places p79 Comparative adjectives Pronunciation: -er endings p80 Landmarks Reading: A famous landmark Vocabulary: outdoor activities (climbing. beach holiday. etc) p75 An email message Get ready for your exam 4 p76 Listening : True/False statements Speaking Description Use of English Open cloze task Reading: Matching headings to paragraphs Speaking Picture description 8 p78 Geography In the wild Geographical features (cave. 6000 km. fishing. reptiles. volcano. sea. etc…) Continents (Africa..

-or and –ist (dancer. etc.. doctor. career. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary Skills round-up units 1-8 p87 9 The world of work p88 Jobs and work Jobs (builder. tourist industry. etc. scientist. etc…) Suffixes: -er. etc…) Listening: Part-time jobs p91 will p92 A year out Reading : Gap years Vocabulary: compound nouns (voluntary work. part time.) Listening: Three people talk about their jobs p89 going to p90 Jobs for teenagers Reading: Three people talk about their jobs Vocabulary: work words (skills.etc. vet. actor..) p94 On the phone Making and receiving phone calls Saying phone numbers (‘oh double six’..) p95 An application letter Get ready for your exam 5 p96 Listening: Matching speakers to statements Speaking: Discussion Use of English Word formation Reading Matching headings to paragraphs Speaking Situational role-play .

. etc.. suddenly. get off. Or lose your life. safe.. Syllabus – Solutions Elementary 10 p98 Transport Time to travel Transport nouns and adjectives (coach. etc. etc…) Phrasal verbs with get (get in. get out of.) Listening: Five people talk about how they go to and from school p99 Present perfect: affirmative Just for recent events p100 Gateway to the New World Reading: Ellis Island Listening: Five people talk about their background p101 Present perfect: negative and interrogative already and yet p102 Alone in the canyon Reading: Lose your arm. Vocabulary: time expressions (first of all.) p105 A postcard Language review Units 9-10 p106 Skills round-up Units 1-10 p107 .) Listening song: Last train to Clarksville p104 Buying a train ticket Can for permission (Can I take my bike on the train? Etc.

Syllabus – Solutions Elementary .