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Daily Activity & Achievement Log


Assessing subcontractor claims.

Each claim approximately takes one hour to complete. Assessing
involves receiving progress claims from subcontractors and then
9/01/2017 12 walking on site and cross-checking if the claimed works are
complete. If works are not complete, the claim has to be rejected
with appropriate reasons to why. These claims are then sent to
Fred my project manger for approval and sign off
Today was spent preparing Head Progress Claim to be sent to
Frasers Property Group. This involves updating a master
spreadsheet of all consultants and trades and their monthly
progress on the entire project. To ensure cash flow is stable, a lot
12 of calculations need to be complete and correct. Approximately 4
hours was spent drafting the spread sheet, and then four hours
amending the claim after it is reviewed by Fred. The remaining four
hours was spent walking around site and making sure everything
was in order before the client walks on site tomorrow.
Today I had to take the Superintendent and Quantity surveyor from
Frasers Property around site to show the monthly progress and
agree on the progress claim that we prepared and sent last night.
The remainder of the day was spent drafting purchase orders for
general site needs. Like ordering safety products from Jay bro and
items required from Allcott hire.
Today all contracts administrators in the business attended a
negotiation skills seminar. This involved strategy and situational
examples that were played out. The presenter provided some very
helpful tips.
The first half of the day was spent processing an paying supplier
invoices. This involves data entry into Ganellens accounting
12 system. Second half of the day was spent a lunch and drinks even
with Architects and Structural engineers for the project to celebrate
one year being on the project.
Work on Saturdays usually involves catch up on paper work and
10 updating all registers. Today was spent on working on 60 unpaid
crane hire invoices.

Today was spent at one of other sites, located in Freshwater. We
did a site visit to freshwater as they are at a different stage and is a
12 good opportunity to learn from their mistakes. I took minutes from
the little seminar that was held and sent them to the site teams.

To award the Carpet contract to the most successful subcontractor,
I had to measure the carpet in all 380 apartments and lobbies on
the project. This took 12 + hours, and was a painfully long task. I
had to stand at a drawing bench all day and measure the square
metres, allocate it to a colour scheme and then transfer all the data
onto an excel sheet to total up a sum.
The first half of the morning was spent doing a cross check
between all carpet tenderers to see which price was the closest to
received the project award. Then I sent my recommendation to
Fred for review and then it was sent to the board of directors for
The second half of the day was spent walking around site and
understanding all the new fit out details. I was told to do this
because I spent the previous day doing the carpet measure. And
this was so I could have a break from being in the office. So I got a
good balance.
This morning we realised that we may have an issue with our
budget for concrete supply to service all four towers.
So I was given the task of creating a tracking register to see If we
will go over budget and need extra money to fund the supply of
concrete to the project.
Firstly I had to calculate how much concrete we had spent to date
12 and allocate that to where it was poured, whether it be columns,
walls or slabs.
After this I had to measure fourteen stories worth of columns, walls
and slabs on the four towers. Measuring the volume of each
element, after does this that I had to allocate the cost to supply
those elements. Then minus what we have allowed from what we
have already spent. To work out that we will just make the budget.
Today I spent drafting a two 300 page Subcontracts for the Carpet
contractor and Render contractor.
This involves the following things:
Doing ASIC checks on both contractors adding in their
respective company details
12 Adding in the negotiated contract values
Insert programmes and finish dates to which the contractor
is finish their works without being liable to delay costs and
After that I have to add in cost breakdowns per level, so we
can assess easily each month.
Lastly the most time consuming task is to insert them most

relevant scope of works. Where if any items are missed we
are risk for works that not part of the contract.
On this Saturday I drafted a variation to the client, It was
discovered that we were not contracted to supply and install
Louvers to Building D south elevation. However Frasers Property
had sold these apartments to the public with louvers. So I had the
task of getting a louver contractor to price 55 square meters of bi
fold louvers. So once I received the quote I drafted a variation by
showing how these works werent part of our contracts works,
which means we are entitled to extra costs. Once I drafted it I had
to attached drawings of the new louvers and send it to the super-
intendant at Frasers property for approval.