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SAP Note 542426 - Usability manual change FLQAM

Note Language: English Version: 2 Validity: Valid Since 06.08.2002


You use the liquidity calculation. If you want to divide a payment document
into 11 or more account assignments in 'Manual Change' (Transaction FLQAM),
then you have to scroll in the table control.
In this case, you encounter curious effects: The position of the entries
changes while you scroll or when you release the data, that means an
account assignment (that means the three-digit company code, business area,
liquidity item) is visible on the first screen and then it is not, for
Furthermore, you find it annoying that it is not possible simply to
overwrite existing account assignments. Instead you have to write into a
new line and copy the amount.

Other terms

Reason and Prerequisites
The problem is due to an error in the flow logic.

Implement the attached corrections. As a result, it is also possible to
enter an amount '*'. This entry causes the system to calculate an amount
for the corresponding line so that the total of all distributed amounts is
equal to the amount of payment.
For this, activate the attribute *-Eingabe in field list of screen
You also have the option to position an output field *FLQSUM-WRBTR on the
screen (with characteristics of the DDIC element). The system then displays
the currently distributed amount there.

Header Data
Release Status: Released for Customer
Released on: 06.08.2002 08:36:22
Master Language: German
Priority: Correction with medium priority
Category: Program error
Primary Component: FIN-FSCM-LP Liquidity Planer

Valid Releases
Software Component Release From To and
Release Release Subsequent
PI 2002.1 2002_1_45 2002_1_47
B 0
PI-A 2002.1 2002_1_45 2002_1_45

Support Packages

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