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Cloze text 1 Tisno Wardoyo


SKL : Writing
Jenis Soal : Cloze Text
Kompetensi yang diuji : Menentukan kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi texts
laporan (report)

Choose the best alternatives!

Complete the text to answer questions 1 to 5. Complete the text to answer questions 6 to 8.

Igloo as a Snow House Researchers say they have found out that drinking
coffee may significantly reduce the risk of non-insulin
dependent diabetes.
The investigation was conducted in Finland,
which has the highest per capita coffee (6) in the
An igloo is the Inuit word for house or habitation, and Researchers collected data from three surveys
is not restricted exclusively to snow houses but includes involving a total of 6,974 men and 7,655 women aged 35
traditional tents, sod houses, homes constructed of to 64.
driftwood and modern buildings. They found that the risk of developing type-2
An igloo is a shelter constructed from blocks of snow, diabetes (7) with increasing amounts of coffee drunk.
generally in the form of a (1) . Although igloos are Women who drank three to four cups of coffee a
usually associated with all Inuit, they were predominantly day had a 29 percent lower risk of diabetes than those
constructed by people of Canada's Central Arctic and who drank no coffee. If they drank 10 or more cups the
Greenland's Thule area. Other Inuit people tend to (2) risk reduced by 79 percent. For men, drinking three to
snow to insulate their houses which consisted of four cups of coffee was (8) with a 27 percent lower
whalebone and hides. Snow is used because the air diabetes risk, and 10 cups with a 55 percent reduced risk.
pockets trapped in it make it an insulator. On the outside,
temperatures may be as low as 45 C (49.0 F), but on 6. a. consumption c. addiction
the inside the temperature may range from 7 C (19 F) b. production d. association
to 16 C (61 F) when warmed by body heat alone.
There are three traditional types of igloos, all of 7. a. increased c. improved
different sizes and all used for different purposes. The b. decreased d. triggered
smallest was constructed as a (3) shelter, usually only
used for one or two nights. These are built and used 8. a. accompanied c. associated
during hunting trips, often on open sea ice. Next in size b. produced d. related
was the semi-permanent, intermediate-sized family
dwelling. This is usually a single room dwelling that Complete the text to answer questions 9 to 11.
housed one or two families. Often there are several of
these in a small area, which formed an "Inuit village". The Summer Programs in Bristol for Juniors
largest of the igloos is (4) built in groups of two. One
of the buildings was a temporary structure built for Throughout July and August The Bristol
special occasions, the other built nearby for living. These Language Centre runs summer courses which (9)
might have had up to five rooms and housed up to 20 intensive tuition in groups combined with a social activity
people. A large igloo might have been constructed from program, for juniors. In this way, (10) can improve
several smaller igloos attached by their tunnels, giving your English, while learning about British life and culture,
common access to the outside. These are used to hold in a relaxed atmosphere. The morning English language
community feasts (5) traditional dances. program uses up-to-date (11) such as movies, songs
and theatre performance.
1. a. dome c. square Start Date : Any Monday from 2 July to 11
b. round d. triangle August 2009.
Course : 1 3 weeks.
2. a. use c. build Hours per week : 15 or 25 plus social activity
b. bring d. create program
Level : Elementary to Advance
Class Size : Maximum 15 students
3. a. durable c. temporary Please contact : 01179354967
b. permanent d. long period
9. a. employ b. reserve c. offers d. sell
4. a. finally c. suddenly
b. normally d. eventually 10. a. I b. we c. you d. they

5. a. as c. and 11. a. notes c. materials

b. or d. yet b. teachers d. computers
Cloze text 2 Tisno Wardoyo

Complete the text to answer questions 12 to 14. Complete the text to answer questions 24 to 26.

Some people have trips planned by travel agents A hotel is the home of the guests and tourists
who give out information about (12) The agents talk when they are away from home. The first (24) the
with their clients, find out how to travel, what kinds of guests have of a hotel is the doorman and the bellboy at
places to visit, and how much money to (13). The the door and the clerks at the front desk who greet them.
agent will buy the necessary tickets and make (14). The guests often form their opinion of the hotel by the
This service is free for the travelers. reception they (25). The guests are usually happy if
(26) feel welcome and can get to their rooms quickly.
12. a. going b. traveling c. staying d. leaving
24. a. decision c. definition
13. a. save b. waste c. spend d. borrow b. impression d. relation

14. a. cancellation c. reservations 25. a. receive c. deceive

b. transportation d. accommodation b. refuse d. give

Complete the text to answer questions 15 to 17. 26. a. them c. they

b. their d. our
Plants are living beings. They need food, water
and air for (15). Plants derive their food from the earth Complete the text to answer questions 27 to 29.
and the air. If you look at their roots, you will find that the
ends of these roots are like line fibers. We call them root- A petrol car engine converts petrol into motion so
hairs. They (16) water and minerals, then they transport that the car can move. The (27) way to do that is to
them upwards to the leaves through the trunk and the burn the petrol inside an engine. (28), a car engine is
branches. It is the leaves which (17) the food. an internal combustion engine combustion takes place
internally. Almost all cars currently use what is (29) a
15. a. damage c. breathing four stroke combustion cycle to convert petrol into
b. survival d. regeneration motion. The four stroke approach is also known as the
Otto cycle.
16. a. transport b. deliver c. distribute d. absorb
27. a. easy c. easiest
17. a. prepare b. control c. grow up d. survive b. easier d. more easy

Complete the text to answer questions 18 to 20. 28. a. But c. Although

b. However d. Therefore
The largest meat-eating animal in the world is the
brown (18) that lives in Alaska. Brownie, as this bear 29. a. call c. called
is called, will always keep away from people. But, be b. calls d. calling
careful if it is wounded with a gun or (19) bear and her
cubs are shocked. Some hunters claim the brown bear can Complete the text to answer questions 30 to 33.
outfight a tiger.
A grown brownie may be up to nine feet tall. It Solar System
may weigh over 1,600 pounds, But, when the brown bear
is born, it weighs less than one pound. If you grew at the The Solar System consists of the Sun and those
same rate, you would (20) almost 10,000 pounds when celestial objects bound to it by (30) . These objects are
you were fully grown! the eight planets, their 166 known moons, five dwarf
planets, and billion of small bodies. The small bodies
18. a. animal b. bear c. tiger d. baby bear include asteroids, icy Kuiper belt objects, comets,
meteoroids, and interplanetary dust.
19. a. brother b. father c. mother d. sister The (31) component of the solar System is the
Sun, a main sequence G2 star that contains 99.86 percent
20. a. live b. survive c. grow d. weigh of the systems known mass and dominates it
gravitationally. Jupiter and Saturn, the Suns two largest
orbiting bodies, account for more than 90 percent of the
Complete the text to answer questions 21 to 23. systems remaining mass.
Most large objects in orbit around the Sun lie
A rainforest, very dense forest usually (21) in near the plane of Earths orbit as the ecliptic (32)
tropical areas. These forests have warm climates. comets and Kuiper belt objects are usually at significantly
Rainforests also receive a high (22) of rainfall. A greater angles to it. All of the planets and most other
special trait fo these forests in the large amount of plants objects also (33) with the Suns rotation (counter
and animals living in (23). clockwise, as viewed from above the Suns north pole).
There are exceptions, such as Halleys Comet.
21. a. destroyed b. water c. planted d. found
30. a. pressure b. rotation c. gravity d. shine
22. a. man b. number c. amount d. much 31. a. strong b. effective c. important d. principal
32. a. until b. since c. while d. because
23. a. it b. them c. her d. ours 33. a. fly b. orbit c. cruise d. change