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10th ICSE Commerce Test Chapter 14,15


A. Answer the following questions in brief (Each question is worth 2


1. Distinguish between strike and lock-out.

2. What is adjudication?
3. Define the term Social Security
4. Why is Gratuity given by an employer to an employee?
5. What is a provident fund.
6. State two disadvantages of water transport.
7. What is warehousing?
8. What is a bonded warehouse?
9. List two points of difference between private and public warehouse.
10.Mention any two documents used in warehousing.

B. Answer the following questions in detail (Each question is worth 5 marks):

1. Discuss the causes of poor industrial relations in India

2. Explain the benefits provided by employers to employees under the:
a. Employees State Insutance Act
b. The Maternity Benefit Act
3. Describe the role of Trade Unions in business concerns.
4. Explain the significance of transportation.
5. What are the factors that a businessman should keep in mind while selecting a suitable
mode of transport.
6. Warehousing is essential in modern business. Discuss.