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cibercultura, comunicao digital,

metodologias de pesquisa online

Fakes no Twitter e apropriaes identitrias:

contribuies metodolgicas para a coleta e anlise Mtodos de Pesquisa para Internet (2011)
de perfis

Pesquisa em Cibercultura e Internet: Estudo

Intercom Sul 2010: perspectivas da pesquisa em
exploratrio comparativo da produo cientfica da
comunicao digital
rea no Brasil e nos Estados Unidos

Netnografia como aporte metodolgico da pesquisa estudos sobre blogs e comunicao
em comunicao digital (2009)

Visibilidade e reputao nos sites de redes sociais. A Netnografia e Anlise de Redes Sociais: aplicaes
influncia dos dados quantitativos na construo da metodolgicas em estudos sobre incluso social em
popularidade a partir da percepo dos usurios redes temticas na Web

Fandoms, Trending Topics and Social Capital in Entrevista: Comunicao, blogs e internet

networks, modelagem,
sistemas complexos

Modeling and Predicting Popularity Dynamics via Linked: The New Science of Networks (2002)
Reinforced Poisson Processes

Constructing minimal models for complex system Bursts: The Hidden Pattern Behind Everything We Do
dynamics (2010)

Scaling identity connects human mobility and social

Network Science (2016)

Diameter of the World-Wide Web Workshop: Web Science Meets Network Science

Dynamics of Ranking Processes in Complex Systems Apresentao: What you can do today, you will do
tomorrow, too

cibercultura, comunicao,
novas tecnologias

Blogs e seus gneros: avaliao estatstica de 50

blogs em lngua portuguesa Interaes em Rede (2013)

The post as an utterance: Analysis of themes,

compositional forms and styles in blog genre studies Interao Mediada por Computador (2011)

De narcisismo, celebridades, celetoides e Industrializao da amizade e a economia do curtir:

subcelebridades: o caso Tesslia e sua personagem estratgias de monetizao em sites de redes sociais

A cobertura e o debate pblico sobre os casos Interaes mediadas e remediadas: controvrsias

Madeleine e Isabella: encadeamento miditico de entre as utopias da cibercultura e a grande indstria
blogs, Twitter e mdia massiva miditica

O que h de social nas mdias sociais? Reflexes a

Entrevista: Discutindo as mdias sociais
partir da Teoria Ator-Rede

data-mining, privacidade,
discurso de dio online

Networked privacy: How teenagers negotiate context Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in
in social media the Social Media Age (2013)

Its just drama: teen perspectives on conflict and Ethnographic and Qualitative Research on Twitter
aggression in a networked era

The appropriation of privacy: Policies and practices

Gender, Sexuality and Social Media
of everyday technology use

'Im a Lot More Interesting than a Friendster Profile':

Identity Presentation, Authenticity and Power in Entrevista: Alice Marwick on Identity
Social Networking Services

Instafame: Luxury Selfies in the Attention Economy Palestra: Bridges to the Future: Privacy and Publicity
in the Social Media Age

comunicao, social analytics,

marketing digital

The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Getting a Foothold in Social Media: A Get-Started
Faster, Smarter and More Social (2011) Guide For Small and Medium Businesses

Bringing social inside The Future of Social Data: Social Intelligence

Social Media from the Inside Out Build A Better Listening Organization

Palestra: The Social Business Professional -- How

The Smart Marketer's Guide to social media
Today's Marketers Can Ignite Massive Organizational

Adapting to the new normal: the evolution of social Palestra: The Future of Analytics: Social Data and
media and what success looks like Beyond

marketing digital, CRM,

inteligncia competitiva

Fall and redemption: Monitoring and engaging in Management Research Applying the Principles
social media conversations during a crisis (2014)

Ontology-Based Interpretation and Validation of

Emerging segmentation practices in the age of the
Mined Knowledge: Normative and Cognitive Factors
social customer
in Data Mining

We (dont) know how you feel a comparative

study of automated vs. manual analysis of social Studying sentiment on Twitter is complicated
media conversations

Customer service 140 characters at a time: The users'

Three questions to define the market

Carnivalesque collaborations: reflections on doing Vdeo-aula: Using social media to enhance your
multi-disciplinary research research profile

social networks, serendipity,

capital social digital

Collaborating, Connecting, and Clustering in the

Technology and Society: Social Networks, Power, and
Humanities A Case Study of Networked Scholarship in an
Inequality (2015)
Interdisciplinary, Dispersed Team

Reconnecting the user with their profile: Advances in

Persistence and change in social media: A framework
the research of online user behaviours in social
of social practice
network sites

Networks of digital humanities scholars: The

Palestra: How We Encounter Information and
informational and social uses and gratifications of
People in Digital Environments

Digital curation and the networked audience of urban Palestra: Digital Environments for the Humanities
events: Expanding La Fiesta de Santo Toms from the
physical to the virtual environment

A Workers Inquiry 2.0: An Ethnographic Method for the Aula: Social Network Analysis - Examining
Study of Produsage in Social Media Contexts Community Level Effect

comunidades online, text analysis, social

network analysis

A Noun Phrase Analysis Tool for Mining Online

Geography of Twitter Networks
Community Conversations

Talking to Twitter users: Motivations behind Twitter Exploring Virtual Communities with the Internet
use on the Alberta oil sands and the Northern Community Text Analyzer (ICTA)
Gateway Pipeline

Information Wars and Online Activism During the

Palestra: Automated Analysis of Information and
2013/2014 Crisis in Ukraine: Examining the Social
Social Networks from Social Media Data
Structures of Pro- and Anti-Maidan Groups

Navigating an imagined Middleearth: Finding and

analyzing textbased and filmbased mental images of Aula: Social Media Data Analytics & Network
Middleearth through online fan Discovery Tutorial

Investigating Political Polarization on Twitter: A Netlytic social media text and social networks
Canadian Perspective analyzer

cibercultura, mdias locativas,


Do Paradigma ao Cosmograma: Sete Contribuies A comunicao das coisas: teoria ator-rede e

da Teoria Ator-Rede para a Pesquisa em cibercultura (2013)

Things (and People) are the Tools of the Revolution Cibercultura: tecnologia e Vida Social na Cultura
Contempornea (2002)

Sobre cyborgs, cartografia e cidades: algumas O Futuro da Internet: em direo a uma

reflexes sobre teoria ator-rede e cibercultura ciberdemocracia planetria (2010)

Ciberespao e Tecnologias Mveis: processos de

Territorializao e Desterritorializao na Resposta: O que cibercultura?

Entrevista: Andr Lemos discute internet,

Espao, mdia locativa e teoria ator-rede
cibercultura e sociabilidade

pesquisa em mdias sociais,

metodologia, dados qualitativos

A Tale of Two Surveys: How using real words instead

The Listen Lady (2011) of mumbo jumbo affects survey data quality

The Perfect Methodology (No, not yours) 9 Tips for Writing Great Numeric Questions

24 Questions to help buyers of Social Media How to Sample the Right Percentages of People in
Research your Study

How to seamlessly integrate data quality measures Vdeo-aula: An Introduction to Social Media
into your questionnaire Research

Blasting 10 Big Data Myths with 10 Panel Data Entrevista: Social Media Research

media studies, produsage,

online communities

Compulsory Voting, Encouraged Tweeting? Australian

Twitter and Society (2013)
Elections and Social Media

Towards a Typology of Hashtag Publics: A Large-Scale Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From
Comparative Study of User Engagement across Production to Produsage (2008)
Trending Topics

Social Media Audience Metrics as a New Form of TV

Uses of Blogs (2006)
Audience Measurement

Easy Data, Hard Data: The politics and pragmatics of Layers of Communication: Forms of Talk on Twitter
Twitter research after the computational turn

Methodological Innovation in Precarious Spaces: The Apresentao: QUT Creative Industries - Social Media
Case of Twitter Research

social networks, conectividade,

sociologia digital

Networked - The New Social Operating System

Social Network Analysis: An Introduction

Neighboring in Netville: How the Internet Supports

Community and Social Capital in a Wired Suburb The Internet in Everyday Life (2002)

How does the Internet Affect Social Capital Network Analysis: Some Basic Principles

Social Connectivity in America: Changes in Adult Does the Internet Increase, Decrease, or Supplement
Friendship Network Size From 2002 to 2007 Social Capital?

Palestra: Networked Individualism - How the Personalized

Imagining Twitter as an Imagined Community Internet, Ubiquitous Connectivity, and Social Networking
Affect Interpersonal Relations

consumo, publicidade,

Funk e McDonalds: Consumidores e Disputas Dinmicas identitrias em sites de redes sociais:

Simblicas de Valor a Partir da Campanha Novinhos estudo com participantes de cenas de msica
Cheddar eletrnica no Facebook (2014)

Conversaes em Rede em um Mercado Inteligente Trminos de relacionamento e Facebook: desafios da

Consideraes acerca de estudos de casos de aes pesquisa etnogrfica em sites de redes sociais
de marketing na web

A cauda longa da propaganda na TV digital: anlise dos Entretenimento como linguagem e materialidades
efeitos do direcionamento das mensagens publicitrias dos meios nas relaes de jovens e tecnologias
televisivas para agncias e emissoras contemporneas

Etnografia Virtual, Netnografia ou Apenas Reflexo sobre as ferramentas digitais: novas

Etnografia? Implicaes dos Termos em Pesquisas linguagens publicitrias
Qualitativas na Internet

Personas no Facebook e consumo da afiliao:

Entrevista: Consumo - prtica social coletiva, mesmo
percepes sobre (des)encaixes entre selves on e
quando feito de forma individual

software, algoritmos,
anlise de dados

Studying Facebook via data extraction: the Netvizz Analyzing Social Media with Digital Methods -
application Possibilities, Requirements, and Limitations

Mining one percent of Twitter: collections, baselines, Interactive visualization and exploration of network
sampling data with gephi

What is in PageRank? A Historical and Conceptual

Vdeo-aula: Combine and Analyze Co-Hashtag
Investigation of a Recursive Status Index
Networks (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) with Gephi

The refraction chamber: Twitter as sphere and

Vdeo-aula: Introduction to Netvizz 1.2+

Networked Control. Search Engines and the Netvizz, Instagram Hashtag Explorer, YouTube Data
Symmetry of Confidence Tools

metodologia, social networks, anlise


Collecting Social Network Data to Study Social Activity- Real name sites are necessarily inadequate for free
Travel Behavior: An Egocentric Approach speech

Facebook as a data capture site: Techniques, Traps,

Analysing Social Networks Via the Internet
Terms & Conditions

The Presentation of Self in the Age of Social Media: A survey of Facebook as a research site: From
Distinguishing Performances and Exhibitions Online personal networks to the world's social graph and
(something) in between

First-Generation Students and College: The Role of Apresentao: Online Social Networks and Everyday
Facebook Networks as Information Sources Life

Assessing structural correlates to social capital in Entrevista: The Future of Network Science
Facebook ego networks

relaes pblicas, gesto estratgica,

comunicao organizacional

A comunicao organizacional em tempos de redes Mdias Sociais... e agora? (2012)

sociais online e de usurios-mdia

Usurio-mdia e prticas de consumo no contexto da Blogs corporativos: modismo ou tendncia?

recepo em comunicao digital (2012)

Mdias sociais e pblico interno: o uso das redes Comunicao organizacional em tempos de mdias
sociais online de maneira informal sociais

Usurio-Mdia: o quinto poder. Um estudo sobre as

influncias do internauta na comunicao Usurio-mdia: o curador das mdias sociais?
Grandes corporaes nas redes sociais on-line: Um Entrevista: Usurio-Mdia - A relao entre a
estudo sobre a presena das organizaes nas mdias comunicao organizacional e o contedo gerado
sociais pelo internauta nas mdias sociais


e-learning, online networks,

social network analysis

Social Network Analysis: An Approach and Technique

for the Study of Information Exchange The Handbook of E-Learning Research (2016)

Social Networks and Learning Networks: Using social Learning, Culture and Community in Online
network perspectives to understand social learning Education: Research and Practice (2004)

Automated Discovery and Analysis of Social

The Internet in Everyday Life (2002)
Networks from Threaded Discussions

A Noun Phrase Analysis Tool for Mining Online Palestra: New metaphors for networked learning
Community Conversations

Introduction to the Special Issue on Learning Workshop: Networked Learning Practices

University of Surrey

etnografia virtual, pesquisa online,

sociologia digital

Towards ethnography of television on the internet: Digital Methods for Social Science: An
A mobile strategy for exploring mundane Interdisciplinary Guide to Research Innovation
interpretive activities (2015)

Databases as Scientific Instruments and Their Role in Ethnography for the Internet: Embedded, Embodied
the Ordering of Scientific Work and Everyday (2015)

Internet Research and the Sociology of Cyber-Social-

Scientific Knowledge Virtual Research Methods (2013)

Social Research Methods and the Internet: A

Virtual Ethnography (2000)
Thematic Review

Connective Ethnography for the Exploration of e- Overview: virtual ethnography: modes, varieties,
Science affordances

data visualization, text mining, network


Umigon: sentiment analysis for tweets based on Aula: What is big data?
lexicons and heuristics

Twitter for Research Handbook 2015, 2016 Aula: What are APIs?

Sloppy data floods or precise social science

methodologies? Dilemmas in the transition to data Aula: Open data for business
intensive research in sociology and economics

Data visualization for business Aula: Data Visualization for Business

Vdeo-aula: Find structure in your network with

7 building blocks to create value from data "Gaze"

reputao, estratgia,
relaes pblicas

Qu contenidos publican las empresas en los

Reputacin 2.0: una introduccin
medios sociales?

Web 2.0: the origin of the word that has changed the Crisis de reputacin digital (Nestl) o cmo
way we understand public relations aprovechar la Web 2.0 como medio de denuncia

Nuevas narrativas digitales. Aplicaciones en

relaciones pblicas, periodismo y marca personal Radiografa de las relaciones pblicas: la
(2015) importancia de la estrategia y la medicin

Entrevista: Dilogos con Cristina Aced, Periodista y

Relaciones pblicas 2.1: Reflexiones sobre
consultora en comunicacin corporativa
comunicacin corporativa en Internet (2014)

#CarnavalRRPP influencers y autoridad en medios Palestra: Magali Bentez y Cristina Aced en EOI
sociales (2014) (Madrid) sobre Visibilidad

influenciadores, celebridades,
social commerce

Visibility labour: Engaging with Influencers' fashion

Please subscribe!: influencers, social media, and the
brands and #OOTD advertorial campaigns on
commodification of everyday life

Introduction to the Social Media + Society Special Influencers Tell All? Unravelling Authenticity and
Issue on Selfies: Me-diated Inter-faces Credibility in a Brand Scandal

The Influencers dilemma: The shaping of new brand

#In$tagLam: Instagram as a repository of taste, a
professions between credibility and commerce
brimming marketplace, a war of eyeballs

Commercialism, audience intimacy and brand Vote for my selfie: Politician selfies as charismatic
credibility in fashion blogging engagement

Cya IRL: Researching digital communities online and Aula: Vigilante Trolling and Contentious Humour As
offline Activism

mdias sociais, cultura juvenil,

privacidade digital

Social Network Sites: Denition, History, and Participatory Culture in a Networked Era (2015)

Critical Questions for Big Data: Provocations for a It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked
Cultural, Technological, and Scholarly Phenomenon Teens (2014)

Making Sense of Teen Life: Strategies for Capturing

Sociality through Social Network Sites
Ethnographic Data in a Networked Era

The Arab Spring | The Revolutions Were Tweeted:

Information Flows during the 2011 Tunisian and Palestra: Privacy Challenges for Big Data
Egyptian Revolutions

Tweet, Tweet, Retweet: Conversational Aspects of Palestra: Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The
Retweeting on Twitter Flow of Information through Social Media

consumo, relacionamento, antropologia


Polymedia: Towards a new theory of digital media in

interpersonal communication Social networking sites

What is the relationship between identities that

people construct, express and consume online and The digital and the human
those offline?

Migration and New Media: Transnational Families Whats our conclusion? Introducing scalable
and Polymedia (2012) sociality

Digital Anthropology (2012) Surveying Social Relationships

Tales from Facebook (2011) Palestra: Why We Post

geografia virtual, anlise de dados,

cincia da computao

Working with Friends: Unveiling Working Affinity Cultural dimensions in Twitter: time, individualism
Features from Facebook Data and power

Chatty maps: constructing sound maps of urban areas

Our Twitter Profiles, Our Selves
from social media data

Dont Worry, Be Happy: The Geography of Happiness Like Partying? Your Face Says It All. Predicting Place
on Facebook AMBIANCE From Profile Pictures

Reading Tweeting Minds: Real-time Analysis of Short The Social World of Twitter: Topics, Geography, and
Text for Computational Social Science Emotions

TweetLDA: Supervised Topic Classification and Link Palestra: Daily habits of networked individuals in
Prediction in Twitter 2020

planejamento, estratgia,
real time marketing

O carnaval no foi preo para o Oscar 2014: segunda Planejamento em tempo real: contexto, propsito e
tela ganha espao nas estratgias de transmisses de timing

Votao do Marco Civil da Internet: cobertura

monossilbica do telejornalismo e profuso de A Copa foi mais legal no Twitter
teorias nas redes sociais digitais

A produo de sentido na convergncia entre Anlise de mtricas e relatrios para guiar e repensar
televiso e segunda tela (2014) planejamentos digitais

Do live marketing comunicao estratgica de Do Real Time Marketing comunicao estratgica

micro-momentos de contexto

Planejamento: a cincia de transformar dados em Webinar: Planejamento Digital


sociologia digital, new media, poltica de


Social network(ing) sitesrevisiting the story so far: A

Metric Power (2016)
response to danah boyd & Nicole Ellison

Sociology and, of and in Web 2.0: Some Initial Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of
Considerations Circulation (2013)

Using Social Media Data Aggregators to Do Social

New Media: The Key Concepts (2008)

Popular Culture, Digital Archives and the New Social

The sociological imagination as popular culture
Life of Data

Power through the algorithm? Participatory web

How should we do the history of Big Data?
cultures and the technological unconscious

etnografia digital, cultura em rede,

mtodos de pesquisa

O que pesquisa etnogrfica? Etnografia para Mdias Sociais

Etnografia x Etnografia Digital Tcnicas Etnogrficas

Etnografia para Entender Culturas na Era da Anlise de vdeos por matrizes discursivas

Quais tipos de grupos eu posso estudar com Redes sociais como fonte de pesquisa em Cincia
etnografia em mdias sociais? Poltica

Etnografia no Segundo e no Terceiro Setor Apresentao: O que etnografia?


privacidade, medicina,
sociologia digital

Digital Sociology: Beyond the Digital to the

Digital Sociology (2015)

Toward a manifesto for the public understanding of

The emergence of digital sociology
big data

Feeling Better Connected: Academics Use of Social Swimming or drowning in the data ocean? Thoughts
Media on the metaphors of big data

Data gone wild? The quantified self assemblage,

Digital Sociology: An Introduction
technologies of the self and the value of data

Big Data & Society: Noortje Marres entrevista

Introducing Digital Sociology Deborah Lupton

anlise de dados, network analysis,

comunicao poltica

The Measure of a Movement: Quantifying Black Lives Opening Closed Regimes: What Was the Role of
Matters Social Media Power Social Media During the Arab Spring?

Of Big Birds and Bayonets: Hybrid Twitter On the cutting edge of Big Data: Digital politics
Interactivity in the 2012 Presidential Debates research in the social computing literature

Online Fragmentation in Wartime: A Longitudinal

The MENA protests on Twitter: Some empirical data
Network Analysis of Tweets About Syria, 2011-2013

On the Interpretation of Digital Trace Data in Spreadsheet converts tweets for social network
Communication and Social Computing Research analysis in Gephi

Analyzing online political discussion using three models of

democratic communication TSM - Twitter Subgraph Manipulator

big data, anlise de dados,

mtodos de pesquisa

Big Data solutions on a small scale: Evaluating Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age
accessible high-performance computing for social (2013)

Comparing Print Coverage and Tweets in Elections: a Emergent Digital Ethnographic Methods for Social
Case Study of the 2011-2012 US Republican Research

Bots and Political Influence: A Sociotechnical Evaluation and Development of Data Mining Tools for
Investigation of Social Network Capital Online Social Networks

Do We Tweet Differently From Our Mobile Devices? The ontology of tweets: Mixed methods approaches
A Study of Language Differences on Mobile and Web- to the study of Twitter
Based Twitter Platforms

Twitter and elections: are tweets, predictive, Big Data & Society: Anatoliy Gruzd entrevista Dhiraj
reactive, or a form of buzz? Murthy


ativismo, cidadania,
comunicao poltica

The multiple facets of Influence: Identifying political Identifying opinion leaders: influence, twitter, and
influentials and opinion leaders on Twitter canadian politics

Trace Interviews: An actor-centered approach How the party leaders use twitter: digital diplomacy
and e-democracy

A New Privacy Paradox: Young People and Privacy on #NSpoli, partisans patting themselves on the back?
Social Network Sites

Keeping Ottawa HonestOne Tweet at a Time?

Politicians, Journalists, Wikipedians, and Their Trace Interviews Step-By-Step
Twitter Bots

Empowering Citizens of the Internet Age: The Role of Apresentao: Media, Voters, and Influence: Which
a Fifth Estate Twitter Users Matter?

comunicao, jornalismo digital,

estratgia organizacional

A Comunicao Digital nas organizaes: tendncias Visibilidade e consumo da informao nas redes
e transformaes sociais (2016)

A gesto da comunicao organizacional na Tendncias em Comunicao Digital (2016) - Digital

sociedade digitalizada: existem modelos em tempos Humanities: tendncia para a comunicao na
de mdias sociais? contemporaneidade

Comunicao digital: uma questo de estratgia e Curadoria Digital e o Campo da Comunicao

de relacionamento com pblicos (2012)

Ecosistemas Midiaticos na Comunicao Organizacional: Estratgias de contedo para os meios digitais:

um olhar da imprensa sobre a presena das empresas ciclos de reconfigurao e rumos para um novo
nas mdias sociais digitais perodo

Comunicao organizacional na era digital: Palestra: Comunicao Digital nas Empresas - 10

contextos, percursos e possibilidades anos de erros e acertos

sociologia, big data,

prticas governamentais

Big data: Issues for an international political sociology

Being Digital Citizens (2015)
of the datafication of worlds

Reassembling Social Science Methods: the challenge

A baroque sensibility for Big Data visualisations
of digital devices

On Doing Words with Things: Citizens, Claims and Doing the Transparent State: open government data
Digital Acts as performance indicators

Introduction: The Social Life of Methods - Devices Aula: Reflections on Big Data & Society: visualising an
emerging field

Who Owns Big Data Apresentao: How to do Sociology with... Data


cincia de dados, poltica,

anlises de redes sociais

Monitoramento, vazamentos e anonimato nas A internet e a rua: ciberativismo e mobilizao nas

revolues democrticas das redes sociais da redes sociais (2013)

Narrativas no Twitter: o fenmeno no Brasil e as suas Mobilizao nas Redes Sociais: a narratividade do
implicaes na produo da verdade #15M e a democracia na cibercultura

Um mtodo perspectivista de anlise de redes A Batalha do Vinagre: por que o #protestoSP no

sociais: cartografando topologias e temporalidades teve uma, mas muitas hashtags
em rede

Literatura, Twitter e Facebook: a economia dos likes NAR, um script para analisar a semntica e a
e do RTS dos usurios-fs de literatura brasileira nas movimentao interativa nas fanpages do Facebook
redes sociais

A Research Design for the Analysis of the Introduo Teoria dos Grafos e Anlise de Redes
Contemporary Social Movements Sociais

big data, cidadania,


A critical reflection on Big Data: considering APIs, Twitpic-ing the riots: analysing images shared on
researchers and tools as data makers Twitter during the 2011 UK riots

Reading the riots on Twitter: methodological Picturing the Social: Analysing Social Media Images
innovation for the analysis of big data

Chatting through Pictures? A Classification of Images Researching Social Media - Big Data and Social Media
Tweeted in one week in the UK and USA Analysis

Performing citizenship on YouTube: activism, satire

Twitter analytics: some thoughts on sampling, tools,
and online debate around the anti-Islam video Fitna
data, ethics and user requirements

Twitter as a reporting tool for breaking news Palestra: The many unseen terrains of Big Data


vigilncia, subjetividade,
tecnologias de comunicao

QUANTIFIED SELVES: contar, monitorar e conhecer a Mquinas de ver, modos de ser: vigilncia,
si mesmo atravs dos nmeros tecnologia, subjetividade (2013)

Monitoramento, classificao e controle nos Vigilncia e Visibilidade: espao, tecnologia e

dispositivos de vigilncia digital identificao (2010)

Big data: reconstruo e disputa por novos Surveillance and participation on Web 2.0
significados de privacidade

Mapas de crime: vigilncia distribuda e participao Oficina Grafos de Redes Sociais: Introduo
na cibercultura YourTwapperkeeper, RStudio e Gephi

Rastros digitais sob a perspectiva da teoria ator-rede Palestra: Tcnicas e estticas da vigilncia - corpo,
imagem e mquina

dados, interfaces,

Parallel Tag Clouds to Explore and Analyze Faceted Tag Clouds and the Case for Vernacular Visualization
Text Corpora

Newsgroup Crowds and AuthorLines: Visualizing the

What happens when just about anyone has access to
Activity of Individuals in Conversational Cyberspaces
sophisticated visualization tools?

Visualizing Email Content: Portraying Relationships Palestra: Visualization Culture - Data Literacy for the
from Conversational Histories Rest of Us

Studying Cooperation and Conflict between Authors TEDx: Visualizao de dados

with history flow Visualizations

Visualizing Conversation Palestra: Visualizao de dados para todos


viral, influncia social,

anlise de dados

Understanding the Dynamics of Viral Videos for

The Future of Social Media Research

The iconic image on social media: a rapid research Heavy, messy, misleading. Why Big Data is a human
response to the death of Aylan Kurdi problem, not a technology one

How stuff spreads - Gangnam Style vs. Harlem Shake: From Data to Insights: how to build accurate
An anatomy of two memes customer insights from online conversations

Why Facebook Topic Data is a game-changer for the Understanding influence in social media
marketing and research industries

SnapChart: How a single image changed the debate TEDx: Journey of an image - social media & how
on immigration #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik ideas spread

monitoramento, mtricas,

Mdias Sociais para Jornalistas: Um guia para fazer e Efeito Halo em B.I. e monitoramento: um perigo para
divulgar jornalismo nas Novas Mdias as anlises

Influenciadores Sobre a API do Facebook e o seu Topic Data

O papel das mdias sociais em pesquisas de mercado


Monitoramento e mensurao de crises em redes Mapeando comportamentos do pblico em mdias

sociais sociais para estratgias de negcio

Monitoramento e mtricas de mdias sociais: viso Monitoramento em mdias sociais: uma viso
geral diferente

jornalismo, mdias sociais,

anlise de redes sociais

Em busca das redes que importam: redes sociais e

Anlise de Redes para Mdia Social (2015)
capital social no Twitter

Circulao e recirculao de narrativas do

Informaes Hiperlocais no Twitter: Produo
acontecimento no jornalismo em rede: a Copa do
colaborativa e mobilidade
Mundo de 2014 no Twitter (2014)

Sites de Rede Social e Economia da Ateno:

Twitter in Political Campaigns: The Brazilian 2014
Circulao e Consumo de Informaes no Facebook e
Presidential Election
no Twitter

How Does Social Capital Affect Retweets? Nmero de seguidores e influncia no Twitter

Redes sociais digitais como espao para relaes

Hashtags Functions in the Protests Across Brazil interpessoais e para a circulao de informaes

data mining, mdias digitais,

data visualisation

Knowing your publics: the use of social media Post, Mine, Repeat: Social Media Data Mining
analytics in local government Becomes Ordinary (2016)

Known or knowing publics? Social media data mining Is Data Culture? Data analytics and the cultural
and the question of public agency industries

Balancing the potential and problems of digital data

through action research: methodological reflections

Visualising junk: the gendered derision of a data


On fairness: user perspectives on social media data


governo digital, cincia de dados,

participao poltica

Mapping the UK webspace: fifteen years of british Political Turbulence How Social Media Shape
universities on the web Collective Action (2015)

How many people does it take to change a petition?

The Tools of Government in the Digital Age: Second
Experiments to investigate the impact of on-line social
information on collective action Edition (2007)

The second wave of digital-era governance: a quasi-

Aula: The Data Science of Politics
paradigm for government on the Web

Investigating Political Participation and Social

Palestra: Digital Governments and Digital Citizens
Information Using Big Data and a Natural Experiment

Social information and political participation on the

Palestra: Governance in the Digital Era
internet: an experiment

mtodos, tica,
pesquisa qualitativa

Doing Qualitative Research Online (2016) Visual Methods in Online Interviews

Qualitative Online Interviews: Strategies, Design and New Social Media, New Social Science... and New
Skills (2015) Ethical Issues!

How to Develop Research Skills of Learners in Online

Cases in Online Interview Research (2012)

Using Social Media in Data Collection: Designing

Vdeo-aula: Qualitative Methods in Social Media
Studies with the Qualitative E-Research Framework

Conducting mixed and multimethod research online Webinar: Getting Started - Online Qualitative
Research Design Basics


mdias sociais, technicity,

mtodos digitais

15 de Maro: "O Brasil foi pra rua - De novo!". Estudo Facebook Page Like Network: using attributes and
dos protestos nas redes sociais metrics

Estudos no Facebook em Portugal: Reviso

Cookies Policy and Social Media
Sistemtica dos Mtodos de Investigao

Visualising and Measuring Interactivity in Social Social Media Technicity: What to Look for in the
Media: Brazilians 2013 protests on Facebook APIs?

Social Media Research: new methods, challenges and Plataformas de redes sociais: Extrao e Anlise de
oportunities Dados

Mtodos digitais nas Redes Sociais. Um estudo Social Media Technicity: Affordances, Politics and
exploratrio no Facebook Digital Methods

mobile, digital,
mtodos de pesquisa

Domestic violence on #qanda: The Man question in

live Twitter discussion on the Australian Broadcasting Twitter and Society (2014)
Corporation's Q&A

Mapping sociocultural controversies across digital

Studying Mobile Media: Cultural Technologies,
media platforms: One week of #gamergate on
Mobile Communication, and the iPhone (2012)
Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr

#Ausvotes: how Twitter covered the 2010 Australian YouTube: online video and participatory culture
federal election (2009)

The Arab Spring and social media audiences: English Easy data, hard data: the politics and pragmatics of
and Arabic Twitter users and their networks Twitter research after the computational turn

From broadcast yourself to follow your interests: The use of Twitter hashtags in the formation of ad
making over social media hoc publics

privacidade, segurana,
social networks

Computing and applying trust in web-based social Introduction to Social Media Investigation: A Hands-
networks on Approach (2015)

Accuracy of metrics for inferring trust and reputation

in semantic web-based social networks Analyzing the Social Web (2013)

Linking Social Networks on the Web with FOAF: A Semantic Web Technologies for Terrorist Network
Semantic Web Case Study Analysis

Using Probabilistic Confidence Models for Trust TED: The curly fry conundrum - Why social media
Inference in Web-Based Social Networks "likes" say more than you might think

Twitter use by the US Congress TEDx: Social connections and human relations

estratgia, negcios,

A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation Data: Composition of a Corporate Social Media Team

Slides and Recording: Social Marketing Analytics Data: How the Advanced Corporations Spend on
Research Findings Social Business (A Glimpse Into the Future)

Palestra: Climb the Social Business Hierarchy of

Evolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening

Matrix: Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social


Internet Phases: Past, Present, and Future

mtricas, mensurao,
organizao estratgica

Social Media Metrics Secrets (2011) The Social Technology Spectrum

Social Marketing Analytics: A New Framework for

A Framework For Digital Analytics Process
Measuring Results in Social Media

Competing on Customer Experience in the Digital 10 Tips to Building a Social Measurement Framework

Social Marketing Analytics: A New Framework for

Beyond Surface-Level Social Media Measuring Results in Social Media

Entrevista: John Lovett no Marketing Optimization

Building A Culture Of Measurement

cultura, sociabilidade,
Interaes sociais digitais

The Increase of Experiences of the self through the Performances interacionais e mediaes
pratice of multiple virtual identities sociotcnicas (2015)

Compartilhamento de fotografias na web: reflexes a

partir da perspectiva do interacionismo simblico Prticas interacionais em rede (2013)

Uma proposta metodolgica para mensurao de

Capital Social em redes organizacionais no Twitter Mdias sociais: saberes e representaes (2012)

Tribunal do Facebook: um estudo sobre sistemas de

acusao nos sites de redes sociais

Ciberespao, comunicao mediada por computador e

ambincia social: notas sobre possveis intersees
Universiteit van Amsterdam

cultura digital, social media,

tecnologias miditicas

Users Like You: Theorizing Agency in User-Generated The Culture of Connectivity: a critical history of social
Content media (2013)

Rearticulating Audience Engagement: Social Media

Mediated Memories in the Digital Age (2007)
and Television

You have one identity: performing the self on Flickr: Photo Sharing Sites Between Collective and
Facebook and LinkedIn Connective Memory

Researching social media as if the social mattered

Palestra: Datafication, dataism and dataveillance

Facebook as a Tool for Producing Sociality and Aula: Social Media and the Culture of Connectivity

identidade, comunicao social,

design de interface

Digital Artifacts for Remembering and Storytelling:

The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online (2014)
PostHistory and Social Network Fragments

Anthropomorphic Visualization: A New Approach For

Aula: Algorithmic Likenesses: Design and Control of
Depicting Participants in Online Spaces
Data Portraits

Homophily in Online Dating: When Do You Like

Someone Like Yourself?

Public Displays of Connection

Signals in Social Supernets



mtodos de pesquisa, e-learning

pesquisa qualitativa

Social Media in Social Research: Blogs on Blurring the

Boundaries (2014) Social Media, Social Science and Research Ethics

From graph paper to digital research: our Framework

Reporting and Presenting Qualitative Data

Blurring the Boundaries? Ethical challenges in using

Writing up qualitative Research
social media for social science research

New frontiers? An update to Future challenges, take- Palestra: #NSMNSS (New social media, new social
down notices and social media research science?) One Year On

The ethics of social learning and working out loud Palestra: Knowledge Sharing: Sharing knowledge
across communities of practice

privacidade, tica,
dados digitais

Networks of Governance: Users, Platforms, and the

Beyond Generations and New Media
Challenges of Networked Media Regulation

Sharing News, Making Sense, Saying Thanks: Patterns

News To Me: Twitter and the Personal Networking of
of Talk on Twitter during the Queensland Floods

The limits of crisis data: analytical and ethical

challenges of using social and mobile data to The Hidden Biases in Big Data
understand disasters

Listening as Participation: Social Media and

Palestra: Big Data Gets Personal
Metaphors of Hearing Online

Following you: Disciplines of listening in social media Aula: Art of noise - Mobile Social Media and

relaes pblicas, mensurao,

comunicao digital

The Power of Research: How a Single Data Point

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to
Changed the New Hampshire Primary Conversation
Change the World (2013)

Measure What Matters: Online Tools For

Measuring Naked Conversations -- How to Measure
Understanding Customers, Social Media,
Social Media
Engagement, and Key Relationships (2011)

Measuring Public Relationships: The Data-Driven Palestra: Emerging Standards in Social Media
Communicator's Guide to Success (2007) Measurement

KDPaine's New Social Media Measurement Checklist Entrevista: Measuring Social Media

Relationships Are Everywhere: Are You Measuring Vdeo-aula: How To Manage and Measure a Crisis

comunidades online,
redes complexas, dinmicas em rede

Life in the network: the coming age of computational Network Dynamics: The World Wide Web (2001)
social science

Social Influence and the Diffusion of User-Created

Rating Friends Without Making Enemies

The Role of Social Networks in Information Diffusion

Aula: Why Social Network Analysis

The political blogosphere and the 2004 US election: Palestra: Expertise Sharing Dynamics in Online
divided they blog Forums

The Dynamics of Viral Marketing Workshop: Web Science Meets Network Science

machine learning, anlise de gnero,

lingustica de corpus

Paper-Based, Computer-Based, and Combined Data- Issues in the design and development of software
Driven Learning Using a Web-Based Concordancer tools for corpus studies: The case for collaboration

ProtAnt: A freeware tool for automated prototypical Corpus wars: Struggling to find new ways to analyze
text detection and teach vocabulary

Developing AntConc for a new generation of corpus

Tutorial: TagAnt - Getting started

The Language of Mathematics: A Corpus-based

Tutorial: AntConc 3.2.4 N-Grams Tool - Basic Features
Analysis of Research Article Writing in a Neglected

Dealing With Big Data Outside Of The Cloud: GPU

AntConc, AntPConc, AntWordProfiler, AntMover
Accelerated Sort

poltica, monitoramento,
novas tecnologias

The Social life of real-time social media monitoring 3 Ways Marketing Analytics Benefit Political

Trust, confidence, credibility: Citizen responses on

5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Social
Twitter to opinion polls during the 2010 UK general

Terrorism 3.0: Understanding Perceptions of

5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Global
Technology, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Spain

Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative

Entrevista: Media Intelligence, Nation and City
Meets Qualitative, and Software Meets People

Proving PR success in digital media


tecnologia, internet,
mtodos de pesquisa

Networked: The New Social Operating System (2012) Networked Privacy in the Age of Surveillance,
Sousveillance, Coveillance

The Structures of Twitter Crowds The nine tribes of the internet

Living Digital Trends in how people use the internet

TEDx: When Networked Individuals Roamed the

Networked Individuals in a Networked Posse

If Romeo and Juliet had mobile phones Palestra: The Next Digital Disruptions

estudos de software, big data,

data visualization

The Exceptional and the Everyday: 144 Hours in Kiev Data Drift: Archiving Media and Data Art in the 21st
Century (2015)

Trending: The promises and the challenges of big

social data Software Takes Command (2013)

The practice of everyday (media) life: from mass

consumption to mass cultural production? Software Culture (2010)

Zooming into an Instagram City: Reading the local

TEDx: Language of Tomorrow
through social media

What is Visualization Aula: Photography as Big Data


antropologia digital, open data, social

network analysis

PLEs from virtual ethnography of Web 2.0

Proposal to design a semantic agent for the

monitoring and display of online community

PLEs desde la etnografa virtual de la web social

E-exploration: modelo de observacin basado em

agentes de las interacciones sociales en
comunidades virtuales


research design, data collection,

quantitative methods

140 characters to victory?: Using Twitter to predict SAGE Handbook in Social Media Research Methods
the UK 2015 General Election (2016)

Crime sensing with big data: the affordances and

An end to the crisis of empirical sociology? Trends
limitations of using open source communications to
and challenges in social research
estimate crime patterns

Can't count or won't count? Embedding quantitative

Seminrio: Space-Time as a Sampling Condition for
methods in substantive sociology curricula: a quasi-
New Social Media Research

Who tweets? Deriving the demographic

Webinar: Methods in Action - Tackling the Tweet
characteristics of age, occupation and social class
from Twitter user meta-data

Using social media with survey data COSMOS


social network analysis,

sociologia, mtodos de pesquisa

Visualization Components for Persistent Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL:
Conversations Insights from a Connected World (2010)

Discussion catalysts in online political discussions:

Content importers and conversation starters Communities in Cyberspace (1999)

Analyzing (Social Media) Networks with NodeXL Social Network Analysis in HCI

Do You Know the Way to SNA?: A Process Model for

Seminrio: Charting Collections of Connections with
Analyzing and Visualizing Social Media Data
Maps and Measures

Distinguishing Knowledge vs Social Capital in Social

Media with Roles and Context NodeXL

monitoramento, comunicao,
conversaes online

A Representao de Si em Interaes Sociais Netnografia e Coolhunting: Identificando aspectos

Mediadas por Instant Messengers: O Caso WhatsApp comportamentais e tendncias nas mdias sociais

Jogos e o fluxo de capital simblico no Facebook: um

Digresso sobre a Anlise da Conversao em Sites
estudo dos casos Farmville e Bejeweled Blitz
de Redes Sociais

Monitoramento e Opinio - Comunicao Digital e

Mdias Sociais e Eleies 2010 Novas Mdias na Poltica e Campanhas Eleitorais

Mdias Sociais: Perspectivas, Tendncias e Reflexes Monitoramento de Marcas e Conversaes:

(2010) Softwares Brasileiros de Monitoramento Pleno

Breves comentrios sobre a anlise de conversaes Entrevista: Mtricas e Monitoramento nas mdias
em sites de Redes Sociais sociais

anlise de dados, poltica,

mtodos de pesquisa

Bridging semantic and social network analyses: the case

Vai pra Cuba!!! A Rede Antipetista na eleio de 2014
of the hashtag #precisamosfalarsobreaborto (we need to
talk about abortion) on Twitter

A Rede de Oposio Radical no Facebook: cartografia Com poltica no se brinca? As interaes dos
e apontamentos sobre os haters polticos usurios com a fan page da Prefeitura de Curitiba no

Coxinhas e petralhas: o fandom poltico como chave

de anlise da audincia criativa nas mdias sociais Abordagens da coleta de dados

Entre a guerrilha virtual e a polarizao das redes:

#Bolsonaro2018 a atuao dos fs e o fenmeno
apontamentos terico-metodolgicos sobre
do sequestro de agenda
marketing poltico-eleitoral no Facebook

Como utilizar o R para descobrir quem segue os

O ciberativismo no Brasil
polticos no Twitter

marketing, estratgia,
mtricas digitais

Marketing e Comunidades Digitais. Revista da ESPM:

Mensurao em Redes Sociais
do discurso ao dilogo

O pblico convergente: o uso da Internet entre os Mensurao de Influncia em Redes Sociais Digitais
jovens brasileiros

A sociedade da informao e o determinismo Comunicao e Mensurao em Mdias Sociais

tecnolgico: notas para um debate

Modus operandi digital: Reflexes sobre o impacto

Entrevista: O poder da opinio pblica digital e o
das mdias sociais nas empresas informativas
impacto nas empresas

Marketing Digital: da construo colaborao de Palestra: Anlise e Mensurao em Redes Sociais


jornalismo, novas tecnologias,

teoria das redes

Mtodos digitais e a memria acessada por APIs:

Comunicao Digital e Jornalismo de Insero (2016)
desenvolvimento de ferramenta para extrao de dados de
portais jornalsticos a partir da WayBack Machine

Conversando com uma API: um estudo exploratrio

Interatividade em TV Digital: um caso brasileiro de
sobre TV social a partir da relao entre o Twitter e a
difuso tecnolgica (2015)
programao da televiso

Pessoas Conectadas Podem Mudar o Mundo? Uma Comunicao, tecnologia e inovao: estudos
abordagem sistmica baseada na Teoria das Redes interdisciplinares de um campo em expanso (2013)
para a modelagem de aes coletivas

A tv digital e a narrativa reconfigurada o problema da O layer da mquina e a extrao de dados

linearidade no encontro do produtor de contedo com o estruturados: expandindo a efetividade das
espectador interativo ferramentas de anlise via automatizao

Indexabilidade imediata velocidade, participao e Palestra: Jornalism and the internet of things - Can
engajamento em redes digitais raw data change everything, again?

monitoramento, mtricas,
business Intelligence

Interao, Comunicao e Gesto do Conhecimento:

A influncia da campanha Obama nas eleies
reflexes sobre relacionamentos nas redes
brasileiras de 2010
corporativas online

Redes sociais corporativas: a possibilidade de

BI, Atendimento e Projetos: primeiros passos para
gerao de contedo pelo consumidor no ambiente
trabalhar de forma conectada e produtiva

Transformando informao e interao em

Monitoramento de Mdias Sociais alm da marca:
conhecimento: o desafio da gesto dos
mapeando temticas e mercado
relacionamentos corporativos na web

"Monitoramento de Mdias Sociais - Por onde eu

Gesto de Crises

Redes sociais corporativas: possibilidades de Como usar o monitoramento de mdias sociais nas
relacionamento e gesto de conhecimento web eleies 2012

mtricas, mensurao,
web analytics

Social Media Analytics: Effective Tools for Building, Evaluating Multinational Communications Using
Interpreting, and Using Metrics (2011) Social Media Monitoring

Social Influence Monitoring On a Shoestring (2010) Driving analytics insights with the next generation of
social monitoring platforms

Tracking Social Media ROI Viewing Spectrum Moving from Unstructured Data into Structured
Analytics Meanings and Data Stories

Social media monitoring and metrics: The definitive How To Monitor Sentiment And Benefit From The
introduction Insight This Offers

Palestra: What Works Best for a Social Analytics Platform

Social Media Monitoring needs Motifs and
Implementation: Choosing the Best Strategies, Platforms,
Relationships Technologies, and People

poltica, mtricas,
anlise de redes

Jovens e novas tecnologias: em busca de uma Anlise de Texto Os discursos dos Deputados na
democracia colaborativa sesso de votao do Impeachment

Monitoramento e Pesquisa em Mdias Sociais:

Analisando as Redes Sociais
Metodologias, aplicaes e inovaes (2016)

Anlise de Redes - exemplo de anlise de um debate

Anlises de Redes

Campanhas Eleitorais Poltica e democracia na era digital

Avaliao e Mensurao de Resultados na

Aprenda a instalar e a configurar o Gephi
Comunicao Digital


discurso, identidade,

Social media photography: construing subjectivity in

Researching Language and Social Media (2014)
Instagram images

Searchable talk: The linguistic functions of hashtags

in tweets about Schapelle Corby Discourse of Twitter and Social Media (2013)

enjoy your snags australia... oh and the voting thing too

Coffeetweets: Bonding around the bean on Twitter
#ausvotes #auspol: Iconisation and affiliation in
microblogging during election campaigns

If You Do It Too Then RT And Say #idoit2: The co-

Enacting identity in microblogging through ambient
patterning of contingency and evaluation in

Ambient affiliation: A linguistic perspective on Searchable audiences: The linguistic functions of

Twitter hashtags

netnografia, reputao,
pesquisa online

Infosociabilidad: monitorizacin e investigacin en la Conectados por redes sociales - introduccin al

web 2.0 para la toma de decisione anlisis de redes sociales y casos prcticos (2014)

Connecting the disconnected: social work and social

El consumidor social: Reputacion online y social
network analysis. A methodological approach to
media (2012)
identifying network peer leaders

Haciendo visible lo invisible: visualizacin de la

Netnografa: Investigacin, anlisis e intervencin
estructura de las relaciones en red en Twitter por
social online (2011)
medio del anlisis de redes sociales

Identifying the new Influencers in the Internet Era: Internet como mass media. Netnografa y reputacin
Social Media and Social Network Analysis online en los social media

Social work and netnography: The case of Spain and Netnografia: Internet como campo para la
generic drugs investigacin social y de marketing

computao social, interatividade,

cincia de dados

Whats in a Like? Attitudes and behaviors around

Three and a half degrees of separation
receiving Likes on Facebook

Social Networks and Labor Markets: How Strong Ties

Online or offline: Connecting with close friends
Relate to Job Finding On Facebook's Social Network
improves well-being

Quantifying the Invisible Audience in Social Networks Entrevista: 2010 Yahoo! Labs Key Scientific
Challenges Winner

Social Capital on Facebook: Differentiating Uses and


Modeling Self-Disclosure in Social Networking Sites


mdias sociais, sociabilidade,

comunidade online

Data not seen: The uses and shortcomings of social Personal Connections in the Digital Age, Second
media metrics Edition (2015)

Fans or friends?: Seeing social media audiences as Internet Inquiry: Conversations about Method (2010)
musicians do

Entrevista: Boston Media Theory - Media, new

Socially Mediated Publicness: An Introduction media, communication

The new shape of online community: The example of

Entrevista: Connecting in a Digital Age
Swedish independent music fandom

Social Media and the Struggle for Society


inteligncia, estratgia,
anlise de dados

Applying Intelligence and Analytics to Online First Things First: Listening to social media for
Statements awareness and understanding

How to Choose the Right Social Media Monitoring

Three Buckets of Social Media Data

Building Blocks of Social Media Analysis Getting Started with Social Media Monitoring

Intelligence and Analytics: Applying And Not Or

Why You Can't Measure Influence Thinking to Emerging Data Sources & Techniques

"Listen" means more than you may think Entrevista: Hidden Treasure in Ignored Data

capital social, facebook,

interaes online

Social capital, self-esteem, and use of online social Social Network Site Affordances and their
network sites: A longitudinal analysis Relationship to Social Capital Processes

Managing Impressions Online: Self-Presentation

Sociality through Social Network Sites
Processes in the Online Dating Environment

Self-Presentation in Online Personals: The Role of Palestra: The benefits of Facebook "Friends": The
Anticipated Future Interaction, Self-Disclosure, and social capital implications of Facebook-enabled
Perceived Success in Internet Dating communication practices

Separating Fact From Fiction: An Examination of Palestra: The Role of Social Media for Knowledge
Deceptive Self-Presentation in Online Dating Profiles Sharing and Collaboration in Distributed Teams

The Social Media Ecology: User Perceptions, Mesa redonda: The Allure of the Hive - Social
Strategies and Challenges Networking and Social Change
University of Warwick

mtodos digitais, teoria ator-rede,

anlise de controvrsias

The redistribution of methods: on intervention in Material Participation: Technology, the Environment

digital social research, broadly conceived and Everyday Publics (2012)

Interface methods: Renegotiating relations between

No issue, no public: democratic deficits after the
digital social research, STS and sociology
displacement of politics (2005)

Mapping Controversies with Social Media: The Case

Experiment the experiment in living
for Symmetry

Why Map Issues? On Controversy Analysis as a Digital The Birth of Social Media Methods

Scraping the Social? Issues in live social research

University of Manchester

sociologia, cincias sociais,

mtodos de pesquisa

An action oriented ethnography of interdisciplinary

Innovations in Digital Research Methods (2015)
social scientific work

A case study about how e-Infrastructure is used Developing the UK-based e-Social Science Research
within the Social Sciences Programme

The implications of disciplinary practices for

emerging modes of data sharing: a case study of Webinar: What is eResearch?
Biomedical researchers

Supporting Frame Analysis using Text Mining

Data mining for social scientists

University of Bath

mtodos cientficos, data analysis,

social media analytics

Debating poverty porn on Twitter: social media as a Chorus: Twitter Data Capture and Visual Analytics for
place for everyday socio-political talk Social Science

#notracist: Multi-hashtags and Ambient Race-Talk on

Doing Social Media Analytics

Have We Even Solved the First 'Big Data Challenge'?: Rapid Insight into Blood Glucose Monitor Issues
Practical Issues Concerning Data Collection and Visual
using Chorus Twitter Analytics
Representation for Social Media Analytics

User-Driven Data Capture: Locating and Analysing

Introductory Tutorial to Chorus: A Twitter Data
Twitter Conversation about Cystic Fibrosis Without
Collection and Analytics Suite for Social Science

Using Digital Data to Respecify the Quant/Qual

Chorus Project

redes sociais, poltica,

mtodos digitais

Contribuies da Anlise de Redes Sociais para o

estudo das redes sociais na Internet: o caso da Anlise de Redes para Mdia Social (2015)
hashtag #Tamojuntodilma e #CalaabocaDilma

Taking tweets to the streets: A spatial analysis of the

Vinegar Protests in Brazil Mtodos de pesquisa para internet (2011)

Mtricas de Centralidade e Conversaes em Redes

Sociais na Internet: Desvelando Estratgias nos Redes sociais na internet (2009)
Debates Presidenciais de 2014

O capital social em rede: como as redes sociais na

Twitter in Political Campaigns: The Brazilian 2014
internet esto gerando novas formas de capital social
Presidential Election

Jogos e Prticas Sociais no Facebook: Um estudo de

Hashtags Functions in the Protests Across Brazil
caso do Mafia Wars


marketing, inteligncia,
pesquisa de mercado

Big Data successes and limitations: What researchers

Winning the research revolution (2016)
and marketers need to know

The smarter researcher - 10 ways market researchers

Finding and Communicating the Story
can remain relevant (2015)

The Handbook of Mobile Market Research: Tools and Where next for insight, research, and communities?
Techniques for Market Researchers

The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research:

Tools and Techniques for Market Researchers (2010) Webinar: Learn how to find the story in the data

Insight Communities or Ad Hoc Surveys? Webinar: Ethnography 101


pesquisa online, web data,

mtodos digitais

A Platform for Visually Exploring the Development of

Digital Methods (2013)
Wikipedia Articles

Debanalizing Twitter: The Transformation of an Mapping Public Web Space with the Issuecrawler
Object of Study

Political Research in the Digital Age National Web Studies: The Case of Iran Online

Mapping and the Politics of Web Space Aula: Digital Methods Summary

Digital Methods for Web Research Issuecrawler


software, big data,

smart cities

What makes Big Data, Big Data? Exploring the The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data
ontological characteristics of 26 datasets Infrastructures and Their Consequences (2014)

Funding models for Open Access digital data

Smart cities and the politics of urban data

The opportunities, challenges and risks of big data The Real-Time City? Data-driven, networked
for official statistics urbanism and the production of smart cities

Towards Critical Data Studies: Charting and Entrevista: big data, open data and the data
Unpacking Data Assemblages and Their Work revolution

Apresentao: Big Data, New Epistemologies and

Small data in the era of big data
Paradigm Shifts

social informatics,
big data, e-science

Analysing how people orient to and spread rumours

in social media by looking at conversational threads Innovations in Digital Research Methods (2015)

Reading the riots on Twitter: methodological Virtual Research Environments in Scholarly Work and
innovation for the analysis of big data Communications

Big and broad social data and the sociological Research Data Management: Opportunities and
imagination: A collaborative response Challenges for HEIs

Tweeting the terror: modelling the social media TEDx: Digital Wildfires and the challenges of
reaction to the Woolwich terrorist attack governance in social media

Digital Wildfires: Propagation, Verification, Regulation, and Palestra: Civil Society and Data Linkage in the Age of
Responsible Innovation Big Data

cincia de redes, pesquisa online,

social network analysis

Mapping the U.S. Political Blogosphere: Are Web Social Science: Concepts, Data and Tools for
Conservative Bloggers More Prominent? Social Scientists in the Digital Age (2013)

Hyperlinks and networked communication: a

Social Network Analysis
comparative study of political parties online

Using Facebook as a Data Source and Platform for e-

Political homophily on the Web
Researching Social Networks

Network Formation in the Political Blogosphere. An

Palestra: Horses for Courses? Comparing
Application of Agent Based Simulation and e-
Webcrawlers for the Social Sciences
Research Tools

VOSON: A web services approach for facilitating research

VOSON System, SocialMediaLab
into online networks

netnografia, marketing,
pesquisa de mercado

The field behind the screen: Using the method of

netnography to research market-oriented virtual Netnography: Redefined (2015)

American Girl and the brand gestalt: Closing the loop Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research
on sociocultural branding research (2013)

The Wisdom of Consumer Crowds: Collective Netnography: Doing Ethnographic Research Online
Innovation in the Age of Networked Marketing (2009)

Management Netnography: Axiological and

Development and definition of observation methods
Methodological Developments in Online Cultural
in marketing research
Business Research

Videography in marketing and consumer research Qualitative inquiry in marketing and consumer


cibermetria, altmetria,
pesquisa cientfica

Monitoramento e Mtricas da Informao na Web Estudos mtricos da informao na web: atores,

Social: dispositivos, usurios e redes sociais aes e dispositivos informacionais (2015)

Aspectos terico-metodolgicos para anlise de 140 Caracteres de sabor e diverso: anlise de

campanhas eleitorais online no Twitter: do empresas do segmento turismo gastronmico de
mapeamento das redes s conversaes Macei no Twitter

Mdias sociais e comunicao cientfica: anlise

Blogosfera como rede social: anlise da
altmtrica em artigos de peridicos da cincia da
interatividade dos blogs de Alagoas

Marketing cientfico digital e mtricas alternativas

para peridicos: da visibilidade ao engajamento Informao e Tagging

Compartilhamento de vdeos sobre informao em

Estudos mtricos da informao na web e o papel dos sade: anlise da representatividade da dengue
profissionais da informao


narrativa, identidade,

The linguistics of self-branding and micro-celebrity in Researching the Language of Social Media (2014)
Twitter: The role of hashtags

Re-examining Narrativity: Small Stories in Status Stories and Social Media: Identities and Interaction
Updates (2012)

New Narratives: Stories and Storytelling in the Digital

Seriality and Storytelling in Social Media
Age (2011)

Saying Sorry: Corporate Apologies Posted to Twitter

Saying 'Sorry': Corporate Apologies in Twitter

Apresentao: The advantages of Facebook as a pre-

From Small Stories to Networked Narrative induction tool
Universidade Feevale

comunicao, cibercultura, marketing


Ciberativismo em sites de redes sociais: Uma anlise estudos sobre blogs e comunicao
da apropriao das pginas do Facebook pela (2009)

Performance e prticas de consumo online:

Reputao: monitoramento e mtricas
ciberativismo em sites de redes sociais

Monitoramento da imagem das organizaes e as Netnografia e Anlise de Redes Sociais: mtodos para
investigao de incluso social via socializao online de
ferramentas de busca de blogs
pessoas com necessidades especiais

Contedo Gerado pelo Consumidor: Reflexes sobre Fotos que fazem falar: desafios metodolgicos para
sua apropriao pela Comunicao Corporativa anlise de redes temticas em fotologs

Mapeamento Temtico da Histria da Cibercultura Painel: Cibercultura e pesquisas sobre blogs e

no Brasil conversaes online

etnogragia, antropologia,
mdias digitais

Going Forward Through the World: Thinking Digital ethnography: Principles and practices (2015)
Theoretically About First Person Perspective Digital

Tactile digital ethnography: Researching mobile

In the Net: ethnographic photography
media through the hand

Emplaced cartographies: reconceptualising camera Visual Ethnography and the Internet: Visuality,
phone practices in an age of locative media Virtuality and the Spatial Turn

Situating Digital Interventions: Mixed Methods for Digital visual anthropology: Potential and challenges
HCI Research in the Home

Social media ethnography: the digital researcher in a

Webinar: Rethinking Moving and the Image
messy web

mensurao, marketing,
estratgia digital

Cutting Edges: Listening-Led Marketing Science, Improving Sentiment: Adopt Four Missing
Media Strategies, and Organizations Measures and Use Root Cause Analysis

Lessons Learned from 197 Metrics, 150 Studies, and How to Gain Strategic Insight from Digital Metrics
12 Essays: A Field Guide to Digital Metrics

Digital Metrics Field Guide: The Definitive Reference You Listening to Me? People's Mindsets towards
for Brands Using the Web, Social Media, Mobile Collecting Conversations: A Preliminary Study
Media or Email (2015)

Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations Into

Entrevista: Advertising Research Foundation
Business Advantage (2011)

The Online Advertising Playbook: Proven Strategies

and Tested Tactics from the Advertising Research Entrevista: Marketing and Millennials
Foundation (2007)

software, coding,
text analytics

Rigor and flexibility in computer-based qualitative

research: Introducing the Coding Analysis Toolkit Five Pillars of Text Analytics

5 ways text analytics can enrich your research Collecting Twitter Data

Text Analytics for Social Data Using DiscoverText &

Collecting Facebook Data

Sifting Social Data: Word Sense Disambiguation Using

Machine Learning

Introducton to Text Analytics DiscoverText


pesquisa digital, big data,

business analytics

Social Data Intelligence: Integrating Social and Listening: Should you filter social data for profanity?
Enterprise Data for Competitive Advantage

Image Intelligence: Making Visual Content Predictive Defining Social Media Listening vs. Measurement

Data Everywhere: Lessons From Big Data in the Social Data for Social Good: Five Lessons from
Television Industry Academia

The Trust Imperative: A Framework for Ethical Data

TED: What do we do with all this big data?

Shiny Object or Digital Intelligence Hub? Evolution of

the Enterprise Social Media Command Center Palestra: Social Data Intelligence

psicologia, computao,
big data

Using big data to predict collective behavior in the Anticipating stock market movements with Google
real world and Wikipedia

Quantifying Regional Differences in the Length of

TEDx: Decoding our digital traces
Twitter Messages

Quantifying crowd size with mobile phone and Palestra: Quantifying human behaviour with Internet
Twitter data data

Searching Choices: Quantifying Decision-Making Palestra: Predicting and Measuring Human

Processes Using Search Engine Data Behaviour

Tracking Protests Using Geotagged Flickr


monitoramento, mtricas,
inteligncia digital

Pesquisa baseada em Dados Sociais Digitais:

Monitoramento e Pesquisa em Mdias Sociais:
mapeamento de ferramentas e tticas de coleta de
Metodologias, aplicaes e inovaes (2016)
dados no Intercom

Comunicao Publicitria em Aplicativos de Anlise

Para Entender o Monitoramento de Mdias Sociais
de Informaes Sociais: Persuaso Sociotcnica em
Sites de Redes Sociais

Self, Self-Presentation, and the Use of Social Necessidades humanas, camadas simblicas e o
Applications in Digital Environments monitoramento de mdias sociais

Auto-Apresentao nas Mdias Sociais: aula da

Politics 2.0 A Campanha On-line de Barack Obama
Rihanna sobre papis sociais nos ambientes online
em 2008

Uso e desenvolvimento de aplicativos sociais: Lingustica de Corpus x Monitoramento de Mdias

perspectiva da teoria ator-rede Sociais

mtodos digitais, mdias digitais,

controversy mapping

Actor-Network VS Network Analysis VS Digital

Building on faults: How to represent controversies
Networks: Are We Talking About the Same
with digital methods

'The whole is always smaller than its parts': a digital The Social Fabric: Digital Traces and Quali-
test of Gabriel Tardes' monads quantitative Methods

ForceAtlas2, a continuous graph layout algorithm for

Data Sprints: A Collaborative Format in Digital
handy network visualization designed for the Gephi
Controversy Mapping

Uncertainty, Decision Science, and Policy Making: A

Introducing Digital Methods
Manifesto for a Research Agenda

Fill in the Gap. A New Alliance for Social and Natural Palestra: Data Revolution - Digital
Sciences Misunderstandings

internet, governo,
big data

The determinants of monetary value of virtual goods:

Learning with Big Data The Future of Education
An empirical study for a cross-section of MMORPGs

Regime Change? Enabling Big Data Through Europes Big Data A Revolution That Will Transform How We
New Data Protection Regulation Live, Work, And Think (2013)

Beyond Privacy, Beyond Rights Towards a Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age
Systems Theory of Information Governance (2009)

The Shape of Governance: Analyzing the World of Palestra: How to use big data to generate big
Internet Regulation spenders

Palestra: Big data as a game changer in

The Authority of Law in Times of Cyberspace

analytics, sade,

Comparison of Twitter APIs and tools for analysing Amplified messages: How hashtag activism and
Tweets related to the Ebola Virus Disease Twitter diplomacy converged at #ThisIsACoup and

An Analysis of Twitter Usage Among Startups in Twitter and crisis communication: an overview of
Europe tools for handling social media in real time

The Ebola epidemic on Twitter: challenges for health Why use a network approach for social media
informatics monitoring?

Challenges of using Twitter as a data source: An The Role of Social Media for Humanitarian Assistance
overview of current resources and Disaster Management

Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of Introduction to software that can be used to capture
current social media research tools and analyse Twitter data

poltica, mdias digitais,

democracia digital

Estudos Crticos e Estudos de Linguagem na Pesquisa Transformaes da poltica na era da comunicao de

em Comunicao massa (2013)

O blog Fatos e Dados e sua articulao com a esfera Publicidade digital - formatos e tendncias da nova
de visibilidade pblica fronteira publicitria (2011)

Internet e participao poltica em sociedades Comunicao e democracia: Problemas e

democrticas perspectivas (2008)

A democracia digital e o problema da participao Apresentao: A Mdia e as Eleies 2014

civil na deciso poltica

Politics 2.0 a campanha on-line de Barack Obama Entrevista: Trocando uma ideia - democracia digital
em 2008

privacidade, tecnologia,
sistemas complexos

Big Questions for Social Media Big Data: Inequity in the Technopolis: Race, Class, Gender, and
Representativeness, Validity and Other the Digital Divide in Austin (2012)
Methodological Pitfalls

Past and Future Divides: Social Mobility, Inequality

Engineering the public: Big data, surveillance and
and The Digital Divide in Austin During The Tech-
computational politics

Social Media and the Decision to Participate in

Political Protest: Observations From Tahrir Square We Were Always Human

The Medium and the Movement: Digital Tools, TED: How the Internet has made social change easy
Social Movement Politics, and the End of the Free to organize, hard to win
Rider Problem

Engineering the public: Big data, surveillance and Palestra: Social Media-Fueled Protest Style From
computational politics Arab Spring to Gezi Protests in Turkey

estudos de mdia, identidade,

democracia digital

The Virtual of Social networks: a comparative analysis A Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture
of Facebook, LinkedIn and ASmallWorld on Social Network Sites (2010)

Networked Gatekeeping and Networked Framing on A Private Sphere: Democracy in a Digital Age (2010)

Without You, I'm Nothing: Performances of the Self Toward a New(er) Sociability: Uses, Gratifications,
on Twitter and Social Capital on Facebook

The unbearable lightness of information and the Democracy online: civility, politeness, and the
impossible gravitas of knowledge: Big Data and the democratic potential of online political discussion
makings of a digital orality groups

Aula: Affective publics - news storytelling, sentiment

Culture Digitally: Habitus of the New and Twitter