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DAILY AGENDA: Global Studies

Thursday, February 16, 2017

What well learn

Today, well finish our review of Chapter 9 and the social changes that came about as a
result of the Industrial Revolution. We will review key vocabulary terms, complete our
Chapter 9 review homework, and have a short turn-and-talk discussion on key themes from
the chapter.

How well get there

1. Do Now -- bottom of page (5 minutes)
2. Announcements/Agenda (5 minutes)
3. Industrial Revolution Bingo Vocabulary (10 minutes)
4. Chapter 9 Review Work (25 minutes)

Why this matters

As we undertake a new shift in society -- the Internet Revolution, its critically important
that we examine carefully the ways that society can and should shift, but also look at ways
we may not want society to shift.

By the end of this class, you should be able to

Identify at least five key figures from the Industrial Revolution era
Identify and explain key social and civil advances from the post-Industrial Revolution

What youll turn in

Chapter Assessment (326): Questions 1-13
Document-Based Assessment (327): All four questions, including writing task

DO NOW: Think about one way in which the internet has changed society. Come up
with a term to describe it. For instance, Cult of Domesticity described the idea that
women ought to stay home. That idea has now faded. Whats an idea we CURRENTLY
hold, and what would you call it?