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When you create your Learning Story try to apply as many elements from the course as
possible. For example, try to integrate some of the Learning Activities and technology
tools that were introduced throughout the course.

Here is a list of criteria you should consider when creating your Learning Story. You will also use
this list to provide feedback to your peers in the 2nd task of the final assessment.

- The Learning Story develops 21st Century Skills: for example, activities develop
collaborative skills in addition to acquisition of knowledge

- The Learning Story uses technology to develop 21st Century Skills: for example,
technology is used as a tool to produce something (a film, animation, presentation, etc.) or
is used for students to collaborate more easily inside and outside of the classroom

- The Learning Story is well aligned with its learning outcomes: activities and
assessment clearly link with the defined learning outcomes and allow the teacher to
determine by the end of the Story if the objectives have been achieved

- The Learning Story is balanced: there is a good mix of activities with at least four
different Learning Activities used (TLAs in the Learning Designer) and none of the Activities
taking up more than 35% of the time (see the pie chart for this)