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Quick question: who is the patron saint of Spain?

I’m sure (or at least I
hope…) the majority of you would say Santiago. Now, a little bit more
difficult. What if I asked who the patron saint of Scotland was? Anyone? The
answer is St. Andrew and 30th November is his day.

Edinburgh*. Glasgow. The Highlands. Kilts. Haggis. The Loch Ness Monster.
Deep-Fried Mars Bars. The Saltire. Sound familiar?

*Édinbra – let’s say it right!

These are just some of the things that are typically associated with
Scotland. However, how many of you know about Greyfriars Bobby? Let’s
take a little trip back in time to the capital, Edinburgh, where a wee skye
terrier was about to become the most famous dog in Scotland’s history.

On 15th February 1858, a man named John Gray died of tuberculosis. Gray
was better known as Auld Jock and, when he died, he was buried in
Greyfriars Kirk. Auld Jock had a wee dog called Bobby but Bobby was no
ordinary dog. He worked as a night watchman with Edinburgh City Police
and he and Auld Jock were virtually inseparable for two years.

When Auld Jock died, Bobby led his master’s funeral procession to the grave
in Greyfriars Cemetery. However, when he tried to stay at the graveside, he
was sent away by the caretaker. Day after day, the wee dog returned and
refused to leave, whatever the weather conditions. Despite the efforts of the
kirkyard keeper and the family of Auld Jock, nothing could make Bobby leave
his master’s grave. News soon travelled and touched the hearts of local

Although dogs were not allowed in the cemetery, the locals came together
and built a shelter for Bobby and there he stayed, guarding Auld Jock. For 14
years, Bobby lay on the grave, leaving only for food.

guarding Auld Jock’s grave for all those years until he died on 14th January 1872. Happy St. He has a red granite headstone which was donated in 1981. but he remained loyal to his master. The inscription reads: “Greyfriars Bobby – died 14th January 1872 –aged 16 years Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson to us all” There is also a statue of Bobby just outside of the Kirkyard which attracts thousands of tourists every year as they come to learn his story and have their picture taken beside him. fact or fiction? That’s for you to decide. Bobby’s grave is also in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Crowds waited for the gun to fire to see Bobby run for his midday meal. just 75 yards from his master’s grave. So. aged 16. But on a cold 30 th November. News of Bobby’s loyalty spread and people would come from far and wide just to see him.old . Bobby would leave the grave and run to the bar he used to go to with Auld Jock. Bobby was well cared for by the people of Edinburgh.When the one o’clock gun fired from Edinburgh Castle each day. surely nothing warms the heart quite like the story of this wee dog’s loyalty and devotion. Andrew’s Day Wee – small Kirk – church Auld .