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Internal Correspondence

Date : 22nd May 2014

Ref : MEP/14052106

To : Mr. Jamal Shaer

Cc : Mr. Youssef Hayek

From : Vartan Kouzoudjian / Leandro Laroya

Project : Al Mana Square (3B+G+M+7)

Subject : Material Submittal – Fire Rated Cables
Manufacturer/Supplier – Draka / Resco Gulf
Your letter ref. SUPV-SITE/JS/VK/05/2014/SPN147/IC-218 dated
14th May 2014

Reference to material submittal ref. M116-MS-EL-021 dated 11 th May 2014, our
review comments

1. Draka Fire Rated Cable, FTP model of UK brand is approved as
model / manufacturer.
2. Provide voltage drop calculation.
3. The validity of QCDD Material Certification at construction /
commissioning stage shall be the Contractor’s / Supplier’s /
Specialist’s responsibility.
4. The Contractor shall provide a shop drawings considering type of
installation, cable derating factor, voltage drop and cable route
length with proper cable sizing for Engineer’s review and approval.
5. The installation shall be to the full satisfaction of the Engineer and
6. The Contractor shall produce a statement of acceptance endorsed
by the local Supplier that Notice of Delivery of Goods to site shall
be endorsed by themselves by inserting their company name,
authorized persons’ names, company stamps and signatures,
confirming that it is sourced from the Manufacturer facilities and
that it is brand new in full compliance with the approved submittal.
7. Previous approvals of the same item shall be cancelled, if any.

Remarks: Approved as noted.

Form ref. No.: DC/F7/V2 Date of Issue: March 2014 Version: V3
age 1 of 2/ChrisS/2014

: DC/F7/V2 Date of Issue: March 2014 Version: V3 age 2 of 2/ChrisS/2014 . Internal Correspondence Form ref. No.