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What Station Will Be This Years Champion?

TUESDAY, MAY 2nd, 2017

8AM to approximately 4PM - B SHIFT

Hjelte Sports Center Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex
16200 Burbank Boulevard - Encino, CA 91436 6201 Balboa Blvd. - Encino, CA 91316


includes t-shirt & lunch

Only 32 teams can play, first come, first served!

Team registration Deadline is April 21, 2017
*Check website for game schedule starting April 26, 2017

The LAFD BBQ Team headed by Mark Curry and Greg Pascolla


Contact Keith or Steve for details...
Additional T-Shirts $15ea.
can be purchased online
The ofcial charity of the
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

Keith Bandy, FS 64A (714) 745-7078 Steve Romas, FS 73B (818) 800-0486 Additional Contact: Bill Bringas, FS 23C (805) 660-7473
36 On the cover: LA River Incident Photo by: Matthew C. Hartman

Inset LAFD photo by: Storage Unit Fire

Sylmar - Photo by Dyan McManus

2 March 2017

20th Annual Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
Event organizers Mike Reitmayer and Doug Weber invoked
divine intervention to stop the rains and provide perfect
conditions for this years romp in the desert .............................06

Crystal Flame Community Service Award

Working as first responders and serving the community
go hand in hand for LAFD members. But Capt Danny Wu
goes above and beyond with St. Baldricks and
Big Brothers & Sisters ...........................................................41

LAFRAs Newest Trustees

The Relief Association Board of Trustees is pleased to
welcome its two newest members Investigator Jim Duffy
and Inspector Gayle Sonoda .................................................09

Presidents Message ..........................................................................05
Did You Know?
LAFRA provides an NIOD Sick & Injury Benefits .............................12
Battalion News ...................................................................................13
The Retired Guys ...............................................................................35
Department in Action ............................................................................36
Retirement Dinner Announcements ...................................................39
LAFD Handball
2016 Singles Tournament ...............................................................42
Station Fridge .......................................................................................46
Improved Body Scan Benefit
No out-of-pocket for Medical Plan members ...................................47
Mailbox ...............................................................................................48
Memorials ...........................................................................................51
LAFD History
The 1913 Brennan Hotel fire ..........................................................53
Minutes of the Board of Trustees .....................................................56
Classifieds ...........................................................................................58
My buddy Hank Huizinga .................................................................61

Notice: Production of The Firemens Grapevine magazine is very expensive, and while your dues
serve to underwrite a portion of the magazines costs, the bulk of funding comes from advertisers.
Many businesses advertise in the Grapevine. This does not mean that LAFRA endorses these
advertisers. Use of a Grapevine advertiser is at the risk of the member. If you are interested in any
of the advertisements, we urge you to use any and all means at your disposal to investigate them.

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.
No material may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher.

March 2017 3
owned and published by the
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street, Los angeles CA 90041

Dave Wagner
Eric Santiago Creative
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Margaret Stewart, Brian Humphrey, Erik Scott

Art Sorrentino, Mike Mastro, Matt Mickey, Frank Borden, Jim Stiglich, Steve Ruda

David Blaire, Doc DeMulle, Greg Doyle, Harry Garvin,
Steve Gentry, Juan Guerra, Brian Haimer, Gavin Kaufman, Ryan Ling, Rick McClure,
Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin


Robert Steinbacher................................................President
Jeff Cawdrey ..................................................Vice-President
Andrew Kuljis ........................................................Secretary

Chris Hart Frank Aguirre Rick Godinez
Chris Stine Gayle Sonoda Steve Berkery
Craig White Gene Bednarchik Steve Ruda
Danny Wu Jim Duffy Steven Domanski
David Ortiz Joe Vigil Tim Freeman Jr.
David Peters John Jacobsen Tim Larson
Doak Smith Mike Sailhamer Tyler Tomich


Barry Hedberg Jim Coburn
Dave Lowe Tom Stires

To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213)
797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain Craig Poulson.....................Chaplain

Fire-Relief ...............................................................(323) 259-5200
Relief Association Toll Free Number .........................(800) 244-3439
Relief Medical Plan ................................................. (866) 995-2372
Fax Number ..............................................................(323) 259-5290
Todd Layfer Executive Director..............................(323) 259-5243
Becky Valverde Human Resources Administrator.....(323) 259-5247
Liberty Unciano Controller/Treasurer...................(323) 259-5225
Bob Dillon Operations Manager..............................(323) 259-5233
Marlene Casillas Development & Marketing Director(323) 259-5217
Ana Salazar Member Services Coordinator.............(323) 259-5223

HealthSCOPE Benefits
Claims & Benefit Information...................................(866) 99-LAFRA
THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE (USPS 191-060) is published monthly by the Los Angeles Firemens
Relief Association, 7470 N Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90041. Annual $36 Subscription
included with Association membership; Non-members: $36. Single issues $3 postpaid. Back issues $6
postpaid. Periodicals postage paid at Los Angeles, CA and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send
address changes to: THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE Magazine, P.O. BOX 41903, Los Angeles, CA 90041.

Printed by Collective Color, Los Angeles CA. For Classified and Display Advertising rates please call (323)
259-5200, ext. 231 or 232. All editorial matter must be received by the Editor eight weeks prior to the month of
publication. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the official
views of the Los Angeles City Fire Department or the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

4 March 2017
y now all Los Angeles Firemens Relief Associa- Providers come in and out of the network so confirm
tion members should have received their Member your doctor is still listed in-network before scheduling an
Summary Report in their mailboxes. These reports appointment. If the doctor is no longer contracted in-net-
are generated from our automated FRITS system with the work, consider changing to a different doctor. When plan-
information that we have on file about you. PLEASE take ning an elective surgery, tell the scheduler it must be done
the time and look it over carefully! Verify that we have the in an in-network facility with an in-network surgeon and
correct information on your sheet. This year we will be anesthesiologist. If you or a family member ends up in an
starting a new program where you can email, fax or snail- emergency situation, do your best to monitor your Expla-
mail your updated forms back to us. If you still have ques- nation of Benefits (EOBs) and contact HSB for assistance
tions, contact our member service department to help you with billing issues.
with your issues (323) 259-5200. Get comfortable reading your Summary Plan De-
Once again we will be having our Health & Wellness scription (SPD). Refer to the SPD to learn how a benefit is
Fair in April. This year we moved the event to FHMTC to covered, check to see if a copayment is due at the time of
allow on-duty members working special duty assignments your office visit, or find out if proof of medical necessity is
in the downtown area to attend. The event will be only one required for a particular service. You can also review your
day on April 6th from 0800 until noon. This free event was pharmacy and vision service benefits in the SPD. Visit the
planned with you in mind - to help you and your family bet- Relief website at and click on Medical and
ter understand your medical benefits. Please RSVP at lafra. then PPO Summary Plan Document to learn more.
org/healthfair or call (323) 259-5246.
Here are three important things to remember about Please mark your calendars for these upcoming LAFRA
your Medical Plan: 1) Be vigilant, 2) understand how your events:
medical benefits work, and 3) stay in-network. We all need March 18th Hook and Ladder
to do everything within our power to utilize our medical April 6th - LAFRA Health Fair
benefits correctly to avoid unwelcome surprises (bills) from May 2nd - Lane Kemper Softball Classic
arriving in the mail. Members need to make every effort to May 22nd-26th Pechanga Reunion
take control and ask the right questions. June 1st Hope for Firefighters
Managing costs is important for you and for the Plan.
When making an appointment for a doctors office visit, Be safe and be kind to each other!
double-check to make sure your doctor is still contracted
in-network with Anthem Blue Cross. Hospitals, doctors,
labs, and other providers that contract in-network have
an agreement with our health plan to accept patients at an Robert D. SteinTalker Steinbacher
agreed upon rate. Find an in-network provider by visiting or by contacting HealthSCOPE Benefits 323.259.5200
(HSB) at (866) 995-2372.

March 2017 5
Just as Noah predicted . . . a great flood up, another with ancient beads and petroglyphs
was coming. But what he didnt predict was where you could add your own art.
that it was coming close to the weekend of the Sunshine and traction All of this added up to the raffle and si-
20th Annual Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride! So make the 20th annual lent auction at the end of the day. Many prizes
many of you naysayers said the sky is falling were donated including condo stays in Colora-
and stayed home and really missed out. desert ride an epic event do and Mammoth, four tickets to see Chicago,
But if you had followed Noah on Face- and many others. Everyone dug deep and the
book and Twitter, you would have known that eventual winner was the LAFD Widows, Or-
his disciples, Mike Reitmayer and Doug We- This years theme was from the Pleis- phans & Disabled Firemans Fund.
ber, had the power to control the weather. Mike tocene Era where many pre-historic sites were Bob Steinbacher and Tim Larson came
and Doug called for sunshine to stop the drizzle uncovered. The presence of Homoto Man out to represent the Firemans Relief Associa-
(read flash floods) and prepare the ground (read was discovered. It was discovered that this tion. They presented a beautiful plaque to Mike
deep sticky mud) for their ride. Just as they had Homoto Man invented one of the earliest & Sonja Reitmayer and Doug & Renee Weber
predicted, the dark skies turned blue, the sun motorcycles but unfortunately it never got off for their 20th year of the Buzzard Bait Fam-
shone brightly, and the desert in Ocotillo Wells the ground because rubber tires and suspension ily Fun Ride. It is this unselfish devotion to the
became a perfect playground for our off road had not been invented yet! But what we found LAFD, both past and present that makes Doug,
riders. So on the day of the event no dust, trac- out on the trail was a site that contained the ar- Renee, Mike and Sonja outstanding examples
tion plus, and a few mud puddles for the kids to tifacts of his early attempts at building a mo- of what the LAFD family represents.
play in. Epic! torcycle. Additional sites had bones to be dug See you next year RAIN OR SHINE.

6 March 2017
Design your own petroglyphs

Pleistocene Era artifact

Bob Steinbacher presents a 20-year plaque to the ride founders.

Ready for an epic flood

March 2017 7
One-on-one consultations with:
AIMS & Medical Liaison Body Scan
Express Scripts Prescriptions
VSP Vision Care Live Health Online
UCLA Health Network Medicare
Center For Heart & Health
Activities and Demonstrations:
Free Massages Free Health Screenings
Exercise Tips Hands-Only-CPR
City of Hopes Match Marrow Registry
Healthy Snacks & Refreshments
Raffle & Door Prizes

RSVP/Register at
For info call (323) 259-5246
8 March 2017 or email:
The Relief Association Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome its two newest members
Jim Duffy and Gayle Sonoda.

rson Investigator Jim Duffy brings a wealth of knowledge to the LAFRA Board of Trustees. He graduated from Cal in 2002 with a B.A.
in Poli Sci and Business Administration. He is currently enrolled at Cal State Long Beach where he is working on his M.S. in Emer-
gency Services Administration. He also attended the LAFDs Leadership Academy and was elected the Class Leader of Class 14-2.
When not studying or investigating fires, Duff works as a Fire Captain for the La Habra Heights Fire Department. He has been married
to Katy for more than three years, who he calls a Saint for putting up with his work and study schedule. They have an infant daughter, Regan
Elizabeth, who is the light of his life.
When not at school, the firehouse or toiling in the LAFRA board room, Duff says, you will not be able to find me, as the fam and I will
be off the grid camping, hiking, and searching for swimming holes.

ator Jim Duffy

Trustee and Investig Baby Regan Visits
the A-Unit

ayle Sonoda is LAFRAs first-ever female Trustee. She joined the LAFD in 2008 and worked as a firefighter assigned to Fire Station
57 for five years. Later she earned a Paramedic Certification and then promoted to Inspector I shortly after. Currently, she is assigned
to the Community Risk Reduction Unit in the Community Liaison Office.
Gayle earned a bachelors degree in Sports Medicine and played basketball at Chapman University. She continues to share her pas-
sion for injury prevention, and strength and conditioning through the Candidate Assistance Program.
During a co-workers recent battle with cancer, she saw first-hand the significant support provided to our member and his family by the
Relief Association. This incident gave her a real understanding of the important role the Relief plays in the lives of firefighters.
In every aspect of my life I find myself helping others, continuing to learn, meeting new people, and enjoying every moment.


by Andy Kuljis Trustee and Inspecto

Gayle was sworn in r Gayle Sonoda

Were proud to have these two new and dedicated Board members available to help the Relief
continue to provide invaluable service and assistance to all of our members.
March 2017 9
10 March 2017
FREE Health Screening for all members- regularly $40
Premium Finger Stick Panel - Includes total cholesterol, HDL, LDL,
triglycerides, glucose, blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference, and BMI.

Please register at

AIMS and Medical Liaison Body Scan by MICSC

No out-of-pocket cost for a comprehensive abdomen,
Answers to all your Work Comp questions
heart and lung scan for LAFRA Medical PPO

UCLA Health Network Live Health Online

The UCLA Medical Group is a system of primary-care Free gift card when you register at the fair.
and specialty-care offices throughout SoCal See a doctor on your computer or mobile device

American Heart Association Ask a Pharmacist by CVS

Learn or practice Hands Only CPR with Speak to a pharmacist about your prescriptions, drug
the nations leading CPR educator interactions, or anything regarding your medications

Hand Reflexology Medicare

Discover a sense of relaxation with a free reflexology Comprehensive information about the Medicare program
hand massage. Free chair massages also available for those who are 65 or plan to be someday

Great Raffle Prizes - including a Fitbit Blaze, a revolutionary watch designed with
fitness in mind that will innovate your workout experience and help you stay active all day long.

For info call (323) 259-5246 or email:

March 2017 11
LAFRA provides an
NIOD Sick & Injury Benefit
Whether active or retired,
members must be under a doc-
tors care for seven consecutive
calendar days before qualifying for
the benefit.
Retired members may
receive a daily benefit of $10 upon
proof that they have been unable
to perform any gainful occupa-
tion or duty because of a disability
caused by illness or injury. A 20-
week maximum of $1,400 total
benefits per injury or illness will
be paid.
Sick & Injury Benefit
applications are available online at

LAFRA provides a Life &

Accident Insurance Benefit
The Life & Accident Fund provides life insurance and a permanent disability benefit for Relief members. The coverage begins the day
you sign-up for it (you must enroll before youre off probation). Upon the death of a member in good standing, the beneficiary will receive
a $12,000 death benefit. Additional benefits include a $6,000 permanent disability benefit and a $6,000 mental disability benefit.
After 20 years of paying the assessment, you may withdraw the total amount paid, plus 7% simple interest or you can keep the benefit
in force with no further payment. Life & Accident participation requires an assessment of $5 per month ($2.50 per paycheck).

For more information about these LAFRA benefits, call (323) 259-5200 or e-mail
12 March 2017
The LAFD ensured the safety of 500,000 people at the Womens
March LA on 1/21/17. LAFD Photos by Harry Garvin

TF 9 and TF 10 after a downtown structure fire

March 2017 13
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14 March 2017
Companies overhaul an abandoned structure south
of DTLA on 2/1/17. Photo by Capt Dan Lievense

On 1/12/17, Swift Water and fire units responded to the

LA River near Los Feliz Bl. Photo by Matthew C. Hartman

March 2017 15
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Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
Contact your plan provider to verify.
16 March 2017
FS 55 teamed with MySafeLA to educate
Highland Park residents on fire safety

A Hollywood neighbor delivers a

homemade pie to the crew at FS 41

The crew at FS 49 raises a flag in memory

of Captain Dennis Mendenhall, retired

March 2017 17
Captain II
Charles Chuck Ruddell
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 12 PM Tickets are available for $36.00
per person.
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Downtown Los Angeles Tables of ten are available for $350.00
120 South Los Angeles Street
Please RSVP to (661) 433-4679
by March 13, 2017 LIMITED SEATING

LAFFA, C/O GEORGE JAMES, 40755 Via Tranqilo, Palmdale CA 93551


Comprehensive Interview
The most comprehensive tax
interview in the industry

Free Review
Free review of your last three
years of tax returns

Specialized Worksheets
Specialized deduction
worksheets for Firefighters

We amend hundreds of Firefighter tax returns Year-Round Service

every year. The IRS could owe you thousands of We are available year-round
dollars in overpaid taxes...
AL Hewitt, CFP , ChFC, EA

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400 Camarillo Ranch Road Camarillo 1120 West Avenue M4 Palmdale
Phone 800-573-4829 Website
18 March 2017
USAR 88 members attended a tunnel operations
drill by Metro LA in DTLA. Photos by Cody Weireter

Firefighters Elan Raber 83-C, Ben Arnold 98-C, Shaun Gath 39-C, Engineer Dennis Roach 72-B, A/O Mike Porper (Ret.) and FF Jake Windell (LACo)
were recognized at City Hall and the Israeli Consulate for their efforts in helping with the wildfires that swept across Israel last November.

March 2017 19
Each year your Relief Association awards
college scholarships to member dependents.

These include:

The Leo K. Najarian Memorial Scholarship of $5,000

The Bill Goss Scholarship of $2,500

Relief Scholarship awards of $2,500

Dennis Mendenhall Memorial Scholarship of $5,000

Online application available

Scholarship Dates & Deadlines

DEADLINE | Thursday, March 22, 2017

Application evaluation & testing

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Questions? Email:

20 March 2017
TF 20 with Andre Ethier during #DodgersLoveLA tour.
Photo by Capt Dan Lievense

Freddy Escobar promoted to Captain II at FS 11-B David Duran promoted to A/O at FS 11-B

March 2017 21
Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 2PM (check-in) to Friday, May 26, 2017 @ 12PM (check-out)

MONDAY - MAY 22nd THURSDAY - MAY 2 5 t h
:: Check in & catch up with old friends :: Gathering at THE BUFFET at Pechanga Hotel
:: Reception Get-Together - Beer & Wine (Provided) - Time: 6pm
$30 per person payable at the Buffet
TU ESDAY - MAY 23rd :: Golf Journey at Pechanga - Price/Time: TBA
:: Pizza Dinner / Wine & Beer (Provided) - Time: 5PM
at Pechanga RV Clubhouse FRI DAY - MAY 2 6 t h
:: Organization Reps at Clubhouse - 10am-4pm :: Check out! Till next time...


:: Dinner / Wine & Beer (Provided) - Time: 5PM
at Pechanga RV Clubhouse
:: Organization Reps at Clubhouse - 10am-4pm
:: Wine & Brewery Tour - Time: TBA
Visit for more info
$100 per person with lunch including tip Check out LAFRA.ORG for more details on the above.
For information email


:: Pechanga Resort/Hotel reservation call (888) 732-4264 RV SPOTS AVAILABLE - RESERVE YOURS
:: For other Hotels call (323) 259-5235 by calling LAFRA (323) 259-5200

22 March 2017 RSVP to after youve made your reservation.

Bret Cartier promoted to Engineer at FS 13-B Casey Glynn promoted to A/O at FS 29-B

David Grijalva promoted to Captain I at FS 11-B Tom Macintyre promoted to Engineer at FS 6-B

March 2017 23

THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2017 - FROM 11:30 AM TO 2:30 PM

Benefiting your

Delicious food, fun & prizes

& FRIENDS The official charity of the
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

24 March 2017
For more information visit
CONTACT: Juliet Brandolino (323) 259-5215
Douglas Noonan promoted to Captain II at FS 11-A Ryan Prusa promoted to Engineer at FS 11-B

Group shot after structure fire at 1547 W Venice Bl.

ciation on 12/28/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

March 2017 25
Sean Rorden promoted to Engineer at FS 6-A Alberto Vargas promoted to Captain I at FS 6-A

Structure fire at 12500 Big Tujunga Canyon Road

on 1/8/17. Photo by Rick McClure

26 March 2017
E 91 handled an auto on Maclay Street on 2/4/17.
Photo by Rick McClure

Recycling yard fire in Sun Valley on 2/1/17.

Photo by David DeMulle

64s handles a garage on 12/24/16.

Photo by Tod Sudmeier

March 2017 27
Structure fire at 6101 11th Ave on 1/8/17.
Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Engine 57 on an auto on 1/21/17.

Photo by Tod Sudmeier

Garage fire at 3625 W 58th Pl. on 1/8/17.

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

28 March 2017
Physical Rescue in the 4900 block of N Cahuenga Bl.
On 1/13/17. Photos by Rick McClure

Firefighters suit up before entering commercial bldg.

with heavy smoke on 1/8/17. Photo by Rick McClure

March 2017 29
Crew 3 responded to a tree that fell across Laurel Canyon during
the January rains. Photo by Paul Wingate, Crew 3 Foreman

Firefighters treat the driver of an auto vs building on

Lankershim Bl on 1/24/17. Photo by Mike Meadows

30 March 2017
On 1/24/17, found two vehicles burning in the garage of
an apartment house on Valerio Street. Photo by Joe Lyneis

Structure fire on 1/21/17 in the 8000 blk of

W Highland Trail. Photo by Mike Meadows

March 2017 31
On 1/15/17, companies extricated a driver on Wilbur Ave in
Porter Ranch. Photos by Rick McClure and Adam Van Gerpen

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32 March 2017
Greater Alarm fire in a Beverly Grove restaurant
on 1/22/17. Photo by John Conkle

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loading your recreational toys from your utility
trailer without the risk of tipping the trailer or
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The Hitching Post

mounts to concrete ooring for stabilization.
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8x12,1/4steel plate - 1/4steel plate gussets
heavy duty 2 square tube - 2 ball - overall
height 15 - custom sizing available

mail: professional welding


Los Angeles CA 90041 $129 FREE SHIPPING

Call Al for details (928) 854-2733
March 2017 33
All proceeds benefit your Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund,
34 March 2017
a 110-year-old non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated helping our LAFD families in times of crisis
Have you noticed them plastic squares We had Doris too. She always laid out The old man replied, Sorry, I have
covered with extra-large nodules, approximate- the red carpet for us that made that personal- none, just ties, pure silk and only $5.
ly 3 X 3 in size that are glued to the ground at ized service really come to life. And getting a Pahh! I curse your ties. I should wrap
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wheelchairs. Not so. and that personalized service is a bit worn not matter that you do not want to buy a tie
After commentin to an employee at around the edges. Our credit union has from me or that you hate me, threaten my life
one of them big box stores that two of my lower opened its doors to the State of California and and call me an infidel. I will show you that I am
molars had shaken loose after pushin my shop- is soon goin to let in the rest of the country. bigger than any of that. If you continue over
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One of the great benefits to our job was at a small makeshift display rack, sellin ties.
becomin members of the Los Angeles Fire- The Taliban terrorist asked, Do you
mens Credit Union. The name was unique too, have water?
no doubt about it. We also worked for the best The old man replied, I have no water.
Department in the world and our Credit Union Would you like to buy a tie? Theyre only $5
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vice but because our money was safe and se- ern adornment, I spit on your ties. I need wa- Angelo Pop Ramirez is 93 years old and living with
cure. ter! relatives in Colorado now. He still puts on his dress uni-
form and attends fire service functions with his firefighter
grandchildren. Thanks for the update Duane!
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March 2017 35
Photos by Rick McClure, LAFD Photos by Harry Garvin,
and Yvonne Griffin

On January 11, 2017, first arriving firefighters found a one story commercial building with smoke showing at 1417 No Main Street. It took
approximately 75 firefighters one hour to knock down the flames. The cause of the fire was under investigation by the LAFD Arson Section.

36 March 2017
Photos by David DeMulle and Mike Meadows

A fire broke out in a two-story self-storage building in Sylmar and damaged seven units before being contained by 110 firefighters with no inju-
ries reported. The incident, on January 27. 2017, was reported at 10:17 a.m. in the 13000 block of Foothill Boulevard at the Nova Storage units.

March 2017 37
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12521 El Dorado Place,

Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808
Fax: 1-800-971-4809

38 March 2017
FC & DDS Telephone Coordinator
Rancho Vista Golf Course
Navy Golf Course - Eagles Nest 3905 Club Rancho Drive, Palmdale CA
5660 Orangewood Ave, Cypress CA
Dinner - 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Social Hour - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Dinner - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM $35 per person - food, drink, live music & fun
Band - 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Call or text Carrie Porter - (661) 341-7187
Buffet - $35 includes tax, tip & gift - No host bar Hotel accommodations:
Hilton Garden Inn - 1309 W Rancho Vista
Call Natalie Goshi-Forney - (213) 576-8900 Courtyard by Marriott - 530 W Rancho Vista

JOSEPH CASTRO, Chief Deputy,

Emergency Operations JACK WISE, Battalion Chief, Battalion 12


Brookside Golf Club Sagebrush Cantina

1133 Rosemont Avenue, Pasadena CA 23527 Calabasas Road, Calabasas CA

Social Hour - 5:30 PM Dinner - 7:00 PM Dinner: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Tex Mex Buffet - $60 includes tax, tip & gift
$55 per person
Call Battalion 12 Office - (818) 756-8612
Call Lora or Evelyn - (213) 978-6300 Casual Attire
RSVP by March 24, 2017

Recent Retirements

Daivd R. Paulin 03/22/1987 03/10/2017 Firefighter III, FS 112-B
Kevin R. Nida 05/04/1980 02/28/2017 Battalion Chief, Industrial Commercial
Thomas P. Garifo 04/16/1987 02/12/2017 Fire Inspector I, Valley Public Safety
Eduardo Mena 12/18/1983 03/31/2017 Firefighter III, MFC-C

March 2017 39
40 March 2017
they were honored for the duration of their re- Service Award in 2011 and, earlier this year, ac-
lationship. Though Wus little brother is now cepted a new role as Emergency Medical Ser-
18 and a graduate of the program, the two con- vices Captain at Operations Valley Bureau.
tinue to speak regularly, and Wu maintains his For Wu, community service is not about
enduring tough love. attention or prestige. Each year, he says, he and
Wus exemplary leadership with these his LAPD St. Baldricks counterpart play rock/
organizations as well as with Fire Cadet paper/scissors to determine who has to speak to
Post 89, where he has been a co-advisor for 13 the cameras. Recognition is not what motivates
years has earned him recognition through- him. Instead, Captain Wu merely believes in
out the LAFD. He won the LAFD Community improving peoples lives.

or members of the Los Angeles Fire De-
partment, working as a first responder
and serving the community go hand in
hand. So it comes as no surprise that Captain
Danny Wu, a firefighter for 16 years, is actively
involved in many community service projects,
both inside the LAFD and in his personal life.
Yet what sets Wu apart is his unwaver-
ing commitment to two projects in particular:
The LAFD/LAPD Annual St. Baldricks Event,
which raises big sums for childhood cancer,
and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los
Angeles, which provides one-to-one mentoring
to children facing adversity.
Wus connections to both reflect his
personal passions. He became involved with
St. Baldricks 13 years ago, when his captain
at the time, aware of Wus education and busi-
ness experience, asked for his help. Today, Wu
continues to lead the event simply because he
believes it is the right thing to do. This altru-
ism is what motivates Wu to wholeheartedly
devote himself to the project, pulling all-night-
ers in the days leading up to the event to ensure
everything is ready. Such commitment, paired
with support from his LAPD counterpart, has
enabled St. Baldricks continued success, with
over $1M in total funds raised.
Wus dedication to the Big Brothers Big
Sisters of Los Angeles is just as strong. A firm
believer in tough love, Wu has for 13 years
been committed to setting a positive example
for his little brother. This past spring, the two
participated in a graduation ceremony where
March 2017 41
t was a great turnout for all brackets that to a comfortable lead, until IAnson figured game three tie breaker and in the end Brower
represented the five divisions at the 2016 out how to return his serves. I believe the fan would pull away and win 11-10. Great games
Singles Tournament. I would like to thank award went to this match, these guys played fellas, and thanks for the hustle and show you
all that supported and participated in the tour- their hearts out all three matches. There was no two displayed.
nament. I know with AH codes and platoon easy point scored, with both of their wing span, Now the fourth match was the Mas-
duty it can be a challenge, so thank you. there was not an inch of the court that either ters Division with Joe Castro vs Eddie Marez.
The event was held at the Los Ange- of them could not get to. The match went to I would like to mention that this tournament
les Athletic Club in Downtown LA. They did
a tremendous job in catering food and drinks
throughout the day.
The first match was the D Division
which included Bobby Ward from 66-B vs
Alfonso Gonzalez from 56-B. Both gentle-
men showed up ready to play in an unknown
environment in front of a crowd of fans.
Bobby pulled away with a lead in the first match,
until Fonzy utilized his wisdom and placement
of shots to catch and win both matches. These
guys are getting better every time they get out
on the court.
Second match was between Jack Ba-
ham vs Jim Como 84s in the B Division.
This was going to be a match of strategy and
utilizations of time outs. These guys played ev-
ery point with thought and hustle. In the end
Como would pull away and win the B Divi-
Next came the C Division with
Shawn IAnson 89-A vs Kent Brower 93-C.
This match was out of control from the get
go. Brower had power serves that took him Alex Garcia & John Libby - A Finals Jim Como & Jack Baham - B Division

42 March 2017
was the last one for Castro while a sworn mem- running Castro around. Joe had an answer to the past and now he was shooting for it again.
ber of LAFD. He retires in a few months. This all that was thrown his way by Marez. At the Alex has been representing LAFD Handball in
gentleman has not only mentored us LAFD end Castro would end his LAFD career on top tournaments all over southern California and is
members in many ways in his day to day op- as he beat Marez. Thank you guys for the great improving his game in every aspect.
erations but has also set a path for camaraderie matches. The first game was nose to nose the first
on and off duty through this sport. Handball has Now the A Division was the grand half, then Alex broke away with a comfortable
been a tradition of OUR department and we are finale. It would determine what we all wanted lead to take the win. As for the second game,
recognized for having some of the best play- to know who would hold the top rung of the Alex jumped out to a lead right away but Libby
ers around that enter tournaments off duty. Joe LAFD HANDBALL LADDER. You all may stood strong and chased down many shots and
has been part of the elite for many years and know a gentleman by the name of John Libby showed some of his athleticism with his left
continues to be top ranked. With that said this from 3-B who went up against the defend- hand kill shots. At the end Alex would claim
match was watched by all to see if the skills ing champion Alex Garcia from 66-B. Libby the top rung once again for the LAFD 2016 as
of Eddie can send Joe off to ride in the sunset has come back from a few years off, and by the Overall HANDBALL CHAMPION.
with a loss or a victory. The games were point the way, he has been playing so well that you Once again I would like to thank all of
to point all the way til the end. Marez was get- would not have guessed he has been off the those that participated and those that support
ting hot with rollouts from the back wall and court. He held the top rung for many years in this tradition of the LAFD.

Shawn IAnson & Kent Brower - C Division Eddie Marez & Joe Castro - Masters Division Bobby Ward & Alfonso Gonzalez - D Division

What Is The...
Extinguisher Fund?
The brain child of Ted Bailie, retired from the LAFD and LAFRA, your stations Extinguisher Fund is a simple
way to collect donations for the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund. Ted saw the accumulation of
change that the cook dumped into the mess fund box each shift and had a better idea. If this change was instead
collected for the WODFF he figured it could really add up. With an average of 50 cents per day per station, in a year
there would be . . . well, you can do the math!
So take your turn in the cooking rotation and remember to drop all your change into your stations extin-
guisher. There should be one in every firehouse. And any loose change in your pockets, any that you find in the TV
chairs, or hoarded in the ashtray of your vehicle can be thrown in for good measure.
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund is the heart of the Relief Association. This fund provides
assistance to our firefighters and families who are faced with personal difficulties and tragedies. Donations are the
sole means of support for this Fund.
Firefighters risk their lives to protect the community on a daily basis. Thus, they and their families can be
comforted in knowing that the Fire Department Family, supported by the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens
Fund, is there for them in times of need.

March 2017 43
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44 March 2017
Candlewood Country Club Tournament Results
January 30, 2017

Moorpark Country Club Tournament Results Westridge Golf Tournament Results

January 25, 2017 January 18th, 2017
Moorpark Country Club Bimonthly Tournament, January 25, 2017 - LowGross/LowNet
All PLAYER view and sort | PLAYER side game detail (skins, closest-to-the-pin, etc.)

March 2017 45
46 March 2017
o int h
p t
ap ril 6
S can n Ap
dy o
a Bo Fair
e t h
ak eal
n d m RA H
a AF
fo L
e t in t the
G a

he maximum coverage for a body scan has been increased to $700 scanning is that the radiologist can precisely locate and measure disease
per person. There is a limit of one scan every three years. This within the body.
benefit is for Relief PPO Medical Plan members. The findings of a body scan can be valuable information for the
LAFRA has contracted with provider Medical Imaging Center of physician and patient about certain conditions that may cause future
Southern California. If you get your body scan from MICSC, your will problems, but do not indicate a more serious pathology. For example, a
receive (at no out-of-pocket expense): kidney stone does not warrant immediate treatment, but the patient and
MRI abdomen and pelvis scan for liver, kidneys, adrenals, family physician can be aware that this stone may eventually cause pain
pancreas and spleen for the patient or require removal.
Heart scan, including calcium score and CT coronary angiogram It is important to understand that a body scan should not be used
Low-dose Lung CT lung cancer screening as a substitute for standard medical checkups by a primary care physi-
cian (PCP). A body scan is intended to serve as a complement to a regular
Why is body scanning important? physical and to provide your PCP with a better, more complete picture
Heart and lung disease are responsible for more than half of all of your overall health. A clear scan is not a clean bill of health and any
deaths in the United States each year. Most of these cancers progress new symptoms or conditions that develop after your study should be
slowly over time causing no immediate symptoms. As a result, they are discussed with your PCP.
diagnosed after symptoms have occurred. The National Cancer Institute
estimates that 3% to 35% of cancer deaths could be avoided through Who should have a body scanning?
screening. A body scanning can detect various cancers and common ma- Body scanning is recommended for individuals over age 35, es-
lignancies that a standard physical can miss. Discovering disease before pecially those at high risk for several diseases. Follow-up scanning is
symptoms occur allows for more effective treatment that is less costly or recommended every 5 years. Smokers and other patients at high risk for
invasive various diseases should consider follow-up scanning closer to every 3
years. Body scanning should not be substituted for a physical by a family
How accurate is body scanning? physician, but should be used as a compliment to regular medical care.
Because this technology is new, results from long-term studies of
survival rates, cost-effectiveness, and patient outcomes are not available. Visit to find more about this provider or call (310)
Experts in the field report that as many as 95% of their patients have 829-9788. Consult your personal physician before undergoing health
positive findings on their body scans. Approximately 33% of these find- tests. All benefits are subject to change. For questions about the Relief
ings are clinically significant, meaning that they may cause symptoms, PPO Medical Plan, call (866) 995-2372.
require treatment, or need additional evaluation. An advantage of body

...A body scan can detect various cancers and common

malignancies that a standard physical can miss...
March 2017 47
excellent firefighter and I have many good
Send your letters & comments to the editor at: memories of him and Engine 22.

John Ware

Dear Andy,

Please accept this donation for the

LA Firemens Relief Assn, kindness showed us how truly special the WODFF in memory of my husband, Jo-
Los Angeles Firemans Relief Association seph O. Michell. His birthday would have
My family and I would like to and the Los Angeles Fire Department are been February 18th and our family always
thank the Relief Association for the beau- and what a blessing it is to have these or- used to get together to celebrate this spe-
tiful flower arrangement delivered to the ganizations available to us. Our father was cial and momentous event.
Celebration of Life for my husband, Fran- honored to be a member of this fire family. We still get together (there are 20 of
cis Gary Clinite. Also, the presenta- Thank you for the beautiful plant that was us now) and our kids still like to reminisce
tion of the flag by Battalion Chief Gene delivered to our mom and for the shadow about the fun times they had at the annual
Bednarchik was especially touching. Our box with the flag that was flown over Fire firemens BBQ in San Pedro, the exciting
firefighter son, Capt. Mike Clinite with Station 51. evenings at Dsineyland when the park was
San Luis Obispo Fire Dept. and grandson, Please accept the donation we made reserved as a private party for LAFD and
Firefighter Jake Clinite with Ceres Fire to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Fire- guests, and the delicious Christmas turkey
Dept. were deeply moved also. Chief Bed- mens Fund in honor of Jere Souter. dinners that were prepared by the crew of
narchik caught the light-hearted mood Fireboat #1, A shift.
we wanted to convey at the Celebration Sincerely, The LAFD family played a signifi-
. . . that of celebrating the wonderful life cant part in the lives of our four children
of 89 years Gary had, thirty of those with Joan Souter and her children Kim, and continues to do so in the lives of our
LAFD. Shawn, Misty, Rodd and Scott grandchildren and great grandchildren
(still counting!)
Thank you again
LA Firemens Relief Association; Sincerely,
Carolyn Clinite
Paso Robles, CA I worked with Ted (Bunky) Jimenez Marie Michell
at old 17s from early 1973 until he trans- Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
ferred. I dont know for sure where he got
his nickname, but many of us in Batt. 7 had
them, most courtesy of Tony DiDomenico. LAFRA
Since Ted and I both lived in Canoga Park,
we carpooled for quite a while. The last Dennis [Mendenhall], you will be
time I saw Ted was at a F.S 39 reunion, and missed. You were a very generous and un-
I sat with Ted, his wife, and Ron (Food Gi- selfish individual. Your family and friends
ant) Myers. We had a lot of fun at 17s, and came first. Your tireless work at the Relief
a few Large Fires while at The Eastside Association will and has benefited the As-
Sensitivity Training Center. sociation and will for years to come. You
left this world a better place. Thank you
Trustee Gene Bednarchik with Carolyn Clinite
Rick Watters for all the years you were my friend. You
Agoura Hills. CA fought a brave and hard battle with more
courage and attitude then anyone would
Dear Jim & Fire Family, have expected. Go in peace my friend, go
LAFRA - in peace.
Thank you very much for all the
support and compassion you showed us af- Scottie [Harold L. Scott] and I were in Dave Lowe
ter our fathers [Jere Souter] passing. You the same LAFD class of 10/18/1969. We Newbury Park, CA
provided much needed care and advice worked together at Engine 22 in 1976-77
during a very difficult time for us. Your and went to many fires together. He was an

48 March 2017

Dennis [Mendenhall] was my

neighbor and friend. My father was on the
LAFD from 1940 to 1970 as soon as Den-
nis and I met, we always talked about the
LAFD. Dennis dad was on the LAFD too,
so he and I traded stories of being sons of a
fireman. As it turned out, Dennis son and
my son are both military helicopter pilots.
Denniss son is Navy and mine Air Force.
Well, it turned out that our sons knew each
other and worked together. Small world.
Dennis would often stop by my house
Protect Those
when I was in the garage working on my
hot rod. He was a car guy and had a very with Special Needs
pristine Porsche that I always wanted to
buy. I am a retired cop and Dennis and I Firefighter Justin Mendence set up a special needs trust to ensure his
would often talk of how it was in the old
days. Each generation has its old days son and entire family is taken care of in the best manner possible.
and talking about ours was a real treat.
Dennis fought cancer for several years and You want to think everybodys going to take care of your kid because
I have never known anyone who faced ad-
versity with the courage and positive spirit
of Dennis. I not only really liked the guy,
I had a tremendous amount of respect for
If I handwrite a will,
everybody loves him, but unless you have a plan in placeyoure planning
to fail. Leaving it to chance is not in me and my wifes vocabulary.
him. I could easily see what a strong leader
he must have been. isnt that
A Special good
Needs Trust enough?
Helps You:
RIP my friend. Set up long-term funding for living expenses & care
Neal Rein Determine who will be the primary caregiver
Westlake Village, CA
Create an advisory group of experts to help caregivers make
sound decisions
Ensure your childs assets are protected & well-managed
Ensure your child maintains eligibility for special services

I sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that my son is set up for his
entire life, Justin said.

Whether you care for a child or adult with special needs or not,
everyone should consider setting up an estate plan. Ask for a
Getting Started Kit today by emailing Relief Association
Development & Marketing Director Marlene Casillas at
March 2017 49 or calling (323) 259-5217.
Los Angeles Fire Department

r i t Scho l ar Award
M e Cash Grants Up to $20,000
($5,000 per year each year in College)

Who is Eligible?

An applicant must be a dependent child or step-child of an active For more information on this years awards, go to the departmen-
or fallen LAFD sworn employee and currently a high school senior tal website or contact June Andrade at
or college freshman who will be enrolled next fall as a full-time the LAFD Scholarship Fund by phone at (213) 435-6095 or by
student in an accredited four-year college or university. email at

The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit. The The application deadline is March 31, 2017
single most important factor is academic achievement, but Get an application today!
the all-civilian Selection Committee will also consider other
relevant criteria, including personal character and extracurricular Donations can now be accepted online at
Please share this link with family and friends.

FYI, there are two other scholarship opportunities for your consideration.
For more information, please access
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
and Firefighters First Credit Union

50 March 2017
James A. Rogers, Captain II.
Appointed May 12, 1947.
Retired on a service pension May 1, 1977 from FPB-Industrial & Commercial.
Passed away January 20, 2017.

Dennis L. Mendenhall, Captain II.

Appointed April 27, 1975.
Retired on a service pension April 30, 2009 from FS 49-C.
Passed away January 21, 2017.

Verdi L. Ventling, Fireman.

Appointed July 11, 1949.
Retired on a disability pension July 1, 1972 from FS 71-C
Passed away January 22, 2017.

Emil A. Oldar, Engineer.

Appointed December 1, 1947.
Retired on a service pension June 1, 1978 from FS 48-C.
Passed away January 26, 2017.

David T. Moorman, Captain II.

Appointed October 17, 1989.
Actively on duty at FS 96-C.
Passed away February 5, 2017.

William E. Stachowiak, Engineer.

Appointed May 29, 1951.
Retired on a service pension August 1, 1977 from FS 103-C.
Passed away February 7, 2017.

Diane L. Willis, spouse of John K. Willis, passed away January 10, 2017.
Carole I. Irwin, spouse of Glen G. Irwin, passed away January 15, 2017.
Betty J. Vrieling, surviving spouse of Gerrit J. Vrieling, passed away January 17, 2017.
Rose E Agnew, spouse of Shawn T. Agnew, passed away January 17, 2017.
Frances R. Mc Daniel, surviving spouse of William D. Mc Daniel, passed away January 20, 2017.
Dorothy E. Fowler, surviving spouse of Arthur F. Fowler, passed away January 22, 2017.
Laura L. Kallen, surviving spouse of William C. Wakeland, passed away January 25, 2017.
Betty J. Reagan, surviving spouse of George P. Reagan, passed away January 27, 2017.
Mary E. Maloney, surviving spouse of Willard Maloney, passed away January 28, 2017.
Lois J. Present, surviving spouse of Myron Present, passed away January 30, 2017.
Florene G. Grove, surviving spouse of Clifford M. Grove, passed away February 4, 2017.

March 2017 51
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund
January 2017

BUZZARD BAIT FAMILY Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride memory of Steven Dixon memory of Francis Gary Clinite
ALFRED ROY C/O WELLS Retired Firefighters Breakfast at Sonia Cundy MARY ELLEN LEAKE in
FARGO/DAVID MILLER Mimis Restaurant on 1/4/17 memory of James R. Leake
KAREN B. ADLOCH in support of CARL A. COPPA from the memory of Francis Gary Clinite JERROLDENE L. OGRADY in
William Lievense Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride memory of Gary Clinite
ROBERT M. DEAN from the
HAROLD N. BURKHART RICHARD L. WATTERS in Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride DANIEL J. KEMP in memory of
memory of my husband Theodore G. Jimenez
RICHARD T. SAKURAI Captain Frederick Martin MARK B. STAFFORD from the
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride JOANNE M. BARTHELEMY from
ROBERT SAURMAN from the GERAL M. PAIZ from the the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride DALE M. ROBINSON from the
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride LEON M. SANCHEZ from the
ROBERT J. MUNOA from the JOHN BANTLE from the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride LAWRENCE M. FIORI from the
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride WARREN B. WORCESTER from
JULIE A. APODACA from the INSTALLATION SERVICES from the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride GERALD E. JEFFREY JR. from
the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride FIRE STATION NO. 87 from the
BRIAN K. HISHINUMA from the LISA DI STEFANO from the Fire Extinguisher Fund
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride KAREN WALLER from the Buzzard
Bait Family Fun Ride MARY A. MEDOZA in memory of
MARK B. STAFFORD from the JOHN L. PECEL in memory of Gary Clinite
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Steve Bascom ROBERT P. STOVER III from the
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride LOU ORCUTT in memory of
ARNO ADLHOCH in support of SCOTT D. MITCHELL from the Harold Scott
William Lievense Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride BRENT M. BALICH from the
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride RONALD & DOREEN ENNIS in
LEANOR HAMBLIN in memory BBL TRUCKING CO. from the memory of Gary Clinite
& honor of my husband Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride LEON M. SANCHEZ from the
Charles Chuck Hamlin Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride RICHARD & LAURA
DAYNA TOLSON from the MONTAGUE in memory of
MATTHEW WAROFF from the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride SHELLEY P. COOK from the Gary Clinite
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
JULIE A. APODACA from the from the Buzzard Bait Family MICHAEL G. MAC INNES from of James Sanders
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Fun Ride the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
HENRY C. MILLS from the
BRUCE E. GALIEN from the RAY LA FONTAINE from the DALE J. SMITH from the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
CITY OF LOS ANGELES FIRE STATION NO. 66 from the JAMES E. GILLUM from the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
Fire Extinguisher Fund Simi Valley Breakfast Club
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride DONALD J. PAONE from the HARRY M. MORCK in memory of Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Jim Sanders
the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride GAYLENE MCCARTY/RONALD GENE & CAROLYN THURMAN Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
KINSLOW in memory of in memory of Jim Leake
SCOTT D. MITCHELL from the Gary Clinite WARREN B. WORCESTER from
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride JOHN & CHRISTINA MCKILLIP the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride
HARRY F. SWOPE III/ in memory of Tony Didomenico,
the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride memory of Donald L. Nollner Tony Didomenico Jr.
BILL ALVAREZ in memory of
BRIAN K. HISHINUMA from the DONNA B. ZIEL in memory of PETER & JUDITH FELTHOUSEN Engineer Harold L. Scott
Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride Steven Dixon in memory of Gary Clinite

52 March 2017
Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History - Great Fires L.A. Firemen Have Fought:

The Brennan Hotel
Researched by FRED S. ALLEN for a rear alley forward through the basement, de- is estimated to have been worth about $75,000,
story in the Grapevine 1963 termined to learn personally if there were other and half of that is the estimate of loss. None of
While this fire came to be known as the stocks of explosive oils that would endanger the walls fell. Wings Cafe, a chop suey place,
Hotel Brennan fire, the fire originated and the lives of his firemen. which occupied one of the ground floor rooms
did most of its damage in the grade floor and Presently the absence of the chief was adjacent to the paint company, suffered a loss
basement portion occupied by the Los Angeles noticed, and a dozen firemen began a frantic of about $5,000.
Wallpaper and Paint Company. search for him. Firemen J. Reyes of Engine From 2 oclock until after 6, Main street
In the January 24, 1913, issue of the Company No.5 came upon the chief, lying un- and Fifth and Sixth streets were blocked to traf-
Los Angeles Examiner appeared a most dra- conscious on the basement floor. Reyes picked fic. Masses of spectators were packed against
matic account of this incident written by an Chief Eley up and carried him up a ladder the ropes at the street corners, and thousands
unknown staff writer. For the enjoyment of our through the sidewalk door. Eley was hurried more watched the fire from the roofs of the
GRAPEVINE readers, the Examiner story is to the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, un- Kerkoff, Central, Pacific Electric, Security and
reprinted just as it appeared to the citizens of conscious and in a serious condition. He was other tall buildings in the vicinity. A portion of
Los Angeles. treated with oxygen, and after an hour recov- the matinee audience at the Burbank theater
ered consciousness. had reached the house before the streets were
Los Angeles Examiner J. Reyes, later retired from the LAFD as closed, and most of them sat through the play,
January 24, 1913 a Captain, stated that Chief Eley tripped and in ignorance of the thrilling scenes in real life
fell through an open shipping hatch into nine that were being enacted just on the other side
Fed by paints, oils and wallpaper of the feet of hot water and turpentine in the base- of the swinging doors. The Optic theater, next
stock of the Los Angeles Wallpaper and Paint ment. Reyes left his company and entered the door to the paint store, was filled with an au-
Company, at 529 South Main street, a fire, hot water and rescued the chief swimming to dience watching the moving pictures when the
discovered shortly before 2 oclock yesterday the hatch opening where Eley was lifted out of fire was discovered. The manager announced
afternoon, swept from top to bottom of the five- the water with a pike pole. Reyes himself be- that an accident to the film mechanism com-
story building with the fierceness of flames in came extremely ill from inhaling the turpentine pelled a suspension of the entertainment, and
a furnace, inflicting a loss of about $100,000 fumes and the hot water he swallowed making the theater was emptied without confusion.
and furnishing a thrilling spectacle to many the rescue. However, he was not taken to the
thousands of persons during the stubborn fight hospital or listed among those treated. Accord- GALLANT FIREMEN KISSED
which lasted till nightfall before the firemen ing to Capt. Reyes, as he recalls the incident, Rehearsal was on at the Century the-
had conquered. The fire started in the rear Assistant Chief ODonnell threatened to dis- ater, just north of the burning building. The
part of the ground floor of the paint companys miss Reyes for leaving his company, but Capt. stage was drenched with water and the rehears-
store, but the cause of it is not known. As soon Stephen Queirolo, a natural leader during al and evening performance were abandoned.
as Chief Eley arrived he saw the seriousness those early days, threatened to leave the job The chorus girls, in their makeup, watched the
of the menace and a second and a third alarm if Reyes was penalized for his bravery, so the fire, and, in their enthusiasm over the daring
followed in rapid succession, until all of the matter was dropped. Reyes received no recog- shown by the firemen, rewarded some of them
fire companies of the central portion of the city nition for his act.) with kisses as they came out of the smoke-
were massed in the struggle to keep the flames The value of stock of the paint com- filled storerooms for breathing spells. There
within the four walls and save what could be pany is placed
saved from the burning building. at $60,000. It
Fire Chief Eley, but lately risen from a is a total loss. The Brennan Hotel Fire,1913
sick bed, led his men with persistent courage, The furniture
forcing his way again and again into the gas- of the Bren-
choked basement and the first floor, until a final nan was worth
venture into the death tap almost cost him his about $15,000,
life. and it is almost
An explosion of turpentine casks had entirely de-
thrown a group of firemen out through a base- stroyed by the
ment entrance and had covered another group fire and water.
with a mass of wallpaper from shattered shelv- The building,
ing. Immediately following the rescue of these owned by Gus-
men, just before 5 oclock, Chief Eley, who had tave Brenner of
already fainted twice from exertion and expo- San Francisco,
sure to choking fumes, made his way from the
March 2017 53
were thrilling rescues of women in grave peril, building from Main Street, from the The steamers are pumping into a myriad of hose lines
but the women were moving picture actresses alley in the rear and from the roofs of and creating a lot of smoke themselves slightly obliter-
and the rescuers were actors with terra cotta the buildings across the alley. Four ating the Gorter Water Tower in the background.
complexions and black, cornice-like eyebrows. engines, the tower, two hook and
The movies man was on hand within half an ladder trucks and three of four hose
hour of the time the fire started, with camera wagons were grouped at the Main
and company, and seizing a time when the lad- street front.
ders in front were not in use, the brave rescuers The firemen fought against great
carried limp women down them, while the cam- odds, as the combustible stock of the
eraman worked his crank and shouted hoarse paint store, in the rear of which the
directions. So realistic was all this that a po- fire started, blazed fiercely in spite
liceman was deceived and, rushing forward, of the torrents of water that were
seized an apparently unconscious girl from the poured upon it. The flames swept
arms of an actor and was rushing to an am- up an air shaft and spread to every
bulance with her when her friends effected a floor of the hotel, and down into the
genuine rescue. basement, where most of the paints
and oils were stored. Embers fell all
Such was and is the story of one of the about the block, but with the compe-
great fires Los Angeles firemen have fought. tent force and equipment Chief Eley
One cannot help but observe how fire reporting had brought to the contest, there was
has changed!! at no time any real danger of the fire
spreading beyond the four walls.
THIRTY FIREMEN OVERCOME The most tense period of the
Thirty firemen were overcome tempo- fight came at a time when thousands
rarily by the gas inside the building. Some of of watchers thought the spectacle
them were revived and returned to their work. was ended. A sullen roar came from
Some were taken to hospitals for treatment. A the basement, the muffled report of
second and then a third alarm brought all the an explosion, presumably of tur-
downtown fire apparatus to the scene. Twen- pentine casks. Lieutenant J. Smith,
ty lines of hose poured their streams into the R. Conklin and Ed Welte of Engine
Company No.24 were entering the The firemen appear to be getting a handle on the fire.
basement and they were hurled back to the
street by the force of the explosion. On the missioner A.F. Frankenstein and Chief Eleys
ground floor a group of firemen were working physician, Dr. Arthur D. Houghton raced to
desperately when an avalanche of wall-paper, Riverside, borrowed an ambulance and a driver
jarred from shelves by the explosion, came and with siren and red light, rushed Chief Eley
tumbling down upon them. 100 miles to Good Samaritan Hospital where
he recovered and resumed work.
FIVE BURIED UNDER DEBRIS The day after the Brennan Hotel fire
Captain C.F. Blackwell, Howard Dyer the Los Angeles Examiner editorialized in sup-
and Roy King of Hose Company 23, William port of a proposed charter amendment creat-
Shiller of Engine Company No.7, and J.F. Cor- ing a better pension system for firefighters and
neaugh of Truck Company 1 were buried under police: Thousands saw the heroic men enter
the debris and were immediately in danger of the inferno into which their duty called them.
suffocation, their situation being all the more Shortly after word went whispering through
critical because the room was thick with smoke the watching throngs that they were lost and
The Gorter Water Tower with an elevated stream into
and gases. A score of their comrades rushed in pity stirred all hearts as their unconscious
the hotel. There were no ladder pipes then. You can
and dug frantically till all of them were rescued forms were being stumblingly brought forth
see this LAFD icon at the Hollywood museum.
and carried out, to be hurried away to the Re- by their no less heroic fellows. Every now and
ceiving Hospital. then some firemen receive medals as pub-
Chief Eley was lic recognition of conspicuous acts of heroism.
hospitalized several The recognition is little enough The hero is
weeks before return- soon forgotten by the many. Only his family
ing to duty, although knows what the performance of his duty has
his injuries constantly cost him; the aches and pains, the failing eyes,
bothered him. That the strained vitals. Today the city is ringing with
spring he took a leave the news of the fire, its desperate character, the
of absence and went deadliness of the developed fumes, the brav-
to a Lake Elsinore re- ery of the firemen; yet 30 days from now, who
sort to recuperate. He will remember those names, who will think
was there two months of the men who, at the time, will be suffering
when he suffered a in silence from the aftereffects of yesterdays
major relapse and was injuries? The editorial concluded by implor-
The hotel with fire through the roof. near death. Fire Com- ing voters to approve the charter amendment.

54 March 2017
This photo may have been taken later in the incident showing Dear Frank:
a steamer next to the building or it may have been taken I sat down to read the latest Grape-
early when the fire started in the paint store basement. vine issue and as a history buff I always
look forward to the LAFD history article.
The addition of the LAFD challenge coin
caught my interest. I wanted to
share a little about the challenge
coins origins. During WWI, pilots
were issued a gold coin to use in
ef- fecting an escape if they went down
be- hind enemy lines. Squadron com-
manders wanted to make sure the
coin was always on them in case of a
quick scramble for a mission. As
a way to ensure compliance squadron
commanders started the coin chal-
lenge. The commander would slam
down his coin on the bar and anyone
caught without their coin had to buy
the commander a drink. If however
all the pilots had their coins then
the commander would have to buy
all of them a drink because he lost
the challenge. The tradition still
stands about 100 years later. Even
though I retired from the Air Force The Hollywood Museum is
Reserve 12 years ago I still have located in Old Fire Station 27 at
my challenge coin in my wallet. Its 1355 No. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA
one of those things so ingrained it 90028. The Harbor Museum is locat-
Steamers pumping away on both sides of Main St. will probably never leave me. So ed in San Pedro City Hall at 638 S.
the moral of the story is Challenge
The charter amendment passed that spring and Coin; never leave home without it
Beacon St., San Pedro CA 90731.
signed into ordinance September 16, 1913. -Frank J. Correa 97 A and USAF retired Anyone interested in joining
our great cause by becoming a mem-
The Challenge Coin Story Continues ber, or volunteering to work, or make
Last month I wrote a story about our
a donation of money or an LAFD item
new LAFD Historical Society challenge coin
being sold in the gift shops at both museums. LAFDHS Calendar for 2017 may contact us by mail:
One side has the LAFD Fallen Firefight- (As we know it today) LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
ers Memorial Statues and the reverse has the 2017 EVENTS 1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
LAFDHS logo. May Hollywood, CA 90028
I received the following from Frank J. LAFDHS Annual Pancake Breakfast & Fire
Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember
Correa, Fire Station 97 A and USAF retired Service Day, Hollywood Museum -
with an interesting story about challenge coins. Sat. 5/13 at 0830 hrs. we are currently staffed part time, so
leave a message and we will return
Calendar for March 2017 your call. The fax number is 323-464-
7401. Our E-mail is: LAFDHS27@ Web site at www.lafdmuse- If you want to look at some
great LAFD history check www. and check the LAFD web
site for information and events at We look forward to
hearing from you and seeing you at
the Museum.

The Los Angeles Fire Department

Historical Society is a non-profit 501
(C) (3) organization.

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat March 2017 55
January 11, 2017

MINUTES OF THE BOARD David Peters led the flag salute. 4) Bob Steinbacher indicated that 3) Todd Layfer referred to the
OF TRUSTEES they will be having their Board Budget presentation and indicated
RATIFICATION OF Educational Offsite meeting that he will first present it to the
January 11, 2017 MINUTES in May. The location is not yet Admin committee on January
determined. 25th and then for approval at
CALL TO ORDER Bob Steinbacher entertained a February 8th Board meeting.
motion to ratify and dispense 5) Bob Steinbacher informed the
President Bob Steinbacher with the reading of the minutes Board that the Pechanga Reunion 4) Todd Layfer reported on the
called the meeting of the Board of the Board of Trustees meeting will be held May 22nd through website statistics
of Trustees of the Los Angeles held December 7, 2016 and the May 25th. He indicated that they for 2016 and indicated that we
Firemens Relief Association to minutes of the Special Board will begin posting information have had over 45K new visitors
order at 10:55 a.m. meeting held December 14, 2016. on the website just as soon as its and indicated that the top pages
David Peters so moved. Chris available. visited were Funeral Notices,
ROLL CALL Hart seconded. There was no Home Page and Grapevine.
further discussion or objections. 6) Bob Steinbacher referred to He reported that the WODFF.
MEMBERS PRESENT: the Member Summary Sheets and org website had 7,205 new
Bob Steinbacher, President Motion carried to ratify and indicated that they are sent to the visitors with the top pages being
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President dispense with the reading of the membership to encourage them to the Charity Page and the Golf
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary minutes of the Board of Trustees update their information such as Tournament.
Trustee Frank Aguirre meeting held December 7, 2016 beneficiaries and/or coverage if
Trustee Gayle Sonoda and the minutes of the Special necessary. 5) Todd Layfer indicated that the
Trustee Gene Bednarchik Board meeting held December annual onsite investment meeting
Trustee Tim Freeman 14, 2016. EXECUTIVE SESSION will be held on February 15th
Trustee Rick Godinez at Beacon Pointe Advisors in
Trustee John Jacobsen PRESIDENT REPORT The Board entered into Executive Newport Beach.
Trustee David Peters Session at 11:16 am. The Board
Trustee David Ortiz 1) Andy Kuljis administered the adjourned from Executive Session INVESTMENT COMMITTEE
Trustee Chris Hart Oath of Office to new Trustee at 11:50 am. REPORT
Trustee Tyler Tomich Gayle Sonoda. Bob Steinbacher
Trustee Craig White indicated that Gayle is the first The Board discussed a personnel Bob Steinbacher indicated that
Trustee Steve Ruda female Trustee to serve on the matter and took action. Garth Flint will be at the LAFRA
Trustee Joe Vigil LAFRA Board of Trustees. office on January 24th to discuss
Trustee Steven Domanski - VICE PRESIDENT REPORT investment allocation goals for
Pension Andy Kuljis administered the 2017.
Trustee Doak Smith Pension Oath of Office to the Group Two 1) Jeff Cawdrey briefly reviewed
Trustee Trustees: Rick Godinez, Craig the upcoming conferences for ADMINISTRATIVE
Tim Larson Pension White, David Peters and Doak 2017 and asked Trustees to let COMMITTEE REPORT
Todd Layfer - Executive Director Smith. him know which conferences they
Liberty Unciano Controller- were interested in attending. Frank Aguirre presented the
Treasurer Andy Kuljis administered the following motions.
Oath of Office to President Bob EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR S
MEMBERS ABSENT: Steinbacher and Vice President REPORT The committee recommends and
Trustee Chris Stine (Excused) Jeff Cawdrey. I so move to pay the usual and
Trustee Steve Berkery (Excused) 1) Todd Layfer informed the customary bills in the amount
Trustee Mike Sailhamer 2) Bob Steinbacher referred to Trustees that the IRS Mileage of $883,217.71. There was no
(Excused) the LAFRA 110th Anniversary Rate has changed to 53.5 cents discussion or objections.
Dinner Dance and indicated that per mile effective January 1,
GUESTS: it was a successful event with a 2017. He asked that they use the Motion carried to pay the usual
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor good time had by all. new Trustee Expense Voucher and customary bills in the
Tom Stires, Retired provided to them. amount of $883,217.71.
3) Bob Steinbacher informed that
INVOCATION AND FLAG the LAFRA Health Fair will be 2) Todd Layfer informed that The committee recommends
SALUTE held on April 6th at the Frank the Audit Committee planning and I so move to pay $750 for a
Hotchkin Memorial Training meeting will be on January 26th foursome of golf and tee sign for
Rick Godinez led the invocation. Center. at 8:30 am. the Firefighters Quest annual

56 March 2017
charity golf tournament. There following motion. ADVANCEMENT LAFRA website. He presented the
was no discussion or objections. COMMITTEE REPORT latest member testimonial video
The committee recommends and I featuring Jim Krebs and another
Motion carried to approve $750 so move to pay: The committee recommends and featuring Ryan Penrod. He
for a foursome of golf and tee I so move to advance funds for indicated that these testimonials
sign for the Firefighters Quest The Sick & Injury benefits in the both active and retired members. are played on a loop at most of
annual charity golf tournament. amount of $34,780.18 There was no discussion or LAFRAs events.
The Estate Planning benefit in the objections.
The committee recommends amount of $6,000 SETTING OF DATES
and I so move to approve $150 The Relief Death Benefits in the Motion carried to advance
for the LAFD Promotional amount of $27,000 funds for both active and retired 1) Buzzard Bait Ride
Badge Ceremony. There was no members. January 14th 16th
discussion or objections. There was no discussion or 2) Hook & Ladder March 18th
objections. GRAPEVINE/WEB 3) L.A. Marathon March 19th
Motion carried to approve $150 COMMITTEE REPORT 4) Health & Wellness Fair
for the LAFD Promotional Motion carried to pay the above April 6th
Badge Ceremony. Relief benefits. Chris Hart indicated that they will 5) Lane Kemper Softball
ask Deborah Lew to come and Tournament May 2nd
The committee recommends Rick Godinez read the names of give the Trustees tutorials on how 6) Offsite Strategic Planning
and I so move to approve the members who recently passed to use the social media sites for May 4th TBD
transferring of the LAFRA and asked for a moment of silence events. 7) Pechanga Reunion
employee dental plan from Delta from the Board. May 22nd May 26th
Dental to Anthem Blue Cross. YEARBOOK COMMITTEE 8) Hope for Firefighters
There was no discussion or MEMORIALS REPORT June 1st
objections. Michael P. Celentano 9) LAFD Golf Tournament
John J. Rock Dave Wagner reported that September 25th
Motion carried to approve the William A. Bowles they have gotten a few bids
transfer of the LAFRA employee William T. Miller from vendors for the printing RETIREMENT DINNERS
dental plan from Delta Dental to James A. Sanders of the LAFRA Yearbook. He
Anthem Blue Cross. William M. Atkins indicated that he will run them 1) Cori Tipton Wednesday,
by the committee for approval January 25th B @ FHMTC
MEDICAL COMMITTEE ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE and then work on scheduling (Steinbacher)
REPORT a photographer for the active 2) Tim Freeman Wednesday,
Rick Godinez presented the members. February 22nd C @ The
David Peters presented the following motions. Odyssey (Freeman)
following motion. BYLAWS/POLICY 3) Jack Wise Saturday, April
The committee recommends and 15th A @ Sagebrush Cantina
The committee recommends and I I so move to accept the donations David Peters indicated he would (Smith)
so move to accept the applications in the amount of $46,703.45 to like to have a committee meeting
to the Medical Plan. There was no the Widows, Orphans & Disabled to update the Policy Manual to ADJOURNMENT
discussion and no objections. Firemens Fund. There was no reflect changes on actions taken in
discussion or objections. the Executive Session. Bob Steinbacher entertained a
Motion carried to accept all motion to adjourn.
applications to the Medical Plan. Motion carried to accept the SCHOLARSHIP
donations in the amount of COMMITTEE REPORT David Peters so moved. Craig
The committee recommends $46,703.45 to the Widows, White seconded. There was no
and I so move to approve up to Orphans & Disabled Firemens Rick Godinez indicated that they discussion and no objections.
$8K for health screenings at the Fund. have revamped the application
LAFRA Health Fair. There was process for simplification. He Motion carried to adjourn.
no discussion or objections. The committee recommends indicated that the deadline to The Board of Trustees meeting
and I so move to approve the submit applications is March 23rd adjourned at 12:45 p.m.
Motion carried to approve up to financial assistance applications and the Essay event will be April
$8K for health screenings at the for surviving spouses, active and 8th at the LAFRA office. Bob Steinbacher, President
LAFRA Health Fair. retired members. There was no
discussion or objections. MARKETING &
REPORT financial assistance applications
for surviving spouses, active and Rick Godinez briefly reported
Rick Godinez presented the retired members. on the improvements of the

March 2017 57
891-1414, (661) 298-3070, FAX Wild Pheasants, doves, morn-
(661) 298-3069. State License ing dove, white wine dove &
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TV, internet, pools and spas. yon Lodge. Fully furnished, TVs, cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark Lanai/balcony, full kitchen, king
Gated community from $115/night. VCR/DVD, pool, spa, rec room, (818) 371-6722 bed, flat screen TVs/DVD, ACs
3 bed from $125/night. No smok- sauna, linens included. Winter Email: free WiFi (internet), complimen-
ing. Barbara (626) 798-2484. $175 weekdays, $195-week- tary maid service, complimen-
JUNE LAKE CABIN - 2BR/2BA ends/holidays; summer $125, MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET: tary coffee every morning and
cabin with Carson Peak plus cleaning. No smoking; no Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed, breakfast on Fridays. Special
view. Close to fishing & ski- pets. Craig Yoder (909) 948- sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR, firefighters discount - Best value
ing. Furnished, wood deck, 3659. DVD. Garage parking. Walk to in West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ
equipped kitchen, wood burning Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail. area - Close to beach! (800)
stove, tree swing, cable /DVD/ MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, 2 night minimum. Winter $100/ 336-2185
phone. Garage/ample parking. 2 bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, nite, $125 Fri, Sat & Holidays.
$100/night plus cleaning fee. pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - ex- Summer $60/nite. Plus $120 Don Sprenger - retired LAFD
Email for pictures. Jeff Easton ept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15. cleaning & linens. Jeff & Lisa (949) 929-0989
LAFD retired (805) 217-5602. Winter $125/night. Weekends Moir (661) 254-5788. and Holidays $110 midweek. PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath,
Summer $95/night. $495/week. MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET: one level. New re-model, fully
LAKE HAVASU LANDING- No smoking. No pets. Jim John- Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio furnished w/linens. Cable TV/
Waterfront, steps to the water. son (818) 992-7564, FS 80C. loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full DVR, Private Patio, BBQ, Laun-
Boat mooring out front, off-road kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking, dry, Garage, Gated Community,
desert behind house. 3 bed/3 MAMMOTH CONDO NEXT TV, VCR, DVD. Winter Sun- two (Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis
bath, fully furnished w/linens. TO THE GONDOLA VILLAGE Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/ Courts). Near College of the
Direct TV/DVR, BBQ, Casino, Fully furnished, three bed- nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non Desert. $175 Dan Cook 310 418
Grocery/Meat Market, Launch room, two bath with towels and smoking complex. Joel Parker, 1577.
March 2017 59
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Ro- VACATION including at least two years in or mail your
mantic Chalet Family getaway. VEHICLES a responsible management signed and complete applica-
3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps capacity. Prior experience as a tion, resume and cover letter to
810. Cable TV, washer/dryer, MOTORHOMES FOR RENT. California State Fire Instructor Grace Andres, 1245 N Hacienda
microwave, woodburning stove. Several Class Cs & Class As for desired. Road, La Habra Heights, CA
7 minutes to casinos and Heav- rent. Serving family and friends 90631.
enly. Located in Tahoe Paradise. for over 15 years. LAFD, LASD, Education: Bachelors degree
$115 per night plus cleaning. IPD, OXPD, OXFIRE, LACO, in Fire Science, Public Adminis-
Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at LACITY, LACITY SKI CLUB. tration, or closely related field is
(661) 250-9907 or (661) 476- Visit us at preferred. For advertising
6288. or call 661-297-2398 as for
Jeff. Make money with your Salary range for this position information, please contact:
SUNSET RANCH PALM DES- motorhomes to offset your pay- is $75,000 - $95,721 per year,
ERT. 163 acre ranch private ski ment. We sub-lease RVs. and is dependent upon qualifica-
lake. Perfect for Family vaca- tions of the selected candidate.
tions. Ranch house accommo- The selected candidate will be Eric Santiago
dates large groups. Amenities:
FOR HIRE enrolled into CalPERS. A benefit
pool, AC, billards, TV, fishing, pet
program is also available with (323) 259-5231
friendly. Nearby golf, casinos, paid medical insurance, sick,
ATV riding. Also, Premier lodging
ing all retired LAFD members!
and vacation leave. or email:
for Coachella music festivals.
*Seasonal duck hunting club.
See website for rates and info: Mimimum Qualifications: Five
To be considered: If you feel
you are qualified, please email a
or visit our website at years of broad experience in all completed city application found
or call Nick Davidson (424) 237- phases of municipal fire sup- at, resume
pression and prevention work, and cover letter to humanre-

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Honda - Sales and Leasing
consecutive years! Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara Large Selection of Used Vehicles
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / 11041 Sepulveda Blvd 6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve DensonFleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson
For special pricing contact 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
Terry MillerFleet Sales & Leasing 818-365-9621
15505 Roscoe Blvd Specializing in hassle-free car buying
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l

60 March 2017
My Buddy Hank Huizinga
By Don Gillett, LAFD retired

Growing up, Hank and I lived about four blocks from each other in Eagle too. He was so true to both wives, going to see them most every day a devoted husband
Rock. We attended the same schools, played ball with the same little league, and we for sure.
knew of each other on the job he a longtime engineer at FS 1 and me at 25s. But Hank had a bad stroke about a year and a half ago and ended up in the same
Hank and I didnt finally meet until the latter part of our careers with this great fire room with Star. Reedley is about 120 miles roundtrip from my mountain home near
department. Shaver Lake, but my caregiver and I always visited Hank and Star a couple of times a
Hank was at 50s when I transferred over there in 1972. Ours was an instant month.
friendship and remained that way for 45 years. We had lots of good times and experi- Last September, my friend Henry O. Huizinga, Jr. passed away at the age of 91.
ences like water skiing, snow skiing, and handball, along with frog whomping and My buddy is gone and I will forever miss him.
dove hunting out of my boat on the Kings River.
One time in Mammoth, we put a notice on the bulletin board that two LA
firemen whose ages totaled 100 Hank was 53 and I was 47 challenged all comers
to a doubles handball game for lunch and beers. It was difficult to play at 8,000 ft, but
I put my faith in Hanks long arms and big hands and we were able to pull off a win.
I was 41 years old when Hank convinced me to first take up snow skiing. We
skied together for many years until Hank decided to hang up his skis because he was
afraid he would knock us down getting off the lift which he did a few times. He was
78 at that time. I did get him back on skis once when he was 80 because he got a free
pass and other perks that day.
Hanks first wife, Julie, was the light of his life in those early years. She
ended up with Alzheimers disease which lasted for seven years. He met his second
wife, Star, and they had a good life together, then she came down with Alzheimers L to R: Hank Huizinga, Bert Jenkins, Ray Martin, Don Gillett

Task Force 50 circa 1979. L to R: Don Gillett, Tom Petrich, Ray Vasquez, Pete Ross, Hank Huizinga, Troy Bonar,
Harold Stephens, Jr., Herb Johnston, Mark Stormes, John Sanchez, Chester Port, Richard Elias, Don Ford

March 2017 61
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

Jason Torrey-Payne
Financial Advisor

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abouthow how
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to enter
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DROP,and and
investment options
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to you
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come out
of DROP.

March 7,7,2017
6:30-8:30PM March
Fireeghters First
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Thousand Oaks Oaks
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Colorado Blvd.
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Thousand Oaks,Oaks,
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or obligations
of the
or obligations Credit
of the
of the Union,
Credit Union,
Union, mayand
maymay involve
involve investment
including possible
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of principal.
of principal. Investment
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