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Statement of Affairs of X Ltd.

as on 31st March, 2015
Particulars Estimated
Assets not specifically pledged (As per list A)
Cash in Hand Xxxx
Cash at Bank
Marketable Securities Xxxx
B/R Xxxx
Trade Debtors
Calls-in-arrears Xxxx
Land and Building Xxxx
Leasehold Property Xxxx
Plant and Machinery
Furniture and Fixtures Xxxx
Other property, etc
Assets specifically pledged (As per list B)
Name of Estimated Due to Deficiency Surplus
the Asset Realisable Secured ranking as Carried to
Value Creditor Unsecured Last
Creditor Column
------- -------- -------- ---------- ------- XXXX

Estimated surplus from assets specifically pledged
Estimated total assets available for preferential creditors, debenture Xxxx
holders secured by a floating charge and unsecured creditors.
Gross realizable value of Assets specifically pledged xxx
Other Assets xxx
Gross Assets xxxx
Gross Liabilities
Xxxx Secured Creditors (As per list B) to the extent to which
claims are estimated to be covered by assets specifically
Xxxx Preferential Creditors (As per list C) (xxxx)
Estimated balance of assets available for Debenture Xxxxx
holders secured by a floating charge and unsecured
Xxxx Debenture holders secured by a floating charge (As per (xxxx)
list D)

Rs.___ called up (As Xxxx per list F) xxxx Equity Shares of Rs___ each. Estimated surplus as regards Debenture-Holders Xxxxx Xxxx Unsecured Creditors (As per list E) (xxxx) XXXX Estimated Surplus as regards Creditors (Being the Xxxx difference between Gross Assets and Gross Liabilities) Issued and Called Up Capital Preference Shares of Rs___ each. Rs.___ called up (As per list G) XXX Estimated Surplus/Deficiency as regards Members (As xxxx per list H) .