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Current scenario of Capital Market in India.


Title-Current scenario of Capital Market in India.


a. An overview of capital market

b. Structure of capital market

c. Present face of capital market

2.Classification of capital market

a.Primary market

b.Secondary market

3.Instruments & players of capital market

New issue market instruments

Stock market instruments

Players in capital market4.Trading Procedure

Electronic share trading

Process of share trading

Parties involved in trading5.Legal frame work of capital market

Regulatory authority of capital market

SEBI guidelines

Clearing and settlement procedures  Process of clearing and settlement  Parties involved in clearing and settlement7.Study of stock indexes  Market capitalization of different indexes .  National stock exchange  Bombay stock exchange  Regional stock exchange  Over the counter exchange of India8.Network of stock exchange in IndiaIshan Institute of Management & Technology5 Current scenario of Capital Market in India.Trend of capital market in India  Trend of Sensex and Nifty (for last 2 years)  Factors responsible for the fluctuation of Sensex and Nifty.Role of RBI &SEBI  SEBI guidelines & impact  Role of SEBI10.9. Securities Contract and Regulations Act6.

Bibliography . Performance of Stock indexes( for past 2 years)11.Appendix15.Recommendations &problem of capital market  problem of new issue market  Problem of secondary market  Suggestions and recommendations13.Conclusion14.Analysis &findings  Data analysis & interpretation  Findings12.