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Raheel Ahmed

Interview Assessment 1

Name of person interviewed: Dr. Azad

Profession: General Internist

Location and business name: Kromelis and Nelofer: Nelofer Azad MD

Date of interview: 10/2/16

Time: 5:00 pm

My first interview experience went really well. The primary question I had was

whether or not I should invest the time to subspecialize in Internal Medicine. However,

the interviewer gave me great insight into many other topics regarding location of work,

communication skills, possible negative and positive scenarios one may face while

working, and non patient work.

I plan on using the information I received by scheduling different plans and

timetables to see how much time I have to spend with each subspecialty and different

factors that can help me decide which subspecialty I want to take. Also, I can use this

information to figure out other factors that can affect a clinic that involve business and

economics. I also plan on learning what type of non patient work there is in the field of

Internal Medicine.

Something that I learned that was unexpected was that if you subspecialize, you

can work as both a General Internist and in that subspecialty. Additionally, job

opportunities are becoming more hospital-centered, so I should probably invest less

time trying to get my own clinic and prepare for hospital work.
The entire experience was exciting, but actually sitting down and talking to a

professional who was genuinely interested in what I wanted to know was really

amazing. Additionally, I enjoyed talking about things I had never known about. Learning

that there was much more to learn involving my field made me really excited to see

what other possibilities I could explore.