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Technology Integration Lesson Plan Template

Your NameSarah Brown and Rashmi Manjunath

Name: School: Date:


Subject Areas Grade Level Lesson or Project

English 2nd Duration
45mins - 1 hour
Technology Required
What software and hardware are needed for this lesson or project?
iPads, computer, projecter
ibooks, Safari, youtube

Technology Level
Teacher Student
Novice Novice
Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced Advanced
Lesson or Project Topic
What is the topic? What is the title?
I have a Dream

Critical Question Addressed

What specific question(s) will be answered?
How Martin Luther King Jr. used his speech to help people understand a moral

Lesson or Project Goals and Objectives

What will students experience and be able to do as a result of this lesson or project?
To teach students that there is a hero in each one of us. Also, to have a knowledge about Marthin Luther
King and civil rights movement.

Curriculum Connections
What specific curriculum learning outcomes will be addressed in this lesson or project?(TAKS)
LAFS.2.RL.1.2- Recount Stories. Including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their
central message, lesson, or moral.
Technology Connections
What technology skills and/or goals will be addressed in this lesson or project?
Students plan and employ effective research strategies to locate information and other resources for their
intellectual or creative pursuit

Lesson or Unit Starter

What will you do to introduce the lesson or project? Are the connections to the curriculum and technology
Will show a short clip on Dr.Kings Life.

Student-focused Activities
What activities will your student do during this lesson or project?
Teacher will show a short clip about martin Luther King life..
Students will read in groups of three or four " I have dream" by martin Luther King Jr. on there ipads using
the software iBooks.
Teacher will ask questions on the book
a. How did you feel about Martin Luther King
b. What was Martin Luther King trying to flight for.
c.Could you see Dr.King as a hero?
Then Students will use Safari to look up facts on Dr. King by using the National Geographic site.
finally Students will do a worksheet called "I have a Dream Too"

Hardware, Software, Web, CD ROM Other (Print, Human, etc) "I have a Dream too" worksheet

Student Assessment
How will you assess the extent to which the students have achieved the goals and objectives?
Students will complete, " I have a Dream too" worksheet and the class will have a
discussion on the meaing of Martin Luther King Speech.

Special Needs Accommodation:

ipads can change font size to help visual impaired students.

ESOL Accommodation:
iBooks can be translated in to native langauge and also can purchase the audio book.