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Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park was where first come in Kamphaeng Phet
with group E.And I had meet with a foreign people who travel together with a group
E. We have studied the community and area around the park. We tired to study , but
fun to do.

Knowing the place
Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park is the ancient laterite town and the ancient
brick town beside Ping river. It is the part of the UNECO World heritage site historic
town of Sukhothai and Srisatchanalai historic town.All place in Kamphaeng Phet
Historical Park are called Wat (temple) where tourist attraction . villager can running
and ride a bicycle in afternoon because it very sylvan and clam.

The purpose of the exercise
Now Kamphaeng Phet is past town for going to north way . And people don’t
know Kamphaeng Phet city. So we want improve tourism Kamphaeng Phet to people
known and don’t a province on the map .

How do we get the informations
I got the information by walk and talk with peoples live around Kamphaeng
Phet Historical Park and read the information brochures.

Kamphaeng Phet is canals around city so people known Kamphaeng Phet
from Nakorn Chum and they don’t know Kamphaeng Phet city because Kamphaeng
Phet city hasn’t advertise , bus , guide so tourist don’t know to come the city .
Thailand people know Kamphaeng Phet in named “past town for going to north
way” , the city don’t interest for them . They come and rest then come back.
Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park , museum and tourist attraction has a little foreign
tourist and rather more Thailand tourist . So Kamphaeng Phet is unknow for tourist.

What did I learn from this exercise
What I learned from the study is that I get to learn about the problems of
tourism that happens to Kamphaeng Phet. It can help me about design and know
behavior of local people to better improve Kamphaeng Phet.