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Faith Brings

Play the game Win the White House on iCivics. Win with at least 300 electoral votes.
Print the Certificate. (3 points)

Watch the election results the night of the election. Shade in a blank map of the United
States to demonstrate the electoral votes won by each candidate. (2 points)

Collect a Letter to the Editor from a newspaper about a candidate or an election issue.
Write a paragraph or two explaining the authors point of view. (3 points)

People/The editor in Idaho are against the Land Board's decision to own commercial
property. Allowing the state to make money off commercial property, but would not be
accounted for sales tax, income tax or the property taxes set on those properties. Which is
leading to people heavily supporting Lawerence Denney, Republican candidate for secretary of
state. He is against the Land Boards decision and supported suspending the practice of owning
commercial properties. He is even in favor of removing this practice totally. Denney is a
constitutional officer, the secretary of state serves as a member of the Land Board. Allowing him
to put to rest the Land Board's plans.

Collect an article from a newspaper dealing with an election issue. Write a paragraph or
two describing the issues in the article. (3 points)

This article zeros in on the four main candidates view if colleges or universities should be
tuition-free, but i'll just be focusing on our main dogs. Being that Hilary is for tuition-free while
Trump in not.
Hilary believes we shouldn't have to borrow or pay for tuition, books, and fees to attend a
public four-year in your state. Then community college students will receive a free tuition. Which
she would enact under the New College Compact. Allowing you the privilege of debt stress-free
Trump believes "there's no such thing as free education, because you know that
ultimately somebody else is going to be paying for that education." Ultimately the tax payers
rates are going to rise. Trump realizes your college rates are continuing to rise and that the
government isn't stepping in, but allowing it; leading to debt for the students. Our government
and our students are just paying out to college/universities. Trump wants to help lower and
maintain lower costs for the students. He plans to have something with extensions and lower
interest rates and a lot of good things.
Give the address of your familys polling (voting) place. (1 point)

Showing Polling Place for: 2808 Andes Dr Apt 5, MADISON, WI 53719

Verona Town Hall
335 N Nine Mound Rd, Verona, WI 53593-1035
Town Of Verona - Ward 2

List the voting registration requirements for Wisconsin (2 points)

To register and vote in Wisconsin, you must:

Be at least 18 years old.
You can register early as long as you will be 18 years old by or on Election Day.
Be a United State citizen.
Have lived in the area for 28 days before the election with no intent of moving.

List the names of 5 people who say they plan to vote (1 points)

Richard Armitage
Brent Scowcroft
Louis Brings
Alan Steinberg
Lisa Sharer
Kori Schake
Jim Cicconi
Chad Welty
+ anybody in EA who possibly could >_<

Find and clip an editorial cartoon about the election. Write a paragraph or two describing
what the cartoon is saying. (3 points)

When Trump wanted to address the "rigged" electron

problem, his solution reached back to the Jim Crow South.
Asking supporters to monitor the polls and look for
suspicious behavior, singling out big time
African-American community cities. Which is something the
media is immediately diving into and connecting the dots.
They find that
he manipulates history to justify a dark period in South
history that was defined by racial violence and organized
violation of voting rights.