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Technology Integration Lesson Plan Template

Your Name Carri Rheinschmidt Chelsea Piazza Amber Sousa

Name: School: Date:
Our Kindergarten Stone Creek 2/9/2017
Science Classes Elementary School

Subject Areas Grade Level Lesson or Project Duration
Science Kindergarten 30 minutes
Technology Required
What software and hardware are needed for this lesson or project?
Projector, Desktop Computer, Laptops, Internet access, Youtube website, and
Turtle Diary website

Link for video

Link for lesson and game

Technology Level
Teacher Student
Novice Novice
Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced Advanced
Lesson or Project Topic
What is the topic? What is the title?
Today's lesson is teaching the students about the 5 senses of the human body.
The title is "Our 5 Senses".

Critical Question Addressed
What specific question(s) will be answered?
What are the 5 senses of the human body?
How does popcorn smell, look, sound, taste, and feel?

Lesson or Project Goals and Objectives
What will students experience and be able to do as a result of this lesson or project?
The children will learn that as humans we can smell with our nose, see with our eyes, hear with our
ears, taste with our tongues, and feel with our hands. We will show the students how one object
(popcorn) can be described five different ways due to the divergent ways they react to our senses.
Curriculum Connections
What specific curriculum learning outcomes will be addressed in this lesson or project?(TAKS)
Florida Standards

Recognize the five senses of the body. Level 1

Technology Connections
What technology skills and/or goals will be addressed in this lesson or project?
ISTE Standards

1. Empowered Learner - Students leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and
demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.
1c. - Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to
demonstrate their learning in a variey of ways.

Lesson or Unit Starter
What will you do to introduce the lesson or project? Are the connections to the curriculum and
technology clear?
We will start the lesson with a high energy video about the 5 senses that encourages movement around
the room.

Student-focused Activities
What activities will your student do during this lesson or project?
1. We will project a children's youtube music video of a song (Hi-5 - Five Senses) about the five senses
of the human body onto the whiteboard from the teacher's computer and encourage the students to stand
up and dance around the room.
2. Then the students will bring their laptop to their desk. We will help the students log on to an
approved children's learning website ( and have them individually watch the 5 senses
lesson on Turtle
3. After the lessson, children immediately move on to the 5 senses game provided by Turtle
4. When students are finished with the game, which consisst of nine questions, they will put away the
5. At this point, we will put the students together in groups of five for collaborative learning.
6. We will give each group a bowl of popcorn.
7. We will ask the students to use their five senses to examine the popcorn.
8. We will give each group a paper handout which asks how popcorn smells, looks, sounds, tastes, and
feels. They will work in groups to describe the senses of the popcorn.

For the Spanish speaking students we will provide a worksheet written in Spanish.
Turtle Diary offers closed captioning for our hearing impared students.

Hardware, Software, Web, CD ROM Other (Print, Human, etc)
Computers - Desktop and Laptop Popcorn Worksheet
Projector Popcorn
Internet access Bowls
Youtube website video
Turtle Diary website game

Student Assessment
How will you assess the extent to which the students have achieved the goals and objectives?
We will assess their understanding through the worksheet we give to write how the
popcorn smells, looks, sounds, tastes, and feels. We will review and collaborate with
the entire class.