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Carnegie Mellon University Event Planning Checklist

Event Title:_______________________________________ Sponsoring Organization(s): _________________________
Event Date:_______________________________________ Person in Charge: _________________________________
Location:_________________________________________ Phone #: ________________________________________
Anticipated Attendance: ___________________________ Email: __________________________________________

Task to Be Completed Due Date Assigned To Date Completed
Event date
Event times

Rain plans
Guest list

Room reservation
Rain location reservation
Space layout
Equipment Rental

Sign stands
Pipe & drape
Coat rack/room
Trash cans
Recylcing/compost bins
Portable Toilets

Order A/V equipment

Lights 8. Projector/Screen MM Continued DVD player/CD Player/iPod Cables/Laptop Band equipment Hire Photographer Hire Videographer Catering/food Refreshments Food/Drinks Utensils/paper products Servingware Food tables/tableclothes CUC food registration form Social event registration for events with acohol Purchase Decorations Balloons Tableclothes Decorations Centerpieces Banners Other: Make decorations map/layout Seek volunteers for setting up decorations Bridge Event Flyers Doherty poster Doherty banner Stake signs Advertisements Stake sign application Chalking The Tartan Ad WRCT Ad announce@andrew. etc.) .5x11 News CMU online event calendar/news feed Table Tents Social Media (Facebook.

Email listservs Advertisements Cont Word of mouth campaign Event website Invitations Tabling in the CUC Save the date announcements Advertising timeline Advertisements Invitations Programs Printing Promotional give-aways Tickets Directional signage Nametags Placecards Contract Supplier forms Lodging Speaker/Performer Transportation Parking Campus escort Green room reservation Hospitality Payment/Reimbursement Thank you card/gift/honorarium Script for introduction Accessible location Disability Access Special transportation Wheelchair access Special seating section Sign language interpreter Video subtitles Accommodation statement on advertisements .

Book security/EMS Schedule volunteers Confirm times with all vendors two days before event Miscellaneous Evaluate event Review/update finalized budget Issue payment to vendors or reimburse members Send thank you cards Reserve cash box Obtain special permits or licenses .