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Megan Minix – English Award

 This student over the course of two years
in my English Language Arts classes has
been able to:
1. Read a wide variety of different
texts and genres from the beginning of
written text at Genesis all the way to
finding out who flew over the cuckoo’s
2. This student read them closely for
the minutest of details in order to have
an analytical focus, so much so that
they could explain to an oxymoron
what an iambic pentameter is.
3. Although this student struggled to
make it to class in a timely manner,
she did an excellent job in every
writing spending hours over the course
of this year reflecting over Socratic
seminars and revising those literary
analysis essays
Without further ado, Megan Minix please
come on down to receive this year’s English
Department Award.

. Tell the difference between presidential candidates wearing a wig and the Whig party 5. Found out the only reason political parties exist is to get people elected 6. And finally the Lies that all of us teachers tell you in class can be dispelled by Jarod Taylor this year’s Social Studies Department Award.Jarod Taylor – Social Studies  This student over the course of two years in my AP US Government and US History classes has been able to: 4.