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The calculation definition is now complete.

Before starting the calculation it is advisable to
select nodes or stresses points for a later generation of load displacement curves or stresses
and strain diagrams.
1.7.5 Define nodes for result out put
Step 49: Click the Select points for curves. All the nodes and stress points are displaced in
the model in the Output program
Step 50: Select the node at exactly (0.0,4.0). The selected node is indicated by ‘A’ in the
Step 51: Click Update button to return to the Input program


1.7.6 Run analysis
Step 52: Check if both calculation phrases are marked for calculation by a blue arrow. If this
is not the case, click the symbol of the calculation phase or right click and select Mark for
calculation from the pop up menu.
Step 53: Click the Calculation button to start analysis
Step 54: Save the project



1.7.7 View the result
Step 55: View the analysis result by clicking View calculation results button to open the
Output program

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