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Adelphi University

Spring 2014
The Study of Literature, Course # 0122-250

Dr. Lahney Preston Office Hours: 206 Harvey Hall T & TH 12.15 – 1.15
516-877-4037 W 11 am – 1 pm

Course Description:
Bulletin Description: This gateway course for majors and minors covers the essentials of critical
writing and literary interpretation. Students will refine their close reading skills across genres
while engaging with various theories and methodologies of literary scholarship. The class also
introduces students to the practices of effective and properly documented research.

Actual Course Description: This course is a basic introduction to the theoretical concepts
employed by literary scholars in their writing. We will start at the beginning – what is a poem? a
play? – and build on that knowledge throughout the semester. And we will question that
knowledge: how do we really know what literature is? How stable is language? We will look at
several theoretical models that are imposed on texts when trying to analyze them, including
Marxism, deconstruction and post-structuralism, gender studies (including queer and feminist
theory), postcolonial theory, and cultural studies. Throughout, we will have one thematic focus
so that we can see how application of theory remains consistent regardless of the kind of text it is
applied to.

General Education Distribution and Learning Goals:
This course fulfills the Humanities distribution requirement in the General Education program.

This course fulfills the written communication and information literacy learning goals. In exams,
written work, and classroom discussions, students will demonstrate their knowledge of assigned
texts, their historical contexts, and their stylistic features. Students will develop their own ideas
when writing about the primary and secondary texts and make convincing arguments, using
textual evidence, for those ideas. Students will build convincing arguments for their essays using
both primary literary and theoretical texts and secondary texts. Students will learn correct
citation techniques for the three major genre covered in the course, and will produce properly
formatted and cited essays. Students will explore the rudiments of database and internet
searching for their final essay, to find reputable secondary sources about their primary texts.

Students with Disabilities:

If you have a disability that may impact your ability to carry out assigned course work, and are
not enrolled in the Learning Disabilities Program, it is important that you contact the staff in the
Student Access Office (SAO), located on the first floor of Post Hall, (516) 877-3806, or SAO will review your concerns and determine, with you, appropriate and
necessary accommodations. All information and documentation of disability is confidential.

If you choose to rewrite an essay. 5th ed. Nicole Restrepo. you choose which two you want to do. You will turn in hard copies of your essays. as is due attention to your peers’ ideas and questions. The first two essays will be worth 20% each. the grade of the rewrite will be averaged with the grade of the original essay for your final essay grade. For the two essays you choose. Three unexcused absences will affect your final grade in the course. Grading Criteria: Three essays: 70% You will receive guidelines for these essays during the semester. via Moodle. ed. Class participation (discussion): 10% If you receive five unexcused absences. everyone will write the last essay of the term. Charles Busch. assigned to our class this semester. Pearson- Longman Other required readings will be available on Moodle. You will all be working with her during the course of the term. including your main idea and the texts that you will be using.Required Texts: Dracula. or you have a personal emergency – so you should plan for those to be included in your unexcused absences. one week before the essay is due. Grove Press An Introduction to Literature. . but don’t go to the doctor. and you will also turn in an electronic copy of your essays. physical therapy or other such things that you could schedule for non-class time. You will not receive excused absences for dentist’s appointments. Bennett & Royle. The last essay will include more assignments. you may revise the essay after having a conference with me about the planned revision. although we will be using some of the critical essays in the back of this edition) Tales of the Allergist’s Wife and Other Plays. Nina Auerbach. you will fail this course. You will have conferences with one of us the week before an essay is due. There are four due dates on the syllabus. Norton (you can use another edition. and is worth 30%.. A conversation is equal parts listening and speaking – please strive to do both. to which you will bring a draft of your essay. Of course things come up during the semester – you’re sick. and ask you to do some formal and theoretical analysis of texts. Criticism and Theory. for me. post on Moodle a full paragraph describing what you will be writing about. Of the other three due dates. Participation. ed. Bram Stoker. Joining in the discussions is evidence of your presence. except for the final essay. and will have some latitude in developing your own topics.or below on a final draft of a paper. One final examination: 20% This will be a cumulative exam that will cover formal and theoretical terms. If you receive a B. you will. We are fortunate to have a writing assistant. You may receive an excused absence for two things: religious holidays (for which you will notify me in writing a week in advance) and serious illness (which must also be accompanied by a doctor’s note). means attendance in both body and spirit. of which you get two free.

website sources. the following: 1. Tampering with or falsifying records 9. If I see you using a phone. I will confiscate your phone for every class session until the end of the semester. Plagiarism is literary theft. The best way to reach her to set up time to see her is via email: nicolerestrepo@mail. Make sure that you consult me or a reputable reference manual if you have questions about what constitutes plagiarism. and other relevant information on Moodle. readings. the syllabus. using someone else’s words and/or ideas as if they were your own. You will turn in an electronic copy of your final essays on Moodle. The purpose of the Honor Code is to protect the academic integrity of the University by encouraging consistent ethical behavior in assigned coursework by students. etc. Cheating on examinations through the use of written materials or giving or receiving help in any form during the If you have willfully plagiarized--for example. Violations of the code of academic honesty will include. you may also fail the course and be subject to disciplinary action. The following is excerpted from the Student Honor Code: The Code of Academic Honesty The code of academic honesty prohibits behavior which can broadly be described as lying. b) “forgetting” to properly quote any outside source which you have consulted. which includes but is not limited to: a) “forgetting” to add your bibliography. I will post essay assignments. Nicole Restrepo will be the writing tutor for our course. The creation of unfair advantage 7. including talking. Sabotage of others’ work. All incidences of plagiarism will be reported to the Provost of the University. Collaborating in areas prohibited by the professor 3. However. Unauthorized multiple submission of work 4.3200. . The number to call for appointments is 877.adelphi. Fabricating data or citations 2. but are not limited to. you should feel free to make use of the Writing Center (129 Nexus Building). Plagiarism includes any form of not documenting your sources properly. Should you continue using the phone in the next or any other class session. Writing Tutors: As mentioned above. or stealing. if you need assistance with writing for your other courses. all students enrolled in this course are expected to abide by the Adelphi University Honor Code. As a reminder. as well as providing me with a hard copy. Moodle This course will be utilizing Moodle. Plagiarism: presenting any work as one’s own that is not one’s own 6. etc. including library vandalism or manipulation 5. The facilitation of dishonesty 8. signals. if I find your paper or parts of it on the internet--you will not only receive an F on the paper.Plagiarism: You will receive an F (zero) on any paper that you turn in that is plagiarized in any way. Texting and other Phone-Related Behavior: Texting and/or game-playing distracts me and your fellow students. electronic devices. I will ask you to leave the class. cheating.

If you leave your paper in my mailbox after class. “The Wolf Man” – Moodle 9 Feb Finish up discussion for unit. Course Outline: 24 Jan Introduction to the course Poetry/ Psychological Theory 26 Jan Marie de France. I do not accept handwritten papers. The Phantom – Moodle Essay Due Today 21 Feb “Sexual Difference.” and “Desire” in Intro to Lit. “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution” – Moodle 28 Feb Judith Halberstam.Miscellaneous: You will receive guidelines for the essays you will write. “Female Masculinity” – Moodle. “before” does not mean 10 minutes before the class in which the paper is due. Crit & Theory.” “Queer. for whatever reason. I am much more likely to be sympathetic. if you don't have the text. If you miss three classes. Bring your book to class with you. The readings in this course are complex and often difficult. to be able to discuss them in class and to think about them in ways that are interesting to you in your essays and project. Crit and Theory 23 Feb Judith Butler. I expect you to have done the readings for the day they are assigned. Vampire Lesbians of Sodom 16 Feb Dion Boucicault. it will be considered late. (By the way. and I am under no obligation to accept it. If I do not receive such documentation. Essay Paragraphs due on Moodle before class and bring 3 copies to class/ schedule conferences/ writing in class and citation workshop Drama/ Gender Studies and Queer Theory 14 Feb Charles Busch. you will be given an unexcused absence. essay 1 topics distributed via Moodle 7 Feb Sigmund Freud. essay 2 topics distributed via Moodle . "Bisclavret" – Moodle 31 Jan "Melion" – Moodle 2 Feb “Animals” and “Mutant” in Intro to Lit. Excused absences are medical emergencies or religious holidays (backed up with written documentation). it means at least 24 hours prior to the paper being due. you can't work on/with it and are therefore unprepared for class. you will fail this class. If you have a legitimate excuse for your absence. your final grade will be negatively affected. If you are absent from class. I also do not accept excuses for late papers.) If you miss 5 classes. All assignments are due in class on the day noted below in the syllabus. give me written documentation. It is always better to talk to me before a paper is due if you know that you’re not going to be able to finish it in time. I do not accept late papers. I will expect you to be prepared for the next class meeting by following the syllabus.

essay 4 topics distributed via Moodle Popular Culture/ Structuralism. “A Capital Dracula. . 1 . Post-Structuralism and Deconstruction 6 April Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 18 May from 10. chs.9. Essay Due Today 23 March “Voice” and “Ideology” in Intro to Lit. chs.end. essay 3 topics distributed via Moodle 4 April Dennis Walder. Crit & Theory 20 April Ferdinand de Saussure. Stephen Arata. Episode 7 "Once More With Feeling" (on reserve) Essay Due Today 18 April “Performative” and “Postmodern” in Intro to Lit. 10 – 17 14 March Spring Break 16 March Spring Break 21 March Bram Stoker. Essay Paragraphs due on Moodle today and bring 3 copies to class/ schedule conferences/ writing in class 9 March Bram Stoker. Dracula.” “Grundrisse. Fiction/ Marxism and Post-Colonial Theory 2 March Karen Russell. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves" (Moodle) 7 March Bram Stoker.30 am – 12. workshopping in class. “The Occidental Tourist: Dracula and the Anxiety of Reverse Colonization” (in Stoker). “Course in General Linguistics” – Moodle. Season 6.” only to p. “History” – Moodle. 18 . "St. Essay Paragraphs due on Moodle today and bring 3 copies to class/ schedule conferences/ writing in class 11 April Class trip to Swirbul Library today. Informal Writing One Due 13 April Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” and the preface to “A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy” – Moodle. 438 (in Stoker) 30 March “Racial Difference” and “The Colony” in Intro to Lit. Season 4. Passages from “The Communist Manifesto. Dracula. Dracula. Franco Moretti. Crit & Theory 28 March Karl Marx.30 pm in our classroom. Episode 10 “Hush” (on reserve). chs. “Simulacra and Simulations” – Moodle 2 May First Draft due. Informal Writing Two Due 25 April Research Day – all classes cancelled 27 April Jean Baudrillard. bring three copies to class/schedule conferences 4 May Review for Final 9 May Final Essay Due Today (Everyone does this essay) Final will be Thursday. Crit & Theory.