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Gregory Barbosa

Literacy for Music Educators

Professor Devlin

February 15, 2017

Finding the Music Within

In this article, music educator Delores R. Gauthier explores how

children’s literature can be used in general music classrooms in a variety of

ways. While general story-reading can help in understanding of story

structure, styles of books, and vocabulary, literature in music classrooms can

help in understanding musical structure, musical styles, and musical

vocabulary. Guathier goes into how literature can be used in the

development of various musical concepts as well. She also goes over the

selection process of choosing appropriate musical literature. Gauthier even

lists several suggested children’s book and even some sequencing and

lesson plans for certain books.

Gauthier suggests several ideas to incorporate literacy in the music

classroom. First off, simply using books in the music classroom will promote

various literacy skills. Gauthier suggets collaborating with classroom teacher

about which books to use for certain themes or topics. As a music educator it

is important to focus on the musical aspects of certain books (melodic and

rhythmic concepts as well focusing on style, timbre, and tonality). Also,

Gauthier emphasizes that music educators “find the music within” when

picking appropriate literature for your music classroom, and not to just pick

Lastly. Additionally. it is important to realize that a book may have an intended age level. but can actually be for children at other levels for other pedagogical reasons. it will be important to look for books beyond simply offering illustrations to the text of a song. .books for the sake of picking random books.