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Purpose of the Act.

An Act to provide for the institution of

provident funds, pension fund and deposit-
linked insurance fund for employees.
Employee Provident fund
Purpose: To provide a lump sum amount to the
employee at the time of retirement or permanent
The contribution which shall be paid by the employer to the
Fund shall be 12% of the basic wages and dearness
The employee’s contribution shall be equal to the
contribution payable by the employer in respect of him and
may, if any employee so desires, be an amount exceeding
12% of his basic wages and dearness allowance
The employer shall not be under an obligation to pay any
contribution over and above his contribution payable.
Employees Pension Scheme
The purpose of the scheme is to provide for –
(a) superannuating pension, retiring pension or permanent
total disablement pension to the employees of any
establishment, and
(b) Widow or widower’s pension, children pension or orphan
pension payable to the beneficiaries of such employees.
Contribution for the purpose of Employees'
pension Scheme

8.33% of (12% of employers contribution towards

Provident Fund) or Rs.541/- which ever is less, will be
transferred to Employees’ pension scheme and the balance
amount will go towards Employee Provident Fund.
Employees’ Deposit-linked Insurance Scheme
The Purpose of Employees’ Deposit-linked Insurance Scheme is
for providing life insurance benefits to the employees of
Contribution: (only by employer)
1% of (Basic Salary + Dearness allowance)
Frequently Asked Questions related to

Employee Provident Fund

Employee Pension Scheme
Employees’ Deposit-linked Insurance Scheme
Who will be Covered By Pension Scheme??
Every member of the ceased Family Pension
Scheme 1971 and anyone who joins any covered
establishment on or after 16-11-95 is compulsorily
to join this scheme, provided his/her salary/wage is
less than Rs. 6500/- per month at the date of

Is Employee the Only Beneficiary of the Fund??

Benefit will be paid to him/her and in his/her
absence to his/her family.
What is the constituent of family??
Family means employees' spouse and children below 25 years
of age.
How many years of service is required to be eligible to
receive member pension??
Minimum 10 years eligible service will entitle for member
When does an employee become eligible to become a
member of Employees' Provident Fund Scheme, 1952
and Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme,
An employee becomes a member of Employees Provident Fund
(Employees' Provident Fund) Scheme, 1952 / Employees
Deposit Linked Insurance (Employees' Deposit Linked
Insurance) Scheme, 1976 immediately on joining an
establishment covered under the Employees Provident Funds &
Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952.
What is nomination??
Every member has to give the details of himself & details of the nominee
for Employees' Provident Fund & Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance
Schemes and details of family for Employees Pension Scheme, 1995 in
form no. 2.
A member if, is having a family can nominate any one or more persons
to receive the Provident Fund on his death. In case of him having no
family he can nominate any other person. (Family for the purpose of
Employee Provident Fund Scheme'52 means wife/husband, children,
whether married or unmarried, including adopted children, if adoption is
recognized and dependant parents of member.)
Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme benefit will be paid to the
nominee under Employees Provident Fund Scheme, 1952.
For the purpose of Employees Pension Scheme,1995 the member has to
furnish the details, such as name, relationship & age of all the family
members in the form no. 2. Family for the purpose of Employees
Pension Scheme, 1995 means wife/husband & children. Whenever
member wants to make a change in the nomination already made for
Provident Fund, or to update the details of family for Employees Pension
Scheme,1995, he has to send a revised form no. 2. The form no.2 is
routed through the employer.
What is the time taken for disposal of the
application in the Provident Fund office?
The claims received complete in all respects are disposed off
within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of receipt
of claims in the office. In case the member is not hearing
anything about his application within 30 days, he can approach
the Public Relation Officer.
FORMS RELATED TO Provident Fund, Employee
Pension and Employee Deposit Linked
Insurance Scheme
Form-19 : To claim final settlement of Provident Fund by a member.
Form-20 : To claim Provident Fund by nominee/legal heir on death
of the member.
Form-10-D : To claim pension. (In duplicate : If within state, In
triplicate : If outside state.)
Form-10-C : To claim withdrawal benefit/scheme certificate under
Employees' Pension Scheme '95
Form-5IF : To claim assurance benefit under Employees' Deposit
Linked Insurance '76 by nominee/legal heir of a member.
Form-31 : To claim temporary withdrawal/advance under
Employees' Provident Fund scheme
Form-13 : To effect transfer of Provident Fund/Pension from one
A/C to another.
Procedure to be followed in case of Provident
Fund, Pension Scheme and Employee
Deposit Linked Scheme
 Use the appropriate form for claiming Provident Fund Pension, withdrawal
benefit/scheme certificate, Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance benefit,
etc. Application should be signed by the member/claimant.
 Application for final settlement can be sent by a member on completion of
2 months from the date of leaving service, if the reason for leaving
service is other than superannuating, medical ground, retrenchment and
V.R.S./ Female members getting married etc.
 Desired mode of payment can be given legibly, if the amount involved is
more than Rs. 2000/-. The amount will sent by deposit in payees' bank
a/c. To facilitate this, Bank a/c no., name and address of the bank should
be furnished. An advance stamped receipt should also accompany this
 Application may be supported by the return Form-10, showing the details
of leaving service and details of contribution for the year in Form-3A, if
not sent earlier by the employer.
Procedure in case of Pension
Joint photograph of member/spouse or the claimant should
accompany the application.
Option for return of capital/commutation should be specified
Details of non-contributory period during the service,
wages/salary for last 12 months should also accompany, if not
already sent.
Details of the branch of the specified bank may be given legibly.
Date of birth certificates of children
In case of death away from service, an undertaking by the
claimant to the effect that the member was not working / had not
worked in any other covered establishment after exit from the
establishment on the basis of which pension is being claimed.
Nominee/legal heir should apply in Form-20 /Form-10-D
If the member has not executed any nomination, application
should be supported by certificate of family members issued by
employer/revenue official/sworn in an affidavit by the family/
member/legal certificate from a court of law.
Death certificate of the member.