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Ref: STNPL/MLSDL/13012016 Dated: January

13th, 2016

Mr. Radhakrishnan,
Mahindra Life Space Developers Ltd.
Avadi, Chennai-600 071.

Kind Attn: Mr. Radhakrishnan

Dear Sir,

Sub: Operation Maintenance Services

As per your requirement, for Operation Maintenance service, with reference to the
discussion had with our Operation team, on 13th January, 2016 in connection with
the above subject
Man-month Rate Man-month Rate
Sr. No. Category Table in Rupees 8 Table in Rupees
Hrs Total
1 Facility Executive 1 22094 22094.00
2 Facility Supervisor 1 16950 16950.00
3 Helpdesk Operator 1 16944 16944.00
Multi Skill 1
4 13250 13250.00
5 Plumber 1 13850 13850.00
6 HK Supervisor 1 13880 13880.00
7 House Man 1 10800 10800.00
8 Chamber Maid 1 10200 10200.00
1. The above mentioned Proposal covers operations & Routine maintenance (exclusive of
warranty / guarantee and AMC requirement including Annual overall Maintenance) will be
normally under preview.
2. Uniforms & basic hand tools will be provided. All special Tools & Tackles as well as metering /
monitoring instrument will have to be arranged by you.
3. All Statutory requirements of ESI, PF & PT are covered.
4. Service Tax and all other taxes will be extra as applicable.
5. All staff will avail of regular weekly-offs and statutory offs as mandated by Labor Laws.
6. The rates are valid till 31st March 2016, or when the Government of Tamilnadu changes the
minimum wage rate under Gazette notification.

Awaiting your favorable reply.


For Shabari Telecable Network Pvt Ltd.