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Dear Mr/Mrs.

_____ or Dear Sir/Madam:
1. Introducción.
Please accept the enclosed resume as my application for the
position of [salesman] which you advertised last week on the
[] website.
(I am applying because I believe I meet all the essential criteria for
the role, and strongly feel that I can make an effective and useful
contribution to your [companies marketing operations].)
2. Experiencia.
My background includes [the management of a sales office and the
setting-up of a company along with my father.]
With my present employer I have played a key role in the
[successful establishment and opening of a new retail store, the
hiring of the staff and the setting of targets].
My ability to [negotiate with clients, speak with people, work as a
team player and meet deadlines], along with my natural
[enthusiasm, friendliness and optimism] have all contributed to my
success in [the sales industry / this kind of job].
3. Hobbies.
4. Idiomas.
As for my English qualifications, although I have not yet taken the
Cambridge First Certificate exam, I think I have a high enough level
of spoken English for the job. In order to keep on improving my
English level, I would benefit considerably from a course in an
English-speaking country.
5. Despedida.
In closing I would like to say that I am keen to schedule an
interview with you so that we can discuss my application in
greater detail.

Yours sincerely / Yours faithfully


I have a great deal of experience. I am particularly interested in [the cultivation of roses and the use of trees in landscape design] f) Other relevant skills / interests . e) Language skills In [October] I will be [starting a degree course in English] My level of English is [intermediate] and I have a good knowledge of [gardening].Dear Sir or Madam: a) Reasons for writing the letter I would like to apply for the job of [Camp Helper] as advertised in [this month’s issue of Recruitment International] I am writing to express an interest in [the job I saw advertised in a magazine] b) Reasons for applying for the job I like [working with children] and I would enjoy [the challenge of organizing activities for them on one of your camps]. This includes a [temporary position on a campsite similar to those mentioned in your advertisement] I enclose a reference from my previous employer. I am [20 years old] and I have recently completed [a short course on garden design] c) Suitability for the job I like [working with children] and I feel I have the necessary [patience and energy to make a positive and enthusiastic contribution to your camps] d) Experience For the past [seven years] I [have attended summer camps in my country] and [last year] I [helped to run a number of events] As you will see from my curriculum vitae.

____ (if you do not know the name) Yours sincerely. I look forward to receiving your reply. Could you also tell me how long the contract would be for? g) Age I am [20 years old] and I have recently completed [a short course on garden design] h) Closing comments I hope you will consider my application favorably.I like being part of a team and I would enjoy the experience of [working abroad] I would be interested to know how many hours I would be expected to work each day. ____ (if you do know the name) . I am available for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully. I will be available to work from the beginning of June.