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POWAI, MUMBAI ­ 400 076


(Faculty Advertisement B­9/2016­2017)

Aerospace   Engineering,  Biosciences   and   Bioengineering,  Chemical   Engineering,  Chemistry,  Civil
Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Energy Science
&   Engineering,  Humanities   &   Social   Sciences,  Industrial   Design   Centre,  Mathematics,  Mechanical
Engineering,  Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science,  Physics,  School of Management,  Centre
for  Environmental  Science &  Engineering,  Centre for Studies  in Resources  Engineering,  Centre for
Technology   Alternatives   for   Rural   Areas,  Centre
    Science   and     Engineering
   ,  Industrial
Engineering  &  Operations  Research,  Systems
    &  Control  Engineering ,   I    DP  in  Education  Technology

Aerospace Engineering Specializations 
Professor  Department   is   looking   for   candidates   in   all   the   areas   of   Theoretical/
Associate Professor computational/ experimental study and technology development related
Assistant Professor to aerospace engineering, with special emphasis on Vehicle Dynamics &
Control and related disciplines and Aircraft Design & Optimization.

Notwithstanding   the   above,   department   would   also   consider
applications from exceptional candidates in other areas e.g. Propulsion
and Aerodynamics.

Department of  Specializations 
Biosciences & 
Professor No specific area
Associate Professor Mechanobiology and Cell biophysics;  Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy 
and Structural biology;  Evolution and biology of DNA virus; Protein 
crystallography and Structural enzymology; Biomaterials and 
Microfabrication for Tissue Engineering; Microfluidic Devices and 
Biosensors;  Computational biology and Biophysics; Bacterial 
pathogenesis and Host­pathogen interactions
Assistant Professor No specific area

Chemical Engineering  Specializations 
Professor Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Interfacial Science & Engineering,
Associate Professor Transport   and   Separation   Processes,   Process   Systems   Engineering   &
Assistant Professor Control,   Food   &   Biochemical   Engineering,   Polymer   and   Materials,
Nanotechnology,   Thermodynamics,   Membrane   Science   &   Technology,
Electrochemical Engineering

 Structural Engineering.  Geotechnical centrifuge Modelling. Water Resources Engineering : Fluid Mechanics – (Experimental and  theoretical studies.   Organic   photochemistry   and photocatalysis. computational. Computational fluid dynamics –  numerical modelling. Advanced surveying (GPS/Lidar/Sonar) Computer Science &  Specializations  Engineering  Professor Associate Professor Any area of Computer Science & Information Technology Assistant Professor Earth Sciences  Specializations  Associate Professor 1) For Isotope Geochronology Essential Qualifications:  1)Master Degree in Science(Geology)  with excellent academic record. Remote sensing applications. wastewater management).Chemistry  Specializations  Professor  Chemical   biology   of   nucleic   acids. Hydraulics – (Experimental.  water supply. Experimental hydrologist (Field  measurement. instrumentation and measurements) Structural Engineering : (including Construction Technology and  Management). Water  Associate Professor Resources Engineering.  Remote Sensing applications in Civil Engineering.  Environmental fluid mechanics/ hydraulics (Pollution in aquatic system. Complex carbohydrate synthesis Associate Professor Statistical   mechanics.   theory   and   simulation   of   soft   matter   with emphasis on chemical applications Assistant Professor Computational   bioorganic   chemistry. Rock mechanics. design and  performance of highway/airfield pavements. Construction  management Ocean Engineering : Analysis and design of fixed and floating  structures. Total synthesis of complex natural products Civil Engineering Specialisation Professor Transportation Systems Engineering.  2) Ph. Assistant Professor Transportation Systems Engineering : Analysis.  management and rehabilitation Geotechnical Engineering : Soil characterisation. experimental computational). eco­hydraulics.D.  Groundwater hydrology (Theoretical. in areas related to Isotope Geochronology . Advanced numerical modelling. fluid turbulence). Ocean Engineering. hydraulic structures). Geotechnical Engineering. Geotechnical and foundation analysis of ocean structures Construction and operation of ocean structures Remote Sensing applications in Civil Engineering : Photogrammetry. Pavement preservation.  theoretical hydrodynamics.  Environmental geotechnology.   Stereoselective   synthesis   of hetrocycles and applications to natural products. Advanced construction materials.

  2)Ph. in areas related to Isotope Geochronology Desirable: Experience in noble Gas Mass Spectrometry/IRMS/LA­ICP­MS  2)For Groundwater Hydrology  Essential Qualifications:  1)Master Degree in Science(Geology/Geo­physics) or any other relevant  branch of engineering with excellent academic record. in areas related to groundwater hydrology with emphasis on  numerical modeling/simulation.D. in Micropalaeontology with specialization in Foraminifera Desirable:  Candidate should have research experience in field­based and  stratigraphic problems.D. 2)Ph. in areas related to groundwater hydrology with emphasis on  numerical modeling/simulation. in Sedimentology/Sedimentary Petrology Desirable:  Experience in ichnology/sequence stratigraphy and experience in  petroleum industry . Ground water Hydrology. Desirable: Experience in noble Gas Mass Spectrometry/IRMS/LA­ICP­MS  2)For Groundwater Hydrology  Essential Qualifications:  1)Master Degree in Science(Geology/Geo­physics) or any other relevant  branch of engineering with excellent academic record.  2)Ph. Economic Geology.  Sedimentology/Sedimentary Petrology. Desirable:  Proficiency to evolve field strategies for water resource management and  handle field equipments Assistant Professor Isotope Geochronology. Desirable:  Proficiency to evolve field strategies for water resource management and  handle field equipments 3)For Micropalaeontology Essential Qualifications:  1)Master of Science Degree in Geology  with excellent academic record.D. Micropalaeontology. Mathematical Geology/Geostatistics.  2) Ph.  Quantitative Geomorphology and GIS Geophysics with specialization in seismics / Seismology  Geophysics with specialization in Petrophysics related to petroleum  exploration Geophysics   with   specialization   in   Computational   Geophysics   / Geophysical modeling / Geophysical Signal processing 1) For Isotope Geochronology Essential Qualifications:  1)Master Degree in Science(Geology)  with excellent academic record.D.D. 4)For Sedimentology/Sedimentary Petrology Essential Qualifications:  1))Master of Science Degree in Geology  with excellent academic record 2)Ph. Mineral  Exploration/Mining Geology.

D in any area of Earth Sciences/Geostatistics/Mathematics with  significant application of multivariate statistical techniques.Tech degree  in Geophysics or fields  related to Geophysics with excellent academic record 2) Ph.D.D in Economic Geology/OrePetrology/Geochemistry of Ore  Deposits with specialization hydrothermal or magmatic ore deposits.Tech in mining with  excellent academic record.  2)Ph.5)For Economic Geology  Essential Qualifications:  1)Master of Science Degree in Geology  with excellent academic record. in quantitative Geomorphology with experience in Geospatial  data management and modelling. in Economic  Geology/ Mining with specialization or industrial  experience in Mineral Exploration/Mining Geology/Mineral  Beneficiation/Geostatistics" Desirable: Experience in Geostatistics 7) For Mathematical Geology/Geostatistics:  Essential Qualifications:  1)Master of Science Degree in Geology/Geophysics/Mathematics with  excellent academic record 2)Ph.  2) Ph.Tech/M. Desirable: Experience in microwave remote sensing and LiDAR 9)For all positions related to Geophysics  Essential Qualifications:  1)Master of Science degree/M.D.  Desirable: Experience in fluid/melt inclusion studies. Desirable: Post­doctoral work in application of statistical techniques to  geoscience problems. stochastic  processes or geostatistics in Earth Sciences. 8) For Quantitative Geomorphology and GIS Essential Qualifications:  1)Master of Science Degree in Geology/Geospatial Technology with  excellent academic record 2) Ph. 6) For Mineral Exploration/Mining Geology Essential Qualifications:  1)Master of Science Degree in Geology /B. in relevant field of Geophysics Desirable: Industrial experience for fields related to Petroleum  exploration                   with experience in Quantitative and/or Qualitative  seismic interpretation .D.

 International Economics. Assistant Professor Electronic Systems  Energy    science &   Specializations Engineering Assistant Professor   Energy  in Buildings . Public Finance and Public Policy. Organizational Psychology/Behaviour. Historical sociology. Political Philosophy. Behavioural  Economics. theory of control and computing. Aesthetics. Demography and society Sociology of education. Mathematics (Ganita). Clean Coal. Science Technology & Society.  Ethics.  Wind. History of Philosophy. The Long 19th Century.  Solar Thermal.  and Hybrid system. Translation Studies. Agricultural  Assistant Professor Economics. Book  History. Combustion. Logic. Micro and Macroeconomics Theory. Energy Policy. Metaphysics . Biofuel/Bioenergy. Energy Efficiency. Power Electronics and Controls. Literary  Theory. Cultural Studies. Nation and Region. Literary  Modernisms. Psychology Cognitive Psychology. Comparative Literature.  Family  and kinship studies Cell for Indian Science and Technology in Sanskrit  Astronomy (Jyotisha). Humanities & Social  Specializations  Sciences  Professor Economics Associate Professor Development Economics. Microelectronics and VLSI design. Finance. Conventional Energy/IC Engines. Cognitive Science. Empire. Continental  Philosophy.  Associate Professor Energy Management. Quantitative research  methods. Econometrics. Clinical Psychology Sociology Agrarian studies. Philosophy of Science. Industrial Economics English The Early Modern. Electrical Energy  Professor System. Associate Professor Power Electronics and Power Systems. Social  Psychology. Grid Connection of Renewables. Theoretical Linguistics (particularly Semantics) and Cognitive  Linguistics. Political sociology. Process Integration. Philosophy Indian Philosophy.Electrical Engineering  Specializations  Professor Communication and signal processing.Literature and Other Arts. Analytical Philosophy.

  Refrigeration. Mechatronics. Heat Transfer. Fracture.   Interaction   Design. Electronic Structure Theory of   crystalline   insulators. Computer integrated   manufacturing.   Probability and Statistics.   Mobility   and Vehicle Design Assistant Professor Product Design. Mobility and Vehicle Design Mathematics  Specializations  Professor Algebra. Communication Design. FEM and BEM.  Design Engineering : Stress Analysis. Number Assistant Professor Theory. Kinematics.Industrial Design Centre  Specializations  Professor Product Design. Acoustics. Precision   Manufacturing. Mechanical Engineering  Specializations  Professor Manufacturing   Engineering  :   Design. Quality and Maintenance Systems. Condition Monitoring.   Instrumentation.   Industrial   Engineering   and   Operations   Research.   Micro   and   Nano Manufacturing. MEMS and Mechatronics Metallurgical Engineering Specializations  & Materials Science  Professor Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Associate Professor Assistant Professor Physics  Specializations  Professor Theory of electronics structure & optical properties of polymers. Fatigue. System Design.   Automation. Nanotechnology. Refrigeration and Cryogenics. MEMS.   Air   conditioning   and cryogenics. Assistant Professor Computational mechanics.  Forming.   Modeling   and   Optimization   of Associate Professor Manufacturing  Processes  (Casting. Animation.   Control.   Numerical   Analysis.   Machining  and   Welding). Magnetism of lowdimensional spin systems and oxide materials . Magnetic properties of intermetallics.   Textile   Machinery. Nuclear reactor thermalhydraulics.   Combinatorics.   Nonconventional   Manufacturing   Processes. Thermal Engineering. Logistics. Nuclear Engineering. Functional Analysis. NEMS. Thermal   &   Fluids   Engineering  :   Fluid   Mechanics   and   Fluid   Power.   Animation.   polymers   and   disordered   metallic   alloys. Vibration and NoiseControl.   Dynamics.   Magnetic   and   magnetotransport   properties   of   metallic   thin films.   Algebraic   Topology. Tribology. CAD/CAM/CIM   and   Rapid   Prototyping.   Algebraic   Geometry. First   Principles   Electronic   Structure   Calculations   of   Novel   Magnetic Systems. Interaction Design. Mobility and Vehicle Design Associate Professor Communication   Design. Harmonic Analysis. Associate Professor Differential Geometry.   Partial   Differential   Equations.

 Health and  Economic Risk.   BioPhysics   (Diffusion   dynamics   in Biosystems   (Experimental). Environmental Management. Strategic Management. Urban Development and Town Planning. Environmental  Systems Modelling. Assistant Professor Operations Management.   Snow. Ecosystem Monitoring – structure and function. Finance  &  Associate Professor  Accounting. Environmental  Microbiology. risk   assessment.   Glaciers. modelling response to climate change. Climate Associate Professor Change   Modeling.   Ice   studies. Quantum Optics (All Experimental). Agricultural Engineering Special   requirments   :  The   candidate   is   expected   to   have   a   strong background   in   the   use   of   remote   sensing   and   geospatial   tools   in   the .   Experimental   Nuclear Physics (Relativistic heavy ion collisions) Assistant Professor Cosmology  and   Astro  Particle  Physics Theory. Information Systems. Microbial Ecology. Economics.   Computer   Vision   and image analysis for remote sensing data. Atmospheric Remote Sensing.   Nonlinear  Optics. Statistical mechanics   of   granular   materials   &   Polymers. Theoretical   Quantum   Optics. Solid Waste  Management.   Planetary   Sciences. Centre for Environmental  Specializations  Science & Engineering  Professor Biotransformation and Toxicity Evaluation of Complex Organic  Pollutants. Surveying and geodesy. Cleaner Technologies and Preventive  Environmental Management. Physicochemical and Biological Treatment Processes. Environmental Law. Mehta School  Specializations  of Management  Areas (in bold­face are current high need areas) Professor  Decision Sciences & Quantitative Methods. Photonics.   Nuclear Physics   Theory. Aerosol Science and Engineering.   Random   processes   in   Complex   system (theory) Shailesh J. International Business.   Experimental   Nuclear   &   Particle   Physics.   Forestry   and   Ecology. Air Pollution Control. Technologies and Mitigation Strategies for Climate  Change Associate Professor Physicochemical and Biological Treatment Processes. Geocomputation   and   Scientific   Visualization.   Natural   Hazards   and Assistant Professor  Disaster   Management.   Quatum Computing   (Experimental). Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment Centre for Studies in  Specializations  Resources Engineering  Professor Oceanography. Water Resources. Any  other (General Management). Sustainable Development (Policies and Actions). Theoretical   Condensed   Matter   Physics   (Many   body   theory). Organizational Behavior & Human Resource  Management. Analysis of hydro climatic extremes. Marketing. Climate Change and greenhouse gas mitigation Assistant Professor Air Quality Management – Measures and Modelling.  Ultra Fast Laser Spectroscopy.Associate Professor Statistical Physics :  Nonequilibrium and Biological systems.   Nano   Materials   &   Nano   Structures. Air  Pollution Control. Technology Management.

  Stochastic   control. Design and implementation of Development Projects. Natural Resources Planning and Utilization : (i) Soils and Agriculture (including   Horticulture. Focused work in the applications of quantitative methods for analysis and design   of   engineering   and   service   systems   such   as   Communication networks.)   degree programs.   Etc.   Infrastructure   systems.ctara. Sociology of Science. and also Economics and Conservation. Supply and value Centre for Urban Science  Specializations  and Engineering Professor CUSE is looking for exceptionally good candidates whose background.   Organic   Farming). Associate Professor contributions and interests lie at the intersection of policy.   Statistics.   Game   theory.   Logistics.   (ii)   Energy   (including renewables). (iii) Water Resources (including Micro­Watershed) Detailed description may be seen on the webpage (www. Industrial Engineering &  Specializations  Operations Research  Associate Professor Evolutionary games. Stochastic models.   Simulation. Focused   work   in   contemporary   themes   of   methodologies   relevant   to Industrial   Engineering   and   Operations   Research   like   Financial Engineering.   B. etc. Systems & Control  Specializations  Engineering  Associate Professor All areas of Systems and Control Engineering  Assistant Professor .   and   experience   in   mathematical modeling. History of Science & Technology in the context of Regional Development in India.Sc. planning.   Risk   analysis.   Manufacturing systems.  For more information : head@csre.g.iitb. Assistant Professor Methodologies   of   Data   science   and   Network   models   in   the   context   of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Assistant Professor infrastructure and/or informatics as they pertain to urban centric solutions.     The   candidate   should   have   studies   mathematics   subjects during   his/her   undergraduate   (e. Transportation systems and others./BE/B.   Pricing   and   revenue management.   Health   care. Stochastic games and their Technology   Transfer   and   Extension   and   in   the   Context   of   Regional Planning and Development. domain   areas   of   his/her   expertise.  Centre for Technology  Specializations  Alternatives for Rural  Areas  Professor  Development   Studies   with   special   emphasis   on   Public­Policy   and Associate Professor Governance issues. Environmental issues such as Global Warming and Assistant Professor Clean Development

  These   include  engineering   design Assistant Professor thinking.   design   and   development   of   AI   and   ICT based   tools.   estimation. problem­posing. IDP in Education  Specializations  Technology (IDP­ET)  Professor The current focus area of research of the IDP­ET is the development of Associate Professor pan­domain   cognitive   abilities.  Candidates with a strong record in other areas of educational technology and related fields are also encouraged to apply. mobile learning. deductive reasoning.  For more details. computational thinking. 2016 . the scope also includes thinking skills for school students or teachers.   data   representation   &   analysis   and   so   on.   theoretical   underpinnings   for technology enhanced learning.   virtual   worlds. cognitive science. human­computer   interaction. please see www.iitb.   feasibility .   scientific   modeling. educational   game­based   learning.  pedagogy   and   assessment   for   technology   enhanced   learning.   computer supported   collaborative   learning.   While   the focus primarily targets undergraduate students.       Sd/­ REGISTRAR Date: Updated in May. systems thinking.   learning   analytics.