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GMAT Refresher A

1. If a number Exceeds 20% of itself by 40 then what is the number?
A) 10 B)20 C)30 D)40 E)50

2. The total population of a village is 5000. The number of males and females
increases by 10% and 15% respectively and consequently the population of the
village becomes 5600. What was the number of males in the village?
A) 1000 B) 2000 C) 3000 D)4000
E) 5000

3. In the diagram below, what the value of x?


A) 80 B) 100 C) 150 D) 160 E)200


A) 3/12 (B) 24/49 (C) ½ (D) 25/49 (E) 7/12

6. In an isosceles triangle DEF, what is the measure of angle EDF?
(1) Angle DEF is 96 degrees.
(2) Angle DFE is 42 degrees.

8. Is circle C with centre on the origin considered large? .7. Is quadrilateral Q a square? (1) The sides of Q have the same length. Three identical circles of circumference 12π are each tangent to one another at exactly one point. (2) The diagonals of Q have the same length. What is the area of the shaded region? 9. A circle is considered large if it has an area greater than 25.

they can still sell the cans for 75% of the original price.3) (E) (–4. 0). Line segment EF is defined by the equation 3y = 4x + 25 and is tangent to circle ABCD at exactly one point. 4). 7/2 ) (D) (– 7/2 . 4) 11. 4) (C) (–4. (2) Each of 3 faces of C is entirely white. By what percent does the price per volume of soda increase to the consumer? (A) 25% (B) 50% (C) 100% (D) 200% (E) 300% 12. but keep the height the same.(1) The coordinates of point A are (-3. 10. A soft-drink producer has done marketing research and found that if it decreases the width of its soda cans (right circular cylinders) by 50%. . 13. 2 2 Circle ABCD in the diagram below is defined by the equation x + y = 25. What is the point of tangency? A) (–4. What fractional part of the total surface area of cube C is red? (1) Each of 3 faces of C is exactly 1/2 red. Length and breadth of a rectangle are increased by 20% and 30% respectively. What will be the percentage change in the area? A) 26% B) 36% C) 50% D) 56% E) 60% 14. 3) (B) (–3. (2) The coordinates of point B are (5.

If the radius of the largest of the three rings is 10. . The figure above shows three overlapping circular rings. each of which has its center at point O. If ABCDE above is a regular pentagon. what is the area of the shaded region? (A) 20pi (B) 33pi (C) 49pi (D) 51pi (E) 84pi 17. what is the value of x? (A) 30 (B) 32 (C) 36 (D) 42 (E) 48 16.15.

In how many ways can they be seated in five consecutive seats. if Mat has to sit between any two of his friends? (A) 144 (B) 120 (C) 96 (D) 72 (E) 48 21.In the figure above. Two of the seven players are unwilling to play with each other. 7}? I. which of the following could be the standard deviation of set {-7. M. -5. If M is a negative integer and K is a positive integer. K. What is the probability of getting exactly three heads on five flips of a fair coin? (A) 1/32 (B) 3/32 (C) ¼ (D) 5/16 (E) ½ 24. 0 (A) I only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and III only (E) None of the above 19. Mat and four friends go to a baseball game. -3. 0. A team of four is to be chosen from seven players for a special exhibition game. (2) The length of RU is 8 √ 2 meters. 3. 1. -2 III.896 (B) 3.5 II. -1. there are eight women and five men competing for the three male and three female spots in the election. 18.136 (C) 560 (D) 66 (E) 18 22. How many teams are possible if the two players do not play together? (A) 15 (B) 20 (C) 25 (D) 35 (E) 50 23. The length UV is how much greater than the length TV ? (1) The length of SV is 8 meters. segments RU and ST represent two positions of the same support beam leaning against the side SV of a structure. Is the standard deviation of set A > standard deviation of set B? (1) Set A consists of consecutive multiples of 100 (2) Set B consists of consecutive multiples of 5 20. How many different combinations of committees are possible for the six spots? (A) 112. At an executive committee. (From GMAT OG) .

25. If a. ½(3π . ABC and CDE are two identical semi-circles of radius 2 units. What is the probability of getting atleast three heads on five flips of a fair coin? (A) 1/32 (B) 3/32 (C) ¼ (D) 5/16 (E) ½ 26. 3π . 2π – 4 D.1 C. 4π – 1 B. What is the area of the shaded region? A. 14 C. what is the difference between the maximum and minimum value of S given A. 20 E. 12 B. 22 .2 27. and c are not equal to zero. 18 D.1) E. b. 2π . In the figure given below. B and D are the mid points of the arc ABC and CDE respectively.

x >x 2 II. x = x 2 3 III. x > x A) I only B) I & II C) II & III D) All of the above E) None of the above 2 4 29. I. x>y>z II. z>y>x III. II and III only E. I and II only C. I and III only D. x>z>y A. If x > 0. II and II . which of the following statements could be true? I.28. which of the following could be true? 3 2 I. If x > y > z . I only B.