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solar updraft power plant


Name 1: Hassan Krayani

Name 2: Tarek Orabi

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Submitted to—

Dr Ali .shaito and Dr Mohamad Ramadan

Renewable and sustainable energy sources are nowadays considered to be a
key element for sustainable development of the worldwide economy. The
solar updraft power plant technology addresses a very challenging, not yet
exploited, idea of combining both kinds of renewable energy: wind and solar.
The basic idea is to conversion of solar radiation into electric power.

The working principle is a solar updraft power plant (SUPP) consists of the
collector area, turbine(s) with couples generator(s) as power conversion unit,
solar chimney, indirect contact heat exchanger, pump, spray nozzle and
solar pond. In the collector area, a large glass-covered area, solar radiation
heats the collector ground and warm up the air inside the collector area,
through mechanism of natural convection, the buoyant air rises up into the
chimney of the plant, the air flow through the solar tower due to pressure
difference between the column of cold air outside and column of hot air
inside the chimney, the kinetic energy of the air turns the blades of the
turbine which in turn drives the generators, so the stream of warm air is
transformed into electric power.

The production of energy is then based on natural updraft of heated air, and
the natural fuel of solar radiation that is unlimited. Its energy generation
does not need water for cooling and is free of direct carbon dioxide
emissions. If one incorporates all energies required for the plant construction
in the evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions, one ends up with 70 to 170 g

is not sustainable and many developing countries cannot afford these energy sources. oil and natural gas is damaging the environment.period renewals of the turbo-generators and of the glass roof. . it should not need cooling water or produce waste and should be based on environmentally sound production from renewable or recyclable materials. another important requirement of this study is to design the turbine unite in a way it can function at its best. since a good solar tower work best when solar collector has a large diameter as possible. although. Therefore. Intended design aims are 80 to 120 years.of CO2. the tower height must be as high possible. The investment cost is on the high side. accessible to the technologically less developed countries that are sunny and often have limited raw material resources. But inadequate energy supply leads to or maintains poverty. a good design does not require much maintenance cost. It’s obvious that. The solar updraft is a power plant that utilizes solar radiation intensity to increase the temperature of the air and the buoyance force of the warm air to accelerate the air flow through the system. which commonly is accompanied by population explosion: a vicious circle.equivalent per KWh of produced electricity. This implies that much area of land is required to set up this robust and green power plant. to raise the efficiency of this plant. with long. Statement of problem Current electricity production from coal. Sensible technology for the wide use of renewable energy must be simple and reliable. Another important aspect is that of the cost operation and maintenance. Invariably. it is evident that the maximum power output of the turbine depends largely upon the inlet velocity of heated air entering tower. This can be achieved by applying the profound of flow mechanics and heat exchange and solar radiation. depending of life duration and the installed capacity of the plant. the thermodynamic efficiency and the construction costs. However. the potential of an unrivalled economical energy production can be achieved only through the highest degree of optimization of the structural behavior. Nuclear power stations are an unacceptable risk in most locations.

then pumping it over a water-to-air direct contact heat exchanger inside the tower. the annual performance analysis of solar chimney power plant on output power and numerical analysis of the optimal turbine pressure drop ratio in solar chimney and output power in Lebanon Budget . increase the storage capacity and can yield a uniform 24 h electricity generation. Applied a diffuser shape as the first step in optimizing the tower shape in a trial to increase power generation using fluid dynamics. enhancements of heat engine cycle participate with: Increase the temperature difference in the heat engine by raise the warm side temperature in the solar collector and achievement the chemical properties of working fluid. placed on the ground. the water is returned to the bed of the solar pond. When evaporation open reservoirs are used in series as in a ‘’salt work’’. Therefore the ambient air is heated as a result of the required draft inside the tower. the beginning reservoir supplies perfect ways for making solar ponds while the last reservoir in the series can be the source of quite salty brine to keep the salinity of the bed of the solar pond.Design Objectives Updraft hot air in solar updraft tower works as a heat engine. Next to transfer its heat. Thermal heat is extracted from the bed interface between the gradient layer and the undermost convective region. the objective of this shape is to increase the velocity flow rate of hot air inside the chimney and this lead to high impulse air on blade turbine and to more power generation. Parametric study of the effect of collector radius and chimney height. Integrate salinity in the solar pond of the updraft tower to produce power. Installed spray nozzle inside the chimney and before the turbine location this will help the air flow to accelerate as possible as to reach the maximum velocity Thermal water storage as simple water tube.

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