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4 Friday, February 17, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

National Park Kicks Off Canada 150
By HILLARY CAMPBELL went into the weekend, are super excited to have
as organizers tried to find lots of spectators out. Lots

L ast weekend, the the names of the people
Friends of Riding involved in that first game
Mountain National Park, in 1933.
of laughs, lots of good
times and shared memo-
ries of people’s experi-
in conjunction with Parks Back in 2017, once the ences of Riding Mountain
Canada and Clear Lake hockey game was over, National Park”, said Tovell.
Country Marketing came the ice was taken over by Th e weekend cel-
together to organize the youth hockey teams, giv- ebrated the start to Can-
Winter Adventure Week- ing local kids the chance ada’s 150th birthday, and
end at Clear Lake. to play. Once this was a part of that celebration
The weekend consist- over, the ice opened up is the fact that for the en-
ed of many fun activities, to anyone who wished to tire 2017 season, it will be
including cross-country go out for a skate. Tovell free entry into all of Can-
skiing, skating, snow- noted that, “we are kind of ada’s parks, so people are
shoeing, Fat Bike rentals, treating this as our kick off able to head up to Riding
tobogganing, and many for our fi rst big event for Mountain National Park at
others. The big feature, Canada’s 150th birthday any time throughout the
however, was the Heritage because in our northern year, at no charge. “We
Hockey event, which is a nation we have to cele- are a northern nation,
re-enactment of a hockey brate our winters”. so it’s very important to Photo submitted
game that was played in People from all over showcase all of our four
1933 on Clear Lake. Manitoba and Saskatch- seasons”, said Tovell. The Heritage Hockey event was a re-enactment of a
Dave Tovell com- ewan, and from places game held on Clear Lake back in 1933.
mented that, “back in 1933 even farther, came to Rid-
it was a depression, when ing Mountain to enjoy the
a lot of the national parks festivities on the weekend.
were being built. From the According to Tovell, all of
Ye Old Trib
relief camps, people were the hotels in the area were
building roads and infra- full over the weekend, and
structure and buildings, with the beautiful weather %RPEHUVDUH
and on weekends, they many people came out to
would get together and enjoy what was being of- LQWKHSOD\RIIV
play ice hockey on the ice fered.
surface up at clear lake, so Planning for the
1887 – A Rapid City man has been fined $100 in the Pro-
vincial Police Court for selling liquor without a license. 7XHVGD\)HEUXDU\WKSPDW0LQQHGRVD
we are re-enacting that”. weekend began about
The beverage dispensed was “hop beer” and was sold as )ULGD\)HEUXDU\WKSPDW&DUEHUU\
The fi rst game that four months ago, but the
a non intoxicant, but the public analyst said it contained 6DWXUGD\)HEUXDU\WKSPDW0LQQHGRVD
was played in 1933 in- Heritage Hockey game
cluded Turk Broda, five- has been in the works for a 0RQGD\)HEUXDU\WKSPDW1HHSDZD
time Stanley Cup winner number of years now. The )ULGD\)HEUXDU\WKSPDW0DF*UHJRU
as one of its players. There hockey game took place 1917 – According to the report from the Provincial Gov- 7XHVGD\)HEUXDU\WKSPDW0LQQHGRVD
was a lot of research that at noon on Saturday. “We ernment on the number of automobiles in Manitoba,
Minnedosa has 107, Newdale has 85, Clanwilliam has :HGQHVGD\0DUFKVWSPDW0LQQHGRVD
57, Strathclair has 51, Franklin has 83, Basswood has 26,
Bethany has 10 and Elphinstone has 15.

1937 – The Minnedosa Board of Trade has carried on
considerable correspondence with ski clubs in other
towns, notably Brandon, since expert opinion placed 1 year
Minnedosa hills among the idea sporting paradises for
The Town of Minnedosa will be accepting quotations for the
natural ski runs.
1.7%* *Rates subject to change
Certain conditions may apply

1967 – The Minnedosa and District Centennial Proj- 3 year 5 year
Construction of an Addition to the
Minnedosa Fire Station
until 1:00 p.m. Monday, March 13, 2017.
ect will be a pavilion at the beach, The pavilion, costing
$20,000, is being built by Hoffman Construction. 2.0%* 2.4%*
1997 – Mel Mummery has been named one of 55 Cana- %UXFH0F1DEE
Information can be picked up at the Town of Minnedosa
dians to receive the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Call For More Terms & Rates 867-3946
Administration Office, 103 Main St South, Award. In addition to over 40 years service as a volunteer
phone 204-867-2727 or email firefighter, Mel has given his time to various community
The Town of Minnedosa service groups, projects and caring for persons with ill-
nesses and senior citizens.


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