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Reo Matsuda

Contact Information 15746 Timber Creek Lane, College Station, TX 77845
Phone #: 412-996-3241 E-mail:
Objective To further develop my interest and knowledge in the fields of Computer Science
and Engineering through SkillsUSA Competitions.

Education Taylor Allderdice High School – September 2014 - May 2015
2409 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
GPA 3.9/4.0
College Station High School – September 2015 - Now
4002 Victoria Ave, College Station, TX 77845
GPA 3.8/4.0 unweighted.
Relevant Coursework: AP BC Calculus, AP Chemistry, Honors Programming,
Engineering Design and Presentation

Skills Java, Scratch, Mathematics, Robotics, Inventor (CAD Software)

Experience Interactive Educational Manipulatives (IEM) Summer Lab Assistant,
Department of Visualization, Texas A&M – Summer 2016
 Learned the mechanics behind Makey-Makey, a microcomputer that
responds to touch, through hands-on creations and online tutorials.
 Participated in team meetings to explain the contraptions created.
 Taught 3 other lab members how to use Makey-Makey.
 Created prototypes of IEM with a multitude of contraptions and code
for Makey-Makey on Scratch with visuals.
Extra-Curricular VEX Robotics Competition – Fall 2016
 Designed and created a robot for the VEX 2016 Starstruck competition.
 Collaborated with 5 other team members.
 Programmed in specialized language, ROBOTC.
 Ranked in finals, securing a position in other upcoming competitions.

SkillsUSA Programming and Additive Manufacturing – Spring 2016 & 2017
 Individually wrote two programs in Java (100+ lines of code each).
 Earned 4th place in the 2016 regional programming competition.

Computer Science Club – Fall 2015 - Now
 Held the position of Marketer / Graphic Designer
 Through weekly meetings, created a website, built a computer, and held
programming session to teach members how to program in Java.
CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Summer Camp – Summer 2012-2016
 Participated in a 3-week camp organized by Johns Hopkins University.
 Took 5 classes over a course of 5 years:
Fundamentals of Computer Science, Mathematical Logic, Number
Theory, and Cryptology.
Universal Interscholastic League Programming Competition
Orchestra (Violin)