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Launched in 2009, view is widely regarded as is dedicated to the is one of the world’s Planner
network is our online the 'bible' of the world of casual, sports leading trends, brands, A colour forecast card that In response to many suggestions over recent years, View
voice. The content industry with a huge and jeanswear for futures, ideas and is economic in cost and
complements and reputation for accurate men’s, women’s and knowledge publications. economic in time, Publications has launched an innovative subscription-based
enriches the information and commercial fashion kidswear. View2 The magazine delivers embracing fashion,
available in our prediction. We cover delivers practical and crucial visual, editorial cosmetics and industrial website that brings you closer to the team of specialists
magazines. We also colour, yarn, fabric, inspirational and statistical design. Colour Planner is
provide a forum for print, embellishment, information to help information to CEO’s, segmented according to behind the View titles, including Textile View, View2,
debate, discussion and trims, accessories and manufacturers and researchers and key colour directives with
analysis. system. garment styling. Our retailers design and sell creatives determined to specific breakdowns Viewpoint and PantoneView Colour Planner.
readership spans urban sports products create lifestyle products covering harmonies and
designer brands to High that the market really and campaigns that product end-use. Colours
Street retail. wants. Its team of anticipate and drive are dyed and coded to the
contributors are all consumer demand. Pantone® colour system. Since the launch of Textile View in 1988, the quarterly
industry based.
magazine has built a devoted following and authoritative
status. Every issue is packed with design information and
inspiration for designers.

Now we are taking our philosophy one step further by
offering direct contact with our team of specialists online.
Check out our video reports and podcasts, watch and read the highlights from our regular international roundtables,
join the discussion and debate in our forums and blogs, put
your local agent: questions directly to our experts. Our focus is on analysis
and debate. We aim to be highly opinionated and
individualistic in outlook.

view network subscriptions: €250 for a 12-month subscription; €400 for a 24-month subscription.

We talk to you – and with you .” .view-network. American fashion are not simply writers or researchers. We believe this gives us unique insights and unique and judge for yourself. We 250 euros for a 12-month subscription Tredre. Do take our site tour before you subscribe. director. Sandy MacLennan. founder. Publications. Zandile Blay. Martin Raymond. The discussion forums are open to all subscribers and allow participants to debate with fellow professionals in a discreet online environment. Blogs We believe the blog is an effective means of informal. view network Our contributors: A personal message from David Shah. founder. To subscribe. providing feedback from markets around the world. YTrends.Pantone. Leatrice Eiseman. jeanswear tough and demanding business climate. both downloadable for podcasts. Read our updates on the shifts in the market round the world. We have an unrivalled reputation for the authority of our reports on trends in colour. Key expert contributions can be viewed through video clips or listened to via audio. View business-to-business format. specialising in many commentator. Talk Your opportunity to FASHION REPORTS join the debate. We aim to be focused – to answer interiors. and many more… process. Join us at www. vice-president fashion. textiles and fashion as well as broader consumer trends. founder and strategic the questions we all have about our industry. just the key events that will change our industry.view-network. Amsterdam and New York. brings major co-founder of Amsterdam-based 2Som Studio. Do join us. View Publications “View Publications is proud that our products have come to be regarded as ‘bibles’ of the industry. founder. backed up with a wealth of visuals. We’ve worked hard at this – over 20 years of developing and improving our titles to provide the best possible service. These include the direction in which the experience to the role: he was editor-in-chief of global Poolemanaging director. head The real power of View Publications rests with our many contributors across the world. home & We try to avoid big gestures and sweeping statements. designer. We want to discuss the things that concern you. Laurie Pressman. is quite different to anything I’ve done before. visit: www. just and directly. Through the medium of the Contributors to view-network to date have included: Roger We aim to maintain and strengthen this reputation with the launch of view network. Roger Tredre. Liam a 400 euros for a 24-month subscription Spanish designer and trend specialist. podcast and blog. Royal College of Art. accessible communication. Luke Roper Ltd. East Central Studios. reported and analysed to define what really matters. Easy to use The view-network website is designed for easy use and exploration. Our experts are constantly on the move. former WGSN editor-in-chief. The Future Laboratory. editor of view network. designer and intelligence manager sectors from marketing to product development. Gloria Jover. “This project leading American colour specialist. Kevin Tallon. Fashion reports Practical information and advice from view network consultants.” Nicole van Enter. The editor: at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. We work directly in the business.” he says. market is moving and the design and sales strategies that companies need to develop in a online trend business WGSN from 1999 to 2006. including TALK the growing mainland Chinese market. leading don’t swamp you with retail reports or catwalk reviews. There is no advertising blocking access to the content. We of textiles. Professor Clare Johnston. we invite you to observe and participate in this “We believe we are breaking new ground. Laura Keller. with easy-to-print pages and visual images that can be enlarged. Industry analysis Not another predictable list of news stories. co-founder. Visual support is included where relevant. See. David Shah. view network HOME EXPERTS INDUSTRY ANALYSIS BLOG EXCLUSIVE FASHION EXPERTISE FROM THE INDUSTRY’S TOP SPECIALISTS Expert comment By video. Our roundtable of experts meets regularly in London. Simon We have plenty to share on the issues that count. listen and read view network specialists.