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Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)20:04:03 No.58964728

The botnet is learning.

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Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)20:05:25 No.58964742

one day all these facebook/google/whatever facial recognition databases are gonna be implanted in robots and they'll be fucking assassins
hunting people down

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:19:06 No.58967082


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:20:39 No.58967100


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)00:23:36 No.58967132

Yes, the botnet is definitely learning!

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Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:25:02 No.58968580

Post the original pic OP
Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)03:27:43 No.58968605

>one day

How little you know

Anyway, automated murder is based on smartphones and drone strikes now.

02/16/17(Thu)08:33:40 No.58970893


Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:40:13 No.58970964

I get the recognition of faces part but how does it recognises actions and stuff?
Like posing, jumping etc

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)08:41:56 No.58970984



Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:02:44 No.58971186

Post the pic.

Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:26:43 No.58971446

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Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)09:29:58 No.58971477


what did it mean by that?

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Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)12:06:46 No.58973504

Didn't expect it to be that accurate.

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Anonymous 02/16/17(Thu)12:13:13 No.58973595

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