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Timeline of Church History (Communist

Era (1917-1991))
Timeline of Church History
Eras Timeline of Church History (Abridged article)
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1991) | Post-Communist Era (1991-Present) |
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The History of the Church is a vital part of the Orthodox Christian faith. Orthodox
Christians are defined significantly by their continuity with all those who have gone before,
those who first received and preached the truth of Jesus Christ to the world, those who helped
to formulate the expression and worship of our faith, and those who continue to move
forward in the unchanging yet ever-dynamic Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Communist era (1917-1991)
 1917 Bolshevik Revolution throws Church of Russia into chaos, effectively stranding
the fledgling Russian Orthodox mission in America; restoration of Moscow
Patriarchate with Tikhon as patriarch; British forces capture Jerusalem from Ottoman
Empire; Church of Georgia's autocephaly restored de facto by political chaos in
Russia; Balfour Declaration proclaims British support for the "establishment in
Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people"; Belogorsky St. Nicholas
Orthodox Missionary Monastery Cathedral (Perm Krai, Russia) is consecrated as the
largest cathedral in the Urals, but is soon captured by the Red Army.

 1917-40 Persecution of the Orthodox Church in Russia begins, with 130,000 priests
arrested, 95,000 of whom were executed by firing squad.

 1917-21 USSR Anti-Religious Campaign.

 1918 Tsar Nicholas II of Russia murdered together with his wife Alexandra and
children; Metr. Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) of Kiev and Gallich first bishop to be
tortured and slain by Russian Communists; deaths of of Hieromartyr Andronik,
Archbishop of Perm and Elizabeth the New Martyr; after the Armistice, in Britain the
"St. Sophia Redemption Committee" is formed, whose members included two future
Foreign Secretaries and many prominent public figures, seeking to restore Hagia
Sophia into an Orthodox Church (1918-1922).

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the USA splits into two separate jurisdictions.  1921-28 USSR Anti-Religious Campaign. 1918-1923 Allied Occupation of Constantinople. Solovetsky Monastery converted by Lenin's decree to the "Solovki Special Purpose Camp". Greek Archdiocese of America formed . with Alexandrian primate thenceforth known as Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa. with Turkey guaranteeing respect and the Patriarchate’s full protection. along with tens of thousands of laity . Tikhon (Belavin) elected Patriarch of Moscow.  1919-1922 Greco-Turkish War. ending 1900 years of Christian civilization.  1923 Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia granted autonomy by Church of Constantinople. . which decides to secede from the African Church (a Protestant denomination) and affiliate with the (non-canonical) "African Orthodox Church" in New York under George Alexander McGuire. publication of Encyclical Letters by Constantinople on Christian unity and on the Ecumenical Movement. Croatia. Hungary and Slovakia. British Mandate of Palestine begins. Dimitrije (Pavlovic). Bp. one for those from Galicia. and another for those from Carpatho-Ukraine. Gorazd (Pavlik) consecrated as bishop for Western Rite Diocese of Moravia and Silesia. Abp. South Africa. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud defines the Id–Ego-Super-ego as the three theoretical constructs of the Psyche. one of the earliest forced-labor camps of the Gulag where 75 bishops died. formation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. Alcuin Club in England prints the Russian synod's report in favor of adapting Book of Common Prayer for Orthodox use. Treaty of Lausanne affirmed the international status of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.  1922 Church of Albania declares autocephaly from Constantinople. a million refugees flee to Greece joining half a million Greeks who had fled earlier. Vladimir Lenin proclaims establishment of the Soviet Union. death of Arsenios the Cappadocian. the Wonderworker. an all-Ukrainian Synod is called in Kyiv and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) (as yet unrecognized) is declared independent from the Moscow Patriarchate (MP).  1921 Constantinople renounces all claims to jurisdiction in any part of Africa.  1920 Death of Nektarios of Aegina. Pontic Greek Genocide eliminates the Christian population of Trebizond. the predominatly Christian city of Smyrna is destroyed. Daniel William Alexander convenes meeting in Kimberley. death of Ethnomartyr Metropolitan Chrysostomos (Kalafatis) of Smyrna. re- establishment of the Patriarchate of Serbia with the unification of the Patriarchate of Karlovci (in the Habsburg Monarchy) with the Metropolitanate of Belgrade (in the Kingdom of Serbia) and the election of Patr.  1924 Church of Constantinople recognizes autocephaly of Church of Poland.

death of Ambrose (Khelaia) the Confessor.  1928-41 USSR Anti-Religious Campaign. 1925 Church of Romania becomes a patriarchate.  1926 Polish Catholic National Church received as a Western Rite diocese in Poland of Church of Russia under Bp.  1928 Fellowship of St. episcopal consecration of John Maximovitch. guaranteeing the rights of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. resulting in the return of several parishes back to Orthodoxy in 1938. dedicated to Christian unity. recognizing sovereignty of Papacy within the new state of the Vatican City.  1934 Hieromartyr John (Pommers) of Riga. built at the expense of Egyptiot Greek benefactor Theodore Kotsikas. Meletios Metaxakis attended the Seventh Lambeth Conference in England as an observer. Sergius founded.  1929 Papal Bull Cum data fuerit regulates Uniate clergy in the US. bishops of Russian church in America authorize formation of American Orthodox Catholic Church. death of Jonah of Manchuria. Daniel William Alexander travels to Kenya. Eulogius (Georgievsky) of Paris. establishing African . mandating celibacy. opening of the new Patriarchal Palace in Cairo by Patriarch Meletios. being a ‘double rite’ monastery having both Western (Latin rite) and Eastern (Byzantine rite) churches holding services every day. John Maximovitch tonsured by ROCOR Metr.  1932 Daniel William Alexander travels to Uganda to meet Reuben Spartas. Nikodemos Sarikas. "Russicum" (Russian College or 'College of St. USSR bans sale or importation of Bibles.  1927 Daniel William Alexander travels from South Africa to America to be consecrated a bishop of African Orthodox Church. the Benedictine monastery Chevetogne Abbey is founded in Belgium. first Africans in sub-Saharan Africa baptized in Tanganyika by Fr. including a Western Rite missionary outreach. establishing African Orthodox Church there.  1931 Reception of Patriarchal Exarchate for Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe into the Ecumenical Patriarchate. kingdom of Italy and Papacy ratify Lateran Treaty. death of Tikhon of Moscow. Orthodox Archbishopric of Johannesburg established. Russian Fraternity of Saint Irenee in France celebrates Western Rite. Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev. Alban and St. the Bonn Agreement established full communion between the Church of England and Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht. Therese') founded in Vatican City by Pope Pius XI and run by the Jesuits.  1930 Patr. led by Metr.  1933 Church of Greece bans Freemasonry. Vatican and Germany sign the Reich Concordat. Alexis of Grodno.

and Eastern Galicia is affiliated with Soviet Ukraine. during their occupation by Nazi Germany .  1937 Church of Constantinople recognizes autocephaly of Church of Albania.  1941-44 Pskov Orthodox Mission works for the revival of Orthodox Church life in North-Western Russia and the three neighbouring Baltic republics (the 'Liberated Regions of Russia').  1943 Church of Russia recognizes autocephaly of Church of Georgia.000 and force 250. Old Calendar Church is formed when three bishops declared their separation from the official Church of Greece stating that the calendar change was a schismatic act. Pennsylvania) founded. Joseph Stalin meets with hierarchs of Russian Orthodox Church . Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung authors Psychology and Religion. Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology founded. arrest of Alexander Hotovitzky. first constitution of the African Orthodox Church in East Africa signed by Reuben Spartas and Arthur Gathuna. clergy opposing Nazi regime in Germany have homes raided by secret police. Orestes Chornock. missionary of America and hieromartyr of the Bolshevik yoke.000 to convert to Catholicism.  1936-37 Many Russian Orthodox Clerics die in Joseph Stalin's Great Purge. death of Silouan the Athonite. Seraphim (Zvezdinsky) of Dimitrov executed by firing squad (canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2000).  1938 St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Canaan.000 Orthodox Serbs.  1935 Critical edition of Septuagint published in Gottingen Germany by Alfred Rahlfs at the Septuaginta-Unternehmens (Institute). so that Western Galicia goes to the German Empire. when a group of 37 Carpatho-Russian Eastern Catholic parishes. expel 250. American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese founded.  1935-40 Italian forces occupy Ethiopia and begin intermittent persecutions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Nicholas (Ono) of Japan is the first Japanese national to be consecrated an Orthodox bishop. New York) and St. were received into the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.  1939 Galicia is divided as Poland gets partitioned between the German Empire and Soviet Union approximately along the Curzon Line. Peter (Polyansky) of Moscow and Krutitsy executed by firing squad.  1941-45 Croatian Ustasa terrorists kill 500.  1941 Martyrdom of Gorazd (Pavlik) of Prague by Nazis. Hieromartyr Bp.  1936 Ukase of Moscow Patriarchate establishes Western Orthodox Church in France using Western Rite. Hieromartyr Bp. under the leadership of Fr. Orthodox Church led by Arthur Gathuna. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood.

library of early Christian texts discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt." granting concessions to the church. state-sponsored synod is held at Lviv. who played a major role in reviving Orthodoxy in Transcarpathia in the early 20th century. Germaine de Paris. Church of Russia claims jurisdiction over the Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia. Josyf Slipyj who was a spiritual leader of Nazi military units that were later condemned by the Nuremberg tribunal. with representatives of the local Orthodox Churches rejecting all participation in the World Council of Churches. to establish a "patriotic union. death of Alexei Kabalyiuk. first post-war ROCOR Council of Bishops is convened in Munich. tortured and drowned by Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Ukrainian Rebel Army. 25. Evgraph Kovalevsky completes restoration of Liturgy of St. proving that many of the variants in the Greek were also present in ancient Hebrew manuscripts. Soviet Union annexes Czechoslovakia.  1947 Dead Sea Scrolls discovered near Qumran in Egypt. after the Soviet Union recognized the state of Israel. many fragments of which agree with the Septuagint version of the Bible over and against the Masoretic Text.  1945 Church of Bulgaria's autocephaly generally recognized. a Carpatho-Russian priest who returned to the Orthodox Church soon after the end of World War II.  1945-1958 In the post-war era the official organization of the Church of Russia was greatly expanded (although individual members of the clergy were occasionally arrested and exiled). pre-dating the Masoretic text by about a millenium. Church of Russia re-grants autocephaly to the Church of Poland (after having revoked it in the aftermath of World War II). Israel returned all Russian church .000. World Council of Churches is founded.  1943-1944 Hundreds of Orthodox priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church eliminated.  1946 Reuben Spartas of the African Orthodox Church visits Alexandria. Soviet authorities arresting resisters or deporting them to Siberia. Holy Synod of the Church of Alexandria officially recognizes and accepts the African Greek Orthodox Church in Kenya and Uganda. aided by Uniate Metr. Ukraine in March. which officially dissolves the Union of Brest-Litovsk and integrates the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church into the Russian Orthodox Church. establishment of State of Israel and end of British Mandate of Palestine. Gabriel Kostelnik.  1948 Martyrdom of Protopresbyter Dr. and who was imprisoned by Soviet authorities for aiding the UPA. with the number of open churches reaching ca. having presided over the Lvov Assembly in March 1946 calling for the return of all Uniates to the Orthodox Faith. including the gathering of the holy synod and the election of Sergius I as patriarch of Moscow.  1944 Fr.  1945-1990 Persecution of the Orthodox Church in Albania. Council of Moscow is held on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the independence of the Russian Church from Constantinople.

addressing the 'problem of evil'.  1959 Abp. being presented to him on April 19th. and first published in 1961. including the Russian Compound.  1956 Church of China under Chinese administration is established under pressure from the Chinese authorities. in Macedonia. becoming the first Chinese Orthodox bishop. 1952. new Monastery of Panagia Soumela built in the village of Kastania. creating the Orthodox Eparchy of Mukachiv-Uzhhorod. transferred in September to be Bishop of Shanghai (1950-1965). Haile Sellassie I Authorized Royal Amharic Bible) is produced under the patronage of Emperor Haile Selassie.  1951 Church of Russia grants autocephaly to the Czechoslovakian Orthodox Church.  1949 Soviet authorities revoke the Union of Uzhhorod of 1646. Anastasios (Yannoulatos) of Albania establishes inter-Orthodox mission agency Porefthentes (Go Ye) to revive the church's mission activities. 1500th anniversary celebration of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.  1957 Church of Russia grants autonomy to Church of China. Dr.  1952-1960 With the onset of the Mau-Mau Movement in Kenya (British East Africa Protectorate). Symeon (Du) is consecrated Bishop of Tianjin in July.  1961 Creation of Western Rite Vicariate in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. who authorizes the use of the restored Gallican rite.  1958 Patr. autocephaly granted to the Church of Ethiopia by Coptic Pope Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria.I. Greece. Carl Jung publishes his Answer to Job.  1950 Pope Pius XII proclaims the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin Mary as a dogma.000 churches. Antony (Bashir) accepts three Western Rite parishes into Syrian Metropolitanate in America. under the Patriarch of Moscow. Communist takeover of China leads to oppression of religious groups. death of Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky) of Simferopol. the Orthodox Church is banished by the British Colonial Government suffering severe oppression.  1958-1964 In the USSR Nikita Khrushchov initiated his own campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church and forced the closure of about 12. of Antioch adopts provisions of Russian synods of 1879 and 1907 for use by Western Rite in America. John Maximovitch.  1953 Metr. Western Orthodox Church of France comes under Abp. .  1952 Death of Matrona the Wonderworker of Moscow.M. housing the wonderworking icon of Panagia Soumela. becoming a center of religious pilgrimage. Many closed churches were deastoyed. properties on its territory to the Moscow Patriarchate. the Revised Amharic Bible (H.

making it independent of the Church of Serbia (as yet unrecognized). second Pan-Orthodox Conference in Rhodes. John Maximovitch consecrates Jean-Nectaire (Kovalevsky) for Western Orthodox Church of France. Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man to fly in outer space.  1966 Translation of the sacred relics of the Holy Apostle Titus of Crete. the Russian Compound was purchased by the government of Israel from the Moscow Patriarchate (except for the cathedral and one building). first ever visit of a Greek Orthodox Patriarch to Canada. first Pan-Orthodox Conference in Rhodes. Synaxis of the Saints of Rostov established by resolution of His Holiness Patriarch Alexis I and the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church.  1967 Church of Macedonia unilaterally declares its autocephaly. the Cultural Revolution almost totally destroyed the young Chinese Orthodox Church. closing all religious institutions and forbiding any religious practices. third Pan-Orthodox Conference in Rhodes. back to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Crete. from Venice (which took them in 1669).  1963 1900th anniversary of martyrdom of Apostle Mark. Benedict of Jerusalem begins a North-American tour to raise funds for the restoration of the shrines in the Holy Land. reaffirming their full support and attachment to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. Albania is declared an atheist state. independence of Kenya from British colonial rule eases the situation of the Orthodox Church. initiating major modernist liturgical and theological reforms for the Roman Catholic Church. often considered the first modern psychologist to state that the human psyche is "by nature religious" and to explore it in depth. seeking to debunk the conception of cumulative scientific development as a myth. .  1964 Meeting of Pope Paul VI of Rome and Patr. a landmark study in the sociology of knowledge. Carl Jung. popularizing the terms "paradigm" and "paradigm shift".  1962 Philosopher and historian of science Thomas Kuhn publishes The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. consecration of first Orthodox Church in Uganda. which is eventually recognized by President Jomo Kenyatta and receives help from the Church of Cyprus over time.5 million worth of oranges (The "Orange Deal").  1962-1965 Second Vatican Council held in Rome. the office of Latin Patriarch of Constantinople is officially abolished. death of eminent psychologist Dr. the Index Librorum Prohibitorum ("List of Prohibited Books") is formally abolished on 14 June by Pope Paul VI. Abp. Athenagoras I (Spyrou) of Constantinople in Jerusalem. on the Sunday of Orthodoxy March 3rd 1963 an assembly of priests and laypeople from Kenya and Uganda was held in Kampala. 1000th anniversary celebration of founding of Mount Athos. as Patr.  1965 Pope Paul VI of Rome and Patriarch Athenagoras I (Spyrou) of Constantinople mutually nullify the excommunications of 1054. including restriction of ancient Tridentine Mass and introduction of the Novus Ordo. paid for in $3.

1975) to the primates of the local Orthodox Churches.  1974 1600th anniversary of death of Athanasius the Great.  1972 Death of pioneer missionary Archim. Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS. the first phase of the Anglican- Orthodox dialogue was concluded by the publication of The Moscow Agreed Statement. Fr.  1968-1971 Millions of Christians. Nicholas VI a part of the relics of St Mark from Venice. endorsed by Abp. and Congo. renamed as the Orthodox Church in America. Switzerland. priest. fourth Pan-Orthodox Conference in Chambesy. Kenya. Christophoros of Nilopolis. George Arthur Gatung'u Gathuna is consecrated as the Bishop of Nitrea on February 25 in Kagira. Makarios III (Mouskos) of Cyprus baptizes 10. 4th ed. Abp.  1970 Russian-American Metropolia reconciles with Church of Russia and is granted autocephaly. Muslims. Fr. Jews and others witness apparitions of the Virgin Mary many times over a three year period over the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Philip (Saliba) of New York and Abp.Revised Standard Version (Expanded Edition) is published.  1977 The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha . glorification of Herman of Alaska in separate services by the ROCOR and the OCA. 1971. Reuben Mukasa Spartas is consecrated as Bp. which grants it autonomy.) is . the first black African Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Kenya. returning control of Church of Japan to Moscow. Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York (ROCOR) issues the first of a series of "Sorrowful Epistles" (1969. Tanzania. inauguration of the new Patriarchal Palace of the Church of Alexandria at St Savva Monastery (21 November). when the Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (A/OJDD) held its first meeting in Oxford. Michael (Shaheen) of Toledo.  1976 First Pre-Synodal Pan-Orthodox Conference at Orthodox Centre of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Chambesy. Cairo. and deacon. Joint Commission of Orthodox and Old Catholic theologians is established.  1973 Anglican-Orthodox dialogue began.000 into the Orthodox Church in Kenya.  1971 Halki Seminary closed by Turkish authorities. on behalf of Pope Paul VI.  1969 Metr.  1975 Division in the Antiochian church in North America overcome by the uniting of the two Antiochian archdioceses into one by Metr. Athenagoras (Kokkinakis) of Thyateira and Great Britain. the General Convention of the Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA) approves ordination of women to all three orders: bishop. condemning forays into ecumenism. Chrysostomos Papasarantopoulos. recognized as authentic by the Coptic Orthodox Church and other churches. Mary at Zeitun. who give Patr. 1968 Visit to Patriarchate of Alexandria by Vatican representatives. having laboured to spread the Orthodox faith in Uganda. Switzerland.

Jamaica.  1981 Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission meets for the first time in Espoo. Athanasios Anthides travelled to India to begin a systematic Orthodox Mission in the rural area of Arambah. Sacraments and the Unity of the Church". including footnotes with possible corrections to the Hebrew text based on the Samaritan Pentateuch. on November 4. keeper of the Greek monastery of Jacob's Well in Samaria (Nablus. met in Patmos and Rhodes. Septuagint. published. Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician Bob Marley (+1981) is baptized by Abp. Vulgate. in West Bengal.  1980 Orthodox-Roman Catholic Joint Commission for Theological Dialogue. Paul (de Ballester- Convallier) of Nazianzus. Patr. "The Mystery of the Church and of the Eucharist in Light of the Mystery of the Holy Trinity". by Zionist extremists who also desecrate the church. and Peshitta.  1985 Founding of Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) as Greek Archdiocesan Mission Center. Philoumenos (Hasapis). on August 19 Patr. 3rd plenary. death of noted Russian iconographer Leonid Alexandrovich Ouspensky. group of twenty parishes of the Evangelical Orthodox Church. Switzerland. the second phase of the Anglican-Orthodox dialogue was concluded with the publication of The Dublin Agreed Statement. Demetrius I (Papadopoulos) of Constantinople to Vatican. Demetrios I of Constantinople co-celebrated the Divine Liturgy on the Feast of the Transfiguration at the Holy Trinity St. Joint Commission of Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches for Theological Dialogue established by Pope John Paul II and Patr. neomartyr Bp. meets in Khania.  1979 Pope John Paul II visits Ecumenical Patriarchate. Orthodox-Roman Catholic Joint Commission issues common document "Faith. Sergius Monastery for the first time in 398 years (since January 1589)." Optina Monastery was officially re-established. 1st plenary. second Pre-Synodal Pan-Orthodox Conference in Chambesy. originally formed by former Campus Crusade for Christ leaders Peter Gillquist and Jon Braun. West Bank). Dead Sea Scrolls. 1980. becoming the Antiochian Evangelical Orthodox Mission. torture and martyrdom of Archim. Switzerland.  1987 Visit by Ecumenical Patr. . and Ec. Demetrius I (Papadopoulos) of Constantinople. Abuna Yesehaq of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Kingston.  1984 Orthodox-Roman Catholic Joint Commission.  1982 Orthodox-Roman Catholic Joint Commission publishes in Munich first official common document. are received into Antiochian Archdiocese in US. Kenya. Pimen of Moscow and All Russia. Crete."  1986 Third Pre-Synodal Pan-Orthodox Conference in Chambesy. Finland. Greek priest-monk Fr. Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission issues the statement "Scripture and Tradition. Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission issues statement "Divine Revelation. formal founding of Makarios III Patriarchal Seminary in Nairobi.

first Orthodox service in seventy years held in St. Ignatios Sennis. when the commission was re-constituted as The International Commission for Anglican- Orthodox Theological Dialogue (ICAOTD). John of Pergamon and Bp.  The division of Church History into separate eras as done here will always be to some extent arbitrary.  1990 Orthodox-Roman Catholic Joint Theological Commission meets in Freising. suceeded a year later by priest-monk Fr. as records for some periods are particularly difficult to piece together accurately. murder of Fr. Henry Hill (succeeded in 1990 by Bp. Notes  Some of these dates are necessarily a bit vague. Orthodox- Oriental Orthodox Joint Commission adopts the first Agreed Statement on Christology. Egypt from June 20- 24. at a historic meeting at the Anba Bishoy Monastery. Athanasios Anthides. sparking the rebirth of Orthodoxy there. who came to Calcutta to continue the mission. Indonesian Muslim convert to Orthodoxy Fr. the third phase of the Anglican-Orthodox dialogue began. Alexander Men. though it was attempted to group periods according to major watershed events. under the chairmanship of Metr. death of Fr. though a number of non-Orthodox or purely political events are mentioned for their importance in history related to Orthodoxy or for reference. with Greek Catholics beginning seizure of property from Russian Orthodox Church. which they claimed as theirs prior to the synod of 1946.  1988 1000th anniversary of Orthodoxy in Russia. Orthodox-Oriental Orthodox Joint Commission adopts the Second Agreed Statement. the beginning of renaissance the Orthodoxy in USSR. Germany. Uniate Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church legalized.  This timeline is necessarily biased toward the history of the Orthodox Church.  1989 Church of Constantinople recognizes autocephaly of the Church of Georgia. Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission issues statement "The Canon and the Inspiration of the Holy Scripture". Orthodox-Roman Catholic Joint Commission publishes common document "The Sacrament of Order in the Sacramental Structure of the Church". See also  Timeline of Orthodoxy in America  Timeline of Orthodoxy in Australia . Daniel Byantoro begins his mission in Indonesia. first Greek Orthodox Missionary to India. Elder Ephraim begins founding Athonite-style monasteries in North America. Basil's Cathedral. Mark Dyer). glorification in Russia of Tikhon of Moscow. commemoration of the Optina Monastery startsy was approved by the Synod of the Russian Church Abroad in 1990 (and by MP in 1996). Mount Athos is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. 1989.

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