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To contribute to the goal of preparing reflective practitioners, student teachers will write an Action Plan at the end of first, second, and third field
experience with input from their cooperating teacher and/or the University supervisor. The Action Plan synthesizes each field experience’s
evaluation, links each field experience to the next, establishes goals for improvement, and forms an agenda for discussion between the student
teacher, the cooperating teacher and University supervisor at the beginning of the subsequent field experience. For First Field Experience only
(excluding Physical Education students), the Action Plan will be completed during the co-requisite Professional Seminar course.
Isabelle Chai
Name ____________________________ 260567393
Student Number ______________________
Kindergarten and Elementary
B.Ed. Program: _____________________ Field Experience: 1st 2nd 3rd

I have shown thorough to advanced development in the following Professional Competencies developed
during this field experience:
During my first field experience, I was able to excel in competencies 1, 2, 9, and 11 as I was able to;
use proper language, use of secondary culture in teaching students, cooperate wonderfully with
staff members and my cooperating teacher and to engage in professional development both
individually and with others. I constantly discussed pedagogical practices with my peers,
cooperating teacher, and supervisor, and I have grown in the sense that I adopted my host school's
culture and I implemented it while interacting with students. These competencies have developed
from week one all the way to week three as by the last week, I became comfortable with
implementing the culture to the students and with interacting with staff members and students.

I would like to improve my skills in the following Professional Competencies developed during this field
In competency 12 as I was only able to partially develop this competency throughout my field
experience. Although I was conscious and made sure I was constantly professional in my actions, I
did not have the opportunity to fulfill the features of this competency because it is only my first field
experience and it did not require me to execute these features.

I will make use of the following strategies for improvement:
The areas that I see that needs improvement are my speech, penmanship and grammar. Speech in the
sense that I stutter and I tend to mumble. So I will practice my speech with a peer by enunciating my
words and sentences to avoid stuttering and mumbling. I would also like to improve my penmanship
because my writing is mostly in cursive, and students in the elementary level may not be able to read my
writing. Thus, I will make sure to keep a journal and print my words and sentences clearly so that students
and adults can read my writing. By keeping a journal, it will practice my penmanship and I will get used to
printing instead of cursive. Lastly, I would like to improve my grammar as I sometimes find myself
questioning whether it is this word or that word in a sentence. To improve this, I can search on the internet
to find and take an online class to improve my grammar. I can also find textbooks on grammar in the
library to study correct grammar.

Digitally signed by Isabelle Chai

Isabelle Chai DN: cn=Isabelle Chai, o, ou,,

Date: 2013.12.17 18:40:57 -05'00'
December 16, 2013
Student teacher’s signature Date
This completed Action Plan is to be discussed with your cooperating teacher and McGill supervisor at the start of your subsequent
field experience.