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Problem Solving Meeting Outline

The meeting should last no longer than 30 minutes.

The meeting will have 7 distinct stages as follows:

1. Stage 1 – Facilitator states reason for meeting, states
process to be followed and the problem to be dealt
with. Clarifies as required.
2. Stage 2- Teacher clarifies anything not clear. Brief,
oral statement.
3. Stage 3 – Team members ask questions of teacher to
clarify any questions they may have as to exactly what
the problem is or what the circumstances are, using a
round-table approach.
4. Stage 4 – Facilitator uses round-table brainstorming
approach to generate suggestions for the teacher’ s
consideration. Brief statements are encouraged. Team
members direct them to the facilitator. The teacher
does not interact with others during this stage.
5. Stage 5 – Facilitator goes over suggestions and
strategies made with the teacher. Assists teacher to
select several that seem most helpful by numbering the
suggestions as follows: 1 – will try immediately, 2-will
try later, 3-already tried
6. Stage 6- Facilitator follows up by establishing the plan
to follow up on ideas. Arrange for more detail on ideas
or for assistance in further developing a plan.
7. Stage 7- Facilitator thanks team members and ensures
that all leave feeling something constructive will come
from the meeting.