Card Organizer By consultants Belinda Connor & Dawn Champaign Supplies needed: 2 pieces of cardboard (cereal box) cut 6”x8”

2 pieces of B&T Duo paper cut 7”x9” 2 pieces of B&T Duo coordinating paper cut 6”x8” 6 sheets of 12”x12” card stock-light colored 12 pieces of plain colored B&T duo paper cut 3”x5” to write names & dates on 3 one inch snap rings 30 eyelets (large enough for snap rings to fit through, approximately ¼” inner diameter) Ruler Bone folder Tombow adhesive Microtip scissors Paper cutter Hole punch (or Crop-A-Dile) Pencil Soft set eyelet tool & Mat (or Crop-A-Dile) Embellishments Suggested stamps to be used: Save the Date D1386 Comments D1349 Noteworthy D1329 Frame of Mind D1201 Moments in Time D1339 or your favorite month stamps

Card Organizer-instructions 1) Cut cereal box cardboard into two pieces 6”x8” 2) Cut 2 pieces of paper 7”x9” to cover cardboard

3) Place cardboard in the center of paper, adhere cardboard to paper securely using Tombow. Fold the edges of paper over the cardboard and then cut across the points of paper just above the cardboard to make a neat corner edge. Now secure the edges of paper to cardboard. paper cardboard

Cutting lines 4) Cut piece of paper 6”x8” for inside of cover and secure to cardboard. 5) Do back cover the same way and then set the covers aside.

6) Take a piece of 12”x12” cardstock and fold in half, crease firmly. Center fold

Open it up and with crease facing down mark the back side of the paper at 3 ½”, 3 ¾” and 4” from the bottom of the paper. Place your ruler on the 4” line and fold to the front and crease well. Unfold and repeat this process at the 3 ½” line again folding to the front. Turn paper over and do the same at the 3 ¾” line folding to the back. After these steps are complete, again fold the paper at the 4” line to the front, line up the fold from the 3 ½” line, pushing inward at the 3 ¾” line. This forms the accordion pleat. Center crease

4” 3 3/4” 3 ½”

7) Leaving the pleat in place and the bottom portion of paper folded up, fold the 12”x12” paper back in half. This makes a pocket on both sides to equal 2 pages of the organizer. side A with pocket side B with pocket

8) Repeat this step for all 6 pages 9) Line up pages, one on top of each other with creased edge to your right and place between the top and bottom covers. 10) Mark the left side of the front cover 1” up from the bottom, then at the 4” middle mark, then at 7” up from the bottom. The marks need to be ½” from the left edge of cover

7” 4”

1” ½” from edge of paper 11) Mark each page in this same way. Then using hole punch or Crop-A-Dile, punch all holes at each mark to fit the eyelets. 12) Covers will have 3 eyelets in each of them, good side of eyelet facing the good side of the cover

13) Leaving the page folded in half, hold the 2 inner pieces of the pocket together and insert an eyelet. Then insert eyelet on the outside of each pocket, making 3 total eyelets in each pocket.

B B B outside B inside

A side Fold line A side A outside A inside

14) Put eyelet to hold folded page together at the top and center holes. 15) Repeat for all pages 16) Assemble with snap rings through eyelets forming a book.

17) Using a 3”x5” piece of paper, adhere to front of each pocket, this is where you would write names and dates. month


18) On top of each page, label it with the month. 19) Embellish your book 20) Keep for yearly birthday, anniversary or holiday cards Suggestions:

1) Fill in the names with dates, add cards and give as a gift to an elderly person, someone who is a shut-in, use for a wedding gift, birthday gift, or graduation gift. You could even include addresses and stamps. 2) Use as a coupon organizer or to organize your monthly bills