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Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Local News 3

Town Commissioners
Clash Over $250,000
Deal With Developer
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer
Town council member Hayden Hammett Hayden thinks everyone should agree
accused colleague Roger Mattingly of il- with what he wants to do, Mattingy said. I
legal and unethical behavior at Mondays
meeting regarding a deal in which the town
have no idea what that was about.
I have done nothing illegal, nothing The Inaugural Presidential
agreed to provide $250,000 in assistance unethical.
and tax rebates to a local builder.
The controversy began when Mattingly
Mattingly has long opposed the building
of the Hamptons; he has been the president
Lecture Series
opposed the majority of the town council of the adjacent Foxwell condominium as- Presents
who agreed to the measure, which would as- sociation and was on the board of directors
sist the builder of The Hamptons apartment
complex in covering a sewer line running
there while opposing the project and owns
property at Foxwell. Walter Mosley
through the property as well as constructing While he was on the board of directors
a connecting road to Fenwick Street. the developer was in negotiations with the Novelist and Social Commentator
Mattingly said the measure opened the association for access through their property
door to the town having to provide nancial for a connection with Fenwick Street but the
assistance to potentially any developer look- negotiations failed, Mattingly said.
ing to build a project in town. Hammett disagreed with Mattinglys as- The Only True Race is the Human Race
The council is looking for an excuse to sertion in speaking with The County Times.
give a private developer $250,000 in town The unethical actions are already on the March 7, 2017
tax payer money, Mattingly said at the public record, Hammett said, who said he Auerbach Auditorium, St. Marys Hall
Monday meeting. This is $250,000 we would not comment on what he believed
should not be paying. Mattinglys allegedly illegal actions were. St. Marys College of Maryland
This is a no-deal deal. He should have recused himself from all
Hammett quickly countered by say- of this because of the position he held as Program: 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m.)
ing that the town agreeing to the $250,000 the president of the condominium associa- Books for sale and signing to follow event
deal with the Saba Group meant it would be tion and because of his personal interest as
about $1 million worth of improvements to an adjacent property owner, Hammett said. The event is free of charge and open to the public.
provide and protect vital infrastructure. Though he would not comment on his
Were getting probably four times the accusations of illegality against Mattingly, For more information, visit:
amount in value for the money were spend- Hammett said he stood by his comments
ing, Hammett said. And frankly if it made on Monday.
werent for your illegal and unethical ac- Mattingly said he would check council
tions we wouldnt be in this position. records but he believed he had recused him-
For a moment all discussion stopped at the self through the entire process involving the
council table. Hamptons project.
Mattingly, seemingly surprised at the Records of town minutes showed that
accusation, asked Hammett to back up his in June of 2014 Mattingly voted in favor
claim and explain himself. of moving the project forward in the plan-
Hammett declined, saying: I dont think ning process and the following month voted
you want me to. against concept site plan approval.
After a short back and forth between In October of 2015 Mattingly abstained
the two council members the council vot- from voting on the nal site plan approval
ed by 4-to-1 to approve the deal with the and in June of last year again abstained from
Saba Group. voting on the revised nal site plan, town Kim Briscoe, Realtor
In a later interview Mattingly said he did records show. P: 443.624.0269
not understand Hammetts issue and denied
any wrongdoing. E:

Leonardtown To Aid
Favorite food: Crab
Favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama
Favorite book: Sullivan's Island

Ryken HS In Bond Sales

Favorite TV: Outlander
Most used phrase: Fiddle - de
Hobbies: Cooking, mowing grass, exercise, throwing parties

By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer
St. Marys Ryken High School success- Part of the proceeds from the bond sales
fully sought the Town of Leonardtowns as- will be used to renance a 2009 loan of
sistance Monday in seeking redevelopment similar bonds the town provided for the high
bonds up to a $24 million limit that will al- school.
low it to pay down prior debt, build a new The newly approved bonds are also
facility and renovate an older one. planned to help pay for new land acquisi-
Lindsay Rader, an attorney with Funk tion, a 48,000-square foot student activity For information and an appointment to learn about the
and Bolton, advised the town council that and sports center and renovations to Paschal opportunity of joining our company, please call 410-394-0990
the measure would allow them to issue the Hall.
redevelopment bonds, give the proceeds to Mary Joy Hurlburt, the schools president,
the school and not be liable if the school de- told town commissioners that the new stu- Join us on,
faulted on the debt. dent center was needful.,,
Rader also explained that the bonds would We are playing [sports] in a 1956 gym
be tax exempt; federal law allows entities built for a much smaller student population,
14488 Solomons Island Rd, PO Box 92, Solomons MD 20688
such as St. Marys Ryken to accept proceeds Hurlburt said.
410-394-0990 |
from such bond sales but only government
entities are allowed to initiate the bonds.
4 Local News The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Planners Fear More

Mapping Errors
By Dick Myers
Staff Writer
The Commissioners of St. Marys Coun- One factor affecting the ability to iden-
ty have a public hearing scheduled for Feb. tify whether errors occurred or not is that
28 to address the alleged mapping error the lead staff person for the Lexington Park
that is preventing the proposed Cecils Mill Development District Master Plan, chief
office/warehouse project from proceeding. planner Jeff Jackman, is no longer with
But, the commissioners also will be hear- LUGM. At the Feb. 13 meeting commis-
ing at the same time public comment on the sion Vice Chairperson Shelby Guazzo said,
proposed rezoning of the Lexington Park/ What happened was not the way we told
Great Mills/California area that will con- him (Jackman) to do. She added, I would
form to the Lexington Park Development like to know what is in Jeff Jackmans
District Master Plan adopted by the com- computer.
missioners last year. There was some discussion among com-
Staff of the Department of Land Use and mission members about asking the com-
Growth Management (LUGM) discovered missioners to delay their public hearing to
the Cecils Mill error, which delayed at the make sure the map is correct. But Acting
11th hour a public hearing before the St. LUGM Director Bill Hunt said that could
Marys County Planning Commission. The possibly take months. At one point Spar-
planners agreed that the error had occurred ling asked for a recess to discuss the matter
and the master plan map did not correctly with Hunt. When the meeting reconvened
reflect what they had agreed on when cre- Sparling said he would have to talk to the
ating the development district master plan. commissioners about it since he was not
But, now the planners are fearful that authorized to make that decision.
the zoning map that will be presented at The planners in the meantime asked
the Feb. 28 public hearing has errors as Hunt to begin the task of finding out if there
well. Those fears were articulated at the are any errors. One starting point is to see
commissions Feb. 13 meeting. What to do if rezonings requested by property owners
about those fears is yet to be determined. were properly mapped.
One option would be to delay the public The commission decided to hold a spe-
hearing before the commissioners, although cial meeting on Monday, Feb. 27, the day
County Attorney George Sparling told the before the commissioners public hearing
planners that option probably would not set that is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. in their meet-
well with the commissioners. I think the ing room. That hearing could be a replay-
commissioners would like to see this move ing of Cecils Mill project controversy.
ahead, he said. Residents of the adjacent subdivision
Another option is to adopt the zoning have complained about the warehouse/of-
map (referred to as Figure 1-2) and deal fice project out of concern for the safety
with any possible errors as they come up. of their children. They also contend they
Sparling noted that state law allows mis- were told by the developer that the property
take as one of the two reasons for spot now slated for development was going to be
rezoning and those mistakes perhaps could residential.
be proven. The other reason for rezoning of The proposed project off Great Mills
an individual property, outside of the regu- Road calls for a 28,400-square-foot, two-
lar comprehensive rezoning, is change in story office building and a 54,000-square-
the character of the neighborhood in which foot warehouse. The property is almost 25
the property is located. acres, although about half of it is still slated
The problem in proving a mistake in zon- for residential development.
ing is coming up with the paperwork trail
to show that what the planners actually
waned was not accomplished. To do that
in a comprehensive way before the zoning
map is approved could be a daunting ad-
ministrative task.

Commissioners Accept
LGIT Training Grant Award
The Local Government Insurance Trust St. Marys County at its February 14 busi-
has awarded atraining grant of $5,860 to ness meeting.
St. Marys County Government. The grant ADA One, LLC has been selected to
will provide Americans with Disabilities conduct the training based upon the firms
(ADA) training to county employees. expertise. Irene Bowen, ADA One Presi-
The grant will cover two 4-hour live dent and training presenter, is a noted ex-
training for new hires. Recorded and on- pert inthe field, having served as the Depu-
line presentations will also be available for ty Chief of the Disability Rights Section at
individuals unable to attend the live train- the U. S. Department of Justice and Deputy
ing sessions. General Counsel of the U.S. Access Board.
Timothy Ailsworth, LGIT Executive Di-
rector, presented a check representing the From St. Marys County
full grant amount to the Commissioners of Public Information Office
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Local News 5

Calvert Cliffs Readied A Thoughtful Approach to

for Fueling Outage Womens Wellness
Two-thousand Temporary Workers Added
Operators at Exelon Generations Calvert said Calvert Cliffs Site Vice President
Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant removed Unit 2 George Gellrich. By investing in equip-
from service just after midnight on Sunday ment and performing the right maintenance
to begin a planned refueling outage. The during the outage, we ensure safe, reliable
refueling outage will help ensure the unit operations for years to come.
runs safely and provides consistent, reli- To support the refueling outage, approxi-
able power to the region for another two-
year cycle.
mately 2,000 additional workers will travel
to Calvert for several weeks, lling nearby
Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017
While the unit is ofine, technicians will
replace nearly one-third of the reactors fuel
hotels to capacity and increasing foot traf-
c in restaurants and shops. 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
and perform more than 10,000 inspections, The annual refueling outage at Exelon
tests, maintenance activities and modica- Generations Calvert Cliffs station has been Loffler Senior Center
tions. Many of the tasks performed during a positive economic boost for the busi-
the outage cannot be accomplished while nesses in Calvert County for many years, 21905 Chancellors Run Road
the unit is online. said President/CEO of the Calvert County
Additionally, this year, Calvert will be Chamber of Commerce Bill Chambers. Great Mills, Maryland
replacing a high pressure turbine on the This year will be no exception. The Cal-
non-nuclear side of the plant. This invest- vert Chamber continues to eld numerous
ment in state-of-the-art equipment is ex- inquiries from outage personnel coming This FREE wellness program includes:
pected to result in an additional 19 mega- into the County for housing, dining and
watts of generation. amenity options. The outage is just another Health screenings
We are proud to have the opportunity to example of Exelon Generation contributing Continental breakfast and lunch
operate our nuclear power plant here in Cal- so much to the vitality of the Calvert busi-
vert County. We want to continue meeting ness community. Featured programs on womens health issues and
the regions energy needs when they need nutrition
us most: during the freezing temperatures From Exelon Generation Communications
of winter or the extreme heat of summer, Health displays and useful educational materials
Prescription Medicine Collection: The St. Marys County
Sheriffs Office will be accepting prescription and
over-the-counter medications. The following will not
be accepted: syringes, inhalers or drugs in aerosol

Just Listed !
canisters or chemotherapy drugs, either in IV or oral

$249 PRICE:

29838 Scott Circle, Mechanicsville, MD ,000

Topics and Guest Speakers:
Kidneys 101: Quinton Lucas, MD, FAAFP, MedStar
St. Marys Hospital Primary Care
Every Drop Counts: Staying Well Hydrated: Catherine
Dowling, RDN, LDN, MedStar St. Marys Hospital
Seated Yoga for Better Breathers:
Baskar Jhaveri, MD, MedStar Shah Medical Group
The Who, What, When, Where and Why on Incontinence:
Shaya Dawson, PT, DPT, Clinic Director with NRH
Rehabilitation Network at Hollywood, and Jenna
Holmes, PT, DPT, Certified Medical Diagnosis and
Therapy, Rehab Clinical Lead with MedStar
St. Marys Hospital
The Aging Eye: Amanda Richards Lakusta, MD, MedStar
Eye Physicians
I Pre-registration is required. To register, call 301-475-6019.
...WHOLE LOT FOR A LITTLE PRICE! S Presented by St. Marys Delicados, Inc. and

MedStar St. Marys Hospital
Steve Atkocius I HAVE SOLD
Broker/Realtor MANY HOMES IN I
Purple Post Real Estate YOUR AREA N
301-399-3089 YEARS! P
6 Local News The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just Listed !
$479 RICE:
Dep. Director: Vets
Home Leadership to
Meet With Co. 29
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer
In response to concerns that calls for ser- the Commissioners of St. Marys Coun-
vice to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home are ty requesting their assistance in solving
straining the resources of the nearby Me- the problem.
MAY BE THE LARGEST HOME AT THE BEST PRICE IN TOWN! chanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, one The [Charlotte Hall Veterans Home]
This 6,500 finished sq feet MASTERPIECE has been of the top ofcials at the states only home should utilize their own funds to support
totally UPDATED w/New carpeting, New appliances, for veterans told The County Times they emergency services, thus providing bet-
New paint, New flooring! **1st FLOOR MASTER Suite w/ plan to nd a way to resolve any problems. ter, quicker care to the veterans by utilizing
We have every intention to meet with the their contract with [All American Ambu-
Superbath!!** Side-Load 2-Car Garage*FULLY FINISHED chief of the Mechanicsville rescue squad lance Co.] and not utilizing the Mechanic-
to see how we can get beyond straining the sville Volunteer Rescue Squad, Valland-
volunteers, said Mike Farr, deputy direc- ingham wrote.
Room AND Foyer, Hdwd Floors thruout, MAIN LVL OFFICE
tor of the facility in a Wednesday interview. She argued that the Mechanicsville
***RARE SALE IN HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER NBRHD and Walk Farr said the open forum with rst re- squad is supported by local tax payers
to St. Mary's Hospital !***
sponders would aim to strike a happy me- through the countys re and rescue tax
dium between whats best for the depart- levy while the veterans home, a state-run

Steve Atkocius I HAVE SOLD T

ment and the services required here. entity, can receive grant funding to pay for
Farr said similar issues have come up all of its emergency transport needs.

Broker/Realtor MANY HOMES IN I in the past and had been resolved but de-
clined to comment on how the problems
Farr also declined to comment on Val-
landinghams assertion that the contract
Purple Post Real Estate YOUR AREA N were solved.
The chief of the rescue squad says that
ambulance service should be used more to
serve the veterans home.
RECENTLY AND IN THE LAST 20 G calls for service from the veterans home are
taking up valuable emergency resources
In an e-mail to the county commission-
ers, Vallandingham wrote that in the past
301-399-3089 YEARS! P when the managers of the veterans care fa- ve years she had attempted to resolve her
cility should be using a contract ambulance concerns over service to the veterans home
R service they already have a signed agree-
ment with.
but that she had not seen any results.

A nnua l F e br ua r y Din n e r I
Jessica Vallandingham, the rescue squad
commander, recently sent a missive to
7th District O E
e d
By pt
i : Commissioners Concerned Over

Borrowing Limits, Jail Costs
S po


Feb. Serving 2

26 th 1Staff Writer
By Guy Leonard

11:30 9 After state lawmakers introduced bills

20 1 7 a.m. tying increased borrowing authority for the He also believed that with all the contro-
versy brewing between the commission-
Commissioners of St. Marys County to the ers and the state delegation to Annapolis,


elimination of the energy tax as well add- things would still be resolved.
ing more restrictions over the Metropolitan Its going to be OK, Hewitt said.

0the political push will endanger their ability

Commission local leaders are worried that Hewitt added that the county should look
FRIED CHICKEN VEGETABLES to nd more ways to nd efciencies in its
0 Commissioner Tom Jarboe said he was
to build vital projects. spending of funds.
Ill reference an old German proverb
concerned that state lawmakers viewed the that says: Always leave the dinner table a
LOCATED AT countys desires to build more projects as
not serious.
little hungry, Hewitt said.
Commissioner John OConnor also
Mechanicsville Moose Lodge #495 Theres a difference between politick- pointed out that the commissioners should
ing and governing, Jarboe said Tuesday. take an increasingly closer look at the long-
27636 Mechanicsville Road Were trying to govern. awaited county detention center replace-
Mechanicsville, Maryland 20659 Were trying to manage a budget here. ment project to nd further cost savings.
Restricting the ability to borrow money The commissioners received a brieng
meant the countys ability to grow could be on the progress of the jail and learned that
compromised, he said. the project is likely to cost an extra $1.57
Adults $27 Kids (6-12) $8 Kids 5 And Under Free All that does is constrain our ability to million.
govern and provide infrastructure, Jarboe OConnor said he believed that the nal
Drive-Thru Carry Out $25 Credit Cards Accepted said of the proposed regulations adding that costs of the jail could be $4 million to $5
the countys construction plan was in no million over what the commissioners had way frivolous. planned on.
Commissioner Mike Hewitt said that he There are some niceties that we
For More Information Contact: supported the notion of eliminating the en- dont need to keep this jail functional,
ergy tax. OConnor said.
I ran on that, Hewitt said. Its regres-
sive and it hurts the poor and the elderly.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times
THURSDAY, MAR. 2, 2017


13 ING
750ML $ WASH
750ML $8.4

CRU Z FLAV 7 50 ML $12.88
750M DKA
M VO 7 50 M
ERD A L $11.48
N .9
L $10 99
750M 7.
TR $1
1.75L DAM
750M $ 19.99 A N BOUR
T R EC .88
1.75L P
L $26
6PK B IES 3LTR $12.4
$6.49 ES
$11.9 OTTLES

15PK $12.88 S MARK WES
750ML $19.8
8 1.75LTR $4 OR PINOT
0.88 750ML
8 Local News The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Calvert Restaurant Week is Here

Spiggy Cruises 29 Restaurant Options
By Dave Spigler
Feature Writer

With great anticipation, I awaited Calvert Fortunately, this is not necessarily the Fortunately for us, some pretty savvy
Countys 2017 Calvert County Restau- case in Southern Maryland. While the people in county government got together 1. ANGLERS SEAFOOD BAR & GRILL
rant Week. Scheduled for Friday, Feb. 17 choices of national dishes here are not as with a few county restauranteurs with ex- 275 Lore Road, Solomons
through Sunday, Feb. 27, this popular event extensive as those available up in the Big cess capacity and time on their hands and At Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, we
grows larger every year. This is the fifth City, the selection runs the gamut from decided one way to get folks out of their pride ourselves on making fresh food to or-
year this annual culinary extravaganza is Japanese, to Thai, to Indian cuisine. And warm, cozy cabins was to offer a delicious der. We ask that you have patience and we
put on by the Calvert Countys Department of course, the restaurants specializing in selection of their specialties at really at- trust that you will enjoy the end result. We
of Economic Development and Tourism Italian or Mexican and American fare are tractive prices. This idea grew all over the have a very extensive menu offering tradi-
in conjunction with nearly 30 restaurants readily available. But the more popular and county to become a favorite, much antici- tional seafood entrees and favorite South-
from Dunkirk. The Beaches, Sunderland, most frequented establishments here in pated winter event. It provides both locals ern Maryland meals. This would be a great
Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, Lusby, to Calvert are our many famous fine seafood and visitors the opportunity to sample some place to start your tour! 410 326-2772
Solomons. houses that draw on the regions bounty of our best restaurants offerings at excellent
Many are old traditional favorites such as and provide unique dining opportunities. prices. Many participating establishments 2. BLONDIES BAKING COMPANY
Traders and The Rod and Reel in Chesa- As stated in the Countys website, whether offer special menus for both lunch and din- 132 Main Street, Prince Frederick
peake Beach, and Mama Lucias in Dunkirk your favorite fare is fresh seafood from our ner, but may not offer promotional prices Enjoy a Blonde Moment! Only here will
and Prince Frederick. Further south, The river or our Bay, Italian cuisine or anything for both. you meet the combination of exquisite des-
Tavern in St. Leonard, the Ruddy Duck, in between, Restaurant Week has some- As an unofficial self-appointed Am- serts, pleasant staff, and great service!
Boomerangs and Kingfishers are prepared thing to satisfy every palate. bassador for Calvert County for the past 443 964-8410
for the large crowds to enjoy their favorite The idea to showcase our county wide several years interested in bringing to life 3. BOOMERANGS ORIGINAL RIBS
scrumptious meals that are carefully pre- restaurants with their creative cookery and with my writings all the wonderful unsung 3820 S Solomons Island Road, Solomons
pared and offered at special prices. offer their delicious meals at budget friend- heroes of the county as well as to highlight Since 1990, Boomerangs has been
Newer eateries such as The Brick in ly prices during the month of February the truly outstanding attractions that make serving their famous baby back ribs, and
Prince Frederick, Yo Mommas in Prince did not come about by accident. It is well our county great, I readily volunteered for popular made from scratch soups, sal-
Frederick and their new Pub in the Lusby known in the food industry that the months this arduous assignment knowing I would ads, desserts, hand breaded chicken and
Towne Square, and the Pier in Solomons following the Christmas and New Years have to let out my belt a notch or two once I seafood at reasonable prices. Always a
recently opened under new ownership, are Holidays is a very slow period for many ob- was finished. So to get started, here is some crowd pleaser! Many feature specials from
providing special menus to attract the pub- vious reasons and possibly a few that may good advice to be considered: 4-8PM. 410 326-6050
lic to their establishments to sample their not be so clear. Make reservations early as many
fares in hopes to introduce you to their din- The average American, including me, of the popular restaurants get 4. BRICK WOOD FIRED BISTRO
ing experience. I can hardly wait to grab my has a tendency to overeat during the Holi- bookedup. 60 Sherry Lane, Prince Frederick
fork and knife! day period, often putting on 5-8 pounds Not all establishments in the Coun- We proudly support the local farming
The idea to create a week of special during the time between Thanksgiving ty are participating. When making community making an attempt to source
lunches and dinners at a reduced price is not and New Years Day. And, like me, most reservations ensure the restaurant is local, sustainable products whenever pos-
new. Many of the restaurants in Washing- of these same glutinous celebrants imme- involved in this promotion. sible. All food prepared over wood fire
ton, DC, a town with more than a thousand diately start the New Year with resolutions When making reservations check from baked bread to roasted fish. Beauti-
choices of places to eat traditional meals to lose weight, avoid large meals, and not and see if they are offering both ful dining facility and bar with an exciting
from most every country of the world has to eat out. Many realize they need to get lunch and dinner menus. menu. Restaurant Week specials includes
conducted this type of promotion for years. ready to prepare their yearly state and fed- Most restaurants have created spe- three course meal with choice of seared
These events there have grown popular as eral Income taxes and vow not to spend any cial menus for this celebration, how- scallops with corn relish or a 4 cheese
many of DCs world class eateries with additional disposal income until they know ever they will still offer their regular ravioli appetizers, a braised short ribs or
their famous chefs normally offer meals at whether they owe additional taxes or not! fare during this time. pasta with crab truffle cream sauce for din-
exorbitant prices that are well beyond the But an even bigger reason may have to Restaurants reserve the right to ner, and either a Caramel fried ice cream
average diners ability to pay. During DCs do with the February weather, normally NOT allow these promotions to be or a vanilla bean Crme Brule for dessert.
promotion, many of their local citizens very cold, damp and blustery. Its the kind combined with discount coupons or An open meatball sandwich is planned for
there are given an opportunity to sample of weather that is not very conducive to other sales promotions. lunch. Reservations recommended. 443
meals they, nor I, would otherwise be able getting dressed to go out and brave the ele- Prices and offerings are subject to 486-5799
to afford. ments to have a meal out! change depending on availability.
Tax, gratuity, beverages and alcohol 5. CHARLES STREET BRASSERIE
are not included in fixed price Res- 120 Charles Street, Solomons
taurant Week menus. Stop by Charles Street Brasserie for a
truly unique waterfront experience. Enjoy
With my friends Glen and Denise, my indoor and outdoor meals 7 days a week.
wife Deb and I set out to sample a good Guests rave about our fusion of Mediter-
number of the offerings of these eateries to ranean and Southern Maryland tapas and
prepare this difficult story. And with a shared plates in a unique 1930s atmo-
full stomach and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol sphere! 443 404-5332
nearby, I put together this Guide to the 6. CHESAPEAKE GRILL & DELI
Participating Restaurants with the help of 10092 Southern Maryland Blvd, Dunkirk
the County Department of Economic De- Fresh, casual, and friendly. Great as-
velopment and Tourism. Not only did it re- sortment of appetizers, sandwiches, salads,
quire tasting many of the various fares, this seafood entrees, chicken and beef and deli-
job required research and investigations cious sides. 410 286-5939
that lasted well into the night!
For additional information or to make 7. DREAM WEAVER EVENTS AND CATERING
reservations, phone numbers are provided. 114 Solomons Island Rd, Prince
Enjoy the regions delicious bounty with a Frederick
unique dining experience! These establish- Join us during Restaurant Week to en-
ments have something to satisfy everyones joy our many lunch offerings for $12.50.
palate at exceptional prices. We offer new selections every day. Let
your Dream Team customize your perfect
event! 410 535-2781

Photo by Mike Batson

Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Local News 9

Asian slaw salad at Stoneys Kingfishers Duck Confit Steamed Buns Special at The Ruddy Duck Fresh Local Oysters at Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill

8. THE DRY DOCK RESTAURANT 15. STONEYS KINGFISHERS vices and their own popular craft beers entrees. We feature a childrens menu and
245 C Street, Solomons 14442 Solomons Island Rd, Solomons made on site. We only use fresh ingredients daily lunch and dinner specials. 301
The Dry Dock has been a favorite of A long time popular dining destina- obtained from local farmers and watermen 855-0766
boaters and critics for over 20 years. It is tion on Solomons Island, it is a favorite when possible. We strive to be a neighbor-
hood restaurant where all of our guests will 27. THE WESTLAWN
the perfect place to relax and enjoy your for locals and visitors alike. Located on 9200 Chesapeake Avenue, North Beach
dining experience overlooking Solomons the Solomons Harbor waterfront provid- feel welcome and comfortable. It is among
of the most beautiful eating establishments First opened in North Beach in 2004,
Harbor. Recognized for its outstanding ing dock side tie ups for sailing patrons to The Westlawn Inn is located in an original
food by the Washingtonian and Chesa- come alongside. Kingfishers offers a total in Southern Maryland. 410 394-3825
historical structure in the town and has
peake Bay magazines. Located within the nautical experience with excellent South- 22. SAKURA JAPANESE STEAK, served as a Boarding House or a Bed and
popular Zahnisers Yachting Center. Res- ern Maryland cuisine and crab cakes to die
SEAFOOD & SUSHI BAR Breakfast for more than 75 years! Our goal
ervations recommended 410 326-4817 for as decided by the Washington Post and has always been to provide a scrumptious
106 N Solomons Rd, Prince Frederick
others as the best in Maryland! Seating is cuisine with superior service in an elegant
9. EZ THAI RESTAURANT first come first served. 410 394-0236.
Founded in 1988 with their first restau-
120 Solomons Island Road, Prince Frederick rant in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Sakuras but friendly atmosphere. We offer a tradi-
16. MAMMA LUCIA RESTAURANT popularity has permitted their expansion to tional American menu with a retro flair.
10. EZ THAI TOO RESTAURANT Open Tues-Thurs 5-9 PM, Fri-Sat 5-10 PM
13880 H G Trueman Road, Solomons 10136 Southern Maryland Blvd, Dunkirk more than 20 restaurants across the coun-
try. Japanese food is traditionally fresh, and Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. 410 257-0001
First and only true Thai Restaurants in 17. MAMMA LUCIA RESTAURANT
Calvert County. We use only fresh ingredi- 862 Costley Way, Prince Frederick healthy, and low in fat. It should satisfy 28. YO MAMMAS CHICKEN WINGS &
ents and offer vegan and gluten free menus. Mamma Lucias has two locations cur- all the senses. It is always prepared with
great care and beautifully presented. Their BARBEQUE
We offer a full selection of choices and all rently in Calvert County with a new one 135 W Dares Beach Road, Prince
items are available for Take Out. Prince planned for Chesapeake Beach at a Bay- hibachi style of cooking before your very
eyes makes this great dining experience Frederick
Frederick, 443 975-7477; Solomons, 443 side Road location. We offer authentic Ital-
even more enjoyable! 410 414-9005 29. YO MAMMAS CHICKEN WINGS &
394-6858 ian food prepared with high quality prod-
ucts based on classic Italian recipes. They BARBEQUE
promise dining with them will be a pleas- 906 Costley Way, Prince Frederick
135 Central Square Drive, Prince Frederick ant experience. We provide carryout call These locally owned restaurant/pubs
Delicious food that wont hurt your Building on a dynamic and authenti- are quickly gaining attention with their
ahead for pickup. Dunkirk, 301 812-1240 cally inspired fast casual Mexican brand
wallet. Full menu of authentic Latin food. Prince Frederick, 443 486-4701 interesting activities such as Open Mic
We are committed to bringing you an ex- food prepared fresh each day to include Nights and games that make visits enjoy-
perience like no other! Our fun filled fam- 18. PHILLY FLASH wildly additive chips, to queso, tacos, sal- able and fun filled! They offer specially
ily atmosphere promises to wow you with 2989 Plaza Drive, Dunkirk ads, bowls, quesadillas, nachos, salsas, prepared wings, nachos, and fried pickles
our authentic Latin American cuisine! 410 Philly Flash is located in the Dunkirk and fresh made guacamole. Casual. Cre- considered to be some of the tastiest in all
535-1073 Plaza Shopping Center and has developed ative. Quick. Comfortable. If you are crav- of southern Maryland. Their Hog Wings
a great local reputation got tasty chees- ing Mexican, Salsaritas has it covered! are exclusive and their cheesy foot long
12. THE HILTON GARDEN GRILL & BAR esteaks and pizza and wings. Open Mon- 410 535-5580 dogs and cheese steaks are popular. They
RESTAURANT days Saturdays 11 AM until 9 PM. Sun- 24. STONEYS SEAFOOD HOUSE offer several cold draught beers on tap.
13100 Dowell Road, Dowell days 11 AM until 8 PM. 443 550-3484 They specialize in carryout call ahead.
896 Costley Way, Prince Frederick
We are a special onsite restaurant Their new Lusby location in the middle
19. THE PIER RESTAURANT We have a new location, but our menu
within a deluxe hotel, a rare feature here of the Lusby Town Square is growing in
14575 Solomons Island Road and service continues in the tradition and
in Southern Maryland. We offer a warm, popularity and is becoming a great gath-
This historic landmark atop the Patux- reputation Stoneys has earned over the
inviting atmosphere, superb food, and out- ering spot for groups to get together in a
ent River recently opened under new own- years. Great seafood! Great menu! Great
standing service. Our bar is quaint and casual friendly atmosphere with friendly
ership. It opens every day at 11 AM and staff! Great dining! Stoneys as always!
cozy, our lounge offers a fireplace for so- staff to meet your needs. Stop by to see
provides fresh recipes, libations, and the 410 535-1888
cializing, and our dining is always casual. whatsnew!
410 326-0303 best panoramic views of the river. Res- 25. THE TAVERN Prince Frederick, 410 535-2428; Lusby,
taurant Week offers a great opportunity to 4975 Saint Leonard Road, Saint Leonard
13. ISAACS RESTAURANT & PUB 410 449-8143
drop in and check out this new eatery in Located in the heart of St. Leonard,
155 Holiday Drive, Solomons Solomons. 410 449-8406 we have some of the most delicious food This is the largest Restaurant Week of
Isaacs is located within the Solomons
20. ROD N REEL RESTAURANT and drinks in Calvert County. Bring your its kind in Southern Maryland. Join your
Holiday Inn and has been a popular din-
4165 Mears Avenue, Chesapeake Beach friends and enjoy a few rounds of Corn friends or bring your family to enjoy Cal-
ing choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
The Rod N Reel is one of the oldest Hole or shoot pool on our vert Countys great bounty from the sea
for many years. We offer weekday specials
restaurants in all of Southern Maryland. It tables. We have live entertainment or the shore. This event has something for
priced affordably in a casual natural set-
has a longtime reputation for serving good throughout the week. Open daily from 11 everyone no matter what your taste or cu-
ting along the Back Creek waterfront. Our
food at popular prices. Look for daily spe- AM -2 AM. Best prices in town! Grab a linary pleasure. And it is a perfect way to
service is first class as are our amenities.
cials. Lunch is served from 11 AM until 4 bite! 410 586-2225 show your support for your many fantastic
Our bar is fully stocked with your favorite
drinks and beverages. 410 326-6311 PM. Dinner is offered from 4 PM [Thurs- 26. TRADERS SEAFOOD STEAK & ALE eateries that make this the Land of Pleas-
days until 10 PM]. And remember there is 8132 Bayside Road, Chesapeake Beach ant Living! Maybe I will see you on the
14. JTs KITCHEN a lot of family fun here before or after your Family owned and operated since 1956. tour. Enjoy! Bon a petit!
35 Dalrymple Road, Sunderland meals! 410 257-2735 We have been a local favorite for years. We
Located near the Intersection of Routes
21. THE RUDDY DUCK BREWERY & GRILL always have a smiling face at the door and
2 & 4 in Sunderland, JTs Kitchen offers
13200 Dowell Road, Dowell provide friendly, casual dining along the
made-to order home-style comfort foods
The Ruddy Duck provides a fun and Chesapeake Bay. We offer a large menu
with easy access to Dunkirk, Owings and
exciting atmosphere and meals made from specializing in freshly caught local seafood
Prince Frederick. Eat-in or carry out at
scratch, gracious staff and hospitable ser- and a wide variety of steaks and homemade
low prices. 240 286-7961
10 Crime The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Two In Custody Over Killing

Presidents Day
Of St. Marys Woman
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer

Two men charged with the shooting red multiple times, police alleged.
death of a woman from Lexington Park at Both men ed the scene.
a Waldorf bar are now in police custody; Gray was not believed to be the intended
Table one was apprehended in Virginia while the target, police have said.
Dining Room
& 4 Chairs other turned himself in, police reported. As Charles County authorities contin-
lf Storing Le Both Anthony Dangelo Wilkins, 33, and ued to search for Wilkins, he became em-
Includes Se
Charles Leon Thompson, Jr. 33, face mur- broiled in a gun battle with police in Vir-
der charges in the death of Miaquita Gray, ginia where he was wounded and hospital-
26, stemming from the shooting that took ized, police stated.
place at the Beer 4 U establishment located Charles County detectives traveled to
on Crain Highway Feb. 4. Virginia and conrmed Wilkins identity.
According to information from the Police revealed that Thompson had
Charles County Sheriffs Ofce, depu- called detectives Feb. 13 and made arrange-
ties responded to the liquor store at about ments to turn himself in, he was charged
Furniture For Life 1:25 a.m. that morning and found Gray with rst-degree murder and detained at

and another person suffering from gunshot the Charles County Detention Center.
Gray had been shot in the upper body
and was pronounced dead at a nearby hos-

pital; a 24-year-old male was hit in the leg.
Police say
they believe that
an altercation
had occurred in-
Quality Furniture, Dining Room Tables, side the business
in which a male
Hutches, Bedroom Sets & more! acquaintance of
Grays had been
Mon - Sat: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. assaulted before
301-932-4164 the shooting. Sun: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. The victim
1/2 Mile North of Hughesville Bypass | 7700 Leonardtown Road | Hughesville, MD 20637 went outside to
talk with Gray
*Pictures are for illustrative purposes only
when Wilkins,
who was in the
parking lot, pro-
LAW OFFICE OF duced a gun and

DANIEL A. M. Thompson Wilkins


Sheriffs Ofce Incident Briefs
2-8-2017 2-11-2017
Burglary Unknown suspect(s) entered a Burglary Unknown suspect(s) forced
residence in the 22000 block of MacArthur entry into a residence and stole property in
Boulevard in California and stole property. the 24000 block of Cougar Court in Holly-
Corporal J. Vezzosi is investigating the case. wood. Deputy D. Holdsworth is investigat-
CASE# 7353-17 ing the case. CASE# 7877-17

2-9-2017 2-12-2017
Burglary Unknown suspect(s) forced Burglary Unknown suspect(s) forced
entry into a residence in the 20000 block entry into a parking lot and stole property at
of Sawgrass Drive in Lexington Park. the business, A-Plus Paving, and Concrete.
Deputy J. Davis is investigating the case. The case is being investigated by Deputy B.
CASE#7537-17 Fennessey. CASE# 8048-17

Burglary Unknown suspect(s) forced 2-13-2017

entry into a residence in the 46000 block Burglary Unknown suspect(s) entered a
of Lucca Way in Lexington Park. Nothing shed and stole property in the 30000 block
appeared to be removed from the residence. of Triangle Drive in Charlotte Hall. Deputy
CASE# 7521-17 J. Davis is investigating the case. CASE#
Attempted Burglary Unknown Burglary Unknown suspect(s) attempt-
suspect(s) attempted to force entry into a ed to force entry into a vacant residence in
residence in the 20000 block of Sawgrass the 46000 block of Marshall Boulevard in
Drive in Lexington Park. Entry was not Lexington Park. The case is being investi-
made and nothing appeared to be removed. gated by Deputy J. Davis. CASE# 8203-17
Deputy M. Beyer is investigating the case.
CASE# 7537-17 Burglary Unknown suspect(s) forced
entry into a residence in the 24000 block of
Theft Unknown suspect(s) entered a Morgan Road in Hollywood. Deputy C. Ball
41650 COURT HOUSE DRIVE, SUITE 301 P.O. BOX 288 residence and stole property in the 49000 is investigating the case. CASE# 8405-17
LEONARDTOWN, MARYLAND 20650 block of Demko Road in Lexington Park.
The case is being investigated by Deputy D.
PHONE: 301-475-5150 FAX: 301-475-6909 Holdsworth. CASE# 7728-17
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Crime 11
Dont Forget The Birds!
Sheriffs Ofce Narcotics Arrests
Antwaun Marquis Somerville (Age 27 which prohibits Somerville from contact-
of Great Mills) was indicted and subse- ing the victim. Somerville was arrested on
quently arrested pursuant to an investiga- scene, transported to the St. Marys County
tion that occurred on November 27, 2016. Detention Center at which time he was held
During the incident, Antwaun Somerville with no bond. SKU: DR30
reportedly pointed a handgun at a female The facts of the investigation were pre- Coveside Bluebird Flipper, Tipper & Hookery Deck Mount
acquaintance while he was following her in sented to the Grand Jury for St. Marys
a separate vehicle as she was attempting to County at which time an indictment was House Dipper Bird Feeder Hanger
Sit back and Watch the Show Many styles to choose
elude him. Deputies from the Patrol Divi- issued for Somerville, charging him with reg. $44.99
sion located Somerville in the area and he rst and second degree assault, posses- reg. $129.99 to $179.99 Starting at $29.99
was found to be in possession of three (3) sion of CDS with intent to distribute, pos-
handguns, more than 120 grams of mari- session of a regulated rearm during a
juana, digital scales, and packaging mate- drug-trafcking crime, and possession of a
rial indicating an intent to distribute the regulated rearm after being convicted of a
controlled dangerous substance. disqualifying crime. He was arrested and
As the investigation continued, depu- held without bond on February 8, 2017.
ties discovered an active protection order HigH EnErgy SuEt gourmEt Wild Bird Black oil SunfloWEr
between Somerville and the female victim
20 LB.
40 LB. 25 LB. 50 LB.

St. Marys Sheriffs Ofce Investigating 18 34 17 3288

$ 88 $ 88 $ 88 $

Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision

On February 9, 2017, at approximately
11:23 AM, patrol ofcers from the St.
A preliminary investigation determined
a 2010 Ford Edge operated by Patricia
1500 OFF
Any Purchase of $75 or more
Any Purchase of $200 or more
Valid on full priced mercandise. Excludes Bird Feed, Firewood, Bagged Valid on full priced mercandise. Excludes Bird Feed, Firewood, Bagged
Marys County Sheriffs Ofce responded Ann Smith, 55, of Charlotte Hall, MD was Mulches, Stones & Soils, Pavers & Wallstones, Landscaping, Gift Certificates Mulches, Stones & Soils, Pavers & Wallstones, Landscaping, Gift Certificates
to the area of Point Lookout Road and Ra- traveling south on Point Lookout Road in & Labor. Valid on in-stock merchandise only. Expires 2/28/2017. & Labor. Valid on in-stock merchandise only. Expires 2/28/2017.
dio Station Way for the report of a serious the area of Radio Station Way when for
motor vehicle collision. Deputies arrived unknown reasons Smiths vehicle left the
on scene and discovered a single vehicle off
the roadway and into a tree. The operator of
roadway and struck a mailbox. The vehicle
continued off the road until it struck a tree.
Upcoming Classes, Clinics & Talks Call location to sign up today!
the vehicle suffered severe injuries and was Neither speed nor alcohol appears to be a Oakville: 800-451-1427, Charlotte Hall: 800-558-5292, Prince Frederick: 866-535-3664
pronounced deceased at the scene. The St. contributing factor in the collision.
Marys County Sheriffs Ofce Collision HARDSCAPING GARDENING GARDENING
Reconstruction Unit responded and contin- CLASSES CLASSES & CLINICS CLASSES & CLINICS

Saturday, February 18th Saturday, February 18th Saturday, February 18th

Great Properties
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Tall Timbers ~ Lots of living space Schedule an Appointment Today! 1-800-451-1427 or
comes with this beautiful over 2400sq
Leonardtown ~ Almost 2900sf, this lovely Breton Bay
area home is nestled on a level, landscaped 1 ac corner lot.
Easy flow, open floor plan, front + back porches. Lots of
ft Rambler. 3 bedrooms 2 full baths,
fireplace, Florida room, living and Its a Great Time for Indoor Gardening
wood flooring throughout, upgraded KIT w/granite & SS
separate family room. Office area and Come in pick up a few new pots and soil, and refresh your indoor plants.
separate dining area. Open floor plan.
appliances. Sep Laundry Rm. Wonderful back yard + shed. Heat Pump is 2 years old. Nice home.
Well maintained home. Water/beach/pier/picnic access w/ $298,000
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sprawling 3 bedroom 3 full bath rambler. 24 x 24 Hills! Split-bedroom floor plan w/great room,
finished garage, gas fireplace, hardwood floors, open kitchen, sep dining room, breakfast nook
separate living room and family room. Sunroom w/large deck off back of house, full finished
walks out to a beautiful patio area into a screened basement w/bar, rec room, full bath, desk nook,
in porch with a hot tub. The kitchen will blow office & laundry. Great shed w/elec + workshop, 4 Foliage Special Miniature & Cyclamen
2-car garage converted to single garage door + Mix or Match
your mind. Lots of natural sunlight and a level Fairy Garden Buy 2 or more
1.58 acre lot. Very nice. $335,000 standard door (can convert back). $349,900 Only $288ea. Plants Bonsai
9 ea.
$ 98

Brooks & Barbour Wentworth Nursery

Sales good thru February 28, 2017 Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville

5 minutes North of Hollywood
23063 Three Notch Rd. 30315 Three Notch Rd,
Charlotte Hall 20622
1700 Solomons Island Rd,
Prince Frederick 20678
41170 Oakville Road
Mechanicsville 20659
California, MD 20619
301-884-5292 410-535-3664
301-373-9245 800-451-1427
Lucy Barbour Karen Alford Brooks 800-558-5292 1-866-535-3664
CELL: 301-904-9914 CELL: 301-481-0644
Ofce: 301-862-2169 Winter Store Hours: Mon.-Sat 9-5, Sun: 10-4 Winter Hours: Mon Fri 7:30 5, Sat. 7:30 1, Closed Sunday
12 Sports The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017
the ice to their excitement of a 6-2 win. their top players against Brian Middledorfs
Both teams received their respective line of Eric Bennett and Michael Cross.
medals and then the Northern Patriots Our second line of Justin Lantz, Thomas
were given the privilege of hoisting the Bruening and Wesley Crofoot is as equally
ChesapeakeCup. strong as our first line. When it came down
Captain Brian Middledorf had the honor to it, both our teams matched up well on our
of receiving the trophy and brought it back toplines.
just to find himself surrounded in celebra- The differences came down to the 2nd
tion with his teammates and coaches. and 3rd line match ups.
Coach Larsen called Captain Middledorf Winning The Cup is truly an iconic mo-
the star of the game, and for very good ment in any sport. It is what all spectators
reason.The large senior forward Brian Mid- want to see their team do and that feeling is
dledorf managed to put up four goals for only heightened when you are the coach.
histeam. They worked hard all season and to
However, it was the defense and depth of witness them enjoying and realizing their
the team that Coach Larsen emphasized as accomplishment is definitely a highlight I
the biggest reason for their success. wont forget. I am so proud to be part of their
I think the key for us was the strength team this season.
of our defensive play. Larsen said. Leon- Northern now will advance to play in the
ardtown has some talented players that can MSHL State tournament. They have been
be dangerous. Our guys did a really good placed at the high seed of 3rd following their
Northern Patriots hoist the Chesapeake Cup in celebration Northern Patriots job of limiting Leonardtowns offensive op- outstanding conference record.
hoist the Chesapeake Cup in celebration portunities. We held them to only 16 shots. The Patriots will begin their journey to

Northern Patriots Win

That enabled us to spend more time attack- the championship on Friday, February 17th,
ing their offensive zone with 33 shots on net against the 14th seeded Walt Whitman team
This year we [had] a deeper bench with at the Capital Clubhouse at 6 p.m.

Chesapeake Cup; Advance

more options than they did. They focused

to State Tournament CSM Soccer Players

By Zach Hill
Contributing Writer
Sign Intent Letters
Three members of the College of Southern graduated from Grace Christian Academy
Last Friday, February 10th, Northern erns Head Coach Erik Larsen said. They Marylands womens soccer team have been in Waldorf. Kelly was an absolute rock for
High Schools ice hockey team skated their beat Huntingtown by getting an early jump awarded scholarships and signed their intent CSM last year, McGrellis said. She has
way to winning the Maryland Scholastic on them and forcing them to try and play to play for the Glenville State College Pio- fantastic size for her position and is as pure
Hockey Leagues Southern Conference catch up. We expected that would be their neers in the fall 2017 season. Glenville State an athlete as we had on the roster. While she
against Leonardtown and took home the strategy against us as well. College is a public college located in Glen- is very fast, she rarely has to use her speed
grand prize, the Chesapeake Cup. Out of all of the teams in the Southern ville, West Virginia. because her positioning is incredible, she
Leonardtown was hoping to repeat their Conference, Northern definitely earned Danielle Bowling of Faulkner, Kelly reads the game with amazing awareness
outcome from last years Chesapeake Cup their right to be in the final the most of all. Bruce of Brandywine and Julia Lesko of La and approaches the art of defending with a
tournament but ultimately were unable to After losing their home ice rink, Tucker Plata will be playing in the inaugural season mature head, never lunging into a challenge.
defend their title and fell, 6-2. Road, to a fire earlier this season which for Glenvilles womens soccer team. When she inevitably does take the ball from
Prior to the game, Northern came into the forced them to give up precious practice Bowling is in her second year at CSM, the opposition her ability to distribute quick-
bracket as the number one seed in the South- time, the Patriots still managed to win all of where she is majoring in business adminis- ly and start attacks shines through, she has a
ern Conference and only had to go through their conference games. tration. She graduated from La Plata High very good range of passing and can see ev-
one team, Thomas Stone, to get to the final. Before the game, Coach Larsen was sure School. Danielles outstanding footwork ery pass on the field. She will be a valuable
Leonardtown did not have such an easy to remind his team about the struggles they was obvious from day one, she has an in- player to her new program. At CSM, Bruce
time getting there. went through to get to where they were stinctive first touch that makes it look like played one year, starting in 14 games and
The low seed went through St. Marys thatnight. she is playing in more space than every other having one assist.
Ryken II by a score of 6-1, and upset the sec- We spoke about all the hard work we did player on the field, said Barry McGrellis, Lesko is in her second year at CSM, where
ond seeded Huntingtown 5-4 to make it to to get to the championship game. Larsen womens soccer head coach. A less obvious she is majoring in secondary education. She
the final. said. We won every conference game of characteristic that emerged as the season pro- is a graduate of Maurice J. McDonough
We knew that Leonardtown had some the season and earned the right to win the gressed is her toughness. The team went on a High School. Julia is a player we were ec-
momentum going into the game. North- cup. But Leonardtown isnt going to give it run late in the season that was almost entire- static to have the privilege of seeing at a two-
to us without a fight. We spoke about gain- ly built on Danielle deciding that opponents year school, McGrellis said. She moves
ing control of the game early and and forc- would not get through her midfield without with the ball like she was born to do it and
ing Leonardtown to chase us. The players a fight. She grew into an excellent all-round strikes it like a pro. Her unlimited ability is
reallydelivered. midfielder and I cant wait to see her play at coupled with incredible athleticism making
Deliver the Patriots did by going up 3-0 in the next level. Bowling played for two years her a formidable player regardless of where
just the first period, taking complete control at CSM. During her two-year career at CSM, she is playing on the field. Her soccer brain
of the game from the start. she started in 25 out of 26 games, had one allowed me to move her around within our
The second period ran a similar story line goal and six assists. system with the confidence that she would fit
to the first with Northern outscoring Leon- Bruce is in her third year at CSM, where in seamlessly. With that said, she is a forward
ardtown 2-1 bringing the score at the end of she is majoring in elementary education. She who will frighten defenders in the NCAA;
the second period to 5-1. pace, IQ, power, and technique. She
The real boost going into the third period is such an exciting prospect.
came from #81, Captain Brian Middledorf, Lesko played for CSM for two
Leonardtowns Bryce Leger on a shot when he managed to pull years. During those two seasons,
off a buzzer beater goal at Lesko started in 26 out of 26 games.
an extremely tight angle She made 15 goals and seven as-
just as the second periods sists. This past season, five of her
time expired. goals were game-winners.
Many players and CSM is one of the only multi-
coaches laughed and told campus community colleges in
Brian Middledorf after Maryland where you can take
that they had never seen a classes online or on any campus
buzzer beater before in a and play in your choice of 12 NJ-
hockey game. CAA athletic programs. For more
Eventually, both North- on athletics at CSM, visit www.
ern and Leonardtown
would tack on one more Three members of CSM womens soccer team, from left,
goal in the third and Julia Lesko of La Plata, Danielle Bowling of Faulkner and Kelly From College of
Northern would get to rush Bruce of Brandywine celebrate their signing to the inaugural Southern Maryland
womens soccer program at Glenville
Northern Head Coach Erik Larsen rallies his team in the first period
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Education 13

Academy of Finance Students the importance of a good education as a ba-

sis for future success. Cedar Point believes
nancial matters is always enlightening. The
many questions asked throughout their vis-

Shadow at Credit Union

strongly that the Job Shadow experience it showed a clear ability to apply the learned
shows students the many opportunities classroom information to the presentations
available within the local community, and throughout the day, said Charles Roach,
allows them to see firsthand how the les- president/CEO of Cedar Point.
Students from the Chopticon High Cindy Baden, who is The Academy of sons taught in the classroom apply to the
School Academy of Finance on Feb. 2 Finance teacher, accompanied the students working world. The knowledge of this From cedar Point Federal Credit Union
stepped out of their daily classroom routine during the tour and learning experience. class when it comes to economic and fi-
to spend a day in the real world. As they She said, This is a great way for our stu-

Middle School Spelling Bee

have for a number of years, 18 students dents to be introduced to what it takes to
spent the day visiting the Headquarters Of- make a financial institution run smoothly
fice of Cedar Point Federal Credit Union in behind the scenes. The interactive area of
Lexington Park. the presentations allowed them to increase
The students completed a tour of the their knowledge of the skills needed for The 39th Annual St. Marys County The St. Marys County Middle School
credit union and then met with represen- specific jobs and educated them on what Middle School Spelling Bee will be held on Spelling Bee, sponsored by The Enterprise
tatives from various departments. They types of jobs are available to someone who Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 6:00 p.m., at Leon- newspaper, the Southern Maryland Electric
learned about the many different aspects is interested in accounting and finance. ardtown High School. Cooperative (SMECO), Chaney Enterpris-
of keeping a financial institution running Many of them have accounts at a financial Students from the public middle schools, es, and the College of Southern Maryland
smoothly from what training a teller re- institution but had no idea the many job op- parochial schools, and private schools will (CSM), is open to the public.
ceives to the importance of continuously portunities available. compete for the opportunity to advance
to the Scripps National Spelling Bee later From St. Marys County Public Schools
updating the marketing strategies and tech- Cedar Point staff and management,
nology used by a financial institution up along with the teachers and students, thisyear.
todate. praised the event as a way to underscore

Both events are free of charge and open to the public.

For more information, visit

The Presidents Inaugural Lecture Series March 7, 8:00 p.m.

Auerbach Auditorium,

Walter Mosley St. Marys Hall

Mosley is the author of the major bestselling

mystery series featuring detective
Easy Rawlins. His nonfiction examines
Novelist and Social Commentator
contributions to economic inequality, politics,
and justice in America.
The Only True Race is the
Human Race Books for sale and signing to follow the event

March 8, 7:00 p.m.

Benjamin Bradlee Michael P. OBrien Athletics and
Distinguished Lecture in Journalism Recreation Center

Cokie Political commentator for NPRs Morning

Edition and ABC News. Roberts is included

Roberts in the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame,

and considered by the American Women in
Radio and Television to be one of the fifty
Resilience and Resistance: greatest women in broadcasting history.
Coping in Hard Times Books for sale and signing to follow the event
Presented by the Center for the Study of Democracy
14 The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times 15

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16 Feature Story The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

New President at Helm

of Patuxent River
Naval Air Museum
By Dave Spigler
Feature Story Writer
Our Navy first came to our area during the centerpiece of the finest aviation re- taken with. They are lined up in
the early days of World War II when the search, development, testing, and evalua- a memory lane fashion for the
powers that be in Washington saw the need tion [RDT&E] organization in the country public and old veteran service
to build a base to consolidate the develop- with a world class reputation of accom- members to appreciate.
ment and testing of naval aircraft and air- plishment and achievement. Many inven- Many former or retired Navy
borne weapon systems. (Under full disclo- tions and systems have become possible and Marine aviation personnel,
sure, there is a historical report of the first due to the great scientific and engineering often referred to as Airedales
naval skirmish in Maryland actually took capabilities of this institution. A perfect ex- or Brown Shoes, come from
place just off Cedar Point when the British ample is the original concept to develop the all over the country to recall old
Navy confronted the Chesapeake Flotilla in Global Positioning System [GPS] for naval war stories or reminisce about
June 1814). aircraft that was later adopted for use in our the good days! Often, the
The increased threats and needs created automobiles can be traced to a group of ex- sight of these planes will bring a
by our enemies in Europe and the Pacific perts at Pax who made it a reality! tear or two even to the toughest
theaters caused an unprecedented rush to Pax has become the economic en- old sea dog when they bring
build better, more advanced equipment to gine that drives St. Marys and southern back memories of their time
meet this challenge. Carrier-based aircraft Calvertcounties. flying or fixing these planes
gave our nation the ability to take the fight The Patuxent River Naval Aircraft Mu- of yesteryear. This collection
to the Germans and the Japanese anywhere seum [PRNAM] has a decades-long his- includes the prototype for the
in the world. Enemy submarines off our tory of providing the public an opportunity newest fighter in the military
coasts gave rise to our need to improve our to peek at the work being done behind inventory, the F-35! These air-
maritime surveillance with more sophisti- the base gates by more than 22,000 mili- craft are a real treat and should
cated devices installed in our patro aircraft. tary, federal, and defense contractors of not be missed by any visitor
Bigger aircraft able to carry additional nearly 200 high tech aerospace firms. For coming to St. Marys County. The County Times recently interviewed
fuel to remain on top of our submerged years, it has existed as the primary means With the recent opening of the new, larg- President Hill to learn of his plans and what
adversaries for greater periods of time be- for collecting, preparing and displaying the er facility, the Museum Board of Directors he envisioned this Aircraft Museum would
came a must. Faster attack aircraft with airplanes and equipment used to produce selected Captain George Hill (USN ret) as be like in the 2020s. We also asked him
the ability to deliver their ordnance more the finest weapons systems, tactics, and its new president to direct the future growth about the new status and direction planned
accurately became a priority. Our sea-based methods possible. It is a unique, one-of-a- and development of this national treasure. for this organization and his thoughts about
fighter aircraft needed to be improved to kind facility! In addition to its magnificent Captain Hill brings a wealth of naval avia- promoting the Museum as an even larger
protect our fleet when engaging the enemy display of aircraft used as testbeds for tion experience and a deep understanding tourist attraction and destination point here
in the air. These were huge needs to ensure the development of sophisticated warfare of the development and operational process in Southern Maryland. Here is what the
our superiority and the base at Patuxent systems, it also focuses on the concepts to this role. He had 35-year career, first new President had to say:
River was established to assure our victory and ideas that were thought out and built serving as an enlisted Aviation Electronics County Times (CT) What do you en-
in WWII would be attained more efficient- and then introduced to the Fleet following Technician at VX-4 in Point Mugu, Cali- vision the Aircraft Museum will be like
ly and quickly. completion of testing. fornia where he was selected for the Naval in the 2020s? Other than some new ex-
A commission appointed to find a suit- The museum also displays concepts that Enlisted Scientific Education Program and hibits, do you see it developing into an
able location for consolidating this work never made it to operational status for what- attended the University of Kansas. even bigger tourist attraction/ treasure for
considered a 6400-square acre tract of ever reason; a good example is the Martin He graduated with Honors in 1975 SouthernMaryland?
mostly level land at the confluence of the PBM6 aircraft, a jet-powered version of earning a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Capt. George Hill (Hill): The Patux-
Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay the propeller driven PBM airplane. While Engineering. Upon receiving his Officer ent River Naval Air Museum has a mission
as it primary choice. Originally called Jar- the new jet version was a great idea, the Commission, he soon qualified for Flight to preserve, educate, and inspire. It is the
boesville after its first postmaster, it was a major problem with water intrusion into its School, earning his Wings of Gold and only museum in the country dedicated to
collection of small rural farms and sleepy jet intakes causing the engines to fail could became a qualified multi-engine pilot fly- RDT&E of Naval Aviation. The Museum,
residential villages, but it offered a perfect not be overcome and led to the test aircraft ing the P-3 Orion Maritime Surveillance its staff, and volunteers seek to preserve
spot to quickly construct an airstrip and fa- crashing with a loss of life. This major pro- patrolplane. the history of Naval Aviation, educate the
cilities to meet our growing war efforts. gram was soon terminated. The Captain completed his operational public regarding the crucial role Patuxent
The cost for this parcel was $712,287 Additionally, the museum provides dis- tour with VP-22 in Barbers Point, Hawaii, River played in the development of Naval
and the residents were given until March 1, plays of artifacts, simulators, films and and received selection to the Navys Test Aviation, and inspire young people to ca-
1942 to relocate. books spanning the history of Naval Avia- Pilot School [TPS], graduating with Class reers in this field.
To accommodate the sudden rush of tion. New equipment, weapons, and air- 79 in 1981. He was then assigned as a Proj- Over the coming years, I believe it will
folks, both military and civilian, to accom- craft are arriving regularly to be shown ect Officer at the ASW Directorate here at develop into much more than a local mu-
plish this feat, the town of Lexington Park in the newly finished multi- million-dollar Pax. He went back to TPS in 1982 as an In- seum. Of course, there will be new exhibits
formed just outside of the base and rapidly main building that opened in 2016. The structor Pilot. He then returned to the Fleet but it also means more involvement with
became the population center for St. Marys folks running the museum regularly rotate and later became Skipper of VP-40 Patrol tourism within all of Southern Maryland.
County. The town was named to honor the the exhibits to keep the presentations fresh Squadron on the West Coast. I think we should be part of the larger con-
USS Lexington (CV-2) which sunk in May so visitors will come again and again to see Following this tour, he transferred once cept that Southern Maryland is a destina-
of 1942. New stores, schools, churches and the latest items loaned to this facility. more to Pax as the Chief Test Pilot, then tion and we should attract visitors to come
businesses followed, much of it controlled Recent additions include a Tomahawk Director of the Force Warfare Aircraft Test here again and again and for longer periods
by the Millison family. Construction of the missile and a T-38 aircraft used by the US Squadron here. His final tour of duty was in order to see all the great attractions lo-
new Naval Air Station began in in April of Naval Test Pilot School here at Pax as part his assignment as the Program Manager cated here.
1942. A 350-home community was com- of its flight training syllabus for its students. [PMA -290] at the Maritime Surveillance CT: Why should the public be interested
pleted in 1943 to house workers at the base The biggest highlight the museum pro- Aircraft Program Office at the Commander in naval aviation systems history and
and was called the Flattops. These simple vides is its outdoor display of 22 Navy air- Naval Air Systems Command Headquar- development?
homes were inhabited continually until be- planes that were used as flying test beds ters now relocated from Arlington, Virgin- Hill: Im often asked What makes Naval
ing demolished just a few years ago. over the past seventy years. These historical ia to Pax. During his 35 years of association Aviation different? The short answers are
Now almost 75 years later, Naval Air aircraft are displayed in their original form with Naval Aviation, Captain Hill amassed the environment and the weapon systems.
Station Patuxent River, often referred to and are available to the visitors to walk up over 4500 flight hours in 47 different types Developing weapon systems that can be de-
as Pax, [Latin for Peace], has become and touch, peer inside, and have pictures of aircraft. ployed around the world aboard ships and
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Feature Story 17
operate reliably in all weather conditions Hill: We have completely revamped but also provides an enjoyable experience museum building. It is on loan to us from
is unique to Naval Aviation. Exposing the our website, upgraded it and made it more for visitors. It is not an exaggeration to say the Test Pilot School and they did a mag-
aircraft, weapons, and even the people to inviting. We have done similar things on that we could not operate without our vol- nificent job in preparing it for display.
the harsh effects of the salt-water environ- other social media sites. These things alone unteers. We have a wonderful collection of CT: Anything else you would like
ment presents significant challenges. Only are not enough. We need to continue our volunteers and it is a joy to work with them to include in this story that you would
talented people with specialized training, outreach efforts with the schools, tour busi- in striving to accomplish our goals. like the public to know about this fine
operational experience, and specialized fa- nesses as well as the general public. We CT: What are the most popular exhib- institution?
cilities can overcome these challenges. also need to listen to these folks because its. What recent attractions have been Hill: This museum is a fine example of
We have exhibits and artifacts at the at our core we must strive to be a place of incorporated? cooperation between many groups to allow
museum that represent Naval Aviation which all of Southern Maryland is proud Hill: Popularity of exhibits is really a us to give the general public a glimpse of
technology from its earliest beginnings (a and wants to visit often. In order to do that, function of the age of the visitor. Kids love what goes on inside the Naval Air Station.
replica of the A-1 Triad (for instance) and we need interesting programs, events, and to see hands on exhibits. Many engineers The museum buildings are on county land
to the prototype of its newest airplane, the exhibits that attract all segments of the pop- come to get up close with the technology. and are leased, most of the airplanes are
X-35C. Many of these artifacts are singu- ulation here. Almost everyone loves the simulators and on loan from the National Naval Aviation
lar items that you cant see anywhere else CT: Can you talk to the support volun- the flight line. Our simulators are currently Museum in Pensacola, and an Association
in the world. They demonstrate interesting teers play in the success of the museum? going through a major upgrade to improve administers our museum. It is a privately
technology and advancements but they also How many are needed on a regular basis to the software but also the visual systems. funded Association and we try to keep the
tell the great story of the men and women make it function properly? One great thing about this museum is admission fees as low as possible so that as
who made such progress possible. Hill: Volunteers are fundamental to our how close you can get to the exhibits. Ev- many people can enjoy it as possible. We
CT: What betterideas can we come up museum. We have a very small paid staff ery museum can be described as a work in are always looking for new members and
with to attract groups [school students, tour and the very success of the museum de- progress because there are always new ex- new volunteers
groups, student engineers of aerospace/ pends on the participation of our volun- hibits under development and new artifacts CT: If you care to answer, what made
aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, etc. to teers. Every day we have docents as well with supporting stories and documentation you come back to assume this new chal-
this facility? as exhibit team members, along with staff being put on display. Changes in the ex- lenge in your life, especially after your
members, in the mu- hibits are what keeps a museum fresh and long, illustrious 35-year career as a Naval
seum to ensure that attracts repeat visitors. We recently added Officer and Pilot?
it not only functions a T-38 Talon to our in exhibits in the new Hill: My wife, Paula, and I moved back
to Maryland to be closer to our children and
grandchildren. I loved nearly every day of
my 35-year career in the Navy, about half of
which was spent at Patuxent River. When
we returned to the area, my wife suggested
that I get involved in the museum because
she knew that I enjoyed being around the
airplanes and talking to people about them.
As they say, one thing led to another, and
now I am the President of the Museum As-
sociation and proud to have the opportunity
to serve in this position.

Photos by Mike Batson

18 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes

Caring is our Business

and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following weeks edition.

Charles Memorial Gardens

John Jack OBrien was employed for 19 years at the Naval
Research Lab as a dedicated secretary in
John Jack Washington, D.C. She was a member of
OBrien, 52 of Hol- St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Leonard-

Cremation Urn Niches

lywood, MD, died town, MD, St. John Francis Regis Catholic
February 13, 2017 Church in Hollywood, MD, and Catholic
at Hospice House of Daughters
St. Marys in Calla- She is survived by her daughter, Pamela
M. Chaney of Hollywood, MD. In addition

Now Available
way, MD.
He was born to her parents and husband, she is preceded
October 7, 1964 in in death by her sister, Efe Virginia Grams.
Abington, PA to the A Mass of Christian Burial will be cel-
late Roger J. OBrien and Catherine McDe- ebrated by Reverend Raymond Schmidt on
vitt OBrien. Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.
Jack was raised in Warminster, PA un- with Reverend Raymond Schmidt at St.
til he moved to St. Marys County in 2007. John Francis Regis Catholic Church, 43297
He had an artistic air and enjoyed color- St. Johns Road, Hollywood. Interment will
ing and photography, particularly taking be held on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at
pictures of landscapes, sunsets and owers. 11:30 a.m. in St. John Francis Regis Catho-
His hobbies included bowling, dancing, lic Cemetery, 43297 St. Johns Road, Hol-
bocce ball, and listening to country music. lywood, MD 20636.
He was an avid fan of the Philadelphia Phil- In lieu of owers, memorial contribu-
lies baseball team. He enjoyed participat- tion may be made to St. Marys County
Charles Memorial Gardens in Leonardtown is adding a Cremation Animal Welfare League, Post Ofce Box
ing in bocce ball and bowling events with
Niche Wall Garden to our meticulously maintained Perpetual Care Special Olympics of SOMD from 2008- 1232, Leonardtown, MD 20650 or Hospice
Cemetery. We are dedicated to providing a cremation inurnment 2012. He was always kind and caring and House of St. Marys, Post Ofce Box 625,
alternative that honors the memory of your loved one in a beautifully was deeply loved by all who knew him. Leonardtown, MD 20650
Arrangements by the Brinseld Funeral
crafted stone and granite columbarium wall. Each 12 x 12 niche is Jack is survived by his sister, Kathleen
Home, P.A.
available for double or single urn inurnment. M. Rongione (Emil) of Hollywood, MD;
his brother, Michael J. OBrien (Karen) of Condolences to the family may be made
A Family and Veteran Owned Business for over 40 Years Feasterville, PA; his nieces Nicole Ron-
gione of Hollywood, MD, Jamie OBrien
DiRenzo of Oreland, PA, Christine OBrien Clara Mae Thomas
PO Box 427, 26325 Point Lookout Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650 Gordon of Warminster, PA; and his neph-
ews, Joseph Rongione of Hollywood, MD | 301-475-8060 and Matthew OBrien of Feasterville, PA.
Clara Mae Thom-
as, 90, of Holly-
In addition to his parents, he is preceded in wood, MD passed
death by his brother, Joseph OBrien. away surrounded by
Family will receive friends on Wednes- her loving family on
day, February 15, 2017 from 5:30 - 8:00 February 13, 2017
p.m., with prayers recited at 7:00 p.m., at in Solomons, MD.
Brinseld Funeral Home, P.A., 22955 Hol- Born on April 9,
lywood Road, Leonardtown, MD 20650. A 1926 in Hollywood,
Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated MD she was the
by Father Raymond Schmidt on Thursday, daughter of the late Mary Beatrice Wallace
February 16, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at St. John Mattingly and Albert Lee Mattingly. Clara
Francis Regis Catholic Church 43950 St. was the loving wife of the late Robert Lee
Johns Road, Hollywood, MD 20636. Inter- Thomas whom she married on March 5,
ment will be held on Friday, February 17, 1948 in Patuxent River, Maryland, and who
2017 at 2:00 p.m. in Holy Sepulchre Cem- preceded her in death on August 27, 1993.
etery in Cheltenham, PA. Clara is survived by her son Robert Leo
Memorial contributions may be made to: Mattingly of Columbus, GA, granddaugh-
St. Marys Adult Medical Day Care, 24400 ter Patrice Smart (Cecil) of Panama City,
Mervell Dean Road, Hollywood, MD FL, 3 great grandchildren, and 6 great great
20636. Attn: Dorothy Flynn (Bus Fund). grandchildren. As well as her siblings;
Condolences to the family may be made Rose Sis E. Adams of California, MD,
at Charles Pete Mattingly (Shirley), Wil-
liam Repete Mattingly all of Hollywood,
Mary Isabelle Chaney MD, and many nieces and nephews. She
was preceded in death by her son Joseph
Mary Isabelle Michael Thomas, siblings: Joseph A. Mat-
Chaney, 94, of tingly, Thomas F. Mattingly, Rose Bernette
Hollywood, MD Cusic, and Mary B. Cusic.
An Independent Family-Owned Funeral Home passed away on The family would like to say a Special
Serving Southern Maryland for over 100 Years February 5, 2017 at Thank you to the staff at Solomons Nurs-
her home with her ing Center for caring for her for 14 years.
The family will receive friends on
Michael K. Gardiner, C.F.S.P., C.P.C. loving daughter at
Thursday, February 16, 2017 from 11:00
Funeral Director/President her side.
She was born AM 12:00 PM in the Mattingley-Gar-
April 2, 1922 in diner Funeral Home Leonardtown, MD.
Charlestown, WV A Funeral Service will follow at 12:00 PM
to the late Joseph Baker and Ida Elizabeth in the Funeral Home Chapel. Interment
Locke McCauley. will follow in Charles Memorial Gardens
Leonardtown, MD. Pallbearers will be:
Providing trusted service to the community for over 100 Years On October 12, 1941, she married her
beloved husband, James G. Chaney. She Bill Mattingly, Barry Mattingly, Kevin
Adams, Mike Cusic, Kenny Buckler, and
41590 Fenwick Street P.O. Box 270 Leonardtown, Maryland 20650 celebrated over 57 wonderful years of mar- riage before his death in August 1988. She Gerald Adams.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times 19
20 Legal The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metabolic training to Legal Notice



A petition has been filed asking the Court to put an end to all rights you have
to your child D.M., biological child of Kimberly Jones, born on 6/17/13. The
Court has set a hearing to consider ending your rights to your child. That
hearing will be held on March 2, 2017 @ 1:30p.m. at the Lackawanna County

Main Courthouse, Second Floor, Courtroom 3, N. Washington Ave., Scranton,
PA, 18503. If you do not appear at this hearing, the Court may decide that
you are not interested in retaining your rights to your child and your failure to
appear may affect the Courts decision on whether to end your rights to your
child. You are warned that even if you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing,
the hearing will go on without you and your rights to your child may be ended

Not Harder
by the Court without your being present. You have a right to be represented at
the hearing by a lawyer.


Northern Pennsylvania Legal Services, Inc.
33 North Main Street, Suite 200
Pittston, PA 18640

(570) 342-0184 02/02/2017

Legal Notice


A petition has been filed asking the Court to put an end to all rights you have
to your child K.M., biological child of Kimberly Jones, born on 4/30/12. The
Court has set a hearing to consider ending your rights to your child. That
hearing will be held on March 2, 2017 @ 1:30p.m. at the Lackawanna County
Main Courthouse, Second Floor, Courtroom 3, N. Washington Ave., Scranton,
PA, 18503. If you do not appear at this hearing, the Court may decide that
you are not interested in retaining your rights to your child and your failure to
appear may affect the Courts decision on whether to end your rights to your
child. You are warned that even if you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing,
the hearing will go on without you and your rights to your child may be ended
Kicking off 2017 with a new beat and in by the Court without your being present. You have a right to be represented at
the hearing by a lawyer.

completely FREE and fun, high energy WHERE YOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP.

fitness class that will be sure to leave Northern Pennsylvania Legal Services, Inc.
33 North Main Street, Suite 200
Pittston, PA 18640
you feeling powerful and strong. We will (570) 342-0184 02/02/2017

get 24FIT and learn about Nutrition and Red Cross Opens Shelters and Prepares for Massive
why it's paired perfectly with fitness. Response to Possible Oroville Spillway Failure
Local Red Cross Volunteers and Staff ing thousands of people and homes and
begin to deploy and more placed on stand our first priority is making sure people

Challenges Every Tues, Thurs

by for possible deployment to Califor- have a safe place to stay. We will be in the
nia to support evacuation efforts. Since community to offer comfort and support
July 2016, the American Red Cross of the for as long as needed.
Greater Chesapeake Region has deployed As many as 2,200 residents were in Red
@ 6:30pm - 7:30pm Starting January 12 159 people to disaster affected areas like
Louisiana and the Carolinas and now ask
Cross and community shelters as of Mon-
day morning, and the Red Cross is prepar-
that responders be prepared to leave within ing to shelter and feed thousands more in
24 hours of orders to head to California. the upcoming days. The evacuation orders

HVFD Bingo Hall

The American Red Cross has launched a came Sunday night in Butte and Yuba coun-
massive disaster response in northern Cali- ties, Yuba City and Marysville, as damage
fornia, where at least 188,000 people have was discovered to the Oroville spillway.
24801 Three Notch Rd - Hollywood, MD been ordered to evacuate over the past 24
hours due to the potentially catastrophic
The Oroville Dam is the tallest dam in the
United States, and is a critical piece of the
failure of a spillway which is part of the states water system. The dam currently
Eric at 301-769-1177 Oroville Dam system.
The Red Cross has shelters open now
remains intact, but the emergency spillway
is compromised. The governor of Califor-
and more relief supplies and disaster work- nia has declared a state of emergency and
Facebook: 24 Fit Challenge SOMD ers are on the way to provide assistance for
people in harms way, said Brad Kieser-
substantial search and rescue help is being
deployed, including the California Nation-
Its Free, no excuses, BE THERE! man, Vice President, Disaster Operations
and logistics for the Red Cross. This is a
al Guard and Highway Patrol, along with
swift water rescue teams.
potentially catastrophic situation affect-
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times In Our Community 21

CSM Students Ask for Leonardtown High School Student

Support from Legislators Places Second In Regional Poetry
Student representatives from the College
of Southern Maryland (CSM) met with
Theyre cool people, said Elle Williams
of Port Tobacco, another CSM student.
Out Loud Competition
their state legislators Feb. 8 in Annapolis as After the morning rally, CSM students On Saturday, February 11th thirteen stu-
part of Student Advocacy Day, an annual were able to meet with members of the dents from Montgomery, Calvert, Prince
event sponsored by the Maryland Associa- Southern Maryland delegation to share the Georges, Howard, and St. Marys County
tion of Community Colleges (MACC). circumstances that drew them to the com- came together to compete in the Poetry Out
CSMs students were joined by hundreds munity college. Loud competition at the College of South-
of their counterparts from Marylands 15 Meeting with the CSM students after the ern Marylands Leonardtown Campus.
other community colleges in asking for rally were Sen. Thomas M. Middleton and The three-judge panel awarded 1st Place to
support from members of the Maryland Sen. Stephen M. Waugh and State Dele- Natasha Mukuka of Wootton High School,
General Assembly to keep tuition afford- gates Gerald W. Clark, Matt Morgan, Edith Montgomery County. Katherine Cognard-
able and to make it possible for more stu- J. Patterson and Deborah C. Rey. Miller Black of Leonardtown High School came
dents to attend college by funding non- also met with the CSM students later in the in 2nd and Sydney Grossman of Centennial
credit workforce development programs day as they toured Middletons office and High School in Howard County captured
and instructional programs/health man- the Senate Finance Committee Hearing 3rd place.
power shortage program grants. Room. Created by the National Endowment for
During the days opening session, Senate CSM students attending were Francis the Arts and the Poetry Foundation, Poetry
President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. spoke Bartels of Fort Washington, Cassie Ber- Out Loud is administered in partnership DC, to compete for the national champi-
with all representatives attending Student tele of Hollywood, Nicholas Combs of with the State Arts Agencies of all 50 states onship. The state winners school receives
Advocacy Day. Were going to find a way Chaptico, Christina Combs of Chaptico, and the District of Columbia. By encourag- a $500 stipend for the purchase of poetry
to hold down tuition for community colleg- Chloe Dickson of Upper Marlboro, Simon ing high school students to memorize and books. The first runner-up in each state
es, Miller said. Community colleges are French of Port Republic, Kelley Ingram of perform great poems, Poetry Out Loud in- receives $100, with $200 for his or her
the first line of defense for our educational Waldorf, Derek Jackson of Dunkirk, Will vites the dynamic aspects of slam poetry, school. A total of $50,000 in awards and
system. Parr of Huntingtown, Barbara Scotland of spoken word, and theater into the English school stipends is awarded annually at the
The face-to-face setting provided the Hughesville, Renae Thomas of Port Re- class. This exciting program, which be- NationalFinals.
opportunity for students to personally ad- public, Elle Williams of Port Tobacco and gan in 2005, helps students master public All three winners of Saturdays compe-
vocate for full community college fund- Genevra Williams of Accokeek, and recent speaking skills, build self-confidence, and tition will compete in the state finals on
ing by sharing how an affordable college graduate, Kara Leonard of Lexington Park. learn about their literary heritage. Saturday, March 18, 2017, at 1:00 pm at the
education will shape their own futures, Students captured the days activities Poetry Out Loud starts at the classroom Baltimore Museum of Art. Nationals will
according to MACC organizers. The CSM and their impressions on CSMs social me- level. Winners advance to a school-wide be held April 24-26, 2017 at Lisner Audi-
students were enthusiastic about the recep- dia on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. competition, then to a regional and/or state torium in Washington DC. Visit www.po-
tion they received from the legislators rep- To view their posts, visit https://www.face- competition, and ultimately to the National for more information about
resenting Southern Maryland. Finals. Each winner at the state level re- this program.
Theyre all very down-to-earth, said Accompanying the students were CSM ceives $200 and an all-expenses-paid trip
Genevra Williams of Accokeek, one of President Dr. Brad Gottfried, Vice Presi- with an adult chaperone to Washington,
the CSM students, as the group prepared dents Dr. Bill Comey and Dr. Tracy Harris,
to leave Annapolis. Its an experience Ill Student Life and Athletics Executive Direc-
never forget. tor Michelle Ruble, Student Life Coordina- Bring the one you REALLY love to our .

Puppy Love
tors Ricardo Perez and Jennifer
Van Cory, Student Services
Executive Director Dr. Lydia
Williams, Senior Photography

Valentines Day Party

Coordinator Val Nyce, Media
Relations Coordinator Susan
Craton and Community Rela-
tions Assistant Vice President
Karen Smith Hupp.
Join us in celebrating Valentines Day
From Susan Craton,
CSM Media Relations with your furry loved ones!
Student representatives and CSM staff meet with Sen. Thomas M. Middleton
and State Delegates Gerald W. Clark, Matt Morgan, Edith J. Patterson and
Deborah C. Rey in the Southern Maryland Delegation Conference Room.
Adoptions with our local
The students met separately with Senators Mike Miller and Stephen Waugh. animal rescues! Come out and

Mornings with Mommy Coming in March

adopt your new furry
Is it fun? Or, is it educational? Its a little ing arts and crafts, sensory table, flannel
bit of both. Its called Mornings with Mom-
my -- educational play dates with Mommy
stories and story time, music, educational
toys and a snack.
Raffles from local
(or Dads or other caregivers) and infants Children love to play. They naturally businesses, all proceeds go
through pre-kindergarten. pour all their attention into play activities. towards our litter drive for
Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church When adults can guide that energy with
is launching this innovative new activity educational themes and group interaction the month of February, which
beginning March 7 and running every first amazing things happen. At Mornings with
and third Tuesday of the month. Cost for Mommies you will be there to share in your benet our local rescues.
each session is $5 per family. Sessions run childs discovery.
from 10 to 11 at the church at 9463 Rachel Olson, wife of the churchs Pas- Meet And Greet with
HG Trueman Road in Lusby.
Mornings with Mommy isnt pre-school
tor Josh Olson, is coordinator of Mornings
with Mommies. She has a Bachelor of Sci-
February some of our local pet businesses!
and it isnt childcare. Its something differ-
ent. Mornings with Mommy is a fun way
ence in Education and is a mother herself.
Mornings with Mommies is open to
18TH & 19TH
for mothers (and fathers) to enjoy activities everyone in the community. Space is lim- 11AM-4PM
with their children and meet other parents. ited. Advance registration is required. Go
There will be age appropriate activities for to www.she[ or call 40845 Merchants Ln,
infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. And the 410-231-2075.\ Suite 100
best part is that the church members do all Leonardtown MD, 20650 PET LRY
the planning. All you have to do is sign up From Shepherd of the E
Bay Lutheran Church. JEW
and show up.
Moms can mingle with each other and
enjoy activities with their children includ-
22 Calendars The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Community Calendar Widow/Widower Group

To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

Info Session for DBA degree program to

All Weekend Lexington Park United Methodist Church, be held in SoMD Monday, February 20
Newtowne Players Dial M for Murder 21760 Great Mills Rd. College of Southern Maryland, Room C206, Migration Crisis in Europe: Is America a
Three Notch Theatre, 21744 South Coral 6:00 PM-8:00 PM 22950 Hollywood Road, Leonardtown, MD Bystander?
Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653 Come for support and understanding of your 20650 Cole Cinema, Campus Center, St. Marys
Thursday- Saturday: 8:00 PM-10:30 PM new life situationorcome to provide 10:00 AM-12 Noon College of Maryland
Sunday: 3:30 PM-6:00 PM support for others, sharing your experience Attend a live DBA Information Session and 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Tony Wendice has married his wife, Margot, in dealing with the loss of your spouse. No find out how a terminal degree in business This international forum will discuss the
for her money and now plans to murder her matter how long it has been since your loss will enhance your skills in research, entre- greatest migration upheaval taking place
for the same reason. He blackmails a scoun- 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 10 yearsyou are preneurship, strategic management and criti- in Europe since the end of World War II.
drel he used to know into strangling her and welcome!! Questions? Feel free to E-mail: cal thinking. In 2016 alone, Europe received close to a
arranges a brilliant alibi for himself. Unfor- million asylum applications. Panelists Dr.
tunately for Tony, the murderer gets killed Monthly Weekend Teen Program @ Martin Geiger from Carleton University in
and the victim survives. What happens next? Greenwell Foundation Ottawa, Canada; Dr. Ioannis N. Grigoriadis
Tickets are $10 for all seats. To purchase tick- Friday, February 17 Greenwell Foundation, 25420 Rosedale and Esra Dilek, both from Bilkent University
ets online, visit www.newtowneplayers. Manor Lane Hollywood, Maryland 20636 in Ankara, Turkey; and Dr. Polly Pallister-
Celebrate Recovery 1:00 PM-1:00 AM
org. For reservations, call 301-737-5447. Our Fathers House45020 Patuxent Beach Wilkins from the University of Amsterdam,
Greenwells new monthly, teen program The Netherlands, will discuss how Europe-
Thursday, February 16
Rd, California, MD gives high school teens the chance to: learn
7:30 PM-9:30 PM ans are handling the migration crisis and
new skills that foster nature connection, gain what European officials have learned in the
Painting Class Please join us for Celebrate Recovery, a free a sense of empowerment and independence,
Christian-based 12-step program for adults past three years, along with how this crisis
Northern Senior Activity Center, 29655 and feel a sense of belonging by bonding might impact Americans and how to prevent
Charlotte Hall Road, Charlotte Hall 18 & up struggling with any hurt, hangup, during activities & fireside meals.Introduc-
or habit, meets Fridays at Our Fathers similar crises in the future.
9:30 AM-11:30 AM tory Price: $99 per weekend. Every week we
Tuesday, February 21
Enjoy the fellowship of friends, food, and House Assembly of God Church in Califor- will do team building activities, awareness
fun at our Southern Maryland Wine & De- nia, Maryland. A large group lesson 7:30- games and challenges, cooking around a fire
sign painting program on Thursday, Feb. 16, 8:30pm and gender-specific small groups together, evening stories and chats, and out- Documentary Screening and Discussion
at 9:30 a.m. at the Northern Senior Activity 8:30-9:30pm are followed by refreshments. door sleeping. The monthly themes will give of 13th for Black History Month
Center. Celebrate the spirit of Black History For more information e-mail OFHCR4U@ you an idea about what else we will do on College of Southern Maryland, La Plata
Month and create a beautiful Woman of Af- Wed love to meet you! each particular weekend. greenwellfounda- Campus, Center for Business and Industry
rica acrylic painting with guidance from a (BI Building), Room BI-113E, 8730 Mitchell
professional instructor. The 16x20 canvases Saturday, February 18 Road, La Plata
are pre-sketched and supplies are provided Knights of Columbus in Ridge Host Bingo Swing and Ballroom Dance 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM
with refreshments provided courtesy of Knight of Columbus hall in Ridge Little Flower School, Route 5, Great Mills The public is invited for this in-depth look
the center. No alcohol will be provided nor 5:30 PM 7:00 PM-11:00 PM at the prison system in the United States
permitted. The cost is $25 and is made pay- The Knights of Columbus Council 2065 of Take your sweetheart out for a night of danc- and how it reveals the nations history of ra-
able to Southern Maryland Wine & Design. Ridge will be hosting their monthly bingo ing! Come dressed in your best because a cial inequality and injustice toward African
The painting design will be on display at the this Saturday at their own council hall. Jack- photographer from 66 Photos will be there to Americans.13th is a documentary directed
Center. To sign up and pay for the class in pot is $3400! Concessions will be sold. take portraits. As always, well teach a begin- by Ava DuVernay. Free.
advance, visit the front desk. For space avail- ner-level ballroom lesson from 7-8 p.m. fol-
ability, call 301-475-4200, ext. *3101. Frozen Heart 17K, 34K, 50K Supporting lowed by dancing to music of all kinds from Free Tax Preparation And Electronic Filing
SoMD Homeless 8-11 p.m. No experience required! Singles al- Church of the Ascension, 21641 Great Mills
Southern Maryland Wine & Design 21250 Camp Cosoma Rd, Callaway, Md ways welcome! Bring a snack to share; water Road, Lexington Park, Maryland
Painting Events 20620 and soda will be provided. Cost: $10 per per- 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Northern Senior Activity Center 7:30 AM-3:30 PM son. The dance is sponsored by the Knights The AARP Tax-Aide program is providing
9:30 AM-11:30 AM The 4th annual Frozen Heart 50K Trail of Columbus of Holy Face Church. For more free walk-in tax preparation and electronic
Enjoy the fellowship of friends, food, and race will be hosted by the Chesapeake Bay information, e-mail somdballroom@gmail. filing for low-to middle-income taxpayers,
fun at our Southern Maryland Wine & De- Running Club (CBRC) on February 18th com or call 315-250-5110. with special attention paid to those ages 60
sign painting events. Learn to paint a beauti- at St. Marys River State Park in Callaway, and older, at the Church of the Ascension,
ful work of art from professional instructors.
Each picture will be pre-sketched to guide
MD. Last year the event raised $3,500 to Sunday, February 19 21641 Great Mills Road, Lexington Park,
MD. Taxpayers do not need to be a mem-
support WARM (Wrapping Arms Round NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting (Phase 2)
you during the painting process and is per- Many) and St Marys Caring soup kitchen. ber of AARP. Taxpayers must bring their
fect for artists of all skill levels. All supplies Class & MD HQL Train SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS and picture
Proceeds from this years event will be sup- 21374 Sanners Lane, Lexington Park, MD
are provided and refreshments are offered porting these organizations again as well as IDs, as well as a copy of their 2015 tax re-
courtesy of the center. Leave with a 16x20 20653 turns and all income and tax related informa-
Three Oaks Centers Southern MD Veterans 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
canvas of your acrylic painting and s sense Initiative. Specifics on the event and CBRC tion including names, SOCIAL SECURITY
of accomplishment. On Jan. 19, the paint- Prerequisite for this class is NRA Basics CARDS, and birth dates for everyone who
can be found at of Pistol Shooting, Phase I computer-based
ing will have a winter theme. On Feb. 16, will be listed on the return. Taxpayers must
the painting will celebrate the spirit of Black training available via also bring health care benefits and insur-
Free Tax Preparation And Electronic .Cost for the Phase I class is $60 payable
History Month. No alcohol will be provided Filing ance information, including Form 1095-A if
nor permitted. The cost is $25 and is made directly to the NRA. Once that the Phase health insurance was obtained through the
Church of the Ascension, 21641 Great Mills I computer-based-training has been com-
payable to Southern Maryland Wine & De- Road, Lexington Park, Maryland Marketplace or Exchange. We are not able
sign. Open to individuals 50 years of age and pleted, register for this Phase II & HQL class to prepare tax returns involving businesses,
9:00 AM-1:00 PM via Phase II & HQL Class
up. The AARP Tax-Aide program is providing farms, rental properties, or partnerships.
will run from 8 AM until ~5:00 PM. Course Additional information is available at: smc-
free walk-in tax preparation and electronic includes training materials, safety equipment
Small Business Development Center Open filing for low-to middle-income taxpayers,
House (eye and ear protection), targets, ammunition,
Wednesday, February 22
with special attention paid to those ages 60 range-time and firearms rental, and support
23115 Leonard Hall Drive, second floor, and older, Taxpayers do not need to be a
Leonardtown of certified firearms instructor(s). This event
member of AARP. Taxpayers must bring also includes a separate course-module that Jewelry Classes with Kathy
10:00 AM-4:00 PM their SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS and
St. Marys County Department of Economic provides an overview of MD State Firearms Garvey Senior Activity Center, 41780 Bal-
picture IDs, as well as a copy of their 2015 Laws, thereby meeting the training require- dridge Street, Leonardtown
Development, 23115 Leonard Hall Drive, tax returns and all income and tax related
second floor, Leonardtown. This #Small- ments for the Handgun Qualification License 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
information including names, SOCIAL SE- (HQL). HQL Training Certificates will be is- The Garvey Senior Activity Center is offer-
BusinessLove Open House is open to mem- CURITY CARDS, and birth dates for ev-
bers of the business community to come in, sued to all qualified participants. Event will ing jewelry making classes in February. In
eryone who will be listed on the return. Tax- be held rain or shine. Space is limited so do each class, the instructor will offer a new
meet, greet and learn. Light refreshments payers must also bring health care benefits
will be served. Wynne Briscoe, the newest not dawdle about signing-up. technique in the art of jewelry making. On
and insurance information, including Form Wednesday, we will focus on making simple
SBDC business consultant for St. Marys, 1095-A if health insurance was obtained
will be introduced. Free. To register for the earrings with wire. No experience in mak-
through the Marketplace or Exchange. We ing jewelry? Dont worry, this class is per-
event, visit For more are not able to prepare tax returns involving
information, call 301-475-4200, Ext. *1687 fect for beginners! The cost per class is $3.
businesses, farms, rental properties, or part- Please make sure you sign up in advance due
or visit nerships. Additional information is available to limited space! See the receptionist or call
at: 301-475-4200, ext. *1050.
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times 23

MHBR No. 103

24 Calendars The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

g On Library Calendar
Goin In Entertainment
St. Marys County Library
Closed for Presidents Day
All three branches of the St. Marys
County Library will be closed on
Preschool Science
Explorers: Astronomy
Lexington Park Library will hold
Preschool Science Explorers: Astrono-
Monday, February 20 in observance my on Wednesday, March 1 from 2:30
of Presidents Day. All branches will p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lets learn about out-
be open for regular business hours on er space! Well explore orbiting plan-
Michael Fox
Friday, February 17 Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill,
Tuesday, February 21. ets and twinkling stars with fun books
and hands-on activities. For ages 3-6,
Solomons Mujje: Come Together! Please register on
Scarlet Plus Entertainment 8:00 PM- Midnight (A Black History Month
The Brass Rail Sports Bar, Great
program) Straight Talk Sex Ed for
Lexington Park Library will host Teens
8:00 PM- Midnight Lexington Park Library will hold
Karaoke & DJ all evening! Tons of Tuesday, February 21 Mujje: Come Together! A Black His-
tory Month program on Saturday, Straight Talk Sex Ed for Teens (ages
Old & New Songs to sing! 12 17) with sex educator Bianca
February 18 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Ben Connelly Join us to learn about African culture Palmisano on Saturday, March 4 from
Karaoke 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Everyone has
Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, through dance, music, and Storytell-
Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, questions about sexual health, whether
Solomons ing. Ssuuna will share music from his
Solomons its birth control, lubricant, STI testing,
6:00 9:00 PM native Uganda with authentic African
9:00 PM- 1:00 AM LGBTQ relationships, or something instruments, such as the thumb piano else completely. This will be an infor-
and the one-stringed ddle. All ages,
no registration required. Co-sponsored mal workshop where you can ask ANY

Saturday February 18 Wednesday, February 22 by the NAACP, the Unied Commit- sexual health question you want and
get an honest answer. Free safer sex
tee for Afro-American Contributions
(UCAC), and the Minority Outreach kits, information about local clinics,
Wild Card Trivia Coalition (MOC). All ages are wel- and other resources will be available.
Lissie Deere
Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, come, no registration.
Morris Point, Abell
6:00 PM
Solomons Secret Pizza Party!
Lissie is a local performing artist.
7:00 9:00 PM Conict Resolution for Charlotte Hall Library will hold a
Her original improvisational style Teens Secret Pizza Party on Saturday, March
4 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Celebrate
blends a variety of genres ranging Lexington Park Library will hold
from classical to jazz to blues, folk Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri, the
and rock. Thursday, February 23 Conict Resolution for Teens on Tues-
day, February 28 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. creative geniuses behind the childrens
Conict Resolution for Teens: explor- book Secret Pizza Party, by attend-
Is Hot Dance Night (DJ Only) Mike Damron ing different conict styles, under- ing a real secret pizza party at the li-
The Brass Rail Sports Bar, Great Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, standing and managing anger, listen- brary. Expect games, crafts, and of
Mills Solomons ing and speaking skills, and how to course... some secret pizza. Activities
8:00 PM- Midnight 7:00 11:00 PM create win-win situations. Recom- planned with ages 2-6 in mind; all ages
Plenty of Top 40 POP & Country + mended for youth in 6th through 12th welcome with their adult caregivers.
your choice of a song or two Line grade. Refreshments provided. Please Please register on
Dancing On Deck Dylan Gavin register on
The Ruddy Duck, Solomons Grown-Up Sex Ed with
7:00 PM Crochet Clique Bianca Palmisano Leonardtown Library will hold Cro- Lexington Park Library will hold
chet Clique on Tuesday, February 28 Grown-Up Sex Ed on Saturday, March
from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Crochet 4 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Adults
with others and learn from community have questions about sex too! Bring
crocheters. Bring your yarn and hook your curiosity and your questions,
or borrow one of ours. This is the pro- because nothing is off limits. Free
gram for you if youre new to crochet, safer sex kits, information about lo-
looking to pick up some new tips, or cal clinics, and other resources will be
hoping to socialize with other people available.
interested in crochet. All skill levels
welcome. Ages 18-100. Registration
required on
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Calendars 25

o u n g
Y at Heart St. Marys Department of Aging
Programs and Activities

LIFE Booklets now available Living Well with Chronic Conditions Book Chatter
Get ready for an interesting array of educational New sessions for Living Well with Chronic Condi- Have you wanted to get back into reading or even
tours brought to you by the LIFE (Learning is For- tions will begin at the Lofer Senior Activity Center explore new genres? The Book Chatter Book Club at
Ever) Committee. Trip offerings for the upcoming on Thursdays for six consecutive weeks beginning the Northern Senior Activity Center is open for new
Spring semester include Pax River Test Pilot School March 2 and continuing through April 6. The class members to join them for reading and discussion.
tour, Allens Heirloom Farm tour, Suttlers Post Farm goes from 12:30 until 2:30 p.m. This series is de- They meet on the fourth Thursday of the month from
& Clydesdales tour, Q Street Kitchen Cooking class, signed for those who suffer from a chronic condition 11 a.m.-noon. Februarys book is Rogue Lawyer by
tour of the National Arboretum, Harriet Tubman and or who care for/live with someone who does. If you John Grisham. If you are interested in learning more
the Underground Railroad tour, Washington by Water are serious about learning new ways to manage your about Book Chatters upcoming reading list and ideas
Monuments Tour and more! Booklets are now avail- symptoms, make daily tasks easier, communicate ef- for activities, call 301-475-4200, ext. *3103.
able for pick-up at each of the countys senior activity fectively with your doctors, lessen frustration, ght
centers or online by visiting the St. Marys County fatigue and get more out of life, then this is for you! If Line Dancing at Northern
Department of Aging & Human Services webpage. you have any questions, or wish to sign up call 301- Come move your feet with the most with-it girls
Registration begins Monday, Feb. 27, at 8 a.m. 475-4200, ext. *1658 (Must press the star key) or stop youll meet. The ladies of line dancing at the North-
by the reception desk. ern Senior Activity Center will surely get you moving
Energy Assistance Applications and grooving. They meet on Wednesdays from 1-2:30
Available Health Presentation at Lofer p.m. and cover a variety of dances and genres includ-
2017 energy assistance program applications will On Thursday, March 9, The Center for Vein Res- ing country and popular music. No advance sign up
be accepted through the end of March. Persons who toration will present Leg Works, a one-hour program necessary -- just come on by! Men are welcome too.
have not applied for the program since July 2016 are that discusses Venous Insufciency, the cause of This is sure to be the year of dancing with upcoming
eligible to apply. Eligibility is determined by gross varicose veins and spider veins, which effects 50 per- sessions with a guest instructor that will teach new
household income 30 days prior to the date of ap- cent of women over 50 and 30 percent of men over dances and other events to showcase your new moves.
plication (one person $1,733 per month, two persons 50. Besides offering information and demonstrations To learn more about this group and upcoming events,
$2,336). Persons age 60 years and over may contact on this hot topic, there will be an opportunity to ask call 301-475-4200, ext. *3103.
the Department of Aging & Human Services at 301- questions of the staff from The Center for Vein Res-
475-4200, ext. *1050. All others may contact the Tri- toration. Register for this presentation by calling 301- Educational Video at Lofer
County Community Action Committee, Inc. at 301- 475-4200, ext. *1658 (Must press the star key), or stop The video Accidental Inventions will be shown
475-5574, ext. 200. by the reception desk to sign up. Free. at the Lofer Senior Activity Center on Wednes-
day, March 8 at 10 a.m. This 84-minute video tells
National Nutrition Month Jewelry Classes with Kathy the stories behind ten extraordinary inventions that
March is National Nutrition Month and to celebrate The Garvey Senior Activity Center is offering came about as the result of accidents, including Tef-
the Garvey Senior Activity Center invites you to dine jewelry making classes in February. In each class lon, Velcro, stainless steel, and dynamite. Register for
with us throughout the month. The U.S. Department the instructor will offer a new technique in the art of this video by calling 301-475-4200, ext. *1658 (Must
of Agriculture recommends that Americans eat a well jewelry making. No experience in making jewelry? press the star key), or stop by the reception desk to
balance diet of protein, grains, dairy, fruit and veg- Dont worry this is class is perfect for beginners! The sign up. Seating is limited. Free.
etables. At Garvey, throughout the month, we invite next class will be Wednesday Feb. 22 at 2:30 p.m. and
you to travel around the U.S. Department of Agri- will focus on making simple earrings with wire. The Photo/Jar Luminary
cultures My Plate food guide. Each week during cost per class is $3. Please make sure you sign up in Print out a favorite photo on regular copy paper (no
lunchtime you will be given fun tips and tricks for advance due to limited space! See the receptionist or bigger than 3x3 for best results) and bring it to the
meeting the nutritional guidelines recommend for a call 301-475-4200, ext. *1050. Lofer Senior Activity Center on Friday, March 10
healthy lifestyle, including easy recipes. Small gifts at 10 a.m. Make a unique luminary using a glass jar,
related to the weekly topic will be given when you Floor Cloth Class some Mod Podge and a little bit of paint. You will
eat lunch at the center a minimum of one day during Floor cloths were the earliest form of oor cover- bring in the photo, we will supply the rest of the ma-
each week of the month. Get your Nutrition Passport ings and today are a medium for artistic expression. terials. Call 301-475-4200, ext. *1658 (Must press the
stamped each time you attend lunch. Rack up those Experimental Art group leader, Barbara Ferrante, star key), or stop by the reception desk to get in on the
stamps to be entered into the grand prize drawing will lead a class using a pre-primed 22x33 canvas fun. Pre-registration is required.
at the end of the month! See the receptionist desk to to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of oor cloth
pick up your Nutrition Month Passport & free gifts on art on Thursday, Feb. 23, at the Northern Senior Ac-
Tuesday, Feb. 21. To make a reservation for lunch, call tivity Center. Using paint, stamps, and sponges you
301-475-4200, ext. *1050. can create a design as simple or as complex as you
desire. The class starts at 10 a.m. and will continue
as long as you need to create your masterpiece. Once
your design is complete, it will take 24 hours for the
wax to completely cure. The cost of the class is $40
and includes all materials. To sign up and pay for the
class in advance, please visit the front desk. For more
information regarding this class, call 301-475-4200,
ext. *3103.

Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Marys County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Tom
Jarboe; Todd B. Morgan; John E. OConnor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services
Lofer Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 1658 Garvey Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 1050
Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 3101
Visit the Department of Agings website at
aging for the most up-to date information.
26 Games The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

43. Small amount 6. Anesthetized 36. Horses like these

CLUES ACROSS 44. Back of the foot 7. Anno Domini (in the 37. Intelligence

Kiddie ner
1. Baseball team 45. Pakrit language year of Our Lord) organization
5. Hymns 49. Home of 60 Minutes 8. __ and behold 38. Blood type
11. Actor Jared 50. Condemn 9. French young 40. Exhibition
12. Fragrance 51. Ailed women (abbr.) 41. Poisonous plant

16 __ Von Bismarck, 53. Elevated railroad 10. Scorch 42. Aluminum
Iron Chancellor 54. Rebelliousness 13. Notre Dame 44. Possesses
17. Nordic God 56. Ancient Greek city 14. Express disapproval 45. Penetrate with a
18. Weighed down 58. Clothing company 15. Cars need these sharp instrument
19. Coppolas mob epic (abbr.) 20. Not off 46. Ring-shaped objects
24. Nanogram 59. Member of the 21. Unit of mass 47. Speaks at church
25. Famed street artist cabbage family 22. You 48. Form in the mind
26. Identifier 60. Softens or smooths 23. Concealed 50. Selectors
27. 23rd letter of the 63. Mass of coagulated 27. Parent-teacher 51. Probability of
Greek alphabet liquid organizations default
28. In addition 64. Problems 29. Approximately 52. 2001 Spielberg film
29. Micturated 65. Irish Republic 3.14159 54. Where to get a
30. Shock 30. Chinese conception sandwich
31. Accept CLUES DOWN of poetry 55. Newts
33. Allotment 1. Dress
31. Satisfaction 57. Modus operandi
34. Eras 2. Deadly
32. College degree 61. Exists
38. Emerges 3. Says aloud
33. Formerly Ceylon: 62. Politico-economic
39. Cape Verde capital 4. PT Anderson film
__ Lanka union
40. __, United Arab __ Nights
34. Effeminate
Emirates capital 5. Teacher (abbr.)
35. Something to solve

Whats the Difference?
There are four things different between Picture A
and Picture B. Can you find them all?


Last Weeks Puzzle Solutions

B A T H O S K E P T Answers: 1. Missing tulip front right 2. Leaves on tree 3. House has chimney 4. Bird in sky
Word Scramble: Adores
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times Contributing Writers 27

A Letter to the Editor

VOTER FRAUD - TRUMPS HIDDEN be prepared to take the appropriate rejec-
AGENDA tion actions as deemed necessary. Briefly
Everyone is wondering why Trump is speaking, Trump intends to edit and revise
so insistent on investigating and hope- the voter validation process in such a man-
fully proving that there was blatant and ner as to deny, limit, or void any and every
widespread Voter Fraud during the 2016 one who did not vote for him in this past
election, in spite that he was elected. It election, thereby preventing them from
really does not take a GENIUS to figure voting in the 2020 election, to ensure and
out Trumps true reason and/or potential guarantee that he will be re-elected for a
follow-up actions if any violations what- second term. While you may be thing about
soever are uncovered and proven. Trump how to impeach Trump, he is out of your
is a very brilliant man with an EGO so league, and is already setting the stage for
inflated that he functions as an egotistical his re-election. The one and best weapon
maniac wholl stop at nothing to be on top you must fight Trump with is to ensure
at all times. (i.e. During the debates, when that the next local, regional, and state rep-
Clinton outclassed him, Trump retorted, resentatives whole we elect truly enjoin
Shes a NASTY woman) This was prob- (embracing good and forbidding wrong)
ably the first time in his entire life that a the concerns of the voters and are honest
Real Woman met Trump on his level, and advocates for al the people. Our Power is in
a victory for all women. Getting back to our Vote, and if Our Vote is Revoked, then
the issue at hand, every voter needs to pay We are left Powerless.
very careful attention to the outcome, and Richard Adams, Mechanicsville

Love 365 Days a Year

Ive always liked Valentines Day. Back Whatever kind of heart youve got
in high school, one of the clubs sold Candy a wide-eyed Taylor-Swift one, or a tough
Grams: youd pay a few dollars and scribble Harley-heart, or something in between
a message to your special someone, and in heres what I hope for you when it comes to
homeroom on Valentines Day a box of love. I hope you find a partner who sees that
those chalky little hearts with sayings the real you is still developing (it always
Be Mine, and Love U, and Foreverand will be), and cherishes and nurtures it, fol-
a red construction-paper heart with your lowing the twists and turns of your journey
message on it would be delivered. I still into womanhood with delight and appre-
have the paper hearts I received from my ciation. I hope you feel valuedand if you
first love, tucked into a box that I open now dont, I hope your heart guides you toward
and then. They instantly recall the feeling a partner you truly deserve, one who helps
of new love at an age when absolutely ev- to light your travels with kindness and re-
erything seemed possible. Seeing them spect. Laughterno matter what, be sure
makes me think of the daughters-in-law I theres plenty of laughter. Life is too short,
hope to someday have, and the other young and sometimes the things we see and ex-
women just starting out in relationships, perience are too grim, to live without hu-
and all of the hopes and dreams they hold, mor. I hope your relationship brings you
and are just setting out to realize. I think deep friendship, too, and understanding,
about what I wish I had known and imag- and your partners sense of wonder that you
ine all of the girls being gathered in the au- are who you are, unique, the only you who
ditorium for one of those So Now Youre exists. And if your relationship makes you
a Woman lectures, but instead of another feel less thanless than your true self,
miserably embarrassing talk, this is what I less than who you could be if you werent
wish theyd have told us: being held back, judged or shamed, treated
You love Valentines Day and its expres- with disrespect or worse, less than your full,
sions of love: the flowers, the hearts, the joyous selfI hope youll treat it as a les-
declarations of forever. Or, maybe youre son learned, but learned quickly, then made
one of those cynical girls, telling everyone part of the past. That past builds the foun-
that the holiday is just a scam, a day invent- dation underlying a lifetime of Valentines
ed by Hallmark to bring in the big bucks. Days that recognize your good fortune.
And you might be right, but I bet you still More than anything, though, what I hope
harbor a secret hope that youll be remem- for you is a lifetime of just-plain-everydays
bered today. We all want to know love, in which you know what it is to be well and
soft-hearted girls and cynics alike. Maybe truly loved, for exactly who you are.
youd prefer an unexpected cluster of bright I love hearing from you; feel free to con-
yellow sunflowers to a traditional bouquet tact me at
of long-stemmed red roses, or an ironic box if you have comments or questions about
of SpongeBob Squarepants chocolates to a the column.
heart-shaped box of Godiva, but even you,
cynical girl, with that rough-and-ready
heart of yours, have hopes and dreams.
28 Contributing Writers The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dr. James Bate, Pt. I

Dr. James Bate was born in Wilford, of Trumans Place which lies near the
Nottinghamshire, England in 1729. He was
the son of John Nathaniel Bate, an Angli-
can priest, and Catherine Young (daughter
present Gallant Green Road just north of
Dr. Bate married Susannah Bond
Loveand seafood, is in the air
of another Anglican priest). ca1764/1765. Susannah was born in St. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines with espresso bean chocolate bar. That is
Dr. Bate attended primary school at Ber- Marys County in 1740 and was one of Day. Hopefully you got out to support some a very hard, and very special thing for him
ry Hill in nearby Manchester, Nottingham- 11 children of Captain John Bond and his of our local restaurant owners in St. Marys to do. And what do you do on Valentines
shire. He must have had pleasant memories wife, Elizabeth Attaway. County. All the restaurants looked packed evening? Watch people getting killed or
of his time there as he would eventually Captain John Bond was one of the on the way in to Leonardtown. I love to impaled with lots of blood on NCIS and
name his last home in America after this wealthiest, most prominent residents of seethat. later Chicago Fire. We are such romantics.
town. Upon graduation from medical St. Marys County at that time. Between My husband and I would like to thank Robert did ask me up to dance in between
school at Edinburgh, Scotland ca1750/1751, 1753 and 1758, the St. Marys County rent Kevin Thompson and his friendly staff at shows though.
Dr. Bate received a commission in the Roy- rolls show that he owned various parcels Kevins Corner Kafe in Leonardtown for Valentines Day morning was great too. I
al Navy and served as a ships of property exceeding 1,600 acres. When a delicious dinner and great drinks. And rushed to get the Valentines decorations up
Upon completing his tour of duty, Dr. Capt. Bond made his will in 1760, he thanks to April and Bobby for the gift cer- before my husband woke up. I dont know
Bate made his way to Maryland. No re- owned at least 32 slaves which he divided tificate we couldnt wait for Valentines why I was worried since he is not a morn-
cord has been found to determine the ex- among his children. His sons received the Day to come so we could use it. We love the ing person as you know. When he did wake
act time or place of his arrival but we do land and servants while his daughters re- new location of Kevins at the old Willows up, it was so romantic; I gave him his gift
know that he was practicing as a physician ceived 150 pounds sterling each and a share restaurant. There is plenty of parking and bag with a little box sign which read You
in St. Marys County by 1758 when it was of the residue of his estate. you can smell the heady, wonderful mixture are MY happily ever after and one of those
recorded that a paper written by him was As the Revolutionary War approached of seafood cooking along with the divine, hi-test chocolate bars mentioned above,
mentioned in the Philosophical Transac- Susannahs brothers clearly aligned them- marshy smell of Glebe Run off of Breton and he showed me the beautiful flowers he
tions of the Royal Society of London. The selves with the rebel cause. Her broth- Bay when you get out of your car. Did I got me and had put in the love vase. And
paper, in the form of a letter, was titled An ers, Richard, William, and Gerard Bond mention I love St. Marys County? The thenhe gave me my Valentines Day card.
Account of the Remarkable Alteration of were members of the General Committee steamer basket dinner my husband ordered I said, Its still in its plastic. So I took it
Colour of the Negro Woman. The paper in 1774. In 1777, both William and Gerard smelled so good, Im glad he was willing to out, read it and asked did he wanted to sign
was published by the Royal Society in 1759. Bond received commissions as Captain share a few bites. I had the Captains Platter it. He said, No, that way we can use it
As his practice grew, Dr. Bate acquired of the one of the companies of the Upper with Rockfish, fried oysters, and crab cake. again next year I know how you like to
several parcels of land in and around St. Battalion. I savored every bit. Yes, I did share an oys- save and recycle. Pause. Good one honey,
Marys County. One was called the Visit There must have been friction between ter, maybe two, and I think one bite of crab good way out of that one. I told him I was
Paid, 114 acres, located on present day Rt. the Bond and Bate families as Dr. Bate was cake with him. The bar even made the cra- definitely keeping the unused envelope for
247, north of Loveville. Shortly thereafter a loyalist and it may have led to Dr. Bate zy drink I like; a bourbon sweet and sour something else which he said he knew I
he acquired another parcel that he named leaving Southern Maryland in 1778 when with extra orange very refreshing. Wish would. He told me that the card came with
Bates Prospect, 64 acres, located on he sold Trumans Place and purchased we had had room for dessert. We heard a little poem on a sheet of paper too, and
Rt. 5 just north of Leonardtown. Dr. Bate land in Berkeley County, Virginia (now Kevin tell the neighboring table the recipe did I read that? I said, That is just a printed
then began to acquire property in Charles West Virginia). for his crab soup. I said, Kevin, Im lis- sheet that says what is written on the inside
County. He received a patent of 500 acres To be continued. tening and Im going to reveal your secret of the card that they place on the inside of
in the paper. Graciously, Kevin replied the plastic protector that you didnt open.
that anytime I wanted to Cant wait to see what I get next year, oh
print one of his recipes thats right I already know. Oh my.
he would give it to me. To each new days adventure, Shelby
Oh, here is your name in Please send your comments or ideas to:
large print Kevin: KEV- (Yahoo
IN THOMPSON : ) still wont let me back in, but they are work-
When we got home, ing on it) or find me on facebook: Wander-
my husband shared a ings of an aimless mind
square or two of his fa-
vorite dark chocolate
Thursday, February 16, 2017 The County Times 29

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CharlottE hall, md 20659 Meeting at Dent Memorial Chapel
St. Marys City, MD 20686 301-862-4600
301-884-8503 Charlotte Hall Road, Charlotte Hall
Vigil Mass: 4:30 pm Saturday Sundays - 10:00 am - Holy Eucharist
Traditional Anglican Worship
Sunday: 8:00 am Order Of gOOd news services
First Millennium Faith for a
Weekday (M-F): 7:30 am sun schOOl, all ages...............10:00 Third Millennium World
Confessions: 3-4 pm Saturday sun mOrning wOrship.............11:00 (301)934-6873 sun evening wOrship.................7:00
wed evening prayer mtg.........7:00
St. GeorGe roman CatholiC ChurCh METHODIST CHURCH
ProClaiming thE ChangElEss
St. George Church:
word in a Changing world. Hollywood United Methodist Church
Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m.
24422 Mervell Dean Rd Hollywood, MD 20636
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Saturday, 7:00 p.m. (Memorial Day-Labor Day)
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HUGHESVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH All of our services are traditional.
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30 The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vacation Rental
Firewood in Nags Head
Chimney Cleaning Beautiful condo in Nags Head for rent.
Beachwoods Resort in Kitty Hawk,

Cords $150
located at milepost #1.
3 bedrooms, 3 bath, 2 kitchens and
living rooms, sleeps 10.

Contractor Bag of Free Indoor pool with waterpark, gym, outdoor

pool, hiking paths, private beach with
Starter Logs parking, scheduled daily childrens activities.
Wooded resort with bike trail.

Call Brian 301-653-0300 Available 7/29/17-8/5/17

$1,800 for the full week
Call 301-904-8483

9:00AM Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

AUCTION Charlotte Hall Mini Storage

29971 Business Center Dr. Charlotte Hall, MD 20622
Cash only

Moving Sale
Antiques & Collectibles
Feb 17, 18 & 19
9am-4pm (Inside)
24880 Jones Road, Mechanicsville, MD 20659
(Off of Friendshipschool Road)

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Jen Stotler at 301-247-7611 or
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Where Service Comes First
Serving The Community Since 1994 Stored
Sales & Service
Farm Equipment Machine Shop
Group Health Insurance - Individual Market Health Insurance,
Dental - Vision- AFLAC Home Industrial Engines Welding
Life Insurance - Short & Long Term Disability,

Truck Load Sale

Payroll Services

Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr. Katie L. St. Clair

President Vice President Customer Service Mgr.
$271.35 Per Ton 40 Pound Bag $6.65
301.884.5900 - 301.934.4680 - Fax 301.884.0398-
27898 Point Lookout Road Loveville, Md 20656

46924 Shangri-La Drive Lexington Park, MD

301-884-5904 vacation!
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Over 250,000 Southern Marylanders cant be wrong!

Mike Batson Photography
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32 The County Times Thursday, February 16, 2017

A l d r i d g e
u t o & tal
R e n
All 13 Civic s

09 Nissan Altima

04 Nissan Xterra 07 Honda Accord

$8,030 $8,560
03 Honda Element
14 Nissan Versa
10 Equinox LTZ
08 Toyota Camry
Fully Loaded

02 Lexus
$8,030 ALL
99 Mercedes SL500 PRO S AN
$11,750 CES D
04 Oldsmobile Alero 94 Acura Integra
$800 $500
As is, no inspection. Needs center console and As is, no inspection. Needs brakes and tires
shift handle replaced cars runs and drives. and exhaust work car runs and drives.
Does not include tax tags or fees cars must be towed from lot.

i d g e Famil
ldr ed
The A n Committ er
has be llence for o
We have rental cars &
to Exc 0 years!
5 passenger vans too! | 301-866-1679
22025 Three Notch Rd. | Lexington Park, MD 20653
*Financed vehicles are down payment plus tax and tags