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Educational Support Services Team Meeting

Date: January 17th, 2017
School: Summerhill Elementary School
In Attendance: Teacher 1, Teacher 2, Teacher 3, Administration, Resource,
Guest – Me!

Purpose of Meeting: Regular Student Services Meeting

Topic Issues Addressed
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Student Success 1.
Student Concerns 1. Student 1
- has napped on Monday
- Mrs. C needs a job for him to do at the end of the day from 2:30 until home time-
paper recycling daily, bring empty water bottles down from the staff room, teacher
- keep an eye out for him as he is taking his medication 3 times a day at school and we
want to monitor how this is going

2. Student 2
- seems to be targeting Student A. on the playground
- has been targeting Garrett on the bus on the way home – we will put Dante at
the front of the bus
- A’s mom sent Teacher 2 an email asking her to speak with A as he is having
difficulty at school with Student 2
- Student has been evicted from their home
- Student told his classroom teacher that he was going to Fredericton and today
would be his last day

3. Student 3
- Teachers to update the IBSP
- proactive – student’s box in the resource room for him to take breaks, sticky note
self-monitoring that will get sent home to catch him being good, W.D. will work with
him on emotions of others, W.W. will work with him on expected and unexpected
- resource – will complete a WIAT III with him
- Teacher is tracking large meltdowns (kicking, screaming, crying) – 53 and 48 rude
responses to adult and peers
- Teacher has called home last Thursday and yesterday she emailed and then printed
the email and placed it in the agenda – parents have not responded to any
- E.N. has been supporting Ben at Gesner and we will put in a referral if needed
4. Student 4
- Stan Cassidy meeting took place last week to go over the assessment from the
- they gave us a great list of goals and things we can work on as a school
- WC – will be coming to do an observation
- Stan Cassidy was very supportive and is open to
5. Student 5
- classroom teacher approached, resource on how to support student
- behaviour has not increased but he has not been completing academics in the
- classroom teacher is setting up a meeting with the parents to discuss academic
- Teacher will begin giving him breaks for work completed
6. Student 6
- new to us from Liverpool
- mid-year last year – he saw mental health and began medication
for ODD
- behaviour has changed after beginning medication
- although with the medication they noticed that his mood has
changed to be flat
- fine academically
- Liverpool encourages us to make a connection and give him time
- at a young at biological dad told him he didn’t want anything to do
with him

7. Student 7
- mom delivered a psych ed to the school on the first day of school
- classroom teacher will meet with mom on Thursday evening at 7:00 to go over psych
8. Student 8
- has been having hard days
- using breaks within his day – 2 break cards in the AM and 2 in PM, these will be
window walks
- he has been calling the group home multiple times – he is continually asking to go
- group home has a plan in place that if he continues to call and want to go home – if
they do have to pick him up he will lose his privileges in the evening at the group
- social worker has shared that he is not to call home during the school day – he calls
mom from the group home at night
9. Student 9
- Hubbard resource contacted Resource today to ask some questions about Student’s
- Hubbard wanted to know if they could eliminate the PLP and include the social skills
goals from the PLP on the IBSP
- we would support the plan to condense these 2 plans and only have one document
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