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Portfolio Matrix M.Ed.

/Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

Title Student Name: Christin Gayton
Portfolio Matrix and Reflections
Semester/Year: Spring 2017
Portfolio Matrix to be completed while candidates are taking MEDT 7487 Practicum

Portfolio Matrix

Program AASL PSC/NCATE Standards Roles of SLMS Reflection Connecting Outcomes,
Outcomes Standards and Artifacts Standards, and Artifacts
1. Candidates 1.1 Knowledge of Learners PSC Role: Program As a Program Administrator, Leader, and
demonstrate and Learning 1.e Knowledge and Skills Administrator, Instructional Partner it is very important
content, 3.1 Efficient and Ethical 3.c Help All Students Learn Leader and to know the needs of teachers and
pedagogical, and Information-Seeking 7.d Integration of Instructional Instructional students and how to go about meeting
professional Behavior Technology Partner these needs via resources available in the
knowledge and 3.4 Research and 7.e Georgia P-12 Curriculum media center. Given a limited budget to
skills Knowledge Creation Artifact: use for materials a Program Administrator
4.4 Advocacy NCATE Materials Order must determine the best way to utilize
5.1 Collections 1.e Knowledge and Skills these funds. However, in order to do this
5.3 Personnel, Funding, 3.c Help All Students Learn https://drive.googl the SLMS must also take on the role of a
and Facilities Leader and Instructional Partner and
mgSu2rDy4ekI0X collaborate with teachers to achieve this
0RnZ1Zjbnc/view goal. For this assignment, I got input
?usp=sharing from teachers in all content subject areas
about specific needs. After assessing the
https://drive.googl needs, I allotted money to ELA for class sets of required novels, resources to meed
mgSu2rDy4b3BC Common Core Standards for Math, Bill
Z2lqdjhFTEU/vie Nye videos for Science, and multi-user
w?usp=sharing ebooks for Social Studies.
AASL 5.1
AASL 5.3
2. Candidates 1.2 Effective and PSC Role: Teacher As a teacher, it is the responsibility of a
develop, Knowledgeable Teacher 1.f Student Learning SLMS to help students become
implement, and 1.3 Instructional Partner 3.c Help All Students Learn Artifact: Dewey knowledgeable and comfortable about the
evaluate learning 2.1 Literature 4.a Curriculum and Experiences Impact on organization of a media center in order to
2.2 Reading Promotion
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

opportunities for 3.2 Access to Information 4.d Working with Diverse Learning locate materials and become self
all students 3.3 Information Students in P-12 Schools advocates for their learning and reading.
Technology 7.c Children with Special Needs https://drive.googl For this assignment, I created a lesson on
7.d Integration of Instructional the Dewey Decimal System. The lesson
Technology mgSu2rDy4RTVQ included a training aid, a pretest, an
LTNrSlhrQlU/vie activity for practice, and a post test.
NCATE w?usp=sharing AASL 3.2
1.f Student Learning
3.c Help All Students Learn
4.a Curriculum and Experiences
4.d Working with Diverse
Students in P-12 Schools
3. Candidates 1.4 Integration of Twenty- PSC Role: Information As an Information Specialist, it is the duty to
demonstrate First Century Skills and 1.g Professional Dispositions Specialist and provide 24-7 access to library services and
professional Learning Standards 3.c Help All Students Learn Teacher connect with the community of students,
dispositions and 2.4 Literacy Strategies 7.f Ethical Standards teachers, parents, and volunteers. For this
3.1 Efficient and Ethical assignment I worked with a group to develop
ethics Artifact: OPAC
Information-Seeking an in-depth OPAC tutorial. The purpose of
NCATE Tutorial
Behavior the assignment was to teach and help all
1.g Professional Dispositions patrons of the media center on how to use
4.1. Networking with the 3.c Help All Students Learn
Library Community OPAC while in the media center and how to
.com/presentation/ access it from home if needed.
4.2 Professional d/1czkVZIBFHzN AASL 4.1
4.3 Leadership
5.2 Professional Ethics

4. Candidates 1.1 Knowledge of Learners PSC Role: Instructional As an Instructional Partner and Teacher it
demonstrate and Learning 1.f Student Learning Partner and is important to know the demographics of
ability to serve 1.2 Effective and 3.c Help All Students Learn Teacher your learners. The Student/Client
needs of diverse Knowledgeable Teacher 4.a Curriculum and Experiences Instruction Plan form assignment gave
populations 2.3 Respect for Diversity 4.d Working with Diverse Artifact: me the opportunity to achieve this. By
including special 3.2 Access to Information Students in P-12 Schools Student/Client knowing the demographics of students
needs 5.4 Strategic Planning and 7.c Children with Special Needs Instruction Plan such as learner characteristics,
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

7.d Integration of Technology Form socioeconomic profiles, school setting,
developmental levels, learning styles, and
NCATE https://drive.googl skills levels, I was able to gain knowledge
4.a Curriculum and Experiences of my learners and their levels. The plan
4.d Working with Diverse mgSu2rDy4Mmlp consisted of various steps such as
Students in P-12 Schools MjlaQld1S0k/vie conducting a needs assessment, learner
w?usp=sharing analysis, Instructional Objectives,
performance assessment, strategies and
activities development, materials
selections, implementation plan, and
evaluation of the plan. By going through
this process and the steps I gained a better
understanding of learning styles and how
to prepare in order to help all students
AASL 1.1
AASL 1.2
AASL 2.3
AASL 5.4

College of Education Conceptual Framework: Professional Excellence; Field Based Inquiry; Betterment of Society support all four outcomes