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Lesson Plan Poetry Book Making Cycle Level: Cycle 1, year 2

Inquiry: How does my colour make By the end of this lesson, the students will be able to:
me feel? What does my colour remind Create a poem based on a given colour, using their previous knowl
me of? What objects, animals, or food about poems
are my colour? Respect the guidelines of their chosen poetry type
Start a poetry booklet
Group Size & Materials Whole group, small groups, poetry book template, pencils, erasers
pencil crayons.
Specific Subject Competencies:
-To write self-expressive, narrative and information based texts: Students will be exercising this competency
throughout the lesson as they will be creating a type of poetry of their choice, based on a given colour.
-To use language to communicate and learn: Students will be developing this competency as they will be
brainstorming ideas of what they may write about as a class.
-To represent her/his literacy in different media: Students will be able to use their prior knowledge to create a
based on a given colour. They will be showcasing their knowledge of the different types of poetry, and their l
Cross Curricular Competencies:
-Uses information: Students will be using their prior knowledge of poetry to complete this activity.
-Exercises critical judgement: Upon choosing their poetry type, students will be creating their poems based o
given colour. They will be exercising this competency by using the appropriate words that relate to their colo
that also follows the guidelines of the chosen poetry type.
-Uses creativity: Due to the nature of this activity, students will be exercising this competency as they will be
creating a poem of their own, using as many creative, and interesting sentences and words.
-Communicates appropriately: Students will be communicating their ideas of what they may write about in a
Professional Competencies:
- To pilot teaching/learning situations that are appropriate to the students concerned and to the subject conte
with a view to developing the competencies targeted in the program of study.
Upon the creation of this activity, I am hoping that it will solidify the students’ knowledge of poetry as they w
applying their prior knowledge into a new context. Students will be using their creativity to create a poem bas
a given colour, and will have to respect the guidelines of their chosen poetry type. I want students to feel conf
in their writing skills and knowledge of poetry, to feel a sense of ownership, and to experiment with words th
their poetry. Through this fun activity, I am targeting the students’ development of the English Language Arts
competencies written above. After this lesson, I am hoping for students to be able to use these new skills in
different writing contexts, making their writing more interesting and creative.
Struggling students will be prompted on an individual basis, of the topics that they may write about, and whic
of poetry they may use. By discussing these points one-on-one, students are able to receive immediate feedba
and guidance that they may not otherwise get during a whole group discussion. These students will brainstorm
they would like to write about, and ideas of how they would write them to fit with their chosen poetry type.

Students with higher writing abilities will be asked to write a longer and more detailed poem, to challenge the
creative thinking and writing skills. These students will be using super words in their poems to add more spic
their work.
Time Lesson
8:40-8:45 I will introduce the activity, and explain that we are starting a poetry booklet to showcase the stu
creative writing abilities and knowledge of poetry.
Students will be shown what the poetry template booklet looks like, and I will explain that studen
must write their poem first, before they draw in the front and side of the booklet.

We will discuss as a class, the types of poetry that we have been learning for the past four weeks.
8:45-8:55 Students will have the opportunity to have a refresher of what each type of poetry is, as we will b
briefly discussing each type of poetry, and what their guidelines are.

Students will be given four different colours to write about. Using the smartboard, we will brains
8:55-9:05 ideas of what we can write about our colours.

Students can write about:
-What does the colour remind you of?
-How does the colour make you feel?
-What objects are these colours?
- What animals are these colours?
-How can we describe this colour?
-What experiences do you have with this colour?

Students will then begin the activity. They must:
9:05-9:20 -Choose a poetry type (concrete, alliteration, or simile)
-Choose a topic to write about, featuring their colour
-And then, begin to write their poems, respecting their chosen poetry type.
If students are finished writing, they may start to colour a picture that represents their poems.

At this point in the lesson, students will have the opportunity to present their poems to the class.
9:20-9:25 optional, thus, students can decide if they wish to present, or not.

-Participate in class discussions
-Choose a poetry type
-Choose a topic
-Write a poem, respecting the guidelines of their chosen poetry type
-Present their poems (optional)
Students will be informally assessed by observation based on their abilities to create a poem, feat
their given colours. I will be looking for students who have appropriately chosen their poetry typ
respected the guidelines of this type of poetry, and if they have used super words and/or sentence
their poems. By assuring that students have respected the guidelines of their chosen poetry type,
showcases their understanding of that type of poetry. It also allows students to use their prior
knowledge of their chosen poetry type in a new context, solidifying their newly acquired writing
I will also assess whether students have started, (not completed, as they would not have time to d
and colour the front page, and add more than one poem during this lesson), their poetry booklet.