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Michael Knight has worked in the computer/video game
industry since 1994 and has been an author with Prima
Games for ten years, writing over 60 guides during this
time. Michael has used both his degree in Military History
and experience as a high school teacher to formulate and
devise effective strategies and tactics for hit titles such as the Tom Clancy’s
Rainbow Six and Hitman series. He has also authored several titles in the
Star Wars universe including Star Wars Republic Commando, Star Wars
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Star Wars:
Empire at War. Michael has also developed scenarios/missions and written
game manuals for SSI, Red Storm Entertainment, and Novalogic.
When he is not busy at work on an upcoming strategy guide, Michael
likes to spend time with his wife and six children at their home in Northern
California. It was with their help that Michael used his abilities and
experience to write three travel/strategy guides on Disneyland and Southern
California, in which he developed tips and hints to help vacationing families
save time and money while maximizing their fun.
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........................38 Fire ................................................................................................................................38 Move .................32 Grenades ................446 Fix .................14 German Weapons ........................................20 South of the Canal .............................. ..........................14 Walther P38 Semi-automatic Pistol ...................................................................................................................................................................................................12 M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) .......... ................ .............................. .......................................... ...13 A1 Mark II Fragmentation Grenade .............................................................................................................................................................................................16 Shot in the Dark .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................58 Armor .........................221 WRITTEN IN STONE ...29 Using Cover . ..................25 Walking ............19 The Bell Tower ............................................31 Machine Guns..........................40 Assault .........................................................................................13 M1919A6 Light Machine Gun ..............................................220 The Sanitarium .......................................................... 52 Suppression ........................................................................................................................................... .....................................................................................................................................................................................26 Sprinting .......................................................................................................29 Digging In ....................................................................................30 Combat ..................................................18 Counter Attack .......................................................................556 Anti-tank Guns ...........................17 Combat Training ...........................................................................................18 Along the Road.....................................................13 M3 Submachine Gun .............................................25 Movement ................................................................ Weapons .....................27 The Compass ............. ..........................15 MG42 Maschinengewehr ...............20 Push Up the Road ......................... 24 Among the Gravestones ...................................32 Teams. ...................................................................................12 M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun .............................. ..........................................19 In the Manor..............................224 THE ROAD TO HELL’S HIGHWAY.....................................................................................................661 Using Armor ........................ 12 M1 Garand Semi-automatic Rifle ..................................................................................................................................................... ........ .....15 G43 Gewehr Sniper Rifle ............................................................16 Take Cover ................................................................................................................................................................ ............66 U....................... ................................... 41 Destroy Cover.......................5 ....................................33 Assault Team ...... .....................................77 M1911 Semi-automatic Pistol ......662 Fighting Armor ..........................14 MP40 Submachine Gun ................ .....................30 Ammo........................117 Germans in the Farm.24 COMBAT TRAININGAND TACTICS .....13 M9 Bazooka ...........................................S...............................................................................17 The Amphitheatre ...19 Orders from Sink ................ 38 Commanding Teams ...................................................................... ......................................................................................................................................................................... ...................27 Vaulting .........................................................447 Flank .....................18 FIVE-OH-SINK ..........35 Bazooka Team..445 Find ...............553 Frontal Assaults ...............................16 LOST................................................................................................................33 Fire Team ....................668 2 ..........................................................................550 Fire ........................................331 Shooting .....................................................14 Sherman Firefly Medium Tank ............................. .....................................................................338 Fall In ...............34 Machine Gun Team .......................................................................................... ................................................................14 Mauser K98K Bolt-action Rifle ..................................................................................................13 Satchel Charges .............................15 RPzB 54 Panzerschreck ...............64 Keep at It! ................................................................................................................. .......................................115 Sturmgewehr 44 ........... .......................6 ..............................................................117 Landing Zone “W” .......................................................................................................................................................... ....1 ...448 Glider Infantry ...................................................................................................................................................................................... 67 THE ARSENAL...................28 Crouching ...........................................443 Coordinated Combat ......................................................................112 M1A1 Carbine Semi-automatic Rifle ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................18 Cleaning House ...........17 OPERATION MARKET ............................................................ e d a sh e Unl FOREWORD ..........................................................................................442 The Map ........ .....116 Escape the Hospital ............

...................................994 Attacker Tips.........................................................................14 1466 88 on the Outskirts ............................................... ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ .................................................................................................................................14 1400 New Objectives .........................10 1033 Defender Tips . 11 1133 Defender Tips .................16 1666 88mm Assault ...........13 1311 Producer’s Notes ........................................11 1100 Lighthouse .....................................................................13 1399 3 .........................................12 1244 APPENDIX ........................................... ..................10 1099 Defender Tips ...........................................................................................................10 1066 Attacker Tips.............................................................................. ..............................................................................12 1277 GEARBOX SOFTWARE .......... ..............................15 1566 THE RABBIT HOLE...............................................................152 Irish Guard............................................15 1588 Chasing Ghosts.....17 1700 6th Fallschirmjager ............153 The Kid Goes AWOL .............................................................880 The Squad ......................................................................................885 Know the Map .............................................................................................................................................................................17 1700 Onto the Dunes 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.......................................................159 Just Save One .................. ............................................................................................... ........11 ................................ ......... ................................................................................................................................ ............................................................................770 Stalemate ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................1522 Going Up ................. ......................... .11 1177 Backyards of Veghel ...........................................................998 Defender Tips .................................................................153 BAPTISM OF FIRE ..............16 ............................................. ..................................... .........................................................................14 1422 Backyards of Eindhoven ......................................................................................1388 Trench Assault...............16 1677 Train Station .......................................................................... 12 1233 Defender Tips .152 Sniper’s Roost ............................................................................................................................................ ................................................................... ..............12 1222 Attacker Tips............. ........ ........................159 Second Time Around........................................... ..........................................................................................10 1000 Factory............................................................................................. 10 1022 Attacker Tips.............................................................10 1044 Industrial .....................1522 Across the Way ......................................................................................................11 1144 Town Center .................................................................................157 Hide and Seek .................... ............................................................................ On Holy Ground .......................................... .................................................................................................................................... .................................886 Teamwork ..........................................................16 1644 Pushing Back .................................. 16 1677 On the Prowl ..................163 To the Municipal District ...........163 Panzergrenadiers .............................................. ....12 1266 Xbox 360 Achievements...................775 Threading the Needle .....................................................................................................993 Ashes of a City .............................17 1700 TOOTH AND NAIL.................................................................................................................1699 Against All Odds .....................................15 ..... .............................................................. ....................................................... ................................. .. ....................................................................................13 1300 The Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Team ...........................................................................................................................................................153 Rescue in the Flats .....155 The Apartment ............................................ ........................................................................................................ 16 1666 Water Under the Bridge ............................13 .........................................................................161 BLACK FRIDAY ................................................ ...................................................................... 13 1355 The Real History in the Game ...........154 Eindhoven Burning ............ .... ..................................... 79 MULTIPLAYER ............................. ............. ................................................................... ........................161 The Town Plaza .....................................13 1366 Level Design Credits ...... 90 Defender Strategies ............................................................ .........................................................887 Use Cover ................................................ ................................................................... ..........................................................................................................................888 Attacker Strategies .........................................................................16 1600 Madness Devours ...........991 Destroyed Town.......................................165 Taking the Farm ....1122 Attacker Tips..............................................................................................883 Multiplayer Tactics ...........................................................................................................................11 1188 Defender Tips ...............................................776 The Cavalry Arrives ...............................................................................157 The Girl in White .....14 1488 OPERATION GARDEN.................................................................................................................................................165 HELL’S HIGHWAY ......................................... ................... ......................... .................................................................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................................................. 15 1522 Ground Floor .......................................772 Push into Koevering .......................

ed a sh e Unl .

“This is it!” Lieu
tenant Fallow sh
outed as he reac
The glider sudden hed for the tow
ly shuddered an rope release leve
plane. The scen d tu rn ed steeply, and Bak r. “Brace your
e changed violen er realized that selves!”
tly as Baker’s his Waco had ca
hitting the othe glider headed to st off from the
r glider. He circ ward the ground C-47 tow
led over the DZ . Fallow pulled ha
Time moved in and then droppe rd to the right
slow motion as d the nose down to avoid
Baker watched ward.
as the ground dr th e gr ou nd approach. Th
ew ever nearer, e speed of the W
of the impact, until suddenly th aco glider seem
then broke a wh e gl id er touched down. Th ed to increase
eel as it hit and e glider held firm
real estate befo screeched across under the trem
re finally comin the flat Dutch endous strain
g to a halt. field. It tore up
In seconds, it wa about a hundre
s over. The glid d yards of
er stopped; ther
Baker caught hi e was silence.
s breath, glad to
Fallow was grin be alive. He glan
ning from ear ced at Lieutenant
to ear. “We mad Fallow.
A touch of euph e it.”
oria overcame
have been better Baker. He and
. His adrenaline his men had su
was pumping as rvived the glider
flight to Holland
Baker and Fallo he patted Lieute , and the landin
w struggled with nant Fallow on g couldn’t
in the ceiling. At the cockpit latc the shoulder. “O
he s. Af te r a mighty push ka y, no w it’s my turn.”
the same time the cockpit rele
the men inside ased and folded
“Move it. Out! Ev the glider worked up on hinges
erybody out!” B furiously to disc
aker ordered. onnect the chai
In minutes they ns that held down
were moving th the jeep.
e jeep out of th
“Good luck, Bak e glider and onto
er!” Fallow shou the landing zone
ted with a grin at Son.
“Thanks, sir! G as Baker and hi
ood luck to you, s men began to
see that his men ” B aker shouted as m ove out.
and gear were se he snapped the
cure in the jeep pilot a proud sa
Baker’s war ha , then gave the lute. Baker mad
d begun. signal to move e a quick check
forward. “Let’s to

—from Brother
s in Arms: Hell’s
Highway by Joh
n Antal

e d
a sh

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is a unique video game that provides
es the player with
a glimpse back into World War II. This was a time when the entire world was at war
and the freedom of future generations hung in the balance. The setting
ing is Nazi-
occupied Netherlands in 1944. Your mission: Lead a squad of paratroopers
roopers from the
101st Airborne Division into Operation Market-Garden and survive the
he hell of Hell’s
The video game is an experience in itself and this strategy guide will provide you with
tips and insights that will help you to win. This guide also goes behind
d the scenes to
introduce the talented team of extraordinary people who created Brothers
others in
Arms and some of their thoughts and tips about the game.
One of the most important aspects of any Brothers in Arms game
is the story. At Gearbox, we strive to provide our players with a
memorable, interactive experience. We hope that you empathize
with the characters, become part of the squad, share in their
challenges, and feel their emotions. We hope that you enjoy the
game, learn something from the experience, and understand the
great lengths that the Gearbox team underwent to provide you
with the most historically accurate interactive gaming experience
available anywhere.
I want to thank our publisher, Ubisoft, for bringing Brothers in
Arms games to the public. As combat is a team effort, publishing a
game is also a team effort and Gearbox could not find a better partner
than Ubisoft.
Most importantly, I want to personally salute the people who made Hell’s
Highway. At Gearbox, we know that the most brilliant software we have
ave is
our people. People make things happen. People create. People matter…
and the people who made Brothers in Arms are the best in the
Enjoy the game, jump into the boots of Staff Sergeant Matt Baker,
and good luck!

John Antal
Colonel, US Army (Retired)
Gearbox Software


far behind enemy lines could do. During July and August,
18 airborne plans were considered, of which five were
planned in detail and three nearly launched. However,
in most cases, by the time the operation was ready to
go, Allied forces had already secured the objectives on
their own. As August came to a close and the Allied
armies approached Germany, the leaders began to look
at plans to get across the Rhine into Germany. Operation
Comet was one of these plans and focused on dropping
paratroopers near Arnhem in Netherlands to secure
bridges over the Rhine ahead of the Second British
Army. Comet called for one and a half airborne divisions.
Deemed to not have enough paratroopers for success,
Operation Comet was cancelled on September 10.
On June 6, 1944, Allied forces returned to France
on the beaches of Normandy. The night before the
amphibious landings, paratroopers from the British
1st Airborne and the U.S. 82nd and 101st Airborne
Divisions jumped into France to secure bridges and roads
to prevent German reinforcements from reaching the
beaches. The night drops resulted in a lot of confusion
and lost paratroopers—some miles away from their
planned drop zone, but the paratroopers were able to
help make sure the Allies were not thrown back from the
beaches into the sea. Although the paratroopers were
to be relieved from front-line combat within a few days of
D-Day, they ended up staying over a month and embarked
back to England during the second week of July.

On that same day, General Eisenhower was presented
a new plan by Field Marshal Bernhard Montgomery,
commander of 21st Army Group. It was essentially
a reinforced and strengthened Comet. The new plan
consisted of two separate operations that would work
together to get Allied troops across the Rhine and into
the North German Plain, where the Allied armies would
have a straight shot right into the heart of Germany.
The first part of the plan, Operation Market, would
add two U.S. airborne divisions, the 82nd and 101st,
to the original one and half. These paratroopers would
drop along a 50-mile-long corridor from Eindhoven to
Arnhem to capture the bridges over waterways and
hold them. Operation Garden then called for the Second
As Allied armies continued to push the Germans British Army in Belgium to cross the Dutch border and
out of France, General Dwight Eisenhower, supreme drive along the highway connecting these bridges and
commander of Allied forces in Europe, was looking for beyond to the Zuider Zee, thus cutting Holland in half and
the next major operation. As he considered where to providing a wide front for a push to the east. XXX Corps
reinforce the success of his armies, he was limited by would lead this drive to the north.
his reserve forces—the airborne divisions. Both General
George Marshall, the U.S. Chief of Staff, and General
Henry “Hap” Arnold, commanding general of Army Air
Forces, wanted to see what a large airborne operation


82nd would drop in the began to take the Allied invasion seriously and sent an middle to capture the bridges at Grave and Nijmegan entire corps. Eisenhower agreed to Operation Market-Garden on September 10 and plans were quickly drawn up. during conferences with various leaders. Unfortunately. but the memory of the Garden. e d a sh e Unl Allied intelligence believed that German forces in the area The 50-mile corridor along Highway 69 was divided up were weak and consisted of units driven out of France among the airborne divisions. plans for Operation Comet could be converted for the The largest airborne operation ever had achieved new operation. After a flight averaging about two and a half planning. One of the main decisions was whether its first objective of landing the paratroopers behind to drop the paratroopers by day or night. before the Germans could react. Day would enemy lines with great success. From the day it was approved to the transport aircraft and nearly 500 gliders took off from execution. However. The paratroopers began assembling on September 15. to and link up with the divisions to the north and south. paratroopers—Hell’s Highway. more than 1. defend Holland. Market-Garden had only seven days for England.500 September 17. The British 1st was assigned to capture the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem and secure the area on the other side of the river to allow XXX Corps to easily push right through Arnhem and on to its objectives farther north. 8 .S.S. Montgomery believed that 1300—right on time for the planned H-Hour. They all arrived the following week. the Market-Garden needed to happen quickly to take nearly 20. The U. Hitler Eindhoven and Veghel. Some of the by parachute or glider—most with near perfect accuracy. It looked like all would make it more dangerous for the paratroopers because be roses. By 1420.000 American and British troops had landed advantage of the German disorganization. The following day. the lead planes began dropping paratroopers at operations had for planning. at the southern end to capture the bridges between after the Allies captured Antwerp on September 4. Although this was much less time than other hours. The U. Highway 69 would be renamed by the Allied D-Day night drops helped planners decide on a day drop. September 17. The paratroopers could be dropped with less confusion and be able to regroup and get to their objectives more quickly. along with a division and other units. by the end of Operation Market- of the German anti-aircaft guns. 101st would land and Belgium that were refitting in Holland. Montgomery set the date for the operation to begin— On Sunday morning.

9 .

ed a sh e Unl .

“At them men!”
Colour Sergeant
Bren Carriers Cat Gilchrist be
to the muddy gr llowed as the Ir
ound of Holland ish Guards leap
men forward wi . Gilchrist held t from the arm
th his right. “As his Sten submac ored protection
my grandfather hine gun in his of the
give it to them!” used to say, deat left hand and si
h never comes gnaled his
too late. On lin
Two platoons of e. Forward, half
Irish Guards In right! Let’s
right. Cat’s plat fantry led the ch
oon took the le ar ge , with one platoo
ft flank. n in reserve follo
The Germans fi wing. First Plat
red at the adva oon was on the
one German m ncing British fr
achine gun at th om th e trench line, but
e far left of the their fire was ra
“Corporal Acke line put up effe gged and uncoor
rs, move your ctive fire agains dinated. Only
section to the le t the British at
Corporal Ackers ft,” Cat ordered. tack.
blew a whistle an “Clear this open
as they rushed. d the veteran so ground fast!”
Then they deploy ld ie rs of his section sp
ed his section on-l re ad ou t to the left and
along with Gua ine with the Bre moved on line,
rdsmen Barclay n light machine firing
, Gaines, Logan, gu n to th e
rushes, one sect Roy, and Welle right. Cat was
ion at a time, as r. The well-trai on the right
the other sectio ned infantrymen
Ackers’s section n fired at the en moved forward
took up prone po emy. in quick
rushed forward sitions and fire
to a small rise d. Th e B ren Gun in Acke
that was perpen rs’s section chat
a deadly enfilade dicular to the G tered away as Ca
onto the enemy erman line. Cat t’s section
line. ordered his men
German soldiers to go to ground
started to run and pour
could take no m from the trench
ore. lin e. Th e moment of trut
h had been reac
“Everyone, to th hed and the SS
e trench line!” Ca infantry
t ordered and st
arted to sing. “I
n the ranks of
death you’ll find
—from Brother him!”
s in Arms: Hell’s
Highway by Joh
n Antal

e d
a sh

exception of a couple sections where you take command
of a British tank. You can walk forward and backward,
and strafe to the left and right. Strafing is moving
During the game, you play as Sergeant Matt Baker and sideways while facing the same direction. This is useful
need to move around the battlefield to complete your when you are firing at an enemy or want to keep one in
objectives. Non-commissioned officers don’t have the your sights, but need to move into cover.
luxury of staying back in a tent giving orders. You will be
leading from the front.

At times you need to move across open ground as fast
as possible. Hold down the sprint button to run. While
sprinting, you can’t use weapons—not even to reload
Your squad lands in Holland via glider, along with a jeep. them. You also do not have a lot of control over direction.
The jeep is just to get your squad to the battle, so you You sprint in a straight line with the ability to veer to
don’t actually get to drive it. Instead, as a paratrooper, the left or right a bit. So, if you need to sprint, face the
you will be on foot throughout the game, with the


direction you want to travel first, then sprint. If you need also provides a more stable firing posture. You are more
to make a sharp turn, stop sprinting, turn, and then accurate while crouched. Don’t forget, by crouching
sprint again. and moving behind cover, you can sneak around the
battlefield—not only avoiding enemy fire, but also getting
to places without the enemy detecting you.

You know how to get around
the battlefield, but it is
If you are crouched, you do not need to stand up to sprint.
important that you know where
to go and don’t get lost. To Instead, just press the sprint button. When you stop sprinting,
help you keep your bearings, you will automatically go back into a crouch.
a compass is provided in the
lower left corner. The top of the
compass shows the direction
you are facing. Because you Although crouching
will often have objectives, a makes it tougher for
yellow triangle indicates the direction of your objective. the enemy to hit you,
A yellow line extends from the triangle, wrapping around digging in can keep
the compass as you approach your objective. When you you safe. Digging in
are at your objective, the line will completely encircle the is simply taking cover
compass. When you have teams under your command, behind an object
icons on the compass show where they are located that will provide
relative to you. Another icon shows whether you are some protection. To
standing or crouched. perform this action, move up to cover and press the dig
in button. You can dig in behind walls, fences, furniture,
vehicles, trees, sandbags, and so forth. When you dig in,
Unlike some other games, you can’t jump. Instead, if you your view switches from first person to third person so you
need to get over a low obstacle, you vault over it. To do can see your character behind the cover. Moving left or
this, just move toward the obstacle. Instructions at the right while dug in will cause you to move in that direction
bottom of the screen will let you know when vaulting is while staying behind the cover. When you get to the edge
possible and tell you to press the sprint button to vault. of the cover, you will lean around it and be able to use your
At times, the only way to get through an area is to vault weapon. If the cover is shorter than a standing person,
over an obstacle. Vaulting also can save you from having you can push up to peek over it and use your weapons.
to move around an obstacle, decreasing the amount of While leaning and peeking, you are partially exposed and
time you might be exposed to enemy fire. vulnerable to enemy fire. Just stop pushing up or to the
side to duck back behind cover for safety. If you want to
stay alive, use this move whenever enemies are around.

Cover is life in this
game. You always
need to be looking
for cover—even
when the enemy
is not around—
because once a
hidden machine gun
opens up on you,
it is vital to know where the nearest cover is and dig
in behind it. During a fight, always make sure you and
your team are behind cover. If you have to move, look for
cover first, and then sprint to it. A good soldier moves
from cover to cover. It is also important to consider the
One of the most important moves you can learn is quality of the cover. Wooden fences are quickly destroyed
crouching. While crouched, you can’t move as fast. by machine gun and small arms fire. If you are up against
However, crouching has many advantages. First, you a tank or anti-tank gun, find solid stone cover because
are lower to the ground, so you make a smaller target these enemies can destroy sandbags and all other types
that is more difficult for the enemy to hit. Crouching of destructible cover.


pressing the iron sights button you should reload your weapon if it is low and you are will give you a zoomed-in view that makes it easier to take expecting to engage the enemy. 14 . by your face. you move slower. Instead. Once you have eliminated the gunners. Grenades are a great tool for breaking a stalemate during a fire fight. using iron sights will make you a can switch between much better soldier. firing from the enemy is behind hip is not very accurate. but a complete your orders. or mounted on when you pick up another weapon while you already a vehicle or in a have two. If an Despite what you see in action movies. keep your different weapons at weapon down while moving around the battlefield. As a general rule. So if you want to replace the weapon you are not For most battles. of clips for that weapon. You battlefield. During the game. However. You will automatically pick up up and carry these machine guns. e d a sh e Unl hairs lined up on a target. However. You also can pick weapon of the same type. third-person view. However. also can pick up weapons dropped by enemies or other they are positioned paratroopers. Using iron combat. you move the ammo if you are not carrying the maximum number slower and must ready the weapon before you can fire it. you on the ground. Although it may take some to the pistol. and then only have one round in your weapon. You can get ammo for enemy weapons can use the machine gun. you will drop the weapon you are currently defensive position. in addition raise it when you need to fire. So. This is referred to as iron sights. which worsens with range. than sneaking up on enemies to flank them. carried about the There are no ammo caches in multiplayer games. or get them with your cross hairs. even if you have the cross blows the enemy away. When you fire a weapon. Keep track of the number of rounds in the While dug in. So. If you desire to be firearms. Just that are not easily walk up to a cache and press the appropriate button. switch to it first before picking up the weapon gun nests. you can turn off the cross hair feature grenade so it lands on the other side of the cover and in the Options menu. Then one time. toss a more like real life. take the time to raise the sights to your eye so Moving around is important to achieving your objectives. holding. While you You can carry two have your weapon raised. you will be attacking enemy machine holding. block nearly your entire view. you can aim. However. them with a press of a button. Some weapons. you can’t use iron sights because you have a weapon and the number of clips. Because of the effect on your mobility. This section trains you to fight more effectively sights limits your field of view because the weapon is up so you have an advantage. Just walk up to the machine from ammo caches and by walking over a dropped enemy gun and press the appropriate button. For most and the enemy is out to stop you. you will have to kill the enemy in few weapons have scopes for magnified views. a reticle. There is nothing worse shots at distant targets. you use the sights right on the weapon. you still have a low level of accuracy. appears on the screen. you normally cover and you can’t carry your weapon at chest level. These are containers filled with large weapons ammo and grenades that are dropped by parachute. if you want to weapons. It just ruins the whole maneuver. Throwing grenades is quite easy. By default. just by using your sights. Because you can have only two at a time. and practice to get used to. it is best to use the machine gun at its position while defending and then leave it behind when you advance. your accuracy is increased and you are more likely to hit the enemy at which you are shooting. such as the panzerschreck. you can pick up Machine guns are more at ammo caches. If you get low on clips for your weapon.

the sandbags and the soldiers behind them. maneuvering is not their job. too. team. helping you better aim your teams so they can do their job without taking casualties. close–range firepower machine gun. Use them for flanking and grenade at the base of a sandbag position to blow away frontal assaults. However. so they are not as effective as the assault team at firing on the move. the machine gun team must be carefully is your maneuver positioned behind cover that will protect them while allowing team. gunner and assistant. throw when tossing grenades through windows. You can order the assault team to and destroy some types of light cover. you can be assigned four different types of teams. they also can destroy destructible The assault team is the one you can go to in a crunch. Instead. However. A smaller red circle will appear to show the are supported by covering fire from you and the other path the grenade will follow. The key to using the fire team is positioning it behind good cover that also has a good field of fire against the enemy. which are effective at or wagons. Don’t be enemy. They carry a .30 caliber machine gun that they operate The assault team is together. long-range weapons. They cover such as wooden fences and sandbags. you are a soldier who can move assault team. They will not the actions of the men in your squad. the fire team is designed to maintain fire on the enemy to suppress the enemy and allow the assault team to move around without getting killed. it is important to ensure they will land. Each team carries different types of weapons and is specialized for a purpose. This team is equipped with lighter vulnerable to enemy weapons. Not only do grenades kill enemy soldiers. Because of the penetrating power of the the battlefield and deliver heavy. Their weapons are heavier and don’t have as high a rate of fire as the assault team. you also control afraid to move them forward toward the enemy. manageable. Just toss a are great at moving in for the kill. 15 . such as wooden fences throw grenades at the enemy. are not intended to rush forward during assaults on enemy and grenades. these men are armed with heavier. Instead. Depending on the mission. they submachine guns. such as rifles and the Browning Automatic Rifle or BAR. forcing the enemy to move or die where they stand. To make this disappoint you. Although the fire team lacks the close range firepower of the Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway lets you play on two different levels. First. They can them to fire on a wide area of the battlefield without having move quickly around to change positions.Just hold down the grenade button and a red circle destroying some types of cover. Also referred to as Be careful when throwing grenades while your squad mates the “base of fire” are around. Second. they can still be used to get in close to throw about the battlefield and use weapons to attack the grenades at suppressed enemies behind cover. your troops are divided into teams. It is important that you understand the strengths and The machine gun weaknesses of the teams under your command to get team consists of a the most out of them. such as fire when they’re out carbine rifles and in the open because they can’t fire while moving. This positions. you begin with six grenades and can get more only at ammo caches. as a squad leader. During most missions. you can order the machine gun team to attack against the enemy. Because they are often appears on the screen to show you where the grenade moving under enemy fire. The grenades will kill them.

e d a sh e Unl It takes the machine gun team some time to set up their The “fall in” weapon after moving. screen. they will try to move as stealthily as possible. If the enemy has not spotted your squad and started firing. This is the main order you will use while moving your squad around the battlefield before engaging the enemy. These troops are divided into teams as mentioned earlier. trucks. 16 . In addition to your continue to cover. you also can have up to eight other soldiers under your command. Before giving an order. order the team to fall in. If you are in a position with good cover and want one of your teams to take cover there as well. The bazooka team carries a bazooka rocket launcher and small arms. Once they are in position. This is useful for getting your entire squad into position behind cover before starting an attack. At times. give them a fire order to get them to stay put instead of continuing to follow you. make sure you have the correct team selected. However. they will take up positions around you. There are five main orders you can give your teams. While this team is to suppress enemy units. and orders the selected anti-tank guns. you will move ahead of your squad to scout out the enemy. Your squad will stay put until you order them to follow you. so it is best to keep them back some a command orders distance from the enemy when possible. Think of the bazooka team as your own personal squad artillery. The main purpose of the selected team to follow you. on your main threats. Let’s take a look at how you get your squad to do what you need them to do. and the resulting explosion will kill the enemies behind the cover. The first order is general. When your teams are moving. Remember to give this order if you are moving to another location. if your teams come under fire. and then automatically return fire. Order them to destroy the cover. command ring that ordering them to target tough positions or vehicles so appears on the the rest of your squad can finish the job. The team will move to that position and seek cover if it’s available. so keep this team at a distance from the action. Their bazooka is effective against fortified team to move positions and for destroying some types of cover. The to a location you bazooka team is not that effective against infantry up specify with a blue close. so give them fire orders you are stopped. this team This command is your best choice for getting rid of tanks. The currently selected team’s icon on your compass will be outlined in yellow. they will One of the unique features in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is the squad command system. and the other four are position or target sensitive. character. your teams will move to your assigned position and hide behind cover. Move the ring to the location you want the team to move and give the order. When up against enemy armor. Use the bazooka team to eliminate enemy machine gunners in buildings and enemies behind sandbags or light cover.

If you place the
command ring over One of the most
an enemy unit, it important attributes
will change from a leader can have
a blue move ring is the ability to
to a red targeting remain aware of
icon. This will order the situation on
the selected team the battlefield. To
to begin firing on help simulate this
the designated enemy unit. Although your teams will ability, Brothers
automatically return fire at enemies in their field of view, in Arms: Hell’s Highway includes a map view. This view
the attack order causes them to focus on a specific can be called up at any time during a game. For story
enemy unit. They will continue to attack that unit until missions, it will pause the game; however, for multiplayer
you give them a new order or the targeted enemy unit is missions, the game continues on—so make sure you are
dead or moves out of view or range. in a safe spot before calling it up or you may be dead
before you return to the game view. The map gives you
a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield. You can view your
When you give a team a move order, you also can immediately location and those of your teams, Allied units, objectives,
give them an attack order. This is very beneficial when you are and detected enemy units. You also can see the terrain
in which the enemy is located and whether there is cover
under fire because the team will fire at the targeted enemy as
you can use to flank them. You can’t give commands to
they move, and then continue to fire at them once they reach their your teams in this view, but you can see how they are
position. The attack order does not cancel the movement order. doing and monitor their health. The map also contains
a list of your objectives, the number of recon points you
have reached, and the number of Kilroys you have found.
If your team is close
to the enemy, the
red command ring
will have a grenade
inside it. This means As a squad leader,
that your team your job is to
can assault. When coordinate the
assaulting, your actions of your
team will throw squad with your
grenades at the targeted enemy and use their weapons own actions. Now
to try to kill them. The assault team is best suited for that you have an
getting in close to the enemy for this type of attack. understanding of
the different types
of teams you can command, it is important to know how
Getting in close enough to assault can be dangerous for your to use them.
teams. Make sure the enemy is suppressed and keep firing at Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is unlike most other
them while your team moves into position to assault. first-person shooter games. You can’t snipe or charge
your way through the missions. Instead, you must use
tactics—the same tactics the paratroopers used. During
World War II, the U.S. Army was faced with creating a
Some teams have huge military out of civilians in a short amount of time.
weapons that can Instead of training their officers in a multitude of tactics
destroy certain to use for different situations, the Army developed a
types of cover. single tactic—the holding attack—that could be used
When you place the in most situations, from a squad-level engagement
command ring over to division- or army-level battles. This tactic could be
a piece of cover, it taught to all officers and enlisted men, allowing a unit to
will turn yellow to continue to fight on even if they had suffered leadership
indicate that the casualties. The keys to remembering the steps of this
selected team can destroy that cover. The machine gun tactic are the four Fs—Find, Fix, Flank, and Fire.
team can destroy wooden fences, while the bazooka team
also can destroy sandbag cover and wagons.


e d
a sh

Before you can Although you will usually use the fire team or machine gun
engage the enemies, team for fixing the enemy, you can also help out. When armed
you must first with a rifle and dug in, use iron sights or a zoomed-in view to
find them. There get a better look at the enemy. Even if they are suppressed,
are several ways
they will still occasionally peek over the cover to fire off some
to do this. First,
you can see them
shots. Wait for this and then take your shot. You might only
on the battlefield. shoot off a helmet. However, if you aim carefully, you may get a
The suppression one-shot kill—and a nice dramatic cutscene of it, too. Clearing
indicators that appear above enemy units also make out enemies behind cover ahead of time makes the flanking
it very easy to find enemies—especially during dark part of the tactic easier because there will be less resistance.
missions. Just look for the red circle and you know
there is an enemy there. Another way is through the
map. When you open the map view, you can cycle not
only through your forces, but also all detected enemies.
You can even zoom in on them to see what kind of cover Once an enemy
they may have and whether there is any terrain nearby is suppressed or
that might be beneficial to you. The final way to find the “fixed,” you want to
enemy, and not one I recommend, is when bullets start flank them. A flank
flying in your direction. As a general rule, try to find the is a military term for
enemy before they find you. a side or rear of a
unit’s position. Most
of your enemies will
hide behind cover
Find is actually the planning portion of the holding attack. or terrain that you can’t shoot through, and they will
Make sure you know what you are going to do and which have cover on their front. But there is always at least
teams are going to do it before continuing to the next step. one side of their position that lacks cover. Your job is to
find that side and maneuver either a team or yourself
into a flanking position so that you can fire at the enemy
from the exposed direction. If possible, you should find a
position that provides cover for you and your team so you
can attack while being protected from return fire.
Once you find the
enemy, you want to
set up a base of fire
to fix the enemy in a
position to prevent If you are doing the flanking, switch to a submachine gun if
them from maneu- it’s available before you make your move. You need some rapid
vering against you firepower to mow down the enemies before they can turn on
and also to prevent
you or run away.
them from effec-
tively attacking you. The way to do this is shoot at the
enemy from behind cover. Although you can do this, it is
usually better to use one of your teams. The fire team is
designed for this type of action. While an enemy is under The final “F” is for
fire, it becomes suppressed and can’t function as effec- “Fire!” Once you
tively. have a flanking
position against your
enemy, open fire.
Without protection,
the enemy is easily
taken out. However,
if you are attacking
a group of two or more enemy soldiers, make sure you
are careful because they may get off a few lucky shots in
return before you can kill them all. Your assault team is
designed for flanking enemies and then finishing them off.


During combat, you do not have to hit the enemy to make them
stop shooting or reduce their effectiveness. When someone
is under fire, their natural tendency is to duck or hide. This
is modeled in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway through
suppression. When you first detect an enemy, a red circle
will appear over their position. This suppression indicator
shows the status of the enemy unit. When it is red, or has
any red at all in the circle, the unit is unsuppressed. They can
fire and attack you and your troops normally. When the circle
is completely gray, the unit is suppressed. They are ducking
down and trying not to get hit. Suppressed units can still During the campaign, you will have to destroy several
fire, but they will do so less frequently and their accuracy German 88 anti-tank guns. Unfortunately, they do not
is reduced. It is important to note that a unit is either just sit still, waiting to be destroyed. They will fire back.
suppressed or unsuppressed. There is no middle ground. If the The highly explosive rounds they fire will kill you and your
circle is only half red, they are not half suppressed—they are teams if you’re caught out in the open without cover.
still unsuppressed and dangerous. Units will become unsup- They also will blast through wooden fences, wagons,
pressed over time if they are not receiving any fire. The gray and sandbags. When going after an 88, use buildings,
stone walls, and stacks of lumber for cover. The anti-tank
circle will become darker gray as the unit grows closer to
guns are manned by a crew of two soldiers. If you can
being unsuppressed. When enemies are behind cover, they’re kill those two soldiers, then the gun will cease firing.
difficult to hit. However, if they are suppressed, you can move However, the crew is protected by a gun shield that
around to hit them from a different direction without taking a will protect them from small arms fire coming at them
lot of fire. Your teams are great for suppressing enemy units from the front of the gun. You will need to flank the gun
and, in most cases where the enemy is behind cover, that is while one of your teams fires on it to keep it facing in
the main result of fire orders. their direction. Move in to kill the crew and eliminate the
threat. Then all you have to do is place a satchel charge
on the gun to destroy it.

Sometimes during
a mission, you
If you have a bazooka team, use it to destroy the 88 as soon
will not have the
option of flanking. as you can get your team into range. The bazooka will not only
Instead, the enemy kill the crew, but also destroy the gun. Note that bazookas can
has cover and you destroy 88s from the rear, but not the front. Also, you can use
have to go straight a grenade to kill the crew. Just make sure that the grenade
toward them. lands next to the crew on the other side of the gun shield or
Frontal assaults the shield will protect them.
are dangerous and should be avoided if at all possible.
When necessary, there are several things you can do to
kill the enemy while keeping your squad alive and ready to
keep fighting. First off, get all your teams behind cover
and firing on the enemy to suppress them. Focus on
major threats, such as machine guns. As your teams are
suppressing the enemy, use the rifle to pick off as many
enemy soldiers as possible from your dug-in position.
With a little patience, you may be able to kill the machine
gunners on your own. Just be sure to duck behind cover
if you start taking fire yourself.
Next, send the assault team forward to the next position
of cover. If you have a long distance to cover, move your
other teams forward one at a time, also. Make sure that
all the other teams are firing on the enemy while one
team is moving. Keep this up until you are close enough
to throw a grenade or move the assault team close
enough to assault the enemy with their own grenades.


they 20 . so it is important that you know how to it or be able to take a panzerschreck from a dead enemy. try to use buildings for cover. if you can get in and sits in the behind the tank. If you get in close to often more heavily enemy infantry. you are missions. and then move behind cover. Its armor is thickest there. opponents you face. you will ready for tank hunting. which is Destroying an enemy tank is fairly easy once you learn considered the tricks. you can plant light infantry. and even that it can attack the German tank from the rear or side enemy tanks. once you know how to defeat enemy tanks. a satchel charge on the tank. if you are exposed in the hatch. However. then fire on them from long the tank. Not only can you drive the tank around. gun. They also have enough firepower to wipe out your squad in a matter of seconds if you let them. infantry with panzerschrecks. try to avoid attacking from the Sherman Firefly tank k tank’s front. Always check for with a German tank. However. they are also vulnerable—even to a tanks. Instead. but you are not. hatch on top of the The final way to take turret. Try to kill them with your main gun before they can fire at you. However. a hit from one the German tank can turn and return fire. take cover quickly. Try don’t go toe to toe to avoid getting in close to the enemy. Enemy tanks are then pull back behind cover while your main gun reloads. behind some cover. take care of your own tanks and how to kill the enemy’s. In missions where there are weapons. you also out a tank is with a can fire its main gun and use the machine gun on top tank of your own. button up quickly. e d a sh e Unl are not quite as scary as before. While buttoned up. try of these enemies can kill you even if it does not destroy to locate enemy tanks early. if the main gun is pointed in your direction. When fighting tanks. Therefore. These can all cause damage to your tank. than American you can no longer use the machine gun—only the main tanks. They will cause damage to a tank take control of a from any angle. The satchel charge has a you also will four-second fuse. However. you will to get in close to an enemy tank. If you can get in close enough. before In fact. Tanks are powerful some heavier firepower. you will have to drop one to pick up a rocket launcher. If you come under fire from any of those three range. If you are already carrying two weapons. The map is handy for even know you are in the area. Tanks are impervious to small arms and German tanks are machine gun fire. It will Your character is take two hits to the front or side to destroy a tank with the tank commander a bazooka or panzerschreck. it only takes a single hit for a kill. You can try to get in at least one hit before they types of enemies. During the campaign. Unfortunately. so place it on a tank and then dig in have opportu. Both are anti-tank weapons featuring a rocket projectile. While you This also means that you can stay safe from a tank by play as a moving around it. press the dig in button to duck down into armored and armed the hatch and button up the tank. can rotate. such as a building. scouting out threats ahead of you. Tanks are best used for long-range firepower. it can be dangerous nities to command a tank. you may be able to find a crate with a bazooka in single soldier. Then among the toughest roll forward to take a second shot that will finish off the tank. If possible. and it is also from XXX Corps. Take a shot. The weapons you normally carry can’t stop these monsters. You can usually sprint faster than it paratrooper. usually the part of the tank that shoots at you. During some Once you have a bazooka or panzerschreck. Therefore. try to position your tank so anti-tank guns. Enemy tanks only fire in the direction their turret is pointing. so you will have to use have to fight against German tanks. of the turret.

you may find yourself getting killed quite often. you tend to learn quickly to check your ammo before attacking. If you have not played this type of game before. As you learn the game’s nuances. Don’t let it get you down. There is usually no single way to complete all the objectives. For example. only to discover you only have one bullet left in the clip. when you charge an enemy position and get ready to flank. Try different tactics and movements against the enemy to discover what works best in different situations.Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway can be a tough game. Start off with the story missions because they serve as training and get progressively more difficult as you advance. The key is to learn from your mistakes. you will get better. Take some time to experiment and try playing missions again even after you have completed them. 21 .

ed a sh e Unl .

at le get it.” ast company st rength. ot and charged. “Hold. Twenty ermans fall. At leas “Now!” Mac shou t thirty were no ted.30 ca ay. . “Come and th is wa s a la rge attack. —from Brother s in Arms: Hell’s Highway by Joh n Antal . Baker empt round a red trac lib er Browning m ied a magazine er. st hers knelt and ra ig ht fo r the American returned fire. B ak er sa w tracer bullets e a se wi ng machine with ev skipping across ery fifth the field and into The German in th e ra nk s of German fantry faced left uniforms fell.” McCreary whis The line of Ger pered as he aim man infantry m ed his M1 rifle portunity to en ov ed pe rp en dicular to the ro at an enemy so filade the Germ ad. along the road.45 caliber sl lig le d lik ugs soldiers. unaware of ldier. so line. heavily armed G Th e German infant ermans in cam sergeants issuin ry formed a sk ouflaged battle g orders and tw ir smocks moved o men carrying mish line and he into did not know th M G ad ed no rt hw es t. “Fire!” w in the open fi eld. Figures in Baker reloaded me ran back to feldgrau and ca and realized that the woods. The entire Amer ican line explod watching two G ed in fire. an line. the Americans More Germans and offering M came out of th ac an op- e woods. More Germans exited the woods. M rifles blasted aw artino’s . e Americans we 4 2 m achine guns over B ak er saw German re close by. wa their shoulders. the open field in At least twenty front of them. ht .” Mac soun iting in ambush It appeared that ded. the Germans “There sure are a lot of them. In the waning achine gun ratt of . mouflaged . .

Though weapon is empty while you are engaged with an enemy up unauthorized. Although you can use whichever weapon you want. The U.S. Fire several shots to kill an enemy. Caliber/Cartridge 0. has an effective range of 80 feet. but also for enlisted men who would not have a at close range. other hand. These weapons have been modeled as accurately as possible for the game. Army. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. 24 . a pistol is a lot more useful than a much longer rifle. etc. While hiding in a foxhole. paratroopers and infantry soldiers carried close. it is quicker to switch to the pistol than reload a handguns they brought with them or received from home as a rifle or submachine gun. e d a sh e Unl As a paratrooper in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. most European armies issued handguns the standard sidearm of choice with Allied soldiers since only to officers as a badge of rank. considered handguns a valuable weapon for not The pistol is your weapon of last resort.36 kilograms (kg) Rounds per Clip/Magazine 7 Rate of Fire Variable Accuracy Very low Hits for a Kill 3-6 HISTORICAL NOTE This semi-automatic weapon. weapon of last resort and for peace of mind. further increasing the realistic experience of combat during this war. such as crew for artillery. on the the early 1900s. you have access to a variety of the same weapons that actual troops in World War II used. with a seven-round magazine.45 caliber (cal) x 23 Length of Barrel 128 millimeters (mm) Muzzle Velocity 252 meters per second (m/s) Weight 1. This chapter also includes information on the tanks you can use during some missions and in multiplayer games. It has been During World War II. tankers. choosing the right weapon for the situation at hand helps make you a more effective soldier. If your rifle. drivers. if an enemy jumps in with you. It is only useful only officers.

Rounds per Clip/Magazine 15 Rate of Fire Variable HISTORICAL NOTE Accuracy High The M1A1 carbine was manufactured in greater numbers than Hits for a Kill 2-4 any other American military firearm. Fire it from the iron sights view while crouched down for maximum accuracy. Their semi-automatic rate of fire allowed a U. more than 4 million M1 rifles were produced. Rounds per Clip/Magazine 11 Try for headshots because it only takes one hit for a kill.30-06 cal .45 and is accurate at distances of 600 feet.32 kg picking off distant enemies as they peek around cover. It is a self- loading shoulder weapon with a clip capacity of eight Caliber/Cartridge .300 feet. Caliber/Cartridge . The lighter rifle was developed in response to German blitzkrieg tactics that illus- trated that rear echelon troops needed an effective weapon for engaging the enemy with little or no warning. 25 . the Weight 2.30-caliber rifle cartridges.S. This . Muzzle Velocity 600 m/s if you will be fighting at close to medium range. It is great for Weight 4. infantry soldier. arsenal. However. The standard weapon of the U. soldier to put out a lot more firepower than an enemy with a bolt-action rifle.36 kg larger clip makes the carbine the one to take with you.30 cal If you have a choice between an M1 Garand and the M1A1 carbine. it will take at least two hits to the body to kill. the M1 Garand is effective at up to 1. More than 6 million were produced during World War II alone.S. Smaller and lighter than the M1 Garand. Rate of Fire Variable Otherwise. Length of Barrel 610 mm The M1 Garand is the most accurate weapon in the Muzzle Velocity 855 m/s U. Accuracy Very high Hits for a Kill 1-3 HISTORICAL NOTE During the course of World War II.S. the M1A1 carbine has twice the capacity of a .30-caliber shoulder weapon is effective for medium-range light infantry. the Garand is usually the better choice Length of Barrel 458 mm because of its long range and better accuracy.

Soldiers carry magazine pouches with three magazines. Its rapid rate of fire makes it effective at Hits for a Kill 3-4 suppressing enemy units.45 cal x 23 Length of Barrel 267 mm Popularly called the Tommy Gun.9 kg per minute from a 20-round magazine. Rate of Fire 659 rounds per minute The Thompson is a great weapon for fighting enemies at Accuracy Low close range. this fully automatic Muzzle Velocity 280 m/s weapon fires between 600 and 700 . It is more accurate when fired in short rather than long bursts. It is mainly used Rounds per Clip/Magazine 20 at close range. HISTORICAL NOTE The Thompson was originally designed as a “trench broom” in response to the type of warfare that dominated World War I. Be sure to use this weapon as you are moving to a flanking position and for attacking enemies once you get on their flanks.45-caliber rounds Weight 4. Troops could use this small machine gun to literally “sweep” a trench clear of enemies. 26 . e d a sh e Unl Caliber/Cartridge 0.

62 x 63 mm Although it is not as accurate as a rifle. it is better used Length of Barrel 610 mm to suppress enemies at a distance or for killing enemies while they are not behind cover or when attacking from a Muzzle Velocity 808 m/s flanking position. This heavy infantry weapon fires up to 400 . the BAR is fired from the shoulder or hip in bursts for accuracy. It has a small cartridge and is designed Weight 8. Rounds per Clip/Magazine 20 Rate of Fire 400 rounds per minute HISTORICAL NOTE Accuracy Medium According to U. if a squad could. Caliber/Cartridge 7. Army tactics during World War II. which was referred to as the “squad’s base of fire.8 kg to be fired in short bursts.30-caliber rounds per minute and requires specialized training to use.800 feet. they would try to get an additional BAR for increased firepower.” However.45 cal x 23 Length of Barrel 203 mm Muzzle Velocity 280 m/s Weight 4. each Hits for a Kill 2-3 infantry squad was to have one BAR. Caliber/Cartridge 0.65 kg Rounds per Clip/Magazine 30 Rate of Fire 450 rounds per minute Accuracy Low Hits for a Kill 3-4 27 .S. The BAR is great for attacking enemies at medium range. Effective at up to 1.

However. which was mounted on a tripod and not very portable. It is best fired from behind of time.45-caliber rounds per minute. you are assigned a machine gun up to expectations. While the A4 requires three or Rounds per Clip/Magazine 250 more men to carry the weapon. making the crew less vulnerable. and has an effective range of about 160 feet. Try to fire in short bursts for better accuracy. The gunner carries and fires the gun while the assistant carries the ammunition and helps Hits for a Kill 3-6 feed the 250-round belts of ammo into the weapon. Instead. In fact. guns were produced during the war. The grease gun can fire 450 HISTORICAL NOTE . It provided more firepower than the team armed with the M1919A6 for some missions. Because it uses a bipod rather than a tripod. you can’t carry around this light As with most compromises. so find a good spot and dig in. Remember because it used a lighter barrel than the A4 to reduce that you have to press the iron sights button to make its weight. It BAR. Rate of Fire 400-500 rounds per minute the A6 can be handled by only two soldiers—the gunner Accuracy Low and his assistant. this weapon’s first main use The M3 is not as good as the Thompson. e d a sh e Unl Referred to as the “grease gun. armed with the M3. Rangers. Also. can be selected during multiplayer games. and tank crewmen were some of the first troops issued the M3. Caliber/Cartridge . tripod.” this weapon could be manufactured more quickly than the Thompson. and ammunition. which was in short supply. if you are the early-morning hours of D-Day. has a capacity of 30 rounds. the A6 could not fire for sustained periods this weapon ready to fire.000 M1919A6 light machine cover. Some were used in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.7 kg BAR and the M1919A4. use it primarily for killing at short range or for suppressing enemies at longer ranges. this weapon can be fired prone rather than from a sitting position. the M1919A6 did not live machine gun. 28 . but it was heavier and more difficult to use. paratroopers.30-06 Length of Barrel 610 mm Muzzle Velocity 854 m/s The M1919A6 was designed to fill a gap between the Weight 14. so if you have in combat was by the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions during the choice don’t pick the grease gun. More than 43. HISTORICAL NOTE During the missions.

S. troops were trained to duck until their grenade them for clearing out enemies you can’t flank or for detonated. For the soldiers armed with this weapon during the invasion. Although Rate of Fire Variable the bazooka is effective against light tanks. They are often thrown less than 100 feet. With a killing radius of 15 to 30 feet. the rockets Accuracy Medium have trouble penetrating the front and some side armor of German heavy tanks. The serrations that gave can they be thrown over cover to the grenade its pineapple appearance were designed to create detonate behind it and kill the hidden enemies. thus allowing a small amount of explosive to Weight 6. the first time they fired their bazooka was in combat. bazooka teams must Hits for a Kill 1 learned to fire at the rear of tanks.8 kg penetrate thick armor. Caliber/Cartridge 2. landings it and kill the enemies behind it. were already on their way to North Africa. concen- Muzzle Velocity 90 m/s trated point. Therefore. feel free to use feet. 29 . and the rocket will destroy The bazooka first saw combat action during the U. they were not able to practice fire the bazookas.6 kg fragments upon detonation. the M9 bazooka is very HISTORICAL NOTE effective at killing enemies behind sandbags or wooden fences. the “pineapple” contains an explosive charge designed to break the metal body into Weight 0. where the armor is thinner. there is no excuse for not using your grenades. throwing into upper story windows to take out machine gun nests.000 lethal fragments. You can carry a bazooka in North Africa. Rounds per Clip/Magazine 1 the firer does not need to wear face protection.550 mm type of explosive focuses the charge on a single. In addition to destroying tanks. It fires a rocket with a shaped charge warhead. the crates were not unpacked until the soldiers assigned a bazooka team during some missions.36-inch rocket (60 mm) The bazooka is a portable anti-tank weapon for infantry. A parachute battalion would normally be assigned 21 bazookas. Because the tube is long enough that the rocket motor burns out before leaving the tube.000 bazookas were produced during the war. This Length of Barrel 1. As a result. Also. Not only This grenade’s body was cast iron. If you know an ammo cache is nearby. and its fragments could be dangerous up to 150 grenades you can carry at one time. grenades also can blow up about 1. Although you have a limited supply of about 100 feet. The grenade could be thrown sandbag cover. Just aim at the cover. Grenades are great for taking out HISTORICAL NOTE enemies hiding behind cover. Therefore. More than 450. Since the bazookas arrived as the troops were in some missions and multiplayer games. or at the tracks to immobilize the tanks. you are shipping out. which occurs Hits for a Kill 1 four seconds after safety pin removal.

30-cal machine gun HISTORICAL NOTE Unlike most European tanks. Weight 36 tons During a couple missions.S. Nearly 50. which ran on diesel. While “buttoned up. the Sherman The Sherman is the main tank used by the U.” after the Sherman is not effective at penetrating the thick armor popular brand of lighter.000 of their Shermans. If you Height 2. Because this fuel is more combustible than in World War II. Because the standard 75mm gun on the M4 tank crews dubbed them with the nickname “Zippo.62 m come under fire. 30 . of German tanks. military used gasoline. Shermans had a tendency to catch on fire when hit. e d a sh e Unl During missions.” you can’t fire the machine gun—only the main gun. you have four seconds until it detonates. or even tanks. just walk up to the object to be destroyed and press the “use” button. while the machine gun Width 2.000 were built and almost half were shipped to American allies such as Britain and diesel. you may be required to blow up enemy guns. trucks. Russia. The main gun is great for destroying cover. Once you have placed a charge. you have the opportunity to Length 5. the British installed a more powerful 17-pounder (pdr) anti-tank gun in more than 2. which contained the radio. To use them.50-cal machine gun 1 . duck down into the hatch by pressing Armor 25-89 mm the dig in button.75 m is best used for attacking and suppressing infantry. Maximum Speed 25 mph Armament 76mm (17pdr) main gun 1 . You carry an unlimited number of satchel charges inherently. These variants are nicknamed “Firefly” and are easily identified by the armored box attached to the rear of the turret.9 m take on the role of a British tank commander.

it is important to know about these weapons as well as those used by the Americans. 31 . and design. you also will be using German weapons. and it was highly regarded by the soldiers who relied on it. safeties. Caliber/Cartridge 9 x 19 mm Length of Barrel 123 mm Muzzle Velocity 350 m/s Weight 0. the P38 provided the German army with a reliable This pistol is only available to the Germans during multi- replacement for the complicated P08 Luger. you can pick up weapons dropped by enemies.During missions. With its simple action player games. So. When playing as the Germans during multiplayer games.96 kg Max Clips/Magazines carried 5 Rounds per Clip/Magazine 8 Total Ammo 40 Rate of Fire Variable Accuracy Very low Hits for a Kill 3-6 Considered one of the finest pistols ever put into service. the P38 was easy to manufacture and maintain. HISTORICAL NOTE the P38 is the primary service weapon of the German Incorporating such features as a hand-cocked hammer and improved army for the duration of World War II.

the Rounds per Clip/Magazine 5 larger caliber round can kill with a single hit to the Rate of Fire Variable (40 rounds per minute max) target’s body. it has a slower rate of fire. You can always find ammo on dead enemies who carried these submachine guns.92 x 57 mm a proven design first introduced in 1898. e d a sh e Unl The Karabiner 98 is the primary infantry weapon for the German army throughout World War II. if you assembly. It retained the blow-back mechanism and telescopic bolt is better than the M3 grease gun. The Germans chose an automatic- major role in a first-grade army. a lug prevented the weapon from have trouble finding ammo caches. Weapons that tested to be extremely accurate from the factory were equipped with scopes and used as sniper rifles. or OKW) issued a specification for a submachine gun The MP40 became the first submachine gun to play a suited to mobile warfare.03 kg HISTORICAL NOTE Rounds per Clip/Magazine 32 Rate of Fire 500 rounds per minute Germany had begun to develop tactics that called for mobile infantry with plenty of automatic firepower. an armored vehicle. pick up an MP40 to inadvertently moving inboard while firing from the gun port of replace one of your weapons. the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Wehrmacht High Command. Hits for a Kill 3-6 In 1938. The K98 remained in production until the end of the war. The MP40. although not as accurate as the Thompson. This weapon Length of Barrel 600 mm provides the German infantryman with a reliable weapon Muzzle Velocity 745 m/s with excellent accuracy out to 800 meters. A 32-round box magazine fire-only design. In a nod to the future. and the Accuracy Very low submachine gun was easy for untrained men to learn to use. and periscopes. Caliber/Cartridge 9 x 19 mm Length of Barrel 251 mm Muzzle Velocity 365 m/s Weight 4. However. folding butts. The action is Caliber/Cartridge 7. the MP38 eschewed inserts below the receiver to feed the ammunition. including grenade-launching devices. During missions. wood in favor of plastic and employed a folding metal butt. 32 .9 kg Because this rifle is bolt action rather than semi- automatic. Weight 3. Accuracy Very high Hits for a Kill 1-2 HISTORICAL NOTE Many extras were evolved to provide additional capabilities. Below the barrel.

accurate fire like the MP40. the STG 44 is accurate out to 600 were highly sought after by all combatants. Firing a rifle-caliber bullet with a front in 1944 was an unqualified success and these weapons midrange cartridge.92 x 33 mm Length of Barrel 419 mm Muzzle Velocity 650 m/s HISTORICAL NOTE Weight 5. If you are playing as the Germans in multiplayer games and not carrying a special weapon. Caliber/Cartridge 7. but was ineffective at intermediate ranges and lacked the killing power The Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle. It is one of the better weapons in the game. or STG44.22 kg German evaluations of combat in World War I and the beginning Rounds per Clip/Magazine 30 of World War II determined that infantry engagements were Rate of Fire 500 rounds per minute occurring at ranges where they were often decided by the Accuracy Medium amount of firepower that could be brought to bear. Caliber/Cartridge 7. The MP40 Hits for a Kill 3-4 proved a success for close. is the of a rifle.and short-range combat.92x57 mm Rounds per Clip/Magazine 10 Length of Barrel 546 mm Rate of Fire Variable Muzzle Velocity 775 m/s Accuracy Very high Weight 4. Its introduction to the eastern the modern assault rifle.1 kg Hits for a Kill 1-2 33 . A solution was sought by taking the best aspects of a first weapon produced to fit the combat needs of the rifle and the best aspects of a submachine gun and combining modern battlefield and is considered the grandfather of them into a new type of weapon. meters and capable of fast. pick the STG44.

Watch automatic rifles. a shield was built onto the panzer- schreck to protect the firer from the backblast. 43. making it deadly to the tanks the U. Because the rocket continued to burn for another 2 meters after leaving the tube. HISTORICAL NOTE As with most German weapons. uses during the war. Muzzle Velocity 110 m/s You can carry a panzerschreck as a German in multi- Weight 11 kg player games. Wait for them to peek over or that a scope could be easily attached for sniper operations. The Germans reverse- engineered the bazooka and used a larger. Rate of Fire Variable They are also great for wiping out enemy machine gun Accuracy Medium nests or soldiers positioned behind cover. The Germans first began to design this semi-automatic rifle in The key is to find a good piece of cover at a distance 1941. Some American bazookas were captured in North Africa and Russia (sent as a part of Lend-Lease).S. It is effective at long range and has a good ammo capacity. 34 . e d a sh e Unl Also known as the Kar. around their cover and then fire. after encounters on the Eastern Front with Russian semi- from the enemy and then start finding targets. All G43s were produced with a scope rail so for enemies behind cover. use them against tanks. you can pick up the G43 from dead enemies or use it during multiplayer games. and you also can pick them up from dead Rounds per Clip/Magazine 1 enemies. Hits for a Kill 1 HISTORICAL NOTE The panzerschreck was basically an improved bazooka. more powerful rocket so that it could penetrate greater thicknesses of armor. During the missions. It Length of Barrel 1640 mm can penetrate 100 mm to 200 mm of armor. this sniper rifle is semi- automatic and fitted with a scope. Caliber/Cartridge 88 mm rocket The panzerschreck is the Germans’ anti-tank weapon.

Rounds per Clip/Magazine 50 After killing a German machine gun nest in the missions. Allied troops nicknamed it “Hitler’s zipper” and knew to seek cover when they heard the distinctive sound of the MG42 firing. It has the highest rate of fire Muzzle Velocity 755 m/s of any light machine gun of the war—twice that of the Weight 11.Caliber/Cartridge 7. Instead.92x57 mm Mauser The MG42 is designed to give German infantry some Length of Barrel 533 mm portable heavy firepower and is usually manned by a crew of two or three soldiers. It is also available to the German players in multiplayer games. The downside of this high rate of fire was that the MG42 used up ammunition very quickly and the barrel overheated rapidly.200 rounds per minute you can dig in by the dropped weapon to use it from behind the cover like the enemy did. Rate of Fire 1. swapping it for one of your Hits for a Kill 3-4 weapons. 35 . You also can pick Accuracy Low up and carry the MG42. HISTORICAL NOTE Because of the MG42’s extremely high rate of fire—about 25 rounds per second—the individual shots couldn’t be discerned by the human ear. the weapon sounded like ripping cloth.57 kg American M1919A6.

ed a sh e Unl .

shaped charge The vehicle lurc seared through hed forward. Baker pe Baker and his e cover of the tr eked through th man hid in ambu ees. Every ing halftrack. The vehicle e foliage. ran ten ya Now!” The halftrack pi rds. and then kn cked up speed an elt on the side of Zanovitch plac d the Germans the road. oment to sight Flames shot ou the enemy vehicl t of the front an e in the of fire and smok d rear of the ba e the rocket im zo ok a as the 2. comin er lay on the gr g within fifteen ound.po pp ing sound as s. riddled with bu re ea sy targets. a perfect shot tube. s over. Th llets. lftrack continue ver know. The halftrack cl anked by as Bak up speed. up with rifle an Germans who sl d machine-gun id off the left si fire. The rounds de of the halftra pinged off the m The two men fe ck we etal of the burn ll. ai back to the rear his rocket laun med. taking a m . As picked Whether the Ger g straight into th e ve hicle turned at man sergeant sa the face of the the bend in the w Baker or not. as the halftrack’s mans who surv if it had been pu ived the initial bl sh ed by a giant hand an ast struggled ou d stopped. but th d down the road e G er m an saw somethi Zanovitch jumpe as Baker scream ng and started d out of the wo ed. One man’s clot e. There was a lo metal rear door ra ck an d th e high-explosive ud ea r. two Ger- hes were on fire His men opened . British and Am e two In less than twen er ic an weapon fired at ty seconds it wa them. starin sh . concealed yards of where from view by th road. In th “Fire!” Baker or t over the sides. “Zanovitch! ods. In a flash rear of the halft . commander of shouting. The ha Baker would ne the halftrack. cher.36-inch pacted the rear rocket grenade the round detona of the halftrack jetted from the ted against the . ed the fifteen-po in th e back scurried to und launcher on tu rn th e machine gun stadia reticle of his shoulder. e smoke and flam dered. —from Brother s in Arms: Hell’s Highway by Joh n Antal .

the two have to get out of the hospital. Sgt. and then fire to eliminate this threat. As you begin to advance down a hallway. you have collapsed after gurney. Once on your feet. As the bombardment. press the left control stick up to look over the At the start of the mission. you can always turn them back on by going to the Options menu. At the start of the mission. After moving through the doorway. German soldier enters the room on the other side of the gurney. The gurney acts as cover. the roof starts to collapse in places. Sgt. seeing a member of your squad die. When a Take the helping hand. Hartsock offers a hand to help you up. Dig in behind the gurney. Follow the commands on the screen to get up. move next to the gurney and press the dig in button. To take advantage of that cover. Get to the end of the hallway as fast as you can by sprinting—just press the sprint button and go. To get through. follow Hartsock to a doorway. You will automatically crouch down and take cover behind the gurney. It is a good idea to keep them on—even if you are a veteran of the Brothers in Arms series—because there are several new features. Follow him and then move to the overturned gurney. you will have to crouch down. Hartsock moves into a room on the left. This first mission takes place toward the middle of the campaign following an artillery bombardment. Joe Hartsock saves getting killed during Baker from a German soldier sneaking up behind him. Part of an upper floor has collapsed at the doorway. both of you come under enemy fire. then aim over the cover and fire. e d a sh e Unl Crouch down to get through this doorway. 38 . Matt Sprint through this Baker has gone into a damaged hospital to look for one hallway to avoid of the soldiers in his squad. you have the option of keeping the training aids on or turning them off. you can stand up again. If you do opt out of the training aids.

start shooting at Stay behind cover until both are dead. through a large hole in the wall to the right and quickly If you enter this dig in behind some cover and start shooting at the room. follow behind the furniture Hartsock through the hospital to the next combat area. There are more enemies in the Hit these suppressed enemies from the side while room to the right. you can quickly leave the cover by vaulting over it or rolling out from behind it. Since the enemy There are two more soldiers are suppressed. For this situation. circle begins to turn gray. This around the corner is the suppression to take aim at and Fire on the two soldiers to icon. you can dig in behind the short and on to another wall and fire through the glass to hit the two German hallway. When red. shoot an enemy Advance down this hallway. past past the door and continue to the window at the end of burning rubble. follow the on-screen directions to jump over the cover. and depending on the type of cover. on the left and aim down the hallway at the open doorway. However. take cover suppressed Germans from their flank. Wait until they’re behind a sofa and exposed through the doorway or the hole in the tiled wall. they will stay behind their cover enemies in the rather than fire at you. the enemy is not behind some cover. Shoot through the glass to kill Alternately. moving from cover to cover. until the circle is completely gray. As before. Then head through the doorway to the left. When his suppression icon is gray. From there. From this position. doors. 39 . Hit this German as he walks past When an enemy the open doorway. Keep following Hartsock through the hospital as the bombing continues. suppress him by firing at him. enemy. staying dug in yourself. head room to your right. room. as you fire at them. When you are dug in. suppress them. Keep firing at these enemies from this position. two more Follow him until will move in behind you come to some their own cover. either you or Hartsock will be able to take him down. the hallway. while these two soldiers while they are Hartsock enters the Continue to follow focused on Hartsock. the enemy behind cover ahead of you. As you enter the next room. walks past. After you have Hartsock once killed the first again leads the way. you can move Hartsock through the hospital. Take cover soldiers from their unprotected flank. as you suppressed at all. Dig in on Notice that a red the left side of the circle appears over doorway and lean their heads. move forward to dig in behind some furniture on the left side of the room. gun him down. the red If you can’t kill him suppress and then kill this enemy.

large room to get to the hospital exit. Finally. there are two more Destroy the table the Germans Germans to your are using for cover. Immediately. 40 . right behind cover. the two of you come under enemy fire. of the hospital. then fire at the table they’re Hartsock leads you using as cover. It will splinter under your submachine gun through the rubble fire and leave the two enemy soldiers out in the open. From there. and then finish Eventually. Suppress them with fire. Suppress them so you can roll out from the cover and enter the room. he gets off the soldiers to clear out this room. move to a closed door through the open doorway on the left at the end of the and kicks it open. e d a sh e Unl Rush into the room and dig in behind the sofa. Sprint to the sofa and dig in before flanking and killing the two closest soldiers. you can flank the enemy and kill Take cover to the the two soldiers. Follow Hartsock out of the room where you killed the four enemies and make your way to the amphi- theatre. Dig in to Suppress these enemies while one side of the door you’re dug in at the doorway. side of this door Don’t stay exposed while Hartsock for too long because opens it. Duck behind cover if you need to reload. and start shooting at the enemy as you peek around.

Secure LZ ‘W’ Landing Zone W Germans in the Farm Cleaning House Counter Attack Along the Road Glider Infantry Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 41 .

Line up your sight with the bottles and fire. The first part of this mission features some more training. machine gun. will blow up the sandbag wall. LEGEND Using iron sights lets you bring Ammo Cache the weapon up to your shoulder and aim through the weapon’s real sights rather than using an Iron sights are much more accurate aiming reticle. Lead your team forward to the field for some more training. As you move toward the objective. try throwing a grenade. Release the grenade button to throw. If you hold down the grenade carries a . and land. 42 . e d a sh e Unl Look down at the compass ring. When it detonates. Grenades can destroy sandbag cover. Stop by the parachuted ammo cache. If you have training aids turned off for your game. and watch how the compass ring can help you gauge the distance to your objective. This time you have a machine gun team assigned to you. Follow the on-screen directions to bring up the iron sights. you can skip sights are more accurate and also give you a zoomed-in the Combat Training section and follow your compass to the view. This will cause the team to move next to you it lands right next to the sandbags. and the green Follow your compass icons show the directions of your teams’ locations in relation to you. Iron than shooting from the hip. Dutch resistance member who is waiting for you at the house up ahead. it and follow you wherever you go. This team comprises two men—one Next. a red ring will show you where the grenade will Welcome to Holland. Move to the spot indicated by the A small arrow on white arrow. the outside of the ring shows the direction of your next objective. Training Walk to the indicated position.30 caliber button. and throw a grenade so directions. Start off quickly throw a grenade by tapping the grenade button. You also can the other is armed with an M1A1 carbine. It shows which direction is north. Turn Start so the arrow is straight up at 12 o’clock to face your objective—the man in the distance. Follow the on-screen for the sandbags near the bottles. the ring begins to turn yellow around both sides of the arrow and continues to grow until the entire compass ring is yellow when you are at your objective. Aim by ordering your team to fall in.

the approach. command ring changes to a yellow targeting ring. While 1 standing next to one of the caches. you can here. you can pick up ammunition and 1 1 grenades. As buildings. attack order. cart. Although there are Now that you have no enemies around the map. Move the contact with the Meet up with the member of the command ring into one and then release the button. Hold down the command button and aim at the wooden cart. buildings. At the last position. behind a roll of lumber. you can still access the tactical give your team an map screen. Repeat After speaking to you. It’s a tactical map of the area in which you will positions. Dutch resistance near this house. Dutch resistance. Release the command button and Eliminate the German patrol watch your machine gun team open fire. As you you look around. Look for ammo caches during missions. Good-bye. aiming reticle. Your squad will automatically seek cover—especially when they are under enemy fire. He is your There are white rings placed around the field. It is time to get Hold down the moving again. Order the team to fire at the cart Notice that the blue and destroy this form of cover. 2 3 LEGEND 1 Player 1 Machine Gun Team 1 Enemy Squad 43 . Some types of cover can be destroyed. Follow command button your compass to get the blue toward a couple of command ring. Now you can try giving movement Locate Dutch resistance member orders to your machine gun team. a man The blue command ring tells ring will stay right will step out from the team where you want them around your weapon behind one of the to move. the team takes cover be operating during this mission. It’s always a 2 good idea to seek these 3 2 out because you never 3 know when you will find another. They also appear on the 4 tactical map. the man will hand you a map he the process twice more and move your team to different has made. Your team will automatically move to that point. This lets you know that you are ordering your team to fire at and destroy the cart.

order them to attack. under your command. friendly units. Peek up over the recon points. The barrels are destructible. shoot and destroy them. around your cover. Order your team to move to the wall at 1 . it is time join the first group to use it. The tactical map can be panned in all directions. shoot! an aerial view of the battlefield. showing the terrain and the locations of continue to 3 to get to flank the enemy. this objective is complete. It wall and fire to kill them. They will Shoot at them quietly advance and take cover behind the wall. You can and to continue to see three Germans on the other side of a stone wall at suppress the enemy. Stay low and flank. 44 . If the enemy is still Even while you are dug in. yourself. 1 . order your team to move to the next wall at 2 for cover Look around the corner of the building at 1 . Use the tactical map to plan out engagements against enemies by looking for cover for your teams and avenues Move your team for flanking. Order your team to move to the wall. trying to are in position. The the gate at 2 and tactical map is a advance along a squad leader’s best stone wall after you The tactical map offers a lot of dig in against it for Once you are on the enemy’s friend. enemy. Once they Be careful while firing at enemies. and you can even zoom the view in and out for an overall picture of the area or a closer look. If they move from 3 toward the barn. you can pick off the German close. to fire. Just be sure you are behind cover because forward to continue the game keeps going even while you have the tactical to fire at the map open. and detected enemy units. cover. then dig in and advance along this wall. If lists your current objectives and the status of the teams the enemy is hiding behind them. your team will assault because they are in range still get hit when you peek over or soldiers as they pop and throw a grenade. Order your up the tactical team to fire on and map by following suppress them. position at 3 . Head through this gate. As more enemies and then assault appear and take the enemy squad. e d a sh e Unl Now that you have More enemies will a map. Bring at 2 . the directions on Then head through the screen. Once the German patrol has been eliminated. Flank another group of Germans. It provides information to a squad leader. If the enemies are behind cover. up from their cover your team will begin firing on them. you can sprint to 4 and hit them from behind.

if you hold the command button. and so forth. Move through the field to this stone trough and dig in. Once inside. however. 45 . Look at your tactical map to see that the windmill is a recon point. to a gate near a windmill. If you press the use button again when a command comes up. Look for these Kilroy drawings during Clear German presence from the farm missions. you can earn achievements. which paths you want to follow to get about the map. red suppression dots will appear over the German squads below. helping you to better locate them. Follow behind the stone your compass wall up ahead. As you find them. LEGEND 1 Player 1 Machine Gun Team 1 Enemy Squad Recon Point Windmill Kilroy Recon the farm from the windmill. exit the windmill and join up with 3 your squad again. You can often choose where to position your teams. After you are done looking around. Pass through the gate and look to the right to find your first Advance to the next area. Walk up to the stairs and press the indicated button to climb into the windmill. 2 You can’t give orders to your team while you’re in the 2 2 windmill. 1 which will provide more information on the operation and 1 the people in it. Kilroy. 3 There are several different ways to achieve your objectives. Your next objective Position your is in the farm to the machine gun team southeast. Press the use button to recon the area and to have a recon report unlocked. you can view a story moment 1 that provides a little extra storyline to the mission. Even after you finish a checkpoint. go back and see if you can 4 complete it another way. walk around to the window.

take position. Suppress them and then order your machine gunner on team to move to 2 . Order your team enemies from the flank. Use 1 the Thompson to 3 help suppress them. around the farm. As you get into Clear German presence from farmhouse position. allowing the team to finish them off. Go through the barn doors and shoot through the window at the Germans just outside the barn. From that position behind the truck. the second floor. they can add their suppressive fire to keep the Germans pinned down and give you the opportunity to sprint to 3 . They will stay put until you order them to attack. clear out the farm. hop over the fence to the left and move forward through the high grain to the stone trough inside the shed at 1 . Dig in behind the bales of hay and hit the Flank the enemies and kill them. Now. Dig in situation. order your team into position behind the stone wall at 1 . Even if The next part of you can’t get all of them. LEGEND 1 Player Machine Gun Team 1 Order your team 1 Enemy Squad to attack this enemy group. There is usually one more squad to suppress that of Germans at 3 . you farmhouse. There are a couple Germans up ahead at 2 . Machine Gun Ammo Cache Kilroy Your team will usuallyy 2 kill a soldier or two before they take 2 cover around 2 . by the small gate and peek around the corner. Quickly take cover behind the stone wall behind the Depending on exactly barn and order your where the enemies Kill the enemies to the west of the team to do likewise. As you enter a small shack. 46 . e d a sh e Unl From the windmill. then move around the shed to 2 . Now make it work for your quickly move to 1 to begin a flanking maneuver. order your machine gun team to begin firing on the enemies out in the open in the middle of this area around 1 . you will force them to move out the mission begins from their cover. follow the stone wall toward the farm. right after you kill Now that the farm is clear. Order them to fire may have to modify at the machine gun on the second floor of the farmhouse this strategy a bit to and the two other squads of Germans at 1 and 2 . so kill them with your Fire through the barn window to M1 Garand rifle. order your team to fall in and the last enemy from then advance to 4 .

then order your machine gun team to fall in behind you. Team 47 . the soldiers manning 1 the machine gun. Once the soldiers in front of the house at 1 while they are focusing kitchen is clear. German Walk past the Advance machine gun to the opposite side of the second floor. Rush across the Two Germans are street and vault waiting to ambush over the stone wall. As you get to taking cover. gun team. Pick up some more ammo and grenades. move out to 3 so you can throw a grenade through Finish off another German who takes the window and kill over manning the machine gun. Once LEGEND you have left your 1 Player mark. head out the front door and walk to the on your machine gun team. use the rifle them out or at least behind the kitchen table. ammo cache to the northwest of the farmhouse. Repel the German counterattack Now that the against the house front yard of the farmhouse is clear and you are in a position where the machine gun can’t hit you. Climb up the stairs to finish off any enemies that might have survived the grenade blast. Dig in to your right so you along the wall to the can move toward side of the doorway the farmhouse to the kitchen. through the upstairs window to take out the machine gun. Since while staying behind the Germans are cover. Switch to the Thompson submachine gun and then enter the house. to eliminate enemy force them to move so you can shoot them. throw Hit these guys while they are the end of this wall a grenade to take There are two Germans hiding concentrating on your machine at 2 . Turn to the staircase on the left and be ready in case a German soldier comes down them. head back Here is the second Kilroy. Return to the farmhouse and walk through the kitchen and on out the Throw a grenade back door. you in the kitchen Dig in on the wall downstairs. Enter the bathroom and look on the wall to the left to find another Kilroy. Machine Gun down the stairs.

48 . cover behind the hay bales and rock wall. and it is 1 2 4 3 nearly impossible for the Germans to flank you. Order the machine you have a lot of gun team to fall in Dig in behind these sandbags. There is an ammo crate at the sandbag position. Grenades are great for getting those enemies hiding behind cover. As you dig in. Order Assault Team the machine gun 1 Enemy Squad team to engage Machine Gun an enemy squad 2 Kilroy while you fire at 1 other squads. it is prevent this from time to move out. Both the fence and wagon are destructible cover. so you have an unlimited supply of ammunition for the MG 42 while you are there. Keep up the fire until you receive word that your objective has been completed. Stay behind the sandbags through the entire counterattack. LEGEND 1 Player The Germans will Machine Gun approach from the Team south—directly ahead of you. You will still have to reload. you also man the MG 42. so order the machine gun team to destroy these objects to deprive the German squads of cover so close to your position. firepower at your and make your way disposal. You also 3 can throw grenades while you are dug in and using the machine gun. which can take a few seconds. occurring. but you have an unlimited number of clips for the machine gun. Your counterattack has new orders are to been repelled. They are great for getting those enemies 5 you can’t seem to kill because of their cover. Luckily. Advance down this dirt road to that leads to the continue the mission. While your machine gun team moves into south along the position. next area. The Germans are mounting a Patrol to Landing Zone ‘W’ counterattack to try to retake the Once the German farmhouse. e d a sh e Unl Send the machine gun team to cover behind the chicken coop. as well as the wooden fence and wagon. The The MG 42 will mow down the enemy will take advancing German squads. Be sure to stay low behind cover while reloading Defend the glider crash site and order the machine gun team to engage nearby enemies to help keep you safe until you can open fire again. This cover can’t be destroyed. dig in behind the sandbags to the right of the road to the gate team.

Not only can you use them to Germans. Move The goal is not to kill all of the enemies at this time. but around the back to force them to take cover behind stone walls at the side of it and then opposite end of the field. Make sure your squads still have position with cover from which to fire. of the map. and make sure they have a good behind the stone walls. While your teams keep up their fire. Use which gives you cover as you flank the German squads them to suppress the enemy. suppress them. so Sprint to this shed. Once this field is all clear. so don’t stay in one position too long or the enemy will shoot it away and deprive you of cover. dig in behind the corner of the shed Hit the enemy in the flank. Once you have left your mark. Order your teams to move to the second stone wall. machine gun team should remain your base-of-fire team. To help you accomplish this objective. The assault team is attack orders on these enemies. You have been ordered to advance to the gliders’ position and secure it against enemy attacks. you can kill the German machine gunner to the east. No sooner do you get your orders than Keep moving until Germans begin approaching from the south. once they are close enemies may try to get away from you by moving north. Dig in behind the fence and follow it west toward 2 and then around to the south. you have been given command of an assault team in addition to the machine gun team you already have. head back fence as you move to the shed. you also can order them to advance on squads. On the to flank the enemy. Then dig in behind the nearby water trough. Inside you will find the Order each of your third Kilroy for this teams to begin mission. you can look through an open window. Kill the machine Some gliders have crashed and come under enemy gunner first. which runs 49 . Before you leave Stay behind this this area. If your teams don’t kill them. order both of your teams to fall in. enough. attacking separate enemy squads to lead your teams to 5 . Kill the remaining soldiers yourself. use grenades to kill enemy squads. This fence can be destroyed. You won’t have much luck killing the enemy from your current position. then fire at the approaching Germans to force them to take cover. As you open fire on the better for close-range combat. From this Two teams provide greater flexibility during combat. Start firing western corner on the enemy as you move to the first wall at 1 yourself. it is time to move out and flank them. at 3 . fire. Find the last Kilroy in the shed. advance east toward 4 and use the stone walls for cover as you finish off the last remaining foes. sprint to the wooden fence on your right. Quickly you get to the small order both teams to move to the second stone wall shed in the south- directly in front of you as shown on the map. north side. some will try to run away and be killed by your suppress the enemy. The position. Some of the enemy positions to either flank them or. along the western edge of the field.

e d a sh e Unl 1 1 2 Sniper 1 Rifle 1 3 3 2 2 2 4 3 3 LEGEND 1 Player 1 Machine Gun Team 1 Assault Team 5 1 Enemy Squad Recon Point Sniper Rifle Pickup Lead your teams across the road and into the next area. 2 . and 3 . Order your teams to move to the stone wall and the hay bales as Get your teams into position shown on the map so they can begin attacking the and begin attacking enemy near the crashed gliders. you can man the machine gun and use it against the enemy. 50 . your teams should be able to kill most of the enemies without any trouble. where the infantry Advance south from the crashed along with your gliders are under teams. the German squads near 1 . If you dig in near the MG 42 by the stone wall. attack. Because you’re coming up behind the enemy.

Move only one team at a time so the other can provide covering fire. Leave your Pick up a sniper rifle in the shed. Once both teams are firing at the enemy. Use the the sniper rifle. Finally. move your tactical map will machine gun team show you where to 1 . Dig in behind cover yourself and use the sniper rifle to engage the enemies. and enemies at long kill them with a single shot through the helmet. appear while you help eliminate them until the area is clear. swap the M1 rifle for enemy squads coming in to attack the glider infantry. Once the machine gun team is in position. This allows you to move your assault team to 2 the gliders. order the assault team to 3 and pick a target for them to suppress. Sgt. Rendezvous with Hartsock move the machine gun team to 3 . vault over the the gliders from the stone wall that runs south. While your teams take More German squads will begin position among the advancing toward gliders. move yourself to 4 .Once the northern When you get into end of the field position. From this position. When you bring up the iron sights. the view will change to your rifle scope. they advance. and your machine gun team to 2 . Move to sniper rifle to start the western edge of the field and snipe at the German squads killing them and coming from the southwest. Keep engaging the enemy squads until they have all been defeated. move your moment to recon assault team to the area to unlock 1 to take cover more historical behind a trough. you need to be to Recon the area from this position. then advance to the road to meet up with the other squad at 5 . Move to 3 west from the shed and dig in behind where you picked up the trough. Continue range with the to order your teams to engage new German squads that sniper rifle. Hartsock and his squad will drive up in their jeeps along the road to the south. Take aim at soldiers who stick Start killing their heads up above the hay bales or other cover. take a is clear. Order your two teams to fall Meet up with Hartsock’s squad. which magnifies the image. Give your teams orders to fire at the the road to the shed at 2 . squads in the flank while they take cover from your teams near cover. in. 51 . This will come in handy for These Germans will take cover behind the hay bales as engaging enemy soldiers at long range. information about After they are in this mission. two teams in their positions for now while you follow perform the recon. Inside. a German K43 sniper rifle. you can hit the forcing them to take Follow your teams to the gliders. The position.

ed a sh e Unl Capture the bridge Orders from Sink The Bell Tower In The Manor The Sanitarium Push Up the Road South of the Canal Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 52 .

mission. In addition to an assault team. As part Thompson of securing a road through Holland into The bazooka team will give you Germany for the some heavy firepower for this British XXX Corps. you have been ordered to Start move in on your M1 and objective. 1 You begin this mission with an M1A1 carbine 1 and a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). the BAR is very useful. You can always pick up a German submachine gun later if you need one. The 2 3 BAR is better at long range than the Thompson. you must capture the bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal in the town of Son intact. Recon Point Kilroy M1/Thompson Pickup 53 . Colonel Sink has some new orders Recon the town for your squad. if you want to swap out either of these weapons. During the first part of the mission. Now that your unit has landed in Holland and secured the glider landing zones. The carbine has a larger clip than the rifle. The choice here 1 2 depends on how much you use a rifle for long-range fire. but it has a 3 4 smaller clip. you will take along a bazooka team to help you deal with dug-in German defenders. next to the jeep where you start. but is not as good at longer range fire. 1 you can pick up an M1 Garand rifle and an M1A1 Thompson 2 submachine gun. LEGEND 2 1 Player 1 Bazooka Team 1 Assault Team The windmill is a 1 Enemy Squad recon point. However.

making them tough to back at the jeeps. 54 . follow the on-screen commands to to seek cover. so move to and south with enfilading fire. you to fire on the the Bulge. west. hit. point. the end of the war. Your squad is now in offer a high vantage position to attack the enemy from the northwest. the 506th was sometimes The teams may referred to as the Five-Oh-Sink. Suppress them so your position allows your teams can move forward. then keep suppressing the enemy and move the groups of Germans assault team to 3 where they can use a trough for cover. He retired from the Army in 1961 as a Lieutenant General. Start off by ordering your bazooka team to move to 1 . order your HISTORICAL NOTE bazooka team to begin firing on the Colonel Robert F. Your first order Keep the assault team following you as you crouch down of business is to and move south through a gate to the west of the enemy. and commanded his regiment at Bastogne during the Battle of tough to kill. Continue on alone to 2 . from the side take a look at the positions of the enemy around the barn where they are as you plan your attack. possible to hit them from three different directions. Col. Germans where they have no cover to protect them. If they can’t finish There are three this fight. Once everyone is ready. Windmills dug-in behind the wall as you move. By looking order your teams to fall in. at the map. Then order the during your recon. force the enemies overlooking the barn. Sink was given command of the 506th enemies at 1 and Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) in July 1942. Sink also jumped during D-Day The last group in the barn can be enemies. He turned the assault team to down two promotions to stay with the regiment through target those at 2 . From the windmill. bazooka team to move to 2 by the car. The final German group at to fall in. they are 3 seeks shelter inside the barn. In addition to jumping during get one or two Operation Market-Garden. Move to 3 and order the assault team to fire on the where you left them last group while you help suppress them. you Position your bazooka team behind can see that it is this stone wall. you can When you get see the positions of the enemy While your teams to the window troops below. You want to get the rest of your squad into position before starting the attack. As a result. recon the area in Order the assault team to take position behind the which you will be stone wall at 1 . When they respond to your fire and try to move. your Order your teams teams will usually get them. Once you have seen all you want. however. Move through this gate and position your assault team behind this stone wall directly in front of the barn. e d a sh e Unl A woman is being dragged into the barn by German soldiers. Don’t order them to shoot yet. exposed. staying low and operating. you view a moment where you see Germans interacting with can shoot them a member of the local populace. head back down to the ground and take command of your teams. After the scene plays. 1 southeast of your position and climb the stairs. move to 4 and barn. on this side of the Once the last enemy has been eliminated.

if you press the iron sights button. LEGEND Once these enemies have been dealt 1 Player with. Wait until the reticle is as small as it can As you enter the get before firing at long-range targets. you can kill this group 5 without having to move from your positions because the wooden fence they hide behind will get blown away by 8 8 your assault team’s fire. As you approach the back door to the barn. Use your weapon to help kill these enemies. Place your teams behind this cover and then head up the stairs to the second floor of the barn. Help them eliminate these enemies with careful 4 9 fire using your carbine or rifle—whichever you decided to 5 3 6 4 carry. Don’t forget to find Stay crouched as you enter the barn. Order your teams to each begin firing at different groups. you will get a more zoomed-in view to help you make longer range shots. Down below. Then head up the stairs to the second floor of the barn and dig in to one side of the open doorway at 5 . Your height advantage allows you to fire over the enemy’s cover and get some head shots. Along with the assault team. you see what accuracy and gives you a better chance of hitting your target. where you can give orders to your teams. the Germans have done to the woman they captured. However. you can’t use iron sights while firing. Order the 1 Assault Team bazooka team to 7 fire at the enemies 1 Enemy Squad inside the next barn at 6 while the assault team 3 Use the carbine or rifle to shoot targets the squad the enemies by the field to the of Germans that northeast. This increases your barn. order your teams to move to cover behind the crates on the porch as shown on the map. 6 7 While you’re dug in. The Germans have this Kilroy in the left a grisly warning in the barn to any Dutch resistance barn. Notice how the reticle starts out large and then shrinks down as you hold it still. Move the assault team to dig in behind the trough to the north of the second barn. more will 1 Bazooka Team arrive. you can see a couple groups of Germans at 4 and 5 . 55 . ran out of the barn 9 to 7 . member who might help the Allied troops.

the Germans have not yet left. the corner just so you can see the enemies. Move the bazooka team to 3 so they can fire through the windows and into the barn itself. Machine guns also cover the streets. Follow a 1 Assault Team 5 dirt path toward 9 1 Enemy Squad to get to the town Machine Gun Move through this back door street to continue 7 4 of the barn to continue to the your recon of the Ammo Cache 6 next area. Give the order to 3 your teams to fall 3 in to your position LEGEND 4 1 Player 3 in the barn. They can cover the doors on the north side of the other barn. Toss a grenade around the corner anti-tank gun positioned south of the canal fires on the to blow them all up or mow them down with your BAR. Vault over it and then kill the enemies ahead and to the left. and then crouch down and move carefully to 7 . Before leaving the barn. crowd. Bring your bazooka team into the barn. digging in on enemies from the barn. There are three However. Order the bazooka team to take cover behind 1 the trough inside 1 1 1 the barn at 4 . Order both 2 2 2 3 of your teams to open fire on the enemies. the only enemies left in this area are in the barn at 9 . You will have to find another way to get to the bridge. 7 6 56 . An 88mm German soldiers at 8 . Follow an alternate route By this time. town. Once you’ve eliminated all the Germans outside the barn. head to the northwest corner on the second floor to find a Kilroy. They won’t stand a chance against your combined firepower. e d a sh e Unl The Dutch people welcome your squad to their town. send the assault team to 3 . Wait for them to get into position. Now move yourself to 6 . and 5 then lead them out 4 1 Bazooka Team 4 the back door of the barn. Hop over the gate. then move Clear out the final group of to 8 . Move to this barn gate on the southwest side. then fire on 2 them yourself.

order your bazooka team to attack. Rather than them firing at the machine gun in the tower. Dig A grenade will in on the wall at 1 so you can peek around it to see clear out the where the enemy is located. Order your teams to Get your team target them. More Germans will take up positions around 5 . then sprint to 4 and dig-in on the stone wall. and there is a machine gunner in 57 . Send the assault team to 3 . dig in on the stone wall to street. Baker is if necessary. Once they Then flank the enemy in the field from the west. Dig in on the brick wall and peek around the corner to hit the suppressed enemies from the side. throw the northern a grenade at the stone wall. you may need to team to move to 1 and the assault team to 1 . You should be able to clear out the Germans in the middle of the field. Your first threat is a squad Germans behind of Germans at 1 . Get your teams Order your bazooka into position along team to move to this brick wall. Once they are in position. Then able to get his Move your teams up to the next move the assault two teams into an stone wall. From this position. order your bazooka in the tower with the bazooka. make sure the Germans After the Germans are suppressed. while avoiding enemy fire. and can hit you in the flanks as you advance south unless you eliminate them first. Quickly get your teams into position along the brick wall as shown on the map. around to the east The bazooka team can take out to get to the bridge that enemy position to the east. enemy at 4 . you will wipe them all out. another group sets up at 4 . positioned along Meanwhile. However. through the gate to the south to 2 . If the field from the side. so order your assault team to suppress the machine gun. It is still too far away for your bazooka to hit. open fire on the using your own fire town. the tower to the south. Have move them to 4 . you must your right and suppress the enemy before continuing on. Because they are at a distance and you have no way to flank them. Get alcove. The bazooka rocket will take out the sandbags and the soldiers behind them. Order the assault team to again target the machine gun in the tower while you move the bazooka team to 3 . you and the assault team can attack the enemies out in the field from their flank and finish them off. team to 2 . If the bazooka team is unable to kill the them target the Germans at 2 and 3 to suppress gunner. lead your teams Dig in behind the corrugated metal and use it for cover. are in position. However. While they are keeping the enemy busy. Now sprint advancing down the to 3 . too. they should be able to take out the enemy Now that your flanks are secure. It may take a couple tries Now hit the remaining enemies in to get it right. just keep the tower suppressed and you can kill them. If not. you can land the grenade right at the base of the sandbags. 2 and then fire on 4 . the Germans are defending this area. They are taking cover behind sandbags the sandbags. If you start taking fire. sprint him later.

4 dead enemy in the courtyard. Stand at 6 and position the grenade reticle right inside the window. 3 5 5 7 7 6 6 LEGEND As Baker looks around the corner of the manor. A couple German squads are positioned at 6 and 7 . Once the tower machine gunner is dead. Add your fire to the mix and wipe out these remaining enemies. He orders his squad to stay put while he enters the mansion to deal with those machine guns. Flank these Germans with your two teams. Once you are all ready to continue. If you need to. 58 . Start You also can throw a grenade up into the tower if the gunner is still alive. Pick up 3 some more ammo and grenades. 1 1 An ammo cache 2 has landed in the courtyard in front of the manor. move to 7 . Scratch one machine gunner. They’ll need to be silenced before the squad can continue to the bridge. throw some grenades to clear them out. It will be more useful for the next part of the mission. e d a sh e Unl Clear the machine gun nests The bazooka team takes aim at the tower and fires. he 1 Player sees that the Germans have several machine gun nests 1 Enemy Squad in the building. move to 5 and dig in on the wall. Order the bazooka team to fire on them while you move the assault team to 4 . Also exchange your BAR for a German 2 MP40 submachine 4 Restock your ammo and grenades gun lying near the at this weapons cache.

This part of the manor is dusty. As you move through the manor. in. Kill the German in Vault over the door the radio room. you will automatically pick up their ammo clips. Kill the enemy behind the chair and then suppress those behind the couch. A German is hiding behind a sofa chair at 2 while more are behind a couch at 3 . soldier walks in and out of the next room at 1 where the enemy has radios More enemies are waiting in the set up. Then move to 2 and dig in again. Quickly move to 3 and dig in. You the submachine will have to deal gun. on the other side of the serving but empty. keep moving after you. Throw a Start off by walking grenade through window. him at 6 . Keep at 4 and dig in the MP40 ready behind it. A lone 6 to make sure this part of the manor is all clear. you are all you. Since many of them were carrying MP40s. Kill him with on your own. and take cover behind the billiards table at 5 . 59 . There because most of is a German at 5 the combat will and a group behind A grenade clears out the enemies be a close range. 8 11 10 9 There are Germans behind every couch! A soldier is waiting Once inside the at 4 to ambush manor. You will never run 8 out of ammo in the manor. walk by the bodies of the fallen enemies. and gun him down. Shoot to 1 and take cover Finish off the enemy them and then on the left side of behind the couch. then advance with all the Germans to the fallen door by yourself. The soldiers at 3 are just through an open doorway and At the top of the will usually come stairs. Wait for the soldier behind the billiards table to pop up. this time on the right side of the doorway. across the room to the stairs and climbing them to the the serving window second floor of the manor. gun him down. so it bounces off the back wall and lands at the feet of the enemy at 6 . As he walks next room. carefully continue to the doorway.

Peek around the corner of the doorway and stairs. The next room contains a single German. MP40. Any As you exit the enemies you did not manor. This will usually take move to 12 and head down the stairs to the first floor. Try throwing a grenade move through a side room to 10 . 11 16 Follow the hallway to the left as it leads out to the garden area. Now lands at the feet of the soldiers. sprint to 9 and they are behind their own cover. While their heads are down. 15 19 1 Shoot him and then walk into the room. the wall on your left head into the manor again to continue. Fire at The Germans have no cover when you. care of an enemy or two. e d a sh e Unl Suppress these Fire at the enemies enemies with the to the south. and peek around the corner of the 3 2 doorway. Shoot this lone soldier on 14 the first floor. Then At the base of the run to 13 . windows. There are at 8 . Move to the doorway on your right and make sure the enemies are suppressed. Stay crouched down and move to 7 . Finally. you can gun so it goes through the opposite window openings and down the soldiers you had previously suppressed. There are a a couple groups couple Germans at of Germans at 8 who will fire at 9 and 10 . quickly move kill may have run to 12 and dig in to 7 . Don’t worry them through the you hit them from the flank. From there. so approach along the exterior cautiously. Dig in wall. 17 20 4 12 12 LEGEND 18 1 Player 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun 13 9 10 Kilroy 60 . Just suppress them with submachine tough to hit because gun fire. dig in along mow down any remaining enemies in this area. from this position. They are Peek around the corner and gun about killing them down the remaining Germans.

Before continuing on. Take the Head up the stairs to 18 and kill the machine gunner first right and then at the end of the walkway. Bring up the 61 . If you move The first machine carefully. 3 2 4 1 1 1 2 1 Dig in behind a wall and peek around 5 3 the corner. turn right Kill these last two machine gunners to complete your and walk along a objective in the manor. There are enemies on two different floors. corridor. Get in your shots first to kill them. Machine Gun the MP40. and head into the room behind you. Secure the sanitarium This room can be deadly if you are not careful. Quickly move to 16 before The second machine gunner is other enemies on your next target. Continue to 15 . and then across the first floor room to 19 . Give him a burst of submachine gun fire to kill him and complete half your objective. it is shoot him before he time to make your exit. With all machine gun nests in the manor silenced. Then suppress the soldiers on the second floor so you can move to dig in behind the furniture at 17 . Peek around the corner Your teams—and a to locate the second new objective—are machine gunner. the second floor balcony fire down on you. turn around and descend the stairs to leave the building. Deal with the 1 Assault Team lower threat first. front of you. Move back down the stairs a left to get to 14 . After entering the manor. A soldier 42 1 is usually behind 2 LEGEND the table at 11 and 5 1 Player two more are on 1 Bazooka Team the second floor at 12 . Look on the wall behind the chest of drawers to find the next Kilroy. carbine or rifle and wait for the soldiers to look out from behind their cover to fire at you. Kill this first enemy machine gunner. Follow the hallway around to 20 turns to attack you. you can come up behind the last machine gunner is right in gunner and kill him before he even knows you are there. Quickly The second Kilroy is behind you. waiting for you. 1 Enemy Squad taking him out with Use the carbine or rifle to kill the soldiers on the second floor.

After the machine gun has been eliminated. Once all the enemies are dead. Move to the porch to attack the last groups of there are two machine guns in upstairs windows of the Germans. order your bazooka team to shoot hoo oo ot a at the first machine gun in the eastern building att 1 . Be sure to stay behind cover as much as possible or those machine guns will chew up your squad. In addition to several groups of Germans in the yard area. behind the stone walls. sprint to 3 Move along the and dig in behind stream. Rendezvous with Hartsock order the assault team to attack the enemies at 3 while you begin firing at Germans at 1 . Then move to on 2 and dig in at the end of the wall. move to the porch of the western building and dig in at 4 . a stone wall. bazooka team to is to clear out the move to 1 and the assault team to move to the gazebo enemies from the at 1 . While they are firing. Fire on theemmachine ac ac gun att 2 and any remaining enemies to suppress them. Order your teams to fall in. 2 1 LEGEND 1 Player 1 Bazooka Team 1 Assault Team 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun 62 . e d a sh e Unl When the northern part of the yard is clear. Also try ordering the bazooka team to target the cover and destroy it with rockets. While your teams are suppressing the enemy. then step down into the stream Get your teams into position and move to 1 . use the carbine or rifle to pick off the remaining enemies in this area as they poke their heads up above the cover. The rocket will take it out. manor. get your teams to fall in and march to 5 to exit the sanitarium. The bazooka team can take out the first machine gun while you begin firing on the soldiers in the yard. two buildings. order the bazooka team to attack the enemies at 2 . The machine gun to the south still then order the Your next objective needs to be destroyed. From this position. Then have your assault and bazooka teams just west of the fire on the Germans at 4 and 5 . 1 Move to a wall on 3 2 the north side of the yard and fire 1 1 1 4 on enemies to the south. position your teams along the stone walls as shown on the map. Once you are in position. From here. Use the bazooka team to eliminate the southern sanitarium located machine gun.

Move to 3 and even 4 if necessary 8 to hit this group from a flank. move the assault team to 1 and the bazooka team to 1 . From here you can hit the are back on the Germans at 3 from the side and kill them. When both the machine gun 2 and the enemy soldiers at these positions are eliminated. you cover near the window at 7 . streets of Son. Order your bazooka team to fire att 1 while your assault team 2 2 5 targets the enemy at 1 . If the second machine gun 12 has not been silenced yet. 13 3 5 4 Move your teams to the main street LEGEND 1144 to take cover. Once your teams are in their new positions. Don’t waste time because there are a couple machine guns and a couple of Move your assault groups of Germans team forward. sprint to 2 and fire on the German group at 2 . 1 Player 1 Bazooka Team 1 Assault Team 1 Enemy Squad Order your assault team to move to 2 Machine Gun while the bazooka team goes to 2 and you move to 5 . sneak up on an enemy flank. The Germans have a machine gun and a few groups Get your teams of soldiers blocking behind cover Move through the buildings to your way. teams to the stone walls as s sh shown how o on the map. your teams to begin suppressing these enemies and help them accomplish it by adding your fire to the mix. that will try to kill The bazooka team blows up your squad. order the 11 assault team to shoot at the group at 2 whiwhile hile hile tthe 6 bazooka team engages the machine gun att 2 . Order quickly. While the enemy heads are down. duck into the building you are standing next As you exit the to and walk to 6 . While 7 the enemies are suppressed. 6 8 3 7 3 5 4 9 3 3 Move to this building to hit the 100 4 enemy soldiers from a flank. Then enter the next building to take sanitarium. Move to another machine gun nest. use the carbine or rifle to try to do the job. 1 and dig in behind some crates as you order your two 63 .

43 1 Assault Team 5 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun 4 5 Anti-Tank Gun 5 4 Recon Point Kilroy 64 . the other side. way. Order your teams to fall in as you move to 10 . take cover near the window and kill the machine the Germans on gunner and enemies at 4 since you are on their flanks. Destroy the 88 Put the teams to work firing on the enemies at 6 and 7 . Some may have retreated to 8 . The picket fence they take cover behind is destructible. move to 11 and continue down the narrow path to 12 . watch up and orders your out for a couple soldiers near 5 . As you make your the buildings and alleys. Once the machine gun nest is destroyed. Order However. so Barricades across the river crossing is the street block your difficult and deadly. 2 All that remains between you and the bridge is one machine gun position. Dig in on Start the corner of the wall and hit any remaining enemies from behind or from the flank. Colonel Sink shows way to 9 . Watch out for enemies hiding in 8 . team up to 3 . e d a sh e Unl Help suppress the Baker and Hartsock machine gun and reunite as the other enemies in the paratroopers street so you can move forward to bring the assault secure the bridge. One may be in the alley squad to cross the between the two buildings. The bridge is blown. Order your assault team to attack the enemy while you open fire as 1 Player well. Send Secure southern Son the assault team to Put your assault team to work 4 while the bazooka helping clear the area behind the team moves to 3 . just as them to suppress they get there. attack the last machine 3 3 gun nest on this side of the canal. move into 1 Bazooka Team the building and complete your rendezvous with Hartsock. the while you sprint Germans blow up across the street to the bridge. As the enemies are killed or withdraw to the south. houses. 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 Along with your assault team. you will need to move around behind the buildings on the main street. so just fire away to finish them off. When you get to your desti- river and wipe out nation. Therefore. Order your assault team to move 3 LEGEND to 5 while you dig in on the doorway at 13 .

Wooden fences and sandbags will not stop an 88mm round and you will suffer heavy casualties. Now head to 2 . Keep advancing the However. pay attention to the 88. Order your assault Instruct the assault team to attack the soldiers at 1 team to move to while you help suppress or kill other soldiers south of 3 to engage the your position. It is vital to keep your teams and yourself behind solid cover. couple machine gun While your teams are engaging the enemy. In addition to the threat of the 88. such as stone walls. Then continue on to the north- and a few groups eastern house with several small boats around it. battery at 4 . 65 . The stone wall will provide good cover. you can kill Advance with the assault team as the German officer you clear out German soldiers on in charge of the 88 the western side of the road. the west side of the map. Start off cover along the way to keep you protected from the fire Use your assault team to fire on of the 88. order your bazooka team to move to 2 . so Send the bazooka team to the east side of the road quickly order your while you suppress the second machine gun. using west side. soldiers at 3 . Once this area is clear. you will be safe. Tell them to attack the machine gun you have been suppressing. They will blow it apart. As soon as it fires a round. Recon the bridge and find a Kilroy while your squads keep the enemy busy. assault team to Get your squad away from the move to 1 and your canal and behind solid cover as From your position. rush forward toward 3 while the assault team moves ahead to 4 . The wooden fence near your position is poor cover for this engagement. Also bazooka team to quickly as possible. From this position. Once that threat is eliminated. gun.You regain control after your squad is on the southern bank of the river. fire on the machine gun att 2 . by ordering your the soldiers to the south. As the enemy soldiers withdraw or are killed. send the you also face a assault team to 2 to attack the enemies at 2 and 3 . send the bazooka team to 3 with orders to Your squad will come under fire from the German 88 anti-tank attack the 88. move to 1 while you move to 1 . You will of soldiers on the find a Kilroy on the northern wall. The bazooka team blows up a machine gun nest. if you stay behind stone walls and duck when the 88 assault team down fires. bazooka team to fire on the machine gun att 1 . head to the positions along the southern side of the destroyed bridge to recon it and east side of road unlock a recon report.

When they were within 50 yards of their objective. If any survivors try to run away from the Canal. 66 .S. Paratroopers swam across the canal or used a rowboat they found to get to the other side and cleared out all opposition in the southern part of Son. paratroopers. but were stopped by deadly fire from a German 88 to the 88. The other two battalions of the 506th. By this time. Throw a HISTORICAL NOTE Throw a grenade at the 88 to kill grenade so it lands Shortly after landing. Walk up to the gun and follow the on-screen you go to 4 . gun them down. thinking the bridge was already captured. Dig in directions to plant the explosive—then move back. Both groups moved on the bridge together. the bridge blew up. The behind the brick wall charge will eliminate the 88 gun that has wreaked havoc and kill the soldiers on the citizens of Son and the U. Now all that should remain is the 88. west of town. protecting the 88 at 5 . Place a satchel charge on the 88 and back away as it blows up. the first battalion had at last destroyed the 88. Send the assault The 88 can be destroyed only by placing a satchel charge team to 5 while on it. the paratroopers of one battalion of the its crew. behind the 88 to try 506th PIR moved toward the Son bridge over the Wilhelmina to kill its crew. spent time clearing out Son over a course of two hours. e d a sh e Unl Clear out the area south of the 88.

Destroy the 88s 88 on the Outskirts Backyards of Eindhoven New Objectives On Holy Ground Among the Gravestones Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 67 .

Only a couple weeks later. A German outskirts of Eindhoven. you will need to were safe from Allied air attacks. 502nd PIR. To accomplish this goal. e d ash e Unl Rendezvous at church entrance 6 8 5 6 5 7 6 2 1 1 1 Start 5 4 3 2 LEGEND 4 4 3 1 Player 2 1 Assault Team 2 3 1 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun HISTORICAL NOTE: Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cole was the commander of the 3rd Battalion. Cole. Col. which will make a U.S. Cole performed the action orders. Lt. 68 . However. Sink has new where the friendlies were located. The squad is to eliminate the German 88s on the himself rather than ordering another soldier to do so. Col. Cole was a leader who led from the front and did not order his men to do anything he was not willing to do himself. Honor for leading a bayonet charge against a German position in the hedgerows outside of Carentan on June 11. He led this unit when it jumped into Normandy on D-Day and during the jump into Holland as part of Operation Market-Garden. clear out some of the neighborhoods as you go after the Cole was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of enemy guns. a pilot instructed Cole to place orange markers in front of A sniper operating in the area has killed Lt. Baker and Hartsock’s commanding officer from the his position before an air attack so Allied pilots would know D-Day landings in Normandy. 101st Airborne Division. Col. entry into sniper shot and killed Cole while he was making sure his troops the city costly. On September 18.

throw a grenade to kill the soldier. After the machine guns are suppressed. order Paddock to fall in and move to 2 . the wagon. Use carefully aimed shots Try to pick off some to make the kills. 69 . you won’t always be able to flank every church graveyard. Meanwhile. watch for soldiers in the truck to dig in behind some crates at 5 . On enemy soldier up your way there. Your first objective is to rendezvous with the rest of your squad at One of Paddock’s the entrance to grenades blows an the church. Kill any surviving couple enemies now. Order Paddock to fire Send Paddock to suppress the machine guns while you onn tthe he machine he chi ne guns hiine hit them from their right flank. soldier. enemy that you can give the assault order. threat. Fire on the enemy yourself to suppress them. You may have to mausoleum. Fire a few rounds Fire the rifle at the enemy behind remember to keep your teams and yourself behind cover. then a good source of move Paddock to a position of cover close enough to the cover.Since you start in a During this mission. att 1 and d 2. Although Paddock can help suppress. take cover behind a wagon. German machine gun crew members to wipe out this it will be easier to finish them off later. He will heads—to kill them. Once he has been eliminated. The keys are suppressing the enemies and getting Paddock in close. Move your assault team forward. Take careful aim at suppress the enemy before moving in the open. for suppressing and assaulting. So move to 1 and start off by sending Paddock to 1 . who makes up your assault team. and away from his you have a single cover. There are two enemy order Paddock to machine gun positions between you and the church. Send Paddock on to 2 and eliminate the German group at 1 . You pick off any enemies can kill him from your position with the rifle and a bit of who stick their heads patience. move Paddock to up above cover. Use the rifle to try to There is still one more soldier in your area at 4 . to suppress him. which make him good Before you advance. to assault. Then move to 3 and dig in on The combat during this mission can be very fluid. The enemy the right side of the does not react the same way every time. you are better off just firing away with the rifle. Now move to 4 and begin engaging the soldiers behind a wagon at 3 . southern part of the graveyard. Another German soldier is at alter some of the following strategy to fit your situation. He is armed with an M3 “grease gun” submachine gun and grenades. He’ll then throw grenades to kill the enemies hiding behind cover. This is a good time to practice frontal assaults using headstones are Paddock. If 4 and order him to attack the machine guns. Follow Paddock and move to 1 yourself. of the gunners with the rifle. and try to flank then order Paddock exposed body parts—such as whenever possible. enemy. Paddock. Just 2 . As you move to flank the machine head west through the graveyard and come around the you can eliminate a guns.

the 88s. clear it out. Once these enemies are dead. A group is 1 Enemy Squad at 5 . order Paddock to move to 1 while you dig in at 1 . Once again. Once the area is clear. While you start firing at the enemy at 1 . move Paddock to 6 while you move to 7 . he is all bricks as you engage the enemy you need for the among the pews. 6 5 Have Paddock fall in 7 8 9 8 6 35 as you move to 6 . you must first get rid of that sniper in the church tower. If he is close enough to them. Before you can Meet up with the advance to destroy rest of your squad. 1 2 2 4 but they are destructible—so 6 don’t stay in one 4 place too long while you’re under fire. it is just Paddock and you for this part of the mission. so you will to suppress them as need to use your marksmanship you order Paddock Kilroy skills to eliminate the enemy in to move to 5 so he your way. order Paddock to hit the Germans at 2 . Start shooting Machine Gun You can’t flank here. Engage the enemy at 7 with your own Enter the church to weapons and Paddock’s support. After Paddock busts open the door and you enter the church. can assault them. Paddock will throw a grenade. 70 . order Paddock to fall in as you advance to 8 to meet up with the rest of the squad. close-quarters Eliminate the sniper combat inside the church. Take cover behind the stacks of However. 7 4 Dig in on the wall and peek around LEGEND the corner to check 1 Player for enemies on the way to the church 1 Assault Team entrance. e d a sh e Unl 112 2 9 13 Draw enemy fire as Paddock advances 100 9 1111 12 8 1100 11 7 to assault range. 1 3 3 5 You can use the 1 2 pews for cover.

Order good cover position before you groups. 4 while you go to 6 . There Germans on the are more Germans to the north at 10 . Order him to attack the enemy at 11 . left. the northeastern turn your fire on corner of the church those at 3 and 4 . Suppress that machine gun and then move to a flanking position. On one of the walls. Eliminate the enemies in the northwest corner before moving across the planks to the other side. The Germans also bring in a machine gun. 71 . Order Paddock to assault and he will throw a grenade. to get to the tower. From this position with more bricks for leading west is cover. you will find the first Kilroy for this mission. behind some bricks. Once he is in the walkway to kill the soldiers Paddock to move to advance. Once they are eliminated. Watch for enemies that might still be alive to the east near 12 . The enemy is waiting for you on the second floor of the church. Once you have dealt You need to make with the first two your way around to groups of Germans. You want to clear a path for movement. Order Paddock to suppress the other group and the machine gun while Once the walkway you sprint to 3 . you will order Paddock to have to advance advance to 2 . they will make your movements on the opposite side of the church much more difficult. Send Paddock to 3 while you take cover at 5 . Sign Kill the soldiers to the north. so quickly dig in and shoot back. he’ll be able the upper walkways Send Paddock ahead of you to a to assault these Paddock throws a grenade down to get there. move ahead it out. Clear out the Now move to 8 while positioning Paddock at 7 . Stay behind cover as you clear out the enemies at 5 . A group of soldiers is at 7 . rush across the planks to 9 and take cover these planks. sprint to 2 blocking your way. then order Paddock to fall in. Suppress them and However. More enemies will arrive at Engage the enemies at 8 . Add your fire to the engagement to kill this group before continuing. Otherwise. Be sure to find this Kilroy. Finish off any other enemies on the first floor of and look into the the church. Help Paddock kill other side before them when they peek around their cover. Continue to 4 first alcove on your to climb the stairs to the second floor. Paddock can assault them. and dig in behind more bricks. From clockwise around there. You come under fire right away. it and then send Paddock to 6 . rush across the planks and dig in behind the wall at 7 . Send Paddock to 5 while you suppress the enemies at 9 . After they are rushing across all dead. 5 and 6 . position. Keep firing to help clear out this threat to the north. you can hit the machine gun in the flank and take secure.

Col. send Paddock 2 8 to 8 . Once the enemy is suppressed. 8 Once you are in position and have suppressed any 8 enemies at the other end of the walkway. 9 10 9 100 9 10 Fire on and suppress the enemies in the northeast. the sniper is hiding 3 2 3 2 in the shadows and T 1 knocks you down. 2 Luckily. While he fires on any remaining enemies. Paddock is there. 11 then run across the plank to hit them from the flank. e d a sh e Unl Engage the enemies east of your position to secure Destroy the German trucks this walkway. Supply 72 . The last German group is at 13 . 1 4 5 6 45 T 4 You find the 3 4 sniper’s rifle up in 3 the tower. However. 7 6 rush across the plank to 11 and kill any remaining soldiers 6 before they can react to your flanking attack. Finally. He grabs the 2 sniper and gets rid LEGEND of him once and for 1 1 Player 1 all. 1 Bazooka Team 1 Assault Team 1 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun T Truck Start The rest of your Recon Point squad is waiting Ammo Cache for you outside the Enemy Fuel church. Move Paddock to 9 Supply 7 T 7 and order him to attack. 5 T order Paddock to fall in and then move to 12 to head up 5 6 to the tower. advance Fuell to 10 . Cole has been avenged.

The explosion will usually kill the adjacent soldiers. the trucks intact and use them for cover if you wish. enemy positions. Order the assault team to the truck and. can destroy them with grenades. you up the truck and enemies. Dig in bazooka team to 1 . when the grenade detonates. Then. you have gun suppressed. and get back. Just throw one to land next kill most of the nearby soldiers. when you do want to destroy a truck. You have three groups of soldiers and a machine gun in Order the bazooka Advance your squad down the a second story team to fire on the street toward the final two window. it will blow the truck and some nearby Because the trucks are carrying either fuel or explosives. Bring your first truck. However. ahead to see what lies in store. and recon the area Follow it around to 2 . remainder of the too. place a satchel charge on it. Advance good for killing enemies in cover. you can also leave to 3 to see what new threats your squad faces. just walk up to it. From Exit the building and this spot. Order your teams to fall in as you move out to 1 . it will clear out the soldiers at 5 . advance behind some barrels toward the bazooka team. bazooka and assault teams to 4 and 5 and order them to begin attacking the enemies at 5 and 6 . Bring German supply the assault team to 3 and have them fire on the machine trucks that are gun while you suppress the soldiers by the truck. the truck will to help you shoot the rest. while another group are to destroy four and a machine gun are behind a barricade at 4 . Move the assault team to 4 to keep the machine mission. Dig in behind the concrete wall to get a flanking view of both groups of soldiers at 1 and 2 . Send parked along a the bazooka team to 3 and order them to destroy the street. Get your teams into position. After they are in position. advance to the rest of your the building and dig in under the window at 5 . For the truck. Target the truck parked near your position for the bazooka team. When they fire their The resulting explosion destroys rocket. a bazooka team. When the third truck is destroyed. then turn right into an alley. From here Move down this alley to flank the assault team and you can wipe out the remaining enemies at 4 . Once it is clear. 73 . Once they are behind cover. Send your teams forward and target the next truck. trucks. you can send the assault team to 1 and the move to 6 . The blast will kill anyone nearby. Move into this building to flank the enemy in the street. There are more Germans at the fork in the road. move the blow up. so this tactic is assault team to 2 and the bazooka team to 2 . One Your new orders group is at 3 near the second truck.

machine gun nest. gun. advance along the left side of road. In addition to having the bazooka team do the One team advances down the right side of the street job. Another group Destroy the German fuel supply of soldiers will move to 8 as you advance down the street. A good headshot up the last truck. exchanging it for the Thompson. side of the street. Also group’s flank and finish them off. From there they can blow cover. move the assault team to 6 and order the gunner. and take careful aim at With 5 clear. After the assault team has cleared 6 will kill the gunner and advance them to 7 with orders to fire on the machine get rid of that threat. the longer range automatic fire will be more useful than the shorter range submachine gun. The machine gun Flank the last group of soldiers still needs to be Move through this gap between houses to find an from inside the building below the silenced. e d a sh e Unl The machine gun att 2 can be tough to take out. For the rest of the mission. where the machine gun was positioned and dig in by Then order your teams to fall in and head to 9 to find an the window at 8 . move to the barricades at the end of suppress the machine gun. You may want them to engage the enemy at 6 . You can ammo cache and a BAR. Order your assault team to attack and help them eliminate the threat. so be ready for them. From here you can shoot into the last ammo cache. staying right next to the buildings so the machine gunner can’t That barricade in the middle of the see you. Get right up street is good under the window and cover for your throw in a grenade to get assault team. Position your assault team at 9 because a group of Germans will move to 9 and start attacking. Then move the bazooka team to 6 while you Another tactic is to continue on to 7 . move them to the right side while you Before continuing. You will need to keep them suppressed. Use the rifle on the left side. Restock your ammo and grenades. the job done. order the bazooka team to take care of it. Now sprint to the building the street and perform a recon to unlock a recon report. Shoot at the other to use iron sights while group at 7 and the machine gun to suppress them. then you’re not dug in behind move the bazooka team to 5 . pick up the BAR. 74 . you can silence it while the other moves through the small front yards yourself. If they can’t hit it from the left Your new objective is to destroy a German fuel supply.

of lumber at 10 . They are probably close enough that your teams may assault and throw grenades. so do groups of enemy soldiers in the garden. give attack orders to your teams. Fire at the enemy to suppress them while you move the The fuel supply is right behind the assault team to crates on the left. There are two groups of Stay close to this enemy soldiers at wall and look for 10 and 11 protecting the Kilroy. Get your teams into position along the low stone wall From there. They will throw a grenade that will blow up the and follow the tall fuel supply and all the Germans. From there you can see a low stone wall that borders a garden. Position your assault team at 1 and your bazooka team at 1 .Advance to 10 and take cover behind a concrete wall. Along the way. stop to sign the Kilroy on the wall. the fuel supply. make your way toward 3 . Hit the Germans in the garden dig in and fire at from a flank. You hit them in the flank from this position. 4 43 2 1 LEGEND 1 Player Once the garden is 1 Bazooka Team clear of enemies. Stop at the gate about halfway there and fire at the This is a good spot to issue attack enemy at 4 . As they Machine Gun are moving. 6 Radio 10 5 4 5 7 33 2 Advance your 6 1 teams to the 9 8 2 3 2 1 western wall of the 5 1 garden. While at the gate. engaging the enemy. Continue on to 3 . 75 . in as you walk across the street. If you Destroy the radio post don’t kill them. Order the assault team to assault the sprint past them enemy. They orders to your teams. you can fire at the enemies your teams are and engage the enemy in the garden. They should target the soldiers at 5 and 6 . Assault the As your teams begin cover behind a stack position to complete the objective. your teams will as the enemy moves away from their cover in response to your fire. As they move into position. engaging and those at 7 . At the opening in the wall. the Germans in the garden. Order the assault team to target the Germans at 1 while the bazooka team goes after the enemy at 2 . will usually run to the north for better cover. 1 Assault Team send your assault 1 Enemy Squad and bazooka teams to 1 and 1 . Move to the gate at 1 . Order your teams to fall stone wall to 2 .

8 target the machine gun while you send the bazooka team to 3 . 4 the assault team to 5 . they are also close enough 3 to throw grenades at the machine gun if it is not already 4 destroyed. Order them to attack the machine gun. Once they are eliminated or withdraw. 1 Player As you now move to 6 . suppress the soldiers at 10 77 and move the assault team to 4 . at 3 least suppress this 5 Fire at the Germans near the large group and send house to suppress or kill them. 4 1 2 2 2 2 3 1 1 Enter the building through this door 1 LEGEND and kill the radio operator inside. 5 where you can dig 6 7 in behind a white picket fence. Now move to 4 and fire on any enemies who might still be around 8 or 9 . e d a sh e Unl After all the enemies around the low stone walls to the north of your position are cleared out. attack the enemy at 10 . 1 Enemy Squad Anti-Tank Gun Recon Point Kilroy Start 76 . From here. From there. watch for a soldier to walk out 1 Bazooka Team the door. Kill him and then enter the building. Shoot him to complete this objective. they can finish off this last group of 3 Germans. order your Destroy the Kloosterdreef 88 assault team to move to 3 while you fire at the machine Clear out these Germans to the gun to keep it north of you so your squad can suppressed. 6 6 Vault over the stone 4 wall and move to 5 . Follow the dark hallway around until you come upon a lone German 1 Assault Team manning a radio. From this position. Have 8 8 9 advance and use those walls for the assault team cover. If you 5 can’t kill them.

then cross the street and follow a path Set up your teams to the west. Move the bazooka team to 2 and have Order the bazooka team to destroy the 88. Order the assault team to help you eliminate the enemy at 5 so you can bring the bazooka team up to 3 . enemies here. pass this location. Once 88 down. Give them the order to attack the German squads along the street assault team to 4 88. north. Once they are eliminated. of the two groups of soldiers protecting the gun. As the 88 is going up in flames. them start firing on While you dig in along the wall of the shed at 1 . Order Your assault team your teams to fire on the next two enemy groups at 6 moves in to clear and 7 . However. where they can take cover you suppress those Help the teams eliminate the at 4 . Leave the assault team at 1 as you the street. one more to go. Add your fire and the bazooka team’s to clear out all the There is a recon point in this area. Make sure they are targeting the 88 and not one to the north. There are no enemies in these backyards. soldiers in the area. move Get your squad your assault team together for the to 2 and order final part of this them to fire on the mission. Before you leave this area. not all are dead. to 3 and suppress the enemy at 5 with the help of your teams. The left side of the street has a series of short brick walls that provide good cover for a methodical advance. Now send the behind some crates. sprint nearby enemies. Order your the west. opposite sides of so keep moving. teams to fall in. move enemies at 3 while the bazooka team to 1 . out the surviving soldiers. send the assault gotten to the 88s team to 3 to engage any enemies who might have fled that you must across the street. 77 . The so they can help you bazooka rocket will destroy the gun and kill some of the kill these enemy units. They are recon point near the green shed and unlock a historical both located to the report about this operation. Hop over a low stone wall and make your behind cover on way toward 1 . stop at the destroy. Instead of making a frontal assault. you can Destroy the Woenselschestraat 88 use some stealth and sneak up on the Move through the backyards in first one. Then You have finally Unlock the report. Continue on to 4 and then send the assault team to 5 while you keep suppressing the enemy to the north. Move to 2 so you can see what lies ahead.

After suppressing the soldiers at 8 and 9 . There is no good way and then through to flank them. if the gun has not been destroyed. so throw a grenade to kill them all. You to the north. 78 . send the assault team to 8 to help mop 5 . then send the assault team past you to 7 so they can help with the attack on the enemy. Continue to 6 and locate the enemy to your north. Make sure the Germans to the north are suppressed. If they can’t. head might not kill them. Take a few seconds to sign it. The soldiers protecting the between houses gun take cover behind sandbags. Finally. Grenades work well against enemies hiding behind sandbags. move to 8 and Make a flank attack on these on the larger house. Place a satchel charge on the 88 to destroy it and complete all the objectives for this mission. While your teams Order the bazooka team to destroy the 88. plant a satchel charge on the gun to blow it up. Germans. Along the way. bring the bazooka team up to 4 . fire on the enemies aim at the crew and try to kill them with the rifle. Once it is all you will find a Kilroy clear. up any remaining enemies around the gun. Use the rifle to kill the crew of the 88 and prevent it from firing at your squad. order the assault squad to move to 6 . Dig in on the side of a gate and fire on the enemy at 6 and 7 . e d a sh e Unl Sign this Kilroy on your way through the backyards. then continue to your destination. but you may at least force them to down a small alley leave the gun and find cover. As backyards toward you are fighting.

MAIN OBJECTIVE Make way for the XXX Corps Ground Floor Going Up Across the Way Sniper’s Roost Rescue in the Flats Irish Guard Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 79 .

e d a sh e Unl Secure the ground floor 1 Start 1 1 2 3 4 11 1 3 8 5 5 1 6 26 2 12 10 2 3 5 7 3 7 4 2 3 6 LEGEND 4 1 Player 1 Fire Team 9 1 Assault Team 45 1 Enemy Squad 8 Machine Gun Anti-Tank Gun Recon Point Kilroy 80 .

Fire at them to suppress them. a tank commander of the Irish northwest corner Guard by the name of Redwood gives you a Thompson and take a look at a submachine gun with a drum magazine. Fire down on the enemy and wipe firing on that them out. so throw a grenade to take them out. You have the factory. a recon report. A couple German soldiers are inside the office at 1 waiting to ambush you. some anti-tank guns and enemy infantry must be office. To help you to the desk in the accomplish this task. Then move to 5 and take cover behind a Flank the machine gun from a sheet of metal. 81 . then move to 4 and take cover. to 3 with orders to attack the Germans you have been firing on. Now head to the enemy squads at 2 stairs at 2 and climb them to the second floor. by moving to 1 and stairs near your taking cover. This higher position. Your squad has progressed to the industrial district of Eindhoven by the time lead elements of the XXX Corps have arrived. Another option is to just throw a grenade into the room to blow them up and clear your way. There is no way to flank these Germans on your own. Kill them when they pop up from behind the cover of a desk. they can assault the soldiers at 3 . machine gun. Recon the area to unlock a report. Suppress the enemy at 2 and Then send the second team to the order the fire team left side. Your first objective is to Send your two clear this floor of teams to 2 and 2 . position overlooks Get your teams the machine gun below. been assigned an assault team and a fire team. Begin Climb down the machine gun from the second floor. and 3 . From there. position and move Fire back to suppress it and then send your fire team to to 6 to dig in on 1 and the assault team to 1 . advance to 3 and dig in on the side of the doorway. A machine gun att 1 opens fire on you. Head up the stairs to flank the all enemies. The mission begins Move the first with your squad on team to cover on the first floor of a the right side of factory. move over cleared out from a large factory building. Before the tanks can start rolling into the Before leaving the city. There are the machine gun to keep it suppressed. At the top of the stairs. This will let you document to unlock do a lot more shooting before you have to reload. Sprint to 7 and suppress the second group of Germans so you can move the assault team to 3 . Order them both to fire on the wall.

e d a sh e Unl Another group of enemy from behind. the remaining enemies on this floor will not last long. While you were Now that the dealing with the ground floor is anti-tank guns. There is still the machine gun un up iin n up Look through the large hole in the wall of the factory to the office att 3 . they will can hit the enemies take cover here just at 2 in the flank. Watch for more Germans to to the north of your By this time. more teams and move Germans have to 12 . However. You can now attack the 82 . Fire at and suppress them. Redwood will lead his tank platoon floor. the secure. Flank the machine gun up in the office. to suppress it so You can’t destroy the guns. factory. Take them out. Take cover at 9 and then gun down those stairs to the second enemies. Bring your assault team to 8 . give the fire team rejoined fall in order to both you. As soon as you do this. Meanwhile. but you can eliminate you can rush up the their crews. any arrive. gun. Once you do. move the assault auulltt tteam ea ea to 6 so they can suppress the machine gun att 2 . stop to sign a Kilroy. Then up to the top floor. move the assault team to 5 to wipe out the Germans. As you climb out of the canal. Enter the moved into the elevator to get to factory to the north the top floor of the of your position. move through a drainage canal along the western wall of the factory to 10 . take cover behind a low wall. wall in the drainage then move your fire team to 5 to attack the enemy. position. a group of soldiers disembarks from the elevator Find a Kilroy on a and takes up position at 6 . Order the fire team They are preventing the British tanks from advancing. Quickly move your assault If some of the soldiers team to 4 so they run past you. Kill the crews. remaining enemies will have moved to 4 . dig in behind forward. canal. a desk at 11 . destroying the 88s in the process. Fire on them to either kill them or force them to withdraw. and Fire down on the soldiers silence that machine near the elevator. toward 3 . Along the way. Kill the soldiers near your position. enemies moves in then move in to hit the machine gun in the flank. Come out behind the enemy. There are a couple 88 anti-tank guns right outside the factory. Order the fire team Enter the elevator to go to take cover at 4 and fire on the enemies at 5 . With the two teams and you attacking. Order your fire team to suppress them while you move to 8 . While they are concentrating on your fire team. see two German anti-tank guns positioned on the road.

Secure the top floor 5 4 1 1 8 10 1 11 12 1 2 2 2 7 3 9 3 LEGEND 1 Player 8 1 Fire Team 3 4 1 Assault Team 2 1 Enemy Squad Bazooka Team 4 Recon Point 5 Kilroy Ammo Cache 9 6 7 83 .

Just watch out for another bazooka team at 2 . The enemy will try to take cover. so your teams to open fire. Suppress these enemies waiting to ambush you as soon as the and then bring the assault team up to 2 . Position the fire team at 1 and the assault Order both teams to team at 1 . Quickly send the assault team to 5 and the fire team to 4 while you move to 8 . Continue but you can get out on to 4 and finish off all the remaining Germans in this without any trouble. 84 . you can shoot at the German bazooka team from Flank and kill the bazooka the side. Finally. Once the area is clear. From this position. e d a sh e Unl The area right around the elevator is clear. they can assault some of the enemy positions. elevator door opens. from the northern wall where you can flank of the factory. you have a vi vview of the enemies to the south. near 10 and 11 . are keeping Order your teams to fall in and then move to 7 . the factory. Therefore. a rocket slams into a crate Get your teams into position in front of you. The Have your teams behind cover and start attacking enemy has its own suppress this last the enemy. move As you move into the next room. to 1 . Keep moving up the eastern side of the factory and flanking enemy positions. From there. then order There is an ammo cache at the southern end of this area. However. at the ammo cache. The squad is worried Now move to 3 and dig in behind some machinery. feel free to use up your grenades. Here the Germans are you can attack soldiers at 7 a and 8 . bazooka teams in group of soldiers in the factory. large factory room. Fire at the enemy at 1 to suppress the bazooka. move to 6 and pick up While your teams some more ammo and grenades from the ammo cache. This allows you to There is a Kilroy on move to 5 . don’t hide behind crates. the last group and Restock your ammo and grenades clear them out. there is a lot of danger on the top floor. Order each team to fire at different enemies. y bringg the fire team up p to 3 . some more. Once you soldiers. However. make your way to 2 and stay behind cover. You will be able to pick up however. From this position. fire on the soldiers at 9 to suppress them. your teams are close enough to throw grenades. then open fire! have eliminated them or forced them to withdraw. Move the assault team to 3 . Order your teams to fall in and then move you can flank them. Wait until the enemy patrol gets in close. Wait until the soldiers get into the middle of the room. the enemies suppressed. you see German soldiers the fire team up to 2 so they can continue firing on the headed your way across a bridge connecting two parts of enemy. Your position allows you to flank the enemy—move south behind cover as needed. Stick the next room so to solid cover. Another option is to move the assault team to 4 and let them assault the enemy.

Now Machine Gun all you have to do is clear out the rest of the German Bazooka Team soldiers in the eastern part of this area. pop up and shoot the two enemies to get rid of them. order both teams to fall in. you can mow 1 Fire Team down the gunners 1 Assault Team with the submachine gun. 85 . After the first err tth in the floor. move to point and unlock a 2 and take cover report. bazooka teams will fire at you. your squad Advance across the comes under fire bridge to the next from two different part of the factory. a couple the bridge. The recon point is at the middle of lower floor. and then walk to 9 where you can While your teams stop at the recon are busy. group at 3 fires a rocket. across the bridge Ahead and on a to the other side. order your team moves to 1 to squad to fall in attack the machine gun att 4 . As long as you stay behind Shoot down at the German cover. you are bazooka teams through the holes safe. As you enter the southern part of the factory. clear. From behind this 1 Player cover. directions. Make sure your 5 assault team is still 2 suppressing the 4 4 machine gun and LEGEND then sprint to 4 . With this Your two teams fall in. Position your fire team at 1 to fire at the Germans near 13 while the assault Put your assault team to work Once the room is suppressing the machine gun. Continue behind a desk. 7 move behind cover to flank and then kill the gunners. Then dig in along the he side of the wall at 4 and kill 1 1 13 the bazooka soldiers at 4 . 1 Enemy Squad threat out of the way. 2 1 3 14 3 2 4 6 155 3 While the machine gun is firing at your assault team.

There is only one enemy on the roof—a single German sniper. Send in the assault team to flank the remaining enemies. move own while you’re on to 6 and send the assault team to 2 . Order your fire Ammo Cache team to 2 and be ready to fire on the Kilroy enemy if they try to attack your team After your fire team is ready. LEGEND 1 Player Enemy Squad Move to 5 and look through the Machine Gun window to locate Bazooka Team the enemy group at Sniper 2 1 12 . kill the German sniper. move to 7 and head up the stairs to the roof. 86 . Move quietly to 1 and kill the sniper while he is firing at targets on the ground below. Now walk to 2 to begin the next part of the mission. the remaining German soldiers to clear out the top floor. Before you move onto the platform where the sniper was standing. Wipe in this room. You are on your While the fire team keeps the enemy pinned down. Now open up on the roof. Climb these stairs to get to the roof. From this position. while it’s moving help them wipe out the soldiers into position. pick up some ammo and grenades at the ammo cache on the roof and be sure to sign the Kilroy on a northern wall. out all enemies in this room and then move your fire team to 3 to begin attacking the enemies at 14. e d a sh e Unl Peek through the window to see where the enemies Secure the roof are positioned. With this objective completed.

Start by killing the two soldiers at each machine gun nest. then the soldiers who are hiding behind sandbags. Pieter is trying to Pieter makes it out of the rail yard and get away from the into a shop. you face a bazooka soldiers. down below have been killed. 1 Enemy Squad During the first Machine Gun Watch out for these individual wave. you 1 3 4 12 5 see the son of your 1 2 3 Dutch resistance There are many targets for you to 1 2 3 contact. Bazooka Team couple machine Anti-Tank Gun 87 . During the next two Baker looks down waves. Good shooting! Germans. 8 4 8 7 6 7 This part of the 5 4 6 mission takes place 3 in three waves. Once you clear all 5 the enemies in a LEGEND wave. You must snipe at enemy units below to protect Pieter from being killed by the enemy. Machine guns are your first targets. killed a soldier and is trying to get away. guns and a couple squads of soldiers. Keep sniping until all enemies below. Dig in behind the metal sheet and peek up over it to take your shots. you pick up the sniper rifle and look down below. He has shoot at from the roof. Protect Pieter Destroy the 88s As you walk up onto the sniper’s platform. you will have to kill bazooka soldiers as well as at the Germans machine guns and squads. Pieter will 1 Player advance to another position of cover. Through 3 4 the scope of the Start rt 2 sniper rifle.

On Once nce ce yyou get to your position. For this part of 88 at close range. m. You may have 1 and wipe out the been destroyed. who enters the toy shop to make sure Pieter is safe. you are Redwood and command a Sherman engage the bazooka e team and mac machine ac ch gun at 3 4 . to use your main Fire the machine gun at enemies machine mac ma gun at as they are running for cover. you can destroy the gun att 4 . Now move out Blow them up if they get to last two 88s at 7 and 8 . OOnce n they hey are eliminated. Then blow up the Firefly tank. destroy des e est the From your starting gun at 6 . and infantry squads in the rail yards. He orders Holden to get on the radio and destroy the de dest he e888s at You have to go around the 2 and 3 . the enemy has several machine guns. There position. team att 2 and the machine gunners att 2 and d 3 . The key is to attack from long range as much as possible. Along the complete this part of the mission. In addition to the eight 88s you must destroy. Now drive to 6 from there. As contact the XXX Corps armor. Continue Baker saw several 88s in the rail yard shooting down forward so you can Allied planes. the mission. You are once again in control of Baker. Try to kill them the tank’s main gun with machine gun to destroy strroy the first tro fire as you move to 88 at 1 . Continue driving to 8 to toward 2 . Redwood will move in derailed railroad cars to hit this you continue to 5 . As soon as you can see them. Rescue Pieter Another 88 goes up in flames. use the are bazooka teams machine gun to kill up on the ele elevated evat ev a theeb bazooka a team walkway w waalk lk at 4 and at 1 . with his tank to clear out those guns. kill t e bazooka ll th the objects. 88 . gun to get them. the cover of sandbags or other way. bazooka next 88 at 5 . fire a main gun round at the bazooka team e baz ba at 3 . Then use 5 . e d a sh e Unl Drive cautiously toward 4 . Move to All eight anti-aircraft guns have 7 . teams. The two bazooka teams on the elevated walkway Combat begins over the rail yards right at the start are a threat if you with the targets in get too close. front of you. destroy the eyy a 1 .

He enters a toy shop south of the rail yard to check on Pieter. Pieter shoots the German. Baker comes upp behind a German head up the stairs to the second floor. After you regain control. walk through the door at Walk into this room and watch a cutscene of Baker the opposite end of rescuing Pieter. 89 . Kill him and then cutscene will begin. Enter the room and a German soldier firing out of a window. soldier who has Pieter cornered. the first room and Kill the soldier shooting through a window at your squad.You are Baker once again. follow the hallway around to the room turn left to find a in the west with the open door. completing the objective and the mission. Once upstairs.

ed a sh e Unl Defend Eindhoven The Apartment Eindhoven Burning Ashes of a City Resistance Bunker The Kid Goes AWOL Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 90 .

Frank “Franky” Laroche 10 9 9 is a replacement within a squad of veterans. While many can handle the strain of combat. you can see the Recon Point engagement area and direct your teams to clear out the first groups of soldiers. some British units from XXX Corps in the city were hard hit and 3 more than a thousand Dutch civilians were killed. Rendezvous with 2nd Squad 11 The Germans are bombing Eindhoven and have troops moving throughout the city. LEGEND 1 Player 1 Machine Gun Team 1 Assault Team 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun From the recon point on the hill. Pvt. Franky takes off to go find this girl while 6 leaving his squad behind. Unable to resist the urge 7 1 8 to protect her. they had no casualties. the German Luftwaffe send in 2 4 about a hundred twin-engine bombers to bombard the central 1 part of Eindhoven. Because most of the American units were positioned outside the city. 5 6 7 4 6 3 5 7 4 5 HISTORICAL NOTE 3 After nightfall on September 19. 91 . and assign each team to attack the enemy soldiers at 1 and 2 . Start the wall at your initial position. He never 8 experienced combat in Normandy. paratroopers got to know some of the civilians of the town during the celebration and are concerned about the people now under bombardment. It consists of a 1 machine gun team 2 2 2 and an assault team of only two soldiers because Franky 1 1 took off on his own. The was the only strike by long-range German bombers in the West during 4 3 the fall of 1944.S. 3 1 Your squad comes under attack right 3 at the beginning. However. Now. he’s concerned about a Dutch girl he just met. Quickly give your Make sure your teams are behind teams orders to cover and give them attack take cover behind orders. Many of the U.

they get into position. From this spot. move southwest to the sandbag position on the hill. From there. If you would prefer to be in the heat of combat While ducking behind during this part of the mission. machine gun team to take cover in the gas station at 3 then shoot into the enemies’ flank to finish them off. Not only can you unlock a recon report. move to 3 . After both enemy groups are suppressed. you can team to 1 while Shoot at the gas pumps to blow flank the enemy you suppress the up the front of the gas station hiding behind the soldiers at 4 . take your assault team to 1 . e d a sh e Unl While your teams are firing away. it is easy to miss some of features of the environment. enemy fire. move to 1 after you send cover or rushing through the assault team to its first position across the stream. Enter the gas station through the front door and continue to the garage area. Once and kill some of the enemies. automobile. move to 6 to hit the soldiers at 5 in the sure the Germans at 4 are suppressed. Move assault team to 4 to fire on the enemy at 5 . send Germans out. Send your machine gun have a good view of team to 2 to fire on the enemy at 6 . Next. check out the recon point across the street south of the is still firing on them in case they try to move away from gas station. Then send From inside the gas the machine gun station. Move your teams up toward the gas station. From there. digging in at 5 . the assault team to 3 and have it attack the enemies at 3 . you can move the gas station. 92 . Dig in behind a stack of lumber. then vault over flank. From there. get away. then move to the the area around the front of the gas station. the machine gun team can take over this job from you. Also. Keep firing on the enemies and some time during the heat then advance the assault team to 2 . while the assault team goes to 5 . After unlocking a report. you can direct the assault team just like such as the Shell gas station after the gas pumps blow up. It is time to advance your teams again. This is a recon point. Send the the wall and sprint to 4 . they of combat to appreciate can assault the soldiers at 1 . Next. Move your teams up to cover in front of the gas station. order both teams to attack the second group to eliminate them as they try to the details in the game. machine gun team With your teams in position and engaging the enemy. you can hit the enemy at 6 in the Rush across the street to hit the soldiers in front of flank and wipe them the gas station from a flank. Make sure the gas station. Check out the Kilroy inside the out. Two more groups of German soldiers move into positions Advance to 2 so you near the rear of the gas station. it is also a good Don’t hesitate to destroy vantage point for ordering your squad through this first the town to get the fight. Make your fire. you could from the hill.

If they are to deal with. make sure your teams are suppressing the enemy machine gun and soldiers. From this spot. Fire a few rounds to make sure the machine gun is suppressed. Escape from the bomb shelter The fence gets chewed up by enemy fire very quickly. Instead. Advance to 10 to tighten the noose. Don’t run up to the white wooden fence to try to flank them. close enough. Between this team There are four more and you. Start 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun Use the assault team to help you corner and eliminate the last group of German soldiers in this area. Then lead them gas station. order clearing out the your teams to fall area around the in. 93 . Bring the assault team up to 7 . you also can Team attack the enemy machine gun or at least force them to 1 Assault Team move so your teams can get them. one of you will be able to hit the soldiers from groups of Germans a flank. Start soldiers along the road. your assault team can assault the enemies to finish them off. more through the alley to enemies moved into 11 to meet up with the area. throw a grenade so it lands right at the feet of the soldiers to clear out that position. Once you’ve cleared While you were this area. Order the machine gun team to suppress them or do it yourself. off by ordering the assault team to attack the enemy at 7 while the machine gun team suppresses the enemy machine gun. gun set up at 1 and three groups of Advance into the city. Now sprint to 7 to take cover alongside the assault team. Now focus your attention on the soldiers at 8 . Order your teams to fire on 9 to suppress the soldiers. soldiers spread out to the northeast of Use a grenade to clear out the your position. Once they are in position. Send the assault team to 6 as you help suppress the remaining enemies. then advance through the LEGEND broken fence and around the back of the shed to 8 . The soldiers at 7 can be tough to hit. 1 1 1 1 4 2 3 1 2 2 Move around behind the wooden shed to get into 3 position to flank the enemy. 1 Player then sprint to 9 so you can hit the soldiers at 9 from 1 Machine Gun the side and kill them. A mach machine ch h 2nd Squad.

times. att 1 . team to fire on the machine gun at 1 . takes cover behind a wooden table. order your assault team to fall in. At suppressed. use the compass to get to your destination to the east. fire. Take cover behind a short wall at 2 and use the carbine to try to kill at least one of the enemies at 2 . Sneak up behind this machine gun As soon as you exit nest and silence it. 94 . the passageways to 1 . From this spot. you can use the BAR to finish off the soldiers at 2 . There Dig in along this wall and hug it as you move east to are no enemies flank these soldiers while the assault team keeps them Rally your teams to your position. Before moving on. along the way. the underground passage. order off a few of the enemies they’re the machine gun trying to shoot. Once they are eliminated. Order the assault team to fire at him. The Watch the upper floor for a table will be chewed single soldier who will try to away by your team’s ambush you. order your entire squad to fall in. send the machine gun team to 1 to begin firing at a German squad that is just moving Move down through into position at 1 . He if you get lost. You just have to make it through an underground passageway that will take you farther into Eindhoven. Help them kill this enemy and then get ready to clear Fight through the debris out the rest of the immediate area. Order your squad to fall in and then follow of you. When they are near you. this hole in the Once that squad floor. watch for a German soldier to move to 3 on the second Though there is only one way to move through the floor of the building passages. gun team to begin Peek around the firing at the enemy corner and eliminate machine gun and the machine gunners e ma m soldiers. sprint to the wall ahead ahead of you. e d a sh e Unl This part of the mission is pretty easy. send them on to 2 . you can catch glimpses of Franky and his friend Once the enemy is suppressed. Dig in behind it and then advance along it to 3 . Help the assault team by picking is gone. Once it is all clear. Position the assault team at 1 with orders to attack the soldiers at 2 . Now advance to 4 and take cover behind Set up the machine the wooden furniture.

You will have a Machine Gun chance to sneak up behind him later. Position them at LEGEND 3 with orders 11 to suppress the e This Kilroy is tough to find. While your teams are suppressing the enemy. To advance. Although you can kill the machine gunner now. sprint to 8 . 4 9 4 10 7 Perform another flanking move to get in on the side of these enemies. 1 Player machine gun at 4 located to the east through a hole in 1 Machine Gun the wall. Ammo Cache Kilroy 95 . 6 4 6 Order both to fire on the German soldiers at 4 . Move to 5 and then send your machine 3 5 Get your machine gun team set gun team to take up to suppress another group of cover at 2 and your enemies. 76 2 6 Before continuing 100 16 through the mission. While the enemy is suppressed. you will need to walk through a large 7 hole in the floor 5 4 nearby and down 3 8 an earthen ramp to 2 3 a basement level. 8 9 6 4 14 The machine gun is on the other 5 5 15 side of that hole in 13 13 the wall. Dig in on the brick foundation support and then peek around the corner to fire at the German soldiers at 4 . stay low and move east past the rubble and then south to 6 . it is not necessary. Team The Kilroy is on the southern side of the room on a 1 Assault Team partial wall facing the enemy machine gun. take a break to find 3 17 the second Kilroy. 12 Order your machine gun team to fall in 7 as you move to 7 . Quickly sign 1 Enemy Squad it and then get back to 7 . assault team to 3 .

position the assault team at 5 and d tth the he take cover behind a sofa. pop enemies in this Both teams need to be set up to Snipe at a machine up and fire at this area. Enter the house. this second group. If middle. see if you can kill the machine gunner att 2 . Before leaving the protection of this home. Use the carbinerb ine with iron bin teams and try to make this next part of the mission a bit easier sights view to target the machine gunner at 3 . including Start clearing out machine gun nests the soldiers in the on the second middle of the area. you team is still firing are in a room facing on the soldiers at a large courtyard. It is a you miss. enemy soldiers at Now that all the enemy soldiers out in the ope open o e are pe p 7 . From here. When you are ready to do some flanking. e d a sh e Unl There are a lot of enemies in this next area. look out If you are a good shot with the carbine. You might not hit any of them. avoid possible casualties later. As cover behind some you climb up an rubble. group to kill them. machine gun team go a-flanking. take cover near your one of the windows to the east. When you around to 11 and Germans. start firing at the enemy soldiers at 5 and 6 . Go around through rooms inside suppressed either by you or the machine gun team. Rush across to this opening to a basement level. and then target the soldiers that may be at 8 . After at 4 and the assault team at 4 . but the fact that they are receiving fire from behind will often force them to move. but taking out that machine gun early will help you you move out into the open. get to your spot. Order your entire Advance cautiously squad to fall in as to 12 and take you move to 9 . floors of buildings to the east. Kill the machine gunner at 4 the soldiers who are still covering the front door. turn right and go eliminated. fire into the side of machine gun team at 5 . then and fighting the the squad to the northeast. Order them to target they have gotten the enemy’s attention. In addition to the soldierss outt in the the time to line up a good headshot to kill this enemy. but instead of taking cover behind a table Kill the machine gunner. 6 . allowing your teams to wipe them out. sprint to 10 . make sure the machine gun at 2 is into the next room. Make sure earthen ramp back your machine gun to ground level. While they are There are several suppressed. he may duck down and not pop up again until long shot. Take by sniping at enemies. then Make your way the house to flank this group of move to 13 and order your teams to fall in. Sprint to this doorway. Order both teams to attack the soldiers at 5 now. so set up the provide suppressing fire while you gunner to the south. 96 .

Once they are into position. send the Repel German counterattack assault team to 6 to fire at more soldiers at 9 . 17 Machine Gun Team Assault Team While you stay put. This is a good spot for killing the machine gunner on the second floor. move to 16 from where you can fire at the machine gunner if your squad can’t do the job. that machine gun in the window already silenced Get your teams above you. it. eliminated. 2 18 4 2 Send your teams 5 up ahead of you to kill the German LEGEND soldiers to the 1 Player south. While they do this. still have a lot of fighting left to do. Once that location is clear. 1 try to flank you. 19 Pop up and kill the soldiers before they can move away or Flank another group of soldiers. 1 Enemy Squad send your machine gun team to 6 and Machine Gun the assault team to 7 . min na order both teams to attack the machine gun at 2 directly above them. You position. Once you are ready to continue. Target the close groups of soldiers for your teams. Finally. From there. order them to attack the soldiers at 10 as well as the machine ma ac gun at The Germans are Order O d theh teams to takek out 3 if you have not counterattacking. Now move to 14 and dig in behind a table. restock your ammo and grenades at the ammo cache. By this time. lead your squad into the building at 17 and advance to 18 . 97 . Order both teams to fall in and then 3 1 continue to 15 . you will surely Move the assault need ammo and team to this grenades.

Switch to the carbine and buildings. LEGEND 1 Player 4 5 3 5 1 Machine Gun Team Move the machine gun team up from 1 Assault Team 44 cover to cover. by a the gunners with a single headshot or a few body hits. advance in and move to 19. Fire along with both teams at the enemy at 2 . Once they are 78 suppressed. As the enemy is suppressed. After the 1 to attack the same enemy while you move to 1 and dig counterattack has been repulsed. Help them while clearing suppress these enemies and try to mow down soldiers it of Germans. Order the machine gun team to fire on the closest down a park area enemy approaching along the northern end of this area bordered by streets while the assault team covers the south. move 6 7 2 the machine gun 5 1 team to 2 . Order the machine gun team to move to concentrate on the enemy soldiers. There is still one more group to go. soldiers first. with the BAR as they are moving out in the open and Before leaving the before they get behind cover. Bring the assault u team to 3 to begin sau ault 4 suppressing the machine gun at 1 . you can again behind the sofa. You can kill Clear out the closest group of the doorway. The soldiers are supported by a couple machine you to advance guns. Sprint to 2 and take cover behind Rescue the Brits another truck. order the teams to fall in behind the truck. dig in at take careful aim at the machine gunners. or even Once those machine guns are silenced. 1 Enemy Squad 2 33 Machine Gun 3 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 98 . group of soldiers so you can advance your teams. window. Advance Focus on clearing the western to 3 so you can hit road first with both your teams. A good shot with the carbine kills a Suppress the next machine gunner. position your teams next to the windows This part of the on either side of you. One group of British soldiers is rescued. Send the assault team to teams new targets as they eliminate enemies. Germans are coming at you from mission requires the east. the assault team to 2 and wipe out the first group of soldiers. Be sure to give your 1 and engage the enemy at 1 . these soldiers from 6 5 a flanking position. e d ash e Unl As you get to 18 .

Have the machine gun team help you. and order your teams to help you fire on and kill team to 5 to take over the job of suppressing the enemy them. to 7 . 99 . the through the door on the left. Follow the hallway to exit the building. Head across the burning room and through a door to the left of the stairs. Now order your Now send the machine gun team assault team to 5 to target the enemy so they can cover at 3 . Keep the enemy gunners inside the suppressed. team. Order the assault team 1 Machine Gun to fire on them to keep them pinned while you throw a Team grenade to blow them up. Advance to 6 and take cover behind some metal barricades. Once the building is clear. Once you Position the machine gun team send the machine have silenced the Move into the building and head behind the sofa so they can gun team to 4 . focus on suppressing the enemy Between you and the second group of British soldiers is safe. Dig 2 in behind some 1 rubble and keep the 7 enemy suppressed so you can send 6 11 6 You can’t flank this group with the assault team their backs against the building. 13 Rush to 4 and fire on the enemies at 4 to suppress them so you can 12 3 continue to 5 . Shoot at the soldiers at 5 while you are LEGEND flanking them. Help them you as you advance suppress the enemy. the soldiers at 4 . you can clear for more soldiers to come into the building from the out that group of soldiers. watch machine guns. then building. machine gun. Suppress the enemy to the north so you can bring Find Franky the assault team to the western side of the area to help you clear it out. so throw in a grenade to take they can assault them out. to 4 . From there. 1 Assault Team 1 Enemy Squad Kilroy Hit the machine guns through a side window. 1 Player Then turn your attention to 6 . Look through then move the the side window and machine gun team to fire at the machine 3 . order your teams to fall machine guns. As you exit the building. you see Franky and the Dutch girl moving away from you. Now send the machine gun north. Follow them. in and then enter the building. However.

100 . you can move second floor. keep moving quickly into a burning apartment. This last part can be confusing as you rush through a burning Turn right again building. then turn left through the burning hole in The last part of the wall. walkway around to the right. You have to Franky and the girl have just run burning hole. Finally. the assault team forward to 7 to assault them. Your teams stay behind while you go into the apartment to save Franky. move forward and turn right. Move the assault team to 6 while the machine gun team sets up at 6 . Turn right and go The only enemy is through another fire. Both teams are close enough to assault the enemy soldiers directly in front of them at 1 and 2 . Move down this hallway. target the stairs to the soldiers at 3 . e d a sh e Unl Vault over this piece of furniture. Once they are suppressed. move to 13 to go to the next area. the mission is just you as Baker. Follow the stairs on the left. Crouch to get under the The Kilroy is at the debris from the bottom of these ceiling. Once your teams are positioned. Use the compass to stay on track and sprint as much and sprint across as you can. Climb up these Once both of these enemies are eliminated. Continue north down an alley and take cover at 11 . this is a quick fight at close range. because the fire chases after you and will kill you if you stop or take a wrong turn. the hallway into the next room. head down the stairs at 12 to find the third Kilroy for this mission. There are no Germans inside. At the top. After the area is clear.

Baker leaps out the window of the apartment and lands in the river below to end the mission. Turn left and sprint up this burning incline all the way to the window. 101 .Turn left and vault over the furniture to move through the bathroom.

ed a sh e Unl Find Franky Hospital Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 102 .

shed as you suppress the After his leap from the flaming building. Hopefully. you can fire at the soldiers at 2 and have captured her. Franky is still alive. Continue to 1 . Start around to the northeast. A couple German soldiers it. As she tries to run away. Stay low as you follow the stream. LEGEND 1 Player 1 Enemy Squad Ammo Cache Pick up ammo at this cache. Before you can deal with them. Eliminate the German patrols During this mission. you need to get Take cover by the stone some more ammo. As soon as you fire the pistol. there are no inspection he sees some people near the front door. the rest of the Germans outside the hospital know you are there. Your captured to on the banks of a stream. shoots her down with his submachine gun. Now head back to the stone One of them is the girl Franky saved from the fighting shed near where you killed the soldier and dig in behind and bombing in Eindhoven. Unfortunately. Quickly pick up his MP40 submachine gun. Head to 2 to resupply large building. Baker comes enemy to the west. A German soldier patrols around 1 . one soldier suppress them. 4 2 2 5 you can always pick 1 1 up weapons dropped by dead enemies. From here. The only weapon you have is 6 3 4 3 the pistol. However. then sneak up behind him and shoot him with the pistol. It appears to be a hospital. Up ahead he sees a submachine gun has only one clip. you are all by yourself. 103 . grenades—just ammo. Wait for him to turn his back to you. Your element of surprise is blown. Upon close your ammo at the cache. Start off by crouching down and Sneak up behind and following the stream kill this lone soldier.

The very first mission of the game was taken from a part of this mission. you may have to rush toward them to attack without having any cover. You may remember this building and the body on the steps. Now you can find out what led up to Baker’s experience and what happened after the first mission left you 2 hanging. the hospital. If the return fire is getting too close. truck at 3 . These enemies can be tough to kill because they stay behind the brick wall. Make sure you have a full clip loaded and fire in short bursts for greater accuracy. You may have to rush the last More soldiers are group of soldiers if you can’t hiding behind the flank them. Peek over the stone wall to hit the enemy behind the truck. Walk up to the stairs of the front entrance at 6 and Baker will Walk up to the front door to make his way into enter the hospital. Move to 4 and look over the brick wall to shoot them. e d a sh e Unl After you have killed all the German soldiers patrolling Sprint to this the area outside the sandbag for cover. Now advance to 5 to engage the last soldiers at 4 . it is time to head inside. 1 Start Enter the hospital 104 . As a result. withdraw to cover. Search for Franky Rush to 3 and dig in behind the sandbags. Peek LEGEND over them to kill 1 Player the soldiers at 2 when they stick 1 Enemy Squad their heads up over Ammo Cache the brick wall they Kilroy are using for cover. hospital.

7 105 . Vault through this window. turn east and vault 2 3 through the window into the next room. 1 Take cover behind this cabinet as you suppress the soldiers to the south. This mission can be somewhat confusing because your 4 compass does not show you where you need to go. There are no enemies in the next few rooms. Locate the Kilroy on the wall of this room—behind a curtain—and sign it. Flaming furniture blocks the hallway in front of you. Now cross the hallway to enter the room at 5 . Stay away submachine gun. from the flames because they will hurt you if you get too close. However. A Kilroy is on the northern wall in the western corner. so turn left and head to 4 . so take a look around as you walk through the hospital. Move to 1 and restock your ammo at the cache on the 5 floor. Now move to Stop by the ammo cache to get 2 and continue on some more magazines for the to 3 . Once you enter the 4 hospital and regain control of Baker. the maps and waypoints in this chapter will help prevent you from getting lost. 6 5 Move across the hall into this room.

cover behind the cabinet to the south of the doorway. Wait for the soldiers to get close. 6 16 9 2 5 14 7 8 12 2 LEGEND 1 Player 13 4 1 Enemy Squad Ammo Cache Recon Point Kilroy 10 11 106 . Dig in on the doorway and then peek around the 15 corner to see where the German soldiers are patrolling. Then rush 3 out into the hallway to your right and flank the soldiers— firing through a doorway or window to eliminate them. There are usually two of them in the area Use the hallway to flank the around 1 . walk to 7 and then continue east. Watch out for the steam from these radiators—it hurts. 10 Once the patrol is taken care of. Some of the radiators on the right leak steam that can burn you. then pop up and shoot at them. fire at their position to suppress them. If they take cover. e d ash e Unl Make your way to 6 . Take soldiers and kill them. As you follow 9 the hallway. stay left.

If he does get to cover. Be sure to suppress the enemy before moving. Wait until they are 20 approaching you and out in the open. then peek around fire away at this patrol as they the corner and 19 are out in the open. Once this room is clear. then pop up and open fire. You should be able to kill one right away. unload on them. vault through a window along the eastern side and move to 10 . 16 Continue to 8 and dig in beneath the window. you may have to rush after them or flank them from a position where you have no cover. then head into the room in the southeastern corner to pick up some ammo from a cache. 21 Advance to 9 and dig in on the left side of the doorway. While using the doorway as cover. 19 6 18 7 8 17 Wait for these soldiers to walk into the room. killing him before he can make it. the enemies are constantly moving. Make sure both are dead. Another patrol of two soldiers is in the room at 3 . 107 . then look up over the cover and fire away with the submachine gun. At times. too. Then track the second soldier as he runs for cover. You also can pick up ammo from dead soldiers. Just wait for them to come in. then you will have to move into the room and find cover of your own as you go after him. A patrol of two German soldiers walks around 2 and will enter the room on the other side of the window. LEGEND 1 Player 1 Enemy Squad Combat in the hospital Ammo Cache is a bit different from previous missions. Be ready to fire quickly and accurately at enemies while on the move—the Germans are quick. Recon Point Although there is a lot of cover.

you will see a hole in the wall. soldiers will enter your room from the north. e d a sh e Unl Once in the hallway. hallway on the other you from 8 . then open cache on a table. Wait to kill him. you will just have to fire at them soldier. fire and kill them. attack you. head south and then west to the desk at 15 . The next patrol comes out of the doorway ahead of Take cover behind you. for this target to pop up from behind cover and then fire a burst right at his exposed head for a quick kill. While a grenade would certainly come in side of the wall. As soon as both soldiers are visible. From this spot. open fire. As you move to the western side of the room. Follow the behind the overturned bed to stick their heads up to passageway to 14. the table with the ammo cache Enter the next room and kill the enemy and dig in behind the patrolling the cabinets at 11 . 108 . then make your way to 13 . The radio and photos on the desk are another recon point. so Crouch down and soldier in the next be ready to return accurate fire move through this room near 7 . From this spot. both of them are you find an ammo exposed. It is a recon point. Wait until As you get to 16. head to 19. Follow the passageway around to 16. Shoot the soldier as he walks by. so take a look at the desk up close to unlock a report. hole in the wall. table and wait for find a Kilroy on the a soldier to patrol southern wall. After they are eliminated. Dig in behind the Don’t leave without Now head to 12 and signing the Kilroy. then vault out of the cover and into the hallway. Now move to 17. There are some more soldiers attacking other side. around 6 . Two hallway. you This soldier in the room to the can kill the enemy right may try to ambush you. you Fire through the wall boards at can see a soldier Now move out into the hallway and take cover behind the soldier in the hallway on the walking down the the desk at 18 . Crouch down and move through the Take cover behind a desk and wait for the soldiers hole. Sign it. Go to this desk to find a recon point. Fire through the wall boards to kill the handy right about now. when they look over or around their cover. Now head back the way you came and reenter the passageway in the wall at 14.

23 the hole in the wall to the opposite side. so take a look at the photos and radio to unlock a report. This is a recon point. 244 Move to 21 and crouch down so you Move through another can move through hole in the wall. 27 9 23 26 25 22 28 27 LEGEND 1 Player 1 Enemy Squad Ammo Cache 109 .Continue into the next room on your 25 right and move to the desk at 20.

e d
a sh

Once the soldiers
at 9 are dead,
there are no more
enemies for the rest
of this part of the
mission. Follow the
28 waypoints shown on
29 the maps all the way
to 30 . Then climb up
Keep moving through the hospital the stairs to find
to go after Franky. Franky.

1 Player
Head up these
stairs to get to

You finally find

Escape from the hospital

By the time you
get to 22 , you will Rendezvous at the amphitheatre
have caught up with
Franky. He does not
know the Dutch girl LEGEND
is dead and rushes 1 Player
farther into the Enemy Squad 34
hospital to try to
save her. Chase him
by exiting the amphi- Follow Franky out of
theatre and moving the amphitheatre.
to 23 . Turn right and make your way to 24 , where you can 32 33
once again stop by an ammo cache to resupply.

Keep moving in a 31
northerly direction
through 25 and dig in
at the doorway by
26 . Two soldiers are
at 9 . Gun them
down before they
can get to cover. 35
Kill another patrol of two soldiers.
34 10 11 36




13 38 Baker comes across Franky on the
14 3
39 landing of the staircase.

15 The rest of the mission is going to feel a lot like déjà vu
all over again. This is exactly where the game began.
As Baker talks to the dying Franky, who was shot by
40 Germans, a soldier sneaks up on Baker. However, before
the soldier can pull the trigger, Sgt. Hartsock kills
him first. Once you regain control of Baker, look up at
Hartsock and he will help you to your feet.


LEGEND Crouch down to get
1 Player under this rubble.

1 Enemy Squad

After Hartsock helps
you up at 31 , move
to 32 and duck under
some rubble to get
to the next hallway.
The Germans are
continuing their
and this hallway is
dangerous. Sprint Sprint down this hallway as the
all the way to 33 and bombs are falling.
then move behind cover at 34 .

Suppress this group of enemies, then
move around to flank them from the side.
A single soldier will walk in front of you at 10 . Shoot him
from behind before he even knows what is happening.
A couple more soldiers will take cover at 11 . From your
position, suppress them and then sprint around through
the next room to 35 so you can hit them from the flank.
Hartsock will help you.


e d
a sh

Advance to 36 and
dig in on the corner As soon as
of the wall. As you Hartsock kicks
are moving to this open the door, fire
location, a German on these enemies
patrol rushes by as you move into
ahead of you to the room.
take cover at 12 .
Keep firing at them
Shoot these enemy soldiers as until they are dead.
they poke their heads out from Continue through 37 . When you get to 41 ,
the cover of the desk. dig in to the right of
As you are moving
the doorway. Wait
on to 38 , a German soldier walks by ahead of you at 13 .
for Hartsock to
Kill him now or you will have to do it later.
move up and kick in
the door. Suppress
the Germans at 16
Shoot this guy and then rush to
when he moves out cover behind the
couch at 42 so you Then shoot them in the flank.
from his cover to
fire at you. can flank the first group. From this same spot, you also
can engage the soldiers at 17. They are behind a table
that can be destroyed, so just keep firing at them until
they have been eliminated. Once the room is clear, get up
Dig in behind a desk and advance to 43 and then on into the amphitheatre to
at 38 . If you did not finish the mission.
kill the soldier at 13 ,
he will take cover
behind a desk to the
east of you. Kill him, Hit the last group
and then attack the of Germans to
soldier at 14. the west of your
Again there is no covered position.
flanking. Just shoot Fire through the window to hit
until you kill. Once these two Germans from the side.
this hallway is clear, move to 39 and take cover under the
window. Shoot through the glass to kill the soldiers firing
at Hartsock from 15 . Finally, move through the room
where the last two enemies lie dead and continue to 40 .
From there, advance south down a long hallway to 41 . Follow Hartsock
out of this room.

42 41
Hartsock hears gunshots in the amphitheatre and
rushes in. Baker, who survives being blown up by a
German bomb that gets caught in the skylight frame,
1 Player is firing at imaginary enemies.
1 Enemy Squad


Secure Veghel Panzergrenadiers The Town Plaza Pushing Back Backyards of Veghel Chapel District To the Municipal District Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 113 .

the enemy’s main effort was centered on Veghel. As they arrive at the outskirts of the city. and they have been ordered to move in to secure the town so the highway can once again be open. Dutch resistance informed the Americans that the Germans were going to cut the highway south of Uden and north of Veghel. e d ash e Unl HISTORICAL NOTE Lead elements of XXX Corps had reached Nijmegan in the 82nd Secure the town plaza Airborne Division’s sector by September 19. machine gun at 1 . In response. Dig in behind the stone wall and start firing at the enemies in the gazebo Baker’s squad is part of a convoy headed north along to keep them suppressed. Leave the fire team where it is and order them to fire on the he e Advance with the bazooka team. Germans have entered Veghel and cut the highway. 1 1 remaining units of the 506th headed to Uden arrived in Veghel. Just as the Germans were beginning their attack on the city. Recon Point Your squad is under fire right from the beginning. and the 101st was still protecting the flanks of the highway so that more troops and supplies could get to the front. 2 along with a squadron of British tanks. Take some shots at the soldiers in the gazebo at 1 to suppress them. Once they are suppressed. Colonel Sink reached Uden with about 150 men 2 1 in trucks by 1100. The bazooka team can clear out the gazebo by firing a rocket from behind the jeep. Hell’s Highway. order the bazooka team to fall in and sprint to 1 . 1 Player 1 Bazooka Team 1 Fire Team This mission puts 1 Enemy Squad you in command of fire team and Machine Gun a bazooka team. 3 Veghel was secure. 2 However. By the end of the day. leaving the bazooka team at 1 . 114 . but the highway was still cut between the 3 2 city and Uden. Baker’s squad is near the front of the convoy. 3 4 4 6 5 7 Get some fire on 5 that machine gun in LEGEND the gazebo. the 506th PIR 1 1 was sent to Uden and the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment was Start sent to Veghel. just minutes before the Germans arrived. the traffic comes to a halt.

Suppress them. fire on the sandbags for cover as you attack and eliminate him. Order gazebo and face the gazebo to unlock a recon report. sprint to 3 and then continue to 4 . the gazebo. Finally. Order Move the fire team both teams to open Move into the parking lot to finish to the sandbags by fire on them to keep clearing the plaza. Bring the bazooka team with you and position Watch for this them at 3 . move to the recon point southwest of the team to 2 . They will fire the end of the parking bazooka and blow out the sandbags. send the Dig in behind the bazooka team to 2 to take cover behind the jeep. 115 . the only Germans left in the plaza should be around 2 . You have to look Sprint west across the street. and then move to 5 . the cafe. Quickly wall at the western order them to attack the machine gun. them pinned while you move to 6 . to find the recon point. A Once the gazebo is single soldier will open the door of the cafe at 5 . Get them firing at the squad at 3 while you soldier to come out suppress those at 4 . assembled soldiers at 3 . them to take over the attack on the soldiers in the Use the gazebo as a base for parking lot while you clearing out the town plaza. Dig in behind the brick wall so you can hit the enemies in the flank.While keeping the enemies’ heads down. then focus all the squads’ firepower on the last group of enemies. As soon as you kill the last one. then eliminate the remaining soldiers while they are focused on your teams. Those at 4 will usually move to 3 to avoid your fire. he may move into suppress them. Take cover behind the car. killing the machine lot and fire at the gunners and soldiers. and then turn south to in this direction take cover behind some low brick walls. By now. turn around and be ready for another attack. forcing you to move to the doorway to finish then move the fire the job. If Germans at 2 to you don’t kill him with your first shots. Use the clear. While the enemies in the parking lot are suppressed. Flank these soldiers in the parking lot. of the cafe. advance to 2 in the gazebo.

If you Continue to 1 . team to this wall. 1 1 2 1 2 5 3 4 Your fire team can assault the enemy 2 3 6 from this position. Peek Kill the soldier by the car as he need to. Then 1 Player order the bazooka 7 1 Bazooka Team team to move to 1 1 Fire Team as you head to 3 . Anti-Tank Gun Once they are suppressed. 1 Enemy Squad Order the bazooka team to fire on the The first Kilroy is on the Machine Gun enemies at 4 . too. hit them. Rubble dead yet. Move through the cafe to get around the rubble in the Advance the fire street. Then send the fire team to 1 . 116 . Hop over the wall and sign the Kilroy on the wooden shed. order the fire team to fall in. Your next objective is to destroy an 88 anti-tank gun Now move to 5 . Ammo Cache Once they get to you. hit the blocks the street. Continue on your Kilroy own to 4 . grenade to wipe out Flank these German soldiers from this threat. Order them to start firing on enemies at 2 and then 3 to 3 while ordering to suppress them. side of a shed. send them on to 2 with orders to assault the German soldiers at 4 . Then and shoot the single German soldier as he moves to 1 or long range before they know what move the fire team right after he gets there. soldiers at 4 from so enter the cafe here while ordering and walk through both teams to fire it to the back door. to the south near If they are not a church. throw a around the corner moves into position. 2 9 5 1 6 48 7 3 Advance to 2 and 7 6 fire at enemies to 9 the south of you to 7 14 13 112 6 5 1100 make sure they are 2 5 11 4 LEGEND 8 8 suppressed. at them. e d a sh e Unl Destroy the 88 1 Head down this alley and then order the bazooka team 3 4 to fire at the enemies to the south.

Fire on the enemies Order your teams to attack the moved to 5 . so they have cover. throw in team to 4 to suppress s th the he machine gun on the second a grenade to clear your path. all your teams. the gate. send the bazooka team to 7 and order bazooka team to them to fire on the enemy soldiers. into position behind the metal barricades so they can suppress the enemies on the way to the municipal building. dig in Enter the building and move to 14. Now walk up to the 88 anti-tank gun and place a satchel charge on Get the fire team it. order the suppressed. Use a satchel charge on the 88 to complete your objective. Be sure to restock your floor of the building at 1 . After it blows up. directions at once. Order both teams to 2 . A behind a metal container while sending the bazooka team group of soldiers will walk in from 7 . Then you can move to 8 to ammo and grenades at the ammo cache near the fire finish off any enemies still in the area. Order your teams to Move your teams into the church interior doorway at fire on the soldiers at 10 and 11 . move to 3 . Dig in on the doorway on the side of the and send the bazooka team to 8 . Some sending the bazooka enemies may have team to 6 . so enemy blocking the archway. 10 and position your 117 . While they are position. order the fire team The machine gun in the building to to suppress them to attack them. Sneak around to Take cover by the the side of the gate and send a church along with team to this point the bazooka team ahead of you. main room. Add your fire to the engagement to eliminate and 3 to hit the groups of soldiers from two different this threat. Advance to 11 and Make a move to 7 . Order the you approach the bazooka team to fall in as you move to the doorway at 13 .the bazooka team to fall in. Fire along with both teams at the enemies at 2 to attack. Move through this building and then suppress the Clear the municipal building enemies to the west. From Order the fire team here you can kill the to move to 5 while soldiers at 6 . including the crew team’s position. Now advance the fire fall in and then walk team to 7 so they can get close enough to assault the into the church. dig in to the side of dig in along the wall. Advance to 6 and take cover fire team at 4 while placing the bazooka team at 5 . of the 88 if they have not already been killed. so keep it suppressed. A group of and then order the soldiers opens fire bazooka team to on you from 8 . Once the fire Now head to 12 and order the fire team to move to 6 team gets to your to fire on the soldiers who move to 9 . If they can’t kill the enemies. for some flanking action. Attack with Send the bazooka your day. the west of the church can ruin so your teams can get into position safely. order the fire team to fall in. As enemies or at least force them to withdraw.

they can assault the enemy at 11 . There is an enemy at 12 . Throw another grenade as this While the two last enemy in the enemy groups are building. Leave your teams 1 Bazooka Team behind while you do 15 1 Fire Team this job. fire first and kill him. move the fire team to 8 . and it is 19 easy for your teams Bazooka Pickup to take casualties in Recon Point Throw a grenade to get rid of the such tight quarters. 118 . Send your teams out in front of the municipal building to engage the enemy. Then move to 17 to dig in behind another desk. Aim right above 11 8 the desk he is hiding behind. You also can throw grenades at these two groups to wipe The second Kilroy is located along them out. As soon as he looks over the desk to take a shot at you. Bring the fire team forward to assault. From there. Once the wall next to the car. Another soldier is at 13 . suppressed. Sprint to 16 and take cover 14 13 17 16 behind the desk. e d ash e Unl It is now time to LEGEND enter and clear the 1 Player municipal building. The rooms 1 Enemy Squad are small. Just 18 12 throw a grenade in to kill him. 9 9 soldier behind the desk. Destroy the Panzer IVs the area outside the municipal building is clear. Throw a grenade at the soldier at 14 to finish clearing out the 15 10 building and complete an objective. sign the Kilroy located just south of the doorway where you are dug in. 8 Shoot this enemy as soon as he sticks his head above the desk. Enter the municipal building from this side entrance. Move to 15 and dig in along the inside wall.

unlock a report. The charge will go off in four seconds. Get behind cover and wait for a tank Kilroy to fire or pass by. If you get a good hit. Pick up a bazooka for some extra cover as you flank the soldiers. you can try placing a Bazooka Pickup satchel charge on a tank. Order the bazooka team to fall in. 119 . Wait for a tank to drive down the road toward you and turn to head east. Dig in behind the lumber and fire into the have to trade in one of your weapons to get the bazooka. 1 1 This is your chance to get into position as the tank 1 patrols around this area. Then run up to it from the side or rear and place the explosives on the tank. the north. recon point to unlock a report. suppressing the enemies. While they are Then continue to firepower against German tanks. A group of enemy tanks driving German soldiers is down the street to positioned at 15 . However. move west past the trucks the crate on the sidewalk and pick up a bazooka. just stay 1 Player put. you can destroy the tank with a single rocket. Get the bazooka team behind the low wall and wait for the patrolling Check out the tank. Move to 1 and position the 1 2 3 3 bazooka team at 1 . so you’ll need to rush back to cover. Order the bazooka team to attack LEGEND as well. 2 3 Wait to fire at the rear of the tank for a one-shot kill. Move Send the fire to the recon point team to 9 and the near the car to Use these stacks of lumber for bazooka team to 9 . It only takes one charge to destroy a tank. you hear fall in. Reload the bazooka and repeat the tactic during the 1 Bazooka Team tank’s next pass by your position. You will and then to 19. if it keeps going. Vault over the As you are clearing desk and move to the street out in 18 as you order front of municipal your teams to building. 1 Fire Team 1 Enemy Squad Tank If you are feeling exceptionally bold. As it makes its turn to head east. Dig in behind the wall and stay put 2 while the tank comes down the road again. so select whichever weapon you are willing to give up. pop up and fire a bazooka rocket at the rear of the tank. enemies’ flank to mow them down.

gun to kill them. While the bazooka team is diverting Time to trade in the attention of the your bazooka for a tank. Suppress are smoking wrecks. This position gives you a perfect shot at the numerous infantry enemies down the street. then fire the main do not have to eliminate the infantry still in the area. sprint ahead tank. From here. Wait for the tank to fire at either you or the bazooka team. order both teams 7 2 4 5 to fall in. Along the way. so you can tank. Send the 9 3 fire team to 1 to attack the enemy 8 6 5 LEGEND infantry at 1 . you can help the fire team attack Tank the infantry to the north. you Ease out just past the house yourself from the will be engaged by so you can see and engage the tank’s fire. You are now in to 3 . the second tank. will only need to take one shot. 1 2 3 1 1 There is one more 2 2 Start tank to take out. then pop up from behind the wall and units. 120 . 10 4 3 1 Before you go after 2 it. just past the house. then to destroy two dig in behind the enemy tanks and an Take careful aim at the rear so you wall to protect 88 anti-tank gun. Quickly sign control of a British the Kilroy on the Sherman Firefly. When both tanks see enemy units down the street to the west. launch a rocket. rear of the tank. Machine Gun team and go after the next tank along the eastern end of the backyards. Send the bazooka team to 3 to Bazooka Team begin attacking the tank. Advance to 2 and position the bazooka Anti-Tank Gun team at 2 . If the first round does not destroy the Drive the tank out to 1 . including machine gun nests and bazooka teams. e d a sh e Unl Enemy soldiers move about in the northern Destroy the Panzers and 88s backyards. wall of the building Your objective is to the south. You them quickly with the machine gun. This will keep the enemy 6 7 1 Player suppressed so you Go after the second tank with the 1 Enemy Squad can lead the bazooka bazooka team. reload the bazooka and fire again. Sign this Kilroy British armor has before destroying arrived. this part of the mission ends.

is between you and the 88. 3 . Watch for soldiers off to the sides. don’t while you are up in stop to engage the turret. as you spot the bazooka bazo ba team at Shoot that tank. but your machine gun can. floor. There at them to keep them suppressed and then use the main is no rush. enemies. Keep the brick wall between team is tough to you and the 88 while you fire the machine gun at the get. Kill the crew or at them. Then duck down into the hatch and start firing at the tank. Be sure ure e tto o kill the machine gun nest on This enemy bazooka top of the building at 3 . Continue to 6 . Your main gun can’t fire over drive by to kill the wall. You want to get to a position where the Once you have killed house offers your all the enemies tank cover from the you can see. There is an 88 to the west. You have to Germans manning the gun. the crew away. Turn the corner and drive to 5 . then destroy the 88. you can’t 121 . It can be tough to see through the haze. Instead. Keep going until you then stop and engage them at long range. Look for cannon fire or even just a suppression circle. While you’re area is soldiers. If the screen starts turning red. a hit from an enemy bazooka can kill you. keep your sights on this enemy and drive past slowly. Because they are in the middle of the house on the second Take a left at this corner. As soon infantry. exposed. least force them to flee. duck down into begin driving slowly the turret and close the hatch until you’ve dealt with the toward 3 . Clear there. Advance to 7 . Also. engage them at long range. The only opposition remaining in this immediate turret when you start coming under enemy fire. soldiers and machine guns can be dangerous. As you are driving They can kill you toward 5 . if you are standing in the turret. Also watch out for a tank at the western end of the street. Fire the machine gun The key to this part of the mission is to take your time. A ba bazooka azo az team at 2 is waiting to ambush you. Then move forward to blow up the gun. Aim just below the suppression circle to score a hit. start engaging it. eliminating groups of soldiers along the way. advance a bit until you locate enemy units. you go and then around. Make sure the front of your tank is facing the enemy because you have more armor in front than on the Use the machine gun to drive sides or rear. Once The main gun will take care of toward 2 . Instead. As you approach 3 keep an eye on the house on the left. eliminate enemy infantry even if they are out all enemies as all of the infantry behind cover. The drawback to being “buttoned up” inside the tank is that you can’t fire the machine gun and are limited to Drive quickly to this spot so the house using the main gun. drive anti-tank gun. Duck inside the get to 4 . gun as soon as they are in sight.

Stay to the left side off th tthe he street so you can get a shot at the Machine Gun bazooka team at 6 as soon as possible. As soon as you see a Bazooka Team suppression circle in that direction. The second Tank tank is at the end of the street. 18 177 6 4 5 11 116 10 13 3 15 144 9 11 19 5 4 28 12 10 LEGEND 7 Button up when you see the tank. clearing out enemies as you go. with your main gun. Continue up the road to 9 an and nd c nd concentrate on another bazooka team—this time at 5 . Finish off any remaining infantry before infantry in this area to complete the mission. Now begin advancing toward 8 . The tank will move north. It takes a couple hits to destroy. Mop up the Hold at 7 and use remaining enemy the machine gun to soldiers. You have to shoot quickly and accurately because your tank can only take a Clear out these few hits before it is destroyed. e d a sh e Unl Take out this last bazooka team in the house off to the right. so you may need to move to 11 to get behind it. Suppress the bazooka team e baz ba at 4 with your machine gun until Destroy the bazooka team before you can kill them it can fire at you. turning onto the street. 122 . kill the soldiers that move to 10 . 1 Enemy Squad Advance toward 10 . duck down into the turret and start firing the main gun. It will take a couple 1 Player hits to destroy it as it moves north.

Reopen Hell’s Highway Against All Odds Train Station On the Prowl 88mm Assault Water Under the Bridge Taking the Farm Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 123 .

Move to 1 and then fire into the flank of the soldiers at 1 . send your 1 LEGEND Send the fire team to this location fire team to 1 and 4 3 1 Player have them begin to help you suppress the enemy. While the fire team does its job. 6 100 5 5 11 Stay where you are 4 at the start of the 9 6 3 8 3 5 12 mission and fire on the enemies at 1 to 6 try to kill one or two while you suppress 6 7 5 them. Uden. switch to the Thompson and sprint down the ditch along the right side of the road. so you is sent toward have to get out. It looks like you have found the enemy and the rest of this mission will be on foot. A machine gun at Veghel. As your squad is driving along in their jeeps. their job is to keep the 1 Assault Team enemy suppressed for now so you can perform a flanking 2 1 maneuver. Once they 5 3 4 2 duck down behind 4 cover. you come under mortar attack. your squad 2 will open fire on you while you are in the ditch. e d a sh e Unl Start shooting at the enemy to Destroy the 88 the north of your position. The highway between the two towns has been cut by the Germans. 2 2 1 Fire Team firing on the Germans. can move on to Arnhem to meet up with the British paratroopers securing the bridge over the Rhine. 3 1 Enemy Squad 1 21 Machine Gun Anti-Tank Gun 1 Ammo Cache Start Kilroy Move down this ditch and then fire into the enemies’ flank to kill them. Use the burning It is up to you to vehicles for cover help clear out the as you advance Germans and get the highway open again so troops down the road. Once they are eliminated. quickly move to After clearing out 2 aand dig in behind the burning vehicle. As usual. 124 .

use the M1 Garand rifle to shoot at the German soldiers at 4 . As it stop it from firing. enemy machine gun at the farm. to the west of the Order the fire team road is clear.A group of Germans Now that the field is positioned at 2 . you. you have a perfect spot for firing into the enemies’ position. mission. manning the gun. wooden fences. Use the sniper rifle to kill both of them. but also for the rest of the assault team to 2 to continue firing on the machine gun. From this least suppress them while the assault team moves into spot. Rush to this bundle of lumber and flank the soldiers at turns to face your team. Send the the machine gun. assault team to 4 and help them finish off any enemies that might still be along the road to th the east of your he e position. Order assault team to 1 . The 88 gun you must destroy is located at the Once they are in position behind the cover of the barrels. From here you can eliminate ina the enemy min at 1 if your teams Send the assault have not already team into the ditch done the job for Snipe at these soldiers hiding south of the farm. Order machine ggun at 2 . send the assault team to 3 . take cover behind where they can hel help you attack these soldiers and the the truck. Suppress it with the Thompson and then move the for clearing out the farm. your fire team to Help both of your fall in while you teams wipe out the move to 6 . Also from this behind vehicles. but they will draw Snipe at the crew of the 88 to its attention. Once they’re in position. After you Move to 1 and have suppressed them. then order the assault au lt tteam to move to 6 . It will come in handy not only 1 . They are hiding behind burning vehicles. such as the machine gun at 2 . As yyou approach the farm. which can be destroyed until you have silenced the gun. again. the machine gun at 3 to try to kill the soldiers or at then sprint to 5 and dig in behind the lumber. the assault team to move down the ditch to 5 to attack the 88. it is to engage them time to move on while you send the to the farm. Snipe at ult Make sure your fire team is suppressing the enemy at 3 . Order the fire team to move to are keeping the the ditch at 3 and begin firing on the machine gun. position. get behind a left of the road. Swap out the M1 vehicle veh ehh and take a look to the north. They won’t be able to stop the gun from firing. order them to attack flank. at the enemy machine gunners hiding behind the chicken coops. you can shoot the two soldiers the northern end of the field. farm and will fire on your squad as you advance. Check soldiers and then the dead soldiers move to 3 . Pick up this sniper rifle dropped by the Take cover behind this truck and then snipe enemy. Once Send your teams forward to the Order the fire team to attack the here for weapons. enemy suppressed. Kill them all before they can run away. advance to 4 . you will see While your teams a machine gun at 3 . Order them to fire at the enemy soldiers at 3 . so just take your time and wait for them to stick their heads up. 125 . It is send your fire team to 2 to take cover behind some important to remember not to hide behind sandbags or lumber. A machine gun is at Garand for a sniper rifle.

Order the fire team around the farm. There is an LEGEND ammo cache nearby. Send the fire team to 1 behind the cover of a fallen tree and the assault team to 1 where they can dig in behind some barrels. ammo cache. continue to 12 and move into position attack the German soldiers from behind. and 6 . 126 . back and watch the gun go up with a bang. it to fire on 4 while the assault team attacks one of the is time to blow up other two. head to 2 and take cover behind an old truck. Three Now that all enemies more German ma machine mac achin gun teams ne g m will arrive and take eam ams have been eliminated up positions ons saat 4 . Send the fire team to 4 . Snipe at the machine gunners to kill as many the 88. 1 Player 3 2 2 3 1 4 2 1 Fire Team 4 1 1 1 1 Assault Team 1 Enemy Squad Bring your fire team forward to suppress Ammo Cache the soldiers by the barn. While both teams keep the soldiers suppressed. There may still be one group of Advance to the soldiers left if your canal. teams have not already neutralized them. Once they are in position. so Position your teams in the water give orders to your behind cover. near the trough. throw grenades to kill the rest of the machine gunners. have your teams suppress the two remaining machine guns. Add your fire to keep them suppressed as you bring the fire team up to 5 . Finally. Make sure as you can from a distance. your squad members are a safe distance from the gun. Now Clear the canal sprint to 9 and take cover behind the brick wall of the shed. While they are moving. canal. e d a sh e Unl Make your way to 8 . Lead your advance to 10 to stock up on ammo and grenades at the squad to 1 . Order the Your next objective assault team to is to clear out the The Kilroy is on the backside of attack while you Germans around the barn. Sprint to this shed and use it for cover as you throw grenades at the machine gunners. as soon as you enter the water. They hide behind a wagon at 6 . teams while you’re still on the banks of the canal. 5 . Once the machine gun at 4 is eliminated. move the fire team the bridge over the to 6 . then move in to place the All that remains is to destroy satchel charge. Now order your squad to fall in and head due north toward the canal. Don’t worry about running out of grenades. Then continue to 11 to sign the Kilroy on The Germans will the eastern side of the barn. Get the 88.

127 . Send the assault team to 1 and the fire team to 1 while you move to 1 . 9 walls under the bridge at 3 and 4 . 6 7 2 The last two groups Snipe at the soldiers on 8 are behind stone the bridge. Order your teams positioned another to fall in and lead them down the canal to 4 . However. position to stop you. where you 88 alongside the will receive your next objective. One takes cover behind some scrap metal at 1 10 while another is up 6 9 on the bridge at 2 . by destroyed Cross under the vehicles. bridge. They are the bridge. Get your teams firing on the four groups of Germans Destroy the 88 to the west. highway. it can 1 1 Kilroy 1 be tough to snipe at the remaining enemies because you are firing through your own men. Snipe at the Germans at 1 to finish them off. then move the assault team to 2 . From your position. and your squad must destroy it. Now 1 8 5 6 use the sniper rifle to take out the soldiers on top of the 5 5 bridge. so quickly get your squad into position. Advance to 3 and take cover behind the fallen tree. Order the assault 1100 7 team to fire on the closest soldiers in the water while the assault team fires on the enemies under the bridge. As you pass under where they can take cover behind a canal bank. clear out those in the canal. you close enough to assault the remaining groups under the receive new orders. pick off soldiers with The Germans have the sniper rifle until the canal is clear. While they throw grenades. so you will have to fight your way across a bridge to the field and then through a barn. 1 Ammo Cache 22 Recon Point Once you have eliminated the soldiers on the bridge. There are four groups of Germans that you must eliminate to clear the canal. LEGEND 7 6 4 1 Player 3 1 Fire Team 4 4 1 Assault Team 4 5 1 Enemy Squad 3 3 Machine Gun 3 2 Anti-Tank Gun Move your assault team forward so they 2 can assault the remaining enemies. Enemies are moving into next area. the Get your teams behind these highway is blocked stone walls.

the fire team can the assault team to 3 to continue suppressing and then assault their targets with grenades and clear them out. Just take The assault team advances to the remains are the soldiers inside the barn. Now enemy and throw grenades into the barn to clear it out. From here they can assault the suppress them so the assault team can move safely. Now move to 2 and bring the fire team to 2 to help attack the enemies at 2 . the soldiers in front of M1 Garand will do the barn. Because they are close enough. Continue to If you don’t have 5 and finish off any a sniper rifle. All that The fire team assaults the the job. From here you can clear out your position. at 3 . enemies at 2 so you can bring the assault team forward While the assault team attacks the soldiers in the barn. Take cover behind the wooden fence Snipe at the and flank the machine gunner soldiers in front of in the window of the barn. and 7 to suppress them. send the fire team to 3 . so feel free to use the grenades. Order the fire team to attack the soldiers at 4 to move the fire team to 5 . cover. It is time to flank A machine gunner again. order the assault team to assault the enemies at 5 . They hay bales inside can come in handy when you’re trying to kill enemies behind vthe barn. The muzzle flash from the machine gun to suppress them while the fire team moves to 4 . Then will illuminate the gunner. mow down the Use the sniper rifle remaining soldiers to take him out. to 2 . Let them get in close and then order your any remaining soldiers at 5 and 6 and start sniping at teams to open fire. e d a sh e Unl There are several groups of enemies between Use the fallen tree on the western side of the field for you and the barn. Order the assault team for him to fire. There is an ammo cache takes cover behind at the end of this area. From have the fire team take up the suppression job while their new position. Move 2 . The assault team Don’t forget that you have grenades. 6 . soldiers who fled into the barn. the fire team can help clear out the the assault team advances to the stack of wood at 4 . 128 . giving you a good target. Sprint to sets up in the 4 and use the second floor win window ndo nd Thompson to of the barn at 1 . careful aim and wait fallen tree. so you can get to the 88. Use your teams to eliminate them cover as you snipe at enemy soldiers. sprint to 3 and Two groups of German soldiers will advance toward dig in behind the fallen tree. The fire team should engage the other soldiers closer to the barn. the barn. Order your teams to soldiers at 1 while the assault team takes on those at fire on enemies at 3 . While your teams engage the soldiers.

Keep the fire Dig in by the side of the truck and snipe team where it is. This weapon makes the last engagement can sprint to 10 and dig in behind the trough to kill the of this mission much easier. If not. Exit the barn through the door on the northwest and soldiers enters the quickly dig in behind a bale of hay at 8 . Now advance to 9 and take cover behind the truck. where your assault team will be the east and has a machine gun team protecting it. pick up the one at your assault team. From here you can snipe at the gunners on the 88 because they should be aiming If you do not already have a sniper rifle. gunners with the Thompson or a grenade. However. Before blowing up Once you have completed this. The 88 is to barn and moves to 10 . able to wipe them out. so be ready to machine gunners at 2 . A Send your teams to 6 a and 6 with orders to fire on the sniper appears at the top to attack you. make sure your assault team is attacking the gun. your fire team will usually kill him the assault team to 7 to attack the machine gun team for you because they are positioned with a perfect field of up close. get ready to move out. The second Kilroy is near the silo. 129 . walk back downstairs to the 88. Then locate and sign the Kilroy on the northern wall of the Send the assault shed by the silo. At the window. at the gunners manning the 88. Head up the stairs. Rather than sniping. Once they are suppressed. you also dropped by the sniper. Watch out for this sniper on the A group of enemy second floor of the barn. and continue around to the window where the machine gunner was positioned. turn left. Make your way to 6 and dig in on the side of the barn doorway. from your spot if they are visible. Finish off any remaining enemies in this area. recon the area below to unlock a recon report. already for your next destroyed vehicle objective. pick up rejoin your squad. Order the assault team to move to 5 and take cover behind the hay bales. Now move to the stairs at 7 . team to take Blow up the second 88 with a Now that you are cover behind the satchel charge. Don’t go out the opening on the north some ammo and side of the barn on the second floor or the 88 may fire grenades at the at you. send shoot him. ammo cache. Once it is destroyed. return to the 88 and plant a satchel charge on so they can get the it. Follow the walkway on the second floor of the barn to find the recon point. order your squad to fall in and machine gun. You can even try sniping some of the enemies fire to the stairs.

Order the fire team to help by area. This will keep the Germans occupied while you the center of the road. As you get to the next you bring up your teams. Keep an eye on the tank and don’t use the 2 1 sandbags for cover—the tank’s gun can destroy them. Send the assault team to 1 to take over firing on 1 1 while you take up a position at 1 . here you can take down the soldiers at 1 and 2 . e d a sh e Unl Destroy the Panzer IV Run up to the tank and place a satchel charge to destroy it. LEGEND 2 1 Player 1 Fire Team Suppress the 1 Assault Team enemies to the 1 Enemy Squad north. Order them to move to 3 . Once they are ready. Though they can’t damage the sneak around the back of the eastern house to 4 . 130 . Wait for the tank to fire. 1 Tank 1 Move around the back of the house to Position the fire team behind this wrecked vehicle and flank the enemy soldiers. order them to fire at the German tank. and then vault 3 over the sandbags and run up to the side of the tank. Place a satchel charge and run back to 2 . Leave your position of cover and sprint along the right 5 side of the road to 2 . vehicle. Take cover behind a burning 2 vehicle. while you move the fire team to 2 to attack the soldiers order them to fire at the enemy tank directly ahead in at 3 . so dig in behind the 2 barrels and sandbags when you get to your destination. so make sure you are away from the tank. 4 4 taking you along. they can keep its attention. The charge detonates four seconds after you place it. Fire on the soldiers to the north to suppress them while Follow the highway to the north. From tank. Sprint to the cover Take cover behind of the burning this scrap of metal. leave the assault team behind some cover and firing on the enemies at 1 while you suppress those at continue along with the fire team. Four groups of German 3 1 soldiers will move into position.

Reach the train station The assault team moves in for the kill. From here you can come up cover to fire at your squad. From here you can fire at the soldiers at 3 and kill them or force them to flee and be killed Peek around the corner of the wall and snipe at the by your teams. groups here. fall in and make your way north along the road to 6 .. Once they are sniper rifle. order the fire team to suppress the soldiers at 6 and advance the assault team to 4 . cross the street. OOrder rd your fire team to engage the machine fire-damaged floor- Head up these stairs to the boards from above gun team at 1 while your assault team fires on the second floor. behind the soldiers at 4 to flank them. and sniping at the enemies behind the wagon as they break sneak behind the western house. 1 5 3 4 LEGEND 7 1 Player 3 1 Fire Team Clear the train station 6 1 Assault Team 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun Baker enters the train station to clear it out. The only way out is to head up the stairs. the train station Once all enemies have been killed. machine gunners. head back to 3 . Order both teams to fire at the to pick off the gunners as they stick their heads above soldiers while you pick them off one at a time with the the lumber where they’ve taken cover. The remaining soldiers are caught Suppress the last in a crossfire. From this closer position. 131 . order your teams to are eliminated. After he sees behind the stone wall at 7 . Once both enemy groups outside Lead your teams toward the train station. soldiers at 6 . Baker will enter Wade across the canal and position your fire team at the building on his 3 and your assault team at 3 while you quickly dig in own. Use the sniper rifle behind the wrecked tank. fall down and cut off his exit. Help them complete this task by soldiers at 1 and 2 . The machine gun is your main priority. There are only two enemy a hallucination. Advance to 5 and dig in behind part of a destroyed vehicle. they can assault the enemy soldiers and Once you get your teams into position and have eliminated the kill them with grenades. eliminated. Move to the group of soldiers edge of the wall and peek around the side so you can at 4 and then bring the assault team to 2 so they are take aim at the machine gun team.

Go to the end of the bar to find the recon point with this map. so be careful to duck back behind cover so you are not killed. and it unlocks a of soldiers in the recon report for you. be ready to duck back behind cover or you may get hurt. Defend the train yard 2 3 1 6 5 2 14 3 Throw a grenade through the window into the next room. If there are still enemies inside. where you will receive some new orders. Then pop up and fire away with the Thompson. Machine Gun Team Assault Team Fire Team 1 Enemy Squad Advance along this Machine Gun outside walkway to the bar. Finally. Thompson to shoot from this spot. feel free to use the rest for clearing out the train station. Use the Kill as many enemies as possible train station. Finish off any remaining soldiers in this room. After you have done all the damage you can from the 1 32 stairway. The walkway ahead of you leads to the train dig in along the wall station bar. head down the stairs on the rooms at the end other side of the bar to get back to the first floor of the of the hall. the corner. Tank Bazooka Team Ammo Cache Kilroy 132 . 1 LEGEND Be sure to save a couple grenades for the next part of the 1 Player mission. then follow it up with bursts of fire. This is a recon point. digging in on the you peek around left side. Also try using the sniper rifle to kill a few as they poke their heads up to fire at you. As grenade and then sprint to the doorway. When you get to the Move to the left end of the wall and peek around the top of the stairs. 4 1 Throw a grenade through the window to clear out some 2 of the soldiers hiding behind the couch in the next room. sprint forward and dig in under the window. but you can at least get some of them. as many as possible. They will be firing back at you. As before. e d a sh e Unl Take cover at the corner. walk over to the end of the bar and take see a couple groups a look at the maps. You can’t kill them all from here. corner. Otherwise. throw in a on the left side. you will Once it is clear.

rt. start moving toward 2 . machine gun team. Reload the panzerschreck if you still have middle. Dig in behind the sheet and ammo. so to get more rockets for the throw a grenade at it and the soldiers behind it at 1 . Make sure under attack by the panzerschreck German infantry and is loaded and then a tank to the north. don’t kill them all right now. for the panzer- and a tank to the north. the bazooka team at 2 . you need to get Assign targets for each of your teams. position. After team before they kill you or your have command of a stay safe. Keep all your teams in these positions for enemies have taken up positions behind the stone walls the rest of the mission so they can provide fire support to the north of the tower. Leave at least one group—preferably the one at 3 . the enemy bazooka team. Order the fire team to move to the far left end of some rockets left. teams. your first target is ow we for you and stay out of harm’s way. soon as the grenades detonate. There are more tanks headed your Pick up the panzerschreck and then rush way a bit later. Stop and sign the Kilroy on the way down the stairs. You About halfway down. too. As soon as you exit It is time to take the train station. Your teams are Use the panzer- waiting for you by schreck to destroy the platform. then swapping it for the Thompson—and then rush up the sprint to 4 to find an ammo cache. Leave the assault team on the duck down and reload. As of the tower below the water tank to panzerschreck. look into the middle Sprint for the ammo cache don’t want to wait too long to kill that bazooka team. so up the stairs of the water tower. then switch to the sniper rifle. Move to 1 and dig in behind the schreck. Then pop up and make your killing far right of the platform and the machine gun team in the second shot. so The tower is a great place for ready to defend the behind the platform during this it will take two hits sniping. Several the platform. the first tank. Head back platform. 133 . At the start. However. a bazooka team at 1 . some more rockets there are soldiers at 1 and 2 . pop up from your The assault and fire cover and take a teams are already shot at the tank. 4 . and then take cover behind the lumber at this metal at the top. wer However. It is best to keep your squad front of the tank. your first shot. Quickly sign it. Then go after other groups of soldiers such as those at 3 . and fire a few bursts to help suppress the enemy. Order your teams to fire on these enemies. You now part of the mission so they will to destroy it. out the German your squad comes tank. Pick up more rockets stairs of the water tower to 3 . Kill that second bazooka train yard. and 5 . too. positioned behind You are firing at the a train platform. Make sure you have the Thompson selected down the stairs. Throw a grenade at where your assault team can keep them suppressed.. Pick up the panzerschreck dropped by the enemy— find the last Kilroy in this mission. Snipe them before they can cause trouble.

and soldiers will move to 4 . You have Use the sniper rifle to clear out any remaining soldiers successfully defended the train yard. Make sure you are behind at its lightly armored rear. By this time. and then fire two shots at the tank to destroy it. While you are engaging the second tank. and are still approaching the then turn toward the tower. Snipe at them as they are moving through the fields before they can get to the cover ve of er o the stone wall. fire at you. Make sure you are behind cover. Wait for it to come right up next to you. so deal with them quickly. snipe at any remaining enemies around the rail yard to clear it out. Remember. you a distance while they are safe. stay low until it fires. You 4 to deal with the last can throw a grenade at their sandbag cover or even fire two tanks. Fire on the third tank near the water tower. Once it is a smoking wreck. Just stay behind cover because they will single shot. Don’t worry about to pass by so you can fire at its rear and kill it with a destroying them. but you are more exposed. a third tank will advance toward the train station on the east side of the tower. This position lets tanks are heading for the train yard. Wait for it your way out in the field to the north. 5 . Two tower. Allied tanks will arrive to destroy the enemy armor and the mission will be completed. It can kill you if you are looking over the cover when it fires. it will take two hits. the second wave of Germans should arrive. This gives you a perfect shot area. 134 . The enemies at Rather than staying at 6 can be a threat to you. you are right back onto the water next to the ammo cache if you need more rockets. Aim and fire to kill this tank with a single hit. cover at all times. As long as you stay behind the lumber. If a tank has its gun aimed at you. and 6 . A machine gun team will head to 1 . e d a sh e Unl Snipe at the German reinforcements coming from the north. Your squad has reopened Hell’s Highway. you can head a rocket to wipe them out. One will come right you engage the tanks at toward you. Because you are firing at the front. You can engage it from your position at 4 . There are more German tanks headed The second tank will drive right next to you. along the stone wall.

Advance to the windmill The Cavalry Arrives Onto the Dunes Trench Push Into Threading the Assault Koevering Needle 6th Fallschirmjager Stalemate Recon Points: 2 Kilroys: 3 135 .

2 3 3 2 4 Unlike some of the 3 5 previous missions. Use the M1 Garand to help suppress the enemies. Order all three of Assign targets for your teams to 6 7 attack. As soon as you climb up a small rise and are looking down onto the 11 9 dunes. 1 Fire Team 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun The various sections of this mission can be played in several Anti-Tank Gun different ways. you will have to destroy four German 88 guns. 1 1 1 2 2 Position your teams 2 1 behind this dune. If you want 1100 to keep your feet dry. 136 . Instead. Along 1 Machine Gun the way. Order the machine gun team to engage the enemies at 1 while the fire team goes after those at 2 . a couple groups of German soldiers will move 13 up from the south to attack. this time south of Veghel near the town of Koevering. Colonel LEGEND Sink has ordered your squad to set up an observation Start post in a windmill to keep an eye on enemy activity and to 1 Player call in artillery when necessary. 3 you do not begin 6 1 this one right in 4 3 the middle of a 7 4 fire fight. Team For this mission. it is a lot of Recon Point fun to play it over again and try different tactics. 5 6 your teams to fall 8 7 in and lead them southeast across the pond. Get to the windmill. you can follow the path around to 9 5 10 the bridge in the east. Send the fire team to 1 12 2 and the machine gun team to 1 . Keep the assault team with you as you dig in behind the dune at 1 . Advance toward 1 . 8 you will have to do 5 some marching to 4 4 get into combat. you retain the three teams you had at 1 Assault Team the end of the last. After going through this mission. e d a sh e Unl Destroy the four 88s The Germans are again trying to cut the highway. The trench areas are especially good for testing out various ways to kill 1 the enemy and achieve your objectives.

Recon the dunes at the recon point. Get to the wooden fence and finish off the last of the enemy soldiers. Peek up over your cover and begin firing at the groups of soldiers to suppress them as you bring the machine gun team to 3 . The more you kill now. Make sure all your teams have targets. assault team to 1 . Move to 2 and help clear out south. recon point to the east of 5 . Once they arrive to help you suppress the enemy. After Head west to the next Once both groups of soldiers are suppressed. send the fire team to 3 and the assault team to the crates at 4 . finish off any remaining soldiers near 3 . You are going to flank the machine gun. Use the rifle to kill as many enemies at long range as you can so you have fewer to deal with up close. so be ready to mow them down with the Thompson. From here they can assault the report. then move to 4 . After you have eliminated the machine gun. Rush forward to 3 and bring the fire team to 2 . A machine gun opens fire on your squad from 1 while groups of soldiers take up positions at 3 and eventually 4 . Now order all teams barrier. Quickly move your assault team to 3 with orders to suppress the machine Suppress the gun. so get ready for another fight. Suppress the enemy soldiers yourself while bringing enemy while your the machine gun team to 2 so it can open fire on the teams move into enemy. move to the kill the enemies on the right. Dig in behind a dune and use the M1 Garand to pick off enemy soldiers to the south. Assign targets to each of your teams so that all enemies are suppressed. to return fire at your squad. the enemies while sending the assault team to 2 . There are three more groups of soldiers to the to fire on the group at 2 . More Germans arrive to th the he ssouth. Sneak around to the left to flank use the rifle to pick off some of the soldiers as they try the enemy machine gun. send the unlocking a recon engagement. position. make your way to 6 and dig in behind the metal soldiers at 1 and wipe them out. the less enemy fire your squad will receive. Your teams fire on the German soldiers from their positions behind cover. 137 . Once you have cleared out this Send the assault team forward to area. The machine gunners may try to run with you on their flank. Continue to 5 and take cover behind a dune. While they are all moving into position.

Dig in behind the sandbags for cover from the fire of the soldiers at 10 while you shoot the two soldiers manning the 88. the enemy will into the soldiers at often try to move. Cross the road and then sprint down to 10 so you can flank the soldiers at 9 . team up to 5 and the assault team to 6 . Send Get that machine gun firing the fire team to 4 . assault teams are firing on the 88 to keep its attention. destroyed jeep at 11 . Make sure the fire and the machine gun team to 4 . If necessary. Stay at your position behind the wooden fence Rush down the side of the road while giving orders and kill the 88 gunners. behind the fallen Move your teams up to help you tree. Fire a few rounds at Cross the road and enemies and then continue to 8 . 138 . you are It is time to do going to flank the enemy. Your squad has pushed through the dunes to the road. leaving them vulnerable to fire from 8 . It is destructible. Move the assault Move your teams team forward to into position for the take cover behind next fire fight. behind the overturned wagon. Bring the fire suppress the enemy. the wrecked truck. wooden fence. Get them all firing at the soldiers at 8 or 9 if they have Then rush across the road and take cover behind the a field of fire. Advance down the right side of the road to flank the first group of soldiers. It is now time to go after the 88. Finally. Bring the assault team up to 7 and order them to Destroy the first 88 fire on the 88. The assault team can help you do this as you hit them from two different sides. move to 13 and duck behind the stone wall to kill the gunners. Finish off the soldiers that were protecting the gun. so quickly fire on and Take cover behind kill the remaining enemy soldiers before they can shoot the truck and fire apart your cover. When you flank them. place a satchel charge on the 88 and blow it up. Sprint to 7 and take cover some more flanking. Wait for the 88 to fire and then sprint to 12 . Then take cover your three teams. One down—three to go. and the assault team to 5 . Order them to fire on the soldiers at 9 and the 88 gun to suppress each. to your squad. The first 88 is at the end of the road to the east. Dig in behind the then sprint to 9 . e d a sh e Unl While your squad provides suppressing fire. on the enemy.

Those two machine guns are sure all your teams are suppressing the two machine a real threat to your squad. a second to advance. use right under the machine guns. As your teams are moving into position. Once there. 139 . Now it is your turn to move across the stream. to assault these team to 1 and order it too fire on 2 . 1 to avoid the 88 Once the team is in shells. Check to see that the German machine guns are Machine Gun suppressed and wait for the 88 to fire. Send one opens up on the assault team to you. It is on the opposite side of the Team stream. then sprint across the 1 LEGEND 4 2 1 4 stream to the other side. order them to fire on 1 Fire Team the soldiers at 1 . down. order the assault suppressing them will make things easier on the rest of team to move to 3 . As soon so you will have to as the first 88 is use direct attacks destroyed. The assault team Position your advances while you machine gun keep the German team next to the soldiers’ heads destroyed 88. Once they are in position. Then send the fire soldiers and clear the way to the machine guns. 1 Player Once the German machine guns are suppressed. the M1 Garand to pick off enemies. so provide covering fire with the rifle as they 1 Assault Team move. 2 3 1 2 3 7 2 4 3 1 6 1 2 Pause behind the stone wall to make sure the enemy 1 5 machine guns are suppressed. Make team to 1 to suppress 1 . as you cross Ammo Cache the stream. Dig in behind 2 while you fire at the stone wall at the soldiers at 1 . You may notice that. the soldiers at 2 will usually retreat and join Kilroy up with those at 3 . order them Rush forward to the stone wall the machine gun stream for covering fire. Rush down the steps and take cover at 1 Enemy Squad 2 . right in front of the machine guns. having two of your teams guns while you sprint to 4 . The next part of this Flanking is tough mission continues in these trenches. Next bring the fire team across the stream and to 2 . send 1 Machine Gun your assault team to 1 . Quickly move Send your fire team down by the position. Then sprint Anti-Tank Gun across the stream to 3 . Both the assault team and you are the squad. Provide covering fire as the assault Destroy the second 88 team moves across the stream. right away.

Order your fire and machine gun teams to switch Get your squad their fire to the Rush into the bunker to clear it out. cache in the northern part of this area to restock your ammo and grenades. Position them behind the bunker. you are in a perfect flanking 2 position to shoot the 7 5 soldiers at 3 . into the bunker to Move to 7 and kill the gunners to secure this area. using stone walls Move the assault and crates for cover. Go to the ammo gunners. If it is firing at your assault team. When the German soldier trough. try to kill the crew of the 88. then the gun shield The assault team is blocking your shots. you will have to exit the bunker. kill the machine However. Before 1 continuing. Once the first machine gun is silenced. the 88. The bunker gives you a great spot to Destroy the last two 88s flank and kill the soldiers protecting the 88. Then move to 3 2 the bunker before you leave. Pee Peek ee ek around the corner to kill the machine gunners at 1 to clear out the bunker. team to 4 to take so make sure your troops are ready. This is important because there aren’t any others in this mission. Try throwing grenades to kill the throws grenades enemy. 3 All that remains 4 5 is the 88. in position before soldiers at 3 and blowing up the 88. An enemy soldier will appear at 4 . 2 6 to go after the 88. move to 1 4 the back wall of the 1 2 2 1 6 3 bunker and sign the 1 4 Sign the Kilroy on the back wall of Kilroy. Order all your teams to fall in. 8 9 While at 5 . they h can assault th 2 and then 1 . From here arrives. Machine Gun Anti-Tank Gun 140 . If all else fails. don’t blow up the 88 just yet. sprint around the trough and then continue into the bunker to dig in along the wall just inside at 5 . 2 LEGEND 5 1 Player 1 Machine Gun 3 1 Team 1 Assault Team 1 Fire Team If the 88 has its gun shield turned toward you. Then set a satchel cover behind a charge on the 88 to blow it up. your teams automatically take care of him. e d a sh e Unl From the window of the bunker. you will have to exit the bunker and move around to the side to 1 Enemy Squad kill the crew.

From here you can peek around the corner and kill overlooking the all the soldiers at 2 . then continue to 3 . Once they are in position. Send the fire team to 1 and the machine gun team to 1 . Order the assault team to attack and kill the soldiers. While they are moving. Not only might you kill some of them. Then move to 1 and dig in behind Fire on the enemy soldiers directly the metal barrier. gives you the oppor. This 88 in the north won’t bother you during the fight in the south. at 1 . where to the south so you they can attack can see the next from behind cover. fire at the soldiers of soldiers. move enemies have moved ove ve ed Order the assault into the area. After killing the Send the assault lone soldier. Provide covering fire as they move. at 3 . 2 . Concentrate on clearing assault the soldiers out the south first before going north to blow up the last 88. move team to this to the stone wall location. Carefully move around the corner in the trenches to mow down these soldiers all lined up in a row. 141 . By this time. Place a satchel charge on the 88 to blow it up and get ready to take on enemies to the north. Stay Take cover behind low as you move around the corner of the trench to dig in the metal barriers at 4 . Move down into the trenches. 5 and kill the crew of the 88 and finish off the machine gunners. the machine gun and fire on 1 . the enemies at 3 and 1 from this spot. have them This area is divided into two parts. Make sure the enemies ahead of you are suppressed. Sprint down to 2 and dig in. They eyy can then As long as you stay down in the trenches. it also keeps their heads down so they won’t bother your troops as they move into position. It is time for you to get down and dirty in the trenches. Get the machine gun team firing on 1 team to advance to while your fire team suppresses the soldiers at 3 . and then have them target the soldiers at 2 .Move in to kill the gun crew and tunity to sprint to blow up the 88. The assault team Give the two teams throws a grenade targets to suppress and then order the assault team to to wipe out a group move to 1 . You uaalso can use the rifle to fire on trenches below. area. Get your teams into position behind these dunes and begin firing on the enemy. in front of you as the assault team moves into position.

Order all the teams that have a line of fire. Keep your teams all firing at different enemies as you go off on your own. grenade will destroy their cover and kill them—or at least expose them to gunfire. From here. engage the enemy at 2 . At their new edge. dead. You just want to thin them out a bit for now. Try to shoot gun team to 2 . They won’t have any cover. to 6 . Throw a grenade to destroy the enemy Push the Germans out of Koevering machine gun. Continue all the way to 9 . make your moves. and 2 team to suppress While they are doing this. Fire on the soldiers at 4 to keep them down so your team can Rather than flanking around to the north to come in behind the move in and assault 88. team to 4 . send the fire team to 3 while you advance north. Once they are all are suppressed. Continue through the building yourself to kill team is safe from the 88 and can fire on the enemy machine gun. If you can’t kill them with direct fire. Once the machine gun is 142 . e d a sh e Unl As the fight moves eliminated. You them. the suppress them. left are the soldiers and the machine at 5 . The only enemies the fire team to 2 . but they can assault the Germans from that position. Don’t worry about assault team to of soldiers near the windmill. then throw rifle as your teams a grenade. them from your Use the rifle to kill some of the Order them to fire position while machine gunners to reduce the at the soldiers er at dier ordering the fire threat to your squad. move to 5 . to fire on them and hit them from several different enemies with the angles. Because they are behind sandbags. including the assault Pick off some team. Advance under the bridge to come up behind the 88 and kill its crew. If they stay may need to move up next to the assault team to get a behind the stone wall. Move to 7 and take cover err b behind e a stone wall. you need to under the bridge at 8 . killing all the machine gunners. you can try advancing with the assault team along the eastern them. Destroy the 88 Put your machine gun fire on the enemy machine gun. Be ready to Once the enemies fire if the enemy attempts to get away. 4 . use the rifle to fire on 2 . Use the wagon to the west of the building for cover as you position. too. use a satchel charge to destroy the fourth 88 to send the assault complete your objective. the soldiers at 5 and come at the 88 from the side. the assault The assault team moves to the building to clear it out. Send the assault team to 3 . 5 . This bring your squad puts you right behind the 88 and lets you easily kill the back together. order the All that remains is this last group good field of fire at these enemies. Move two soldiers manning the gun.

Now vault over the wall and sprint to out another 88. opposite side. assault team to 3 to fire on 2 . Meanwhile. to fire at 1 . and then send the leave a couple soldiers behind to call in artillery support assault team to 2 while you take over suppressing the for the regiment. gunner in the window with a carefully aimed rifle shot. Send the assault team to the trough at 4 so they can assault the soldiers at 3 and clear out the barn. 7 6 14 6 5 6 7 5 8 78 1100 3 4 4 4 8 4 5 9 9 13 6 12 53 10 7 1 1111 15 1 12 2 LEGEND 3 5 9 6 1 1 Player 2 2 1 3 4 11 1 Machine Gun 2 1 2 10 Team 1 3 2 2 4 1 Assault Team 1 Fire Team 1 Enemy Squad Machine Gun Anti-Tank Gun Kilroy Now that your squad has reached the windmill. Move to 3 fire through the and dig in on the Send your assault team to the doorways at the side of the doorway trough to kill the soldiers inside soldiers on the while bringing the the barn. The fire team should engage the soldiers at 1 while taking cover at 1 . Your next objective to assault the enemy at 1 . your machine gun and soldiers at 2 . Send the assault team forward to clear out the small Though you have building. move to 1 and take shots at any enemies that stick their Kill the machine heads up above their cover. so use the rifle to snipe the gunner as he opens fire on your squad. The enemy machine gun is a threat. order your team assault teams are each a man short. cleared out the first building. Peek around the corner of the doorway and fire through wall. you will Keep all the enemies suppressed. You start by taking grenades and gunfire. They will clear them out with is to drive the Germans out of town. there are more enemies in the barn behind it. Quickly get your teams along the stone 2 . Put the assault team at 1 and have them fire at the soldiers at 2 . As a result. Position ition the machine gun team at 1 with orders tion the building at the soldiers at 2 to mow them down. Move your fire team to 2 Come around and order them to the left side of fire on the soldiers the building to at 3 . Once they are in position. 143 .

Use the the assault team The assault team moves rifle to suppress the to 7 and order up next to the bridge to get soldiers at 5 . Bring the Try to kill as many machine gun team of the machine to 2 and the fire gunners as you can team to 3 . keep This will keep you safe for a bit. Engage the enemy Advance down units on the other the southern side side of the bridge. The only enemy More enemies are left in this area is headed your way the machine gun from the east. Then 1 . Sign it and then exit the barn. squad kill as many enemies at long them off. the east. Help the assault team clear out machine gun. team to 3 to help Move to 5 and kill you suppress the the hee gunners at soldiers at 6 . move inside the barn. e d a sh e Unl Flank this machine Get your teams gun and shoot the firing on the soldiers before they Germans to can get away. From their new position. they are suppressed. them to attack the in for a close kill. Advance to 7 and open fire on the machine gun at 4 . Have the machine gun team help while the fire and assault teams engage the soldiers at 7 and 8 . More into the barn behind you and locate the Kilroy in the range as possible. Move the machine gun the machine gun and fire teams to fall in. Order machine gun are across the field. Move to 5 and take cover behind the stone wall. 144 . Be sure to provide covering fire while they are running out in can usually finish off these enemies or force them to the open. Sprint across the open your teams firing on them while you rush across the ground to the trough at 8 and dig in behind it. soldiers and a southwest corner. From here they can assault the enemies and wipe them out. Move that your machine the fire team to 4 gun team has been and the machine keeping suppressed. send and 3 . if some are still alive. forward to 8 . of the field using these trucks for cover. Suppress bridge. Order with rifle fire. Move around the back of the silo to 6 and hit the the soldiers at 7 and 8 so the assault team can push survivors from behind. send the assault team to 5 . their position. You Get up from behind your cover and head south and then should be able to eliminate all the enemies without having east. Once them to suppress all the enemies are the ene enemies ne em at 4 suppressed. team up to 4 and the fire team too 5 . to cross the bridge. they can assault the leave their cover so the machine gun team can get them. soldiers at 4 and help wipe out the machine gun. However. From Once all enemies the soldiers in the building. Before send the assault advancing any The second Kilroy is Move forward and help your team to 6 to finish farther. moving between the trucks and the southern fence.

Move to 12 and take cover the machine gun behind the stone team to 5 with wall. It is time for a flanking maneuver. the assault team view of the area. Dig in down while they are focused on firing at your teams. behind some barrels and then fire on the enemy machine Blow up the gun with a satchel charge to complete the gun while sending the assault team to 10 . of the house. Position the These stone walls machine gun team will protect you to fire on the enemy from the 88’s machine gun. to 11 to help suppress the enemies. so have your other teams target the machine gun and be ready to fire on them yourself. Once they arrive cover along the wall at your position. protect you from the 88. Advance to 9 to 6 with orders to and take cover in Take cover behind this fire on the soldiers the doorway so you Send your teams forward one at a wrecked truck. It will at 9 and 10 . machine gun. Suppress the machine gun as the any remaining soldiers and kill them. Then order them to Send the fire team to 6 to help out. Send the fire orders to attack team to 7 and the the enemy machine machine gun team gun. The Germans objective. building while they g wh w attack 5 . Make order them to your way around the back of the house Come in from the side of the 88 advance to 9 and toward 14 so you to kill the crew while they are take cover inside the can come up behind focused on your squad. Keep all is suppressed. order the suppressed. before you can go after the 88. shells. Once the enemy continue on to 12 so they are close to the 88. then assault team to fall sprint to 13 and take in. From this spot. The truck is good cover. you Now sprint south assault team moves to flank it. your teams firing at the Germans to suppress them. will usually try to move away before the assault team can flank them. The next threat you You can now focus face is th tthe e machine he on the 88. Advance gun at 5 . However. you must silence that machine gun. You now have to worry about the 88 and the two groups of soldiers protecting it at 9 and 10 . Gun them behind the building and around the corner to 11 . Move can get a better time to attack the enemies. also have a good shot at the crew of the 88. Send the assault team into the building across Move around the back of the from the house to flank the soldiers. 145 . sprint to 10 and dig in behind the truck. Make sure all While holding at the enemies are the truck.

Leave your to the west of the teams where they house. Destroy the Panzers and 88 7 3 2 11 1 10 5 5 6 2 2 7 4 12 1 3 13 2 8 9 1 3 LEGEND 4 1 Player 1 Enemy Squad 1 Machine Gun Anti-Tank Gun Bazooka Team Tank Watch for those Your new orders German bazooka require you to teams. Make your way to the road and then walk south to 15 to get your new orders. Be sure to take the time to sign The last Kilroy is it and then head on the brick wall east. up with the 502nd. are because you no Advance under the bridge to meet longer need them. 146 . They are command a tank. e d ash e Unl The last Kilroy Rendezvous with the 502nd in this mission is located on a brick wall to the west. priority targets.

Back up while reloading so the brick wall will cover even knows you are you. quickly button the suppression icon to help you However. keep Start off by driving east to 1 . rotate the turret to the right and fire at the second tank due east. While the cannon is reloading. so you are given command of to the east.Baker meets up with Mac and volunteers to take part in Continue to 3 and the final push to kick the Germans out of Koevering. Make sure the cannon is loaded again. Continue advancing east. exposed you might be killed. have your threat to you. back. Your tank can withstand a hit. However. enough to destroy the 88 and then the bazooka team. Once you have taken care of the first groups of enemies. push forward to 2 . Just fire the machine gun right through the wooden fences to These soldiers are not threat to kill these infantry. Look for of hits to destroy. A third tank is waiting for you through tank from long an opening in a brick wall. As you approach this point. eload oa fire the machine gun at the bazooka team at 2 to suppress them until you can kill them with a high-explosive round. After the first tank is a burning hulk. a kill. Blow them away with the cannon before they can northeast. Stop at get off a shot. Watch out for this third tank waiting to ambush you. As long as you engage the German soldiers at long range. The same goes for coming under you can usually destroy it before it detects you and fires fire from enemy tanks and anti-tank guns. Once again. Several squads of infantry will move behind cover. Continue on to 7 to get your final objective. stopping to attack soldiers with the machine Move forward just gun and cannon. but if you are at this long range. move forward just enough to get the rest. long-range fire will give you a chance to destroy this tank without taking any return fire. then Button up and fire quickly to destroy it. by firing locate it. up inside the tank. button up. 4 . As you a Sherman Firefly for some heavy firepower of your own. focus on the bazooka team at the barns to the 1 . Be ready to get in the first range before it shot. they are not a Advance to 5 . If you see a bazooka team fire a rocket at you. approach 4 . and then finish off the rest of the soldiers. 147 . then move forward again to take the second shot for in the area. Enemy soldiers will move a watchful eye on behind be eh eh cover. Stay put until you have killed as many as possible. you at this long range. then drive Attack the first cautiously to 6 . You can destroy the second tank It will take a couple from the same spot. turret facing north so you can fire on the 88 as soon as it comes into view. The engage the soldiers Germans have some armor. and fire at the first tank.

Aim right over the truck to kill this threat before it has a chance to fire on you. German bazooka bazzo zo Bazooka Team you can still recon this area. e d ash e Unl Link up with the 506th Fire on the 88 as soon as you can see it. Kill each with cannon fire while you are still out of their range. teams at 1 and Recon Point 2 . Then advance to 5 to recon the area and 1 unlock a recon report. take a detour and LEGEND 2 move to 3 . you will see an 88 behind it at a distance. Locate a truck parked alongside the road. 7 4 Continue on to 2 . A single 3 group of soldiers 1 Player at 3 is all that you 1 Enemy Squad 3 face here. 7 As soon as you approach 1 on this map. 5 4 1 6 Take out those bazooka teams! 5 Rather than drive 4 down the main road. Continue Machine Gun 1 to 4 and then halt. If you look over the top of the truck. 148 . look north. Anti-Tank Gun 2 There are a couple Even though you are not on foot. engaging the soldiers at 1 and 2 along the way. 3 Follow the path around behind this 6 building and mow down the infantry 2 along the way. Take aim and destroy it with the cannon.

Two German bazooka teams ms a ms are head at 3 up ahead ah hea and 4 . the mission. Move to 6 and halt next to the house. and the squad were so game. not all is clear. Market-Garden was a defeat for the Allies. Kill them Matthew Baker with cannon fire and has survived yet then deal with the another major soldiers alongside military operation. the soldiers in his 7 to complete your final objective. Once it Advance to these houses once the However. drive on to road is clear. 149 . of the road. fortunate. You have success- fully linked up with There are two the 506th and more bazooka kept Hell’s Highway teams at the end open. Unfortunately. the road.

ed a sh e Unl .

“Eleven o’cl lored British Sh ock. uld pass the Ger followed in Suddenly. in a m an de fe ns es and advance. ri tis h tank. panzerfaust from and flame. burst of smoke unchecked. green-co ted. th tu rr et of the second then directed th e British tank co tank in the colu e fire of the machi m m an der ducked down mn. were on Weise obeyed inst tank commande antly and direct rs to button up!” ed Stöhr to fire Graf ordered to As the fire splash the MG42 mac Weise. “I see them com ing!” Weise shou A big. Weise de of the second tank.” of young soldie of th e hi ghway with mac Ei nd ho ven road at fift rs were quickly hine-gun fire. As in side the turret and cl e third Sherman osed machine-gun bu tank. A sue orders. a group officers nowher The entire defens e to be seen. The Tomm er man tank clanke ies are launchin spraying the ar g tanks right do ea to the right d do wn the Hechtel-to. th ive line seemed e young SS sold st un ned. and ran like a —from Brother s in Arms: Hell’s Highway by Joh n Antal . boys!” tches to protect Graf shouted as himself from th he slung his PP e searing greyhound towa Sh Tommy gun ov rd the second ta er his neck. ed against the si hine gun at the his hatch. With their Graf saw the le iers hid in their antitank guns de ad British tank trenches and wa stroyed and thei close order. Oberst halt as it was hi leutnant von de t by a Fallschir r Heydte’s men . On een miles an ho gunned down by the far left of th ur. t. The SS men du the advancing B e 2d SS Battalio cked for cover. n’s line. the the west side of le ad B ri tis h tank jerked to a the attack! the road. If so ad va ncing straight do ite d fo r someone to is r mething wasn’t wn the road. mmander also bu the MG42 smas ttoned up his ha hed against “Let’s go. the lin e of other British toward Eindhove enemy tanks wo Sherman tanks n. the tank co the bullets from llets. wn the road. grab nk in the colum bed a panzerfaus n. done soon. the armor of th ne gu n to the third tank. mjäger “Covering fire! Fo on th e other side of th rce the British e road.

players are divided into two teams. you do not control the attackers from accomplishing their objectives. so it is difficult for a single player to cover a specialist and can carry one of three weapons—a them all. Just as in the single-player squad leader also can call in an air strike by designating campaign. If a soldier is an area on the map. During a weapons. Once you are dead. Find shortcuts that connect the two objective up into teams. you are out for the rest of the round. One is the driver. with rounds lasting of weapon in addition to a pistol and two grenades. One areas. so the action can be intense. The attackers also can win Multiplayer is different from the single-player campaign. a machine gun. The only way to do that is to play them. and the objectives are two flag poles located on the map. each duck quickly enough. There are no enemies and emerge victorious. you can carry only one type Multiplayer games are fast paced. so you don’t have time to The winner at the end of a round will be the attacker in the get lost or take next round and the loser must defend. The first team to win the selected number of rounds wins the match. who can fire includes six maps the turret machine gun when he is standing up in the for taking the battle hatch. orders to the three teams. only three to five minutes. Take notice of Similar to the single. The squad leader should stay back and give soldiers on the team should be covering him. Hopefully. The second soldier in Arms: Hell’s is the gunner and operates the turret and the main Highway also gun. The game is and raise flags or to take on the role of infantry. you need to watch each bazooka. Plus. Finally. Three players are the single-player needed to fully man a tank. Also. the other two drop a bomb. The you work with your squad. as a team. Teams play as either the attackers or the defenders. In each round. then you need to learn the maps. you need to suppress the enemy. Tank soldiers can climb out of the tank to lower game. It is vital that enemy soldiers are positioned in the area selected. Although orders. respawns. look for good cover that will protect you player is the squad and provide great positions from which to ambush your leader and can give opponents. your team can succeed without you. If he is killed. the different ways you can get to the flagpoles. the squad leader can call in a recon flight to show his team where You can’t win this game on your own. If you want to dominate. The other other’s backs because the enemy might try to sneak up two soldiers in the team carry standard firearms. or a sniper rifle. then the squad has no one to give you don’t really suppress other players. Combat is fast and furious. The defenders must prevent Unless you are the squad leader. There are many ways to get to the with up to three people. any other soldiers. e d a sh e Unl In addition to of the attacker’s teams has a tank. Then an Allied fighter flies in to rushing out into the open to lower a flag. Each team can have up to The following are some tactics to help you defeat your ten players. One person in each team is flagpoles. Brothers has a bow-mounted machine gun. If fewer than three players are in the tank. those online against other inside must switch positions to drive and operate all the players. elevated positions such as balconies or upper floors of your squad is divided buildings. by killing all the defenders. One 152 . Look for player campaign. you can force orders or call in air support. who also campaign. The attackers must lower the defender’s flag at one of the flagpoles and then raise their own flag to win. divided into rounds. a scenic tour of the maps. The third soldier is the commander. them to keep their heads down or kill them if they don’t The rest of the squad is divided into three teams.

Unless few routes to take they know where your flag carrier is. If for the enemy to he is killed. Then use the third team as your see and fire over the cover. and overwhelm the defenders. they are stuck to get to the rest of the map. The attackers are the only side that gets a tank. Use it for firing on enemies at medium to long range. who are probably divided between the two locations. They can move around the map to try to come up behind the attackers and surprise them. you flag. Once the flag carrier is identified. As with the single. flankers. As the attacker. The key is to know what paths the attacker first to try to trick the enemy into rushing troops to that must take. In fact. One of the players on the attacking side is the flag Rather than waiting carrier. Continue 153 . and raise the flags while the tank blocks enemy fire. to throw them you can try to bottle up the attackers near their starting off even more. Another strategy is to go after the flag carrier. Drive it in front of the If the enemy has a flagpole so that your soldiers can rush forward to lower tank or bazooka. then rush troops there to cover them. then send a soldier other than the flag carrier to the flagpole to lower the flag. Finally. However. Send one team to each enemy has a height advantage over you because they can to set up defenses. Because him. let the entire to watch out for squad know where he is so everyone can converge on ambushes. are short. If the enemy gets the flag. In fact. one of the defenders must rush the defender can to pick up the flag before an attacker does to ensure the usually get to most round is a defender victory. to enemy movements. lower the flag at the opposite flagpole position. but each team successfully lowers the attackers’ flag. you have two flagpoles from which to on some of the choose. Be flagpoles to set up ambushes. rushing to wherever they are needed to engage the attacker. Instead. It is dangerous to get too close to enemies because any enemy can place a satchel charge on a tank to destroy it. The round is not over yet. you must communicate with each to protect the flag as it is going up. He is the only one who can raise the flag. then the defender needs to decide the roles they play and alert other teams wins the round. other players can pick up and carry the come to you. the flag carrier can sprint forward to raise the flag. so if you can move quickly. be careful when using sandbags and wooden fences. This flagpole while you lower the flag at the second flagpole won’t work against attackers that rush out of their and then raise your own for victory. The two strategies. Some of the walls and barricades may not expect you to be so far away from the flagpoles. keeping troops at both flagpoles. be ready for them to fire at you. head may still be exposed. The tank also can serve as cover. sure to use cover. The second strategy position. You only need to raise the flag on one starting positions flagpole. This is especially true if the so you have to defend both. Once it is down. your You don’t know which flagpole the attackers will choose. they will automatically can go after the win the round. After he is killed. The first strategy is to go after both flagpoles at maps have only a the same time to force the enemy to defend both. You can tell who he is by the rolled-up flag on the top of his Attackers have rucksack. be stay with the tank to help protect it from enemy soldiers. If the defender other. Seek out Defenders get an advantage in that they get a five-second cover that has something solid behind it so you don’t head start when a round begins. try to cover aware that not all of the objects you might hide behind approach routes to the flagpoles because the attacker will provide total cover. If possible. This third team also can act as a fire brigade. stick to buildings and stone walls whenever possible. it is a good tactic for one of the infantry teams to player game. Use this to sprint to the have to worry about enemies hitting you from behind. so even if you are not peeking over them. you can choose one of attackers. Have soldiers positioned to fire on most areas of cover.behind you. but it can be effective at the start of a match is to have your entire squad rush toward one flagpole when the attackers are still getting organized. flagpoles first. The squad leader gives orders.

half looks like a town untouched by war. It rubble and the remains of buildings. flagpole they want to capture. e d a sh e Unl Germans Flag 1 U. Once that 154 . Send in a team to the upper floor. Flag 1 has the benefit of being in close quarters. There is no way the defender can really cover it from long range. Shop Stairs Alley Flag 2 The nighttime setting of this battle makes it difficult Flag 2 is in the to locate enemies—especially in the damaged buildings middle of the road without any lighting. with more ambient light. looking down on the base of the flagpole. in the northwest. Sandbags The attackers have and rubble provide a choice of which cover in the basement level. The flagpole rises up through a hole in the ground-level floor.S. while the southern is out in the open. The northern half of the map is in the southeast. There are some sandbag Flag 1 is located in emplacements west the basement of a and east of the bombed-out building flagpole.

Also. Once the room is clear and the enemy flag is down. It attacked by hidden provides good coverage of the flagpole and has only one defenders as it entrance. Use it to blow up sandbag positions from long the attacker tank range and deny the defender cover. With the abundance of cover. they can look down through the large hole in the floor to check for any enemies hiding behind cover. The flag it—the Americans carrier’s team then can move up the central stairs and from the west and rush in to capture the flagpole. Use grenades to destroy sandbag flagpoles. Clear out the defenders to Flag 2 and defend in this corner. cover in this area. they can draw fire to help locate The defender defenders. the Germans from the east. Remember that you can use satchel charges. which every soldier inherently carries. Move a second team through the shop in A second team the east and follow the path around to come out at the should quickly move southeastern corner of the map. By the time it gets rolling. if you are using map. Those the open. a team can easily take on a tank by itself. then take up cover positions. At Flag 1. While others a team to each are clearing out the area. drives down the central street. you should already be off the central street. The sniper can scan down the street to the east and look for enemies hiding behind sandbags or other cover. A bazooka is much more useful for the Don’t worry about attacker. so even if you don’t have a bazooka. so send positions and anyone hiding behind them. Even if you lose a soldier. to destroy a tank. two soldiers should take Flag 2 is a bit cover in the is secure. It could cause problems if you are trying to do some flanking on attacking infantry. Sprint so you can the flag carrier can rush forward to raise his flag to win get into position the round. southwest corner Have another place of cover already chosen so you know of the map and take exactly where to go if you have to bug out. so enemies can’t sneak up behind you. flag. Also be ready to move if the western alley to the attackers start throwing grenades into the basement. 155 . The third should stay up top to more conventional the east behind a wall to fire on any enemies that try because it is out in to shoot down through the hole at your troops. be ready to move to more solid cover on either flagpole if the enemy brings up a bazooka. a soldier can lower the enemy right at the start. first. Send a down below should fire as soon as they see enemies team with a sniper because their cover does not protect them very well from rifle through the enemies on the upper floor. If nothing else. killing a tank will kill three enemies. Lie in wait The tank can be for the enemy to more trouble than move to the flagpole it is worth for this before firing to get a quick kill. during this mission. It can’t fire sandbags for cover. you can still take out the tank. Then have a second team move in to clear out must defend both the basement room. A good spot to hide and can be easily is in the little patio between the stairs and the alley.

ed a sh e Unl Germans Balcony Balcony Flag 2 Platform Flag 1 Balcony Balcony U.S. 156 .

north. may not kill too many enemies. The large factory in the the flag carrier can move in and do his job. he also can engage enemies moving toward Flag some protection. The southwestern balcony is almost it can roll into the as good. and then move up the stairs to the balcony on your side of the factory to clear it out from the side. the easier it will be for your squad as they move the large factory in to capture the flagpole. Balconies flank it to the north and south. The more you can pick off from the in the center of outside. Tracks run east. building in the east. 1 from the east. Defenders must De and a platform to sprint to cover the the east contains two flagpoles. Use the rail cars or Flag 2 is positioned sandbags for cover. the map and provide some heavy covering fire for the attempt to capture the flagpole. You rail yard. Take cover in the doorway defense. but it is easier open area in the to avoid being flanked there. have the teams positioned at the doorways to the 157 . Look for more defenders on the balcony. but you will at least move through one slow them down as they take cover. allowing your other of the small rooms teams more time to get into defensive positions covering either to the north the east and west passageways to the flags. If you are moving in with three teams. With an infantry prevent any enemies from sneaking up on you. Instead. and south. enter through the they also can use rifles and sniper rifles to kill attackers main door facing the before they can go east or west toward the flags. don’t they observe which flagpole the attackers are going after. they down the center of the map from north to south.Factory is a daytime map set in a rail yard. Be The tank can be a sure to position good asset if you one team member are going for Flag against the wall at the north to cover the stairs to 1. your teammates watch for enemies that might try to sneak up on you while you focus your attention through the scope. If you have a sniper rifle. to have one team positioned behind When going for cover in the rail Flag 2. Covered while you are still balconies line either outside. Watch for enemies The attacker must hiding behind balconies to the east and west of the move along the flagpole. if you are a yard. with can pretty much clear out any defenders in the factory so large buildings on either side. From this team to provide position. so concentrate on covering the flag carrier as he moves to a great defense is raise the flag. Make sure side of the flagpole. From these vantage points. With this or south of the main factory. Not only can single team. you can prevent the enemies from even getting and try to clear the opposite balcony of any enemies. Be sure your infantry is watching for defenders train tracks to get to try to flank your tank from the east so the tank can to either flag. near the flagpoles. balcony northeast of Flag 1 provides great coverage of the flagpole. The machinery that can be used for cover. It lacks the height advantage. Use the balconies and the western part of platform in the factory to cover Flag 2. you can use it Flag 1 is located to clear out some in an open area on enemies hiding the western side of inside the factory the map. east is the only building that can be entered.

S. Grabbing the flag gives you an instant win for the round. North Bridge Germans U. e d a sh e Unl In the close quarters of the factory. squad members kill any attackers who try to reclaim it. Kill him and then Sandbags are great for cover but can be destroyed easily. Roof Flag 1 Foot Bridge Wall Shack South Bridge Flag 2 158 . one tactic is to wait for the BY LEE AMARAKOON flag carrier to move in. quickly grab the flag Taking cover behind the rail cars and hiding in the shadows are while your other effective against other players.

canal. Flag 2 is in near The Germans also the southern should rush a edge of the map team across the in a lower area footbridge to the surrounded by wall on the west buildings. another can go for the flag. a footbridge across the great way to flank center. A rooftop position to the west and a wall to the east provide good coverage of The defender the flag area. There side so they can cover the flagpole against American are several spots attackers. no matter to flank. which allows your squad to get close enough to really cover the flagpole for the capture attempt. defenders to stay close to their prize. out in the open in then move another the center of the through the building map west of the to come in behind the defenders and surprise them. with a bridge along the north of Flag 2 is a northern edge of the map. A north-south buildings directly canal divides the map in two. Get one team into cover as the other rushes forward to the flag. while covering fire. watch for When going after enemies to try Flag 1. allowing canal. and another bridge and buildings in the south. The second team provides cover while the first one advances. depending on American defender where your side to cover the south bridge. Americans. German which side you attackers may try are coming from. In addition to covering the two flags. go to the roof of the building west of the flag. must cover Flag 1 from either the roof or the wall. coverage of the Flag 2 can be footbridge and Flag approached from 1 from the south. Position one team east or Flag 1 is located west of the flag. the enemy. The shack on While one team covers. either the west or It also allows an east. to come across the it is important to north bridge or the have a team set up south bridge. The the west side of Germans should try sending a team across the north the south bridge bridge to come at Flag 1 from the north rather than provides great trying to cross the footbridge.Industrial is a daytime map with the Americans beginning Moving through the in the west and the Germans in the east. 159 . The Germans can cover from the wall to the east of the footbridge. Squad leaders can call in an air strike on the of cover right near attackers who are covering on the opposite side of the the flag. starts. If you American attackers may cross the south bridge to come are playing as the at Flag 2 from the east. Remember to use grenades against enemies behind brick walls.

S. 160 . ed a sh e Unl Germans Balcony Flag 1 Central Walkway Church Building Flag 2 U.

he can the way and avoid cover the street the western street below. any cover. The central walkway as Germans should a shortcut to get follow the path along the western edge of the map that from one flagpole to leads from the lighthouse to the flagpole. position soldiers on the balcony. avoid cover around this the temptation to flagpole. American attackers have to move down some open streets Get a soldier into before they get to the church steeple. which are At the start. front doorway and one in the graveyard behind the brick wall at the back to When going for Flag cover the flagpole. The Germans begin in Defenders will the north.Lighthouse is a daytime map. A few usually hide behind buildings can be entered. 161 . carrier. Flag 2 is located in a graveyard to The defender needs d the south of the to send one team church in the east. It is out flank the defenders. It gives them a height advantage. Also put a because a German soldier inside the sniper at the other end can really cause some problems. in the open. walls provide good At Flag 1. Instead. use buildings and stacks of lumber. near Flag 2 for an ambush. cover the streets the enemy may use to get to the objectives. The streets here allow for gravestones some long-range combat. but With one team in the church doorway and the other at there are several wall by the street. the attackers can hit the defenders buildings and spots from two different directions to clear the way for the flag of cover around it. but they have no cover and are sitting ducks. Be sure to take the other. These three positions will give you a 1. so use the the street. and watch for defenders hiding your third team to behind other cover. to each flagpole to Tombstones and set up a defense. should advance through the building to the south. the great for protecting you against bazookas and tanks. which You do not know provides more cover where the attacker than coming down will go. and the Americans start in the south. so attackers should Flag 1 is located in try coming through the west next to the church to try to the water. Also use cover once you get there. Sprint all From there. church at ground Germans face the same threat as they advance down the level to cover the eastern street toward Flag 2. the Americans good defense around Flag 2.

ed a sh e Unl U.S. Alley Building Damaged Central Building Walkway Flag 2 Flag 1 2-Story Shop Alley Alley Germans 162 .

BY LEE AMARAKOON Near Flag 1 in the market area are two parked trucks. They can be tough to spot. as are the sandbags in the streets. Instead. of cover. toward the flags they can defend the by moving through paths the attacker open doors in the must take to get to south and following the flags and shoot alleys to buildings them along the way. just south of the The shop in the southwest is a good spot for this type of objectives. so look Flag 1 is located for shadows in in a market center the windows and in the west. They provide an excellent spot for sniping and overlook the flag area from across the map. while the building north of Flag 2 is great for mounting a capture attempt on the flagpole. tactic allows them to move without worrying about enemies firing at them. the south. This defense. The Watch for defenders Americans begin in the north. Buildings and set up in to the north and buildings so they can south provide good fire on attackers sources of cover approaching the for defenders and objectives. and they end up with good Keep one team positions of cover. and the Germans are in hiding in buildings. the third 1 has a statue and team can come in from the flank to kill the flag carrier other good sources and others while they are out in the open. Defenders don’t necessarily have to German attackers have a view of the should advance flagpole. It will have to move down and several other the roads and can be ambushed easily from close range objects that will if left on its own. 163 . Both flagpoles are out in the open. as well as alleys and gardens that allow before rushing troops to avoid the streets as they advance to the to the flagpole. Flag 2 is located in front of the Defenders must church in the rush to the flagpoles east. A tank can come in spots for covering handy with infantry support. The teams calls out one north of Flag for help as the attackers move to the flagpole. flagpoles. There fire away. stop a bullet. damaged building provides good coverage of Flag 1. When one by cutting across of your other two grassy yards. The map features several buildings that can Take them out be entered. in the middle of the map to cover The Americans the streets and attackers also can wait to see where move around the the attackers are edges of the map headed.Town Center is a daytime map set in a Dutch town. The for attackers as upstairs of the they cover the capture attempt. so it is are two buildings important to have several soldiers provide covering fire that provide good for those going to raise the flag.

164 . ed a sh e Unl Germans Stairs Upper Level Building Stairs Stairs Flag 2 Stairs Central Room Stairs Flag 1 Stairs Stairs Upper Level Building Stairs U.S.

Send teams across to the other side of the room so that all entrances to the room are protected. Also. doorways. It can be very confusing to new players because Finally. The Germans should go to Flag 2 for this to the attackers’ strategy. you can defend grenades to kill all access points to the flagpoles easily and quickly. send the flag there are several interior passages with lots of turns carrier in to lower that can be disorienting at first.Underground is a twilight map that is set in the middle of a city. Flag 1 is located in the western part of the central building. Because there are so many ways to get to the flagpoles. The two flagpoles are the enemy flag and located inside buildings. with the tops extending out raise the attackers’ through the bomb-damaged roofs. use Flag 1. 165 . Another team should move in to cover the entrance to the central room from the attackers’ Each side begins side. defenders can them away from quickly get to it through the central room or the stairs in their cover in the the tunnels to stop them from raising the flag. First. By defending in a building. have a team which allows them directly defend the to avoid going down flag room connected into the street. This prevents the enemy from building. the defender has a tough job. American defenders Because the should protect defenders are Flag 2. The this one entrance. upper-level building. and the Americans to Flag 1. Finally. By dividing up a squad this way. accessing the stairways that lead up to the flagpoles. best course for the they can keep attackers is to stay attackers from in their upper-level getting to either flagpole through this area. while the sure to be near Germans protect the flagpole. have one team split up to cover Flag 2 can be found the two tunnels in the eastern that run under the part of the central rooms with the flagpoles. building and head for the flagpole. flag to win the round. them or push if the attacker is able to get to a flagpole.

Baptism of Fire Explore the abandoned hospital and discover Action Camera Trigger an Action Camera moment using Through the Looking 10 Baker’s fate. Hell’s 50 Action Camera Highway Trigger 25 Action Camera moments 25 Hero Expel the German forces from Koevering and While connected to Xbox Live. play the game First Recon Find and activate a Recon Point 10 Committed 50 once a week for three months Recon Bronze Find 6 Recon Points 15 While connected to Xbox Live. play the game Abandon All Hope bring an end to Operation Market Garden— 125 Focused 25 once a day for 7 days complete Chapter 10. Operation 15 Crunchies 10 tank Market Anti-Tank Destroy an enemy tank 10 Fight your way to the bridge over the Objective SNAFU Wilhelmena Canal in Zon—complete Chapter 20 Dig In! Kill 25 enemies while dug in 20 3. play the game 50 September 17 on September 17th First Kilroy Find a Kilroy 10 Become a member of Gearbox’s fan site at Kilroy Bronze Find 9 Kilroys 15 Gearbox Fan 50 www. Lost Enemy Arms Pick up and use a German MG42 10 Clear the Landing Zone and rendezvous with Kill five Germans by driving over them in the Touchdown Hartsock—complete Chapter 2. e d a sh e Unl Name Description Points Name Description Points Explore the abandoned hospital and Baker’s Bunker Buster Order the bazooka team to destroy sandbags 10 A Lethal Portent 10 fate—complete Chapter 1. The Five-Oh-Sink Basic Training Order your squad to Fall in. Move. Written in 25 times Incident Stone Completely suppress an enemy for the first Escort XXX Corps and link up with the 101st Suppressive Fire 10 time Calling in the Cavaly Airborne—complete Chapter 5. fix. play the game Obsessive 100 Recon Silver Find12 Recon Points 20 for once a day for 100 days Recon Gold Find 16 or more Recon Points 25 Remember While connected to Xbox Live. and Attack 10 Battle through the streets of Eindhoven with Order your squad to assault the enemy five The Kloossterdreef Assault! 10 the 506th—complete Chapter 4.—complete Chapter 7.. Operation 30 Garden Use your squad to find.. The 40 Blast explosives Glass Rabbit Hole Action Camera Trigger a headshot Action Camera moment 10 Repel Kampfgruppe Walther’s crushing attack Sniper Weather the Storm 45 on Veghel—complete Chapter Kilroy Silver Find 18 Kilroys 20 Kilroy Gold Find 25 or more Kilroys 25 166 . Black Friday Action Camera Trigger 10 Action Camera moments 10 Defend Hell’s Highway against the German Veteran Situation FUBAR counterattack—complete Chapter 9. flank and finish 10 The Four Fs 10 enemy fire teams Survive the bombing of Eindhoven—complete Hellfire 35 Squad Kills Help your squad earn 20 kills 10 Chapter 6. Tooth and Nail While connected to Xbox Live.gearboxity.

of course. When he’s butions to Hill 30’s game design not working on Brothers in Arms: and visual style. and the player. Mike was the first 2003. After his many contri- University of Kansas. and producer. he employee of Gearbox Software wrote AI and gameplay code for and has since held the role of level Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. Mike has been an industry profes- Neil is the lead programmer on sional since 1997. Rosalie is an industry veteran of 11 yyears and is new to the Brothers in Arms team. he’s spending time “next gen” Brothers in Arms game on his bikes or finding new trails became the obvious next step. 167 . Gearbox developers discover destructible cover. deeper into the abyss. Before Hell’s Highway. He also provides the voice of the character of Private Leggett. Jeramy has been deeply involved in the development of Brothers in Brian Thomas came to Gearbox Arms since the early days of Road after graduating from the to Hill 30. directing the first Hell’s Highway.” whose mix of true history and well-crafted storytelling takes Baker. models and special effects and even designing user interface. tto explore. designer. His favorite Hell’s Highway level is “Baptism of Fire. She previously wworked on the Quake and Civili- zation series. starting with Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway tthe Quake Mission Pack: Scourge and has been with Gearbox since of Armagon. With scope. for maximum sniping action. He’s also an amateur Jeramy enjoys getting his hands photographer and published dirty “in the trench” by making essayist. lead. but her new favorite wweapon is Hell’s Highway’s K43 rifle.

between classes at the University of California at Los Angeles. He have sold more than 12 million started designing for games in units worldwide and earned gross 2004 with Gearbox Software. and film. Gearbox in late 2005 and has Mikey has written and directed worked on all three Brothers in tthe cinematics for all the Brothers Arms titles. Casey is devoted to to lead artist of a tremendously ensuring that Gearbox continues to talented art team. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s a long way from office manager Highway. into a leading independent game with a background that includes w development studio whose titles music. Erik is an associate producer on Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. where he focuses on historical Mikey has been in the industry accuracy. then as a character of Cpl. and equipment in the games. Before becoming a full-time to Hill 30 and now Hell’s Highway. he’s in Blood. production assistant for Earned WWhen he isn’t writing games. occasionally performing at the famous Magic Castle and disc golf. Erik joined and Day of Defeat. television. Mark’s hobbies professional magician in Hollywood include music. and localization. first as a QA tester in Arms games and voiced the for Road to Hill 30. camping. Randy is one of four founders of Gearbox Software. 168 . Randy was a Outside work. producer for Hell’s Highway. Eli has worked on the at this time that he was appointed entire life span of the Brother’s in as QA lead for Gearbox’s flagship Arms franchise. revenues of more than $350 working on Brothers in Arms: Road w million. Sam Corrion. characters. It was Software. period as contractor for Brothers all of which have been with Gearbox in Arms: Earned in Blood. and now as an associate wwriting comic books and TV pilots. game balance. Mark has been a sound designer Gearbox has grown from an idea and sound engineer for 21 years. Under his guidance as president and CEO. fishing. release games with the highest bar of quality. favorite parts of the Brothers in Arms games are the squad-based tactics and the attention to detail given to the environments. game developer. and he has come project. game since his days on Counterstrike design. At Gearbox. e d a sh e Unl Casey began working full time for Eli Luna is a native Texan with Gearbox Software in 2006 after a seven years in the game industry. His Mikey also loves to cook.

Army for 30 much of the historical outline for years and is an Airborne Ranger. Col. The challenges of working with new technology and creating next-gen content had taken its toll on the overall game experience. and history to ttrips to Europe and has defined Brothers in Arms. and we felt pressured for time. he has partic- ipated in several of the research John brings authenticity. Over the past 20-plus years. Netherlands. Dave has worked on just about everything. from Civilization to Duke Nukem 3D to Half-Life games. a vision of Brothers in Arms for the next generation. He served in the U. creation. with functional game play and the technology required to drive it—but it wasn’t fun.Brian is the most experienced game maker at Gearbox. From Unreal and Unreal Tournament to Red Faction. including tthe early 80s. Antal at a key bridge along Hell’s Highway at Son. and The Punisher. Erik was a level designer on Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and the lead level designer for Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood. first with Microprose.S. Dave manages the Gearbox game play that this generation of gamers has come to animation team. Getting from there to a fully playable product proved to be a challenge that required great effort and even some personal sacrifice. He comes from a long history of development. John has published ten books. The reality of game development was settling in. he was our first next-gen title. triple-A titles. He has worked with tthe series. Almost a year had passed since E3 2006 and we had cobbled together our first vertical slice of the game. He has worked in just about every aspect of artistic design. and is therefore a tremendous value to the team. Star Hell’s Highway had many “firsts” for Gearbox Software. then with 3D Realms and Rebel Boat Rocker. which meant new technology has had a challenging yet rewarding and our first attempt at creating the triple-A visuals and career. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. and a history of the 101st Airborne in Operation Market- Garden. Brian has worked on several top-selling. Our first public demo was shown at E3 in 2006 knit collection of artists he has had and was very well received by the press—we captured tthe pleasure of working with. but he has no one to play it with. military tactics. the True Story. the most tightly expect. It Trek DS9. and implementation for digital entertainment in nearly every game genre. A copy of Avalon Hill’s two books published in summer 2008 as companions to “Squad Leader” board game sits on the game: a novel titled Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway his shelf. 169 . He also has been gaming Gearbox since 2003 and contributed to every Brothers wwithin the World War II genre since in Arms game. AAn avid history buff.

I can’t help but agree with Baker every time I hear his final speech in the Every map was touched by multiple designers who game. and the support of a team and company that are not afraid cinematics. It went Hell’s Highway novel and history book. e d a sh e Unl We may have stayed on this track if it weren’t for two level designers: Carl Shedd and Scott Jordan. Joe Espinoza—Five-Oh-Sink Tu Bui—Black Friday Calen Brait—Operation Market. but also from the special efforts that happen and dedication to the historical source we put in every along the way. scripting. Richard Jessup. Having learned lessons from the last year of development. Keith Burlison—Written in Stone Garden. they knew we could do better. chapter of the game. It makes me proud to be able to contribute something of Mark Forsyth—Operation Garden. The layout of each mission for Brothers in Arms was developed from World War II aerial photographs of the battlefield. Hell’s Highway 170 . They convinced the team to let them recreate the vertical slice map content from One of my earliest responsibilities on Hell’s Highway was scratch. Dorian Gorski. The level design team includes Pat Krefting. Brian coated tale of perfect soldiers winning the day in glorious Thomas. Mike Davis. and a reminder to us that daunting task. it would have been far too easy to tell the same candy. Tooth and Nail. Facing impossible odds and achieving victory in the face of defeat became core themes for both me and Baker. In this day and age. Hell’s Highway is as true to life as we could make it. to take risks in entertainment and storytelling. This included writing all of UbiDays in Paris and San Francisco. battle. as shown at historical helm for the game. Designing Hell’s Highway was easily the biggest challenge I have ever taken on in my life. combat design. Lost/ value to society by telling the story of the brave soldiers Rabbit Hole who fought for our freedom during Operation Market. I found it ironic that my own journey as a leader was reflected in Baker as the game developed over the years. The Brothers in Arms series has always quality games do not just come from good planning and been special among war shooters in the level of detail resources. second prototype took us out of a slump and bolstered John Antal took leave to write the Brothers in Arms: the team’s confidence in what we were making. In short. I was left at the on to become our first playable press demo. The dramatic events of the game were taken straight from the stories of the veterans who lived them. I certainly couldn’t have made it through without specialized in art. As Col. and Troy Tavis. This unscheduled taking charge of the game’s historical accuracy. David Avery. I think Nate Overman. Ben Burkart. Scott Jordan. This was the turning the recon reports you unlock throughout the game—a point in our development. Jason Reiss. and they did it in six weeks. Carl Shedd. Instead Hell’s Highway dives headlong into the grey areas of war and the incredible challenges that leaders face when life and death are on the line. war is often something we talk about in Eli Luna—Lead Artist passing with little understanding of the true cost of it.

171 .

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