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Nuclear Target Sites (Mainland Only


Aberdeen, Dunsford, Milford Haven,
Alconbury, Edinburgh, Newport,
Aldershot, Folkestone, Nottingham,
Barnsley, Glasgow, Oxford,
Barrow in Furness, Gloucester, Port Talbot,
Bedford, Grangemouth, Portsmouth,
Birkenhead, Greater London Area, River Humber Estuary (See Notes),
Birmingham, Grimbsby, Rochdale,
Blackburn, Harwich, Rotherham,
Bolton, Hereford, Sheffield,
Bradford, Hull, Southampton,
Bristol, Lakenheath, Stockport,
Brize Norton, Lancaster, Sunderland,
Bury, Leeds, Swansea,
Cardiff, Leicester, Tynemouth,
Carlisle, Liverpool, Walasey,
Cheltenham, Luton, Warrington,
Coventry, Lyneham, Wethersfield,
Derby, Manchester, Wigan,
Dover, Middlesbrough, Wolverhampton,
Dundee, Mildenhall, Yeovil,

After effects of the Nuclear Exchange • Between Romney and Southampton, the land is
indented with great bays surrounded by waste and
The United Kingdom suffered greatly as a result of the marsh.
Nuclear Exchange of the early 21st Century. Many of its • The area around Southampton is Marsh, broken by salt-
main population centres were devastated and EMP water lakes, and the sound is wider and deeper.
destroyed any chance of aid getting to where it was needed. • Most of Cornwall and Devon is much the same, though
What population remained in the cities started to head out they suffered greatly from the savage tides
into the countryside, bringing with them disease and radiation • The Somerset Levels are flooded, but with fresh water.
sickness. Strangely, no biological weapons systems were • The Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary channeled a
deployed against the UK. massive wave up into England every day for a month,
which, together with heavy rainfall, swept clean the
The exchange resulted in a partial melting of the north polar Severn and Avon valleys till nothing stood in the path of
ice caps. In a series of flood tides, most of the coastal the floodwaters.
areas of the UK (and Europe) were devastated and almost all
• A great indent is all that can be found of the Newcastle
of the original fishing fleets were destroyed on the sea or in
area as it was hit by multiple strikes to take out its
military production centres. The area is mainly marsh
and still slightly radioactive in places.
This also prevented water borne traffic from reinforcing the
Isles and flooded the Channel Tunnel. Within days, the
country was isolated and provincial. Parliament was Spaghetti Junction. If a 1-megaton nuclear device
destroyed and the Queen dead. Prince Henry assumed exploded at Spaghetti Junction (the intersection of the
command of the armed forces and tried to re-establish M6/M5/A38 in Birmingham) a crater 300 metres wide
control but without good communications and the
beauracacy, it was doomed to failure. In addition he was and 200 feet deep would replace the motorway
fought for control by MP’s and anti-monarchist units which interchange.
forced him to abandon large areas of the countryside. In the
end, all he could do was retire to the north of the country from • The Humber was blocked deliberately and a large
where his descendants still govern parts of the British Isles. doubled edged wall stretches across this river. The
area behind flooded rapidly and is now the York Loch,
Physical Effects stretching from Catterick down to the Trent valley.
Depth of the Loch varies wildly from 40 feet to 10 feet
1. Extensive Flood damage deep in places and is renowned for the obstacles.
Usually boats on the Loch travel using the old electricity
Most of the work of centuries was washed away in under a girders as guides. The city of York survived and rests
year. These are some of the major changes: atop extensive flood defenses. Small villages surround
the lock and pirates control the southern end.
England • A small river flows through the Lincoln cataract and
• The Thame's estuary is awash and marshland stretches meets the North Sea.
from the sea to above the greater London Craters. A • Where the Lake is not, the Grand Fen is – it reaches
new island is located out in the estuary and is gradually from Lincoln down to Cambridgeshire and few people
drying out. Large mud flats connect it to the marshes live in its midst. It is the remains of the flooding that
around the Medway islands. covered this area for the first 30 years after the war.
• Romney marsh is now a bay that extends 20 miles

• Large amounts of material flowing from the York Loch
have been deposited in the Wash and North Sea, Wales
extending the coastline. • In Wales the Gower Peninsula and large parts of
• The lower areas in Essex were also subject to massive Pembrokeshire were immersed under the waves and
flooding though the interior high country allowed the have yet to reappear.
area to revert faster. • Anglesey also suffered badly from both flood and
• The Scilly Islands were sunk! missile strikes against Holyhead and the bridges over
the straights.

appointees. Climate from the Midlands up to the old Scottish border. there is little significant radioactive source famine conditions and invaded England. bringing with of government for King Henry. parliament. The Civil War The rivers flow south to the Dee and come out below Chester. The main source of heat for the UK democratic government except for a hard core area in Ulster. the situation stabalised again with Parliament or ‘England’ maintaining a strong presence along the south and east coasts. Because of this Carlisle and the Isle of Parliamentarian members objected to this. A good deal of and York. In the end England withdrew and a large number of independent villages and towns now occupied their former 3. it was strange how they flocked to the political banner • The North Channel is now very shallow and at low tide – they saw Parliament as being legitimate – although there with the right winds there is only a four-mile channel were less than 60 members of them – over half being through the straits. martial law was declared • The floodwaters met in the Irish Sea and counteracted and the Army came under control of the King. After five years. Parliament had laying areas are now islands in their own right. In more centered around coastal regions or exceptionally good exposed areas most of the land is covered with heather and farming areas. the island Scandinavia. Although the isles suffered from constant rain and storms In Ireland the situation was different and compounded by during the initial years following the war. The Army withdrew material left. units. flowing back out again with millions of tons gale force winds are common. The UK was able to maintain a small fraction of shift away from the southern towns and villages as northern its naval power and extends its power throughout the Irish areas once more begin to burgeon. the Army retired to the North and imposed several Ireland checks on the Parliamentarian forces. When the climate changed. . Much of the isles have reverted back to a medieval aspect As the climate grew worse only the south could grow with forests covering much of the land except in main sufficient food stocks. Instead of fighting back in the chaos following the war. south into England. • See the map for more details. Attempting to hold the refugees back there is a slightly higher background radiation in most of the only resulted in desperate refugees overcoming English Army surrounding tidal areas. the Army suffered a number towns were drowned and the Forth is now three times of defeats (they were strung out badly across the whole of its original size. When the War devastated the UK. from Arran to Islay. deep running fjord. • Edinburgh. English Army and the southern militia units and they established themselves by Clan’s throughout little pockets 4. History moraine damming the rivers. many areas were devastated but outlawed and illegal. Civilization in the north was left agricultural pockets and around the marshlands. Today they are the seats of power of were the ones who should control the country. 20 years ago. MP’s formed a rump parliament in Anglia (a Scotland supposed good source of food) and declared the Monarchy • In Scotland. This is turn threw a wave of northern refugees targets literally had the radiation washed away. Today the area is marsh with scattered islands and the river cannot be discerned. The great glen is now a five mile wide by dint of pressure assumed control of a larger number of channel though the heart of Scotia with rip tides and territorial or militia units. of rubble from the strikes on the cities earlier. Parliament found itself under severe pressure and had to call its Army • Ireland took the brunt of floodwaters heading in from the back to deal with major refugee problems imposed by the Atlantic. just got down and managed to maintain a hard but good life. Fife and Stirling. few of the major cities escaped damage from the floods. However. Scottish refugees were repulsed by both the hardy grasses with low scrub. filling the Mersey River and formed a 5. though concentrations can usually be found in in front of them and maintained their presence only at Carlisle areas suffering from direct missile impacts. was the Gulf Stream. plus the bulk of the big Driven back before Parliament. Scotland – now independent – was floundering under After 150 years. Using the loyal members of it an increase of fish stocks and warmer vegetation. the Gulf Stream finished moving north again and now seems to have reestablished itself slightly north of its 20th Century position with the result that in recent years. sheet cliffs that make most crossings formidable. Much of the island was flooded and many out. Radiation steadily decreasing temperatures forced another refugee crisis. For a while. the UK). As a result. debris has connected the islands The Parliamentarian army actually enjoyed initial success. They had King Henry's descendants. flooding of the Vale of York. each other. believing that they Mann survived. the UK maintained a constitutional monarchy but with the monarch exercising far more power than they had This has led to the beginnings of a population growth and a previously.• In the north. neglected the old ties that most of the Armed Forces had to the Monarchy. to abandon Northampton and they moved south. The Isle of Mann survived the war and became the new seat the temperature in the Irish Sea has increased. but nothing to cause serious harm. Flora territory. Following the war this moved south which retained independence. • At the end of the Glen. The debris swept out. This changed 5 years after the war when 2. mainly by getting naval gun and much of the UK experienced weather similar to support from the UK. Tidal waves swept in as far as The British Isles are now in a warm interlude though strong Manchester. the Islands climate sectarian differences. They accumulated a small army and recovered. Most of Ireland was united under a has now stabalised. eventually • Derry was totally flattened and is now at the site of a taking over Dover and the South Coast. years. with several inland Lochs where the To a public whose monarch had been degraded over the sea used to be. However.

Making a lot of Slasher (giant boars) noise will scare away game. Bats When stopped you should roll every 3 hours for an encounter Mutated Creatures but a 5 or 6 will indicate such an event. Of interest is that it has managed to Swans keep its hold on the last main oil producing region – the Shetlands and Orkney isles – by shipping food etc in return Small Creatures for oil. Tristan De Cunha. This is why the UK Ferrets has been unable to secure more than it has – over ¾ of its Squirrels meager strength is deployed elsewhere in the world. The Falkland & Georgia Mink Islands and the Bahamas and Belize. Feral dogpacks are the biggest wildlife threat to the settled Sea shore encounters add the following encounters in place areas – fewer packs are found in the wild. the Weyrbit (weyr rabbit) encounter rate will go up to 3-6 on 1d6. Dog pack and wolf packs do not co-exist together and will fight to the death. The UK also still holds control of Gibraltar.Sea coastal areas. The dogpacks of Large & Small Predators live off the human settlements. When hunting. Seashore Crayfish – giant 01-05 Large Predators Freshwater oysters 06-20 Small Predators Seals 21. Grass snake Birds For more details see UK Politics Otters Beever Encounters in the British Isles: Birds of Prey Ospreys The following tables will do for most encounters outside of Eagle Owls the settled areas of the British Isles.30 Grazers Otters 31-35 Men Dolphins 36-55 Small Game Porpoises 56-79 Small Creatures Orca 80-85 Men Whales 86-95 Birds of Prey 96-0 Mutated creatures Large Predators Big Cats Feral Dogs Wolves Pine Marten Chimps Small Predators Foxes Cats Wildcat Adder Dogs (single) Grazers Wild horses/ponies Highland cattle Sheep Oxen Goats Llamas Wild Boar Deer Yaks Small Game Rabbits/hares Pheasant/grouse Duck Geese . Snowy Owls Peregrines When travelling you should roll 1d6 for every hour travelled – Merlins a 6 will indicate that you will see something. but may attract trouble from Wights (mutated human) other sources. St Helena. Crayfish – giant Furbees (furry bees) Many of the creatures found here will be shy of men and will Chancat (change cat) be seen (or heard) at a distance. Ascension Rat Isle.


restored order. 1 Squadron many cases retired armed forces members are replacing fighter/spotters active officers) Government: Representative (Limited) – a central committee Notes: The Pale was the main manufacturing area of Eire with the First Minister at its head. Despite rabble rousers (usually former politicians or people with connections to the Catholic Kingdom of Derry League).000 Technology: B. Parliament consists of 1 seat per town. 1 representative of each major religion (major = 5% of population or entire geographic region). Advancement is through skill and influence but the factories are owned by the Crown. Chester. 12 Government: Democratic. Limited Military: 6 Brigades. Ireland is the only one that debar a citizen from voting. All adult males able to vote subject if Catholic and depending on their political Overviw: views. 4 Heavy artillery Battalions. Shetland Isles. Towns: Barnstaple. The current junta is seriously considering Region: Londonderry – Northern Ireland . Claim nominal broke down into race riots (the area had always been more allegiance to King William. Ireland Government: Democratic (restricted). Entry Region: Southern Ireland (excluding south coast) into armed forces a right of born members of the UK. Estimated population: 2. but until the Northern invasion. Lerwick. 72 other combat craft.all adult males subject to call up for militia. Irish priests have formed a militant arm which fights alongside the army.000 Technology: B – Armoured vehicles. no restrictions. great war twenty years ago. The invasion hit this area badly must have passed the Test Act which outlaws all religions and disrupted local affairs enormously. 6 Voluntary TA Brigades.000 Population: est 520.200. 1 representative Catholic League from each of Armed Forces. but denies legitimacy of UK cosmopolitan). the Army has done a good job in restoring public functions. Anti Catholic. Population: 350. Carlisle. All adults may vote. Dumfries. An Towns: Individual’s rights to enter armed service may be denied by Population: 650. Heavy artillery General (Isle of Man) Military: 2 Brigades (1 Armoured). 1 Cruiser. all males councils which are dominated by current army officers – in considered for call up to militia. Destroyers & Frigates. Channel Islands.000 Region: Northern and Central region of Ireland Military: 12 Brigades (2 armoured).000 court application only. Political Outline Towns: New Derry Population: 75. All adults (male & female) have to serve 4 years in army & subject to call up in militia thereafter) United Kingdom or ‘The Monarchy’ Government: Monarchy/Feudal technocracy. 4 squadrons Notes: Eire used to represent all of southern ireland until the prop engine fighter-bombers. The invasion from Ulster split Government: Constitutional Monarchy – King William X. southern ireland into Eire. the military leaders formed a junta and government. All adults vote.000 The Pale Protestant Union of Ulster Region: Eastern Ireland Towns: Population: 750. Atlantic Dominions Region: Western Ireland Towns: Douglas. Technology: B – primarily cavalry Military: 24 brigades (mainly light infantry and cavalry). Eire Region: Irish Sea Coastal Areas. Members of this arm have the right to Of all the areas of the British Isles. Note: the league has no use for has maintained political units in constant contact with each either Eire or the Pale. but are friendly towards the Monarchy other. conflicts and wars over the last hundred years. Military: 9 Brigades regular (12 brigades TA). some heavy factories. 1 seat per 10000 inhabitants (not voters) or geographic area. Towns: 1 Frigate. When civil order except the Protestant church. Unfortunately this has lead to a steady series of despite the expulsion of some of their priests in UK territory.000 Technology: B – primarily cavalry and foot Technology: A – no lasers or fusion power. 4 patrol craft. 6 other armed craft Population: 450. Queen Niomh II rules through a series of technical oligarchs who operate the remaining factories (very well indeed – there is a thriving export market). Local councils deal with day to day running of affairs. all adult males subject to call up for manufacturing ability militia. Carnoerfan. the Pale and the Catholic League. Voting allowed by any ex-services member otherwise known as a ‘citizen’. No political parties allowed. Technology: B – some armoured vehicles and light aircraft Government: Dictatorship (local affairs are run by local Military: Unknown – 20 Brigades regular.

000 Technology: B Scotland Military: 1 Brigade. Raided by England in the Government: Council of the Isles – Democratic local council. and support themselves in Clan groupings in the highlands.000 Caithness Region: West Coast of northern England Towns: Berwick. well fortified. The Government: Old style feudalism – Earl of Montrose head of Pale trades greatly with the UK and has been backed up by council with Barons underneath him and so forth downwards. In the time since. Voting allowed any registered adult over rarely overlap and so major conflict is rare and infrequent. Cut off from the remainder of ireland by the Cork Cut. Head of guilds operate Towns: the town. . Towns: Population: 125. past but have now acquired longer range guns which should all males over 30 eligible to vote and all females over 40. fourteen years of age. low level of small action skirmishes is almost constant. Some of the more adventurous trade up to the Pale or Eire (or even the UK). naval forces Bandits and slavers raid indiscriminately throughout England. Guilds. Population. Usually willing to help to the last loaf of bread. 130. Refugees settled the fjords created by the floods and were England helped by the Islanders. fitted with 20 mm cannon. most of Scotland was too cold to allow a large slavers (who can sell them to Inverness). perhaps as many as 80. Trawlers. Major population displacement following the nuclear exchange was added to by the Flooding and Nuclear Winter resulting a catastrophic loss of life. carrying on small farming and Berwick trading activities.000? Technology: C Military: Local militia Government: Local (usually democratic). Happy people who don’t give a fig for what’s going on the Region: West Coast of Scotland North. Parliament advises the King and Scotland is a country split amongst different factions which controls money. most of which are. Slaveholders (under designation of Serfs). Journeymen and masters. Mainly a herding and fishing community. Population. At that. displaced England (whose ships have raided Fife four times in the last refugees from England have gradually made their way ‘home’ decade). Coldstream Population: 100. occupations such as labourers). Fife is a main target of both 50 years ago. Notes: experiencing difficulties with Clans in nearby uplands Rest of Ireland and is starting to expand their borders to stop Serfs running away to the free Clans. them on two previous occasions. The coastline is made up of the survivors of the great floods a century and a half previously.000 Suffering problems with the non-skilled citizens and honestly Technology: C attempting to solve this problem without giving away their Military: Mainly militia but an active Marine force of 3 own power (some have suggested a general guild for broad battalions. 700. keep them at bay. Any area not under domination by a Technology: C major force is made up of small towns and villages with Military: 3 Brigades. To finish it off.000 Technology: C Military: 4 brigades (considered elite). . Overview: Inverness England was the most devastated area of the British Isles.000.000 when they started. by this time. The outer isles did not suffer as bad as other areas from the great floods.introducing a system similar to that used by the UK. fleeing from worsening winters and taking over much of the central area of Northern Region: West Coast of Scotland and Mid England. All adults subject to call up to militia. Local economy operates through However. Until Considered to be very rich. 2 old mine sweepers (1 battalion of light armour) Overview Government: Constitutional Monarchy – King James XX (a cousin of King William). no reserves Region: Northern Isles and coast of Scotland Government: Town council. forming a strong bond between them. each settlement is independent of each other and are mutually suspicious of strangers. The only places to hold a semblance of power were those under a strong central influence. bandits of various types are very common and so a guilds with Apprenticeships. no isolated farms. only masters of guilds may vote head of guild in. bandits and population to support itself. Region: Southern Coast Ancient Kingdom of Fife Towns: Population: 81. most towns and cities were destroyed by marauders and refugees. but not without suffering massive Towns: Nairn casualties themselves and losing any cohesion they had Population: 300. refugees from Scotland moved steadily south.

He was forced out by the rising flood waters but left sufficient men and materials to enable York to survive. Police forces rarely Military: 1 Brigade. Voters are those who have completed military training and put in their minimum service time each year. Eventually they put together a working legislature based on an American State.000 Technology: A Military: 2 Brigades. Government: Democracy (limited). York trading barges sail the great York loch.000 Technology: B Military: 5 Divisions (Brigade in strengh).S. White Division. they helped local authorities to maintain control in the face of the massive population displacements. regiment. (1 battalion of heavy armour) Government: Oligarchy (limited democracy). 3 of which are re-elected every year for a period of four years plus non- executive members representing public services.000 Great Britain Technology: B Military: 4 Cavalry Brigades. then they lose their voting rights until they have Towns: completed a further three years minimum service at which Population: 1. Plantagenet Military: 5 Brigades (3 armoured brigades. Technology: B with A in some places Divisons are: Royal Division.000 point their rights are restored). Government: Inner Council – a board of 12. Beverley representation for workers and slums are common. and the Lord Generals of each division sit as non-executive members of the IC. MP’s are voted into Parliament by voters. most of whom who claim allegiance to York. USA (North) Region: Outer edge of great fens Towns: Population: 325. All adults entitled to vote (except slaves). Slavery Population: 200. who are those who hold land/property worth over £1000. Through force of arms they attained control of half of England before the floods caused refugee waves to flood their borders. All adults have to complete four years training and are then entitled to vote. Remnants of the York Parliament of the United Kingdom which refused to recognise martial law and King Henrys authority after the nuclear strike. Based in the island walled off from the rest of the urban areas. Only men of American descent are allowed to vote. Slave holders. There is no Towns: York.Slaves are sold to some of the factions left or are sold abroad in Europe. In these cases they are indentured to work for the length of time taken to pay . Marlborough Division. (if the minimum time is not Region: South West Coast of England. the Parliament of the time declared a republic and fought King Henry (adding to the misery of the refugees and preventing aid). As a note of interest. 1 parachute Division. There and down the coasts. Over 2/3rds of the population are slaves. Anglia put in.) Englands forces regularly raid up York. People may only become slaves due to debt or crime. the territory also encompasses the North York punishable by death (and sedition is someone who thinks Moors and has as it’s main claim to fame. Towns: Harrogate Population: 175. going so far as to massacre whole refugee camps and columns. Lifeguard Division. 4 Frigates. 1 Cavalry Division). Parliament retreated back and refused refugees into England. York was where U. Scarborough. 14 small patrol craft. Sedition is city of York. are many small islands in the Loch. Army is run by the Army council. York acknowledges the UK in full and has reciprocal citizenship rights.500. tackle crime in the ‘upbeat’ areas of towns and which are now Government: Council (full democracy).A.000 has become common in recent decades which has lead to a Technology: A decrease in workers wages and rights. Region: Oxforshire Towns: Oxford England Population: 250.00 (a luxury house is valued at £500 & Region: Yorkshire property prices are regulated by Parliament). York’s main food area is the valley leading up to Scarborough and it exports this food from the harbour at Scarborough. Based on American servicemen and women stationed in the North of England. mainly Region: Northern England (central) of British descent. The only adults not entitled to vote are slaves. 1 squadron of jet aircraft Government: Full representative democracy. Piracy is rife on the York loch.(south) King Henry re-established the capital of the UK in the first weeks after the nuclear exchange. the University of that his lot in life isn’t fair. Fought England to a standstill but now have a mutual treaty of defence.

Maximum slavery indenture is fifteen years. .off the debt (or a portion thereof).

The Isle of Man. Midlands 2. Eastern England Sea. 1 2 3 4 Romanies 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 Universities x x 6-10 x Townsmen 6-15 6-10 11-15 6-10 Clansmen 16-20 11-15 16-20 x 5 6 7 8 9 Technicians 21-23 17-18 21-23 11-13 Survilialist x 19 24 14 Romanies 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 Army 24-30 20-25 25 15 Universities x 6-10 x x 6-10 Soviets 31-32 x x 16-18 Townsmen 6-10 11-15 6-10 6-10 11-15 Slavers 33-35 26-28 26-30 19-20 Clansmen x x x 11-15 16-20 Fishermen 35-40 x 31-34 21-25 Technicians 11-13 16-18 11-13 16-18 21-25 Religious x 29-30 35-36 26-28 Survilialist 14 x 14 19 26 Fanatics Army 15 19-20 15 20 27 Road x x 37-38 29 Soviets x x x x x Warriors Slavers 16-20 21-25 16-25 21-25 28-30 Razers x 31-35 39 30 Fishermen 21-25 26-30 x x 31-35 Herders 41-45 36-40 40-44 31-35 Religious 26-28 31 26-28 26-28 X Pirates x x 45 36-37 Fanatics Knotters x x X 38-40 Road 29 X 29-31 29-31 X Overlords 46-48 41-50 46-50 41-50 Warriors Bikers 49-51 51-53 51-53 51-53 Razers 30 X 32 32 X United States X x X X Herders 31-35 32-38 33-37 33-37 36-41 Napeleons 52 54 54 54 Pirates 36-37 39-40 38-39 38-39 41-43 Own Knotters x X 40-41 40-41 44-46 Monks 53 55-56 55-56 55-56 Overlords 38-41 41-43 42-43 42-43 47-50 Cinqe Ports X x X X Bikers 42-43 44-51 44-51 44-45 X Brigforce X x X X United States X X X 46-51 51-53 Centares 54-55 57 57 57 Napeleons 44 52 52 52 54 Linkman 56-57 58-59 58-59 58-59 Own Willows Folk X x X X Monks 45-46 53-54 53-54 53-54 55-56 Jihad 58 60 60 60 Cinqe Ports 47-50 x x x x Victuallers 59-65 61-65 61-65 61-65 Brigforce 51-56 X X X x Foresters X 66-75 66-76 66-75 Centares 57 55-56 55-57 55-57 57 Farmers 66-73 76-82 77-83 76-82 Linkman 58-59 5759 58-59 58-59 58-59 Gepees 74-77 82-83 84-85 83-85 Willows Folk X 60-65 x 60-65 60-69 Scargills 78-80 84-85 86-87 X Jihad 60 X 60 66 70 Cannibals 81-83 86-89 88-93 86-89 Victuallers 61-65 66-70 61-65 67-70 71-74 Born Again 84 90-92 X 90-92 Foresters 66-75 X 66-70 71-79 75-78 Breeders X X X X Farmers 76-82 71-80 71-80 80-87 79-83 Beaters 85 93-94 94-96 93-94 Gepees 83-85 81-82 81-82 88-89 84-85 Combat 18 X X 97-98 95-96 Scargills X x 83-85 90-91 86-89 Warlocks 86 95 99 97 Cannibals 86-89 83 86 92 90 Agents 87-89 96-97 100 98-99 Born Again 90-92 84-90 87-89 x 91-92 Monarchy 90-100 98-100 x 100 Breeders X x 90-92 x x Beaters 93-94 91-94 93-94 93-94 93-94 Combat 18 95-96 95-96 95-96 95-96 95-96 Warlocks 97 97 97 97 97 Agents 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 98-99 Monarchy 100 100 100 100 100 . Anglia and Cornwall/Devon 8. Irish Sea – 10 to 20 miles inland of the coast of the Irish 6. Southern England 1. Ireland & Scotland 10. Coast of South Wales 7. North East England 4. Carlisle. UK ENCOUNTER TABLES 5. Wales 9. North West England 3.

Number appearing 1D6 Tech Level E-C Name WARLOCKS/WITCHES Transport Some cars. all non Weapons Everything From Melee To whites are first captured. They Weapons Everything From Melee To can be found in any Modern Firearms community that will accept Principal Base Carlisle them. Usually Full are. This group is very dangerous and H & M Range 8-20 will pose one hell of a threat to anyone rebuilding the Description Monarchists are those nation. Tech Level Any. GROUPS FOR THE UK Power/resources Any Weapons Any Principal Base None. . basic survival Number appearing 1D4 equipment. Principal Base None Alternatively. H & M Range 2-20 Name COMBAT 18 Description Agents are the current Geographical Location Anywhere outside Irish Sea Secret Service of the area and near the ruins of descended from MI5 & 6. Weapons Shotguns. persons who live within the control of the King. heavy military ships other area's.A. non Tech Level A W. and project can make contact motorcycles with one of these. but some are killed outright. their Power/resources Some fuel production. these other racial groups. and Modern Firearms then tortured. breakdown and knowledge Weapons Everything from melee to will become known to the modern firearms. Many Special Attributes Controls Army & Agents. If the Transport Some trucks. Monarchy within a week. people have been Transport Motor Vehicles.P. In aircraft. Cars. Some completely wiped out. the old citys Most operate outside of the Number appearing 4D6 Monarchy but send back Tech Level D-B reports by radio. And Description Growing more and more Motorcycles or horses common as the years go by Power/resources Radio’s & Knowledge are the people gifted with the powers of the mind. various racial hatred groups such as Combat 18. they might be Special Attributes None agents of another power H&M Average 2 such as England or Great H & M Range 0-6 Britain – who knows? Description After the war.S. Most will appreciate Special Attributes Able To Call On Support being accepted for what they From The Army. motorcycles. Fusion power For the most part. In some Number appearing 1-200 area's all non white. Geographical Location Everywhere Power/resources No power. Large parties can be found outside the main area and in towns Name SECMEN and villages throughout the Geographical Location anywhere UK. Clans groups support this followers devoutly loyal outlook and will be H&M Average 12 sympathetic to them. Number appearing 1 H&M Average 10 Tech Level D-B H & M Range 4-18 Transport Some Trucks. some repaired modern. Name Agents Geographical Location Anywhere Special Attributes Psionics. cars. some of these & vehicles groups have just enslaved Power/resources Radio’s & Knowledge. and others Principal Base Isle of Man are kept as slaves. a benefit to mankind Local Knowledge Of An Area though some can be power H&M Average 8 seekers. home made . decided to take advantage of the lack of Name Monarchy government and laws in Geographical Location Irish Sea order to begin their task of racial genocide.MORROW PROJECT ENCOUNTER Transport Any.

The survivors Number appearing 5D10X100 brought in what members of Tech Level C their families they could find. Principal Base None military . Some purpose of breeding what submerge the practice in they consider to be a religious rites and "Super-Race" (A. Transport Cars. Over the years have groups of secmen they would help anyone who guarding their estates and needed it. Weapons Modern firearms. most landowners warlords. This group now survives by trading livestock and vegetables which they grow. there are still groups pure. years. Description Basicly security guards of H&M Average 14 one sort or another. Power/resources No power /hunters. explosives. for just about anything. operated estates. few firearms. H&M Average 3 H&M Average 6 H & M Range 0-5 H & M Range 2-9 Description Though conditions have Description These people hunt improved 150 years after the throughout the country for war. They also dangerous people to meet. trucks. They are starting to Geographical Location All Mountainous Areas near discover the possibility of towns & communities extra dimensions as a lot of Number appearing 5D10X10 these mutants simply could Tech Level E not have evolved into an Transport None. some Tech Level E-F generated Transport Horseback. trade. Hitler's ceremonies. scargills are cannibels. for the as part of their diet. Weapons Dart guns. the bouncers. unmutated that depend on the uncontaminated white consumption of human flesh human stock. These people are Weapons Swords. explosives descended from a group of Principal Base None.A. They H & M Range 10-20 can be local militia or a pubs Description Just after the war. but mainly mine the minerals to use for horseback. Principal Base Trent River Basin Principal Base None Special Attributes Semi-scientists with Special Attributes Excellent woodsmen. unpredictable. vicious and Principal Base Kings Lynn. genetic Christian scientists who survived the war. Some groups of Power/resources Farming. In raiders and would be England. Weapons Edged and blunt hand . gas grenades. humans are mutants. Special Attributes Kind. decent people who H&M Average 5 are always willing to H & M Range 2-8 help out a person in need. and a few others slave users. as long as they keeping guards over slave proved to be non-violent. walking electricity and batteries. entire race in a matter of 150 Power/resources Minerals. some bows. melee . shotguns. religious convictions.K. a few military and they then continued to vehicles. Name BREEDERS Geographical Location Trent Valley & Midlands Name CANNIBALS Number appearing 2D6 Per patrol Geographical Location Everywhere except Irish Tech Level C-B Sea area Transport Cars and trucks Number appearing 2D12 Power/resources Combustion engines. hunting. These . Usually have a survivors managed to secure very bad reputation for a large number of military brutality and only the vehicles which they used to strongest powers can keep defend themselves from larger groups in check. Very supermen). Special Attributes Sneaky. They Special Attributes Excellent miners and assume that all non-white structural engineers. H&M Average 8 H & M Range 3-15 Description Scargills are the surviving descendants of miners who Name BORN AGAIN found that they could survive Geographical Location Anglia quite well in the areas they worked in. rifles. capture any mutants they encounter (or just out and out kill them) to study what has caused the mutation Name SCARGILLS them.

Transport Some cars. H & M Range 8-19 Power/resources None. Some have to trade. but drivers from before the war. H & M Range 8-15 Weapons Excellent firearms. some military Special Attributes May posses heavy vehicles. able to move doctors take today. them to communicate with usually giving more food other truckers. They dress However they will expect appropriately for conditions. Tech Level C Principal Base None Transport Semi trailers. and fishers. They are not an unfriendly group. They have to help and heal the sick and become excellent hunters the ailing. outside world. 4D6 Per Weapons Firearms. horse & carts equipment and strong. and nature lovers road. animals. They Special Attributes Excellent woodsmen. some firearms. Number appearing 2D12 Trucks. They will H&M Average 10 never turn away a hungry H & M Range 4-12 mouth except under Description The survivors of the big rig exceptional pressure. Truck occasional heavy . but drovers. Over company of victuallers or the past 150 years the linkmen. Tech Level B-D Name VICTUALLERS (travellers. Make their own have information on the fuel and booze. combustion Fortress-like homes. They are good Special Attributes Travel in large trucks or as hosts to those with good convoys of smaller horse intentions especially if you drawn carts. work. their trucks. crops. payment for services but always in camouflaged rendered. Description Gepees are decendents or Weapons Bows. Geographical Location Everywhere Number appearing 3D6 Families. and party in for their food and lodging. without exception. 2D12 per family. they do expect that a person Victuallers travel in clans. They can originally formed by hunters. Tech Level F H&M Average 14 Transport None. who survived the war. Most of these various groups prospered people have taken an oath and grew. sometimes in the who survived the war. explosives. There are . pupils of medical personnel Principal Base None. trucks. people have become than the item they are excellent miners. trading for is worth. but they do prefer to Name FARMERS be left alone. Name GEPEES Geographical Location Everywhere Number appearing 1D3 Tech Level C Transport Horseback Power/resources N/A Name FORESTERS (also called Verderers) Weapons Edged hand . carts or unless they have something riverboat. bows & Description Farmers are the backbone melee of the community to which Principal Base None they belong. like ghosts. occasionally be found on the fishers. They are also very working radio’s and use fair when it comes to trading. Power/resources Semi trucks. crossbows. engines. They are at one much as the oath the with nature. who shares their hospitality They are traveling traders to do an honest day's work who live. clothing to suit the season. Geographical Location Where-ever there are large woodland areas Principal Base None Number appearing 4D10 Special Attributes Good knowledge of medicine. carters etc) mainly horseback Geographical Location Everywhere Power/resources Wind. knives. some H&M Average 12 electricity. are highly respected among H&M Average 10 the townspeople who will H & M Range 7-13 extend every effort to protect Description These groups were them. mountaineers and spelunkers. water.

manufacturing facilities. resemble medieval bards Principal Base Vicinity of Lincoln and the and many entertain quite Great Fen literally by singing for their Special Attributes Short. the survivors sent out Principal Base None scouting parties to look for Special Attributes Access to huge amounts of others like themselves and . while others have a the slaves revolted against great deal of goods such as their cruel masters. no Special Attributes Teach torture as a fine art. As the years passed they would often Number appearing 7D10X10 carry small packages to Tech Level D nearby communities and Transport Ponies would sell any information Power/resources Fishing. The Power/resources Some of the centares have forming of the Great Fen and Access to fusion power York Loch cut them off and plants. They survived the Number appearing 10D100 initial onslaught. killing and torturing only means of information in for the fun of it in the name isolated areas. crossbows. named after a film about a Weapons Many of the centares have short person. H&M Average 2 Weapons Mostly bows. supper. or scavenging. machine shop equipment. a large group of dwarves and Name CENTARES midgets were filming near Geographical Location Everywhere Lincoln. years. H & M Range 0-3 no military Description Self styled crusaders of any Principal Base None religion. some sidearms. but just Tech Level F-B barely by being captured Transport Cars. The survivors perishable materials for set up near Lincoln. Geographical Location Everywhere Power/resources Some combustion and Number appearing 1-3 steam engines Tech Level E-D Weapons Blunt and edged favored. but some cars and trucks. You are either for of the Post Office & courier them or against them (and in system. often the attack. Over the good civilian firearms. looking many miles. It defend clan and vehicles. They also they had been forced to have access to re-loading serve their masters and equipment and a lot of used the name Willows Folk. agriculture. for a fee Name Willows Folk (usually food or survival Geographical Location 2 equipment). trucks. H&M Average 6 H & M Range 2-10 Description At the time of the war. They can be messages and packages for found in any area. Power/resources They mainly travel by Principal Base Blackburn horseback. All victuallers for other short people. and used as slaves. they managed to keep the local mail running. and crossbows. they possessed for a price. slings Many Linkmen now and the occasional firearm. Weapons Bows. Willows folk can be tend to specialise in animals found in small patrols all – driving them on foot over over the great fen. will fight to the death to hunting. Drovers live. In the years that case you are a target) following the war. should be noted that genetics mean that normal sized persons are born to the ffolk but they do not discriminate against ‘tallers’ Name JIHAD/CRUSADERS as they do against outside Geographical Location Anywhere folk (‘biggers’ or ‘buggers’) Number appearing 4D10 Tech Level D Name LINKMEN Transport Mainly horseback. Will carry of their god. motorcycles. The most a fee. Similar to fanatics but these will go out and Special Attributes Rarely attacked. disconcerting thing about H&M Average 13 them is that they can rarely H & M Range 10-18 be distracted from their Description Linkmen are the remnants goals. where trade or barter. gaining pre-ruin clothing and non- their freedom. Transport Horseback or on foot some firearms. some who use their vehicles offer them a safe haven to as raiding engines.

the Name MONKS centares would not deal with Geographical Location Everywhere outsiders. they find though they cannot Control of the straits of understand it's nature. They explosives. It’s Weapons Small firearms speculated that they are Principal Base Deal. These people may have Power/resources POWER /RESOURCES nothing to do with anyone Hydroelectric. Napoleon is their steam. of a feudalism and forms Principal Base none part of England. outsiders in order to get Power/resources POWER AND RESOURCES items that they are lacking Some steam power.random Principal Base None Special Attributes They have access to Name BRIGFORCE ancient knowledge. What Dover. hereditary leader. with Description During the war. farming. people whom they now principally found themselves trapped in supply as merchants and local shopping centres and fishermen. skillful shipmen Description Some of the original Cinque ports of England. still protects the locals from H&M Average 10 any attack. military of the medieval ages. Now part of found out that with a little England (each supplies an work and co-operation with MP to Parliament) other survivors with them that they had enough goods and equipment to survive and flourish. he was assassinated. some aircraft. They have a very Tech Level B widespread library available Transport Sailed Vehicles. they can understand they Principal Base Dover. steam. vehicles. trucks. remaining towns expanded H&M Average 10 with survivors and built walls H & M Range 8-14 that resisted Brigforce. have the backing of other Weapons Modern automatic . groups in the area. descended from re- Folkstone enactment groups that did Special Attributes 12 not join with the Knotters H&M Average 8-15 (qv) H & M Range Well defended walls. but as time went Number appearing 4D8 on they found that they Tech Level E-F would need to trade with Transport Horseback. facility . The militia Special Attributes Unpredictable. some armored preserve any knowledge vehicles. or they may solar/mining. or on foot. institutions specializing in the treatment of schizophrenics. the others Name UNITED STATES were absorbed by Geographical Location anywhere BRIGFORCE. The Weapons Any except energy and empire still exists in the form laser . Ramsgate. Basically H & M Range 0-19 intelligent people who have Description This are the decedents of an excellent working system. Geographical Location South East Coast H&M Average 19 Number appearing 10D6 H & M Range 17-20 Tech Level B Description Similar to the monasteries Transport Cars. The Number appearing 10D100 . Margate. and to get rid of items they Weapons Laymen who will protect the have an over abundance of. and so can be almost Power/resources POWER /RESOURCES anyone. will teach for a fee. He managed to Transport Any carve out an empire before Power/resources All but nuclear power. pre-ruin goods. As such they go well out of their way Name CINQUE PORTS to imitate some admired Geographical Location South East Coast person out of history or Number appearing 10D6 fiction. some but themselves. Special Attributes H&M Average 11 H & M Range 4-15 Name NAPOLEON'S OWN Description An organization founded by Geographical Location found everywhere a ruthless but efficient tyrant Number appearing 1D10 in the early days following Tech Level Any the war. At first.

often than not it tends to be others the former.Tech Level C-E together.S. never survival. farming kindly ruler with his peoples Weapons Repaired modern . H&M Average 8 H & M Range 6-14 Name PIRATES Description After the war. Loch. See Political area for a fuller Principal Base None breakdown. motorcycles When they do. going traders while other H&M Average 8 groups continued their evil H & M Range 0-16 ways. Enjoy trading with Number appearing 1+6D100 outsiders. Through trade the coast lines. smaller manufacturing capabilities. trucks. some other melee other of the main groups. communities exist througout Weapons Some modern firearms. Transport Cars. thing from a dictator. motorcycles. everywhere and can be any Power/resources Steam. the UK but all follow the mainly crossbows and leadership of one or the harpoons. Special Attributes N/A driving sheep and cattle H&M Average 10 before them to sell them to H & M Range 0-15 Victuallers. but simply for Special Attributes Always on the move. motorboats. More Principal Base RAF Alconbury. and Transport Sailboats. well fed. pirates Transport Horseback. trucks. Other. west. mainly bows around the Pacific Rim. As time passed. Boats and boat government. Harrogate. . some groups and technicians they have also inhabit the York maintained their bikes. and a few yachts. other Bikers but mainly horsedrawn groups band together to Power/resources A Large number have track them down and kill electricity and fuel them. each community claimed to Power/resources POWER AND RESOURCES represent the official U. Special Attributes Possible heavy /armor. large Geographical Location Everywhere except the Irish numbers of surviving US Sea personnel centered on two Number appearing 3D20 places in England. and melee . they can Principal Base None wander many miles away. best interest at heart. .10 if needed before moving on. Usually only two Description Overlord is the general term to five people. they also have large meat herds. especially Weapons Some firearms. They are a very trustworthy people whom tend to inspire fear into ordinary folk. After the war. Weapons Modern firearms Principal Base None Name OVERLORDS Special Attributes Friendly. Special Attributes Some have pre-ruin powerboats and some even Name BIKERS have larger Cargo ships. to a mining. not for profit. Number appearing 10D10 One or two groups Tech Level C-A occasionally go rouge. Geographical Location Everywhere H&M Average 4 Number appearing 5D10 H & M Range 0-10 Tech Level E-C Description Even before the war. They are found Transport Cars. wagons. in the same place some pirates became ocean for more than a few days. Not only do the Description These are the descendants pirates travel up and down of bikers. the drive used for any individual who patterns of each herd is manages to hold an empire established by tradition. RAF Tech Level E-A Alconbury in the South. some electricity. existed on the coastlines of Power/resources None many countries. Tech Level Any H&M Average 12 Transport Any H & M Range 8-20 Power/resources Any Description Whilst most herders belong Weapons Any to a community. . and Harrogate in the North. lonely Geographical Location Everywhere people. these pirates continued their way of life Principal Base None. but Name HERDERS they will always lend a hand Geographical Location 9. production.

they plan to convert them. Some combustion Warrior". fighting road then new. They Transport None. for food or. Mainly in Geographical Location Everywhere conflict with England and Number appearing 10D3 Great Britain.'s. Special Attributes They travel from place to place raiding. spears. Power/resources POWER AND RESOURCES They will use explosives to None the extent of destroying Weapons Primitive clubs and knives something they cannot tear only. still intact. explosives. Principal Base None. They have control Principal Base None. groups have military firearms However some of the and some explosives. Special Attributes No act of cruelty or Name ROAD WARRIORS inhumanity is above this Geographical Location group if it serves their Number appearing 10D10 purpose Tech Level C-B H&M Average 0 Transport Many cars and trucks. some parts be hostile to the sect then manufacturing capabilities. and a couple of found throughout the UK semi trailers. Description The UK fishing industry was They live their entire lives on destroyed by floods. Power/resources None Weapons Edged . Principal Base None.P. supplies they don't have. Tech Level F Transport Foot only. and sometimes new ports have replaced the raiding communities that old. Fish is a staple of most have insulted them of the larger governments. ruin movie called "The Road Power/resources Sail. highways and by-ways of Weapons Some breech loading Anglia where the roads are cannons. sizes. or possibly medical equipment and . of many vehicles including Special Attributes Water based. They are excellent drivers Name RAZERS and warriors. They will trade Good people who work hard parts and sometimes even for a living and respect whole vehicles to outsiders people who do as well. fishing. Semi's. vehicles. area and will not usually Power/resources POWER AND RESOURCES tolerate outsiders unless Working pre-ruin vehicles. H&M Average 2 H & M Range 0-6 Name RELIGIOUS FANATICS Description Razers are the destroyers Geographical Location Everywhere of all technology. burn books and libraries. Some basic aid and then send groups have military travellers on their way.C. fanatics have sequestered Principal Base None. somehow. and a H & M Range 0 huge number of Description Religious fanatics can be motorcycles. groups of Geographical Location 6 survivors on the roads Number appearing 1D10 Ships. heavy H&M Average 12 equipment and even a few H & M Range 6-15 tanks. and trading. looting and burning. Some firearms and down with their hands. well defended cars and trucks. They Number appearing 10D4 would have mankind living Tech Level F back in the stone-age. 10D6 per ship banded together for mutual Tech Level D protection. and fire. wooden hulls and gangs. H&M Average 7 H & M Range 0-12 Name FISHERMEN Description After the war. A. motorcycles. but several one way or another. ships. Since the roads. themselves and will give Special Attributes Extremely mobile. they will be eliminated by Weapons Mainly civilian . They have Transport Ships of all makes and based their society on a pre. They live on the engines. arrows. If access to oil production the outsiders are deemed to facilities. firearms.

During the years Power/resources The regular post war Army after the war. H&M Average 10 Weapons Shotgun or SLR H & M Range 6-16 Principal Base Instinctive knowledge of Description Descedents of Russian how to fix things soldiers who. Power/resources Knowledge of technology. trade in Number appearing 6D10 people. Name ARMY food and other basics for Geographical Location Everywhere survival in hidden shelters Number appearing 2D12 across the continent.Name SLAVERS became their local militia. Geographical Location South & east coasts Do not get on well with the Number appearing 2D10 UK. patrolling or remained isolated and quite hunting bandits. race. but most are trained held in the UK. were POW’s Special Attributes None. inducing poisons. A few groups have access to Special Attributes Sneaky and well equipped huge stockpiles of pre-ruin H&M Average 4 goods. only a few Transport 1999 small arms. farming. When Tech Level A war broke out. armor and Number appearing 6D10 aircraft. Geographical Location 12 Weapons Modern USSR . support . any where near the Irish Sea Special Attributes Very territorial and where they have been unpredictable exterminated by UK Units for H&M Average 6 the last 30 years. willing to trade is at the time. and sleep Transport Damn near anything. that Nuclear War was inevitable so they decided that they would stockpile . Geographical Location Everywhere electric batteries. Tech Level Any Weapons Any gases. They at the University of York. Some groups major government – became small communities depending on where the unit on their own. survivalists perished either Principal Base N/a from disease or better armed survivors. mining. Description The slavers of today are no still others have excellent different than they were manufacturing facilities. This group has become very unpredictable. primary horse & shelters while the majority foot based perished. manage to overcome the H&M Average 12 hardships imposed on them H & M Range 8-16 by the disasters which Description Regular army units of a followed. while others Number appearing 1D100 will attack on sight. Tech Level D-A Transport Soviet military vehicles. All hundreds of years ago. escaped and helped out the H&M Average 1-3 local’s at St Austell and H & M Range 7-14 . they may be in with outsiders. regardless of explosives. Power/resources POWER AND RESOURCES Principal Base None. or child they can get military . many Weapons advanced. Tech Level A Principal Base St Austell Transport any Special Attributes Confused. A number of Special Attributes Very interested in the survivalist groups did Project. Some groups Name SOVIETS will be openly friendly and Geographical Location Devon/Cornwall willing to trade. nets. They do H & M Range 0-10 sell to various other Description During the 1980's a large governments though number of people believed including England. They do not come Principal Base None. Transport Mainly horseback. Other groups have woman. while others a state of war. but they possess a few cars and Trucks & boats Name SURVIVALISTS Power/resources Combustion engines. and do not fully accept Tech Level C that the war is over. Power/resources Steam and combustion Name TECHNICIANS engines. while others have H & M Range 1-6 running fusion power plants. physical shape. or Weapons health. groups have high-quality They steal/capture any man. some managed to make it to their vehicles. civilian . and their hands on. dangerous to strangers.

So. powder horn. Weapons Modern firearms. combustion Tech Level E engines. edged and blunt . scattered throughout the They have created their own Highlands. including armor and Due to a general availability of better arms and ammunition. this would mean that no type of aiming aircraft. Special Attributes Same as the Oilers. slavers – hard to know until you meet them. cattle. Whether in the UK or one of the other large A typical load for any of the weapons consists of lead balls. Some are cannibals. aircraft. The effects of the balls are not so much related to penetration as they are to shock. Other types of locks affect the basic loading Tech Level A-C time. Name CLANSMAN Geographical Location 10 Number appearing 10D20 Tech Level E-B Name ROMANIES Transport Horseback. can well defend themselves. ball starters. have to be true! Weapons Firearms. a razor sharp to independent towns of over knife.Description This group is composed of Principal Base York. Weapons Any. measures. A typical load weight is 2. Geographical Location Anywhere Number appearing N/A Please note that all of these figures assume that the weapon is a flint lock. whatsoever could be done . oil. are own. nomadic people that do not There are many Clansmen fit into any real community. rigging up managed to survive the waterwheels etc.A wheel lock needs to be spanned and a matchlock Transport Vehicles of all makes. Special Attributes N/A H&M Average 10 H&M Average 10 H & M Range 8-12 H & M Range 2-18 Description Very territorial and Description Romanies are bands of sometimes expansive. It has been stated that 'No two are the same' and that the Power/resources Any. Ireland and the culture. Principal Base Anywhere in isolated edged and blunt . governments. The chaos after the war. countryside. needs the match placing and fixing (although you can just including military and pop it into the pan.50 kg.just point and hope. BRITISH ARMAMENTS Black Powder Weapons Name TOWNSPEOPLE Geographical Location Everywhere NOTE ON BLACK POWDER WEAPONS: Number appearing 10D100 Tech Level Any Transport Any. in H & M Range 1-20 cases where a certain brand of musket is being used. but mainly Knowledge. and towns. some cars and Geographical Location Everywhere trucks. This does not agricultural. but primarily parts are unique and not interchangeable. Principal Base None. Transport Horseback and wagons. 200 people. The Brown Bess and Indian Pattern musket are both Special Attributes N/A examples of guns where a certain level of interchangeability H&M Average 10 of parts exist. the ball does not pierce a Name UNIVERSITIES target so much as it smashes its way in. They have a set of Pennines and other broken rules that they obey to the areas. black powder weapons are not in general use (though they . . They all technician is rarely mis. Principal Base None. farming. earned their trust. Some are controlled by dictators. Very trustworthy once generally good people but they decide that you have they can be easily insulted. Number appearing 2D10 Power/resources Steam. especially in the lock mechanism. slaves. went through a period of treated as most communities defensive preparedness and need him. On impact. Weapons Some primitive firearms. living after the war by H&M Average 10 wandering and fixing H & M Range 4-16 mechanical/electrical Description Educational institutions that devices. Description Occupants of large villages standardisation can exist. Norwich the descendants of Special Attributes Usually control a large mechanics who found a surrounding area. They often go to war letter and a King of their against each other. it also applies patches.) Power/resources Any. Power/resources Animal power.

75 E-Factor 12 Wt (Empty) 6 kg Eff Rng 50 m Max Rng 180 m Type of Fire Muzzle loader Rate of Fire 4 rpm Feed Device N/a Feed Device Wt N/a Additional Comments Based on the brown bess & india pattern muskets Pistols M1917 Webley 0. They are more in evidence in isolated communities where they are used for hunting Name .56 kg Total Wt 1.127 kg . the pistol will FN High Power take almost any kind of punishment but note the effective range.455 Enfield No2 Mk 1 Additional Comments Robust and strong. Rate of Fire 2 rpm the design has been copied since Feed Device N/a and is now in wide spread use Feed Device Wt N/a again.50 Caliber Rifle Calibre 0.have been in the not so recent past). Name M1917 Calibre 0.60 E-Factor 5 E-Factor 10 Wt (Empty) 1. Name Webley 0.56 kg Basic Load 24 rnds Total Wt 1.46 kg Total Wt 1.75 Caliber Musket Calibre 0.09 kg Wt (Empty) 5.02 kg E-Factor 5 Eff Rng 90 m Wt (Empty) 0. Designed for use without Additional Comments Based on the baker rifle.5 kg Eff Rng 90 m Max Rng 200 m Type of Fire Muzzle loader Additional Comments Originally produced during WW1.767 kg Max Rng 2290 m Eff Rng 75 m Type of Fire Single shot revolver Max Rng 2100 m Rate of Fire 24 rpm Type of Fire Single shot revolver Feed Device 6-cyl Rate of Fire 24 rpm Feed Device Wt N/a Feed Device 6-cyl Basic Load 24 rnds Feed Device Wt N/a Load Wt 0.60 Caliber musket Calibre 0.00 kg Eff Rng 15 m Eff Rng 45 m Max Rng 2290 m Max Rng 135 m Type of Fire Single shot revolver Type of Fire Muzzle loader Rate of Fire 24 rpm Rate of Fire 4 rpm on foot/1rpm on horseback Feed Device 6-cyl Feed Device N/a Feed Device Wt N/a Feed Device Wt N/a Basic Load 24 rnds Additional Comments A carbine for use on horseback Load Wt 0.441 Calibre 0.58 kg Load Wt 0.65 kg Name . such cartridges need to be held in half moon clips in order to be used in the gun.50 E-Factor 14 Wt (Empty) 4.455 Name .441 Name Enfield No2 Mk 1 E-Factor 7 Calibre 9 mm Wt (Empty) 1. rimmed cartridges.

the Silent is used by England and rechamberd to take a agents and Army groups from the 9mm cartridge.etc.45 supressed Load Wt 5. Additional Comments Exactly the same as the projects version (see that section for Rifles details). L85A1 (IW) Parker Hale model 85 Submachine guns Lee-Enfield Mark X Battle Rifle Sten Stirling Name Lee Enfield No 4 Mark 2000 Silenced Carbine Calibre 7.14 kg Name Sten Eff Rng 1000 m Calibre 9 mm Max Rng 3725 m E-Factor 8 Type of Fire Bolt action Wt (Empty) 3. The only real difference between it and the WWII version is its being rechambered to a 7. and is! Calibre 7.74 kg Eff Rng 250 m Max Rng 500 m Type of Fire Bolt action Rate of Fire N/a Feed Device 7 round magazine Additional Comments Production of enough spares and .62 mm E-Factor 17 Name L2A3 Stirling Wt (Empty) 4. the UK and Great L1A1 Britain. monarchy only and cannot be distinguished as a shot.46 E-Factor 7 Total Wt 9.72 Additional Comments This old style rifle is now the main production weapon of the british isles. being manufactured by every major power.74 kg Additional Comments A development of the de lisle Additional Comments A widely available revolver built in carbine. Rate of Fire 40 rpm Feed Device 20 rnd magazine Feed Device Wt 0.62mm cartridge. There is Name FN High Power no muzzle flash.44 Total Wt 10.62 Basic Load 12 magazines Load Wt 7. An excellent and robust Eff Rng 800 m weapon. still being produced by Max Rng 2500 m the UK and a prized weapon in Type of Fire Single shot England and amongst pirates. The FN is now produced Lee Enfield No 4 Mark 1 locally in Ireland.32 Additional Comments For stats. see the projects version. Additional Comments Although not particularly accurate.68 kg Name Silent Carbine Basic Load 12 magazines Calibre 0. Feed Device Wt 0. the old WW2 sten gun had a rebirth of popularity as it could be Name L1A1 made just about anywhere.25 Basic Load 12 magazines Load Wt 3 kg Total Wt 6.62 mm N E-Factor 15 Wt (Empty) 4.78 Wt (Empty) 3.28 Rate of Fire N/a Eff Rng 100 m Feed Device 10 round box Max Rng 2000 m Feed Device Wt N/a Type of Fire Selective fire Basic Load 200 rounds in clips Rate of Fire 550 rpm Load Wt 3.62 Feed Device 32 rnd magazine Total Wt 7.76 Feed Device Wt 0.

56 mm Wt (Empty) 18. Eff Rng 1000 m the vickers sees service in fixed Max Rng 3725 m emplacements and is still an Type of Fire Bolt action extremely effective gun Rate of Fire N/a Feed Device 10 round box Feed Device Wt N/a Name FN MAG Basic Load 200 rounds in clips Additional Comments The standard GMPG of most Load Wt 2.605 Additional Comments Examples of these can still be found with survilalists and militia groups. Name Parker Hale model 85 Calibre 7.62 mm E-Factor 17 Wt (Empty) 4.46 kg Total Wt 9. developed from the Lee Enfield.303 Name L85A1 (IW) E-Factor 15 Calibre 5. it was reverse engineered back to its basic Name L4A4 (Bren) design for a basic infantry weapon. In a twist of fate.56 Vickers Total Wt 20. Name Vickers Gun Calibre 0.145 Max Rng 3000 m Eff Rng 400 Type of Fire Full automatic Max Rng 2400 Rate of Fire 500 rpm Type of Fire Selective Feed Device 250 round fabric belt Rate of Fire 700 rpm Feed Device Wt 8. However.80 regular Army units – see project Total Wt 8.455 Load Wt N/a Basic Load 12 magazines Total Wt N/a Load Wt 5. Although still Type of Fire Selective Fire being produced (albeit slowly). only regular army units are normally found issued with them.88 kg Basic Load 12 magazines Machine guns Load Wt 10.5 kg Feed Device 30 round box Basic Load N/a Feed Device Wt 0. Name M2HB Additional Comments Only encountered on heavy vehicles now – see project section Additional Comments Used as a sniper weapon.6 kg section for more details.62 mm E-Factor 16 Wt (Empty) 9. Calibre 7. but the ammunition for them is in short supply.8 kg Additional Comments A simple and straight forward mg. Feed Device Wt 0.14 kg + 22 kg tripod E-Factor 13 Eff Rng 1000 m Wt (Empty) 4.53 kg Name Lee-Enfield Mark XI Battle Rifle Eff Rng 1000 m Additional Comments This is the full production model of Max Rng 2000 m the project version – see the notes there about this. barrels have allowed continued LSW production of this rifle in both the M1919 UK and England. it is Rate of Fire 500 rpm only issued to elite units or proven Feed Device 30 round box snipers of the UK. it was for more details.09 FN MAG M2HB L4A4 (Bren) .

133 E-Factor 1. Max Rng 2100 m Type of Fire Selective Rate of Fire 700 rpm Name L14A1 Carl Gustav Feed Device 30 round magazine Additional Comments See project book – still being Feed Device Wt 0.06 kg Eff Rng 1100 m Max Rng 3450 m Type of Fire Selective Rate of Fire 400 rpm Additional Comments A large bore recoiless rifle – a Feed Device 250 round belt precurssor to thr atgm.8 kg hesh 3600 Wt (Empty) 308 Eff Rng 1100 Max Rng 1100 Type of Fire artillery Rate of Fire 4 Feed Device shell Feed Device Wt 28 kg Additional Comments The companion light MG for the Basic Load N/a SA80.82 kg Name Rapier SAM Total Wt 35.85 kg Calibre 0. it can also fire rifle Load Wt N/a grenades. L16 81mm Morter L14A1 Carl Gustav BAT L6 Wombat Rapier SAM LAW MILAN Name M79 Grenade Launcher Additional Comments A sturdy and reliable light machine Additional Comments A shotgun type gl firing various gun in general use. Name M1919 Calibre 7.6 kg Additional Comments See project book – the main Eff Rng 900 m source of cheap artillery. It can also fire a rocket propelled grapnel hook to a height of 150 m – See project book Name LSW Calibre 5.56 mm E-Factor 14 Name L16 81mm Morter Wt (Empty) 5.8 km Type of Fire Rate of Fire 8 rpm Feed Device Multiple launcher Feed Device Wt N/a Additional Comments Usually used as a vehicle add on. Shown for refermce Total Wt 308 only as not in use anywhere.8 km Max Rng 6.185 kg) Heavy Weapons M79 Grenade Launcher .06 Name BAT L6 Wombat Calibre 120 mm E-Factor 12.46 Total Wt 11.455 produced Basic Load 12 magazines Load Wt 5. 40mm shells. Basic Load N/a the A6 variant can also be used as Load Wt N/a a heavy LMG.62 mm E-Factor 17 Wt (Empty) 14. Feed Device Wt N/a Basic Load 2 belts Load Wt 21. The Army version Total Wt uses a 50 round drum on such occasions (2.4 kg (4000 dpw) Wt (Empty) 1227+243 Eff Rng 6.

The missile has a ceiling of 3000m at mach 2. . considered deadly. but with magazine instead of tubular close quarters.Additional Comments Consists of a fire unit and a generator unit with a 12 km radar. Name Parliamentarian Auto-shotgun (ASG) Calibre 12 ga E-Factor 8 Wt (Empty) Eff Rng Max Rng Type of Fire selective Rate of Fire Feed Device 10 round box Feed Device Wt Basic Load Load Wt Total Wt Additional Comments Essentially a cut down Browning Automatic Shotgun. In use by the UK Name LAW Additional Comments See project book – rare missile still in use.