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Dear Senior Project Committee,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in regards to the success of Kellie Elhais Senior
Project. I have known Kellie for four years and with great pride I have observed an immense amount
of fortitude, intelligence, perseverance, initiative and outstanding leadership skills. Also, Kellie has
successfully chosen the theatre pathway which will result in certifying in theatre.

Kellie exhibits a maturity, responsibility and organization beyond her years. She has an extremely
high level of competence as a team player. This trait encourages her peers to respond well and
respect her when she takes on a leadership role. Also, Kellie has held a leadership position in the
International Thespian Society, an honors group for high achieving theatre students. In addition,
Kellie is a very talented performer as well as an excellent academic student. She has an outstanding,
positive attitude, a caring and passionate individual with compassion, with a love of life and a great
sense of humor.

As a result of the above outstanding traits, qualities and her love of theatre, it seemed all too
appropriate for Kellie to teach Performing Arts to children for her Senior Project. The project was
over the summer, for eight weeks at a day camp. She ran two to three hour long sessions, daily, for
different age groups ranging from four to eight years old. Kellies challenges included not only the
attention span of young children but time constraints in finishing the activity planned, mimicking
what any teacher must endure. Due to her love of the performing arts her goals were to help the
children acquire a love of performing in addition to an artistic outlet for children with various
learning disabilities. Moreover, Kellie learned the different developmental abilities and capabilities of
children this young.

In addition, Kellie takes much pride in her work which is demonstrated in her organizational and
leadership skills. She was very organized and articulate when it came to want she wanted from the
children and the characters they portrayed.

In closing, with Kellies talent, dedication and positive self-esteem, I feel with confidence that she will
be very successful in whatever endeavor she pursues for her future.


Melissa Albertson, Theatre Teacher/Director