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Recognition of the soul as the core of a human make up

Psyche, greek goddess

Gerald massey , psyche is derived from the egyption in wich Khe= soul and
su=she. Psukhe (gr

Sakhu means the "understanding, the illuminator, the eye and soul of being, that
which inspires

Western assumptions about the study of the human being as he is currently
defined in the Judeo-Christian, Euro-American psychology:

1. Man is viewed as an object and the emphasis is upon objective methods
for studying him. 2. Quantification is the only acceptable measure of
reality. 3. The material world is viewed as essential and the essence of man
is material. 4. There is no superior power or purpose beyond man. 5. The
observable activities of a person are the critical dimensions of his being. 6.
Concepts such as soul, spirits, revelations or any nonobservable
phenomena is viewed as superstition or delusion and has no relevance to
understanding humanity. 7. Life and consciousness are identical with
physical processes. 8. Man's individuality is paramount and there is no
transpersonal awareness. 9. Man is a product of biological determinants,
personal experiences and chance. 10. There is no "correct" order for man's
development; he survives against odds by adaptation to his environment.
11. Morality and values have no meaning outside of personal experience.
12. Death ofthe body is death of the mind and one need not attend to life
before or after the body