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Name: Adedolapo Oke
Grade Level: 5th Grade
Content Area: Social Studies
Beyond-the-Basic Productivity Tool Used: Glogster
Standards Addressed: SS5H6 Describe the importance of key people,
events, and developments between 19501975
b. Explain the key events and people of the Civil Rights movement:
Brown v. Board of Education (1954), Montgomery Bus Boycott, the March on
Washington, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, and civil rights activities of
Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon B. Johnson, Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks, and
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bloom’s Level of Critical Thinking:
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating
Description of how to implement in the class: I will let the students know that it
is the black history month and we are going to talk about a black Civil Rights Activist.
I will use the BBPT which is Glogster to introduce MLK. I will ask the students what
they know about him and I will build upon their knowledge using this tool. I will pull
up images and videos from Glogster to show the students about MLK march and his
speech. After the lesson, I will ask them if they learned new information about MLK.
I will model how to use Glogster after the lesson. I will then ask them to view the
poster I used for the class lesson and write down some new information. When they
are done, we will come back as a class to discuss.

Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): Loti3 (Infusion) because the
instructional focus emphasizes student higher order thinking and it is teacher-
directed problems. The concept attainment, inductive thinking, and scientific inquiry
models of teaching are the norm and guide the types of products generated by
students. Digital resources are used by students and the teacher to execute teacher-
directed tasks that emphasize higher levels of student cognitive processing relating
to the content standards.
Description of the sample BBPT file provided *: I used Glogster for the sample
BBPT to introduce Martin Luther King Jr. This template is interactive and has tons of
information for the kids to access. This presentation has different pictures, videos of
MLK and text for the students to use.
Other comments about your proposed BBPT Activity: I linked videos of MLK
through the texts in the presentation.