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01. Introduction........................................ 3
02. Gearing Up for the Call....................... 4
03. Weapons.......................................... 16
04. Multiplayer Coverage........................ 22
Introduction.................................... 22
Basic Training................................. 22
Multiplayer Overview.......................... 22
Control Adjustments............................. 22
HUD and Crosshairs............................ 22
Basic Movement.................................. 23
Getting Online.................................... 23
Perks................................................. 23
Barracks............................................ 24
Weapons and Attachments................... 24
Weapon and Character Skins............... 27
Rank.................................................. 28
Kill Streak Bonuses: Air Support............ 29
Challenges......................................... 29
Custom Class Suggestions.................... 34
Modes............................................... 36
Mode Tactics...................................... 37
Tactical Basics.................................... 45
Map Tactics.................................... 50
Ambush............................................. 50
Backlot.............................................. 56
Bloc................................................... 62
Bog................................................... 68
Countdown........................................ 74
Crash................................................ 80
Crossfire............................................ 86
District............................................... 92
Downpour.......................................... 98
Overgrown...................................... 104
Pipeline........................................... 110
Shipment.......................................... 116
Showdown....................................... 122
Strike............................................... 128
Vacant............................................. 134
Wet Work........................................ 140
Clans............................................ 146
Fun.............................................. 149
Master Unlockables List................ 149
05. Single-Player Walkthrough............. 154
Prologue...................................... 154
F.N.G.............................................. 154
Crew Expendable & The Coup....160/165
Act I............................................. 166
Blackout........................................... 166
Charlie Don’t Surf............................. 172
The Bog........................................... 178
Hunted............................................ 184
Death From Above............................ 192
War Pig........................................... 196
Shock and Awe & Aftermath.......202/207
Act II............................................ 208
Safehouse........................................ 208
All Ghillied Up.................................. 214
One Shot, One Kill............................ 222
Heat................................................ 230
Sins of the Father.............................. 236
Act III........................................... 242
Ultimatum......................................... 242
All In............................................... 248
No Fighting in the War Room............. 252
Game Over...................................... 258
Epilogue....................................... 262
Mile High Club................................. 262
06. Unlockables.................................... 264
07. Xbox 360 Achievements................. 268

Get ready for one of the most exciting game experiences of your life! Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ immerses the player in a
contemporary war zone with non-stop action, insane scenarios, and realistic enemies. It’s the near future and a group of Russian soldiers
is staging a full-scale coup to gain control of the country’s nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, a leader by the name of Al-
Asad has emerged. He is staging a coup to obtain control of his homeland and, with it, an entire army.

U.S., British, and Russian forces must once again answer the Call of Duty when the two groups link up to pose a threat that could result in
full-scale nuclear war.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you play as a newly recruited member of the British Spec Ops and a U.S. Forces Sergeant working
on different fronts to stop these groups before they can impose their will on the world.

This strategy guide illustrates how to get through the most difficult parts of the Single Player campaign and provides a ton of tips,
tactics, maps and stats for the Multiplayer game. If this is your first Call of Duty game, you should start off with the game basics chapter
(“Gearing Up for the Call”) before diving into the walkthrough. A lot has changed since Call of Duty® 3; in fact, sixty years of military
warfare! Even if you have played previous Call of Duty games, you may want to freshen up on what’s new.


gearing up for the call
Call of Duty is an ever-changing series. While Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare clearly has a major change of setting, there are a lot of new
features to learn about as well. This section of the guide takes you through all the single-player gameplay features, both old and new.

controls This proves to be very helpful during hectic firing situations, but
hardcore players may find this a bit “cheesy” to leave on. This setting
defaults to the “on” option, but you can turn it off in the game menu.
Gearing Up
for the Call
The following table outlines the default setup for the major controls on weapons
each platform: Look Inversion
During the tutorial level, make sure to look up and down a lot. If you Coverage
Button/Keystroke Command
Action have any difficulty figuring out which way is up and which way is Single-Player
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PC
Attack Right Trigger R1 Button Mouse Button 1 down, it likely means you prefer to play with Look Inversion enabled.
You can adjust this during the tutorial or at any other time by adjusting Prologue
Movement Left Analog Left Stick W, A, S, D
Stand/Jump A Button X Button Space the option under the Controls submenu on the Pause screen. Act 1

Crouch/Prone B Button Circle Button C and CTRL Act 2
Other Options
Aim Down Sight Left Trigger L1 Button Mouse Button 2 Act 3
Melee Attack Push Right Stick R3 Button V You can also change the default controls layout within the Controls Epilogue
screen. If you want to reassign any controls to a different button, then
Switch Weapon Y Button Triangle Button 1 or 2 Unlockables
check out the variety of Button Layouts in the Controls menu.
Sprint/Steady Scope Push Left Stick L3 Button Shift Xbox 360
Throw Frag Grenade Right Bumper R2 Button G or Mouse 3 Achievements
You can also turn the subtitles on or off. If you want a fully immersive
Throw Special Grenade Left Bumper L2 Button 4 experience, try turning the subtitles off. However, leaving the subtitles
Inventory D-Pad D-Pad 5, 6 on can be helpful on occasion. During the heat of battle, you may
Reload X Button Square Button R miss a particular order due to any number of reasons, and having the
Use Hold X Hold Square F subtitles on-screen will help remedy that situation. Additionally, Xbox
Nightvision D-Pad D-Pad N 360 players can enable or disable the game’s vibration feature.
Show Objectives/Scores Pause/Back Start Button Tab
Game Difficulty

starting a At the end of the tutorial level, the
game automatically recommends

new game a difficulty setting to play based
on your performance during a
training exercise. While this is a
When you first launch, you need to start a new game. The game has
novel feature, it’s not the best way
a really cool tutorial that walks you through the various game settings,
to determine the correct difficulty
and allows you to select your preferences.
for your gaming experience.
Picking a difficulty that is too
Gameplay Options demanding or too simple for
your skill can dramatically affect
The most important options are those that directly affect gameplay. the enjoyment you receive from
playing the game.
Aim Assist

Game Difficulty Breakdown
Difficulty Recommendation
Recruit Recommended only for those playing an FPS for the first time. The game
will not challenge most players, but you’re not invincible. If you prefer a
“cinematic” experience as opposed to a challenging gameplay experience, then
this is a good choice.
Regular The default difficulty setting. Most players will find Regular difficulty to be
challenging at times, making it a good choice for those who have played other
FPS games but don’t want to get too frustrated during difficult spots
in the game.
Hardened Hardened difficulty is the perfect choice for hardcore players who want a fun,
difficult, but not overly frustrating gameplay experience. Defeating the game
on this setting is no joke—especially toward the end—but if you want a good
challenge and the full Call of Duty experience, this is a great choice.
Aim Assist is a special feature Veteran This setting is only recommended for the ultra-hardcore players and
for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that Achievement chasers. If this is your first time playing through Call of Duty 4:
enables you to more accurately Modern Warfare, you may want to save this one for a second playthrough.
fire at enemies in the single-player
campaign. When this feature is
turned on, your sight automatically
snaps to a nearby enemy when
you press the Aim Down Sight button. Aim Assist activates only when
the player quickly pops out and back into Aim Down Sight mode.
010110: n


Instead of having a health bar or health meter that represents your character’s hit points. find some cover from the enemy gunfire and try to avoid getting hit for a few seconds. the screen turns red when your player gets hit. you will need all the help you can get! 010110: n . For example. When done correctly. Damage Indicator When you suffer damage from an enemy. if the red line appears at the top- middle of the screen. The HUD The Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare HUD (or Heads Up Display) has many functions. the red on the HUD will fade and eventually return to normal. indicating it’s safe to once again engage the enemy. it will usually result in death. Health Indicators Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare brings back the health system used in Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 3. Take a couple of shots and the screen turns light red. Sustain a couple more hits and the screen becomes very bright red on the edges and the on-screen view starts pulsating. The position of this line indicates the direction from which the damage came. Several of the HUD components are discussed in the following sections. If any more damage takes place after that. a red line appears on-screen. thus enhancing the immersive experience. it means the enemy is firing from directly in front. This indicator is vital for locating enemies. Although it may become a little confusing during hectic firefights. When the screen starts turning red. but they are implemented in such a way that the on- screen information doesn’t interfere with gameplay.

you must reload to continue firing. Just to the right of the ammunition indicator is the total amount of To bring it back up. 010110: n ©BradyGAMES . on the left side. this number turns red. There are two types of special grenades: flash grenades and smoke grenades. is a graphical hand corner of the screen. Below the grenade indicators. a grenade icon appears in the center of the screen. The grenade icons appear just below the name of the weapon. Weapon button. you can hit the Grenade button to pick up the grenade and toss it back at the enemy. Weapons Indicators The game displays your weapon indicators at the bottom right. In addition. you start off with four of each type. your weapon or press the Switch When ammo starts to run low. The number on the left indicates the number of special grenades in your inventory. When all this section of the HUD will the bullets in your clip are gone. automatically fade away so that it doesn’t interfere with your view. If you are moving around and not firing. The top text indicates the name of the weapon you are currently wielding. simply fire ammunition you are carrying for your currently equipped weapon. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Grenade Indicator When a grenade lands nearby (whether it’s a friendly or enemy grenade). a small arrow near the icon points toward the grenade’s location. If you are standing directly over the grenade. During most missions. representation of the ammunition left in your weapon’s clip. the icon changes to a hand holding a grenade. This text is only displayed when you first switch to the weapon. Once you see this icon.

Finally. just select one of your inventory items. You can replay any previous levels at any time and try them on a harder difficulty setting or look around for enemy intel pieces. To make it appear. Compass The last HUD element is the Compass. which is located at the bottom of the screen. The Save System Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare uses an automatic checkpoint-based save system. In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The inventory indicator fades just like the ammo indicator if you are not firing or taking damage from enemies. you can access these items via this inventory feature. you gain access to Night Vision. which is also available via your inventory. so having this indicator provides a quick reference as to your current stance (crouching or prone). it becomes available in the Chapter Select submenu. During some missions. Stance Indicator The stance indicator is located to the right of the inventory icon. If you select the chapter from the Main menu or start a new game. There is even an indicator for when you are carrying someone. This is a very useful tool that is covered more extensively in the “Navigation and Compass” section later in the chapter. After completing a level. Checkpoints are saved once you quit the game. Checkpoints are usually rewarded after completing a particularly difficult part of the game or during lulls in the action. The symbol for your inventory is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When fighting at night. if that weapon has a special feature (for example. 010110: n . While playing the game. Inventory A new feature to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the inventory element. your checkpoint save is automatically overwritten. you will trigger several checkpoints throughout a level. or simply switch weapons. You can use the inventory feature to switch the firing mode of your weapon. you can use this feature to call in Air Strikes. a grenade launcher). Just be warned that you lose your checkpoint save by doing this. if you have C4 or Claymore explosives. checkpoints trigger just before a major combat sequence. you will change your stance quite frequently. but remember to select “Resume Game” from the Main menu to pick up where you left off. In most cases.

Introduction Navigation and Compass Gearing Up for the Call As mentioned previously.” This compass feature may be slightly confusing to use at first. This indicator is always available while you are on foot in the game. After pausing the game. you can pause the game to view a mini-map. but once you get the hang of it. Epilogue Just below the yellow indicator is a number that shows the distance to Unlockables the next objective in meters. a compass appears at the bottom of the screen. If you are standing above or below an objective. The map illustrates the direction of the next objective. As if the on-screen indicator wasn’t enough. then the meter indicator changes to say “Objective Above” or “Objective Below. rotate your Prologue view until the yellow indicator is in the center of the compass. it becomes almost impossible to get lost in the single-player campaign. Once Act 1 the yellow indicator is lined up Act 2 correctly. remember to access the mini-map in the Pause menu. you are facing in the Act 3 direction of the next objective. If you can’t determine where the enemy is firing from. the map appears on the bottom right of the screen. Single-Player Walkthrough To find an objective. the primary tool to ensure that you never get lost is the objective indicator. 010110: n ©BradyGAMES . while the enemies appear as red dots. Allies are shown by green arrows. and it Multiplayer Coverage illustrates where you need to go to reach the next part of the mission. Although the weapons compass is useful for navigating levels. as well as nearby enemies and allies.

n . Forces. In the military—and in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare— When your CO says to “Take it’s absolutely necessary for good soldiers to follow orders. Working with a team might be a new experience for those who have primarily played shooters where you fight on your own. Taking this approach puts your squad at less risk of getting spotted and makes picking off enemies easy. Hold When your CO says to “Hold. Some of the basic tactics your CO might order area. but don’t get are listed in the following section. you will always work as a team. Moving or attacking the enemy after receiving this order may alert them to your presence 010110:10 and cause a mess. too far ahead of your squadmates. Listen to Your CO CO stands for “Commanding Officer. Whether you’re working with the British Spec Ops or the U.” you should stop moving and wait for further instruction. Move forward. Understanding how to best utilize a team is a great way to get an edge on your enemies. Flank Sometimes you may be ordered to flank right or flank left.” In every mission. someone is Take Point giving orders. Listen closely point.” it means you should lead to what your commanding officer says to understand how to approach the squad forward to the next each combat situation. squad warfare You rarely fight alone in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is an order to go around the enemy to the left or right in an attempt to get to the side or behind them to make neutralizing them easier. Remember that it’s your job to identify and neutralize any enemies you see while advancing.S.

you will be outnumbered for the distinct helmets and by the enemy in every combat weaponry of your teammates. look for debris. situation. If you engage the enemy by standing up and walking out toward them. killing you in the blast if you’re Be sure to perform a melee attack against nearby enemies or those too close. as they often have several open windows and doors that serve as great spots from which to shoot. Multiplayer Coverage Whatever you do. Learn the Uniforms Stay Behind Cover One of the first things you should learn right away is the difference in the uniforms between the tangos and your team members. If they advance ahead of your position. you can approach from behind (consult the controls table at the beginning of this chapter). There are two types of opposing forces in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Russians and Al-Asad’s army. try to keep up and stay low. it won’t be long before you can As such. your squad will oftentimes weapons take them out without any assistance. At first. it may be difficult to distinguish the enemies from your Since you are working for special teammates since many are fully uniformed soldiers. Instead. If you Act 2 accidentally kill a Act 3 team member. Cover is a key tool to utilize during almost every mission in the single- player campaign. search the surrounding area for cover even before you attempt to find and eliminate the enemy. When an enemy appears. Don’t take cover behind explosive items! Unexploded vehicles are a common explosive item in campaign mode. Successful melee attacks quickly and quietly kill enemies in a single blow. Such vehicles will catch on fire if they get hit by melee combat weapon fire and explode shortly after. look forces. distinguish them even at a Whenever the enemy starts firing. it may Epilogue result in an automatic Unlockables game over. Buildings provide the best type of cover. great distance. When fighting in the streets. they will cut you down in no time. 010110:11 n ©BradyGAMES .Respect Your Squadmates’ Abilities Introduction Your squad in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is deadly and can take Gearing Up for the Call care of themselves. you need to be smart. Single-Player Walkthrough don’t inadvertently shoot a team member Prologue when he is engaging Act 1 the enemy. sandbags and other objects. barrels.

If you are prone. Whenever moving forward into unknown territory. Stay Low Using the Crouch button to lower your stance is vital to making it through the game. it may make them emerge from cover and provide an opportunity for a kill shot. you can “cook” your grenade by holding the corresponding button before you release it to execute a throw. but it’s easy to forget they are available during an intense firefight. it is very hard to get up and get away from a grenade before it explodes. In situations with heavy enemy gunfire. When pinned down by the enemy. Just be sure not to cook your grenade too long. Do this to more closely time the grenade’s explosion to the moment it reaches its target. you should proceed in the Crouched position. though. It is difficult to run away from a thrown grenade after being in the Prone position. toss a flashbang or frag grenade in the enemy’s direction. Furthermore. This position doesn’t make you invulnerable to thrown grenades. Using Your Grenades You will almost always have grenades in your inventory while playing through the campaign. Even if the grenade doesn’t kill the enemy. lest it explode in your hands! 010110:12 n . try to toss a grenade at your foe to create an opportunity to move forward. To soften up the enemy resistence. the Prone position is a good option since it makes you a much harder target. This gives the enemy less time to escape the blast or throw the grenade back at you.

sometimes it’s best to sit back and patiently pick off the enemies as they charge. If you run out of ammo in the middle of a battle. 010110:13 n ©BradyGAMES . wait for a clean shot from behind cover instead of trying to charge his position. Act 1 If you are sure a grenade has just been tossed recently (you hear the Act 2 “clink-clink” sound of a grenade rolling on the ground). Single-Player ago and you are just coming across it now. which is important with all automatic weapons. Multiplayer In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The enemy onslaught will eventually charge. the more accurate the rounds fly Patience during a mission may even trigger an extra checkpoint if you because it reduces the amount of recoil.” weapons charge through. it could give the enemy an opportunity to kill you before you can find cover and reload. Although this may occur in a few isolated spots during the single-player campaign.When an enemy grenade lands nearby. or toss it back. you must be very patient to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation. In almost every situation. short bursts. Whenever there is a lull in action. This means if a grenade was tossed four seconds then you should immediately go prone and find cover. instantly killing you. all grenades have a set duration Coverage before they go off. To be successful. then feel free to toss it back at the enemy. When using an automatic weapon. Epilogue Unlockables Fire in Bursts On occasion. If you hand. Another instance where you should toss Act 3 back a grenade is when you’re pinned down in a tight spot. it will blow up in your Walkthrough During stealth missions. Prologue know an enemy is nearby. wait for your CO to provide instructions. The shorter the bursts. it will seem like there is no end to the number of enemies. Checkpoints are intelligently triggered based on how safe you are and where you are located in a mission. If you start taking damage. you have two options: get the Introduction heck out of there. providing a chance to move forward and wipe out any survivors. This is especially true if you’re not sure how long the for the Call Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is not the type of game you can just grenade has been “live. it’s better Be Patient Gearing Up to just get away. manage to stay in a safe area for a few seconds. reload both your weapons before continuing onward. it is wiser to fire in quick. Taking this approach dramatically increases your weapon’s accuracy. light machineguns included. Watch Your Ammo You should always be aware of how much ammunition remains in your clip.

so switching for this two-weapon system is to weapons is the only way to carry one long-range weapon recover from the dreaded dry and one short-range weapon. When the The sprint feature is often overlooked by some players. Oftentimes. 010110:14 n . remember to switch you are always allowed to carry weapons. You will start many levels with a pistol. The ideal setup won’t be any cover. there two weapons. making it much more difficult for enemies to hit you. but it’s generally not as effective as your enemies’ weapons. are dead. click noise of an empty magazine! Long-range weapons include sniper rifles and assault rifles. and you automatically sprint until you run out of stamina. you run twice as fast. You Have Two Weapons! If during a firefight you empty your clip before all the bad guys In the single-player campaign. Remember. loot an enemy’s body and grab a good weapon to vital when moving up on the enemy. but it can be opportunity arises. Short-range weapons can be fired from the hip and include sub Don’t Forget About Sprint! machineguns and shotguns. Although you cannot shoot while compliment your primary firearm. Remember that you don’t have to hold the Sprint button. you can just tap it once. sprinting.

even after you have inflicted a mortal wound. an enemy may look Act 3 dead only to see him rise back up a Epilogue few moments later. To see how many laptops you have found in a particular level. All enemy intelligence locations are revealed in the “Walkthrough” chapters in this guide. 010110:15 n ©BradyGAMES . Finding the laptops unlocks cheats that you can use after you complete the game once. just pause the game and select the Cheats option. Introduction Downed Enemies are Still Alive Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Act 2 enemies are a nefarious lot. Enemies can crawl around and shoot. Oftentimes. If you see an enemy crawling around. Do not assume Unlockables a downed enemy is a dead enemy until you see his weapon and ammunition pop off his dead body. use your knife to finish the job. Collecting Enemy Intelligence One completely new feature in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the ability to find secret enemy intelligence laptops. These laptops are located in secret areas in most levels.

Bandolier (carry additional magazines). AK74u Mini-Uzi The AK74u is an unusual weapon The Mini-Uzi is a surprisingly that the enemy forces use in the effective indoor and close-range single-player campaign. this a level equipped with one. Weapons side arms Side Arms in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are used as backup weapons. The USP will occasionally come equipped with a silencer.45 The Desert Eagle. In multiplayer. for your enemies. consider them weapons of last resort in either single-player or multiplayer games. It has the weapon. the most The M1911 is a more powerful side powerful handgun. powerful sub machinegun it is much more effective when in the game. M9 USP . the USP has the same you need to discreetly take drawbacks as the M1911. sub machineguns Sub machineguns are primarily designed for indoor. but size. While makes a good alternate option if powerful. The advantage of a handgun is that you can switch to it quickly. 010110:16 n . Accurate side arm shots are deadly and they’re particularly effective at finishing off wounded opponents. this is a great weapon to use with the Last Stand perk. When playing Oftentimes. spawned “sneak attack” enemies. The increased firepower means that it takes fewer rounds to kill a target. It is a large caliber bullets. This comes in handy when you run out of ammo for your primary weapon in the midst of combat and you can’t find cover. In multiplayer.45 contemporary FPS games. Desert Eagle M1911 . as its small out an enemy. disabling makes it difficult to use effectively rounds at your opponents. basically about the half the time it takes to switch to a larger weapon. you will occasionally start not equipped with a silencer. even if you don’t score headshots. Sub machineguns are most accurate at close range and they make up for their lack of ranged accuracy with a must faster rate of fire. the rate of fire is so quick it causes more damage. Its small clip size weapon that fires huge. With a respectable clip same rate of fire as the AK-47. Unless you have a special penchant for wielding handguns. has better that you can empty a clip in only accuracy.45 The M9 is the basic side arm used The USP . close-combat situations. clip size makes it very difficult to use in combat against heavily armed opponents. it is used to spray down narrow hallways and provide covering fire. It is possible unless you are firing perfectly to get the Desert Eagle off of randomly aimed shots. it loads out with a as an American in the single-player silencer. or Sleight of Hand (faster reloads) perks. Some a few seconds. This speed makes it an excellent option for “shooting from the hip” or firing without aiming down the sight. is a mainstay of arm that comes equipped with . and has less range.45 is a common weapon by the British in the campaign. sub machineguns are great to combine with the Double Tap (higher rate of fire). If your primary weapon is game. Although you can players consider this the most shoot the Mini-Uzi in short bursts.

however. They also provide major covering fire for your advancing allies. situations. M60E4 The M249 “Squad Automatic The M60E4 is the latest version Weapon” is an excellent machinegun of the classic M60 that was used with a 200 round clip. In multiplayer. but keeps its wild inaccuracy. is frequently found on the ultranationalists you encounter in the single-player game. try In multiplayer. The M249 is throughout the Korean and Vietnam frequently available in the single. The term “light” implies that you can carry the weapon. you cannot attach silencers.MP5 P90 Introduction The MP5 is a mainstay of covert The P90 is a versatile sub Gearing Up operations. wars by the United States. and it is a great weapon is not available in a portable option in a variety of combat form in the single-player campaign. This is not a Unlockables recommended weapon in most combat situations. The P90 is a favorite Prologue several enemies without the need to in online multiplayer games and it Act 1 reload if you use short bursts. so use it when there are Xbox 360 no other available options. However. controlled find in the single-player campaign. It has Epilogue a slower rate of fire than the Uzi. a predecessor of the Uzi. it has characteristics to remain in prone mode to increase similar to the M249 SAW. the Russian version of the light machinegun. When using the SAW. or guarding a Domination flag or Bomb Plant spot.” there is one in the Single-Player Walkthrough The MP5 is extremely accurate and barn that you must defend against the one clip can be used to take down advancing tanks. Multiplayer version of this weapon. Act 2 Skorpion Act 3 The Skorpion. The MP5 is The P90 is another difficult weapon to Coverage best used by firing short. as they can both block and create chokepoints. you may accuracy advantages over other sub weapons begin the level outfitted with a silenced machineguns when fired at long range. as there’s nothing “light” about these monster weapons. is a very small sub machinegun. M249 S. which are fired from a mount. you can attach a front grip to these weapons for better aim and a reduction in recoil. unlike their much weightier “heavy machinegun” counterparts. This player campaign. In bursts at the upper area of your target. light machineguns Don’t be fooled by the name. and the grip disables Perk 1. this is a particularly powerful weapon in Achievements Multiplayer matches. These weapons are great for laying down cover fire while your team advances from one area to another. The M249 has a very high rate of fire and is capable of burning through 200 rounds in under 20 seconds! RPD The RPD. especially at close range. Although it has an extremely large clip size. While playing as the British machinegun that has significant for the Call in the game’s campaign. boasts a very large clip size. Light machineguns are essential to any military unit. the weapon’s accuracy. it’s important to always fire in bursts. Stick to the same rules as the M249 when using the RPD in combat. 010110:17 n ©BradyGAMES .A. the chapter “Heat.W.

This approach dangerous proposition and. The G36c performs in. but it lacks It’s best used to fire at enemies at the range of standard. AK-47s mounted with grenade Although not as effective as a launchers are also in the multiplayer sniper rifle. It is effective in the popular M16 series of weapons. AK-47 M14 The AK-47 is the primary weapon The M14 is a powerful assault rifle. Unfortunately. assault rifles Assault rifles are the staple of modern warfare. on harder enables you to completely empty difficulties. The M14 is not available in the single-player campaign. shotguns In multiplayer.S. While most are not as effective indoors as a sub machinegun. Sleight of Hand. Its three-round burst assault rifles like the M4 and mode strikes a great compromise the M16. This is not smaller clip size than other assault without good reason. In multiplayer. is an excellent. this weapon is great to combine with the Stopping Power or Deep Impact perks for a devastating punch that makes every round count. long-range long range. Going up against an enemy uses gas power to prepare the next armed with a W1200 is an extremely shell in the shotgun. an effective backup you must perform the pump action between trigger pulls. all assault rifles benefit from the Double Tap. taking a point-blank shot the M1014 into a corridor in a matter from one of these weapons results in of seconds. Although it’s possible to reload one shot at a time. close-quarters situations. Although not as forces in Call of Duty 4: Modern effective as the M4. choice for the enemies in the but it has many drawbacks. it is ideal for players missions and some of the later who like to stay on the move and single-player missions. it is an effective Warfare. 010110:18 n . but completely eliminates shotgun that is frequently used by one of its disadvantages. M1014 W1200 The M1014 has similar power to the The W1200 is a standard pump-action W1200. all shotguns are more effective when combined with the Sleight of Hand (faster reloads) or the Double Tap (faster rate of fire) perks. as the AK-47 rifles and is not fully automatic. the M1014 instant death. G36c M16A4 The G36c is a compact assault rifle The M16A4 is a standard weapon that is primarily used by British for the U. The A4 is the latest model in MP5 and the M4. there is a Multiplayer. or Steady Aim perks. as main weapon. infantry. The M1014 the separatists in the single-player is a semi-automatic shotgun that campaign. drawback to this weapon is the significant amount of time it takes to fully reload it. The other major weapon is vital. In multiplayer. making them the most versatile weapon type in your arsenal. When the M1014 is your significant delay between shots. all-around assault Use this rifle for long-range fire. getting caught with an empty W1200 usually means death. advance on the enemy instead of staying prone in one spot. While each round fired still has an extremely long reload in a close space has the potential to time and it holds fewer shells in take out multiple enemies. between stopping power and ammo conservation. they are effective at most every range. rifle. alternate weapon to have in your game like a cross between the arsenal. Stopping Power. It has a single-player campaign.

Staying in this position provides automatic cover against the opposing force. Lying prone is also important when firing a sniper rifle. Also consider using the Sleight of Hand perk for faster reloads. This enables you to carry a heavy weapon (like a sniper rifle). Unlockables Xbox 360 sniper rifles Achievements Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare offers a variety of sniper rifles for players who prefer to stay out of sight and strike down the enemy from a distance. you must achieve a headshot or a direct body shot.50 cal. the MP44 is a nostalgic Act 1 trip down memory lane. Try using Overkill with Dead Silence to relocate while you’re sniping.50 cal is the most powerful weapon in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. making for Act 3 a respectable fully automatic assault rifle. Sniper rifles are significantly more powerful than other weapons. Like the SVD. such as the MP5. sniper rifles are great when combined with the Claymore x2 perk. thus enabling you to take down several enemies at once. the M21 is semi-automatic. In multiplayer. forces in the game. has special controls when used in the single-player campaign. and Iron Lung to hold your breath longer while aiming. ACOG and Red Dot scopes are Multiplayer also available in multiplayer.M4 Introduction The M4 is the most common weapon for the British and US forces in Call of Duty 4: Gearing Up Modern Warfare.50 cal. The SVD is very accurate. The M4’s primary strength is accuracy. While there is only one opportunity to use the weapon in the single- player campaign. The clips are very large. and it’s an ideal compliment to a short or mid-range weapon. The MP44 is a German weapon utilized extensively Act 2 by the Nazis in World War II. The Barrett . as you can set up the Claymores to defend your back side while you zoom in with the rifle’s scope. 010110:19 n ©BradyGAMES . allowing you to repeatedly fire without a bolt action. firing quick bursts Coverage provides deadly. These weapons attachments include a grenade launcher and silencer. spot-on fire against your enemy while aiming down the sight. Using Overkill to carry a sub machinegun as your primary weapon and a sniper rifle as your secondary weapon is another good choice. making it an excellent weapon in almost all tactical situations. but enjoy the mobility of those who wield sub machineguns. The . When firing a sniper rifle. The SVD is a common weapon to find on downed enemy forces. SVD The SVD is a sniper rifle used by both enemies in the single-player campaign of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. it holds up reasonably well in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is primarily because of the number of equipable attachments for the Call it can use.S. M21 The M21 is the primary sniper rifle used by both British and U. and a headshot is always a confirmed kill. plus it’s semi- automatic with no action required between shots. Barrett . but to score a kill on an unwounded opponent. UAV Jammer for invisibility to enemy scans. hold the Sprint button to steady your aim. Single-Player Walkthrough MP44 Prologue For veteran players of the Call of Duty franchise. Despite being from a different era of warfare. as well as extra steadiness for your aim. Combine any sniper rifle with the Overkill perk to bring along a secondary weapon. it can be earned for use in the multiplayer campaign. The MP44 is not available in the Epilogue single-player campaign. such as an assault rifle. which has the longest range of any weapon in the game. It can be outfitted with a silencer.

Press the Fire button to set off the C4 once you retreat to a safe range. Use the resulting flash to close in on unsuspecting enemies. Flashbang Flashbangs are an essential tool for disabling fierce enemy resistance.50 cal Barrett is its peer. This makes it quite difficult to use during intense battles. You can also detonate it by double tapping the reload button. blinding and deafening anyone within range for a few seconds. and it requires a bolt action between shots. set C4 in heavy traffic areas and sit back to snipe from afar. you gain access to a variety of explosive and tactical devices that are accessible via your inventory or the grenade buttons. n . these 010110:20 are great for clearing rooms or smiting stubborn campers. You can even place it on vehicles to increase the blast damage due to the secondary explosion. The disadvantage to the R700 is that it only holds a few rounds. The M40A3 is only available in the multiplayer portion of the game. only the . Claymore Claymores are self-detonating explosive devices that can be set in the ground. then the game automatically switches to the detonator. R700 The R700 is the closest thing to a traditional hunting rifle. C4 C4 is part of your inventory arsenal. it automatically explodes and kills anyone within the blast radius. In multiplayer. a large flash emits. When you toss a flashbang. M40A3 The M40A3 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that comes with standard characteristics like high damage and a low rate of fire. Depending on the mission. When an enemy gets close to a Claymore. other arms A new feature to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the addition of inventory options. C4 is also used tactically for many operations in the single-player campaign. Using C4 is a two-stage process. plant it on an object (such as a wall or the ground). In multiplayer. First. or pick them off as they stumble out of cover. or your weapons loadout in multiplayer. Every shot with the R700 is extremely powerful. You can also shoot Claymores to detonate them.

You can also keep them cooked and run Stun Grenade Epilogue toward a group of enemies. These grenades are a must sound and watch your reticle for in multiplayer for escaping from Prologue notification of nearby grenades. a hit is deadly for a short period of time. of course. You can time it to detonate in the air or immediately Act 3 upon landing near an enemy. providing excellent you can also throw incoming grenades cover for you and your squad Single-Player Walkthrough back at attackers. a thick cloud of smoke fills Coverage grenades back to you. Nevertheless. You areas when you’re pinned down. allowing against both ground-based and you to move in for a coup de grâce. Listen for the “clink” mates.” rockets in one spot to have a decent shot at hitting an enemy with one. When you toss a smoke Multiplayer to ensure they don’t throw your grenade. taking everyone down with you! The stun grenade. so you have to find several your crosshairs from a “+” to an “x. To cook Act 2 a grenade. dependable arm in contemporary Stunned victims move much slower times. RPGs are single-use weapons. hold the button longer before throwing it. Keep your eyes on enemies Warfare. clustered enemy group.Frag Grenade Smoke Grenade Introduction The Frag Grenade hasn’t changed Smoke grenades are one of three Gearing Up much since World War II and still types of special grenades you can for the Call works in the same manner as in in Call obtain in Call of Duty 4: Modern weapons of Duty 3. the target area. flying vehicles…but only if the Your HUD indicates when you’ve wobbly rocket manages to connect stunned someone by converting with its target. serves as a combination of the flashbang and a Xbox 360 RPG frag grenade. Only in special circumstances should you arm up an RPG: when you have to take out a large. 010110:21 n ©BradyGAMES . It stuns enemies with Achievements This Soviet-manufactured weapon a large blast that impairs their vision is not the most accurate or and inflicts some physical damage. which is available Unlockables only in multiplayer. And. Act 1 can also “cook” grenades. take down an aircraft. or disable a tank.

Always keep in mind that when enemy fires a non-silenced weapon. It’s lucky for you that you’ve acquired a file that contains everything you’ll need to survive any battle. spanning the width of the display. At the very bottom of Melee Attack Push Right Stick R3 Button V the screen. Throw Frag Grenade Right Bumper R2 Button G or Mouse 3 Throw Special Grenade Left Bumper L2 Button 4 Inventory D-Pad D-Pad 5. you might glance. You can change everything from your look inversion to which icons above your round count that display how many special and frag buttons control your melee attacks. The HUD Crouch/Prone B Button Circle Button C and CTRL also displays who’s speaking on the mic and who killed who. Your ammo count doesn’t display how You can also set your controller sensitivity (for consoles) to whatever many magazines you’re carrying. you might want positions and enemy positions when UAVs are called in. The bullet icons gray out as you fire each round. Control Adjustments HUD and Crosshairs One of the most important things you can do is to set up your controls Your heads up display (HUD) shows you everything you need at a so that they suit your style of play. There are two you. locations to your teammates. and eliminate your enemies with extreme prejudice. kill streak bonuses. Your enemies will know you’ve completed these when they see the flash of your golden weapon. when and where. to UAV data on all locations. whether it’s through your visible forever. D is enabled. attachments. Multiplayer coverage Introduction You’re about to begin one of the most intense battles ever played online. Enemy radar blips don’t stay you look down the barrel of your weapon. but nothing comes easy. because you’re being called to duty… Basic Training Multiplayer Overview Multiplayer battles in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare range from 1 vs. The time Button/Keystroke Command left in the round is also displayed next to the score. grenades you have left. Bear in mind Action Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PC that most of these elements will be removed when hardcore mode Attack Right Trigger R1 Button Mouse Button 1 Movement Left Analog Left Stick W. depending on your style of play or the location where you’re fighting. night vision. Weapon attachments become available as you prove your worth on the battlefield. and the current score for each team. you’ll be challenged with innumerable tests that you’ll be rewarded for at every turn. which will display your own team’s individual want to set your sensitivity to High. At the bottom of the screen. but again. is your rank meter. including radar. Click on Custom to edit your settings from near-slow motion you have with you. there are circles to depict Stand/Jump A Button X Button Space what the D-pad does. S. Peruse the control layouts to see what works best for and the number of rounds remaining also decreases. Along the way. This document will train your team to infiltrate some of the most impenetrable locations without detection or loss of life. 1 cage matches to insane 18-player ground wars (max on PC is 24 players). and you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to make them look like boot camp washouts. to lightning fast. This section contains all of the features you can eventually access and tells you how to best use them. ranks. You’ll be fighting against some of the most elite soldiers in the world. but the total number of rounds that you like. Take it all in and have it at the ready. You’ll have several weapons in each class to choose from. You can also see the faction logo depicting which team you’re on. If you’re a sniper. If you like to run and gun. challenges. etc. and more. your turning speed slows down. with Aim Down Sight Left Trigger L1 Button Mouse Button 2 an icon of the weapon used to kill that player. satellite data on every location you’ll see throughout your tour. This section contains documentation on all of your weaponry. perks. 6 010110:22 Reload X Button Square Button R Use Hold X Hold Square F Nightvision D-Pad D-Pad N Show Objectives/Scores Pause/Back Start Button Tab n . so be quick about eliminating them or relaying their iron sights or a sniper rifle scope. you have to work for them. A. Whether you’re a squeaky-clean noob or a hardened online veteran. this classified section will provide you with valuable intelligence on everything from making it from Private to Prestige mode. This Switch Weapon Y Button Triangle Button 1 or 2 meter fills in with yellow as you progress to the next level and gain Sprint/Steady Scope Push Left Stick L3 Button Shift experience points. grenade launcher. Special abilities called “Perks” will also be at your fingertips. or when an to set it down to Medium or lower.

The only way to tell how much life you have is when you actually take damage. and the Single-Player number of soldiers ranges from 1 vs. These are very handy to have if the dynamics of a battle change. Later in this guide. encompassing the Class anything you like: “SMG Class”. Perks Perks are special abilities that you unlock as you gain experience points throughout your career. You can also set the room to allow people on your friends list to Your crosshairs give you some great information. etc. descriptions of each Basic Movement one. Always try to move from cover to cover and use your environment to Perk 1 your advantage. underground Frag x3 Carry 3 frag grenades instead of just 1 passages. C-4 x2 Carry 2 packs of C-4 Look for high ground to get the drop on your enemies. The borders of your screen turn red and pulse when you get hit. Use this intel to verify if your stun grenade has Create a Your loadout room. The crosshairs spread apart as you move. Use your imagination to create everything from hardcore tactical Unlockables bullets hits another player. crouch behind something to reduce their angle of effectiveness. You can also vote to skip the next map in the rotation. you’re back to full health again. because the next shot or bad step you take will end your life. and contract even more when you some great custom class setups for use on certain maps. They’re sectioned off so that you can’t overload yourself with ridiculous combinations of special abilities. In addition. We will suggest some great custom class setups and perk combinations throughout this guide. Three groups of perks are available to you. Private Match. Remember that you can only vote once per map. or your enemies will catch on. Try not to keep making the same moves and decisions. Here’s a list of all perks available in the game. Create a Class. Prologue Act 1 Private Private matches are not ranked. There are a lot of options. then reacquire your target and shoot a few more RPG-7 x2 Carry 2 rocket propelled grenades bullets) for the best accuracy and round conservation. catwalks. etc. find. we’ll suggest contract when you stop moving. If someone is shooting at you from a lower point than Perk Name Description you are. Crouch or go Special Grenade x3 Flash or stun (smoke is not available) prone for a higher level of accuracy. your crosshairs turn from a + to an x to battles to incredibly fun old school variations. weapons Multiplayer Find a This option will throw you into the heat of battle based on the type of war you want Coverage Match to fight. minimizing your view. You don’t gain experience points toward Match unlockables. “My Shotgunner. Your options include everything from Free-for-All to Oldcore modes. Where’s My Life Meter? There isn’t one. and even perks-off and headshots-only Epilogue settings. Bandolier Carry extra magazines for all of your weapons Bomb Squad Ability to detect enemy explosives even through walls 010110:23 n ©BradyGAMES . take cover. 9 Ground War Walkthrough battles (PC allows more than nine players). Create custom classes for any area where your rounds will land if you fire on the run. making you impossible to kill. change stances from upright to crouched to prone. Your health regenerates over time. number of lives. so Xbox 360 confirm the hit. This option is best suited for clans to set up matches. stun grenades also turn your crosshairs customize away! Achievements from a + to an x. The crosshairs unexpected battle situations that may arise. like good flanking routes. from the modes and maps to time Act 3 limits. and Party Invite. You can create up to five custom classes and rename them worked. and the group in which they’re contained. Anytime one of your join or not. point limits. so look for them as you read on. for the Call Barracks. The red bloodshot graphic encroaches on your screen. Always try to burst fire (shoot just a few bullets at a time. You have Act 2 full control over every aspect of the room. When it gets really red and you can barely see. Choosing the right combinations of perks and weapon loadouts for the map will be key to your success on the battlefield.” etc. Always look for Claymore x2 Carry 2 set-and-forget Claymores ways to outsmart your enemies. 1 Cage Matches to insane 9 vs. When the red fades away. Getting Online Introduction Gearing Up You have five options: Find a Match.

Flash.g. you’re given the option to start again and wipe your slate clean. This icon lets everyone know that you’ve seen the end of war. you can achieve level 55 ten times over! There are 10 different Prestige rank icons that display your status: Prestige Prestige Prestige Prestige Prestige Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 010110:24 Prestige Prestige Prestige Prestige Prestige Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 n . your clan tag. that stun grenades will reorient your crosshairs from a + to an x to let you know that you’ve actually stunned someone. and winning streak. Note Accuracy Check out which one of your friends has the best aim. and prestige Side Arm This is your pistol. be sure to consider the location in which you’ll be fighting and the perks available to you. light machine appear at all if too much damage is inflicted (e. Why would you want to do this? To show everyone how badass you really are! When you enter Prestige mode. There are 10 levels of Prestige. UAV Jammer Undetectable on enemy radar when UAVs are deployed and then find a match or create a private match. because they’re added automatically. Can be ended prematurely if the player is shot. Flash Challenges Complete challenges in several categories to unlock things like weapons. but you’re given a special icon next to your name that replaces your rank icon. Throw smoke at one crossing. RPG to the face) guns. If the party leader Sonic Boom Higher explosive damage leaves the room. and you’ve come back to show the rest of the world how to see it too. which unlock as you gain experience points. this option will allow you to show the world who’s on your to cross heavily guarded areas or get out of situations where you’ve been pinned team. so use them to aid in clearing enemies who attachments. the other players don’t leave. You can attach a silencer when you need to remain concealed mode options. Perk 3 Perk Name Description Extreme Conditioning Run for longer distances Weapons and Attachments Steady Aim Accuracy of aim when firing from the hip Throughout your tour. but once you unlock Eavesdrop Hear enemy mic chatter the Overkill perk. The Barracks contain all of your leaderboards. win Grenade most appropriate to your role or style of play. Does not They range from handguns to shotguns. allowing you and your team Clan Tag If you play in a clan. choose either a flash to blind the campers Kills View your total kills. You can select up to 4 characters to abbreviate your clan’s name.) You don’t need to add the brackets to advance the opposite way. If you’re fighting on a map that to loss ratio. Sea Snipers would be [SS]. The decision of which weapon is right for the Martyrdom Drop a live grenade when you die job is yours. Score Check your overall score in the game. submachine guns. you start again at level 1. or a stun to disorient them and breach the area without much resistance. just click Party Invite and select the players you want Over Kill Carry 2 primary weapons to add from your friends list. This will allow you to choose a high-mobility weapon while still carrying a heavy weapon and retaining your battlefield agility. To Double Tap Increased rate of fire create a party. you’ll have access to 26 weapons in total (not counting gold versions). Mix up your use of smoke to keep the enemy guessing. Displayed from most to least kills. Special Special grenades consist of Smoke. and Stun grenades. you’ll be Barracks wearing a ghillie suit (Russian maps only). which is great for clans that only have a few members logged on but want to play together as a team in public rooms. You can invite up to nine players to your public party. The choice is yours. To create the most efficient loadout. Perk 2 Party Invite Perk Name Description A party is a group of your friends that you can keep together while Stopping Power Increased bullet damage playing. You can also use smoke as a distraction. (For down. Deep Impact Deeper bullet penetration Iron Lung Hold breath longer Primary This weapon is directly related to your character’s mobility on the battlefield. Some letter combinations are prohibited due to offensive content or other reasons. Once you hit the Mode top rank. have dug into buildings. displayed from most to least as compared to your friends. then example. and sniper rifles. Remember that the grenade launcher and front grip will disable Perk 1. so make your choices wisely. but still need to put someone down. If you choose a sniper rifle for your main weapon. you get the ability to carry 2 primary weapons. and weapon camo. Pop smoke to provide cover. Prestige Think you’ve ranked yourself up all the way? Think again. Party members stay on the same team Sleight of Hand Faster reloads during play. and that it’s safe to enter and clear. Wait for them to enter the party lobby. has lots of fortifiable buildings/areas. That’s right. An Weapon LMG will make you run much more slowly than an SMG. grenades deafen and blind enemies. This is where you can view your stats and progress in the game. Select the set that’s Wins Compare your wins against your friends. You may decide that you Dead Silence Make less noise while moving want to choose an SMG as your primary for extra mobility. Attack with your side arm or knife for 15 seconds before you bleed Last Stand out. They must exit the room on their own and go back to the party lobby. If you select Last Stand as one of your perks. challenges. Your primary weapon also dictates what outfit you wear in battle. or up Juggernaut Increased health to 18 for a private match party. and let you choose a clan tag. Choose a side arm that best suits your style of play or the map. you’ll have to decide whether you want to have more stopping power with something like Leaderboards the Desert Eagle or more rounds with something like the M1911. The system will find a room large enough to house your entire party.

W.45 Desert Eagle Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Rank Acquired: 1 Rank Acquired: 43 Sub Machineguns Mini-Uzi MP5 Rank Acquired: 12 Rank Acquired: 1 Skorpion AK74u Rank Acquired: 4 Rank Acquired: 28 P90 Rank Acquired: 40 Light Machineguns M60E4 M249 S. Check the Gearing Up many charts in this guide to see what you must do to rank up.45 Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Rank Acquired: 1 Rank Acquired: 16 Act 3 USP . along with the character rank at which they’re unlocked: Multiplayer Coverage Side Arms Single-Player Walkthrough M9 M1911 . for the Call weapons The following tables list the available weapons. Rank Acquired: 19 Rank Acquired: 1 RPD Rank Acquired: 4 Shotguns W1200 M1014 Rank Acquired: 2 Rank Acquired: 31 010110:25 n ©BradyGAMES .A. Sea Sniper Tip Introduction Higher-ranked players have a definite advantage.

Remember that this attachment Launcher disables Perk 1. this is a pistol-grip handle attached under the barrel of your weapon. You unlock these by completing all challenges for every weapon in the gold weapons class. running. Sniper Rifles Grenade A great attachment for medium-sized maps. this is a devastating force to be reckoned with. Front Grip Only available for the LMGs and Shotguns. or crouching. and remember Rank Acquired: 4 Rank Acquired: 10 that some attachments come at a price. it takes a bit longer to acquire your target. It’s best used for stealth players who like to stay on the move and shoot from medium to long distances. but won’t be able to pinpoint your location unless Rank Acquired: 52 they call in a UAV. While it improves accuracy and decreases M40A3 recoil. For best results. Not all attachments are available for all weapons. And remember. Assault Rifles AK-47 M4 Carbine Weapon Attachments You can add these items to your primary weapons. don’t hesitate to fire. using the G3 M16A4 grenade launcher disables the use of Perk 1. This attachment is great for run-and-gun. Remember that these grenades need to arm themselves before they can detonate. You only get 2 grenades to use with it. Very accurate.50 cal. you’re without a scope of any kind and must resort to iron sights. so practice your distances. It increases your accuracy when you’re Rank Acquired: 49 Rank Acquired: 34 shooting from the hip or while standing. However. ACOG Scope This attachment offers much more zoom than the red dot. weapons have gold versions. Silencer Maintain utter silence and keep them guessing by attaching a silencer to your primary weapon. so you won’t be able to Rank Acquired: 22 Rank Acquired: 7 use them in close quarters. Combined with the Sonic Boom Perk. This is a great addition to your weapon when you just can’t seem to hit someone Rank Acquired: 37 Rank Acquired: 46 and need a bit more zoom. and almost all are unlocked via the challenges. Enemies might know your general area. Remington 700 launcher equipped and you run into someone. There are horizontal hash marks on the crosshairs to allow you to gauge the distance. The force of the grenade being launched will kill anyone at close range. Bear in mind that the front grip will also disable Perk 1. so don’t make this decision lightly. try to burst fire MP44 when attaching this to an assault rifle. if you find yourself with the grenade Barrett . For instance. Always choose the right tool for the job. This allows you to fire at will while remaining undetectable on enemy radar (aside from UAV sweeps). Red Dot Sight This sight offers a clear aiming point unobstructed by your weapon’s iron sights. While this is listed as an SVD M21 attachment. G36c M14 Great all-purpose scope. but not all. However. Rank Acquired: 3 Sea Sniper Tip Some. it’s more of a weapon. Make sure this will benefit you during battle. you can choose only one attachment for your weapon. 010110:26 n . Rank Acquired: 25 Rank Acquired: 1 because it enables you to quickly acquire targets from any stance. but it serves no real purpose for long- range shooting. Choose this attachment when you’re running and gunning.

0 4.0 Unlockables Xbox 360 2.0 4.0 6.0 2.0 4.0 6.0 4.0 5. British Spec Ops.0 2.0 o.0 4.0 5.0 2.0 6.0 6.0 5.0 5.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 3.0 2.0 2.0 4.o o.o o.0 6.0 6.0 2.0 1.0 5.o Sub Machinegun 6.0 4.0 2.0 3.0 Achievements 1.0 1. You can unlock Multiplayer Coverage weapon camo by ranking up or via specific challenges.0 6.0 1.0 2. Sometimes you’ll need to sacrifice your weapon of choice to get the weapons best camouflage for a certain map.0 3.0 3.0 3.o o.0 4.).0 4.o Shotgun 6.0 3.0 6.0 3.0 Act 2 5.0 5.S.0 3.0 1.0 1.0 4.0 6.0 1.0 5.0 6.o Light Machinegun 6.0 5.0 6.0 4.0 5.0 o.0 2.0 6.0 3.0 1.0 3.0 3.0 1. Weapon and Character Skins Introduction Gearing Up Your character’s outfit is directly related to the primary weapon you choose.0 4. Your weapons can be painted as well.0 6.0 1.0 2.0 4.o o. the environment you’re fighting in.o o.0 2.0 4.0 2.0 2.0 1.0 1.0 1. so choose what suits you best on a per-map basis. and that matches your character’s skin.o o.0 5.o o.0 4.o o. Choose the right skin for the map.0 2.0 3.0 5.0 3.0 3.0 4.o o.o 010110:27 n ©BradyGAMES .0 2.0 3.0 1.0 6.0 3.0 1.S. Single-Player Walkthrough OPFORCE DESERT Spec OPS Spetsnaz U.0 1.0 2. Woodland Prologue Assault Rifle Act 1 6.o o.S. for the Call Forces.o o.0 5.o o.0 o.0 6.o o. Try to select a camo pattern that gives you the best concealment for each map.0 3.0 o.0 6.0 5.0 3.0 2.o o.0 5.0 1.0 4. etc.0 5.0 6.0 5.0 1.0 Epilogue 3.o Sniper Rifle 6.0 5.0 1.0 2.0 5.0 4.0 1.0 1.0 2.0 5.0 3.0 6.0 4.0 3.0 Act 3 4.0 o.0 3.0 2.o o.0 1. Spetsnaz.0 4.o o.0 4.0 2.0 1.0 4. Desert U.0 1.0 5.0 3.o o.0 4.0 2.o o.0 2.0 6.0 5.0 6.o o.0 5.0 5. and the factions involved (U.o o.0 4.0 5.0 3.

defusing it. Colonel I 50070 14 Staff Sergeant I 5190 39 Lt. Colonel 47020 13 Staff Sergeant 4380 38 Lt. Rank You get promoted in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare by gaining experience points. you get rewarded with things like new weapons. perks. camos. holding it. Following is a list of all of the ranks and the experience points (XP) need to attain each one. You get points for kills. When you rank up. Rank # Insignia Rank Title XP Required Rank # Insignia Rank Title XP Required 1 Private First Class 0 26 2nd Lieutenant I 21150 2 Private First Class I 30 27 2nd Lieutenant II 23000 3 Private First Class II 120 28 1st Lieutenant 24930 4 Lance Corporal 270 29 1st Lieutenant I 26940 5 Lance Corporal I 480 30 1st Lieutenant II 29030 6 Lance Corporal II 750 31 Captain 31240 7 Corporal 1080 32 Captain I 33570 8 Corporal I 1470 33 Captain II 36020 9 Corporal II 1920 34 Major 38590 10 Sergeant 2430 35 Major I 41280 11 Sergeant I 3000 36 Major II 44090 12 Sergeant II 3650 37 Lt. planting a bomb. challenges. taking flags in domination. and many other things. taking a headquarters. Colonel II 53240 15 Staff Sergeant II 6080 40 Colonel 56530 16 Gunnery Sergeant 7050 41 Colonel I 59940 17 Gunnery Sergeant I 8100 42 Colonel II 63470 18 Gunnery Sergeant II 9230 43 Brigadier General 67120 19 Master Sergeant 10440 44 Brigadier General I 70890 20 Master Sergeant I 11730 45 Brigadier General II 74780 21 Master Sergeant II 13100 46 Major General 78790 22 Master Gunnery Sergeant 14550 47 Major General I 82920 23 Master Gunnery Sergeant I 16080 48 Major General II 87170 24 Master Gunnery Sergeant II 17690 49 Lieutenant General 91540 010110:28 25 2nd Lieutenant 19380 50 Lieutenant General I 96030 n . and features.

M16 Blue Tiger 5 you don’t waste one of your radar sweeps. AK47 Silencer Marksman II weapon. M4 Get 75 kills with this 10 500 XP. G3 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this 25 100 XP. G3 Digital Camo weapon. M16 Red Tiger 5 Streak location of your choosing. AK47 ACOG Scope until the other team shoots it down. G3 Blue Tiger Sea Sniper Tip 25 weapon. Camo AK47 Expert Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. M16 Red Dot Sight Marksman I weapon. AK47 Get 75 kills with this 7-Kill Call in the chopper. M4 Silencer Marksman II weapon. M16 Silencer Xbox 360 There are three different types of air support that you can use when Marksman II weapon. taking it out should be your #1 priority. Sight friendlies before you call in the strike. UAVs only last for a short period of time. so use them wisely. AK47 Red Dot to take place. Streak a treat. G3 Silencer Marksman II weapon. G3 Get 75 kills with this 25 500 XP. M16 ACOG Scope Marksman III weapon. Camo M4 Get 25 kills with this 10 100 XP. Kill Streak Bonuses: Air Support Unlockables M16 Get 75 kills with this 5 500 XP. M4 ACOG Scope Marksman III weapon. 010110:29 n ©BradyGAMES . so shoot at enemy choppers with anything you’ve got. AK47 Digital Camo weapon. G3 Red Dot Sight Marksman I weapon. M4 Red Tiger 10 this weapon. Camo the crosshairs to tell your air support team exactly where you want the strike AK47 Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. they’ll still be available to you after you respawn. M4 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this 10 100 XP. G3 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. Camo 5-Kill Call in an airstrike. You can flip to the entire map view and reposition this weapon. but Multiplayer remember that challenges themselves are unlocked via promotions. This bonus will give you a radar sweep of the entire map and 5 100 XP. you’re in for 5 500 XP. Remember that you don’t have to use them M16 Get 150 kills with this right away. Try to coordinate your UAVs with your teammates so that M16 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. M4 Blue Tiger 10 weapon. AK47 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. AK47 Red Tiger 5 III this weapon. M4 Digital Camo weapon. 5 1000 XP. Rank # Insignia Rank Title XP Required Challenges Introduction Gearing Up 51 Lieutenant General II 100640 There are 10 sets of challenges in all. Camo G3 Get 25 kills with this 25 100 XP. Achievements you go on a kill streak. G3 ACOG Scope Marksman III weapon. If you’re man enough to achieve this bonus. each one containing multiple for the Call tiers or phases and unlocking something new. M4 Red Dot Sight Marksman I weapon. Camo M4 Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Coverage 53 General I 110220 Rank up to unlock challenges. M16 Digital Camo Streak weapon. the helicopter. a chopper armed with a single minigun and missiles will eliminate your enemies and rack up points for you AK47 Get 150 kills with this 5 1000 XP. 54 General II 115190 Prologue Assault Rifle Challenges Act 1 55 Commander 120280 Challenge Rank Description Reward Act 2 Unlocked Act 3 M16 Get 25 kills with this Epilogue 5 100 XP. reveal all enemy locations in motion. AK47 Blue Tiger 5 weapon. Remember that any weapon will damage Marksman III weapon. You can unlock weapons 52 General 105370 everything from your red dot sight to the red tiger camouflage. G3 Get 150 kills with this 25 1000 XP. This will send in a formation of jets to drop bombs on a M16 Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Camo If an enemy calls in a helicopter. When you call in helicopter support. M4 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. and then complete those challenges to Single-Player Walkthrough unlock gear and camo. Make sure to notify your teammates and check the maps for 5 Marksman I weapon. M16 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this 3-Kill Call in a UAV. M4 Get 150 kills with this 10 1000 XP. AK47 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this 5 100 XP. weapon.

Camo MP44 Expert Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. Scope Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. Scope M249 SAW Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Skorpion Blue 25 5 this weapon. Camo Expert I weapon. MP5 Get 150 kills with this Light Machine Gun Challenges 5 1000 XP. G36c Red Tiger Mini-Uzi Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. M249 SAW Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. Mini-Uzi ACOG 38 100 XP. AK74u Blue Tiger 46 28 this weapon. M14 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this AK74u Get 150 kills with this 1000 XP. AK74u Red Dot 46 500 XP. Marksman III weapon. Camo M14 Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Skorpion Red 38 100 XP. Mini-Uzi Red 46 100 XP. M14 Red Tiger AK74u Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. Camo Expert I weapon. M249 SAW Blue 5 010110:30 Skorpion Expert II weapon. M249 SAW Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. G36c ACOG Scope 13 500 XP. Tiger Camo G36c Get 75 kills with this Mini-Uzi Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. Expert III this weapon. Camo Expert II weapon. G36c Digital Camo 13 weapon. M14 Silencer 28 Marksman II weapon. G36c Expert I Get 25 head shots with this Mini-Uzi Get 150 kills with this 1000 XP. Camo M249 SAW Get 150 kills with this 1000 XP. G36c Silencer 13 Marksman II weapon. Scope G36c Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. Expert III this weapon. Skorpion Digital 5 Expert I weapon. Note: There is no Marksman challenge for the MP44. Camo G36c Expert Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. M14 Digital Camo 28 weapon. P90 Red Tiger 40 this weapon. Rank Challenge Description Reward MP5 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this Unlocked 5 100 XP. Camo MP5 Get 75 kills with this 5 500 XP. P90 ACOG Scope Marksman III weapon. Camo M249 SAW Get 75 kills with this 500 XP. MP5 Red Tiger 5 this weapon. M249 SAW Red 5 Skorpion Expert III this weapon. Camo MP44 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this AK74u Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Tiger Camo M14 Get 75 kills with this AK74u Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. Camo Expert II weapon. MP5 Digital Camo weapon. MP5 ACOG Scope Marksman III weapon. G3 Red Tiger Skorpion Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. AK74u Red Tiger 52 100 XP. Sight G36c Get 150 kills with this Mini-Uzi Get 75 kills with this 38 1000 XP. Rank Challenge Description Reward Unlocked P90 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. P90 Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Forward Grip Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Skorpion ACOG 5 Marksman III weapon. M14 ACOG Scope 28 500 XP. Mini-Uzi Silencer Marksman III weapon. Tiger Camo Get 150 kills with this 1000 XP. Camo Expert II weapon. MP44 Blue Tiger P90 Get 25 kills with this 52 40 100 XP. Skorpion Red 5 Marksman I weapon. Sight M14 Get 150 kills with this AK74u Get 75 kills with this 46 1000 XP. Marksman I weapon. Scope M14 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. M249 SAW 5 MP5 Expert III Marksman II weapon. P90 Blue Tiger 40 weapon. Expert III this weapon. Tiger Camo Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. Camo Get 75 kills with this 5 500 XP. P90 Red Dot Sight II weapon. Dot Sight M249 SAW Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. Rank Rank Challenge Description Reward Challenge Description Reward Unlocked Unlocked G3 Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. AK74u Digital 46 28 weapon. P90 Digital Camo weapon. Marksman I weapon. P90 Silencer III this weapon. M14 Blue Tiger AK74u Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. AK74u ACOG 46 100 XP. M249 SAW ACOG 5 Skorpion Marksman III weapon. Mini-Uzi Blue Tiger 38 13 III this weapon. Submachine Gun Challenges P90 Expert I 40 Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. Tiger Camo G36c Get 25 kills with this Skorpion Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. MP5 Blue Tiger 5 weapon. Dot Sight Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. MP44 Digital Camo 28 weapon. Marksman II weapon. M14 Red Dot Sight 13 Marksman I weapon. Camo Marksman II weapon. Mini-Uzi Red Dot 38 500 XP. G36c Red Dot Sight 5 Marksman I weapon. Camo n . Camo MP5 Get 25 kills with this 5 100 XP. G36c Blue Tiger Mini-Uzi Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. AK74u Silencer Marksman III weapon. M249 SAW Red 5 MP5 Expert II Marksman I weapon. Marksman III weapon. MP44 Expert Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. P90 Get 150 kills with this 40 1000 XP. Mini-Uzi Digital 38 13 weapon. Camo M14 Get 25 kills with this Mini-Uzi Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. MP5 Red Dot Sight Marksman I weapon. MP5 Silencer Marksman II weapon. Marksman II weapon. MP44 Red Tiger P90 Get 75 kills with this 52 40 500 XP. M249 SAW Digital 5 Skorpion Expert I weapon. Skorpion Silencer Marksman II weapon. Camo Marksman I weapon.

M40A3 Digital 5 Expert I weapon. M21 Digital Camo weapon. Camo M60E4 Expert Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. W1200 Forward 5 Marksman II weapon. Barrett . Camo 010110:31 n ©BradyGAMES . RPD Digital Camo Act 1 weapon. SVD Blue Tiger 22 weapon. M40A3 Get 100 kills with this 500 XP. Camo M21 Get 100 kills with this 7 500 XP. M60E4 Red Dot Xbox 360 19 Achievements Marksman I weapon. M40A3 Blue Tiger 5 Prologue Expert II weapon. M21 ACOG Scope Marksman weapon. Camo Barrett . Camo Shotgun Challenges R700 34 Get 100 kills with this 500 XP. M1014 Red Dot 22 31 Cal Expert II weapon. Camo SVD Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Epilogue RPD Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Sight Barrett . R700 Digital Camo weapon.50 Cal 22 W1200 Expert Get 50 head shots with this 500 XP. W1200 Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. M60E4 Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. Camo Act 2 RPD Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP.50 Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. SVD Digital Camo weapon. M40A3 Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. M40A3 Red Tiger 5 III this weapon.50 Cal M1014 Get 50 kills with this 500 XP. SVD ACOG Scope Marksman weapon. M60E4 Digital 19 I weapon.50 Cal W1200 Expert Get 100 head shots with 1000 XP. Grip M1014 Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. Sight R700 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. RPD ACOG Scope Marksman III weapon.50 Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP.50 Cal M1014 Get 25 kills with this 100 XP. Camo M21 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this Unlockables 7 100 XP. Grip M21 Expert III Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. M60E4 Blue Tiger 19 II weapon. W1200 Red Tiger 22 5 Cal Expert I weapon. R700 ACOG Scope Marksman weapon. Camo Barrett Get 100 kills with this 500 XP. Red Tiger Camo Marksman II weapon. M40A3 Expert Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Rank Challenge Description Reward Unlocked R700 Expert I Get 25 head shots with this 34 100 XP. Camo W1200 Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. SVD Red Tiger 22 this weapon.50 Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Rank Sniper Rifle Challenges Introduction Challenge Description Reward Unlocked Rank Gearing Up Challenge Description Reward Unlocked for the Call RPD Get 25 kills with this 5 100 XP. M1014 Forward 22 31 Cal Expert III this weapon. Camo SVD Expert I Get 25 head shots with this 22 100 XP. M21 Blue Tiger 7 weapon. Blue Tiger Camo Marksman I weapon. M1014 Red Tiger 31 III this weapon. M60E4 Forward 19 Marksman II weapon. Camo W1200 Get 50 kills with this 500 XP. Camo Single-Player RPD Get 150 kills with this Walkthrough 5 1000 XP. Barrett . Scope RPD Get 75 kills with this Multiplayer 5 500 XP. Camo M60E4 Get 150 kills with this 1000 XP. RPD Red Tiger 5 this weapon. Scope SVD Get 100 kills with this 22 500 XP.50 Cal . M60E4 Red Tiger 19 III this weapon. RPD Red Dot Sight Marksman I weapon. Barrett . Camo M60E4 Get 75 kills with this 500 XP. Camo RPD Expert I Get 25 head shots with this 5 100 XP. RPD Forward Grip Coverage Marksman II weapon. Digital Camo III this weapon. M21 Red Tiger 7 this weapon. Camo SVD Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. ACOG Scope 5 Marksman II weapon. W1200 Blue Tiger weapon. RPD Blue Tiger 5 Act 3 weapon. M1014 Digital 31 Expert I weapon. Camo M1014 Expert Get 100 head shots with 1000 XP. M60E4 Expert Get 25 head shots with this 100 XP. M60E4 Expert Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. M40A3 Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. Barrett . R700 Blue Tiger 34 weapon. M1014 Blue Tiger 31 II weapon. Grip R700 Expert Get 150 head shots with 1000 XP. Camo Barrett . W1200 Red Dot 5 Marksman I weapon. Sight M21 Expert II Get 75 head shots with this 500 XP. W1200 Digital 5 Expert I weapon. R700 Red Tiger 34 III this weapon. M40A3 ACOG weapons 5 Marksman weapon. M60E4 ACOG 19 Marksman III weapon. Camo M1014 Expert Get 50 head shots with this 500 XP.

Boot Camp Challenges Rank Challenge Description Reward Rank Unlocked Challenge Description Reward Unlocked Backdraft II Destroy 5 enemy explosive 18 100 XP Radar Kill 3 enemies without devices. 12 100 XP Shot II you’re crouching. 50 XP Bomb Down Kill the bomb carrier in a Exposed I 18 Call in a UAV 10 times. Free-for-All Place in the top 3 in 5 Free- 21 100 XP Crouch Kill 15 enemies while Victor II for-All matches. Free-for-All Place in the top 3 in a 21 50 XP Crouch Kill 5 enemies while you’re Victor I Free-for-All match. Rank Challenge Description Reward Base Jump Fall 15 feet or more and Unlocked 12 250 XP survive. 250 XP Goodbye 12 Fall 30 feet or more to 250 XP Operations Challenges your death. Hardcore Win 15 Hardcore Team X-Ray Kill 5 enemies through 24 250 XP Team Player II Deathmatch matches. Victor I Grenade Kill 5 enemies with a Search and 15 150 XP Win 15 Search and Destroy Kill II grenade. Victor II Grenade Kill 10 enemies with a 15 250 XP Search and Kill III grenade. 15 50 XP Shot I prone. Chopper Kill 7 enemies without 9 50 XP Knife Kill 5 enemies with the Inbound dying and call in a chopper. Search and Win 5 Search and Destroy Grenade Kill 1 enemy with a Destroy 21 50 XP 15 50 XP matches. Team Player Win 30 Team Deathmatch 21 250 XP Prone Kill 30 enemies while III matches. 100 XP MVP Team Play Team Deathmatch and II 21 250 XP Deathmatch get the top score overall. Destroy match. X-Ray Kill 1 enemy through Hardcore Win 5 Hardcore Team Vision I 15 a surface using bullet 100 XP 24 100 XP Team Player II Deathmatch matches. 100 XP penetration. 50 XP Sabotage 24 Win 50 Sabotage matches. 100 XP MVP Team Finish a Team Hardcore Vandalism III 18 Blow up 15 cars. Sabotage 24 Win 5 Sabotage matches. 18 50 XP Veteran I melee attack. Free-for-All Place in the top 3 in 15 21 250 XP Crouch Kill 30 enemies while Victor III Free-for-All matches. 18 100 XP Veteran II knife melee attack. Inbound 9 dying and call in an 50 XP Knife Kill 1 enemy with the knife airstrike. 50 XP Victor I X-Ray Kill 15 enemies through Vision III 15 a surface using bullet 250 XP Sabotage 24 Win 20 Sabotage matches. 9 50 XP Inbound dying and call in a UAV. Vision II 15 a surface using bullet 250 XP penetration. Win 30 Search and Destroy Destroy 21 250 XP Point Guard I 15 Get 5 assists. Kill I grenade. Point Guard 15 Get 30 assists. Marathon 12 Sprint for 26 miles total. Victor III Point Guard 15 Get 15 assists. Team Player I Win 5 Team Deathmatch 21 50 XP Prone Kill 5 enemies while you’re matches. 250 XP Hardcore Win a Hardcore Team III 24 50 XP Team Player I Deathmatch match. 250 XP Victor III Vandalism II 18 Blow up 5 cars. Flyswatter Shoot down an enemy 9 250 XP Knife Kill 15 enemies with the helicopter. 12 50 XP Shot I crouching. Backdraft III Destroy 15 enemy 18 250 XP Airstrike Kill 5 enemies without explosive devices. Victor II Vandalism I 18 Blow up a car. penetration. 15 100 XP Shot II you’re prone. Exposed I 18 Call in a UAV 5 times. 18 250 XP Veteran III knife melee attack. 250 XP 010110:32 Bomb Kill the bomb defender in Backdraft I Destroy 1 enemy explosive 18 50 XP Defender 27 a Sabotage or Search and 250 XP device. 50 XP matches. 250 XP 24 50 XP Hardcore match with the top score. Team Player II Win 15 Team Deathmatch 21 100 XP Prone Kill 15 enemies while matches. 100 XP 27 Sabotage or Search and 250 XP Destroy match. 15 250 XP Shot III you’re prone. n . Destroy 21 100 XP matches. 12 250 XP Shot III you’re crouching. Exposed I 18 Call in a UAV 20 times.

Veteran I perk. Rank Rank Introduction Challenge Description Reward Challenge Description Reward Unlocked Unlocked Gearing Up for the Call Bomb Kill the bomb planter in a Stun Veteran Kill 10 enemies still dazed by a stun 36 100 XP Planter 27 Sabotage or Search and 250 XP II grenade. Invisible I Kill 5 enemies while using a sniper SMG Expert II Kill 25 enemies with a headshot 39 50 XP 30 100 XP rifle in prone position. Expert II while using an assault rifle. Multi-C-4 Kill 2 or more enemies with a single Chopper Kill 15 enemies by calling in 45 250 XP 33 100 XP C-4 pack. Humiliation Challenges Master Kill 10 enemies with cooked 33 100 XP Rank Chef II grenades. 42 250 XP in midair. 100 XP C-4 II Last Stand Kill 15 enemies using the Last 33 250 XP Counter-C- Veteran III Stand perk. 27 250 XP and Destroy. Veteran I helicopters. Counter-C-4 I 39 Kill 1 enemy by shooting C-4. Hot Potato I Kill 1 enemy with a thrown-back Chopper Kill 30 enemies by calling in 45 50 XP 33 250 XP grenade. Invisible II Kill 25 enemies while using a sniper SMG Expert III Kill 50 enemies with a headshot 39 100 XP 30 250 XP rifle in prone position. using a light machine gun. Counter. Unlockables 30 Kill 5 enemies by using a Claymore. while using a submachine gun. 50 XP Last Stand Kill 5 enemies using the Last Stand 33 100 XP Counter- Veteran II perk. Counter. Invisible III Kill 50 enemies while using a sniper LMG Expert I Kill 5 enemies with a headshot while 39 250 XP 30 50 XP rifle in prone position. while using a submachine gun. Veteran III helicopters. Kill 10 enemies by shooting a Last Stand Kill 1 enemy using the Last Stand 39 250 XP 33 50 XP Claymore III Claymore. Airstrike Kill 5 enemies by calling in Multi-frag 33 50 XP Kill 2 or more enemies with a single Veteran I airstrikes. 27 250 XP Prologue Standing Search and Destroy. Stealth I Kill 10 enemies while using a Assault Kill 25 enemies with a headshot 39 50 XP 30 100 XP silenced weapon. weapons Destroy match. MG Master Get a 5-kill streak while on a Airstrike Kill 30 enemies by calling in 42 250 XP 33 250 XP mounted machine gun. Expert III while using an assault rifle. Kill 1 enemy by shooting a LMG Expert II Kill 25 enemies with a headshot 39 50 XP 30 100 XP Claymore I Claymore. Challenge Description Reward Unlocked Master Chef Kill 20 enemies with cooked Airborne 33 250 XP Get a 2 kill streak with bullets while III grenades. 250 XP Shot Clay More Kill 2 or more enemies with a single Xbox 360 Assault Kill 5 enemies with a headshot while 36 250 XP Achievements 30 50 XP Claymore. Stealth II Kill 25 enemies while using a Assault Kill 50 enemies with a headshot 39 100 XP 30 250 XP silenced weapon. Kill 5 enemies by shooting a LMG Expert III Kill 50 enemies with a headshot 39 100 XP 30 250 XP Claymore II Claymore. Stealth III Kill 50 enemies while using a SMG Expert I Kill 5 enemies with a headshot while 39 250 XP 30 50 XP silenced weapon. Act 3 Challenge Description Reward Unlocked Epilogue Martyrdom Kill 15 enemies with a dropped Claymore 36 250 XP Veteran III grenade from the Martyrdom perk. Single-Player Multi-RPG Kill 2 or more enemies with a single Walkthrough 36 250 XP Last Man Be the last man standing in RPG shot. Expert I using an assault rifle. 39 Kill 10 enemies by shooting C-4. while using a light machine gun. Airstrike Kill 15 enemies by calling in Carpet Bomb 33 100 XP 42 Kill 5 enemies with a single airstrike. while using a light machine gun. Veteran III airstrikes. 39 Kill 5 enemies by shooting C-4. 250 XP 4 III Master Chef I Kill 5 enemies with cooked 33 50 XP grenades. 250 XP Veteran II airstrikes. Killer Challenges Martyrdom Kill 5 enemies with a dropped Act 2 Rank 36 100 XP Veteran II grenade from the Martyrdom perk. 010110:33 n ©BradyGAMES . Counter. Stun Veteran Kill 25 enemies still dazed by a stun Multiplayer 36 250 XP Coverage Hero Defuse a bomb in Search III grenade. I grenade. Veteran II helicopters. Slasher Get a 3-melee kill streak without Chopper Kill 5 enemies by calling in 45 250 XP 33 50 XP dying. Hot Potato II Kill 5 enemies with thrown-back Stun Veteran Kill 5 enemies still dazed by a stun 45 100 XP 36 50 XP grenades. Martyrdom Kill an enemy with a dropped 36 50 XP Act 1 Veteran I grenade from the Martyrdom perk. using a submachine gun. 42 250 XP frag grenade.

Perk 2 Stopping Power or Sonic Boom OR The Edge I 51 Get the last kill in a match. Misery Loves Kill yourself and a 2nd enemy Afterburner Call in an airstrike twice in a single Company II 47 by cooking a grenade without 100 XP 54 250 XP match. or map-based. Company I 47 cooking a grenade without throwing 50 XP No Secrets Call in a UAV 3 times in a single it. Rank Rank Challenge Description Reward Challenge Description Reward Unlocked Unlocked Hot Potato III Kill 15 enemies with thrown-back Hard Landing Kill an enemy that is currently in 45 250 XP 53 250 XP grenades. Set up a general set of classes before entering a game. 250 XP grenades into the fight before you move in. dying. Rival 48 Kill the same enemy 5 times in a 250 XP Custom Class Suggestions single match. but they won’t take effect until Think Fast Finish an enemy off by hitting him 48 250 XP you respawn. Ouch III Kill 15 enemies with a rifle. Survivalist 54 Survive for 5 consecutive minutes. with a frag grenade (direct impact). Your custom class setup can be weapon-based. You can create hundreds of combinations with the Create a Class Cruelty Kill an enemy. 250 XP Extreme Kill every member of the enemy Cruelty 53 team (at least 4 enemies) without 250 XP Backstabber Stab an enemy in the back with 47 250 XP dying. 47 250 XP Veteran III flashbang. with a pistol. Think Fast Finish an enemy off by hitting him Here are some suggestions for your custom class creations: 50 250 XP Stun with a stun grenade (direct impact). Flashbang Kill 10 enemies dazed by a 47 100 XP How The? Kill an enemy by using bullet Veteran II flashbang. Let this player lob a few The Edge III 51 Get the last kill in a match 10 times. 100 XP This is a great class to send into battle first. team 10 times in a single match. 250 XP 48 mounted grenade launcher without 250 XP detonation (direct impact). 54 250 XP match. 53 penetration to shoot an explosive 250 XP Flashbang Kill 25 enemies dazed by a device through a wall. 53 250 XP type with a 5:1 kill/death ratio. feature. your knife. style of play- 48 and then kill him again with his own 250 XP based. Air Call in a helicopter twice in a single Misery Loves Kill yourself and a 3rd enemy 54 250 XP Superiority match. Return to Primary Weapon M16A4 50 Kill an enemy by shooting his C-4. without 250 XP detonation (direct impact). 50 XP Perk 3 Martyrdom The Edge II 51 Get the last kill in a match 5 times. With the Sonic Boom perk. Think Fast Finish an enemy off by hitting him Grenadier 50 250 XP Slot Name Flash with a flash grenade (direct impact). pick up his weapon. Fast Swap Hurt an enemy with a primary Slow But Kill 1 enemy while being stunned by 47 250 XP 53 weapon. and then finish them off 250 XP Sure a stun grenade. Side Arm M9 The Brink Get a kill streak of 3 or more while 51 250 XP Special Grenade Flash or Stun near death (screen flashing red). Tango Down Kill every member of the enemy Sea Sniper Tip 53 250 XP team (4-enemy minimum). 010110:34 51 250 XP without dying. You can switch classes every respawn if necessary. Flawless Play an entire full-length match launched grenades will do more damage. OR Collateral Kill 2 or more enemies with a single Perk 1 DISABLED 51 250 XP Damage sniper rifle bullet. Fearless Kill 10 enemies in a single match 54 250 XP without dying. Flashbang Kill 5 enemies dazed by a 47 50 XP Star Player Play an entire match of any game Veteran I flashbang. Dominos Kill an enemy by setting off a chain Misery Loves 53 250 XP Kill yourself and 1 enemy by reaction of explosives. Ouch II Kill 5 enemies with a rifle-mounted Invincible Get 5 health regenerations from 48 grenade launcher without 100 XP 54 enemy damage in a row. saved custom classes during a game. Ouch I Kill an enemy with a rifle-mounted 48 grenade launcher without 50 XP Counter-MVP Kill the #1 player on the enemy 54 250 XP detonation (direct impact). Company III 47 by cooking a grenade without 250 XP throwing it. 250 XP Sender Notes/ Attachment Grenade Launcher Blindfire Kill an enemy while you’re still 50 250 XP dazed by a flashbang. n . Car Bomb 45 Kill 1 enemy by destroying a car. throwing it. midair. Remember that you can swap between your weapon.

010110:35 n ©BradyGAMES . Or choose Frag x3 and you don’t have to run in at all! Choose the Double Tap perk to put twice as many rounds into your enemy. Use a Red Dot Sight for quick acquisition. Warfighter Survivalist Slot Name Slot Name Primary Weapon G36C Primary Weapon M60E4 Notes/ Notes/ Attachment Red Dot Sight Attachment Grip Side Arm G3 Side Arm Desert Eagle Notes/ Attachment ACOG Scope Special Grenade Stun Special Grenade Smoke Perk 1 DISABLED Perk 2 Juggernaut Perk 1 Bandolier Perk 3 Last Stand Perk 2 Overkill Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning With Juggernaut and Last Stand turned on. Deep Impact Xbox 360 perks selected. you won’t be detected via UAV scans or when you fire Achievements will find them. need for all battle situations. your enemies will be screaming. depending how you configure your perks. The Bandolier perk Pointman will keep your magazines full. Use the Claymore perk on rooftops or building entrances to keep enemies from sneaking up on you. Additionally. hit Sprint and Slot Name relocate with the help of some smoke. With the flash grenades.45 Silencer Attachment Single-Player Notes/ Walkthrough Silencer Special Grenade Stun Attachment Prologue Special Grenade Smoke Perk 1 Claymore x 2 Act 1 Perk 1 Bomb Squad Perk 2 UAV Jammer Act 2 Perk 2 UAV Jammer Perk 3 Iron Lungs or Deep Impact Act 3 OR Perk 3 Dead Silence Epilogue A great sniper class. your weapon. Enemies won’t be able to hide behind walls with the Deep Impact perk selected. If you get into trouble. you can blind enemies and rush in to finish them.45 Primary Weapon P90 or MP5 Notes/ Special Grenade Flash Attachment Red Dot Sight Perk 1 Frag x 3 Side Arm M9 Perk 2 Double Tap Special Grenade Flash or Stun OR Perk 3 Steady Aim or Deep Impact OR Perk 1 Flash x3 or Frag x3 OR The pointman is first into battle. Let him clear the area ahead with his Perk 2 Stopping Power or Juggernaut or Double Tap OR OR Frag x3 and mow down enemies blocking the way with the shotgun Perk 3 Last Stand or Deep Impact OR and Double Tap perk. and an ACOG for some long-range targets. Even if you can’t see the enemy. When fighting in close quarters. Don’t be afraid Unlockables With both weapons silenced and the UAV Jammer and Dead Silence to shoot through walls. this class will give you everything you M60 and the Desert Eagle will shut them up. this class will help in many ways. “Why won’t he die?” The additional stopping power of the With the Overkill perk selected. you’ll make less noise while moving. Primary Weapon W1200 Notes/ Close Quarters Attachment Red Dot Sight Slot Name Side Arm M1911 .Ghost Marksman Introduction Slot Name Slot Name Gearing Up Primary Weapon MP5 Primary Weapon R700 for the Call Notes/ weapons Silencer Side Arm M9 Attachment Multiplayer Notes/ Coverage Side Arm USP .

The additional ammo from the Bandolier perk. First team to successfully bomb the enemy objective wins. Perk 2 Slight of Hand Sabotage A neutral bomb is in the center of the level. Normal. Off Modes Allow Perks On. Side Arm Desert Eagle Free-For-All Straight-up Deathmatch: Every man for himself. The bomb carrier can be seen by all Perk 3 Deep Impact players. Off type of match you decide to play. 7. Headquarters Each team fights to capture a neutral base. 15 sec. No Allow Sprint Yes. Domination Three flags in the level must be captured. Off Friendly Fire Disabled. console version of the game.45 Respawn Delay None. but setting up a Private Match allows you to customize just about every aspect. Search & No respawning. Use teamwork to kill enemy players and Attachment ACOG Scope or Front Grip Deathmatch reach the score limit. Great for clan matches. Oldcore Old School pickups and jumping. Set up C-4 combined with Sonic Boom to ➤ Free-For-All ➤ Domination ➤ Headquarters obliterate your enemies as they try to take what’s yours. Capture and hold it to gain With the SAW combined with Sleight of Hand. Shared Stopping Power and Deep Impact. Fast. No classes. the more points you gain. or the bomb. Kill everyone. Weapons are Special Grenade Stun pickups. 10 sec. 5.5 sec. The team that holds the HQ doesn’t respawn. Enabled. Destroy Defender Team Objective Objective game modes only. Headquarters. GAMEPLAY OPTIONS Headshots Only On. 5 sec. and the Deep Impact perk won’t let your enemies hide from you. Team Only.45 Old School Old School Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All. and each team fights to destroy the enemy team’s objective. Half. Off combinations of modes in Find Match. but all modes provide the Slot Name following options (see exceptions for PC version at the bottom of this page): Primary Weapon M21 PLAYER OPTIONS Number of Lives Unlimited. Normal. combined with Radar Always On On. 1. 2. extra bullet damage. Perk 1 RPG-7 x 2 Ground War Big team games—Team Deathmatch and Domination (up to 18 players). Defend and destroy the objective. ➤ Team Deathmatch ➤ Sabotage ➤ Search & Destroy Sharpshooter Each mode has its own set of options to adjust. No Perk 1 Bandolier Perk 2 Stopping Power TEAM OPTIONS Spectating No. The more you hold. Sabotage. Double Attachment Silencer Health Regen None. 15 sec. and Slot Name Search & Destroy. Need to lock down a Domination flag? Set up this guy and forget it. Overwatch Find Match Modes Slot Name These public room modes cannot be customized. Free Perk 3 Deep Impact Wave Spawn Delay None. The following options are not available in the PC version: 010110:36 ➤ Number of Lives ➤ Allow Sprint ➤ Allow Perks ➤ Respawn Delay ➤ Wave Spawn Delay ➤ Allow Air Support ➤ Max Health ➤ Radar Always On ➤ Health Regen ➤ Headshots Only n . This is a great class for protecting areas like domination flags. Your team gets points for Special Grenade Stun taking flags. Reflect. but about being Force Respawn On. Off There are several modes available to you. 9 Side Arm M1911 . There are only preset modes and Hardcore Mode On. health is increased. and jumps are higher. 3. Off heard. depending on what Old School Mode On. ammo. 5 sec. makes this one of the deadliest classes available. Primary Weapon M1014 Team Hardcore Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy. Perk 2 Sonic Boom Private Match Modes Perk 3 Martyrdom These are private or invite-only rooms that you can fully customize. Limited HUD. from the duration of a Private Match and several server options are available only in the round to whether the match is headshots only. Off Allow Air Support On. Side Arm USP . Hardcore limited HUD and extra bullet Perk 1 C-4 x 2 damage. 30 sec This sniper class isn’t worried about being seen. Domination. headquarters. 30 sec Notes/ Max Health Min. friendly fire on. Primary Weapon M249 SAW Notes/ Team Straight-up Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch. 10 sec. Slow Special Grenade Flash Allow Killcam Yes. you’ll never be short on points.

and get your kill taking a light machine gun. Act 2 combinations. your UAV. Even if your friends are in you have to sacrifice being a run-and-gun guy when you want to be the same room. Everyone has a different style of play. which has many more rounds than a streaks up as quickly as possible. You may decide to set up Act 3 take Vacant as an example. do it. or and long-range assault guys should hang back near their spawns. Use the following tactics to successfully complete mode objectives and keep your team in the win column. Once you know where everyone is. and you’re lethal because you’re packing three frags.50 cal This loadout or CCS (custom class setup) allows your character to be Side Arm M1911 . you and your team can fall back and fortify a Shotguns work well for FFA matches. Primary Weapon Barrett . Multiplayer Team Deathmatch Coverage Free-For-All Two factions fight each other to reach the points total first. you have twice the chance of killing him before he kills you. If you spawn in the northeast. You’ll get more points for winning the round. Try to organize Single-Player Walkthrough What can you say about free-for-all? Shoot everything that moves. you don’t have any friends.45 Special Grenade Smoke Special Grenade Stun Perk 1 Claymore x2 Perk 1 Frag x3 Perk 2 Stopping Power or UAV Jammer Perk 2 Juggernaut or Double Tap OR OR Perk 3 Steady Aim Perk 3 Martyrdom Sea Sniper Tip Sniper If you’re playing a respawn map. a sniper. By using Juggernaut. and do your best to not double up too Prologue moves. Snipers so shoot back. Good spots on Crash for these players hold back a bit at first and rack up your 3-kill streak so you can call in would be the TV Shop balcony and the Blue Building (see our maps. Sometimes you’ll respawn near enemy players. and even the UAV Jammer with a silencer on your primary weapon. If you can get enough points at the submachine gun. and have them Now that you’ve got your CCS selected. The number of players will always vary. By doling out twice as many rounds as Perk 3 Steady Aim or Iron Lung OR your enemy. might look like: Unlockables Confined Space Assassin Long-Range Assault Rifleman Xbox 360 Achievements Slot Name Slot Name Primary Weapon M4 Carbine Primary Weapon MP5 Notes/ Notes/ Attachment ACOG Scope Attachment Red Dot Side Arm M1911 . take the Bandolier perk with you as well. but a couple of long-range assault classes or snipers. you may Sea Sniper Tip want to switch your Frag x3 perk to Bandolier. The Double Tap perk Watch for the skull icon. weapons adjustments as needed. Here are some here’s what the optimum loadout for a map with such tight quarters Epilogue suggested loadouts for 2-3 players. Everyone is shooting at you. which are almost equal on the Perk 1 Claymore x2 Vacant map. This tells you approximately where your will chew through ammo very quickly. you can take more hits than your enemy and emerge the victor in one-on-one battles. the Apartment balcony or the Light Shop roof are good places to set Some other options for this mode are map-dependent. so keep an eye out for any bloody. Stay mobile.45 very mobile because you’ve chosen a submachine gun. but ambush enemies and bounce from one to the other. Do your best to thin the herd with your snipers. If Since this is FFA. they’re not your friends. it’s not on your team and it needs to die! Success in FFA mode much on the same class setups. Let’s Let’s take a map like Crash. as do Last Stand. previously owned weapons lying around. 010110:37 n ©BradyGAMES . If you do.45 Side Arm M1911 . teammates went down. including weapon and perk so divide up the classes as you see fit based on the map. immediately move when you Slot Name spawn. Find out who wants to run with the preceding kits. position like the Apartment Building or the TV Shop. you can relocate to your which appear later in this chapter). Always keep in mind that you can pick up a fallen enemy’s weapons. Act 1 depends on your custom class setup. Find a few good spots to shoot from. what do you do? Kill everyone! hang back a bit to rack up a 3-kill streak and get your UAVs online. beginning of the round. your Special Grenade Smoke options are Juggernaut or Double Tap. and that the enemy is close by. but consider up. Remember. next spot and go for your 5-kill streak and bomb the lot of them. First. for instance. decide the map on which you’re fighting. so make die. You might want to with a good view of the action. Introduction Mode Tactics You’re probably such a badass that you’ll run out of ammo before you Gearing Up for the Call Not all matches contain the same number of players. if you have Double Tap as your second perk. For your second perk. Claymores x2. If it who will be loading up with what. The same holds Perk 2 Sleight of Hand true if you choose Double Tap.

Stand firm at your captured flags to prevent until you reach your destination. Use the Claymores to surround a flag that your way to keep your forces strong and get where you’re going in one team controls.45 five seconds or so. no matter what. Try to split the remaining four players Side Arm M9 into wingman teams (two teams of two). You’ll be a virtually on your team and two are long-range assault riflemen or snipers. The same goes for C-4. You may need the Slot Name grenade launchers to reach areas you can’t with frags. If you control one flag. Since your fallen teammate will spawn of protection. The enemy won’t be able to see you remaining four should not be those classes. while the rest of the team locks down any entrances to your fortified camp. It’s Another great way to win in Team Deathmatch is by being patient. lock it down for as long as you can and pick off the enemies as they come to you. a high tolerance for pain. step close enough to it to start the meter ticking on Slot Name your HUD. Extreme Conditioning. The closest to where most of your other teammates are congregated. Place them in concealed areas that are frequently piece: When one of your teammates dies. The rest of your team can pretty much load out with whatever they’re A variation on this “rolling” tactic is to equip your entire team with UAV comfortable with. and then themselves. The more people you have in the flag’s radius. It’s almost like having another player on your side. If you’ve got six people Jammer perks and silencers on all primary weapons.. Heavy Gunner/Grenadier These tactics depend on where you’ll be fighting. etc. best to take a flag using more than one person. but feel 010110:38 free to adjust your primary weapon depending on the map. If you control two flags. and the Perk 2 Juggernaut only way to get ‘em is by eliminating the enemy. All of these things assist you in capturing and controlling more flags than the enemy. Once you’ve set Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning yourselves up in a good area. extra edge to either take a flag or prevent the enemy from taking yours. everyone stop and take trafficked by other players. Let them peek off the roofs (if any). the more points Attachment Red Dot your team will get. on radar. gets you from flag to flag as quickly as possible. try loading out with some of the following suggestions: with either grenade launchers or Frag x3 with Sonic Boom. Let’s Special Grenade Flash start with a recommended CCS. and do it quickly Try moving your entire team up one side or another en route to your so the enemy doesn’t have time to retake it. won’t be far away. so here’s a great increase your agility. the OR Notes/ faster the meter will fill up. so dispose of them as best you can. they’re alerted. You may Primary Weapon M60E4 not need to be stealthy and equip everyone with UAV Jammers and silencers. as long as it fits the map. through Perk 1 Claymore x2 or C-4 x2 OR windows. Juggernaut will give you that little this fashion. To complement your long. Team Deathmatch is all about points. this is a fairly capable CCS. desired destination. you get one point every Side Arm M1911 . Just wait for him and move on. The submachine gun will You’ll inevitably lose a man or two in the process. Wait for him to respawn and regroup with the team. you get two points every five seconds. and progress slowly. Sea Sniper Tip When you take control of an enemy’s flag. The longer you hold a flag. Special Grenade Stun Domination Perk 1 Frag x3 This mode has three flags placed on the map that your team must Perk 2 Stopping Power or Sonic Boom capture to gain points. and find yourselves a place to fortify. Once it reaches the end of the bar. Perk 1 Bandolier Freedom Fighter Perk 2 Juggernaut Slot Name Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning Primary Weapon MP5 or P90 OR Notes/ Both of these custom classes can keep the enemies off the streets and Attachment Red Dot rack up points in your column. Continue doing this and that’s all you need. Each team starts very close to one flag and can OR Perk 3 take it before the other team can even get there. it’s three points every five seconds. No doubt you’ll encounter This setup produces high mobility. All in all. Once you’ve fought your way in. the invisible mass of impending doom. This will give you an added layer proceed to your destination. You can also set them down on the flags cover. or continue roving around the map in the enemy from controlling them. n . bring up and cover your Special Grenade Smoke two long-range riflemen. Understand the map and your surroundings before choosing Side Arm Desert Eagle which variation will work best for you and your team. The other flag is in Martyrdom or Deep Impact OR the center of the map and is usually the most contested. The third perk. he Juggernaut perk will keep you alive a little bit longer than your enemy. the flag is yours and Primary Weapon M4 or AK-47 you must defend it. high speed for long distances. Run & Gunner To take a flag. You can also equip everyone on your squad rangers. With three flags. and enemies along your way.

Pick them off as they come in. and always watch the score during Domination. You may be able to leave only one player per flag. but as long as you communicate with each other often and clearly. These are viable tactics and will work well if you find yourself on a good team that’s willing to cooperate. Watch for grenades and grenade launcher attacks while you’re taking the flag. Unlockables Once you’ve taken the second flag. and comb the area for explosives. you can coordinate everything from flag takeovers to ambushes. and you have two players on each flag. and think about equipping at least one player with the Bomb Squad perk. Move a group inside the flag zone as quickly as for the Call possible. he can help. Now let’s talk aggression. you’ve got your briefing and your CCS. while the enemy team only gets one point. Everyone on your team can be running around bouncing from flag to flag completely at random. Play to your strengths. and try to secure the area by making sure all avenues of approach to each Prologue flag are covered. Play smart. move in unison to the next flag and continue taking flags as a group. your player closest to the flag can engage them immediately. but not match points. This will allow you to quickly scan the area from farther Multiplayer away and with more clarity. 010110:39 n ©BradyGAMES . Now you only need to control two flags to win. Hopefully the one-man-short mob has taken the second flag by the time Captain Solo regroups with them. to minimize the possibility of one grenade taking out more than one target and to hide your numbers. You get two points every five seconds or so. The other player can dig in a bit farther away. Everyone goes from flag to flag to decrease the time it takes to control a flag. If the enemy comes in to secure the flag. not kills. At the beginning of the round. Now let’s consider a little bit of both. Act 2 So there’s your conservative approach. 6. and the other player to plant his on frequently traveled paths en route to the flag. but don’t set up too far away in case you need to back up your Claymores. split your team in half. Leave an equal number of people at each flag as defense.Okay. Roofs. The solo player taking your Gearing Up initial flag should be equipped with Claymores x2 to assist him while he defends that flag. and you’ll know what to do. depending on the number of people on your side. windows. Domination is a lot of fun. Killing enemies in Domination scores XP. Domination maps can be won sometimes by good communication alone. Each flag team should immediately plant their Claymores and scout out some good cover to watch the flag. When running this maneuver. while the remainder of your team rushes to either the center flag or the enemy base’s flag. Once the solo player has captured the initial flag. Your team can win only with captures. If not. Single-Player Walkthrough Now that you’re dug in. Then leave two players behind at each flag. You Coverage should now have two roughly equal teams defending two flags. Let’s assume it’s 6 vs. and brush are great places. Be mindful of your status at all times. Consider the map weapons environment. sending a team back to the first flag you took. Designate one player to take the flag closest Introduction to your initial spawn. A good configuration is for one player to plant his Claymores right on the flag. UAV Jammer to conceal your positions. Bear in mind there are many ways to skin a cat. Once you have control of the second flag. and call Act 1 in your airstrikes to rack up even more points and end their suffering even faster. The enemy will have no idea that either you’ve drawn a bead on his head or you’re coming up behind him to help out your wingman. some Xbox 360 alternative perks to consider are Bomb Squad to detect enemy explosives. This will prevent a single explosive like a grenade from detonating all of the Claymores at once. and Dead Silence to reduce Achievements noise while moving. Let your teammates know that you see all of them at one flag so that you know you’re free to take another. it won’t be easy to dig you out. designate one player to take the first flag while Act 3 the rest of the team races for the next one. One player should position himself somewhere in the immediate area of the flag. he should regroup with the rest of the team as Epilogue quickly as possible.

Sonic Boom the bomb at about the same time. The lighter the weapon. Set up a full Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning camp and wait. There’s nothing worse than that feeling when you’ve almost Cleaner planted the bomb but someone’s watching you. just a few more rounds at the guy trying to plant the bomb. Knowing that. also deter the enemy long enough for the bomb to detonate. You might also set up some snipers on your camp team. This is a great backup plan in case someone manages to get planted the bomb. Once your ground team and lay down a spread of grenades and stuns. You’ll need to move fast and respawn fairly quickly. bomb. and pull back to your fortified camp. In addition. while the rest of your team sniper team have deterred the enemy advance. because then the Primary Weapon MP5 enemy can eliminate everybody with one well-placed grenade. Here are some around the bomb and in circles around the bomb plant area. they’ll all have smoke too. Good ideas for perks here include the UAV Jammer to conceal your team’s positions. as well as directly teams try to acquire and plant at the enemy’s base. Many players just run your mobility. if you defuse a bomb. and can set up a bit farther away. Fight the urge to just run off and engage a stray enemy. Just push on. Most of the time. You don’t want everyone set up right near the bomb. Speed Freak Slot Name While you’re waiting. set up your team to protect the package. n . not Rambo tactics. You need to get to the plant spot as soon as possible. Once you’ve got the the bomb. and be patient. don’t freak out. It’s like a tasty cupcake just sitting there for the taking. They your Claymores to block those entrances. have a little better cover from the ghillie suit. This loadout allows you to run to the bomb and then to the plant spot Make sure you set up at least one player at each chokepoint en route to with the Extreme Conditioning perk and the submachine gun as your your base. and watch for 010110:40 enemies along the way. so use that to your advantage. with a clear line of sight to the should finish off unsuspecting enemies. Just pick them off. sending out a layer of grenades to clear the way. both teams rush to grab the bomb first. you now have Perk 1 Disabled it. Numbers are your strength here. The enemy Desert Eagle will try to acquire the package and walk right into your trap. Since both teams will reach and keep them from getting to the bomb before you. If the rest of your team is running the center to pick up the bomb. the better. They continually come Slot Name to you and try to plant the bomb. Get in and plant the bomb. and Last Stand in case you get picked off and need to fire Sometimes the fastest route or closest objective isn’t the best way to go. Notes/ Attachment Grenade Launcher An alternative tactic is to send out a Speed Freak to grab the bomb Side Arm under cover of smoke. such as right on the bomb plant area. Claymores to block off any areas you Sea Sniper Tip can’t cover. Have one of your teammates Perk 3 Martyrdom run up to the bomb without picking it up. your snipers should immediately set increases the damage done by the grenade launcher. your snipers can focus on the bomb itself and pull the trigger Mount a full-on assault. so you can use by you. and make for the enemy base. Use right up to plant the bomb without ever checking if explosives have been smoke to mask your approach or confuse the enemy when you’ve placed. The Side Arm M9 key is having good shooters and good communication. Primary Weapon M4 Carbine Patience wins matches. Wait for Perk 2 Sonic Boom one of them to grab it and pick him off. While the rest of your team focuses on the advancing enemy team. Keep a semi-tight formation as you progress to the plant spot. set Claymores and/or C-4 all around it. head directly to the plant location. and then This mode is focused on a single. Most of the time. while the rest of your team moves Attachment ACOG outward from the bomb and watches all avenues of approach. This player also has Stun grenades to disorient the enemy You can also set up a 2-man sniper team. Send your cleaner out ahead of the pack to when an enemy gets too close for comfort. Remember Special Grenade Stun that if you’re carrying the bomb and you get shot. the more mobile you are. Set Claymores anywhere you can’t cover or need additional primary weapon. Sabotage If you drop a few guys. This is particularly handy in case they pick up the package. quickly regroup. This loadout is designed for a team member to push a bit farther Too bad they don’t know it’s an exploding cupcake… forward than his teammates. There are many around the bomb itself. Put Notes/ one player right on the bomb. Remember that the enemy will bomb. This will suggested CCSs. Perk 1 Claymore x2 or C-4 x2 OR Perk 2 Juggernaut Camp your base. Remember that your primary weapon directly affects support. Instead. Use this to your advantage and let them come to you. You’ll need to Special Grenade Smoke stick together. the bomb will fall where you’re killed. and Martyrdom up somewhere near where you spawn. you can decide what with the Speed Freak loadout. grab advances as quickly as possible to the bomb. Pop smoke all you want to do with your team when they get there. stay in a group. centrally located bomb that both place Claymores at any entrances to the plant area. Some bases are inside buildings. both teams race to long enough for the bomb to go off. so make your move as soon as you can. The more sets of eyes you have. Hopefully the Claymores will deter the enemy options for success in this mode.

Imagine cutting the map in half your own. One team should be Special Grenade Smoke designated to capture the HQ. where no one respawns. if the capturing team successfully at random. you can combine squads and take an HQ with full force. Juggernaut keeps you alive. At the start of the match a should make for the first random HQ that appears and lock it down. Keep bouncing Here are some suggestions for loadouts on Headquarters matches. Slot Name and for destroying them. If the bomb still isn’t (it will depend on the map and where you can move unmolested). You don’t want a single grenade blowing you all to kingdom come. random point on the map is chosen. There’s no score limit in Each squad should form up immediately and head to its designated this mode. combined with Introduction the Deep Impact perk. a new HQ point is chosen at random and both teams Once you’ve successfully defended your HQ. Likewise. and Extreme Conditioning gets you from point A to point B in less time. Side Arm Desert Eagle you may opt for a simpler approach. If you carry the SAW. Primary Weapon M249 SAW Since this mode takes careful planning and excellent communication. And the Sonic Boom gives those weapons presents a little extra kick. This will allow We’ve covered lots of different ways to succeed at Sabotage. Once you’ve successfully defended your base and a new one is chosen. will help you blast into an HQ building safely Gearing Up before entering. The Extreme Conditioning perk might be better. tell each other. point. Tell your teammates which squad is going where. The Frag x3 perk lets you play Santa Claus and toss for the Call a few presents down the chimney. the Bandolier perk keeps you fully loaded. while the remaining wingman teams Perk 1 Frag x3 set up a perimeter around the area to ward off the impending attack Perk 2 Sonic Boom on your new base. 010110:41 n ©BradyGAMES . you can At any time. or create the communication comes into play. it goes to diagonally. The submachine gun makes you light on your feet. but feel each squad to position itself on each side of the map. for defending them. planted. The defending. If the enemy destroys the headquarters. Try to mix up who rolls with what setup. because Single-Player HQ points are chosen at random and you’ll need to stay mobile. Split up into your respective squads. position. Here’s where free to pick and choose elements from any of these tactics. both teams then compete for control of a new HQ position. and determine which squad will be making for the new HQ. you may or may Multiplayer not need to use the Deep Impact perk. and both teams try to capture it. The SAW. Keep in mind that if no one plants the bomb. Remember that your team won’t be able to respawn while you’re Then the capturing team must defend it for a short period of time. Split up your team into wingman groups of two and head to the first headquarters. play it very tactically. from HQ to HQ in this manner. so they’re free to grab the next one that Landlord pops up. The enemy team must try to infiltrate the HQ you’re defending. Try to take as many as you can without the help of the other squad. so call in your other squad to create a perimeter around defending team cannot respawn. you’ll be Coverage much slower. a new one is chosen have to try to capture it. Depending on the map. While sometimes this mode can turn into a free-for-all. and when you get to your destinations. and destroy the captured headquarters. either from northeast to southeast or northwest to southwest sudden death mode. Walkthrough Prologue Streaker Act 1 Slot Name Act 2 Primary Weapon AK74u Act 3 Side Arm M9 Epilogue Unlockables Special Grenade Stun Xbox 360 Perk 1 Bandolier Achievements Perk 2 Juggernaut Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning The Streaker CCS helps you stay mobile so you can bounce from HQ to HQ. move toward it. and consider making two squads of one Landlord each and the rest Streakers. whoever detonates the bomb wins. the team that’s killed off first loses. Hover around the center Headquarters of your respective positions to avoid being stagnant. Keep a distance between Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning or Deep Impact OR teammates and wingman teams. One squad Communication is a must in this mode. Your team gets points for taking HQs. This CCS will work for most of your team. move back into defends the HQ. Remember that the reason for splitting up into two squads is so one squad will be closer to the next random HQ point.

This is a very effective and mobile tactic. take Search & Destroy out the rest of the crew with Martyrdom. Make it quick. so you’ll Perk 1 Claymore x2 know where the HQs will be located. Let’s say the enemy captures the new headquarters before you can This CCS is made for defenders who want to go on the offensive. Have them fill the HQ building entrances to plant spots. Once the Power. but here are a a distraction or masks your approach. Everyone must pay Homeland Security Slot Name close attention to who’s going in and when. One Mobile Assault team attacks (team that plants the bomb) and the other defends. You can talk locations. thanks to your Stopping won’t have too much time to get in there and destroy it. After three rounds. this mode starts off one team with an explosive device that must be planted at one of two locations on your mini-map. send in a team to destroy at him. This will give you some advanced notice on enemy locations Perk 3 Martyrdom or Extreme Conditioning OR to help you time your attacks. Special Grenade Stun You’ll have satellite data on all of your battle locations. Communicate clearly and concisely and as The Homeland Security setup is ideal for camping one of the two plant often as possible. proximity. Side Arm M9 You don’t have to plant the package to win a round. You pick off incoming enemies with fewer bullets. If they fall. you can push farther forward and place Claymores at the couple of Landlords at your service. The This mode can be extremely tactical and may play out in many P90 submachine gun keeps you light on your feet. Or you can Perk 1 Frag x3 prevent the attacking team from planting the bomb before the time runs out. Keep this going until you’ve destroyed the enemy headquarters. Once you die. Also called S&D. and Extreme Conditioning gets you where you’re going before the enemy thinks Defending Attacker you’ll be there. Divide up your wingman teams as you see fit. Perk 2 Double Tap Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you don’t respawn. you stay dead. Just don’t hog the mic with idle chatter. Now you’ve got a problem. what are few suggestions for custom class setups before we get started. but Primary Weapon M1014 think of them like drops of water that can come together at any time Side Arm Desert Eagle to form a sea of death. And if an enemy gets by you and you just can’t get a clear shot initial volley of bullets and frags is done. If you die. Speed is key in this mode. the HQ. Frag x3… well. while keeping yourself alive with Juggernaut. Use your assault rifle and Red Dot Sight to with frags while everyone else opens fire on it. Be sure to stay light on your feet. Use your shotgun to turn your enemies into an abstract wall mural. Hopefully you still have a this setup. The default setting requires a team to score four points in order to win. With get there. This setup is more for the bomb carrier and his assault party. Slot Name Primary Weapon G36c Stealth Assault Notes/ Slot Name Attachment Red Dot Primary Weapon M14 Side Arm M1911 Notes/ Attachment Silencer Special Grenade Stun Side Arm M1911 Perk 1 Claymore x2 Notes/ Attachment Silencer Perk 2 Stopping Power Perk 3 Deep Impact or Extreme Conditioning Special Grenade Smoke OR Perk 1 Bomb Squad Perk 2 UAV Jammer Perk 3 Dead Silence 010110:42 n . Smoke creates different ways. The Slot Name defending team has two plant locations to defend and must consider Primary Weapon P90 that during the match. so be cautious and accurate. the teams switch sides to Notes/ Attachment Red Dot give the other team a chance at planting the bomb. use Deep Impact to lead him a little bit and put ‘em down. You can just kill Special Grenade Smoke everyone on the other team because there’s no respawn. A basic assault kit should do you well. You can have a sniper or two grab some high ground and keep an eye on one or two possible HQ Perk 2 Juggernaut locations. send in the next wingman team. Set your Claymores around the plant spot and stay in close about your day when you’re dead. frags for? Double Tap puts more bullets downrange.

Once you’ve made your way to the unguarded base. Know in advance which player will be hard-guarding inside. Once you’ve got someone with a 3-kill streak. You’ll undoubtedly encounter resistance on your way to plant the bomb. and no one hears you coming. call in your UAV and see where most enemies are. You can also pop smoke on the bomb itself after you plant it. 010110:43 n ©BradyGAMES . Once the package has been planted. Gearing Up you don’t light up on enemy radar when firing. or even delay them long enough to let the bomb detonate. Epilogue Decide beforehand which plant spot you’ll be heading to. This can be a very formidable tactic if performed correctly. Then take the package with your entire team to the most unguarded base. Defend the bomb and chalk up a win in your column. the Bomb Squad perk to watch for enemy weapons Claymores or C-4 in your path. and if they go down. Always check your satellite data prior to every match. and plant the bomb. The stealth version of this tactic is similar but requires a bit more patience. the enemy cann rely only on visuals. and UAV Jammer and Dead Silence so Multiplayer you don’t show up on radar sweeps. Don’t wait for each other. If the enemy team can’t light you up on radar. so lead the way with frags.You’re all but invisible when you run with the Stealth Assault setup. By now the rest of the team is either in a firefight outside or has set up camp just outside the plant area. have a couple of Achievements players go inside with the bomb carrier to block the entrances (and set Claymores or C-4 if available) while the carrier plants the bomb. This will give you a good indication of what you’ll be facing en route. and move Unlockables as quickly as possible toward it. Everyone should load out with the Stealth Assault CCS and slowly make their way toward one of the plant areas. and one at 20 to make sure everyone within that span eats shrapnel. you can toss one grenade at 10 yards. Let’s talk about Walkthrough two different types of group-based assaults: the mobile assault and Prologue the stealth assault. Since your entire team won’t show up on radar due to shooting or scanning. you can fill in. Introduction With silencers on both your primary weapon and your side arm. while the other two head outside to assist in the bomb defense. Walking grenades is a great way to make sure you don’t miss someone because you misjudged their exact distance. Once everyone gets there. you’re much more mobile as well. Plant the bomb and set up camp. “walking” them around and back from the plant area. With Frag x3. one at 15. Coverage Single-Player We’ll start with the assault team that has the bomb. The mobile assault team should load out with the Act 1 mobile assault CCS. just go Xbox 360 as soon as you spawn. the plant team should leave at least one player inside to hard-guard the bomb. and note the distances between the two teams’ spawns and both plant locations. Some players might want to grab the Claymore x2 or the C-4 and plant them directly on the bomb to deter enemies. You have smoke for the Call for distractions or cover. Since you’re all Act 3 carrying submachine guns. This gets everybody to the designated plant spot Act 2 much more quickly than without Extreme Conditioning. or all around the base’s perimeter so that incoming enemies can’t draw a bead on your position with grenades. You want to pick off enough enemies to call in a UAV. pick off any enemies. their frustration could be enough to help you win.

This will double 2:1 ratio of Defending Attackers to Homeland Security in each squad. or smoke in a line across the map a bit farther back from the plant area. You don’t need to split your team into you’re on the defending team. or to help create a perimeter around a planted Add a silencer to both your primary weapons and side arms. your forces and help you to more easily eliminate the enemy while Initially. The smoke will create a wall of white. You can use an airstrike to clear a path to the plant spot. the bomb. so become invisible and pick them off Oh. good communication will be key. Have a success. and then call in yours. and bomb. Wait and call in your chopper support once you’ve planted the to remain hidden from scans and noise violations. smoke makes it easier strategic spots as quickly as possible. them in a couple of different ways. enemy team will be looking for who’s where on your team to decide which spot to plant the bomb. Putting spot and wait for the enemy to breach in and start to plant the bomb Claymores and C-4 on a planted bomb is a great tactic even for a solo before firing. Chopper support is best used as a defensive option in this change your perk two to UAV Jammer. so your eyes can incoming attack. Snipers should player. Chances are. so they can carry an additional primary weapon and Don’t forget about your airstrikes and chopper support. These are just a couple of ways you can work as a team to achieve This tactic can be altered to use some long-range snipers. Have all members of your team pop plant spot via the enemy base. but it can be very efficient. try to walk them one after the other. The enemy team will never stand a chance. You can replace one Defending Attacker in player’s UAV runs out. Again. enemy team! Here’s how you can stand a chance: When as they walk right up to you. both. You can use assist in the possible assault of the enemy base. Once everyone’s in place at each plant spot. Be mindful that you don’t respawn. either en route to the bomb to see when enemies are coming. This method is tough each squad with a sniper. Then maneuver one squad behind the attacking team to meet up with your other squad. your Homeland Security guys should set up Claymores in remaining invisible on radar. consider running with the Overkill perk instead of Stopping Power or Juggernaut. This is a great tactic. Your Defending Attackers should move up ahead to fend off the and wait. and try to have a to move to one or the other at any given moment. 010110:44 n . use focus on any movement. split your resources and use good squads all the time. This will enable your team mode. especially if you can call in an airstrike to protect one of the plant spots. On some maps. directly around the plant spot. Wait until the first from each plant spot. The snipers should scope in on the plant because you need to keep an eye on it. but bear in mind that you don’t respawn in Search & Destroy. Split your team into two squads. hey. communication and UAV support to tell each other where the bomb is being taken. and sandwich the attacking team. Don’t double up on couple of players load out with sniper rifles and camp some distance calling in UAVs. hover between the two plant spots and be ready communication.

and increases everyone’s bullet damage. Don’t forget. You can jump higher and have increased health. Epilogue Then there’s Old School mode. 010110:45 n ©BradyGAMES . It’s a lot to think about. You need to know who to listen to. some objectives only consist of killing people. like how you just owned that noob… Teamwork You can’t win without teamwork. Letting your players know that you’ll be switching classes is good intel as well. but you could end up with more points. and that you’ll probably be dead soon. for instance. and that kind of teamwork is just as important as sticking with your buddy. Two men enter. We’ll get into sniping tips. like enemy positions or tendencies and who just went down and where. you’re holding up your end of the bargain. No matter what map or mode you’re playing. so don’t worry about not getting as many points in certain ones. look. but with the limited HUD from Team Hardcore mode and extra bullet damage. so make sure they’re not standing where you’re throwing grenades. old school. it gives you a limited HUD. Make sure the intel you’re giving can be understood by everyone on the team. It might mean camping a domination flag. You need to work as a team and do whatever job the team needs you to do. Headquarters. Get ready for some epic knife fights! The last mode we’ll cover in this section is called Cage Match. the right combination of weapons. There are plenty of free services on the Internet. turns friendly Single-Player fire on. Don’t always worry about how many kills you get. OS consists of Free-for-All and Team Deathmatch. There are many thankless jobs in video games. which rotates Gearing Up between Domination. and everything in-between. Everyone knows which way is east. Sabotage. there are 10 levels of Prestige. concise. Try it Walkthrough and watch the pace of the game slow down to tactical speed. Someone else might kill twice as many enemies as you did. Don’t abuse in-game communication.With the right map.” This is much better intel. there’s an M4 Carbine! Oh. No one wants to die. you’ve got your external comms down. It might mean rushing out to be a distraction. or else everyone will just get in each other’s way. You can’t expect to keep a base or a flag if you don’t defend it. Be clear. If you were the only guy carrying Claymores. You’re not a one-man band. Headquarters. and cage match modes Act 2 Hardcore matches are pretty much one-shot kills and no random grenades. and Search Coverage & Destroy. weapons Multiplayer Team Tactical. Sometimes you’ll have to sit and wait. and we’ve all done them before. Throw your recruits in with each other and see what happens. not only beforehand but during matches. Communication Communication is key in any team-based online game. If your efforts help your team win. This is about as close to real life as you can get without making the game unplayable. but that takes teamwork too. because friendly fire is turned on. Oldcore mode? Just like Old School mode. Hook up with your teammates via messaging services like VOIP or instant messaging before you begin a match. “I’ve got three on the east side of the crash site. with no classes. Team Hardcore gets a little hairy. such as Team Objective. You can’t see your buddies on radar. you fell into the Juggernaut Xbox 360 Achievements perk! There’s nothing like the pace of an Old School match. It’s all about meeting the objectives. and detailed. so be careful! Prologue Act 1 hardcore. Now let’s talk about in-game communication. There are plenty of points to be earned in all modes. as well as sticking by your buddies and doing the jobs that need to be done. Now your teammates can eliminate the threat and help you out. and perks is lethal. All they know is that there are three guys grouped together somewhere on the map. camping and assaulting tips. but it’ll get your team more points Introduction than the opposition. and designate who will be doing what. This includes relaying good intel. This is great because it breaks up the monotony of Team Deathmatch for the Call rooms. Cage Matches are Old School-based. Public rooms have some other options. Featuring only Team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy. and there are no classes. Keep the mics free for important in-game issues. Round the corner. “There are three guys over by me!” is a worthless piece of information. Domination. so they can’t come help you. if even just for one match. keep an open line of communication at all times. So. and pow. and Search & Destroy. Your teammates don’t know where you are if you don’t tell them. You don’t want to ramble on about the crummy used car you just bought when your buddy is getting killed across town. and everyone knows where the crash site is. flanking. The last thing you want is a team full of snipers on a close-quarters map. Consider something like a bulletin board system to plan upcoming matches or tournaments. All of your weapons and perks are pickups on the map. Have some kind of hierarchy and create a chain of command. consists of smaller matches and rotates through Team Deathmatch. attachments. You’ll need the help of your team on most occasions. your team may have been depending on that and now must adapt. It takes good communication Act 3 with your team to win in this mode. Make sure everyone knows what they’re doing. Sabotage. Everyone starts out the same. and you Unlockables pick up your weapons and perks throughout the map. one man leaves! Tactical Basics This section covers everything from teamwork and communication to formations and infiltration techniques. Granted.

Set it up like this: Send out your wingman team an area where you can’t see everything coming toward you. you’ll be target practice. sniping from the rooftops. distraction wingman team can assist. This allows you to carry that a single squad can’t handle. the other two teams can circle around the back of the map and come up behind the enemy. out to snipe. Use this when you want to snipe for a while. organize a breach and finish them off. This will give you a solid force at two flag locations. Search & Destroy matches can benefit from a four-man squad and One big perk is Claymore x2. forcing the enemy to come at you with more players than they may want to. and if needed. Have you’re on a roof or a grassy hill. you name you. Work with your teammates to come up with a good range of perks. (UAV Jammers and silencers recommended). Keeping three teams mobile on a map like Headquarters will maximize the chance of your team being closer to one of the randomly selected headquarters than the enemy. but you’ll want to use some additional items when setting free to go about their business. Remember that squads are just smaller parts of the big machine. You may not need to have three guys with Claymores or RPGs. you can create two squads of three. and unless you storm in with more targets than they can acquire. It’s a good idea to have a couple of people specializing in certain tasks for redundancy. Working in groups will increase your chances of winning firefights against groups smaller than your own. Bandolier perks. or uneven squads like a four-man squad and a wingman team. You don’t want to go in one at a time. Squadwork A squad is a small group of players working as a team within a team. Set up your Claymores in places like the tops of ladders if you’re it. it’s usually from a wingman team. you can send one squad out to take and defend the first flag. The squad of four will provide additional protection to the bomb carrier. Whether to smoke their way to one bomb-plant area and make noise. but it’s all for the good of the team. selecting a sniper Sometimes you only need a little bit of help. Every squad makeup has its and then hit the ground running with your assault rifle to help the team own advantages. Place them far enough apart that one grenade doesn’t smoke their way to the other plant area simultaneously. This leaves the third wingman team ghillie suit. You’ll have to swallow your pride from time to time and be the flash grenade guy or the smoke guy. How about three wingman teams on Headquarters matches? While one team makes for the initial HQ. Two players can lock down a building pretty well. you just need to do your research beforehand and in some building-to-building fighting. and snipe them to pieces. When you’re sniping. formations and duties whenever needed. For instance. but run silent set them all off. decide which configuration will best benefit your team. Make sure everyone is paying attention to the task at hand and focused on the primary objective. You’ll have to decide how to divide your team based on the mode and map. so calling in just one rifle as your primary weapon will give you a good uniform like the wingman team is a great solution. Two three-man squads work great for everything from Team Deathmatch to Search & Destroy and Domination. This “fantastic four” should out a window. Hopefully the enemy will fall for Once you get set up in your perch. Combine this with the Deep Impact perk to dispose of any unwanted explosive materials behind cover. On some maps. If you have a three-man squad that has a wingman team pinned down. scan the area for enemy explosives your distraction at least once. or the entrances to a room if you’re shooting the bomb carrier is in the squad of four. while the other squad heads out to capture and defend the central or enemy flag. 010110:46 n . They should come together whenever necessary to overcome any situations Another great perk for a sniper is Overkill. At the same time. the The Bomb Squad perk is another fun addition to a sniper’s arsenal. but have them make as much noise as possible. in a Domination match. someone will find a way around them load out with LMGs or grenades. If you’re in a 12-player room and have six players per side. Sniping Hold your breath and be patient. Flow like water in and out of two primary weapons. three squads of two (wingman teams). whatever it may be.

which is key in firefights. Instead. shotgun. Watch where they enter and leave. Be patient and aware at all second primary weapon. will help you plan your loadout before entering. The Frag x3 perk is a great choice for run-and-gunners. and that’s always a good thing. so Gearing Up and you’re caught in a volley of grenades? Use the UAV Jammer to be sure you know your role and your location before choosing the for the Call hide from enemy radar scans. right in the kisser. watch how fast they Save these for when you know someone’s camping in a building and Xbox 360 run through. but sometimes even a shot to shoot your way out.Snipers can also greatly benefit from the UAV Jammer. or Last Stand or Martyrdom. you don’t Sniping is a bit of an artform. best weapon for the job. we can’t leave out the good ol’ Iron Lung perk. so practice and be patient. but Act 3 maximize your efficiency by choosing the right combinations of perks Epilogue When you find a good spot that the enemy seems to be frequenting. of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. patient. submachine gun. while LMGs and assault rifles are better suited to Multiplayer Of course. or even an LMG. and their enemy. and it conserves ammo. and check where their heads are when they’re running you want to blow them out. If you decide to run with Frag x3. Almost all of the available perks work great for ground-pounders. This is a medium range. each member must be proficient in the minimizes the time you spend reloading. or running-and-gunning. Line up your crosshairs with something in the back an enemy advance. Consider the Bandolier perk as well. Being on the ground. their Sonic Boom perk from set two as well. Act 2 times. try Extreme Conditioning from perk set three to get you from kill to fighting in close-quarters combat or from building to building. This increases the explosive limitations. Learn your surroundings and study your damage of your grenades. in the leg will slow down an enemy enough for your ground-pounding buddies to finish him off. Whether your team is running solo. Sometimes you’ll sit and wait for what seems like forever. Just be sure they run with the Overkill perk and can carry a Act 1 like being: stealthy. or heave them in a walking spread to push Achievements through your scope. mobile. In the second set of perks. This kill faster. especially if you get pinned down and need sniper needs to wait for that one headshot. choose 010110:47 n ©BradyGAMES . to maximize Ground-Pounding the one-pop shots they take from time to time. you’ll have to make some tough decisions. Submachine guns and shotguns are ideal for weapons close-quarters battles. but then the enemy calls in a UAV these weapons excels in different areas and for different reasons. because they won’t do you much good. Single-Player great perk after a few cups of coffee. Sometimes you need them on Prologue Your perks should be based on the map and the style of sniper you feel your team. This will give you additional magazines for all of your weapons. etc. like an assault rifle or submachine gun. Sometimes a want to run out of ammo. and weapons. consider carrying the The most efficient ground warriors know their surroundings. Stopping Power is better suited to medium-range shooters. background. you can put your crosshairs on their level and wait for them. is key to success in Call enemies in CQC situations faster than normal. Since most ground-pounders are looking for satellite maps of the area. as a Juggernaut helps keep you alive longer than the enemy. but then you see your target and pow. Scout the area. Walkthrough Sniper classes are not out of the question. Double Tap increases the fire rate of your weapon. ground war. so the next time they come through. Don’t you hate an assault rifle. This lets open incursions where you may need to take out a few enemies from Coverage you hold your breath for longer periods of time when sniping. Sleight of Hand mob. Each of Introduction when you find that awesome spot. and find out if you’ll be kills. Don’t select a sniper rifle and Claymores if you expect to be running from building to building. Unlockables take notes. or split up into squads. It also helps finish off Ground-pounding.

don’t accidentally bounce back into your first-floor team. and surprise him with a humiliating knife in the back. it’s part of online Let’s look at how to set up an ambush. With a steady stream of lead coming out of that entrance. you’ll have to cover at least two entrances. to the map. and work that into your own camping tactics. no one is going to come in. or in this case. The following section discusses how to position yourself against the and your main team is making enough noise to wake the dead. Look at your satellite data and find the best place to set You can frustrate your enemy into doing stupid things. bouncing from cover to cover. and be ready to relocate or fall back. Find out where enemies underground tunnels and even some rooftops. flank. doors. Put them just outside entrances. Watch and learn. find a good place to camp out. Flanking is a huge part of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. up your team as necessary to cover each chokepoint. Try sending one player around the left side to flank. assault and camp. Either way. how they get there. have your upper-level map. These will all be located on like to go. Split enemy can shoot through plywood. and if they come in one at a time. and it’s a great up. team should cause a ruckus in the center of the engagement area with smoke and grenades. Wait which you and your buddy are the two ends and the entrance is the until the enemy thinks they’ve broken through the chokepoint. through that point). The enemies If you know you have to hold off the other team for a certain amount won’t know where you are. If you have enough manpower. Your whole team will be invisible. Make sure you put your backs to the walls and your cover to seal up the chokepoint. You’ve had enemies camp on you before. but the smart. try to set up redundant crossfire on the entrances. flank team can thin the herd for the rest of your team. If your flankers are running with silencers and UAV Jammers. and you probably didn’t like it. You could just run Watch for grenades. Don’t forget to use things objectives. etc. to how many players Camping you have at your disposal. but be careful that they yourself in the open. Light them up on UAV sweeps and see where everyone’s another player moves around the right flank. You either love camping or you hate it. while expecting it. Chances are. You also need to practice. Place a long- range rifleman at each one to get the drop on the enemy advance. your team. your ambush team is to combine the UAV Jammer perk with primary weapon silencers. such as behind areas of engagement. Consider everything. hide behind the couch. but can be something like a field. or just inside. have the fewest number of entrances. Both of you should be firing at the entrance. and the Frag x3 perk Maneuvers as well. Most battles take place head-on in the center of the map. someone with you. or holdouts that are made of plywood. Another advantage for which weapons you have. Drop grenades on them for fun. Then you fire off yours. LMGs are good for this. Play smart and come Sometimes you need your entire team to successfully pull off a flanking around behind them. through trenches. The remainder of your hiding out or moving. from the mode. That’s because it worked. The more you know. You know the enemy can lob grenades through. Toss grenades into their camp when they’re not maneuver. Dead at killing the most enemies is to be smart and know your map. Check for building hops. Take notes on what they did right. Depending on then assault them from every side all at once. and more. or UAV Jammer to become the invisible hand of death. It’s not. Have your knife ready to cut your way through. For you Captain Solos out there. like windows. Learn to do it right. All of this intel will help you eliminate them more quickly. they’ll of time. There’s almost always a way to get behind your enemy like C-4 and Claymores. what they do when they get there. Remember that clip at the entrance. fashion. C-4. have one of your crossfire team members fire off his whole never know where the kill shots are coming from. you may need to alternate fire. You can force the enemy into chokepoints by First. which are usually streets or buildings. Set Once you have a nice little hideout. if not both. the less they’ll like it. stairs. The will be advancing through at least one of these points. and especially to really learn the dynamics of each map. your satellite pics. fall up. Look for chokepoints (areas where there’s nowhere else to go but way to build camaraderie among your teammates. so you have time to coordinate You may think it’s silly to camp in a Team Deathmatch game. fronts to the entrances. in One of the keys to setting up a successful ambush is timing. and point. Also. Refer to your as long as they won’t blow up you and your buddies. look the satellite data provided in this document to locate hot spots and for alternate ways around the main confrontation areas. Study Silence. opportunistic player looks for ways to a three-story building and your first-floor team is getting overwhelmed. whether they snipe. We know how you run-and-gunners hate to die without taking Once you’ve successfully navigated your way through the buildings. Use your knife. or even a light machine gunner lying prone under the entrances. that players peek out the windows or balconies and pick off any enemies who allow you to move from building to building without having to expose aren’t looking up.. split up your team to cover all up Claymores. Always scout the area for windows that enemies Let’s assume you have two chokepoints to cover. It’s the only way buildings. satellite data and look for ways to navigate through any particular While your first-floor team is holding off the enemy. stay alive the longest and eliminate the most enemies while achieving have them fall back. The ideal situation is to set up life. and then decide when and where to use it. Think of an upside-down V. If you’re in right into the fray. your enemy to create an ambush. etc. go prone. 010110:48 n . Keep alternating in this patience is important. so don’t hide behind it. so take some time to really look at them. Look for buildings or areas that herding them with explosives and gunfire. because you may encounter an enemy sniping or camping one of the buildings you’re trying to traverse. somewhere close to where you begin. your best chance make your way behind the enemy and go silent.

while the two players on either side of him your crosshairs will change from a + to an x. they’re not normally used in online gaming. Walkthrough can clear the way ahead. you should almost always relocate. All of these things will aid you in getting into the building and taking it over. assist when needed. Multiplayer want to run in a straight line and give enemy snipers an easy target. What would Rambo do? Xbox 360 He’d just run in there with a knife and a snarl! But you’re not Rambo. The forwards should set up as a right Both are effective if done correctly. Additional items to bring along include a grenade launcher. But they can be find a mass of enemies on a roof and you just can’t get a good shot or weapons a great tool in your box. your middle line can push up as well. someone pop flash. If you for the Call situations. When you’re running in squads. available players. and a center. Infiltration Of course. move into the building in teams of two. Deep Impact. If someone’s good at assaulting. so you have to watch all of these areas when you’re getting ready to breach. that’s the tactical. and one blind-and-rush way. Grab Nope! You can make them work to your advantage. If you practice and get good at it. or move back to help defend. Depending on the number of players on your side. Coverage Practice advancing in a wedge formation. but stagger There are many different formations you can experiment with. and doorjambs. The middle linemen should adjust constantly based on what the forwards are doing. Achievements Assigned positions are more for sports than video games. If you kill someone. When you’ve deployed both flash and Act 2 stun grenades. and just unload on the hockey or soccer team. two players on defense (middle linemen). Positions can be a formidable force because they’re wave-based. and have a buddy follow Single-Player of it being the tip of your assault spear. but should always position themselves between the forward line and defensive line. toss another stun. line up your toss and try to bank it off windowsills. but let’s get into tactical breaching of buildings and similar areas. 010110:49 n ©BradyGAMES . you can infiltrate an area via stealth tactics and perk combinations. call in an airstrike. middle linemen. If someone’s good will think you’re cheating. and even Martyrdom. or you could be taken out by the best configuration will depend on your terrain and number of Epilogue Claymores or a steady stream of LMG fire. so your middle linemen can fall back to help. practical approach. and remember that wing. The middle line should move up to the screen cuts to the kill cam. you don’t get your grenades up there. Try grabbing the Deep Impact perk and a SAW LMG. If you hit someone with a stun grenade. your point man it up with a stun grenade. right? Sorry. put them on defense. Okay. Let’s say the enemy has taken up residence in a three-story building. They’ll know your position when can respawn and come back. Imagine a V. Sea Sniper Tip bring up a middle lineman to fill that spot until the fallen forward Never stay in one spot for too long. so consider the Special Grenade x3 perk. you’re free to move in! and assault the enemy. and Act 3 them. and see what works best for you on different maps. You know they’ll have people watching out any available windows and on the rooftop. but clear of any firing Introduction lines. and that’s not fun for them. When you’re tossing and defensemen. If you don’t Act 1 your squad. game.Formations and Assigned Positions Stack up your team just outside the building. Once your forward line pushes up far enough. Think of a your Frag x3 or RPG-7 x2 and Sonic Boom. or stun grenades. such as UAV Jammers and silenced weaponry. Nobody wants that. This is a very handy tip when breaching. put them on offense. Now you’ve got your whole team pinning down the enemy in their base. at camping. If one of the forwards falls. While moving. building until you think it’s full of dead people. try to divide ceilings. or the “blow it all to hell and see who’s left” way. Their job is to move forward as a line once you’ve evicted the building’s tenants. smoke. First you’ll need some flash. Good luck. Your defensive line must tell you if they need help at any time. put three players on So you basically have two ways of getting into a building: the tactical offense (forwards). and all of these positions work together to win the grenades in there. so that you can tell your team you’ve lost someone on your forward line and need a replacement. see that x. including your defensive line. Frag x3. You’ve got a forward line. If you’ve got a six-man team. Experiment with different numbers of players on each line. Remember to always keep your spacing so that a Unlockables single grenade won’t eliminate your entire team. a left wing. letting you know they’ve Prologue can get a wider field of vision and clear a much wider path in front of been stunned. people everyone up into positions based on their strengths. with the point Once you’re stacked up. Don’t run in one after the other. Be wary of enemies in windows dropping explosives on your While formations and positions are used frequently in real-life military Gearing Up head or jumping off the roof and coming around behind you. guy as a full-on defenseman. Communication is a must when playing positions.

There are two drainage pipes Primary Weapon G36c running under the main road that run south to north. Keep these notes handy during matches. OpFor. cover your Side Arm M1911 advance or retreat. Forces vs. The northern side is a shanty town. BASIC ASSAULT Slot Name while the south side is constructed of sturdy materials and offers more stable cover. Ambush U. on which a convoy has been destroyed. so choose an assault Side Arm M1911 rifle. Map Tactics The following section details some great locations. This is an urban desert town Suggested Loadouts divided horizontally by a main road. By selecting the Overkill perk. We’ll give you some suggestions for team tactics as well. and get where Special Grenade Smoke you’re going quickly.S. strategies. Perk 1 Claymore x2 Perk 2 Overkill Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning 010110:50 n . Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning and 3 frags to help evict tenants from buildings. and try to rotate between them to keep the enemy off-guard.50 cal can carry an additional primary. and class/perk suggestions for all multiplayer levels. the UAV blocker perk so the enemy can’t see you on radar. Bring Claymores to watch your back while you snipe Special Grenade Smoke from the rooftops. and use Smoke and your Extreme Conditioning perk to get to a new position. watch your back. tips. choose Perk 1 Frag x3 the Basic Assault setup. For the more mobile players. You’ll have plenty of speed to sprint Perk 2 UAV Jammer across the road. STOP AND SNIPE Slot Name The Stop and Snipe custom class setup is more for the Primary Weapon G36c semi-mobile sniper who likes to hang out for a while and Secondary snipe before relocating. smoke to distract or cover your movement. Notes/ Attachment ACOG Scope These loadouts will help you remain unseen. you Weapon Barrett .

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Ambush: team DeathMatch 010110:51 n ©BradyGAMES .

and on opposite sides of the disabled vehicles. in case the enemy tries to sneak up find some good cover. You never know when you’ll round the The stranded tanks on the main road can also offer cover. Tips & Locations Getting across the road can be tricky. Set up a crossfire by putting The rooftops throughout the map offer you some great vantage one player at each end of the main road. on the east and west points from which to shoot. Use Extreme The main road is where most of the action takes place. You’ll find many craters in the down on the front of one of the tanks while picking off enemies ground from mortars. on either side of the road. Try using smoke to either distract the enemy or mask your advance. Try lying corner and bump into an enemy. These are great places to plant Claymores as well. from behind and knife you. or use them to hide in plain sight with a UAV Jammer the fire on the tanks is lethal. Use them as cover when nothing else is with an assault rifle and an ACOG scope. Remember to keep your knife handy The tunnels are also good places to plant C-4. two underground tunnels just north and south of it. Set some at the exits when you’re maneuvering through the buildings and alleyways of the tunnels on your team’s side and watch them from a rooftop. 010110:52 Ambush: Sabotage n . they should be able to help thin the herd. so use the Conditioning to sprint all the way across and get to safety. But be careful. If they can ladders or stairs to the roofs. because available. Plant your Claymores at the tops of the ends.

Use the grenade launcher to fire precision shots that might Act 1 Make good use of them. Ambush: Search & Destroy 010110:53 n ©BradyGAMES . Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer and a silencer. and Unlockables use your grenades to clear a path wherever you need to go. Walk them back or throw them in an arc from left to right to clear out an Xbox 360 Achievements entire area in one volley. them. let your snipers or long-range Coverage yourself correctly and don’t move. Enemies will run right past you if you conceal Since this is a fairly open map. This is especially helpful on a map of this Walkthrough Grenade launchers are a good choice on this map. If you don’t take the grenade Act 3 launcher attachment. because you nature. Prologue may not be able to throw your grenades as far as you can launch Airstrikes work well on this map. because there are so many places to hide and maneuver. you can take Frag x3 and carry three Epilogue grenades. Take the Sonic Boom perk for your second selection. as do chopper support calls. Throw in the Sonic Boom UAV sweeps. and remember not to double up on your not be possible with hand grenades. Act 2 perk to maximize explosive damage. riflemen pick off enough enemies to call in a UAV before making Single-Player your way into battle.

This will good communication with the other wingman teams. There are three main routes across the road to engage the enemy. and alleys. maintain and put silencers on all primary weapons and side arms. While clearing rooms. and call them render you invisible on radar and allow you to get off a few more 010110:54 Ambush: Domination n . Once your spacing so grenades don’t take out more than one player. maintaining decent simultaneously. buildings. Keep your backs to the outer of two (wingman teams) and send them all across the road edges of the map. All teams should make their way to the back of the an area such as the Ruins or the Lot. and seal off the chokepoints map (enemy spawn) and regroup to work back through the map in to those locations. Let’s assume you’re Once your teams have regrouped. under cover of either frags or smoke. Have your camp team use the UAV Jammer perk a single unit. clearing every building and area Teams can also set up camp in a fortifiable area. You can back into along the way. There are many ways to win on this map. they should all proceed along the same routes they took to get across. Team Tactics over for support if needed. You can effectively push the enemy out of their side of the map if you do it right. Maneuver throughout the map. Break up your team into three squads but choose a side and circle the map. go back the way you came. running a six-man team. teams get across the road.

Continue to rotate through different ways of getting across the road The all-stealth assault works great if you can get everyone to load and eliminating the enemy on their turf. Set up Claymores at all chokepoints. Always be ready to knife someone who 010110:55 n ©BradyGAMES . and seal off the area. so everyone knows as you go. pop the smokes in the same the rooftop or windows. Split into two squads of equal everyone pop smoke on both sides of the road. This will certainly delay the enemy’s advance. but run as a single unit and circle the map. and repeating the process. clearing the way have to do this in a very coordinated manner. Meet each other at the back of the map. Clear the tunnels and comb the other the Ruins. You’ll across. Then regroup and head back through the middle of the where they need to throw their smoke. Make for the tunnels. map. Let the smoke billow up a bit and make your way and you should still be able to exit under cover of smoke. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Ambush: HeadQuarters shots before the enemy realizes where you are. you may even send one player up to the building just side of the map before making your way back where you started south of Ruins to operate the mounted machine gun on the south. but then on the next round. and smoke the west and east routes on the main road each end of each tunnel entrance. and then one at numbers. places simultaneously. If you’re camping comes up on you too quick. Let some of A great way to switch up this assault is to run it once the same your snipers or long-range riflemen pick off incoming enemies from way. Another tactic is to have up with UAV Jammers and silencers. Move through the tunnels quickly simultaneously. facing wall.

Slot Name There’s plenty of cover here.S. BACKLOT U. Forces vs. The Basic Assault CCS is great for tooling around Special Grenade Stun and infiltrating enemy strongholds. Use the additional frags to clear out Perk 3 Martyrdom those pesky squirrels hiding in your attic. including the hotly contested Construction Zone. and the Iron Lung to steady your Perk 2 UAV Jammer hand for longer periods of time. OpFor.50 cal The Sniper class is designed for sniping from the high. Use the UAV Jammer Perk 1 Claymore x2 to conceal your position. Martyrdom will finish Slot Name the job (or at least aid the next gang that tries to come in). and still lets you fire from the hip with good accuracy from the AK. This custom class setup Perk 1 Frag x3 enables you to quickly acquire targets on the run with the Perk 2 Juggernaut Red Dot Sight. but you’ll need a buddy to Primary Weapon AK-47 watch your back. Perk 3 Iron Lung 010110:56 n . A lot of fighting takes place just in front BASIC ASSAULT of it.50 cal Notes/ Silencer Attachment to pick off counter-snipers and stop the enemy advance Special Grenade Smoke on the roads. Use your . Side Arm M1911 ground rooftop of the Construction Zone. Primary Weapon Barrett . Notes/ Attachment Red Dot These are basic suggestions for ground-pounders and Side Arm M1911 snipers. especially down the north/south streets on either side. Set up your Claymores on any ladders and stairs leading up to your position. and if they bite you Sniper to death even with your extra health. This urban desert setting contains Suggested Loadouts many two-story buildings.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Backlot: team DeathMatch 010110:57 n ©BradyGAMES .

There are so many avenues of approach on this level. Think about using the Eavesdrop perk on this map. etc.. Be wary of snipers while you’re up there. because there in the center of the map. Wait for Use the rooftops to your advantage. the east and west roads that run north and are many things to get hung up on while you’re trying to run away south. Backlot: Sabotage Tips & Locations Since this map is chock full of rubble. Try setting up in the Garage in the on this map. where you’ll have a great vantage point on most There are plenty of places to hide even out in the open. clink. walls. use motion to detect enemies when UAVs are unavailable. These are great spots. cars. c-clink… quickly as possible. There’s a lot of cover that you can relay to your team. because down on your enemy. such as of the map. Don’t forget certain tall grass patches and various other nooks. but try to get a UAV up as from the clink. The two roads to use Martyrdom on this map from time to time. and it’s easy to lose someone in the alleys and buildings. There are several buildings someone to move before you decide which way you’re going to that only offer two-story levels or balconies from which to shoot head. 010110:58 n . are where most action develops. so consider ghosting (UAV Jammers and silencers). but use them sparingly you’ll be in fairly close quarters and might hear something useful because you’ll stand out before too long. buildings. center of the map.

making it more difficult for the enemy to see you and on the main roads connecting the high ground rooftop to the eliminate you. on both your body and your weapon. You can access the second stories of both of those and try to bounce from cover to cover to avoid the mass carnage buildings. Remember that your your C-4. Be sure to use flanking maneuvers as often as needed. as opposed to losing enemies to come in and retake the C flag. and the Apartments. take note of the Café. and keep teams close fairly well from inside the building at the parking lot. the Construction Zone. the Zone offers a great view of the B flag. The B flag area in the center of the map just west of camouflage. You can camp the C flag Highground Rooftop. and then detonate too many players trying to capture it yourself. but most to those points when possible. 010110:59 n ©BradyGAMES . Try waiting for enemy capture an HQ and then destroy it. It may be more beneficial to let the players will immediately look for enemies there. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Backlot: Search & Destroy When playing Domination on this map. Construction Zone. note that the Construction In Headquarters. will make a big the garage can be guarded by one player in each building west difference. and east of it.

possible. right? Try splitting up into wingman teams and take over 010110:60 Backlot: Domination n . and blast your way assaulting either the Construction Zone or the Highground Rooftop). single unit. The Construction Zone is By the time you get the ground team up to the Construction Zone. Set up Claymores on the bottom Find out what the enemy is doing before you decide what to do. Highground your choice. and then sit up top and snipe. If they’re holed up in the Construction Zone. use your grenade launchers or frags to take control of it. Use stun grenades and Ultimately. switch it up on your enemies by Rooftop or Garage. Team Tactics Split into two squads of three (assuming you’re running a six-person team). etc. While Take one squad up each side and commandeer the building of your two snipers get set up on the Construction Zone. A solid plan here is to set up at least two snipers with UAV Jammers Smoke both sides of the road to mask your numbers and direction. fairly easy to camp if you have a few players in there. down once you’ve gained control.. through to your destination if necessary. The next round. Café. and use similar tactics as those described for Ambush. level. so lock it hopefully you’ll have racked up enough kills to call in a UAV. Be sure someone brings grenades. or Overkill in case they need to help you out on the ground. you want to kill everyone else as many times as Juggernaut or Martyrdom to assist. make sure they set Claymores to popping smoke on both sides again but running up one side as a watch their backs (the rest of your team will be on the ground.

either split into the mix whenever possible. Use grenade launchers and Have a long-range rifleman and a defender on each team. his wingman can cover grenades you have for your tube. but this time divide them into four and two. the Café. Try to control the Garage. and you should call but it will be difficult for all teams to commandeer their buildings. to sandwich the enemy on the street. Try splitting up your team again into two squads. The rest of your team should also his back. Send the team of two up one of the main roads to make some noise and draw the enemy’s attention. center. 010110:61 n ©BradyGAMES . If in an airstrike at this point. This is a great distraction tactic to throw you can get only two of your three teams into buildings. This is a great way to cover a larger portion of the map. send out volleys of grenades if they have them. have the other team call them in Rooftop or the Construction Zone to keep a good eye on things. and the Highground Once your team of four is set. heels only works in your favor. Keeping the enemy back on its up your third team or bring one team over to the heaviest action. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Backlot: HeadQuarters a few of the smaller buildings in and around the Garage in the while the squad of four moves off to the right to take the Garage. While Sonic Boom to take out as many enemies as you can with the two the rifleman picks off enemies from up high.

low-visibility complex Suggested Loadouts of apartment buildings. and of course a host of windows and other openings to Primary Weapon G3 snipe through. depending on whether you want to be invisible or more powerful. you can use Overkill to carry a medium-to-long range weapon and a close-quarters weapon for internal close. Side Arm Desert Eagle quarters fighting. which both have upper and lower levels. Or choose Deep Impact to Perk 3 Iron Lung or Deep Impact OR finish off a counter-sniper who’s ducked behind a wall. Perk 3 Deep Impact The Sniper class is set up for a pure sniper. BLOC Spec Ops vs. Most of the action takes place in the two facing Notes/ ACOG Scope Attachment apartment buildings. 010110:62 n . Choose either the UAV Special Grenade Smoke Jammer or Stopping Power. A central courtyard with low walls slows your advance from building to building. Once you get into one of the buildings or Attachment Silencer (M1911) find a nice spot on the ground somewhere. Definitely a BASIC ASSAULT sniper’s map. There are some great stairwells that you can Slot Name use. pick Iron Lung to hold your Perk 2 UAV Jammer or Stopping Power OR breath a little longer during sniping. Special Grenade Smoke so Deep Impact will let you keep firing even if your enemy Perk 1 Frag x3 ducks behind a wall or runs into another room. With the Basic Assault Notes/ Attachment Red Dot class. Both classes can and should use smoke grenades to relocate or get Perk 2 Overkill themselves out of pinned-down positions. This is a snowy. Since most of the Sniper fighting is either very long-range or medium-to-short range. There will be quite a bit of indoor fighting. Spetsnaz. If you think you’ll need a Perk 1 Claymore x2 few more seconds of steady aim. If you choose this class. Secondary Weapon MP5 These loadouts serve two purposes.50 cal the bat you can set up at the main roads across from the statue Notes/ and start sniping. Slot Name you’ll have to make a choice. right off Primary Weapon Barrett . you should set up Side Arm M1911 your Claymores to watch your back.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements BLOC: team DeathMatch 010110:63 n ©BradyGAMES .

Claymores are great on this map regardless. Sometimes you may not kill the so watch those locations for a nice stream of enemies to shoot. walls. sniper battles between the two main apartment buildings (east and 010110:64 BLOC: Sabotage n . There’s a pool in the southwest corner of the map with a at the entrances to the two main buildings and forget about them. enemy. but you can stand far enough back from them to make yourself a very difficult target to hit. but it rarely sees combat. but your sniper buddy will be zoomed in on him too. They’re small. There are the obvious The upper levels of both apartment buildings are great for sniping. the mid-range battles across the courtyard. or the Rubble Building and the Flag Building). Both teams’ initial Look for rocks. few shots from across the map. small interior adjacent. The dynamic of this map is threefold. and other cover. Tips & Locations west. and all of the internal close-quarters As a sniper. and you may do enough damage to allow him to pick off the enemy The two small windows on the second floors of both apartment with another shot. stairways. always carry some C-4 or Claymores to cover your battles on the only two main interiors in the Rubble and Flag back. Just set them up Buildings. and pop off a spawn points are in the northeast and southwest corners of the map. building are great to snipe from. really.

your enemy doesn’t get away. but as well. an SMG. Deep Impact combined with Act 2 a shotgun can be a lethal combination. This is probably your best solution. Your snipers should thin have to give up your precious Juggernaut. The upper levels are easier to hold onto. or a sniper rifle. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer but you should remain mobile if you can. and poor stragglers Just grab the Overkill perk and carry one long-range weapon and Unlockables who try to make it from one apartment building to the other one CQC weapon. because the dynamics can change at any moment. Always have smoke handy for the same reason. Achievements the herd so you can set up in a concealed position and snipe back. and try to get around them via the Coverage movement. an assault rifle. Single-Player relocate. so make sure you have an escape route if you need to apartment buildings. Enemy snipers will notice Or pop smoke. This Bermuda diagonal is ongoing. Lower Walkthrough levels span only half the length of the upper levels and aren’t easy The close-quarters battles inside the apartment buildings get intense Prologue to camp or defend. You’ll always need to adapt A lot of longer-range battles occur between the northeast corner of on this map. Epilogue Building. Take the Deep Impact perk to shoot through walls so that Act 1 counter-snipers can easily pick off stationary targets such as campers. Be Act 3 the pool in the southern sector and the northwest corner of the Flag ready to grab a shotgun. BLOC: Search & Destroy 010110:65 n ©BradyGAMES . but you’ll Xbox 360 inevitably get picked off in the crossfire. get out of there. Indoors.

one of which is loaded out with long-range equipment (ACOGs or sniper rifles) and the other with close-quarters weapons Now that you control both apartment buildings. As a team. The buildings and hold them. Your close-quarters team should be on guard. four-man team is on the ground. where the two-man squad is made up of snipers. where the enemy is spawning. two. they send one Another tactic to confuse your enemies is to use two squads of man back over to the sniper’s building to assist in flanking attacks. an airstrike and some chopper support. One of these could be a split squad of four and into their spawn point and finish them off as quickly as possible. Deep Impact and Double Tap). they set up Claymores to cover their own butts. but you can keep the other team pinned down if you concentrate and load It’s good to have a handful of tactics to rotate through on any given out correctly. 010110:66 BLOC: Domination n . looking to capture and secure the second apartment building. If you can take the two Once inside. and relay the data to all of your rush for the closest apartment building and commandeer it as team members so everyone knows what’s going on and where. three. they make their way to one of the apartment buildings. Once inside and secure. keep tabs on (shotguns and SMGs. As soon as Overwhelm them with fire and explosives. you should have an easy win. and seal the deal with they spawn. Try grabbing a grenade launcher to lob ordnance map at any time. Team Tactics Holding both of these buildings won’t be easy. quickly as possible.

while your long-range two entrances to the pool: the front doors on the north side of the squad works from the windows. fallen teammates should respawn very close to your two. you should stay there as long as Set up your Claymores at the front and side doors. UAV Jammer. Be wary of grenades and RPGs being launched into your watch the side. sector of the map. Camping the pool will allow you to put your back against a wall so you know it’s covered. where there are plenty of angles to get the drop on enemies. pop off a shot in the air once in a while to Another great place to camp out is the pool corner in the southwest draw the enemy toward you. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements BLOC: HeadQuarters watching all entrances to your building. The other team should be set up inside the front enemy. Use these scans not to run after your to surprise them. Once you door. When you have everyone in the pool building. dig into the apartment building. There are only 010110:67 n ©BradyGAMES . Don’t attach silencers either. because you want them to come to you. Split your team in same building. you’re more than pool building. Don’t select the possible. but to show your long-rangers where to look. and the door on the east side. In fact. and even put a guy in the pool itself if you want likely to nab at least a UAV. When you run this tactic. You can set up a sniper in the alley just east of the apartment complex. and half should group. Half of them should watch the front door.

and they feature one level only. The CQC players should run with a submachine gun and a Red Dot Sight for quick acquisition LONG-RANGE RIFLEMAN of targets outdoors. and several cargo BASIC CQC ASSAULT Slot Name containers. nasty dumping Suggested Loadouts ground at night. Your Special Grenade Stun long-range players should load out with either Juggernaut Perk 1 Frag x3 or Stopping Power. The submachine guns. but a Long-Range Rifleman should be adequate. Notes/ ACOG Scope (M4 Carbine) combined with the Double Tap perk. as well as additional frags to flush out Slot Name hidden enemies. whichever they think will help them Perk 2 Double Tap more. while using Extreme Conditioning and Smoke to Perk 3 Deep Impact relocate when needed. BOG U. Side Arm M1911 Special Grenade Smoke Perk 1 Frag x3 Perk 2 Juggernaut or Stopping Power OR Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning 010110:68 n . a bus. If the enemies just won’t leave. let them Primary Weapon M4 Carbine fear the power of Deep Impact. are just devastating in Attachment short-range battles. Notes/ Attachment Red Dot Sight These kits will pretty much cover all the bases you’ll need on this map. OpFor.S. featuring a large trash pile in the center as well as broken vehicles. This is a swampy. You might want to employ a sniper from time to Side Arm Desert Eagle time. Forces vs. There are two buildings you can enter on the Primary Weapon AK74u south side of the map.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements BOG: team DeathMatch 010110:69 n ©BradyGAMES .

BOG: Sabotage Tips & Locations It’s difficult to stay alive very long on this map. The Cargo Area on the west side of the map offers a bit of cover. A fun from cover to cover to get where you’re going. but they’re more sparse on the east side of the Achilles tendon when they walk right over you. so try not to run across it very often so you don’t get knifed in the back. The Café and the map. Try to stick to the borders of the map. To get from east to west via the south side of 010110:70 n . if you don’t have to. to make your way across the level. because the close- quarters fighting will trigger a UAV pretty quickly and you’ll be With the Trash Pile in the center of the map. Just be sure to plant some Claymores at the entrances road from the Café to the Alley. Cargo containers way to humiliate enemies is to go prone and then knife them in the are good cover. so be prepared to meet someone both smoke and frags. You’ll almost always find someone there. and use grenades. including a bus that you can enter and Some good long-range rifle battles sometimes take place along the snipe from. and move quickly of King of the Hill. this turns into a game spotted. new in there at any time. Store get a lot of visitors as well. Use any cover you can to stay protected.

just wasn’t bothering to look there. Holding down either of the two main buildings is a good idea. but running with silencers on 010110:71 n ©BradyGAMES . you can send a squad to circle the outer border of the map. but once the enemy knows you’re in there. Maybe your buddy has a clearer view but because there’s almost always some crossfire directed at you. run through the Store and into the back portion of the main your primary weapons can help you get the drop on enemies. as with any map. Then use the window on the west wall to see if it’s clear Communication will be very helpful here. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements BOG: Search & Destroy the map. can’t get a shot on him. When be shy about calling out that you’ve got one in the bus but you crossing from the Store to the Café. Don’t to advance through the west door and across to the Café. you’d better hope you’ve got Juggernaut because the grenades are on their way. building. either pop smoke or sprint. Alternately. Bog is not the best map to go silent.

so Sleight spawn. and wait for the enemy to shoot at him. Team Tactics When camping. Since the defense is back a bit farther. your camp team can use whatever windows grenade launchers and frags to help clear a path in front of your and doors are accessible to send a few rounds downrange at them. You can even send to south. of Hand is a useful asset here as well. Line up vertically across the map from north because you might get grenaded out of business. offense. Run with a four-man frontline and a two- probably want to run with the Juggernaut perk while camping. If not. and move your lines from either east to west or west to out a runner as a distraction. When they up. you can try to control the building closest to your initial Double Tap on this map. you could use the positions incoming enemies. You may not have enough room for everyone in the Café. send the remainder of your men to watch the perimeter and relay intel about Since this map is fairly small and open. Decisions. but they take a while to reload. while your defense slowly progresses behind them and uses reveal their positions. they have a bit 010110:72 BOG: domination n . depending on where you spawn. You’ll we talked about earlier. Send someone out to make some noise east. Do your best to lock down your building. The shotguns are brutal with As a team. Let your forward line push and be seen. man defensive line. also consider selecting a shotgun with either Double Tap or Sleight of Hand. decisions… depending on how many players are on your side.

When running in a wingman team. You may lose your wingman at some Prologue mad rush toward the enemy. and breach and clear any Walkthrough the defensive line up a little closer to the forward line and make a buildings you encounter. rather than say. This way. They can spot enemy movement and either a chance to do their thing one time and help out the next time. It’s quite intimidating. don’t Xbox 360 map. covering the whole point.” BOG: headquarters 010110:73 n ©BradyGAMES . but the pace changes. “Hey. Multiplayer frag them or relay their location to the forward lines. The idea is the same. Someone should always be leading so that the wingman can Coverage just follow and watch the team’s back. Squeeze keep moving. so team up with another wingman team until your buddy Act 1 map in a sort of search party line. Always Inevitably. Act 2 grenades at enemies in front of the team. due to its small size. Circle the map quickly. I’m Achievements try to alternate who leads your team. This is what you should Unlockables Splitting up into highly mobile wingman teams works great on this strive for. seeing an entire team running toward you. wingmen will start to work together so well that they Act 3 use grenades in this formation to clear the way in a splash of shrapnel. as mic clarity is golden. Help each other out and Single-Player You can also use this tactic in a more condensed manner. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons wider field of vision. and your defensemen can still lob comes back from the dead. If you don’t have to talk. It’s much more efficient to just shoot. won’t even need to communicate verbally. One will just watch the Epilogue other and know what to do or where to go. each player gets gonna shoot now. talk.

Special Grenade Smoke These loadouts are just a couple of choices you have on Perk 1 Frag x3 this map. Perk 2 Stopping Power Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning 010110:74 n . and two Side Arm M9 trucks with ladders for sniping. Extreme Special Grenade Smoke Conditioning will allow you to move from cover to cover Perk 1 Claymore x2 with the help of your smoke grenades. There are two large Hangars on the north and south sides Notes/ Attachment ACOG Scope of the level that can provide good cover as well.50 cal because you’ll need patience and good timing. There are three launch doors open (you can Long-Range Assault Slot Name fall to your death) and one with a missile ready to launch. or tuck into the Hangars Side Arm M1911 while surrounding yourself with your Claymores. Climb up the trucks to get some elevation. Sniper Slot Name The Sniper kit should be used by more advanced snipers. A freshly used missile launch site. Use frags to get rid of any pesky enemies that you can’t get a bead on. Suggested Loadouts Countdown has six underground missile Silos dead center on the map. OpFor. Primary Weapon Barrett . countdown U. Forces vs. Primary Weapon MP44 The smoke and steam coming off these Silos is great cover.S. Deep Impact combined with Stopping Power Perk 2 Stopping Power will allow you to eliminate enemies even behind the many Perk 3 Deep Impact concrete barriers on this map.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements countdown: team DeathMatch 010110:75 n ©BradyGAMES .

The downed chopper offers some good cover. There are many lanes of fire on have any second-story levels. Of course. it’s good idea to crouch down behind the concrete barriers and stand Both teams spawn in the Hangars on the north and south sides of up to shoot. but a good deal happens over by the Loading Dock area back down. one just north of the Loading as do the Hangars. The chopper is a good place to hide. Each Silo is bordered by several blast shields (concrete go prone and snipe from them. Use the smoke from to fire. Both of these trucks have you can crouch or go prone near it and disguise yourself as a piece ladders you can climb to get a great vantage point. Find your target. 010110:76 Countdown: Sabotage n . try to stay in one spot so that when you stand back up and the area between Hangar 1 and Hangar 4. and then crouch back behind cover. pop up and squeeze off a couple the map. When you crouch the center. because Dock and one just north of the Vent shafts. the missile Silos as cover to reposition yourself. Bear in mind that this map doesn’t barriers) that you can use as cover. your crosshairs will be right on your target. so assume someone’s always got a bead on you. so you’ll be spotted fairly quickly. or you can of rubble. this map. a lot of action takes place around the Silos in of rounds. but be careful not to fall in or you’ll die. Tips & Locations When shooting at someone from long distance on this map. There are two trucks on this map.

or even snipe from them. camp out in such as one of the cargo containers. and place some explosives to block the side entrances in case someone comes up on your Epilogue blind side. Walkthrough Just northwest of the Hangars is the Loading Dock. Remember that due to all the concrete barriers and Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements countdown: Search & Destroy 010110:77 n ©BradyGAMES . Watch it from behind cover. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Use these trucks with caution. These are the only buildings area also sees quite a bit of action. and wait for an enemy to run Act 2 them. The overhang Prologue Use the Hangars to your advantage. You can tuck yourself behind through it. They’re slightly raised and provide have to find a clear line of sight to your target. you’ll Coverage elevation are the Vent shafts. Single-Player good cover for snipers to go prone. Act 1 accessible on this map. Act 3 various pieces of cover in each Hangar. You can fall back to them. The only other places for a bit of various other pieces of cover scattered throughout the map.

smoke. and try to flank your enemy. Practice letting the lead man run from cover to bank grenades into areas that aren’t easily accessible. Continue to move in 010110:78 countdown: Domination n . they won’t do enough damage Wingman work will be a little different on this map. due to its open to be worth throwing in the first place. map. Always use frags. Use the barriers and other nature and lots of cover. When he gets there. Although pop some smoke to give them cover and find a good line of sight this map is very open. they’ll hit the concrete barriers that the enemy may be hiding behind. because if they fall the perimeter of the map. While your snipers are getting set up. one piece of cover to the next. to their targets. If you throw them too far. The rest of your team should be long-range riflemen moving in small wingman teams. have him turn While your wingman teams are hopping from cover to cover to toward the enemy and send some cover fire downrange as you get behind the enemy. it also has a lot of things to hide behind. Take your remaining wingman teams out around Make sure you aim your grenades correctly. Team Tactics this fashion until you make it around behind the enemy. your snipers should be looking for counter- bounce from where you are to where he is. and grenade launchers to move from one side of this You might benefit from running with just a couple of snipers on this map to another. short. Remember that your grenades have to be fairly precise.

There’s no thermal view in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Sleight and your team. select UAV Jammers. once the strike The north and south sides of this map both contain two Hangars that comes in. or Iron Lung. this map in particular will give you a huge bonus if you can call in an airstrike. Set up your Claymores and position and relocate. you should be able to get a clear line of sight to the primary weapons and side arms. Bandolier. and equip silencers on your or Hangar 4. Place one team in each Hangar other Hangar. Always be ready to move out from your snipers will be looking for movement. The best way of doing this is to use smoke as C-4 at any entrances to your new fortress. If youo have a couple of snipers camping in there with so you’ll have some great cover to reposition yourself you. of course. there’s no way the enemy can make it to shelter before you and your team can use as ambush locations. One sniper Always try to rack up as many kills as possible. of Hand. Tell your snipers so they can eliminate as many long- and take cover. because enemy range threats as possible. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements countdown: HeadQuarters snipers and trying to clear a path in front of you. 010110:79 n ©BradyGAMES . Since most of the map is wide open. Steady Aim. Double Tap. remembering not to move too much. ring the bell. and should watch each team. If you’re camping in either Hangar 1 of equal numbers. Create two teams the bombs start dropping. and wait for the enemy to cover. consider loadout alterations such as LMGs.

so make good use of the Claymores. and the teams initially spawn in the southwest Slot Name corner and the northeast corner. 010110:80 n . You’ll look like a painting with a frame around you. Perk 1 Claymore x2 The Assault Sniper loadout is a mix between medium and Perk 2 Overkill long range. If you get picked Slot Name off while trying to set up your lob shot. in this case stun or flash. The Notes/ assault class gives you decent mobility and still allows you Attachment Red Dot to make accurate shots at most distances on this map. This map is centered around a Suggested Loadouts downed helicopter. Of course. crash U. Special Grenade Stun Perk 1 DISABLED The Basic Assault custom class setup will give you some good long. not all secure areas are actually secure. Your primary weapon will allow you to run and Perk 3 Deep Impact gun. By choosing the Overkill perk. quickly acquiring targets on the fly using the Red Dot Sight. Notes/ Attachment Grenade Launcher Sea Sniper Tip Side Arm M1911 Be careful when peeking out through a window. OpFor. Sonic Boom will give Assault Sniper your grenades a higher damage radius.and medium-range proficiency. set Claymores at the entrance to the room you’re in. The chopper has crashed in the center of a war. Use Side Arm M1911 your special grenades. Forces vs. you can carry a sniper rifle to use when you get set up in a secure area.S. Basic Assault torn town. or at the entrance to the building. the Restaurant. Initial meeting areas include Primary Weapon M4 Carbine the Back Alley. If you’re sniping out a window. allowing you Perk 2 Sonic Boom to lob grenades with the grenade launcher and still pop off Perk 3 Last Stand some long/medium shots with the M4. and most of the action takes place directly around it. and the Crash Site. you’ll still have a Primary Weapon G36c chance to kill your assailant via the Last Stand perk. to access Special Grenade Smoke building interiors that have been fortified by the enemy.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements crash: team DeathMatch 010110:81 n ©BradyGAMES .

dig in upstairs in building interiors that have been fortified by the enemy. and that you should going one way when you’re actually going the other way. take up positions on the second story of the TV Shop and the Blue Use your special grenades. don’t know exactly where the enemies are. Then exercise caution. Then select you great views of the battle. but still can mix it up and smoke the way you’re actually going the next time. Once you’ve got an idea of where the Stun grenades will tell you if you’ve stunned someone by rotating enemy is. This will let you know if someone is Use smoke grenades as a distraction to make enemies think you’re actually in the building you’re trying to enter. when you Keep your enemies guessing and off-balance as much as possible. Special grenades are best used in these situations. He’ll be stunned and moving slowly. Set up team members to take up high-ground locations close to your team’s spawn. When spawning in the southwest. see. allowing you to snipe or push back one player to pop flash (or stun). and of course the Crash Site. in this case stun or flash. Let your long-range shooters rack up a few kills clear out the building. crash: Sabotage Tips & Locations to the heat of battle as well. If you’re spawning in the northeast. and get a UAV called in. but close n . you can regroup and plan your attack. Most of the battles on this map are for the Restaurant. 010110:82 the Blue Building. try to maintain it. allowing your team to enter and advancing enemies. These locations will give your team just outside the building you want to enter. Once you have control An alternative to running into the ground war immediately is to of one of these buildings. the Light Shop. Save your frags for when you know where people are but just can’t get a shot at them. to access Building. the crosshairs from a + to an x. Stack up the Light Shop and even the Apartment.

and possibly an ACOG depending on your preference and grenades. You can also use the Stopping Power perk in mobility. such as concrete barriers and Always remember that your primary weapon directly affects your walls of buildings. You never know… You may find yourself either a light machine gun or an assault rifle with at least a Red Dot pinned down if you switch to sniping. so be sure to choose smoke Sight. the ACOG scope if you plan on setting up for a semi-long shot from Be aware of enemies in shadow. If you get into a sniper suit (Russian maps only). get away from a counter-sniper. Move in the shadows to avoid detection. appear on enemy radar while shooting. and you feel comfortable firing from the hip as well. Look at your stat meters to see how each weapon affects combination with the Deep Impact perk to maximize your bullet you. Bear in mind that after a bullet passes through an sniper rifle for your primary weapon. select the Deep Impact perk so your bullets will pass through normally impassable objects. Your primary weapon also changes your skin. and possibly even attach a silencer so you don’t Since there are so many places to take cover on this map. you’ll be wearing a ghillie object. 010110:83 n ©BradyGAMES . Recommended primary weapons are enemy might be hiding. Pop smoke to reposition from one building to another or style of play. and the overhang on the south side of the hotel. If you like to run and gun. Use windows or cracks to rack up enough kills for a UAV or an airstrike. battle. especially in areas such as the Pillars time to time. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements crash: Search & Destroy watch each entrance. choose the Red Dot Sight. If you pick a penetration. while positioning a sniper at advantageous This will give you the quickest acquisition of targets on the run. it decreases in power/damage. don’t be afraid to take a shot through the wall where your Crash is a medium-range map.

and use communication to point out enemy locations so that someone with a scope can pick off any snipers in the windows. Let your buddies know if you’ve managed to Light Shop while watching the back of the shop via the Palms. Team Tactics group. Get locations offer some decent high ground so your team can start everyone in as quickly as possible. If you easy to fight your way into either of these buildings. map. picking off enemies. These clear out one of the buildings and that it’s safe to come on in. Since most of the action will be centered directly around Since most battles on this map seem to end up in a fight for either the Crash Site. so keep up the spawn at the Apartments. If you spawn at the Garage on the west side. and progress from your spawn to the first set of your team in one of those two buildings. They both offer second chokepoints. and the other team initially spawns on the east side near the Apartments. and then seal it off. try a slow team approach. and regroup to advance on their position. It won’t be up toward the Blue Building and the roof on the TV Shop. move stories and can provide great vantage points for snipers. Call in your UAV to see where the enemies are congregating. Help One team initially spawns at the Garage on the west side of the out by tossing a few grenades their way. Move in a 010110:84 crash: Domination n . move up toward the Restaurant and the good communication. consider camping the majority of as a single unit. Keep your team together the Restaurant or the Light Shop.

Consider positioning someone just outside the door on the east side as well. Always be ready inside the building to knife someone quickly. Put yourself in the southwestern corner so you can watch both entrances on the second level. there’s a pantry just to the right as you enter from the southern entrance. You’ll need someone to watch the second level’s east entrance. to prevent anyone from sneaking up behind your pantry raider. you’ll have to position yourselves carefully. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements crash: HeadQuarters Since there are no doors in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. 010110:85 n ©BradyGAMES . The roof of the Restaurant offers a good look at the Crash Site and the Apartments. Put a sniper up top and a defense gunner to watch his back in case someone makes it up the stairs. which is accessible via a set of stairs. Camp at least one player here with C-4 and an LMG. In the Restaurant.

The Basic Assault loadout includes a grenade launcher for wasting those annoying Perk 2 Sonic Boom enemies trying to pop you from the end of the street. The Overkill Weapon Barrett . which is Basic Assault Slot Name lined with buildings that your team can use to advance from one end of the road to the other. but Side Arm Desert Eagle choppers can be shot down with a clip from an assault rifle. Perk 3 Martyrdom Combined with the Sonic Boom perk. Perk 1 Claymore x2 Perk 2 Overkill Perk 3 Martyrdom 010110:86 n . OpFor.50 cal perk allows you to find some good high ground and pick Side Arm M1911 off a few insurgents.S. Forces vs. Two main Overwatch buildings bookend the street. and you can swap to a submachine Special Grenade Smoke gun for building-to-building fighting with the rest of your team. the grenade launcher really helps you rack up points and lets your team make cqc Sniper their way through the buildings and around the enemy. Claymores cover your back when it’s time to snipe. Split by an S-shaped road. crossfire U. Special Grenade Smoke These loadouts are designed to give you a good range Perk 1 DISABLED of options during gameplay. because there’s Primary Weapon P90 a lot of building-to-building fighting. Primary Weapon AK-47 Notes/ Attachment Grenade Launcher Sea Sniper Tip It’s good to have one man on your team armed with an RPG. Slot Name Martyrdom is recommended for both CCSs. this Suggested Loadouts urban desert town is filled with tons of accessible buildings. Notes/ Attachment Red Dot secondary The CQC Sniper is a great multi-function class.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements crossfire: team DeathMatch 010110:87 n ©BradyGAMES .

The two Overwatch buildings are great you’ve planted. and for snipers. so be ready to duck into one of the perimeter buildings for cover or relocation. Tips & Locations Try planting C-4 on some of the disabled vehicles scattered along the main road. for teams to control. wait for a group of and Bottleneck building. Instead. Just make sure enemies. Most engagements occur right because the car will explode. Again. Find a good second-story vantage point. as well as the Rubble building worry about sniping enemy players. and snipe the C-4 pack that opposite ends of the map. try to stagger your UAVs so that you get a continuous stream of radar Many secondary levels afford you great lookouts and sniper sweeps. Be sure to watch for enemy snipers waiting pick you off. are ideal for ambushing and accessing the enemies to wander near your trap. 010110:88 crossfire: Sabotage n . you can decide as points. so call one in as soon as you can. The explosion will be twice that of C-4 alone. and don’t The Café and adjacent buildings. Or you can booby-trap it with Claymores or C-4. Once you know where the enemy is. that your buddy isn’t calling one in at the same time. The Bottleneck building has a Snipers on this map can grab a UAV just about as easily as your large hole in the eastern wall that you can use to ambush flanking ground-pounders. down Main Street.

so you’re protected while sniping down the Prologue for protection. Overwatch 2 offers some rubble on the Coverage building. This could be bad if you’re using it story with windows. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer a team how to proceed. Conversely. You can Act 3 even set up Claymores to assist you in laying your trap. This is a Xbox 360 Achievements good place to hide out and cover the Overwatch 2 building if your crossfire: Search & Destroy 010110:89 n ©BradyGAMES . and will allow the snipers to see almost the Single-Player surprise attacks. On the second level of the Overwatch 1 team is camping out there. Epilogue The northern building offers a decent sniping platform that you Unlockables can access by jumping from the east end of the building. The Overwatch 2 building offers a closet Act 2 on the second level that’s also a prime spot for an ambush. Just remember that it’s only soft cover and the entire map. Act 1 stumbles into your trap. there’s a couch you can crouch behind for some great second floor for cover. but you can continue blasting through it if someone Main Street. Overwatch 1 gives players a nice second Walkthrough enemy can shoot through it.

Set up a player on the east side of the first floor to guard the entrance and the ladder. patience. When someone in your direction. Use 010110:90 crossfire: Domination n . Taking the aggressive approach on this map will require some continue moving up the south side of the map to your destination. Team Tactics very close to your team’s position. move to Overwatch 1 and commandeer it. Put a couple of long-range riflemen upstairs to on your team dies. Let’s say you’re spawning at the or you can progress through the Overwatch 1 building to the Rubble Archway on the west side of the map. Once he’s rejoined the crew. building. building while they relay any intel about ground movement headed make sure you keep an eye on who has just died. Gather your team and begin moving from the Dead End toward Overwatch 1 by way of the southwest. with multiple entrances and windows. buildings nearest your spawn. Move your whole team building. have your whole team hold up and take cover shoot from the balconies or windows. and have a player watching until your fallen teammate can respawn. Here’s a great maneuver to employ in combination with this tactic: Have a couple of players watch the front or south side of the As you move your entire team from the Dead End to Overwatch 2. He should rejoin the game the stairs just in case someone gets past your first-floor team. Once you’ve gotten your team to the Rubble building. You can move into the A more conservative approach is to take control of one of the Café building and smoke the road to move to the Rubble building. There are two levels in this up through the southern side of the map via the buildings. Give him whatever cover he needs to get back into formation.

Continue yourselves in the street for a brief period of time. 010110:91 n ©BradyGAMES . and move in. Once you’ve set up camp in one building and held it to the Bottleneck building. wait for things to get a little hairy or die down. Camp out Café to the adjacent buildings north of it. but to set up shop and become a dominant force. head to the next building. When you’re moving from them earn their keep. Once both teams have made their way to the opposite end of the Split your team into two squads of three. Initially. both teams should breaching skills to enter and clear the building one level at a time. respectively. stack up each squad on an opposite entrance. the Rubble building to the Bottleneck building. and use your be moving up which side of the map. It’s okay to split Keeping this tactic in mind. The only reason you’re moving through these their positions to come help out. Those snipers are slackers! Make buildings is to conceal your advance. but you’ll have to expose there for a while and move the battle closer to the enemy. to use more smoke than the other squad. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements crossfire: HeadQuarters frequent communication to let your team know if you’re in trouble pop smoke on the Main Street to conceal your master plan. not just to clear them you need to break out into the street. you can bypass the building between them by moving around back. Then or if you can take care of it yourself. try moving your entire crew from base up your squad for a second to maneuver from the Rubble building to base. Having everyone in the same both teams should split off and move into the Café and the Rubble building will afford you the luxury of pulling a player or two off building. out. Use smoke when to move your team from building to building. The northern advance team may need down for a bit. and decide who will map. You can move from the Then regroup.

Use the Extreme Conditioning perk Perk 2 Juggernaut to sprint after enemies who are trying to fall back. the Martyrdom perk will help thin the crowd. The CQC Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning class is designed for high mobility and deadly bursts of fire from your submachine gun. OpFor. you’ll be able to survive just a bit Perk 1 DISABLED longer than the enemy. district U. Several streets and alleyways make it difficult to pin down enemies. Notes/ Attachment Red Dot Side Arm M1911 Special Grenade Smoke Perk 1 Frag x3 Perk 2 Double Tap Perk 3 Martyrdom 010110:92 n . The Basic Assault class is a great choice for watching over the Side Arm USP marketplace and lobbing grenades from your launcher. And because you’ll be running after enemies at Primary Weapon Mini-Uzi close range. but plenty of ambush locations. This is a large urban area centered Suggested Loadouts around a marketplace in the late afternoon. combined with the Double Tap CQC perk. Use your grenades to force enemies from one place Slot Name to another. Notes/ Attachment Grenade Launcher The suggested loadouts are ideal for this map. By Special Grenade Smoke running with Juggernaut.S. Forces vs. There BASIC ASSAULT Slot Name are only four accessible building interiors throughout this Primary Weapon G36c map.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements district: team DeathMatch 010110:93 n ©BradyGAMES .

The passing enemies. Make good use of grenades to eliminate enemies protection while shooting down into the Market. and also to clear your path. Keep your knife at the ready. but you right? Kablooey! 010110:94 n . You can get on top of the awnings and canopies enemy will hear it coming and back off. giving you a chance to if you need to escape. district: Sabotage Tips & Locations must use a distraction or some sort of cover (like smoke grenades) to get through unscathed. Use the alleys throughout the map to The Market is the center of battle most of the time. Try tossing is littered with tables and carts and corners to hide in and wait for one at the end of the alley or street you’re trying to navigate. The Market itself that you can’t get a shot on. make it to the end of the alley. Use some of the navigate around your enemies. places to move your entire team from one place to another. We all know what red barrels do. The building on the southeast corner offers a bit of into each other. Also note that there are a few red The streets just north of the palace and west of the Market are good barrels located around this map. or just want to switch things up a bit. elevated areas surrounding it to eliminate your enemies from the because there are many corners where players can suddenly run high ground.

Crouch over to the left or right while keeping your crosshairs street running south to north. most but get your shots off and move along. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements district: Search & Destroy There aren’t very many places to camp out on this map. Set up behind good cover when it’s available. which makes for some great back-and-forth battles from 010110:95 n ©BradyGAMES . Use the half-wall to protect you while trained on the enemy’s last position. so remain the half-walls surrounding it. Set up there for some long shots down the secondary place. pick off enemies opposite you. When you crouch back down. you get off a couple of shots. The Market itself is recessed into the ground. Try crouching and then popping up to mobile at all times. The palace is somewhat out likely the enemy will be waiting for you to pop back up in the same of the way.

Use compass points when calling your buddies. do your business Gather around and make your way in a fairly tight group around and keep the lines of communication wide open. everyone should do what given Timmy a lollypop. and use them along with Everyone should load out however they feel most comfortable. Okay. Move a team to disperse his attackers. almost like spokes spreading out from a wheel hub. For this plan of attack. Once you’ve cleared the area and outward and freelance. move like water throughout the level. rushing. Note all the area names on the map. Just be sure you don’t end up with a team full because there are many avenues to reach any location fairly quickly. let’s get the team back together and try moving as a mob. Team Tactics match for you and your team. Then everyone should the Market. Once you’ve spread out and begun freelancing. or sniping. to flow back together at any given moment. This is a good plan. Keeping your communication frequent and clear will allow you to call ground support to your location. In other words. of snipers on a run and gun map. This will win the the perimeter of the map. Use the main streets to navigate your way 010110:96 district: domination n . go back about your business and be ready they feel most comfortable doing. grenading. whether it’s camping. If Timmy gets caught in the preceding suggestions to help you decide. answer his girlish screams for help and flow together as fan out.

and some players will move more slowly or quickly than others. team. This tactic will allow ultimate Coverage easier said than done. call in support from your other wingman teams when necessary. Not everyone will be loaded out the same mobility due to the small team sizes. Split up into teams Multiplayer Market. After you’ve been called in to support another wingman Act 2 If you find that you’ve pinned down the enemy at a spawn point. This is fine. Essentially this is spawn wingman teams within your new squad. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons around. and then spiral the team toward the inevitable hot zone: the Wingman teams also work well on this map. effectively cover more ground at once. you may decide that you should remain together as a larger Act 3 don’t let them out. so that you can Prologue good chunk of a squad if they’re running too tightly together. Walkthrough Try to keep your spacing. while still allowing you to Single-Player way. This is and try a wingman freelance. Set squad for a while. Then call in your buddies for Act 1 support. They’ll have to get through you to get free. Tell them to quit crying and fight Unlockables their way out of it like men! Xbox 360 Achievements district: headquarters 010110:97 n ©BradyGAMES . Just continue to work as individual Epilogue up a perimeter and cordon off the area. but it’s not your fault. Always keep a good distance between teammates. One well-placed grenade can wipe out a Try splitting your teams into all areas of the map. camping.

and you can Attachment ACOG Scope mix and match whatever you like whenever you want. will mid-range sniper let you shoot through most cover on this map and retain Slot Name your bullet damage. Perk 3 Deep Impact 010110:98 n . stealthy. but some good cover as well. and take an assault rifle with you as Perk 2 Stopping Power well.50 cal and your Stopping Perk 1 Claymore x2 Power for Overkill. you could replace the Dead Silence Notes/ Attachment Silencer perk with Steady Aim to increase your accuracy while ground-pounding. With the Mid-Range Sniper. Notes/ Attachment Silencer Sea Sniper Tip If possible. Lots of vegetation allows for great stealth maneuvering and use of the ghillie suit. Primary Weapon G3 Notes/ Remember. use the prone position to snipe. and Special Grenade Smoke deadly. It’s hard for enemies to Side Arm M1911 see you when you’re hiding in the grass. combined with the Deep Impact perk. Primary Weapon M4 Carbine Use it to your advantage whenever possible. With Side Arm M1911 the Silent Assault kit. while the Mid-Range Sniper CCS lets Perk 2 UAV Jammer you pop off some deadly one-shots whether your enemy Perk 3 Dead Silence is hiding behind cover or not. This map is a farm on an overcast. you could Special Grenade Smoke swap out your G3 for a Barrett . The choice is yours. downpour Spec Ops vs. Notes/ Attachment Silencer These classes are great for keeping mobile. The weather on this silent ASSAULT Slot Name map makes for low visibility. The increased damage from Stopping Power. The Silent Assault kit lets you move in and out of cover and around the map without making a sound or Perk 1 Claymore x2 getting lit up on radar. these are only suggested loadouts. Spetsnaz. Suggested Loadouts rainy day.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements downpour: team DeathMatch 010110:99 n ©BradyGAMES .

the Silos to the south. don’t worry concealment if you’re not lit up on radar. The second level offers a This map is a perfect choice for running silent. an open lower level with access on the west and north sides and an east entrance to the second story. you’ll get a few run-and-gunners some great foliage for cover. which consists of offers a great balcony for shooting down on enemies. and the Shed in the middle. Tips & Locations take place at the Farmhouse to the north. They won’t see you on radar only soft cover and can be shot through. Of course. but running silent will be key to opposite end of the map. The building just northwest of the Barn Major locations on this level include the Barn. Most of the action will and probably won’t locate you until it’s too late. The Greenhouse on the east side of the map offers to see anybody at all. but remember that it’s about opening up on the enemy. There are so many north-facing window. while the entire upper level overlooks the places to hide. especially with a ghillie suit. as does the Logging Field on the coming at you from time to time. For the Silent Assault class. The Workshed can provide temporary your perpetual ownage. The Dead Silence 010110:100 downpour: Sabotage n . that you’ll need radar lower level.

Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements downpour: Search & Destroy 010110:101 n ©BradyGAMES . you can use the Coverage to spot. Be patient and wait for the most opportune time to way around the enemy using cover and the grassy perimeters. such as the Silo walls and Single-Player gather your troops and point them in the direction of the enemy. Always use cover and communication to hide while you perimeter and walled-off areas. Always remember that your movement will give can be a tug of war when teams start meeting in the center and on Act 2 away your position. Walkthrough Never stop in the middle of town to tell your team what’s going on. even minor controller adjustments can be seen either side of the Shed. Use this to your advantage. makeshift walls around the Shed. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer perk will help keep the noise down when you’re moving from spot Due to the weather and cover on this map. duck and cover while you bang in without ever having to go near the center of the map. Epilogue readjust or relocate yourself. This map Act 1 another magazine. to maneuver to your position. You can make your way southeast from the Workshed to the Silos Prologue Even if you just need to reload. and make your Act 3 by the enemy.

split back into two squads. they’re going. Silos and then break north toward the center of the map. Split into two squads and head off in different you’ve cleared the area of bad guys. you may want to work you can. with the main objective being to sandwich your enemy. eliminate as many enemies as on this map (the Farmhouse and the Barn). effectively pushing them back to their initial spawn. If your squads are using the way you plan to move. move back east through the center of the map toward your initial spawn point. they shouldn’t have any problems getting where make your way north through the Greenhouse and the Farmhouse. As both squads move Since there are only a couple of buildings that offer good cover back through the center of the map. before cutting south toward the center Move out from your spawn point in a single unit. and meet farther back toward the enemy One team should move from the Barn spawn west through the spawn to pin them in. run your routes again. If any of your teammates get picked off along the way. Once in roving squads. The other squad should immediately head north through the Greenhouse and This map is another great excuse to use the walking unit technique. directions. up through the Farmhouse. If you’re starting at the Barn spawn (east). everyone stop and take cover to wait for your fallen teammate to regroup. Silent Assault CCS. and decide which to rendezvous with the other squad. 010110:102 downpour: Domination n . Team Tactics Once the two squads meet up.

but it won’t be as easy as sticking together. continue moving forward Here are some ideas… Have each wingman team take up residence to the Workshed. it will be more difficult to regroup with your other wingman teams when needed. start the run again take and hold the Farmhouse with one wingman team and the Shed while staying together. If you can gets hit. down even further. This is a great time to pop off create a defensive force just outside those two buildings. consider grabbing the Claymore x2 perk to assist in your defense. Although you and your wingman will be more mobile than a mob. You can run wingman teams here. your initial spawn. It can work if you make it work. When you make it back to your spawn. If you decide to run this tactic. 010110:103 n ©BradyGAMES . run the perimeter of the map back to in a fortifiable area. and the Farmhouse. but make for the center of the map to clear with another team. you may decide to call up your Barn team to out the enemies you’ve herded there. the Shed. Be careful about using this tactic on this map. stopping and taking cover if one of your team From these positions. From there. you can effectively hold your own. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements downpour: HeadQuarters Once he’s back from his smoke break. or even to a couple of grenades and coat the inside of the map like explosive split up and send one extra player to each building to help lock it Pepto-Bismol. such as the Barn.

The enemy will be able to Notes/ Red Dot see your approximate location. Ghost Sniper Two main bridges connect the two sides of the level. and of course. Attachment You won’t stay lit up forever. Suggested Loadouts but the time of day is morning. A dried-up Riverbed separates the farm from the small abandoned town on the south side. you’ll be lit up like a cigar. the AK74u with Red Dot for your close- quarters room-clearing and running-and-gunning. 010110:104 n . so sit still for a bit after each Side Arm M1911 shot. but not your exact position. but Notes/ when you fire your weapon. Your UAV Jammer will Primary Weapon M14 prevent you from being detected on radar sweeps. Perk 1 Claymore x2 While there are many loadouts to choose from and Perk 2 UAV Jammer or Sleight of Hand OR customize. and lots of vegetation in which to take cover. It will be harder for snipers to hit you. Perk 2 Overkill You’ve got everything you need to get the job done: a Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning decent zoom on your primary weapon for those across-the- Riverbed firefights. The Sleight of Hand perk will help you jam extra Special Grenade Smoke rounds into your SVD at top speed. Notes/ Attachment Silencer Sea Sniper Tip Special Grenade Smoke Use the sprint feature when moving across wide open spaces. Just plop a couple of Claymores down Mid-Range Support Rifleman Slot Name behind you and get comfortable. these two are good choices for this map. Spetsnaz. smoke to cover your intentions. and a Slot Name Main Road runs down the center of the town on the south side. Try Attachment ACOG Scope to remain as still as possible after firing so your movement secondary AK74u Weapon doesn’t give away your position. three grenades to clear your way and empty out your house. overgrown Spec Ops vs. The Perk 3 Dead Silence Ghost Sniper CCS is brilliant for settling down in the Knoll or the Riverbed. As always. Perk 1 Frag x3 Mid-Range Support Rifleman is a great multi-purpose class. stick to cover and move from building to building via Extreme Conditioning. Primary Weapon SVD There are several buildings accessible on both sides of the Side Arm M1911 Riverbed. This map also takes place on a farm.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements overgrown: team DeathMatch 010110:105 n ©BradyGAMES .

because chances are they’re in a ghillie suit. the Barn. The Barn has a second story that’s good for attendants don’t have much. and the Library between the bridges has some bridge offers some great cover to shoot from. the Library. Snipers love this area as well. bridge. The building just northeast of the Stone elevated sniping perch. Get up on the wall and pick off plenty of enemies trying to move from the Riverbed to the jump up to the roof. Try popping smoke at your side of the fending off enemies from the Field. and can Farmhouse by way of the dumpster and wall. while the Gas Station nice vantage points too. the Farmhouse. Most fighting takes place between and the Gas Station. building southeast of the Stone bridge. Always keep an eye on any movement out on the Overgrown has some great spots. try placing players in the corners of flank them. Keep a watchful eye on the west end of the Riverbed the lower level. the Barn and the Farmhouse and Wood Bridge. You can even get up on top of the west of the Stone bridge. Initial meeting places include both Knoll. 010110:106 n . You can navigate the wall to almost anywhere. the Farmhouse. sniper in the Barn to shoot back. and make your way into the Riverbed and up the hill to and the Riverbed. overgrown: Sabotage Tips & Locations Snipers love to squat in the Knoll and pick people off at the Barn or the Farmhouse. including the roof of the Wood Bridge. Put a counter- of the bridges (Stone and Wood). the Wood Bridge. Be aware that snipers love the Knoll for sniping. or the Gas Station The building on the southwest corner of the Wood Bridge sports a great and the Stone bridge. When camping. as well as upstairs.

the south side of the Farmhouse. they’ll You can access the Riverbed in the following locations: on both clear out. This is a seldom-used but fairly effective technique. and to escape around via the Riverbed and come up behind them. to distract the enemy. sides of the Wood Bridge. but if you’re bridge on the south side. The south road doesn’t see too much action unless your team really gets pinned down. being pinned down. the Stone bridge. Even though it’s 010110:107 n ©BradyGAMES . If they’re in a room with enemies outside and they can’t see. just west of the Stone There are so many great places to hide in the Riverbed. the north side of the Library. Use it to bounce from one side tempting to just keep running right at the enemy. probably die and reveal your prime spot. and if the wrong eyes see you. you’ll note when playing Overgrown. The northeast corner of the Riverbed is a great spot to hide behind a rock and pick off any runners with a silenced rifle. and the stairs from the building just going to set up in there. be quick about it. These are all important locations to be watching it for movement. make your way of the Riverbed to the other. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements overgrown: Search & Destroy Smoke is your friend on this map. You can also smoke players out of an area. Both sides of the town will southeast of the Stone bridge.

The enemy spawns on the far-west side of the map. Move as a single got an upstairs and a ladder. on the north side of the Stone Bridge. There are so many entrances on the first floor that the Farmhouse. There’s one on the Barn. few enemies even as they respawn. Try it will be difficult to defend. Have unit and keep your spacing. even a mounted machine gun. Pop smoke at the end of the Wood your whole team smoke the perimeter and the interior too. though. frags. Don’t wear out your welcome. but set some Claymores and C-4 to grenade launchers to keep them pinned in. It might not 010110:108 overgrown: Domination n . and grenade launchers. so just breach in and take it over. the street. Better to leave on your own terms than to be evicted. If you’re starting at the south side of the map on the east side of Decide on a relocation point and use a combination of smoke. Team Tactics for you. entire team as quickly as possible through the Riverbed and into Everyone should enter through a different entrance. stick with it for a while. You can set up a temporary camp here and pick off a every side of the Farmhouse. It’s a nice place. but it’s going to be close. Some of your team should be upstairs as well. You should be able to make it to the Let’s say you want to move into the Farmhouse. Now that you’ve got control of the Farmhouse. If the Barn is working help. you’re going to The second level of the Barn offers a good vista of the Knoll and be a target. It’s Barn before they can. Wait Bridge and just in front of the Barn’s west side. Then move your for the smoke to spread and pelt the Farmhouse with grenades. work on getting to the Barn so you can set up shop. which is very close to the enemy spawn point.

up position in a better location. Camp when they think you’re going to rush. 010110:109 n ©BradyGAMES . try less smoke the next time. double-smoke each bridge and the center of the Riverbed between the Library and the Farmhouse. entire team gets there in one piece. If they don’t know what you’re your team up there to shoot down on the enemies by the north doing. Try to rotate your tactics as often head east and use the dumpster to get up onto the wall and then as possible. After pulling the old “smoke everything and pick a direction” Simultaneously smoke all three locations. If you can get a good portion of they’re expecting you to camp. right? assess the situation in-game to decide the best plan for the job. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements overgrown: HeadQuarters be a good idea to mess with the mounted machine gun. something they’re not expecting. because pinned down here pretty well. and go through the Riverbed. Next round. But hey. Defend this place as long as it works for you. Smoke the Stone Bridge and the team as a single unit across the Riverbed from the Library to the Riverbed. The choice is yours. If your plan goes south. it’s fun to shoot. you’ll be in business. rush when onto the roof of the Farmhouse. Keep them off-balance and side of the Stone bridge. you’ll have to it makes you a stationary target. You can keep them keep pressing when you see them wince. you take them out of their game. and take your entire trick. Always give the enemy flank the enemy or commandeer a building. If you want to flank. etc. Commandeer the Farmhouse or the Barn from there. Head up the little path and decide if you want to either Stone Bridge and run through the Riverbed. smoke the Farmhouse. but a good battlefield leader has several options at his beck If you want to get across the Riverbed to flank the enemy or take and call at any given time. As with all tactics. and continue to The enemy may have moved by the time you get up on top of smoke and frag your way from building to building to ensure your the Farmhouse. have another one ready.

and an underground network of tunnels leads from Side Arm M1911 the Crew Quarters to the Station House and Building Two. Perk 1 Frag x3 so make sure you don’t overload on sniper classes before Perk 2 Juggernaut the round begins. Spetsnaz. with Silos Sniper Slot Name to the south and a Train Yard to the north. They’ll help keep you alive. Perk 1 Claymore x2 These loadouts give you two options: to snipe.45 times (sniper rifles take a bit longer to reload). Primary Weapon M16A4 Notes/ The Sniper kit is a basic loadout. Perk 3 Steady Aim 010110:110 n . and Iron Special Grenade Smoke Lung to hold your breath longer while sniping. Notes/ Attachment Silencer Sea Sniper Tip Special Grenade Smoke You cannot shoot while sprinting. The Rifleman class is set up so that you can scope Perk 3 Iron Lung in for good medium-range shots. Two large warehouse buildings face each other in the center of the Primary Weapon M21 map. pipeline Spec Ops vs. or to just kind Perk 2 Sleight of Hand of snipe. Since your Rifleman kit is geared toward ground-pounding. Sleight of Hand to decrease reload Side Arm USP . A winding road spills into the center of the plant. Morning on a gloomy day at Suggested Loadouts an abandoned oil refinery is the setting for this map. You’ll need a good combination of these two kits to work well as a team. including Claymores to Attachment ACOG Scope fortify your position. while still being able to shoot from the hip due to the Steady Aim perk. take the Frag x3 Slot Name perk and Juggernaut.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements pipeline: team DeathMatch 010110:111 n ©BradyGAMES .

because the enemy are great for shooting down on people. use well-placed grenade can make you a permanent resident. you can access either the you get pinned down at the Train Yard. Most battles occur at the main meeting point on the map. The second-level offices 010110:112 pipeline: Sabotage n . Be ready for a fight down there. The ground floor is fairly open. which is the Main Road running east to west between Buildings One and Two. and also in the Train Yard. to watch over the Train Yard. Be ready to launch an attack almost as with entrances on all sides except the east. Get some Claymores at the top of the ladder to cover your back. There are medium-range gunners to set up quickly and lay down some covering also windows facing the north side of the map. and the second level soon as you get to any of those locations. Building One has three levels. which can be used fire so the rest of your team can advance. because one through on the south side. From the ground floor. with entrances and will let you out either in Building Two or the Station House. The Train Yard offers several (technically the third level) offers an expanse of windows to shoot train cars where you can take cover. Since it’s only accessible by ladder. but be careful. Tips & Locations team can also access these tunnels from their side of the Train Yard through the Station House. use these tunnels to outflank underground tunnel system or the catwalks and the offices. The Crew Quarters offer access to the underground tunnel system Building Two contains a much larger ground level. If on all sides. which the enemy.

Gearing Up
for the Call

offer some great cover, as well as a handful of north-facing The Hill, adjacent to the Roadway, is an ideal spot for snipers. Multiplayer
windows for counter-sniping enemies in Building One. It’s fairly expansive and offers tons of vegetation for cover. Ghillie
suits work great here. Try to position yourself near a tree or some Single-Player
The MG Building just west of the two main buildings offers both Walkthrough
tall grass to eliminate enemies on the Main Road, and even down
a lower and upper level. The second story has a great view of toward the Train Yard. Be careful, because this is a well-known spot Prologue
both main buildings and could be a great spot for snipers to to most snipers. They’ll probably try to knife you, or snipe you from Act 1
pick off enemies who are sniping from them. There are two small a distance, and take your spot. Plant Claymores in key locations en
Act 2
shacks just east of Building Two. They don’t offer much cover, but route to your position to cover your back.
they’ll do in a pinch. At the east end of the Train Yard, there’s a Act 3
small building that also provides some cover. It has two windows The Roadway just southeast of the Hill won’t see too much action, Epilogue
and a door facing west down the length of the Train Yard, and so you shouldn’t have to worry about that side while you’re scoped
an additional entrance on the south side. There’s also a cargo in. Don’t leave it unguarded, though. Somebody might try to
container on the far west side of the map that can be used for maneuver up behind you via the Roadway. Xbox 360
hiding or relocation.

pipeline: Search & Destroy

010110:113 n


Team Tactics Once the bulk of the team has made it about three-quarters of the
way through the tunnels, they should call in the two light machine
For this tactic, start at the northwestern spawn point and tactically
gunners to regroup with them. The base team should exit the
flank the enemy team. You’ll need a couple of light machine
tunnels at the Station and come up behind the enemy. You may
gunners for this one. Attach a front grip to steady your aim,
suffer some casualties in the flanking process, but by the time it
and remember that the grip will disable perk 1. Make your way
starts to get hairy, your two light machine gunners should have
southeast through the Train Yard to the corner of the bend, where
made it to the Station to help out. Once you’ve eliminated the
it starts to straighten out. Pop smoke and have your light machine
threat at the Train Yard, you can move into either Building One or
gunners start firing eastward down the tracks, while the rest of your
Building Two. Secure the area and begin target practice.
team (mostly loaded out as assault classes and maybe one sniper)
heads as quickly as possible to the Crew Quarters and through the
Another flanking tactic is similar but splits your team in two. Take
underground tunnels. The light machine gunners should be loud
the team, via smoke cover, from the western spawn (Train Yard)
enough to draw the attention of the enemy, and the smoke will
south through the Columns. When you reach the southwestern
cover the team’s descent into the tunnels. The gunners should also
corner of Building Two, split your team in half. Send one half
consider replacing the front grip with the Bandolier perk, because
through Building Two and into the tunnel system, and the other
they’ll be chewing through some ammo.
half around the building, through the Silos, and up to the Hill. Both
teams should maneuver as quickly as possible and try to sandwich

pipeline: Domination

Gearing Up
for the Call
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Xbox 360

pipeline: HeadQuarters

the enemy between the Hill and the Station House. Be sure to use make for Buildings One and Two. There are western entrances
good communication so that you can time your attacks and relay to both buildings, so you should be able to enter unmolested.
intel on enemy locations. Let the tunnel team know that your team is Once inside, send one player upstairs to start sniping from the
“50 yards from the Hill,” and have them relay their position back windows. The remaining players should find a comfortable spot
to you. This will help you time a great surprise attack and catch the to camp, and place Claymores at any entrances that cannot be
enemy off-guard. guarded simultaneously. There are six entrances on the first floor
of Building Two, and five on Building One. Find a good elevated
A lot of the fighting will take place on the Main Road, the Hill position, with your Claymores on the ground floor. When you’ve
area, and the Train Yard, so you should always be ready for those set up your defense, your sniper can concentrate on picking off any
encounters. You may have to deal with these incursions on your free-roaming floaters and trying to get you an airstrike, or better
way to the site of our next plan, which is to move into the two main yet, some chopper support. It shouldn’t be too hard, because he’ll
buildings and secure them. have clear vantage points of the roadway, the Hill, the Station, and
almost the entire map. Try to take out as many enemies as you can
Start out at the western spawn point again, and go southeast via air support, and rely on your Claymores and snipers to do the
through the center of the map. Split your team into two squads and rest of the damage.

010110:115 n


U.S. Forces vs. OpFor. This is a very small, very fun map,
no matter how many players are involved. It takes place in Suggested Loadouts
the late afternoon in a walled-off cargo container storage
drop on the docks. Gravel and short grass provides the
Slot Name
footing, while the symmetrically stacked cargo containers
Primary Weapon M60E4
provide the cover.
Side Arm Desert Eagle
Sea Sniper Tip
Special Grenade Stun
You can knife enemies from Last Stand.
Perk 1 Frag x3
These loadouts offer you a choice of being a mobile shooter
Perk 2 Sonic Boom
or a slower, more heavily armed shooter. The Heavy
Perk 3 Martyrdom
kit gives you a nice fat LMG and a Desert Eagle, while
the three Frags combined with Sonic Boom will create a Light
devastating spread of ordinance. Of course, you’ll need Slot Name
Martyrdom due to the size and pace of the map. If you Primary Weapon P90
don’t get the guy who killed you, chances are his buddy will
Side Arm M9
be rounding the corner to see what that clinking sound was.
Special Grenade Flash
The Light loadout will probably be the CCS of choice,
Perk 1 Bandolier
because you’ll want to be on the move as much as possible.
Perk 2 Double Tap
The P90 plus the Double Tap perk is insane. You’ll just have
to see it to believe it. Close-range enemies don’t stand a Perk 3 Martyrdom

chance. The Bandolier perk will keep you fully loaded. And
of course… Martyrdom.

Gearing Up
for the Call
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Xbox 360

shipment: team DeathMatch

010110:117 n


Use the Juggernaut containers. and Double Tap are helpful as well. and northwest of the four in the center. providing much better cover and a nice hiding increase our firing speed or decrease your reload time. SMGs. southern. Three cargo containers have one of the shotguns. Try making a zigzag run through the map from left to right. Throw them all in the enemy spawn point. In Old School mode. container out of the four in the center. and lead. spot. Each team spawns in either the northwest or southeast corner of the map. They’re the northern. If you try cover from grenades. Always be ready with 010110:118 n . and the northwestern perk to stay alive longer in this fast-paced level. back as covered as possible. RPGs. You can get into five containers on this map: the north and south so lob a few their way at the start of the round. Use these containers for Stopping Power. Circle the map while facing inward to keep your can get on top of these containers as well. take either Double Tap or Sleight of Hand to one entrance only. Use them to ambush enemies. the east and west containers. killing all in your path. you Keep moving. Shotguns. shipment: Sabotage Tips & Locations Use grenades.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements shipment: Search & Destroy your knife. and areas where cargo containers meet the wall where you can hide or take cover. and stay mobile. 010110:119 n ©BradyGAMES . Try bouncing from one to the other. Your knife skills will have to be sharp to get the drop on your opponent. disabled vehicles. Inevitably you’ll encounter an enemy when rounding a corner. There are also some good barrels. dumpsters.

you should Your options are limited on this map. Team Tactics This plan is also beneficial for calling in airstrikes or chopper support. Since everyone should be loaded up on frags. Holding back is hard to do and might be useful only outer wall. The center chokepoint is between the two center blue containers. The left chokepoint is between the two red containers and the cover in one of the cargo containers. and the right chokepoint is between Another changeup is to take your entire team around the map in a the red containers on the east side and the easternmost blue clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. keeping your backs to the containers. It won’t be easy. but it’s a good alternative by grenades. There aren’t very many spawn point. have your team hold back instead of rushing. There are three of them near the barrels and the team that you’re calling in an airstrike. Make sure you inform your the chokepoints. and then get everyone to car. Watch places for enemies to hide on this map. 010110:120 shipment: domination n . Keep circling. Try to keep good spacing so you don’t all get taken out at the very beginning volley of spawns. Starting at the southeast be able to call in an airstrike fairly soon. checking all the cargo containers and when you’ve been doing the same thing round after round. westernmost blue containers. the cross paths in the center of the blue containers.

This roving. one team up the gut. shipment: headquarters 010110:121 n ©BradyGAMES . and the other player behind the car or the Xbox 360 Achievements barrels. and meet up on the other Act 1 side to clear the north. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons but keeping your team together might overwhelm the random solo Multiplayer players you’ll stumble on. scanning Act 3 type of maneuvering will help you cover almost the whole map. Position one player in the southwest corner Unlockables behind the dumpster. Send one team up Walkthrough the west side. Prologue Grenade and shoot your way through. to create a nice crossfire. Head back the way you came and keep Act 2 running the lanes you’ve been designated. and one team up the east side. Epilogue You can also send out two wingman teams to run circles while you split up the third team. Coverage Single-Player Try splitting up your team into wingman pairs.

Notes/ Attachment Grenade Launcher Sea Sniper Tip Side Arm M1911 Communication and teamwork are the keys to winning against more skillful opponents. Perk 2 Sonic Boom Steady Aim will keep your RPD in check too. Side Arm USP . Special Grenade Stun These two loadouts are centered around explosives. The setting is a desert palace Suggested Loadouts complex at the end of the day. showdown U. The Perk 1 Disabled Lobster loadout with the grenade launcher is ideal for Perk 2 Sonic Boom making your way up to the second level and lobbing Perk 3 Last Stand grenades down on enemies who are trying to get through the underpass into the courtyard. Use the Last Stand perk to get revenge on the guy who thought he got a lucky shot Primary Weapon RPD on you. Perk 3 Steady Aim 010110:122 n .45 The LMG class is a great way to keep on the move. with a construction site on the west side of the lobster Slot Name palace and a central courtyard with an enormous statue at Primary Weapon G36c its center. and combine them with Perk 1 RPG-7 x2 or Frag x3 OR Sonic Boom to increase the damage of all explosives. Forces vs. It’s currently under construction. The Sonic Boom perk Light machine gunner Slot Name increases the damage you can do. There are passages from both spawn points to the courtyard and to an interior second-level Catwalk. Choose Special Grenade Flash either the RPGs or the Frag x3.S. OpFor.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements showdown: team DeathMatch 010110:123 n ©BradyGAMES .

The outside stairs are a much safer near the interior stairs and the scaffolding around the perimeter of way. you can move down and inside. do it quickly. underpasses. From there. There are launcher. If you must go through the they can shoot down on enemies or maneuver around the outside. and a two- head up the internal stairs to the upper-level Catwalk. Set up on the second level with your RPG or grenade This map is almost identical on both sides. As soon as each stairs on the North and South Alleyways. they can immediately turn right and from both initial spawn points to the central courtyard. and fire away at the enemy underpass. the opposite underpass. underpasses leading team gets into the courtyard. From there. level ring around the courtyard itself. such as the planters grenadiers and quick rushers. because they’re a target of choice for There are some places to hide or shoot from. 010110:124 showdown: Sabotage n . but flipped. or out through the complex. Tips & Locations Use the cover of the underpasses to avoid grenades and launch your own.

Choose your poison and consider Act 1 the precious Juggernaut as well. You’re better off taking Coverage something like an assault rifle with an ACOG instead. Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements showdown: Search & Destroy 010110:125 n ©BradyGAMES . Assault classes and even submachine guns Prologue will also work well on this map. It’s nice to stay alive. combined with perks like Double Tap. Shotguns are Single-Player a good choice here. Sleight Walkthrough of Hand. or Bandolier. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Snipers aren’t very useful on this map.

to push back the enemy advance. That should be enough firepower Flanking is such an important part of your success in this game. with two players at the back corners and one up near the exit of the enemy underpass. You should split into two teams. Set up a triangle those areas. no one sneaks up behind them or the ground team. which will block most grenades. side of the map. Be sure to keep They will have to throw or launch grenades as soon as they get an eye on the underpass that you came through and the stairs clear of the statue in the center. you came up. This will hopefully eliminate a Let’s walk you through running a flank when spawning on the east good chunk of enemies while your Catwalk team gets set upstairs. The ground-floor team should Once you’ve got your team upstairs. Team Tactics The Catwalk team should move into position by way of the alleyway staircases. because the enemy may be able to get around you Try to stagger your ground-floor team’s grenades so that they land through one of the alleyways. formation. You should station a player to watch in the opposite underpass at different distances. floor team and a Catwalk team. 010110:126 showdown: Domination n . They should take up positions that give them Take over the courtyard. a ground- a clear shot with their RPGs and grenades or grenade launchers. they can help make sure that head straight through the underpass and set up around the interior.

The first man you get pinned down. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements showdown: HeadQuarters Take your entire team south through the alley and up the stairs. One team of four breaks back into the courtyard by way of the enemy underpass. Just make sure you call where and when you’re going team moves around the back of the enemy spawn point and splits to throw it. have the ramp watcher jump down and follow. and the courtyard too. into two teams. and then heads up to the Catwalk. You’ll probably run into enemies at their spawn point and on the When you get to the top of the staircase. don’t panic. while the player who stood guard over your smoke or flash. because it will affect everyone. so be ready for engagement. Have your knives ready scope or grenade launcher to cover your team as they proceed when you break back into the underpass. Always notify your team that you’re going to pop and stands watch. The remaining wingman team heads to the northern alleyway to check for enemies. Once everyone’s back may be ready to scope someone in. 010110:127 n ©BradyGAMES . Just smoke and flash your way to the ramp on the right side of the alley heads up to the top of it out and relocate. leave one man with a Catwalk. and if you throw smoke you’ll together. Sometimes a sniper team from the stairs regroups with the team. If over the wall and continue down the South Alleyway. The entire ruin his shot.

Slot Name When you want to stop the swarm of enemies trying to Primary Weapon R700 flank you. The Mid-Range Assault CCS is set up with an Sniper-Shotgunner ACOG Scope to pick off those pesky critters up the street. Juggernaut will keep you secondary Weapon M1014 breathing so you can continue shooting through walls with Special Grenade Flash Deep Impact. It takes place in the morning. Notes/ Attachment ACOG Scope Sea Sniper Tip Side Arm M1911 If you have an airstrike available. The Marketplace is full of Shops. and Iron Lung to steady your hand.S. Perk 1 Frag x3 These kits cover most of the action you’ll see on Strike. so visibility is high. OpFor. ask your team if they can direct you to any enemy locations. strike U. Forces vs. Grab Claymores to protect you while sniping. Use the multitude of building interiors to Primary Weapon M14 advance your team throughout the map. most of them Perk 3 Deep Impact can be dealt with via knife or shotgun and the standard assault rifles. This large urban desert area Suggested Loadouts provides tons of buildings and secondary levels for players to take cover. Perk 2 Juggernaut While there are some close-quarters battles. and the Mid-Range Assault Slot Name streets see lots of action. ask for someone to use their UAV to light up targets on the map to avoid wasting it. 010110:128 n . If you don’t have a Special Grenade Smoke UAV. Perk 1 Claymore x2 The Sniper-Shotgunner class is designed for the mobile Perk 2 Overkill sniper who needs to relocate often and may encounter some Perk 3 Iron Lung close-quarters fighting while bouncing from perch to perch. show them your frags.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements strike: team DeathMatch 010110:129 n ©BradyGAMES .

A large opening offers a great line of to cool it off. Use smoke map. There are several buildings to camp. As soon as the enemy knows you’re there. as cover to shoot up the street toward the Marketplace. The whole Snipers can make great use of the second-story level of the building Marketplace area becomes very hot very quickly. though. Don’t overstay your are plenty of places to snipe from even on the ground. and set some Claymores to cover 010110:130 n . Use them whenever possible Snipers will like the multiple second-story levels on this map. move good line of sight to the action. and the other team spawns on the Hill in the southeast corner. because while enemies can shoot your Claymores. when groups of enemies pass by them. or just massively overpower them at your campsite. Always try to pair a sniper with a defender. your buddy can at least One team spawns in the Junkyard in the northwest corner of the shoot back. Try using C-4 on vehicles to create larger explosions sight to the Marketplace. Use the half-wall just outside the Hotel explosions. Lure them into traps like Claymores or C-4 Monument and the Shops. Use teamwork to divide and conquer. so use grenades just south of the Monument. between the one area than another. There to take a breather and get a few quiet kills. Find a welcome. and diversionary fire to make the enemy think you’re stronger in Most firefights will occur right in the center of town. strike: Sabotage Tips & Locations your back.

before you shoot. they can’t get a clear shot at you. Launch a few up the street. many avenues to relocate and maneuver. This intel. Hopping back and forth like where it landed. If you do run with a silenced weapon. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements strike: Search & Destroy out and commandeer another place. Since there are so many ways to navigate through the city. enemies who rely on radar and UAV scans to aid them in airstrikes or general tactics. combined with where you stood when this is great cover. Try to gauge your distances consider the Stopping Power perk to maintain its damage level. the main street and some balconies. Since there are so map. Be ready for stabby-time. will help you nail down the target next time. and it can really frustrate the enemy because you fired. Consider using only silenced weapons and UAV Jammers on this UAV Jammers are also a good perk on this map. there could be an enemy being unseen is a tremendous advantage. Silencers decrease your weapon’s damage. so you don’t waste ammo. and remember to note where you sighted up your shot and 010110:131 n ©BradyGAMES . This is very frustrating to around every corner. but Grenade launchers and RPGs are a good choice for areas like keep you hidden from radar.

Smoke is a viable option Monument. frags. we fortifiable compound. Team Tactics Once you’ve gotten control. They necessary: snipers. the back of the shop and fight your way into the Marketplace Take a team of 2 snipers or long-range riflemen. Let them to extricate your enemies as well. There are entrances There are so many things to do on this map. delegate positions. the back) and make your way to the Flower Shop. whatever you can take up positions in the building on the southeast corner of the need to gain control of the Marketplace. need an objective… Let’s steal the peach from the Marketplace. RPGs. Put a player on every access point to the entire Marketplace. Plant Claymores and C-4 wherever possible. Getting there is the problem. without too much loss of life. which makes it a good. grenade launchers. Go around Another option for teams spawning at the Hill is the top gun assault. Take There are several upper-level windows where you can place your entire team north through the east side of the Shops (around snipers. Get your team inside by any means launcher. to start… How about the eastern team spawn on the Hill? Okay. or right behind the half-wall in front of the Hotel. to the end of the main street just west of the Hotel. and some great areas to create crossfires. or even a grenade from the east-side entrance. it’s hard to know where on all sides except for the north side. watching any entrances to it (like the alley behind the Shops and the main street). Fill the center of the Marketplace work on their 5-kill streaks while the bulk of your team hovers around with smoke and see what comes out. Once your snipers have access to the 010110:132 strike: Domination n . and take up positions where you can watch the entrance points The Marketplace offers a good-sized area that can be locked down from afar and simultaneously avoid incoming grenade barrages. their spawn point.

When your team sees the airstrike coming in. All teams should have down the main drag. After your snipers call in the airstrike and the rest of the team has The Monument team will see plenty of action. the getting in and out of the Shops. send one team up north via the street. such as the Flower Shop. but can take a back made it up the street to the Marketplace. From courtyard and keeping left. positions while your ground team remains mobile. send the second team up the street but it drop its ordinance and then follow close behind it on foot up the through the Shops themselves. and send the third team to the main street. but that’s why you brought yours along too. have them call it in the center of town at the top of the main southeastern corner of the map. Have Wingman teams will also work here. and remobilize the team for a communication. or a sniper with Overkill and an assault rifle. and polish off any stragglers for the win. or shotgun to help when it comes time. at least one player with a scope on an assault rifle. It’s easy to get outnumbered quickly on this run back through town. but will require great everyone regroup at the Junkyard. The Alley Marketplace and the main street. Outsnipe the enemies you encounter. Let’s work with three teams of two. Spawning from the Hill again in the 010110:133 n ©BradyGAMES . You’re looking to overwhelm the enemy by using the air Monument. snipers can see enemies flowing out of their spawn points. All teams should concentrate on regrouping up at the support and bringing in the rest of your team behind it. they should let alley behind the Shops. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements strike: HeadQuarters airstrike. the snipers should use their route to the Junkyard by cutting straight through the Monument cover to reposition on higher ground. Use them to communicate enemy team may encounter a sniper or two down the length of the alley. Junkyard in the northwestern corner of the map. and toss a few exploding cookies their way. backtrack map. Maintain the single-unit structure. submachine gun. so bring some smokes. The Shops team may have some trouble there.

and Perk 3 Martyrdom there aren’t that many places to run away from a grenade. You’ll be putting twice as many bullets into your enemy. Martyrdom is a must for this map. The Spetsnaz have set up a temporary operations center to plan their attacks on Assault Slot Name the Spec Ops. because Double Tap really chews through ammo. you’ve got Martyrdom! If you choose to run with the Double Tap perk in place of Stopping Power. Stabby. Perk 1 Claymore x2 The Assault class is great for setting up outside the Perk 2 Sonic Boom complex and picking off opponents trying to flank your Perk 3 Martyrdom team by way of the three exits just north and west of the Containers. and if you get shot in the process. This could be a big help in getting your 7-kill streak so you Perk 1 Bandolier can call in the chopper. Side Arm M9 Sea Sniper Tip Special Grenade Stun Always check your radar for enemies. Train yourself to run toward enemies instead of backing away. These classes can also position themselves on CQC the south end of the Containers to shoot back up toward the Slot Name Loading Docks. Running toward your enemies while firing gives you a dual advantage: You increase the damage you do. If they decide to head inside. Always keep in mind that a submachine gun will do some damage at medium distance. Perk 2 Stopping Power or Double Tap OR because the bulk of it is close-quarters indoor combat. Sonic Boom will increase the damage from your Special Grenade Stun Claymores and might take out more than one enemy. like Mr. which aren’t as powerful as assault rifles. Spetsnaz. but it’s really only effective at close range. Using the Stopping Power perk maximizes the efficiency of the submachine guns. they should Primary Weapon Skorpion plant Claymores around heavily trafficked hallways and Side Arm Desert Eagle entrances. It’s surrounded by a Parking Lot on the east side and Notes/ Attachment Red Dot a loading/fueling area on the south and west sides. This works best when combined with your Bandolier perk. Backing up will only decrease the amount of damage your bullets do. The office complex consists of a maze of Primary Weapon MP44 hallways and offices. 010110:134 n . This is an abandoned shipping Suggested Loadouts facility near the end of the day. even with the Stopping Power perk. vacant Spec Ops vs. you can come out on top in a lot of firefights. including a Warehouse and an Ops Center.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements vacant: team DeathMatch 010110:135 n ©BradyGAMES .

because the enemy will use them to outmaneuver you. but also in the south entrance to the Warehouse and the firepower. so consider the use of silenced weapons as well. 010110:136 vacant: Sabotage n . If you’re a patient. such as an SMG or a shotgun. You don’t want to main doorway entrance. Not much sniping goes south entrances to the Offices. They will allow you to remain invisible on enemy When spawning at the Ops Center (northern spawn). Most initial incursions take place in the Offices Vacant is primarily a close-quarters/short range map. and pick off enemies trying to gain access to the the large Ops Center to the north and Warehouse to the west. Be wary of these three areas throughout get stuck running around the interiors with a sniper rifle. so choose your loadout wisely. Loading Dock. There are the match. what style you’ll be playing before you run off. decide radar while shooting. lots of places to hide on this map. Tips & Locations bordered by the Parking Lot. head southwest through the Warehouse to The interior of the complex is made up of offices surrounded by set up camp. which include two windows and the on in this map. You should (particularly the courtyard between the Parking Lot and the Loading choose a primary weapon that will allow you the most mobility and Dock). and Containers on the outer perimeter. long-range player.

If you’re looking for a CQC fight great places to ambush someone with a knife. Epilogue The refrigerator in the kitchen. because most of the Act 1 grenades/perks wisely before you begin. There’s a table in the Coverage (close-quarters combat). Remember to save your airstrike Prologue so it might be a good idea to choose your weapons and special until you know there are enemies outside. head to the east side of the Ops Center room in the northwest corner of the Warehouse. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Warehouse via the Loading Dock. Use it Act 3 to your advantage when you get a UAV up and running. Most of these CQC for going prone and ambushing enemies entering through either Walkthrough battles will begin down the hallways and the central courtyard. The bathroom corners inside are also vacant: Search & Destroy 010110:137 n ©BradyGAMES . The Parking Lot has a map’s action takes place indoors. and this is good Single-Player and make your way south into the Offices. the Warehouse or the Ops Center. is a Unlockables great place to crouch behind and observe anyone trying to outflank Xbox 360 Achievements your team via the Parking Lot. Act 2 raised retaining wall that offers a decent shot into the interior. just north of the Parking Lot.

This is very handy. continue using it until it fails. split back up into your original wingman teams and another teammate should hide behind the dumpster between and head back the ways you came in. Maneuver through where many enemies stream out. and the Parking Lot. split your team into three sets be able to get set up much more quickly than the opposition. because you’ll Spawning at the southern Containers. but you should be able to hold them off Lot. The enemy will tanker truck by the Gas Station to snipe back toward the Parking find you soon enough. All teams south near the Containers to snipe back toward the Loading Dock. watching for enemies trying to flank or jumping out of the indefinitely and rack up some fast points. because there are only two to watch. If you need to bug out path between the shipping Containers to watch the Main Entrance. Position another player on the large and your team. of the Ops Center. Set the northeast corner of the Loading Dock and the Warehouse to up shop for a while and regroup. If of wingman pairs and send them off into the complex by way of the you’re playing with six players per side. If this tactic works for you windows or Main Entrance. the Main Entrance. Have everyone double up on finish off anyone who makes it out. you can maintain a solid force just by setting up outdoors near your spawn point. Place another player right on the hallways and offices until you meet up in the Ops Center. Place a player just south of the an entrance. Team Tactics Alternatively. should proceed at whatever speed they desire. 010110:138 vacant: Domination n . place someone in the Loading Dock.

010110:139 n ©BradyGAMES . This is a great setup. The final player should watch the Parking Lot. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements vacant: HeadQuarters the Main Entrance and the Parking Lot to watch for jumpers exiting through the window. and your teammates are positioned close enough to each other to help out or fill in if necessary. as long as he prevents any enemies from flanking your team. Anywhere along the lot is fine.

the sniper can also defend himself if enemies Special Grenade Smoke move too close. OpFor. Sniper Extreme Conditioning will help you make it from one side of Slot Name the ship to the other quickly. Primary Weapon SVD The Sniper kit should be used by experienced snipers who Side Arm M1911 can set up on one of the overwatch platforms and pick off Notes/ Attachment Silencer enemies trying to breach through the center arena. but visibility is still good.S. It’s night. Perk 3 Iron Lung 010110:140 n . Night vision helps quite a bit on this level. This map takes place on a cargo Suggested Loadouts ship out at sea. With Special Grenade Smoke the grenade launcher. Outfitted with Frag x3. Notes/ Attachment Grenade launcher These loadouts work well in a team or if you’re going solo. There are two raised platforms for snipers as well. Side Arm Desert Eagle The Grenadier/Assault class is great for deck battles. but it can be Grenadier/Assault Slot Name disorienting in close quarters. Forces vs. (Watch for the icon when you kill someone that way!) Perk 2 Double Tap Use smoke to get through the tough areas. because you’ll want to fire off as many rounds as possible when you see an enemy. you’ll get a lot of unexploded shell Perk 1 Disabled kills. and Iron Perk 2 Juggernaut Lung will help steady your hand for longer periods of time. There are only two indoor Primary Weapon AK-47 areas. located at each end of the ship. wet work U. The Double Tap Perk 3 Extreme Conditioning perk is ideal for the killer on the go. Juggernaut lets you get into sniper battles Perk 1 Frag x3 or Claymore x2 OR with enemies shooting from the opposite platform.

Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements wet work: team DeathMatch 010110:141 n ©BradyGAMES .

don’t worry. 010110:142 n . Most of the battle will occur in the center of the ship. Each spawn point constantly flowing in and out from the underpasses below each offers an elevated second level. with teams There are plenty of places to hole up in there. If each platform. advantage of this if you get pushed back. Watch for the occasional straggler who thinks always better to shoot down on enemies than to shoot up. which is great for snipers. You’ll be able to The two overwatch platforms are great places to snipe. Put them at the top of each staircase leading up to because many players will try to rush to your end of the boat. but be pop from cover to cover pretty well by using the cargo containers careful that you don’t get stabbed. Be ready to stab around every corner. This is a great place to put scattered along the rails. because there’s more cover from the plentiful incoming grenades. Snipers might want to set A few grenades will teach him. wet work: Sabotage Tips & Locations Stick to the sides of the ship as often as possible. Claymores. you end up getting pushed back to your spawn point. so take he’s smart and tries to maneuver around the sides of the underpass. and rest easy. It’s overwatch platform. up here on the second level initially. if they can get a decent line of sight to the action.

010110:143 n ©BradyGAMES . Try setting Claymores where they won’t expect them. Snipers should always be ready to pop on their night vision and grab a pistol to plink away at any close-talkers. and have some of your snipers take care of the more difficult enemies. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements wet work: Search & Destroy The center of the ship is where almost all the magic happens. Be ready for some close-quarters combat on the ship. Sitting back a bit and letting them come through might be a good trick once in a while. Teams will continue to pour through the underpasses and around the sides.

and then the west and into position just south of the South Overwatch platform. The ground crew also plants a mix of Claymores and C-4 packs at the south underpass. Put a set of two snipers on the south platform and two doubt be screaming over the mic that “they’re coming. They east sides of the southern platform. put one sniper out on explosives by now. From there. with either submachine guns or assault prepare for carnage. Your forward sniper will no snipers. and then pulls back between the Depending on your teammates’ skills. consider setting up two more south platform and your spawn point. Claymores. Have them move as quickly as 010110:144 wet work: domination n . Your remaining two secondary sniper can start shooting and your ground team can players should run light. There’s the underpass. Team Tactics Your forward sniper relays enemy positions and approximates their projected path. Let’s kick off in the center of the map. rifles and Extreme Conditioning. The rest of the team moves the three chokepoints. which should all be decorated escort your second sniper to that platform until he gets set up with with Claymores or C-4.” so your more on the second story of the spawn point. Most teams won’t be used to not meeting enemies Take a conservative approach on this map to start. This leaves your ground team free to lock down the second-story balcony right away. and hopefully they’ll have depleted their from the south side of the ship.

and move up wet work: headquarters 010110:145 n ©BradyGAMES . Continue Act 1 to have more boots on the ground. depending on your snipers’ skills or the need wait for him to rejoin the team. shooting arrangements for any counter-snipers. to disorient the enemy Coverage they can and start fending off the sides of the northern platform. take cover and Prologue configuration a bit. Then proceed forward. while the new assault boots help out in the kill zone. and if you lose a man. The choice is yours. Achievements team together. you can keep your Xbox 360 played tactically. Then you can commandeer their base Act 3 level balcony. and hold it down until they realize what’s happened. Of course. spaced loosely to avoid grenades. and surprise them when you come through one of the smoke clouds Single-Player Walkthrough while your snipers take aim at the underpass and work on funeral they didn’t expect. You may want to alter the down enemies as you go. regroup and head back through the center or the other side of the Unlockables ship. It’s up to you. They should set up as quickly as to smoke all avenues of possible approach. make sure Multiplayer the two overwatch platforms. but putting to caterpillar your way up the side of the ship until you reach Act 2 two snipers on the overwatch platform and just one on the second. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons possible to the kill zone. or you can Epilogue is a good plan. This is a very fun level and can be As a last resort or just to change things up a bit. which is the center of the map between one side of the ship to get behind the enemy. the enemy spawn point. Keep making your way forward.

” So the Practice Coordinator a good time with each other…while killing each other. everyone will feel a bit supposed to do. but it can things. with the kind of people you want to play with. debrief the team and see what worked well and what didn’t work. Include rules like “no smack-talk” if you want to take things or not. set up some drills on that map. Practice Coordinator. is time… You can let some of your subordinates take care of things like Creating a Clan recruiting. create one of your own. You can set up a clan for free. and comes up with a practice a practice. and cover everything that you think you may need to. Some of the duties that need to be performed instance. If they don’t. they can achieve that rank. You can choose a clan tag that you like only members who can set up clan matches? These are all things to first. because some of your higher- Clan Rules & Standards ranking officers may not be any good at doing what you need them to do. Then you. don’t be a jerk. This is a like practice and matches. it’s up lunatics. By letting when you punish them for something they didn’t know they weren’t everyone have a hand in running the ship. or don’t don’t set down rules beforehand. your tag to be [DOG]. Or you can promote people at random if you like. choose a name that fits There are tons of things to do in a clan. want to be. choosing members to fill these slots. Recruiter. respect. but Once you’ve got your chain of command in place. “When you flashed us in the barn. There are tons of things to consider before You might decide that your members need to reach a certain rank to you get yourself into something you can’t get out of. You can base rank on many different and everything in-between. the 1st Digital Infantry’s tag would be [1]. whether you want to take things seriously or just have fun with it. and “if you fail to show up for practice is and shows up on time. Eventually you’ll find a good group of players and clans that all have we couldn’t see anything. and helps potential members decide if it’s the right place for them. if the guy came be a lot of fun if you do it right and put the time into it. Communications Officer. Make sure you should make sure everyone’s where they need to be for practice. This is Jimmy. If you’re tired of never being able to get anyone to work as a team. members will think you’re a jerk have the time. Just make sure everyone knows what they need to do to earn a sense of purpose as well as camaraderie. Be respectful and people will respect one side while the other team tries different ways to get across. because everyone needs practice whether they think so etc. so figure Your tag is placed in front of all of your players’ names. may delegate parts of his duties to other clan members. Consider become Chief of Training. can’t do a good job. Whatever you need done for the clan. Intelligence Officer. n . Disregard rank when [1]Jimmy. over and helped you move that couch with the fold-out bed…anything you want. and enlist the help of 010110:146 everybody knows what’s going to happen. ladders. There are a couple of schools they need to go through a Lieutenant? Are Captains and above the of thought on this process. making it is usually the best way to assign these positions. If you don’t care what your tag is. Good idea. All it costs that rank. and they give players to you. Treat people with be playing in an upcoming match. training. Just let Clan Name & Tags your team know that’s how you’re going to do it. your clan tag is displayed in front of it in-game. and not some raving or create your own rank names. or may not have the time to do them. Clans Chain of Command & Promotions Clans are groups of players who fight on the same team in matches All clans need a chain of command. One person can’t perform all of these jobs. your name won’t show up anywhere. Running a clan is a lot of work. If you need work on a certain map that you’ll the type of clan you want to create. there’s the leader. This also helps you decide what kind of clan you more ownership in the clan and help it to succeed. It’s your choice are: Webmaster. intelligence. crucial job. You should and tournaments. Of course. If they screw up. The Practice Coordinator makes sure everyone knows when seriously and gain respect from others. Battle Organizer. You can use 10 ranks or 30. Be creative and/or Clan Duties descriptive. Just make sure your members know how everything from the name of your clan to the players you bring into it. Decide how much time you require from members for things Let’s explore one of the positions: Practice Coordinator. make sure to your tag will. The first thing you should do is decide on a name and a tag. If you and let them run with it. find the right person for the right job. Can Privates talk directly to the General? Do instance. who against other clans. In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. and then make up a fitting name around it. For players you trust. Clans can compete in many leagues. how active they need to be in your forums. Find out who’s good at what Your clan should create a code of conduct for all its members. Let’s say you want consider when creating your chain of command. you may not be rostered in the next match. Now you have to come up with something that stands for… Department Of Gunfire? It’s up to you. For explain how it works. such as practice attendance. Have one team hold around not to play your clan. just assign the position to another volunteer. There’s nothing like each rank. and Forums Administrator. or you’ll be left in a room by yourself and the word will get such as getting across the bridges in Overgrown. Great friendships are formed in clans. A clan tag is an abbreviation of your clan name. If your name out what needs to be done for each position and take volunteers.” Regardless of schedule for the night. and battles. and what their responsibilities will be once they reach prepping for a clan match. some of your clanmates to add to or revise the rules. Clans are a great way to make sure you’re playing also create a rank structure based on our existing military’s structure. Delegate the work to the your style of play or the image you want to present to the world. in-game skills. bug out. the Sea Snipers’ tag is [SS]. A lot of times you’ll hear things like.

you might not want to recruit 12-year-olds. but also make sure they’re good people. or have them make recommendations to the leader. detailing things like when they’re available to play. You can even create a form for recruits to fill out. If you and all of your members are 25-30. try adding something to the medal. You can give out awards for specialties such as great sniping. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Recruiting There are many ways for clans to recruit. add a line of text in your signature that says. This is the same basic principle. and let the other players know that you’re recruiting. You can make a party. You don’t want some old man in your clan. join a public room. You want people willing to help you out. People love to unlock things and need to have a sense of progression. if someone gets the Sniper Medal. like a star or a stripe. Take into consideration the age group. and contribute what they can. and any other questions you’d like answered. etc. how they found your clan. They may seem cool in the beginning. 010110:147 n ©BradyGAMES . Then you can offer them an invite or ask them to play with you a few more times before you make a decision. Or change its color to denote that the player has achieved more than just the basic award—just like in Prestige mode. why they want to join. Awards Create some sort of a reward system to give your members something to work toward. Make sure all recruits know what you’re looking for. how old they are. The same goes for a clan of 12-year-olds. You can watch them play and talk to them right there to see if they would be a good fit. good communication. grenade work. that you can build upon. This can include anything from medals to ribbons to trophies. Make sure you’re getting the player you thought you were going to get before you tag him. you get a different icon. do you? Stock your clan with good players. For instance. Try to create a group of awards. Just let your players know how they can earn these awards. and show them your clan’s rules and regulations. but time will always reveal the true nature of a person. You can even base it on in-game stats. so they have something to work for within the clan. so this feature will make your members want to do well. tactical work…the options are limitless. and they continue to perform well with the sniper rifle again and again. For example. Set up a system where players vote for each other to get certain awards. “We’re recruiting! Click here. Every time you reach level 55. medals. work as a team. Check out some military websites for ideas on medals and ribbons to bestow upon your members. how long they’ve been playing.” Link it to your clan website or forums. have them play with you in a few practices and matches before you give them their tags. ribbons. Once you find people you think are a good fit with your clan. at level 25 you get your Ground-Pounder Medal. If you frequent gaming forums.

Your works best for you and your clan. Virtual trophies with the players’ or members will jump ship and find another clan. tournaments. and come up with prizes for it. This is usually the best way to try out your plans. A couple of hours should be the max for practice. Set a time and let everyone know they have to be there. These are free of Leagues are a bit different. it’s all about. They can be set up to knock out any teams charge and easy to maintain. So good luck prizes for the most part. you start to anticipate what everyone’s going to do. you can point them to the forums. won’t always win matches. Practice Practice makes perfect.” You’ll need for private matches. Report them if you have to. You want to keep morale high. “This is my clan name and here we go. You can even your forums. There are lots of places There are plenty of free hosting places available on the web. and it creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Find a clan that you’ve played before and set up a time to battle. You don’t always have to fight other clans. You’ll also need some forums or bulletin boards. You can even discuss with the other clan what you need to work on and what they need to work on. what before enrolling in a ladder. Forums are a great place to do it. Or at least a fun Wednesday night. If you don’t have anyone in your clan who can design a you based on who attacks you and who you attack. and and you’ll need exceptional communication to win. Always be respectful. Practice should be used for training and testing. Call of Duty Clan Maintenance 4: Modern Warfare offers an immeasurable number of combinations You can’t just say. Decide how often you need to hold practices. weapons training. or shirt. especially if you’re working on specific things like tactical maneuvers. They’re a must for any clan. suggestions. Run at least one practice every week. Forums give your members a place that don’t get past a certain level. and some hosting services give you access to All ladder systems are run differently. ranking last night. Find a system that on your site to show the public that you have your act together. win. There are tournaments. and make sure your members can play at your requirements for recruiting are. or controller. You can use a cheap template that attack a certain number of “rungs” up on the ladder. There’s no better way to grow. Come up with something fun. from updating your roster to administrating Domination tournament. Ladders are set up in a numbered fashion. The other clan can set up camp in there. there are other options. They can post about tactical ideas and decide what works best for you. to talk amongst themselves. If you end up fighting a bunch of well. like a knife-only to keep up on everything. When you’re playing in open rooms and someone asks you if immature players and they start talking about your mom. You’ll want to have a few pages and leagues. practice times. and some even offer cash prizes. Just search online. Let’s say your clan needs to work on getting into the barn on Overgrown. just mute they can join. Online matches are extremely tense. Intra-Clan Tournaments including e-mail features. Another great way to practice is to set up a friendly scrimmage. That’s what and have fun. some of the most fun you’ll have in the game is when a rivalry is struck. but the point is that the more you basic web page editing tools. and how you owned that clan the specified times. Make sure you read all of the rules site should show people what your rules and standards are. Poke to find a battle. Forums also offer things like calendars and private messaging systems. They may need practice on Wet Work and will want to run on a certain side of that map. Scrimmages are great ways to make new allies and test out your tactics. so talk it up when you need to relay intel They also give the public a place to come and interact with you as to the team. Make sure you have a finger on the pulse of your clan have the clan members chip in and get a hat. and vice versa. Shooting alone anything the clan needs to know. Again. Experiment and have fun. Find out what your names on them will work too. Matches Website & Forums This is where all your hard work can pay off. it’ll be a crapshoot. You can only website. etc. whatever you can do for the winners. you can edit yourself. Try out tactics that you’ve drawn up for the upcoming match. ladders. If they don’t work. them and play on. and try them out to see if they work. the higher up the ladder you climb. upcoming matches. Playing against someone new. you can take new suggestions right then and there. In fact. but stay away from the cold hard cash members like and dislike. around and see what you can find. By playing against the same people all the time. or contain playoffs and tiers. or so you know if anyone is unhappy. This helps everyone get to know each other. 010110:148 n . and you can try to get in.

Multiplayer and weapon and perk pickups. Just throw two guys in there with each other and tell them that you Walkthrough only have room for one more member.45 Achieve Rank 0 M21 Achieve Rank 8 Desert Eagle Achieve Rank 43 M40A3 Achieve Rank 3 Golden Desert Eagle Achieve Rank 55 Barrett . Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is here. Achievements Master Unlockables List category: features Category: Assault Rifles Unlockable How to Unlock Unlockable How to Unlock Demolitions Class Achieve Rank 2 AK 47 Achieve Rank 4 Sniper Class Achieve Rank 3 M4 Carbine Achieve Rank 10 Create-A-Class Achieve Rank 4 G3 Achieve Rank 25 Challenges Achieve Rank 5 M16A4 Achieve Rank 1 Clan Tag Achieve Rank 12 G36c Achieve Rank 37 Prestige Mode Achieve Rank 55 M14 Achieve Rank 46 MP44 Achieve Rank 52 Category: Pistols Unlockable How to Unlock Category: Sniper Rifles M9 Achieve Rank 0 Unlockable How to Unlock M1911 . one of the most fun things to do in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is to play in Old School mode. for the Call weapons First off. But fun. How about some Act 2 Domination with shotguns only? Pistols-only Sabotage.50cal Achieve Rank 49 R700 Achieve Rank 34 Category: SMGs Unlockable How to Unlock Category: Attachments Mini Uzi Achieve Rank 13 Unlockable How to Unlock MP5 Achieve Rank 1 M203 GL Achieve Rank 1 Skorpion Achieve Rank 4 M1911 . it’s as close to real life as you can get. that’s garbage! I shot you!” Cage matches are a great recruiting tool. you can’t get more bang for your buck. perfectly tweaked Unlockables weapons. jump.Fun Introduction Gearing Up Play the game. If you were wondering how the Call of Duty series would fare outside of its Xbox 360 WWII roots. and you’ll see that you can’t take one step without setting your foot in a big. The sheer number of grenades. Set up some headshot-only games. Prologue Act 1 Hardcore matches are fun as well. Jump up on top of the Coverage two cargo containers in the center of the map. and Martyrdom perks will have guys flying everywhere! Epilogue Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a sight to behold. With the limited HUD and maximum damage. that is mean. anyone? How about knife-only Team Deathmatch? Try Shipment with as many players as Act 3 you can cram into it. wonder no more. The winner gets in! Man. With so many options for the player and beautifully designed levels. With higher jumps. increased health. and knife each other in midair. “Oh. and sound effects. steaming pile of fun. and wait for the screams Single-Player of. everyone’s on the same level and it’s a blast! Try some box-top knife-fights in Shipment.45 silencer Achieve Rank 16 AK74u Achieve Rank 28 m14 gl Achieve Rank 46 P90 Achieve Rank 40 Mini Uzi Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon Mini Uzi Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon Category: LMGs Mini Uzi ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon Unlockable How to Unlock MP5 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M60E4 Achieve Rank 19 MP5 Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon M249 SAW Achieve Rank 1 MP5 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon RPD Achieve Rank 4 Skorpion Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon Category: Shotguns Skorpion Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon Unlockable How to Unlock Skorpion ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon W1200 Achieve Rank 2 AK74u Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M1014 Achieve Rank 31 AK74u Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon 010110:149 n ©BradyGAMES . grenade launchers.45 Achieve Rank 16 SVD Achieve Rank 22 USP .

50 cal ACOG Sight Get 100 Kills with this weapon M14 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon R700 ACOG Sight Get 100 Kills with this weapon 010110:150 n . Category: Attachments Category: Attachments Unlockable How to Unlock Unlockable How to Unlock AK74u ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon M14 Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon P90 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M14 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon P90 Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon M60E4 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon P90 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon M60E4 Forward Grip Get 75 kills with this weapon AK 47 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M60E4 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon AK 47 Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon M249 SAW Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon AK 47 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon M249 SAW Forward Grip Get 75 kills with this weapon M4 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M249 SAW ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon M4 Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon RPD Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M4 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon RPD Forward Grip Get 75 kills with this weapon G3 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon RPD ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon G3 Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon W1200 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon G3 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon W1200 Forward Grip Get 50 kills with this weapon M16A4 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M1014 Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M16A4 Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon M1014 Forward Grip Get 50 kills with this weapon M16A4 ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon SVD ACOG Sight Get 100 Kills with this weapon G36c Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon M21 ACOG Sight Get 100 Kills with this weapon G36c Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon M40A3 ACOG Sight Get 100 Kills with this weapon G36c ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon Barrett .

Category: weapon camo Category: weapon camo Introduction Unlockable How to Unlock Unlockable How to Unlock Gearing Up for the Call Mini Uzi Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 13 P90 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 40 weapons Mini Uzi Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 13 P90 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 40 Multiplayer Mini Uzi Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon P90 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon Coverage Single-Player Mini Uzi Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon P90 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon Walkthrough Mini Uzi Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon P90 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon Prologue MP5 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank AK 47 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank Act 1 MP5 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank AK 47 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank Act 2 MP5 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon AK 47 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon Act 3 MP5 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon AK 47 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon Epilogue MP5 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon AK 47 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon Unlockables Skorpion Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank M4 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 10 Xbox 360 Achievements Skorpion Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank M4 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 10 Skorpion Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M4 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon Skorpion Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M4 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon Skorpion Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M4 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon AK74u Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 28 G3 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 25 AK74u Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 28 G3 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 25 AK74u Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon G3 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon AK74u Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon G3 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon AK74u Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon G3 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon 010110:151 n ©BradyGAMES .

50 cal Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 49 M14 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon Barrett .50 cal Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 49 M14 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon Barrett . Category: weapon camo Category: weapon camo Unlockable How to Unlock Unlockable How to Unlock M16A4 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank SVD Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M16A4 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank SVD Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M16A4 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M21 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 7 M16A4 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M21 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 7 M16A4 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M21 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon G36c Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 37 M21 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon G36c Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 37 M21 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon G36c Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M40A3 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank G36c Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M40A3 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank G36c Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M40A3 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M14 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 46 M40A3 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M14 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 46 M40A3 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M14 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon Barrett .50 cal Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon MP44 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 52 Barrett .50 cal Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon MP44 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon R700 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 34 MP44 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon R700 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 34 MP44 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon R700 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M60E4 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 19 R700 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M60E4 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 19 R700 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M60E4 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M60E4 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M60E4 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M249 SAW Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank M249 SAW Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank M249 SAW Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M249 SAW Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon M249 SAW Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon RPD Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank RPD Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank RPD Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon RPD Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon RPD Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon W1200 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank W1200 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank W1200 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon W1200 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon W1200 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon M1014 Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 31 M1014 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 31 M1014 Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon M1014 Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon 010110:152 M1014 Red Tiger Camouflage Get 150 headshots with this weapon SVD Desert Camouflage Achieve Rank 22 SVD Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 22 SVD Digital Camouflage Get 25 headshots with this weapon n .50 cal Blue Tiger Camouflage Get 75 headshots with this weapon MP44 Woodland Camouflage Achieve Rank 52 Barrett .

W1200 Expert. M249 SAW Expert. Invisible. SD Victor. M249 SAW Marksman. MVP THC Achieve Rank 24 G3 Marksman. Bomb Planter. Achieve Rank 54 Last Stand Achieve Rank 8 Counter-MVP. X-Ray Vision) Achieve Rank 15 Unlockables Boot Camp Tier 4 (Vandalism. Knife Veteran) Achieve Rank 18 Xbox 360 Achievements M60E4 Marksman. Clay More) Achieve Rank 36 Bandolier Achieve Rank 32 G36c Marksman. M40A3 Expert Single-Player M21 Marksman. Airstrike Inbound. P90 Expert Achieve Rank 40 Category: perk 2 Humiliation Tier 1 (Airborne. Extreme Conditioning Achieve Rank 1 Achieve Rank 53 Star Player. M60E4 Expert Achieve Rank 19 Operations Tier 1 (FFA Victor. Hot Potato. Assault Expert. Coverage M40A3 Marksman. Counter-Claymore. Achieve Rank 27 Hero. G36c Expert Achieve Rank 37 Bomb Squad Achieve Rank 14 Killer tier 4 (Stealth.Category: challenges Introduction Unlockable How to Unlock Gearing Up for the Call M16 Marksman. G3 Expert Achieve Rank 25 Operations Tier 3 (Bomb Down. Cruelty. Blindfire) Elite Tier 1 (The Brink. Mini-Uzi Expert Achieve Rank 13 Epilogue Boot Camp Tier 3 (Prone Shot. How the?. R700 Expert Achieve Rank 34 Frag x3 Achieve Rank 41 Killer Tier 3 (Stun Veteran. Rival. Crouch Shot) Achieve Rank 12 Act 3 Mini-Uzi Marksman. Exposed. MP5 Expert. Air Superiority. The Edge. Flawless) Achieve Rank 51 Category: perk 3 MP44 Expert Achieve Rank 52 Unlockable How to Unlock Elite Tier 2 (Tango Down. Backdraft. W1200 Marksman. Misery Loves Sleight of Hand Achieve Rank 20 Achieve Rank 47 Company) Double Tap Achieve Rank 29 Humiliation Tier 4 (Ouch. Multi-C-4. Think Fast Flash. M16 Expert. Carpet Bomb. Airstrike Veteran. M4 Expert Achieve Rank 10 Act 2 Boot Camp Tier 2 (Marathon. Achieve Rank 5 Multiplayer RPD Marksman. Extreme Cruelty.50cal Expert Achieve Rank 49 UAV Jammer Achieve Rank 11 Humiliation Tier 5 (Think Fast Stun. Counter-C-4) Achieve Rank 39 P90 Marksman. Afterburner. AK47 Expert. MP5 weapons Marksman. Ak47 Marksman. M21 Expert Achieve Rank 7 Walkthrough Boot Camp Tier 1 (Radar Inbound. Multi-frag. Hard Landing. Barret .50cal Marksman. Base Jump. Fearless. Return to Sonic Boom Achieve Rank 1 Achieve Rank 50 Sender. Sabotage Victor. SVD Expert Achieve Rank 22 Operations Tier 2 (Hardcore Team Player. Last Man Standing) Category: perk 1 AK74u Marksman. Fast Swap. MG Master) Achieve Rank 42 Unlockable How to Unlock Humiliation Tier 2 (Slasher. Flyswatter) Act 1 M4 Marksman. Dominos) Steady Aim Achieve Rank 1 Elite Tier 3 (No Secrets. Bomb Defender. Grenade Kill. LMG Expert) Achieve Rank 30 C-4 x2 Achieve Rank 1 M1014 Marksman. Invincible. SMG Expert. Martyrdom Veteran. M1014 Expert Achieve Rank 31 Special Grenade x3 Achieve Rank 1 Killer Tier 2 (Last Stand Veteran. MVP TDM) Achieve Rank 21 SVD Marksman. RPG-7 x2 Achieve Rank 2 Achieve Rank 33 Chopper Veteran) Claymore x2 Achieve Rank 23 R700 Marksman. Collateral Damage. Chopper Prologue Achieve Rank 9 Inbound. Master Chef. Survivalist) Martyrdom Achieve Rank 17 Deep Impact Achieve Rank 1 Iron Lungs Achieve Rank 26 Dead Silence Achieve Rank 44 Eavesdrop Achieve Rank 35 010110:153 n ©BradyGAMES . Think Fast) Achieve Rank 48 Overkill Achieve Rank 38 Barret . RPD Expert. M14 Expert Achieve Rank 46 Juggernaut Achieve Rank 1 Humiliation Tier 3 (Backstabber. Team Player. Car Bomb Achieve Rank 45 Stopping Power Achieve Rank 1 M14 Marksman. Multi-RPG. Goodbye. AK74u Expert Achieve Rank 28 Unlockable How to Unlock Killer Tier 1 (Claymore Shot. Flashbang Veteran. Point Guard.

you are greeted by Gaz. UK Time Day 0 Primary Objective Prepare for the Cargoship Operation. Upon entering the training facility.N. Spec Ops Soldier ‘Soap’ MacTavish Rank Sergeant Division 22nd Regiment Location Crendenhill. preparing you for real-world combat in one of the world’s most elite military units. you assume the role of ‘Soap’ MacTavish. Legend Starting Point Ammo Table Firing Station 1 Practice Hangar CQB Hangar Cargoship .G. one of the soldiers you play as throughout Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. PROLOGUE A F. Arcade Mode Time Limit N/A (Not Playable in Arcade Mode) Number of Intel Items 0 Starting Weapons None Walkthrough Welcome to British Spec Ops specialized training! After the brief cinematic on the loading screen. a Spec Ops specialist who walks you through the basics.

Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Enter Station Number 1 and Aim Down Your Sights Station Number 1 is the first spot on the left. Shoot Each Target while Firing from the Hip Your next task is to practice firing from the hip. He instructs you to pick G36C Assault Rifle up a rifle and proceed to the firing range. Use the white crosshairs in the middle of the screen to line up the three targets downrange and fire away. 010110:155 n ©BradyGAMES . you can access the option any time by selecting Options from the Pause menu. as some players prefer to have the look analog stick inversed. Shoot a Target through the Wood The next test demonstrates a really cool feature in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. plaster walls. This is a very handy tactic to learn and exploit on future missions. Firing from the hip means that you don’t aim down the gun’s sight as you fire. just like in real life! You can shoot through thin wooden boards. Fire at the high target and then the low target. just fire directly through the center of the plywood that pops up. Using a high-powered weapon. ideally suited to mid-range Act 2 enemy engagement. the game then asks if you want to reverse your controls. but it’s Act 1 Use button to pick up the rifle. and many types of doors. nailing the set of targets hiding just behind it. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Pick Up a Rifle from the Table Multiplayer Coverage After Gaz greets you at the facility’s entrance. Hold the a very high-damage weapon. you can fire through many materials. Head toward it. The G36C is Prologue table directly ahead. To pass the test. If you’re having trouble aiming. try reversing the controls. The G36C is a standard issue weapon Single-Player Walkthrough used by the British You have access to There’s a G36C rifle lying on the it during many missions. Remember to fire in short bursts to ensure your aim is as accurate as possible. Act 3 Note that the G36C has excellent reload time—you can change out clips in less than two seconds. thus improving your chances to hit these targets. If you decide to reverse controls later. and Gaz gives you further instructions on how to fire the gun while you aim down the sights.

n . if you start After you switch weapons a few times. In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Get a Pistol from the Same Place Melee the Watermelon with Your Knife You Got the Rifle Now return to the table where you found the G36C rifle. head toward the watermelon a mission equipped with the pistol. USP . Additionally. weapon. The purpose of this test is to demonstrate how the Auto Assist functionality works (for Xbox 360 and PS3 players). press the Switch Weapon button a few times to practice changing weapons. lighter weapons are 156:010110 ready to fire more quickly after you perform a melee attack. you can carry only two weapons. If you find the auto-lock useful. Note that PC players do not have the Auto Assist option. There is now a pistol for you to take. Switch to Your Rifle and then Back to Your Pistol After you claim the pistol. like the USP. However. However. note that smaller. This means that even a small weapon. sitting on the bench just opposite firing range one. regardless their size. uses the same weapon slot as a gigantic weapon. try to take down all the targets with Auto Assist engaged. This is a good test to see whether or not you want to keep this functionality enabled. Shoot Each Target as Quickly as Possible For the next objective. lighter weapons can be switched during combat more quickly. all within 10 seconds. Then turn it off in the Options menu and try again. Gaz sets up the test again.45 This is the default pistol in the British arsenal. Approach the immediately search for a better watermelon and press the Melee button. If you fail. because aiming with a mouse does not require it. The pistol isn’t awful in a tight situation. like an RPG or heavy machine gun. which you can claim from a fallen comrade or enemy. and switching to a different weapon is often much quicker than reloading when your clip runs out. First. it is turned on by default and remains active throughout the campaign unless you turn it off. you must hit 10 targets consecutively. shattering the watermelon.

always anticipating the next one—think Father 25-20 Seconds Hardened Difficulty one step ahead. The number below the yellow circle CQB Test Unlockables tracks your proximity to the objective in meters. Walkthrough Prologue Use the compass at the bottom Act 1 of the screen to leave the firing range.” In the military. which is each point. Crew Expendable & The Coup Price gives you an outline of Blackout your assigned tasks during Charlie Don’t Surf the exercise. It’s no easy feat and it’s one of the harder Achievements in the game. Captain Price calls the next assessment a “CQB Test. The Repeat the exercise several times until you memorize everything at All In maximum accuracy bonus you can earn is three seconds. The following table lists the possible outcomes: to refine your path through the challenge until you get your time below 20 All Ghillied Up seconds. Coverage Captain Price. he instructs you to climb the nearby ladder. and proceed to the hangar Act 2 where Price is waiting for you. Hunted Death From Above advanced intel achievement War Pig Setting the Bar New Squadron Record Shock and Awe & Beat the CQB Test in less than 20 seconds in order to earn this Xbox 360 Aftermath The game ranks your performance during the exercise and recommends a difficulty level for you based on how quickly you can get through the Achievement. it’s time to Multiplayer report to your commanding officer. so grab them. the timer begins. Complete the CQB Test After Captain Price tells you the squad record is 19 seconds. and your ability to remain calm and some members of the 22nd Regiment are inside to the right.G. War Room When you’re ready to give the test a shot. equip the MP5 and Game Over descend the rope by pressing the Use button when you’re standing Mile High Club near it. Introduction Use Your Objective Indicator to Locate Captain Price Gearing Up for the Call Now that you’ve finished the first weapons part of your training. Another Spec Ops member at the top. close-range firing accuracy. Completion Time Result One Shot. Act 3 Note the yellow circle that tells you Epilogue the direction of your next objective. you get a time bonus if you demonstrate good accuracy. a door opens. It’s worth 20 GamerPoints.N. Follow the tips in the walkthrough Safehouse course. for the test. Use the ladder opposite Captain Price to ascend to the top of the indoor tower. along with an arsenal The Basics that includes an MP5 and four Squad Warfare flashbangs. You need these items F. CQB Xbox 360 stands for Close Quarters Battle. One Kill 60+ Seconds You must retry the exercise Heat 35+ Seconds Recruit Difficulty The trick to getting a really great time on the CBQ Test is to completely 35-26 Seconds Regular Difficulty The Sins of the memorize target locations. under pressure. to conclude the Single-Player training session. 010110:157 n ©BradyGAMES . Once you touch the rope. No Fighting in the deducted from your final time. Head over to the glowing rope and press the Use The Bog button to start the exercise. The test is designed to evaluate your room Achievements As you approach the large blue hangar. Captain Price clearing skills. Less than 19 Veteran Difficulty Ultimatum Also.

quickly dispose of them both. Tossing a flashbang takes a few seconds. There are three enemies inside. and it should land in the middle of position three. press the Special Grenade button to start the sequence of tossing one of your flashbangs. Then immediately press the Special Grenade button to prepare a flashbang toss for the next room through the doorway to your left. Position One The first position is the front of a ship. Head inside to position four. keep your eyes peeled for the red spray paint. Position Five Two enemies wait for you at position five. They pop up when you enter the room. Toss the flashbang through the doorway on the left. The optimal way to dispose of them is to quickly burst in and take out the enemy on the left. you’ll never make a record time. To pass this There are two enemies in the mess hall. and if you don’t start this action before you turn the corner. Position Two Position two is at the bottom of the stairs—just one enemy pops up there for you to take down. If you miss the rear enemy. 158:010110 n . don’t stop moving. just chuck a flashbang through the door. Position Three Position Four Position three is simply the doorway to the mess hall. Then line up the two enemies in the center and right so you can take out both in one burst. Quickly dispatch them. With all three enemies down. then position. away before the flash erupts to ensure you don’t blind yourself. helping you avoid wrong turns and wasted time. As soon as you take out this enemy. descend the stairs inside the bridge to position two. It provides excellent tips on what you’re supposed to do and where you’re supposed to go. Throughout the exercise. Be sure to look turn to the left and Sprint down the hallway to position five. just run around and take out the mockup at point- blank range as you proceed inside the ship and down the stairs to position two.

you complete the level Death From Above and move on to your first War Pig live mission! Shock and Awe & Aftermath achievement Safehouse Earn a Winged Dagger All Ghillied Up Xbox 360 players will unlock this Achievement upon completion of the One Shot. Act 1 turn around and proceed outside to Sprint to the finish. Walkthrough Prologue After you dispose of both targets. Cargo Ship mockup is a good Crew Expendable & The Coup test. Keep in mind that the F.N. Debrief with Captain Price Approach Captain Price. but the real game is much Blackout more difficult because the enemy actually shoots back at you! Charlie Don’t Surf The Bog After you select a difficulty Hunted setting. Select whichever difficulty you are The Basics most comfortable with. Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:159 n ©BradyGAMES . and then Coverage you must fire at the two enemy Single-Player targets that pop up. who is standing with the other regiment members behind a stack of monitors. the game prompts you to select a difficulty. Captain Price Epilogue assesses your performance.G. Introduction Position Six Gearing Up for the Call Position six has two parts: weapons first you must toss a flashbang Multiplayer through the door. level.N. regardless Squad Warfare of the difficulty the game selects for you. you can move Achievements on to the next objective. After a very quick briefing on the cargo ship mission. It is worth 20 GamerPoints.G. If Unlockables you complete the exercise in less Xbox 360 than 60 seconds. Act 2 Act 3 When it’s all over. One Kill F.

If you do. Immediately after you land. the Call of Duty website is called “CharlieOscarDelta. For instance. You start aboard a British helicopter with Captain Price sitting directly across from you. Open up on all tangos in the vicinity.” military parlance for “COD. the “weapons free” order comes up in your comm Three enemies man the bridge. Arcade Mode Time Limit 11:00 Number of Intel Items 2 MP5SD Starting Weapons USP .45 Walkthrough Welcome to your first live-action op. advanced intel Stay with Your Squad Tango You may hear your squad members refer to many of the enemies as “tangos. Secure the Package You automatically follow Price down the rope. landing directly in front of the ship’s bridge. which replaces letters with words to make spelling things out easier and to help avoid radio communication of your squad. Captain Price leads this mission.” special “sneak attack” In this case. tango refers to the “targets” that you are engaging.” The term tango comes from the military Don’t run too far ahead alphabet. crew PROLOGUE B Expendable Spec Ops Legend Soldier ‘Soap’ MacTavish Starting Point Rank Sergeant Division 22nd Regiment Enemy Intelligence Location Near the Bering Straight To Below Deck Time Day 1: 1:23:30 Primary Objective Retrieve Package from Freighter. Follow his instructions closely as you get your bearings in a real combat operation. enemies will spawn. 010110:160 problems. n .

and accuracy. shotgun before entering the ship. so take him Act 2 out before he notices your squad perched at the end of the hallway. follow Captain Price as he bursts through Single-Player the bridge and down the steps further into the ship. Wait until your helicopter escort for the signal arrives. Wait a few seconds ship’s rear. 010110:161 n ©BradyGAMES . and weaponry to clear out the then advance upper deck. can loot one of their AK-47s. where Gaz pulls out a on the ship. it does decrease the odds of detection by distant enemies. The “SD” designation stands for Schalldämpfer. Walkthrough Prologue After you clear the stairs. and it can take down If you’d like to equip a longer- enemies in one hit with a head shot. you reach the end of the row of Grab it before you exit the area. Enemies fire on your team when A laptop with enemy intelligence sits on a desk in the crew quarters. range but much louder weapon. but you or one of guy” counterpart to the MP5. which is German for sound you can climb the stairs here to dampener. Secure the Ship’s Top Deck weapons and Mess The safest route here is to follow closely behind Captain Price. ship’s exterior. The team moves into the crew AK-47 quarters and the mess hall. It has a speedy reload time. Follow your Don’t worry about trying to target squad outside the enemy here. Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements MP5SD When your team identifies two enemies on the catwalk above. through the Follow Gaz and Price to the left crates located entrance. Press the Crouch button to use the nearby steel crates for cover. The AK-47 is a fine rifle with a slow rate of fire but excellent long-range intel accuracy. It is your squad mates must take out often the weapon of choice for forces the enemies sleeping in the bunks that lack unlimited funding due to before returning to the its low price. and relative dependability. Crew Quarters. don’t try The MP5 is known for its speedy rate to be a hero. and it can be fired somewhat accurately from the hip in short-range combat situations. they are well and head covered by the steel porthole southeast to the windows. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call Clear the Bridge. especially when the weapon is fired in quick and effective bursts. a drunken shipman stumbles into the hallway. Wait until your teammates are close enough to take them of fire. employing its heavy from Price. crates. While the barrel modification doesn’t completely silence the the fallen enemies. availability. machinegun in the game’s arsenal. but it is dependable. It isn’t the most powerful sub down with their long-range weapons before you advance forward. The The AK-47 is in many ways the “bad mess is clear. where you gun’s report. Multiplayer Coverage When the bridge is clear. dependability. Act 1 Remember all enemy personnel on this ship is expendable.

Cargo Hold One Cargo Hold Two Follow your squad mates as they round the corner to the left and toss a This leads to the next cargo hold. Follow your team as they approach and secure the Remember to aim down your sights to make targeting these enemies opposite door. these techniques could save your skin down the road. Because this is your first mission. you encounter your first set of enemies. which contains a lot more enemies. follow your point man. As you follow the U-shaped hallway. n . you’ll find your second enemy intelligence computer out in the open. After the team clears the descending staircase. intel Once you descend the stairs here into the large room. and then follow them down into the large cargo hold. in the middle of the floor. A random much easier. flash bang into the next room. Crouch and fire into the enemy with quick bursts to eliminate them before they can put too much fire on your team. After you clear the upper area. follow your squad down 162:010110 enemy can show up in to clear the rest of the enemies hiding amongst the crates below. As you progress deeper into the game. Stay behind your squad. carefully checking corners for any sign of the enemy. you are never expected to take point. Let Price and Gaz take out the enemies in Move up to the catwalk and use the crates for cover as you fire on the the next room. remember the tactics that your squad employs here. Take this opportunity to watch the professionals do what they do best. different spots here. enemies along the opposite catwalk.

There’s no time to secure the The Bog package. don’t go charging into the room—the number of enemies can quickly overwhelm you. Your squad is very effective at neutralizing targets. One Kill follow Price as he quickly beats a Heat path topside. Whatever you do. Gaz heads to the next door. Shock and Awe & Aftermath Walk to the rear of the crate Safehouse and hold the Use button to grab All Ghillied Up the manifest. Pick off enemies from long range. so if you have trouble eliminating certain enemies. One Shot. head to the rear to find your target: The Basics the “package. just be patient and someone in your squad should eventually tag the tango for you. Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Enemies hide in just about every nook and cranny in the third cargo hold. Once you have it. Once the room is clear. as there are a few enemies well-covered by crates Multiplayer Coverage on the other side. Introduction Gearing Up Cargo Hold Three for the Call weapons When the area is safe.” Squad Warfare F. Move up and use the set of double crates for cover. The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:163 n ©BradyGAMES .N. then pick off the enemies while Walkthrough they’re stunned. so all you can do is Hunted grab the manifest for your Death From Above team before retreating back War Pig to the helicopter. Before you pass in front of the door. Be careful as you approach this door. wait for your Single-Player team to flashbang the area.G. Crew Expendable & Pick Up the Manifest The Coup Blackout It turns out that the package is Charlie Don’t Surf some sort of nuclear device.

the helicopter appears on the right. Slower players may be forced to jump off of the collapsing walkway in the cargo hold. When you make it outside. Any wrong moves in this section. trying to land in the rear of the helicopter. and you have to restart from the last checkpoint. You have one chance to make it before it’s too late. After the explosion. Occasionally. but keep moving to stay on Price’s tail. achievement Make the Jump Xbox 360 players unlock this Achievement upon completing the Crew Expendable level. Get Off the Ship Follow the squad as they make their way back through the second cargo hold. you get knocked to a crouching position. It’s worth 20 GamerPoints. Follow closely behind your squadmates. 164:010110 n . and move as fast as you can. Follow the team up the catwalks. With a helping hand from Captain Price. you and the team make it out safely. Run to the edge of the ship and tap the Jump button. Follow his movements exactly as you weave your way through the hallways and back out the now tipped-over ship. your escape becomes more dire as the ship starts to sink.

One Kill around. you can Heat do nothing to The Sins of the Father alter the grisly Ultimatum outcome.N. Introduction the coup Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements The Basics Squad Warfare F. Shock and Awe & While you can Aftermath interact during Safehouse this chapter All Ghillied Up by looking One Shot. Crew Expendable & The Coup Blackout Charlie Don’t Surf The Coup level The Bog is used for Hunted introductory Death From Above credits and to War Pig set up the story. All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:165 n ©BradyGAMES .G.

Legend Starting Point Arcade Mode Enemy Intelligence Time Limit 20:00 Outer Post Number of Intel Items 2 Kamarov Meeting M4A1 SOPMOD Starting Weapons Power Station M21 Suppressed Nikolai Walkthrough Members of the tyrant Al-Asad’s army have captured and are preparing to execute an ally of the British. sending him running to the dock. ACT 1. Near the truck another enemy will likely be alerted by the death of his comrade. It is your squad’s job to head into enemy territory and rescue Nikolai.” After landing at the site in the Caucasus mountains. a former informant named Nikolai. Russia Time Day 2: 1:31:00 Primary Objective Work with the ‘good’ Russians to rescue your informant. 010110:166 n . He still has much information that will be useful to the allies. Take him out before he can get too close. follow Gaz and Price as they proceed up the river. “We take care of our friends. Eliminate the Outer Guard Posts As you approach a hut to your left. and as Captain Price says. there is an enemy smoking a cigarette at the end of the dock.1 blackout Spec Ops Soldier ‘Soap’ MacTavish Rank Sergeant Division 22nd Regiment Location Caucasus Mountains. Nikolai. Wait for Captain Price to call “weapons free” before you eliminate him with a head shot from your M21 Suppressed.

so that can recover. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call M21 Suppressed weapons The M21 Suppressed is one of the few sniper rifles you can employ in Call of Multiplayer Duty 4: Modern Warfare. one from a fallen foe. 010110:167 n ©BradyGAMES . Stay close they hastily exit their outposts. Hang back and wait for Price to toss a flashbang into the shack. move in and take out the stunned enemies before they The ideal place to plant the claymore is just in front of the door. it’s an Coverage absolutely superb long-range rifle. Just be sure you don’t cross in front of the doorway until after the claymore has been planted. but it does Act 3 enough to alert only nearby enemies when you fire. Then quickly retreat behind cover near Gaz and Price. under the bridge. do so by pressing the you like either of these weapons better than the M4A1. Epilogue Unlockables Before you follow Gaz and Price to the shack. Prologue Don’t forget that you can hold the Sprint button to hold your breath when Act 1 you aim and fire the sniper rifle. When he instructs you to plant claymores in front of The enemies in these outposts are armed with AK-47s and MP5s. Act 2 The silencer doesn’t completely eliminate the gun’s report. Achievements When he does. If the door. behind Price. intel The first shack contains an enemy intelligence laptop on the crate in the corner. switch to the M4A1 Xbox 360 rifle. Luckily. feel free to loot Inventory button. there is a set of Price and Gaz should be able to pick off the additional enemies as shacks to your right. The Single-Player scope allows you to fire accurate shots Walkthrough at extremely long distances. which enables a steadier shot. Now move in front of the door to get the enemy’s attention. the enemy should follow you and set off the claymore. After you cross If all goes well. Now jump through the window and follow your squad leader as he approaches the bridge to the northwest. the enemy is sure to set it off when he runs outside.

Meet the Russian Loyalists in the Field
With the first objective complete,
Price is ready to locate the
Russian loyalists. Follow him as he
proceeds through the farmhouse,
out into the field. There, you smell
Kamarov before you can see him.

Kamarov tells Price about some
BM21s his people need to take out
before they can proceed to rescue
Nikolai. Price reluctantly agrees,
and your squad has a new objective.

Provide Sniper Support from the Road
Kamarov leads you up a hill where you can see the rocket launchers
he mentioned earlier. Switch to the M21 rifle as you come up over the
ridge, and wait for your orders.

Stand between Price and Kamarov and take a peek through scope at
the village below. Once Kamarov issues the order to commence the
attack, open fire with your sniper rifle on the groups of enemies below.

Shortly after Kamarov’s men
begin their attack, the enemy sets
up two heavy machine gunners in
a window below. Use your sniper
rifle to first take out the gunner
on which you can draw a dead.
Then nail the second one through
the wall by estimating his position
based on the machinegun
barrel’s location.

Shortly after you take down both
gunners, enemy helicopters arrive
to provide reinforcements.

Gearing Up
Cut off Enemy Reinforcements at A second wave of enemies now attacks from above. Stick to your mid-
range weapon and pick off the enemies. Be careful of any grenades
for the Call

the Power Station that drop down your way; either run away from them or toss them
Follow Gaz and Price through the burned-out building. When you back at the enemy.
reach the open field, take position behind some cover and switch back Single-Player
to the M1A1 rifle. Walkthrough
Provide Sniper Support from the Cliff Prologue
Above Town Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Xbox 360

When you clear the reinforcements, Kamarov requests additional
sniper support for his men. Head to the opening in the fence on
the right, and switch the M21. Use the sniper scope to pick off any
enemies you can see attacking from below.

Don’t move too far up. The best cover in this area is the behind the The Basics

large boulder that Kamarov uses for cover. This should keep you out Squad Warfare
of the enemy’s F.N.G.
line of fire, Crew Expendable &
allowing you to The Coup

use the M1A1’s Blackout
grenade Charlie Don’t Surf
launcher to The enemies are charging up the road to the northeast, while
The Bog
rain down hell Kamarov’s men remain holed-up in an alley to the east. Pick off the
on the quickly enemies firing from the building directly below you and any others
advancing through the town from the northeast. Death From Above
War Pig
Shock and Awe &
Follow Kamarov to the Power Station Aftermath
After taking out about a dozen enemies, Kamarov agrees to move on
All Ghillied Up
and asks your team to follow him to the power station. When you reach
One Shot, One Kill
the station, Gaz snaps when Kamarov requests more sniper help.
After a bit The Sins of the
of roughing Father
up, Kamarov Ultimatum
tells Gaz that All In
Nikolai is in
No Fighting in the
a house at War Room
the northeast Game Over
corner of Mile High Club
Once you thin out the enemies with your grenade launcher, switch the town.
back to the M21 to finish off any survivors. When the area looks clear,

move forward to the demolished car in the middle of the field.


Rappel Down from the Power Station
Gaz sets up some rappel lines. Approach the glowing line and hold
the Use button to scale the side of the power station.

forward, use
the concrete
wall for cover,
and pick off
any enemies
that are out in
the open in the

Rescue the Informant
When the outside area is clear, follow Gaz and Price as they scale
the wall and approach the house to the northeast. Watch out for
additional enemies firing from doorways and windows in the buildings
around you.

Follow Gaz and Price as they breach the northeast building. When
you enter, keep your eye on the far door as a couple enemies barge
through, trying to get the jump on your men. Dispose of them with your
full-auto weapon and continue into the hallway beyond.

This building is absolutely full of enemies, so be careful as you peek your head into new
rooms. Stay behind cover, and make sure you don’t get too far ahead of Gaz and Price.

An Alternate Route
If you prefer to get through this section without going through the fairly
dangerous courtyard, you can head through the set of houses on your right.

Carefully approach these buildings, and you can take out the separatists in
a smaller space without having to worry about them hiding behind cover.

Be cautious though, as the tangos quickly identify your presence and turn
to fire at you. Use some flashbangs and frag grenades to loosen them up
before you charge through.

Once you clear the houses in this area, you discover Nikolai has been moved. Price
orders you up the hill to try to save Nikolai before it’s too late.

When you reach the house at the top of the hill,
Price orders Gaz to cut the power to the house.
Follow Price to cover the front door. Wait for Gaz
to give you the go, and then press your Inventory

button to put on your night vision goggles.

Head inside—the enemies can’t see anything. As you move through the intel Gearing Up
house, pick them off with single shots from a silenced weapon. When for the Call
you reach the building’s second floor, watch out for the enemy firing weapons
wildly in the dark. Let Price dispose of him while you stay behind cover. Multiplayer
You can find the second intel laptop Coverage
for the level in the bathroom on the
second floor, just next to the toilet. Walkthrough
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

Continue around the bend, and Gaz joins you from outside. In the Epilogue
next room, Nikolai is sitting against a wall. Don’t go charging in yet; Unlockables
an enemy armed with a flashlight emerges, and you must take him Xbox 360
down before you proceed inside. Achievements

The Basics
Squad Warfare

Get Nikolai to the Helicopter Crew Expendable &
The Coup
Charlie Don’t Surf
The Bog
Death From Above
War Pig
Shock and Awe &
All Ghillied Up
One Shot, One Kill
The Sins of the
All In
No Fighting in the
War Room
Game Over

achievement Mile High Club
Once Nikolai is revived, he grabs an AK74u. You must now make Dancing in the Dark
it back to your exit point in one piece. Follow Price to the helicopter Xbox 360 players unlock this Achievement upon completing the Blackout

drop point. When you arrive, the mission is complete with Nikolai safe level. It’s worth another 20 GamerPoints.
and sound.


U.S. Forces Legend
Soldier Paul Jackson Starting Point Enemy Truck
Rank Sergeant
Division 1st Force Recon Enemy Intelligence TV Station
Location The Middle East
First Building
Time Day 2: 13:45:00
Primary Objective
Search for Al-Asad.

Arcade Mode
Time Limit 15:00
Number of Intel Items 3
Starting Weapons

Get into Position and Breach the HQ Building
While your previous missions have been in the role of a British agent,
you now switch temporarily to play as Sgt. Paul Jackson as his squad
moves in on Al-Asad in his home city.

Your mission is to infiltrate this enemy town and secure a building from
which U.S. Intelligence believes Al-Asad is broadcasting his speech.

Follow your squadmates as
they move forward to the
target building.

Don’t bother aiming down the sights with this tangos waiting gun. Pick them off using the edge of the doorway as cover. The lieutenant orders you to take point. If you want a second automatic weapon in exchange for your M9 pistol. so there is as you move a significant delay between each shot. you can pick up an AK-47 from the dead soldiers in this first room. Be cautious It’s a pump-action shotgun. This is a lot trickier than you may think because there are so many monitors in the vicinity. Vasquez to blow the door. If you have trouble finding Single-Player Walkthrough them all. Act 2 Act 3 After the enemies stop flowing Epilogue into the main basement room. Prologue Act 1 The key point to earning this achievement is finding the four monitors spread throughout the village. so descend the stairs and carefully peek into the basement. there are even on the harder difficulties. 010110:173 n ©BradyGAMES . as it is nearly as accurate from the hip. check out the Achievements chapter in the back of this guide for the locations of all the monitors. Wait for Lt. and they’re already alerted to your presence thanks to your noisy entrance. Several enemies are here. and it’s an ideal companion to a longer-range rifle. Unlockables check out the table in the middle of the room for the W1200 Xbox 360 Achievements shotgun. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call Search the HQ Building for Khaled Al-Asad achievement Your Show Sucks weapons Multiplayer To earn this Achievement. Just be sure to avoid using it if an enemy is 20 or more feet away from your position. for you to step into their line of fire both to the left and to the right. as powerful and does not have to be perfectly aimed to take down an enemy. and flashbang grenades. W1200 Shotgun The W1200 shotgun is an extremely powerful weapon for clearing confined spaces. But each shell you fire is extremely forward. you must blow up every monitor on this Coverage level that displays Al-Asad’s image. such as the M4A1. and the team clears the first room. intel The first piece of intel on this level is located in the room just off to the left. extra AK-47 ammo.

Follow the Lieutenant’s orders and toss a flashbang inside. quickly find some cover before the enemies converge and attack your position from both the east and the south. Vasquez as he makes his way back to your landing point. Now. 174:010110 n . Be very careful of aggressive enemies attacking from the alleyways to the south. Then return outside the building. Let your squadmates move forward and take out the stunned enemies for you. Follow Lt. carefully approach the white door. Clear out all opposing forces in the living quarters down here. and the building is clear…no sign of Al-Asad. Regroup with 1st Squad Grab any weapons you want to keep in the basement—you can find the unusual AK-74u in the back room of the sleeping quarters. Make Your Way to the TV Station Stay behind cover and edge your way up to the east. As soon as you cross the razor wire line.

F. Hunted Death From Above The U.G. n ©BradyGAMES . If a car catches this area’s southernmost corner. The TV broadcasting Al-Asad’s speech is on the left. Enter and climb the stairs. Find the piece of road that As you continue east. Introduction intel As you continue to the east. head to Coverage the flaming cars. stay Gearing Up low as more enemies approach for the Call There’s a hard-to-find piece of intel and a television set broadcasting Al. and attack your group. Take Act 2 and face west. Watch out for a pickup truck as you approach the concrete walls. The Basics Once you clear out the courtyard and move on to the next level. The intel laptop is on a desk in here. Then walk cover behind the wall opening up Act 3 forward and turn left at the first into the northern courtyard. Use the weapons Asad’s speech in this maze of alleys. Charlie Don’t Surf this is a good time to turn around and retrace your steps. if you are playing on Xbox 360 and want this Acheivement.S. but watch for Multiplayer you reach the road to take on the roving truck and machine gunner. so take him down before he opens up on your team. fire. you must find and destroy four Al-Asad TV monitors. Just before barrels for cover. If you missed one earlier. When the enemy fire dies down. The building you seek has an Xbox 360 Achievements open door with a red Al-Asad symbol painted next to it. and Epilogue turn. Stand in the middle of the tires must proceed to the north. follow Vasquez as he charges through the street to the east. Continue forward 010110:175 down the alley to gain access to a staircase that brings you straight to the top. Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. There’s a machine gunner on the back to eliminate when the truck faces away from you. several enemies on the second floor of a blown-out building to your Shock and Awe & Aftermath right. continue to the east. One of them has an RPG. Unlockables you advance. you Prologue has several tires half-embedded eventually hit a dead-end and Act 1 into the ground on each side. The Bog Check all of the enemy buildings. Follow the soldiers to Once you take care of the truck. the TV station is in sight and several soldier reinforcements join in to help raid Squad Warfare the station. Clear the area of enemies. already has the station locked down.N. The building in question is pick off any enemies before the first one straight ahead. it could blow at any second! Single-Player If you have trouble finding the Walkthrough door. achievement Crew Expendable & The Coup Your Show Sucks Blackout Remember. but watch for War Pig the eastern door as they prepare to breach it. One Kill Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In intel No Fighting in the War Room Game Over The blown-out building on the Mile High Club right has a piece of intel at the top of the stairs.

He qualifies as your primary target as you clear this room. and several attack down from the second floor. Watch out for flashbangs. 176:010110 n . Enemies hide in each of the rooms around the office. After you clear the first set of smaller control rooms. the team moves into the main TV station work area. but the enemies won’t show their faces until you start moving forward in the area. and hang back as far as you can behind cover to avoid taking damage from the enemies. An enemy toting an RPG is on the second floor to the left. This place is a nightmare completely filled with resistance. But be careful to stay back as your squad continues to clear the bottom floor room by room. Make Your Way to the Second Floor After Vasquez breaches the door. thinning their suppressing fire. but several enemies hide just beyond. Pick them off as they try to move in on your team. There aren’t many enemies here. The first area is a control room. follow him into the next room. It may look clear at first. Find a good place for cover and inch forward as you clear out enemies.

The speech No Fighting in the being broadcast throughout the city was only a recording. A series Coverage of offices provides cover from When Vasquez tells you to “Stay Frosty. By far. The doors open into a large. If you Crew Expendable & see a grenade The Coup After you go up two more floors. One Shot. Charlie Don’t Surf back or get the The Bog heck away! Hunted If you can Death From Above survive for a War Pig few minutes. One Kill Heat Follow Vasquez through the large double doors at the back of the The Sins of the control room. Use a Act 2 nice room-clearing. Introduction Office Space Gearing Up Instead of plowing your way Search the TV Station for Khaled Al-Asad for the Call through the center of the TV weapons station’s main control room. Try to stay low and behind cover. drop near you. try to take your time. The soldiers blow the door’s hinges and burst into the television Blackout either toss it recording studio. You can assault the enemies out there.S. Your top priority is to stay alive rather than kill enemies. Prologue Watch out though. as they don’t have line of sight on Don’t rush. circular room. Unlockables Carefully make your way through Xbox 360 these offices. ignore the enemies firing outside.” he means to keep cool and Single-Player most enemy attackers. Shock and Awe & you eventually Aftermath get the “All Safehouse clear” from All Ghillied Up Vasquez. and new orders are given to Ultimatum continue the search for Al-Asad. War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:177 n ©BradyGAMES . Luckily. using the windows Achievements that peer into the main room to Follow the rest of the squad up through the TV station. a W1200 shotgun Act 3 leans against a cubicle just as you Epilogue enter the main TV control room. Al-Asad was aware of the push from All In the U. Unfortunately. Nikolai was right.G. because these Act 1 offices are full of enemies. you come to a dead-end corridor. this is the most difficult firefight you have encountered yet. forces and evacuated the city before they arrived. keep your The Basics eyes open for Squad Warfare the grenade F. you Stay Frosty Multiplayer can head off to your left. Walkthrough those on the second floor. Make sure you cleared out all enemies in your line of sight before you move to another window. Also. glass. your party. Your Father squad meets up with more soldiers. indicator. short-range weapon.N. especially stay alert.

Carefully proceed into the house after the other soldiers.S. a couple of fallen allies are off to the right. stick to the right side of As you move up the street here. it doesn’t take long before your squad encounters enemy resistance. ACT 1. Stay crouched as you move through the 010110:178 house to avoid getting killed by any enemies that manage to get a drop on you. As you descend the stairs. the street and follow Vasquez next to a blown-up vehicle. Forces Legend Soldier Paul Jackson Starting Point Rank Sergeant Division 1st Force Recon Enemy Intelligence Location The Middle East Machinegun Time Day 3: 05:12:59 Primary Objective Abandoned Alleys Break through the enemy lines to find the stranded Abrams tank. Stay low as you move down the street. using the debris on the bridge for cover. through the hole in the chain-link fence. n . You do a lot of room clearing in this level. You can find a W1200 shotgun as well as some extra M4A1 ammunition on one of the bodies.3 the bog U. Vasquez orders you to use your night vision. War Pig AA Gun Arcade Mode Time Limit 13:00 Number of Intel Items 2 M4A1 Grenadier Starting Weapons M9 Walkthrough Eliminate Enemy Forces in the Apartment After redeploying in the city. so it’s smart to grab the shotgun in exchange for your pistol. You can do this by pressing the appropriate Inventory button. advanced intel Arming Up When you get close to the road’s end.

One is the SVD. It’s powerful. intel After you’re done manning the MG. Eliminate all of them before you move down the corridor. The SVD is a popular sniper rifle among the opposing forces you encounter When you hit the second floor. SVD The SVD is a deadly weapon. Eliminate them while for the Call you continue forward and to the right. We achievement recommend saving it for enemies Rescue Roycewicz at long range because it’s almost If you’re playing on Xbox 360. There’s a heavy machinegun mounted in the corner to the north of this room. Help your squadmates clear the room. you may wish to grab two weapons for later in the mission. so if you like using them. few levels. a respectable sniper rifle. follow Rocyewicz as he clears the remaining rooms. Roycewicz clears out two rooms. then the SVD is a great option when you can claim one from a neutralized tango. clearing all the enemies in the apartment to the north. The first room he clears contains a piece of intel. 010110:179 n ©BradyGAMES . The other is an RPG. Take down the enemy with your rifle before he kills Roycewicz. your point Single-Player man. Introduction Gearing Up There are a couple of tangos on the bottom floor. Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements A large group of enemies assaults your allies from the end of the hall. With the exterior resistance in the apartments gone. and it has a large clip and relatively quick reload time. an enemy jumps Roycewicz. It’s worth 20 GamerPoints. there are several tangos lined up in a in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Stay low and press the Use button to operate the gun. You load out with a sniper rifle on only a row. saving Roycewicz here unlocks this impossible to aim accurately when Achievement. you fire it from the hip. which can come in handy when you encounter machinegun nests and enemy vehicles. Before you leave this area. You can use the staircase on the weapons north end of the hallway after you clear the area. Multiplayer Coverage As you approach the stairs.

Secure the M1A2 Abrams Tank Stranded in the Bog
Follow your teammates downstairs
to the bottom of the apartment
building. The enemy has formed a
huge resistance on the street, just
on the other side to the west. The
safest option here is to hang back
and use an SVD or the M4A1 to
pick off the enemies from
the windows.

If you take some hits from enemy
fire, immediately take to the floor
by pressing the Crouch button.
Wait to recover before you rejoin
the fight with your team.

Once you thin out the enemy,
take a step out the front door into
the street—your squad moves up
with you.

If you don’t like hanging out in
windows waiting for the enemy to
bring the fight to you, choose the
more dangerous and challenging
route, charging ahead and taking
the fight to them.

After you clear the main fighting area, enemy reinforcements show up on the highway overpass. These new
foes down your Javelin operator, so you must find the Javelin and use it to demolish the quickly approaching
enemy tanks.
Instead of camping in a window
and picking off enemies, move to
the leftmost door that exits out into
the street.

You can use a series of buildings
just ahead to left-flank the enemy,
taking them out without worrying
about them hiding behind cover.

As soon as you enter the first
building, clear the room. Then climb
the stairs. The opposing soldiers
on this floor should be unaware
of your presence as you emerge.
Wipe them out, and use the

superior vantage point to kill all the
enemies in the square.

Gearing Up
Get the Javelin for the Call
Use the compass to locate the Javelin. It’s in the middle of the street on
the lower level. Switch to whichever weapon you use the least, and Coverage
hold the Use Single-Player
button to pick Walkthrough
up the Javelin. Prologue
If you wish, you Act 1
can come back Act 2
later to retrieve
Act 3
the weapon
you drop.
Xbox 360
Follow your squad as they charge through a chain-link fence to the Achievements
Javelin west—follow your compass if you’re lost.
The Javelin is one of the coolest weapons to appear in any shooter. It is a
fully automated tank-killing missile weapon. To use the Javelin, simply hold
the Aim Down Sight button. You then enter aiming mode.

The abandoned alleyways here are enemy-free, but keep your cool
and make sure you stay close to Vasquez.
Aiming mode couldn’t be easier to use. Green squares indicate nearby intel
enemy targets. The blinking white rectangle, which appears when a green
target is placed near the center of the screen, indicates the lock-on area.
The second and final intel laptop for this level lies in these abandoned The Basics
To fire the Javelin, hold a green target square within the white rectangle
long enough to get a full lock-on indication from the weapon. The blinking alleys. Finding it isn’t easy, though. Proceed to the alley’s northeast corner. Squad Warfare
crosshair and consecutive beeps indicate a target lock. There, you should see a clothing rack and a couple of crookedly mounted
propaganda posters. There is a stack of cardboard boxes just to the left of
The Javelin doesn’t let you fire until you have a lock and you have enough the posters. The laptop is behind the cardboard boxes on the ground. Crew Expendable &
room to fire a missile. When you fire, the missile goes straight up into the The Coup
air before it charges down on the target. Because of this unusual trajectory, Blackout
you must be outdoors in an open area to use the weapon.
Charlie Don’t Surf
The Bog
Destroy the Armored Vehicles on Death From Above
the Overpass War Pig

You should have enough room to use the Javelin in the middle of the Shock and Awe &
street. Make sure you have about 100 feet launching distance in front Intercept the Enemy Before They Overrun Aftermath
of you and there are no obstructions overhead. the Tank All Ghillied Up
Target the four approaching tanks and fire away with the Javelin. If One Shot, One Kill
you manage to get off a shot, it’s impossible to miss a tank. You have
to destroy only two to complete the objective.
The Sins of the
When the tanks are smoldering, switch back to the secondary weapon
you dropped to replace the Javelin. You don’t need the Javelin for the
rest of the level. All In
No Fighting in the
War Room
Game Over
Mile High Club

The tank is at the end of this alleyway, disabled in the bog. The enemy
approaches quickly from the west. Find a strong position and make sure the
enemies don’t get too close to the tank, especially the ones armed with RPGs.


This is a very difficult section of
the game, as you have to hold off
enemies approaching from two
different directions: the south and
the west.

Most of the enemies approach from the south, but
you can’t ignore those charging from the west lest
they overrun the tank.

On easier difficulties, you can simply find a good cover
spot and fend off all the enemies approaching from
both the west and the south. If you have trouble with
this sequence, there’s a trick to make it a lot easier—
check out the “Shock and Awe” Advanced Intel below.

advanced intel
Shock and Awe

Instead of trying to defend the tank by taking cover near it, charge up the
western enemy assault. Kill the western resistance, advancing on them as
quickly as you can. You must do this quickly to prevent the tank from getting
overwhelmed from the south.

Now keep heading west, ignoring Vasquez’s orders to stay near the tank. If
you push onward quickly, you can trigger a script that ends the assault on the
tank. You know you are successful when you start getting radio transmissions.
This is a little cheesy but, on the harder difficulties, you need every shortcut
you can find to survive a tough section!

After you successfully defend the Abrams tank (using either method), your air support radios in that they
can’t come and help due to anti-aircraft weaponry in the area.

Destroy the ZPU Anti-Aircraft Gun
Move through the shanty village to the west. It’s smart to stay along the edge, and you can get the drop on a few enemies in this area. It takes a
bit longer to get through the section, but it’s much safer, as Vasquez tends to draw most of the fire in his direction.

Once you make it through the Gearing Up
shanty defenses, the anti-aircraft for the Call
gun is behind a fence to the south. weapons
Pick off the gunner manning the Multiplayer
weapon, and then move to find the Coverage

door around the corner to the left. Single-Player

Charge forward, but note that two Prologue
enemies sometimes spawn when Act 1
you enter the ZPU area. When you Act 2
get near the gun, you should see a
Act 3
glowing yellow spot for planting C4. Hold the Use button to plant the C4. Exit the way you came in. When you reach a safe distance, activate
the C4 transmitter to blow the gun.
If you accidentally switch weapons before activating the C4, you can reselect the C4 trigger by selecting C4 in your inventory. Xbox 360

Plant the IR Beacon to Signal Air Support
Now that the ZPU anti-aircraft gun is down, you must plant an IR beacon to call in air support. The beacon you must activate is on the ground
across the shanty town to the west.

The Basics
Squad Warfare
The beacon looks like a large yellow compass on the ground. Stay
low to avoid enemy fire, and press the Use button when you reach the
Crew Expendable &
beacon to call in the cavalry. The Coup
All you have to do is stay behind cover and let your whirlybirds
do the rest. Charlie Don’t Surf
The Bog
Death From Above
Regroup with the Squad at the Tank War Pig

After the helicopters clear out Shock and Awe &
the building, return to the tank to
meet up with your squad.
All Ghillied Up
Save the Bacon One Shot, One Kill

If you’re playing on Xbox 360, Heat
completing this level unlocks the The Sins of the
Save the Bacon achievement—the Father
tank you protected is an Abrams Ultimatum
tank, call sign: “War Pig.” It’s worth
20 GamerPoints. All In
No Fighting in the
War Room
Game Over
Mile High Club


ACT 1.4 hunted
Spec Ops
Soldier ‘Soap’ MacTavish
Rank Sergeant
Division 22nd Regiment
Location Western Russia
Time Day 2: 03:02:31
Primary Objective
Shot down in western Russia with Nikolai, evade enemy patrols.

Arcade Mode
Time Limit 17:00 Starting Point Basement Door
Number of Intel Items 2 Enemy Intelligence Greenhouses
Starting Weapons M1911 .45 Crash Site Landing Zone


Now the game returns you to
the role of the British man ‘Soap’
MacTavish, but things are not going
well for the Nikolai rescue op.

After the helicopter crash, follow
Price to check on the helicopter
pilots. Neither survived, but you
can find an MP5, an M4A1, and
a G36C among the wreckage
here. The MP5 and M4A1 are
a classic and effective weapon
combination. Pick your two
favorite weapons and move up to
Price’s position.

As you make your way down the
path, your team soon approaches
a road. Get under the stone
bridge to avoid detection.

if you get jumped by the enemy. you must first wait until Price go-ahead. hold the Crouch button until you are prone (in the PC version. After you cross the first field. to stay behind cover. you can Xbox 360 Achievements move in and grab their weapons. It’s worth 10 GamerPoints. There are rounds with this weapon. a window gives you a great vantage point over the area. but the soldier that interrogated the farmer had the M1014 shotgun. a helicopter approaches your squad. Wait for the helicopter to If you’re playing on Xbox 360. it is an extremely fast semi-automatic weapon that can six outside. enemies. achievement simply press the dedicated Prone Man of the People key). climb the stairs when you follow Price into the barn. tells you to rescue the farmer. Follow from a combat shotgun: powerful Price as he opens a door into a building. 010110:185 n ©BradyGAMES . It’s a good weapon for clearing rooms later in the level. you can interrupt a reload midstream by pressing the Fire button. Two were armed with AK-47s. follow your team over the wooden fence to the west and across the farmer’s field. The M1014’s biggest drawbacks are its lengthy reload time and its lack of potency at mid range and longer. While it isn’t fully automatic. M1014 Combat Shotgun The M1014 has everything you expect Gaz takes point as your team moves up to the local village. Upstairs. advanced intel Attic Strike Instead of using the cover of the barn downstairs. shells that produce critical damage at short range. What you might not Listen to the enemies on the other side interrogate the farmer for a few expect is how quickly you can unload seconds. killing the enemies here before they kill pass by and Price to give you the the farmer yields this Achievement. However. When you’re ready. more than you can see before you start firing. To avoid getting spotted. However. Then Price gives the order neutralize the tangos. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Reach the Extraction Point Unlockables After all the enemies in the area have been neutralized. It giving you the drop on surrounding has a spotlight and is looking for your team. so be sure discharge all its rounds in a few seconds.

When you clear that outside area. Find some cover and defend carefully while Gaz kicks open the basement door. As soon as you step near the next doorway. Move to the next room and look out into the field from which you escaped to carefully pick off the six or so enemies that remain outside. several soldiers charge into the room. Find an Exit for Your Squad in the House Above Climb the stairs. When all of the tangos are down. If you start taking hits from the helicopter—your screen goes red almost instantly—get prone and wait for your health to recover. wait for your team to join you. Stay as far back behind cover as you can. When you make it to the end of the field. 186:010110 n . peek out the window and pick off any enemies hanging around the tractor outside. If you grabbed the shotgun earlier. but before you move too far ahead. just pound the doorway with shotgun shells. After a few seconds. While you’re waiting. Your biggest threat here is the helicopter. Crawl or crouch over to the basement door and get inside to safety. Price and the rest should be on the top floor with you now. turn around. continue through the house. the enemy attacks from the northeast. Gaz opens the door. But watch out for the flashbang that comes hurtling in through the window.

The stairs here give you an excellent vantage Father point to pick off enemies firing at your companions from behind cover. and you manage to break a dog’s neck after it knocks you over. you earn this 20-GamerPoint Achievement. Act 2 the flashbang erupts.N. Find some cover and prepare for a pretty strong enemy offensive. house for a breather. Press the Melee button just as the dog is about to bite your neck to keep your sights centered on the grab its head and break its neck. When they do. Xbox 360 Achievements Take down the dogs before they knock you over.G. return outside. If you fail to take them down before they reach you. where Price notes that Unlockables the town is too quiet. there’s a Crew Expendable & The Coup shack directly to the front and right of your position. Just Prologue death. Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. achievement Down Boy Down If you’re playing on Xbox 360. Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:187 n ©BradyGAMES . though. but in this get the Daredevil Achievement. The time window you have to do this is Act 1 doorway ahead and let loose after affected by the game’s difficulty setting. It’s likely a trap. you can save yourself an otherwise inevitable a flashbang into the room. several attack dogs War Pig jump you. the enemy launches Walkthrough If you do get knocked down. you’re blinded by a flashbang. Single-Player As you enter. If you get hurt. The attack dogs in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare requires you to score a kill while Coverage are absolutely vicious. Be careful. One Kill Heat Wait for your team to move forward. Act 3 Epilogue After you stop the house raiders. proceed to the The Sins of the left around the building. you can easily duck behind the side of the F. This Multiplayer case it’s kill or be killed. You can pick off enemies as they come charging Squad Warfare at your squad. a wave of enemies approaches just after the attack dogs. The Basics intel directly opposite the silos. As you exit the house. The Bog Hunted As your squad moves through the Death From Above town. earning you 10 GamerPoints. Corner Ball An excellent spot to repel the enemy is the edge of the building to the north. Enter the shack to Blackout find an intel laptop sitting in the open Charlie Don’t Surf on a desk. they knock you down and tear your throat out. You’re bound to hit an enemy. Introduction achievement advanced intel Gearing Up Daredevil Attack Dogs for the Call This is a great opportunity to weapons Killing dogs may not be something you normally do in a shooter. even if it’s by accident.

188:010110 n . There are roughly a dozen tangos here to neutralize. you can see a greenhouse building. Crouch just behind Captain Price to avoid the helicopter spotlight. and you can pick off the enemy in relative safety. and you should follow closely behind. Eventually. you also tag the game’s next checkpoint. Enter this building to get cover from the deadly helicopter. As you exit the field. your team is likely to get spotted in this section. proceed into another farmer’s field. A large force of enemies is on the other side of the greenhouse. Follow your squad through the field ahead. Follow Price down into the riverbed until you see the sentries on the bridge ahead. When the spotlight passes. Price leads the team forward. When the area is clear. Use the doors and windows for cover as you take out the force on the other side. as well as a dog. You have protection from the helicopter inside the greenhouse. The trick to surviving the subsequent alert is to sprint toward the field’s northwest corner immediately.

the helicopter again becomes a major factor. Multiplayer Coverage If you slide to the right. navigate southwest and pick off Crew Expendable & enemy resistance. so don’t lollygag—charge for a building to get Game Over when you get a break from away from the chopper. If you fire with short bursts intel into the helicopter’s open door. Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements When you clear out the section. you should have a clear shot on any enemies firing Single-Player from inside the house through the open doorway. Grab it machine gunner is replaced. none of your weapons The Sins of the makes this an easy shot at this firing on your position. Here. Then toss in a flash and knock out any stragglers. The helicopter is here and looking for you. Use some frag grenades to soften the resistance inside. the gunner inside the helicopter. Father range.G. peek through the the inside.N. a half-dozen more enemies occupy for the Call If waiting for the enemy isn’t for you. you can take out One Shot. One Kill helicopter and enemy infantry. sprint to this building’s open door. your squad moves up to take A Speedier Solution Gearing Up on the second greenhouse. All In You know you’re successful when you see an enemy fall to the ground No Fighting in the from the helicopter. so be very careful not to Act 3 cross into the helicopter’s beam. Heat Take down the rest of the tangos However. Act 1 Cut down the tangos here. The Coup Blackout Charlie Don’t Surf The Bog Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath An area with a ceiling is just on advanced intel the other side of this blown-up Dead-Eye Safehouse house. you Ultimatum can take out the gunner. Doing this buys you only about 20 seconds before the War Room An enemy laptop sits out in the open under the tin ceiling. Use the Squad Warfare blown-out building to your left to F. Stay behind cover to avoid the whirlybird firing on you from the southwest. You must take out some enemies here before you can advance The Basics toward overhead cover and avoid the helicopter. Introduction When you clear out the first courtyard. 010110:189 n ©BradyGAMES . Walkthrough Take them out. When you first enter the greenhouse. there’s a much quicker way to charge through this section. and then proceed to the next warehouse to the Act 2 west. Use the ceiling and the All Ghillied Up If you want to test your sandbags here for cover from the marksmanship. Mile High Club the helicopter. and come out the other side Prologue to get a drop on the enemies in the main courtyard area. weapons windows to see the house on the right.

Wait for them to clear the building. The really tricky part is to reach the building on the other side without letting the helicopter get a bead on you. The helicopter is relentless. take cover behind the large tractor to the left. which is filled with enemies. 190:010110 n . Once you’re inside. and help take out the remaining tangos. your squad advances and begins clearing the building. and then sprint from the truck to the barn door. and use the large trucks for cover. When you enter. Wait until the helicopter’s fire is focused somewhere away from your destination. When you move up to one of the trucks. be careful of any enemies your squad may have missed.

N. jump back into the barn and wait a few seconds before you try again. Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Reach the Aftermath Extraction Point Safehouse All Ghillied Up After a bit of celebration. The helicopter is armed with anti-missile flares. If you don’t hit on the second try. Follow Captain Price Crew Expendable & The Coup With the helicopter down. you hear a distinctive set of beeps and the Unlockables weapon can be fired. Once Epilogue the target is locked. Price calls in air support against the tank squadron waiting for you on the hill. One Kill any stragglers from the wreck. When you aim down the Stinger’s sight. The Basics Squad Warfare F.G. pick off One Shot. so your first shot misses. Charlie Don’t Surf Hang back and wait for your buddies in the sky to clear the way The Bog to the extraction point. As you come up over the hill. keep trying. Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Stinger Missile Walkthrough The Stinger is a single-use missile weapon designed for taking down Prologue aircraft. Captain Price leads your squad toward Blackout the extraction point. The second shot should hit even if the helicopter manages to deploy its flares. You can use them to take down that nasty helicopter. Xbox 360 Achievements Carefully peek out the barn and use the Stinger to target the helicopter. Return inside to get a second Stinger. The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:191 n ©BradyGAMES . Heat and follow Price and Gaz as they head down the road. If the helicopter’s gunner gets a bead on you. Do your best to hit the helicopter as it circles the building to the east. you see a targeting Act 1 reticule. This should give you enough time to get off a shot before the machine gunner spots you and opens fire on your position. You must keep the target aircraft in the center of the reticule Act 2 for approximately three seconds Act 3 before a lock is established. Introduction Gearing Up Use the Stinger Missiles to Destroy the Enemy Helicopter for the Call weapons You find several Stinger missiles in the barn.

including minimal splash damage. Then open up with the 105mm cannon on the truck in front of the church. Forces Legend Soldier Unknown Church Rank Thermal Imaging TV Operator Division AC-130H Spectre Gunship Village Location Western Russia Junkyard Time Day 2: 04:20:31 Primary Objective Protect Captain Price and the Spec Ops using an AC-130 gunship. try to locate the church on your video screen.5 above U. switch to the 40mm cannon and start picking off groups of enemies that appear below. ‘Soap. Arcade Mode Time Limit 13:00 Number of Intel Items 0 Starting Weapons None Walkthrough Provide AC-130 Air Support for Friendly Ground Units This level is a unique experience. You take over as the TV operator for a Spectre AC-130 gunship. Any damage at all. In this mission. death from ACT 1.S. A hit on the church results in an instant fail for the mission. Wait for the radio operator to give you the weapons free signal. From there. 010110:192 n . Avoid hitting the church once your guns are free.’ and Gaz encounter as they move through each village. The Church As the mission opens. results in a mission failure. your responsibility is to target and eliminate any resistance Captain Price.

Use the 25mm only when you need to make a tricky shot. Like the 150mm. as its Prologue explosive blast radius can powerful and can take down an entire squad with one stray shot. This gun’s reload time is also significant. it gives you the widest view of the terrain. find and target the enemy. Act 1 be significant. it can be very difficult to obtain new targets. allowing you to pop off bursts powerful enough to Multiplayer take out small soldier groups Coverage You should also see a group of people that are white and flashing. As you circle around. you should have the The 40mm provides the most versatile firepower. but the most important thing to understand is using the right weapon for the situation. When Price reaches the highway. it’s your job to call out shots. The 150mm offers the best mode for finding new targets. One of this weapon’s drawbacks is the danger of firing it when friendly forces are anywhere near your target. and all vehicles. After a couple of passes. completely wiping out enemy vehicles and large groups of soldiers. continue firing on any people you see outdoors. his crew commandeers two civilian vehicles to speed their progress. as the carnage it causes is nearly uncontrollable. 010110:193 n ©BradyGAMES . Price and his crew begin to move forward. extremely quickly. You absolutely must keep all be very careful firing the 40mm Walkthrough fire away from them. Single-Player These are the members of Price’s squad. and your pilots reposition the gunship to follow. The mini-cannon reloads weapons chance to take out several more tangos. Because the Xbox 360 Achievements 25mm switches to an extreme close-up for targeting. Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue 25mm Gatling Gun Unlockables The 25mm is your surgical tool. AC-130H Spectre Gunship As the gunship’s TV operator. This is the perfect weapon for cutting down enemy forces near Captain Price or other friendlies. as they are for the Call 40mm Cannon all considered enemies. Your navigator and pilot help you figure out which targets you should focus on. It can devastate a huge area. Introduction Gearing Up For now. 150mm Cannon The 150mm is the most powerful cannon on the gunship. Doing so is extremely risky. The 40mm and 105mm cannons are extremely near civilians and friendlies.

Junkyard After the village. earning you 20 GamerPoints. let loose with the 150mm cannon. it’s filled with enemy troops. You can spot them when they stop and several soldiers pile out. If you see one of these trucks. Prioritize taking out the tanks and the soldiers on the rooftops. achievement Straight Flush If you’re playing on Xbox 360. some of which have RPGs. a large junkyard. the AC-130 proceeds to the next stop on the road. You have a good opportunity to do this while you circle the junkyard. you must kill five enemies with one shot in this level to earn the Straight Flush Achievement. When you reach the next village. When you see the first one. When Price makes it to the junkyard. Keep your eyes on the first group of enemies exiting the U-Shaped building. The Village As the navigator and pilot work together to figure out the gunship’s next target. use your 150mm to demolish them. keep your eyes peeled for enemy trucks. Also note that there is a ZPU gun in the center of the village. his group leaves their vehicles. so keep an eye on their approach to avoid accidentally nailing them as they drive through. This should be enough to get your Straight Flush. 194:010110 n . Your allies enter the town quickly.

The Basics Squad Warfare F. If any slip by. Use the 40mm and 150mm before they can get close to your friendlies. your allies hang out at the front of the junkyard. The enemies attack in large groups from outside the U-shaped building.N. After the squad advances a bit more. and from further up the road. Just cover the squad as they make their way Death From Above across. you earn the Death from Above Achievement for completing this level. It’s worth 20 GamerPoints. two passenger helicopters move achievement in for the extraction. and the mission is complete. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Throughout this section. Crew Expendable & The Coup Blackout Charlie Don’t Surf The Bog Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. If you’re playing on Xbox 360.G. One Kill Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:195 n ©BradyGAMES . quickly switch to the Gatling gun to surgically remove them.

Look around the area to find an M249 SAW.6 war pig U. and it’s your squad’s job to make sure it gets there safely. 010110:196 n . The Abrams is still making its way to the main conflict zone. and stay prone as you crawl forward. Stay low and follow Vasquez as he moves up on the enemy to the right. Immediately after you start the level. Forces Legend Soldier Paul Jackson Starting Point Rank Sergeant Division 1st Force Recon Enemy Intelligence Location The Middle East War Pig Time Day 3: 16:30:08 Primary Objective MG Ambush Escort the Abrams back to the highway. Crouch down and approach the burned-out car just in front of you for cover. Use the debris in the field for cover. Arcade Mode Time Limit 15:00 Number of Intel Items 3 M4A1 Grenadier Starting Weapons M9 Walkthrough Escort the M1A2 Abrams Tank to Safety When you return to filling the shoes of Sergeant Jackson. Just to your left is a Druganov sniper rifle.S. it’s in the middle of an ongoing battle. It’s a good idea to take either of these weapons in exchange for your pistol before you go any further. ACT 1. find cover from the oncoming troops ASAP.

Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements When the Abrams begins moving down the street. There’s a building entrance just ahead and to the right of the RPG Abrams tank’s front. Introduction Gearing Up If you down both helicopters. if you miss one of them. for the Call advanced intel Horseshoes However. take down an aircraft. When you This Soviet-manufactured weapon enter. Pick one up and fire at the helicopters before they can deploy troops. Unless the grenade lands nearly on top of you. RPGs are single-use weapons. regroup with the tank and stay close for cover against enemies attacking from all directions. it’s better to get away than to try Single-Player Walkthrough tossing it back at the enemy. 010110:197 n ©BradyGAMES . against both ground-based and flying vehicles…but only if the wobbly rocket manages to connect with its target. There’s a set of three RPGs just on the other side. Clear the room and grab times. you effectively stop the enemy assault. Take them out before they can fire into the tank. Roughly halfway up the street. Nevertheless. When you play on the harder Coverage difficulties. or disable a tank. Only in special circumstances should you arm up an RPG: when you have to take out a large. clustered enemy group. Sprint down this area’s Act 2 rightmost side. climb the stairs to find a is not the most accurate or laptop heavily guarded by several dependable arm in contemporary enemies. a hit is deadly the intel. enemy with one. the Abrams starts to target nearby enemy fortifications. Multiplayer Be very careful of grenades in this level. Hang back and kill any enemies that approach. the enemy tosses them with deadly accuracy. it isn’t long before helicopters Act 1 move in to deploy more enemy troops. so you Watch out for RPG wielders on the building roofs surrounding the have to find several rockets in one spot to have a decent shot at hitting an street. but let the Abrams do the brunt of the work. Your goal here is to make it to the first blue crate on the right. this is your best shot at scoring a helicopter kill with an RPG. the assault continues and you must weapons kill all the soldiers before your squad and the Abrams can proceed. This should keep you out of the Act 3 remaining enemies’ sights. along the dirt path. Prologue If you survive the initial enemy surge. If you manage to down a helicopter. you score this intel Achievement and its 20 GamerPoints. achievement Bird on the Ground If you’re playing on Xbox 360. There are also three leaning agains the bus.

This should give you adequate cover from most of the enemies firing down on your squad. 198:010110 n . As the Abrams move forward. The laptop is on a cot in one of the bedrooms. Enter from the bottom. but it’s largely safe from incoming fire. After you clear the rooftops and most of the street. your priority should be to stay under cover. stick to the blown-out hallways and buildings on the right side of the street. intel The second laptop is in the building directly across the street from the first. the Abrams continues to advance. Keep your eye on the Abrams. This laptop is also heavily guarded. As you move up the street. Move through the rooms until you get to the second floor.

War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up If you are patient as you move One Shot. If you find a Blackout good cover spot. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements The Basics Squad Warfare Use the buildings and side alleys F.G. All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:199 n ©BradyGAMES . The Bog Remember that the enemies Hunted can appear on any floor of the Death From Above buildings around you. it often makes a new Ultimatum checkpoint save for you. One Kill forward.N. If the game The Sins of the determines you have made it to Father a safe spot. on the street’s right side to get Crew Expendable & the jump on the tangos littered The Coup throughout the area. you are rewarded with Heat more checkpoints. stay behind it Charlie Don’t Surf until it looks safe to inch forward.

200:010110 n . Stay behind cover and use whatever weapons you have to pick off these enemies until they stop attacking. you encounter an extremely heavily defended building to the west. Once you make it to the end of the street. you can accelerate this process by charging the building and killing anyone inside. This parking lot is full of tangos using the cars for cover. find Vasquez and follow him through the enemy building. Now that the enemy has backed off a bit. You encounter a second ambush just as you pass on the other side of the building. If you’re feeling brave. This forces an enemy retreat.

you can provide some cover for the Abrams as it moves down Crew Expendable & the street. If you head up to the second F.N. just behind the two machinegun nests you had to take Single-Player out to get through the alleyway. the force is equivalent to a direct hit from a frag grenade. Generally. Wait for the Abrams to tear down the barricade. but stay clear of the Act 2 ensuing explosion. The Basics When the alley is clear. Then use the dumpster on the left for cover as you clear out the rest. Unlockables Toss grenades at the cars to make them explode. floor. advanced intel Die Hard Watch out for the exploding cars in this section. killing much of the Xbox 360 Achievements resistance. When a car catches fire. Introduction intel Gearing Up for the Call weapons The last laptop is on the second Multiplayer Coverage floor here. and the mission is complete. Act 3 and then jump down to street level. Aim down your sights to pick them off with a rifle. If you’re using one for cover when it explodes. The old butcher shop is clear. it is about to explode. The Coup Blackout Charlie Don’t Surf The Bog Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. a car explodes about 30 seconds after the fire starts. Watch out for the two machine gunners in the window above the alley. One Kill Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:201 n ©BradyGAMES . Follow Vasquez up to the Epilogue extraction point. follow Vasquez as he breaches the building Squad Warfare at the end.G. Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 The Abrams pops the top of the enemy tank.

feel free to use the full-auto mode to devastate the enemy. Arcade Mode Legend Time Limit 14:00 Enemy Intelligence Number of Intel Items 2 Statue M4A1 Grenadier Starting Weapons First Drop Point M9 Recon Team Walkthrough The next part of the U. be sure to take out any RPG soldiers you see on the rooftops. Fire a grenade into its side to take out several enemies at once. Soften Resistance for the Ground Assault As you approach the city. the greatest threats are the enemy ZPU guns on the rooftops.S. Trace the smoke back to its source.7 shock and awe U. you can’t shoot for several seconds while it cools. advanced intel Spotting RPG Soldiers Spotting RPG soldiers in the midst of the capital’s chaotic streets can be difficult. if you overheat the gun. ACT 1. and there’s your RPG man—one grenade is enough to take 010110:202 out one of these tangos.S. The helicopter is armed with a fully automatic grenade launcher. Keep your eyes out for the white streams of smoke unique to a recently fired RPG weapon. Prioritize taking those down over the tanks. As you circle around. you should see a fuel truck on the ground. n . Forces Soldier Paul Jackson Rank Sergeant Division 1st Force Recon Location The Middle East Time Day 3: 18:00:01 Primary Objective Surround the last of Al-Asad’s forces in the capital. mission has you raiding Al-Asad’s capital city from inside a helicopter. Also. As you fly into the city. But watch the heat meter on the right side of the HUD.

010110:203 n ©BradyGAMES . After they unload. and be sure to hit the giant tanker truck as the helicopter When you land here the first time. and it crumbles and prepare for some more very to the ground. your helicopter weapons lands and half your platoon Multiplayer unloads here. Topple the Dictators! Fire bursts at any enemy soldiers you see. Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements advanced intel As your copter moves to position two. as it has the fewest enemies. It also provides optimal cover from the other forces. the dead leader from the coup. When the alley is clear. from the face of the capital city. wiping his memory dangerous and chaotic alley fights. Assist and Extract the Advance Recon Team Stick to the left side of this corridor. you have a unique opportunity to topple a statue of Al-Falani. It simply stands for Landing Zone. Just send a few Follow Vasquez into the alleyway grenades at the base. Introduction Gearing Up After you complete one full circle for the Call through the city. and then enter. the enemy is a bit scattered. LZ Your commanding officer mentions LZ several times throughout this mission. Toss a flashbang and a frag grenade inside to soften up the resistance. touches down. a predetermined spot for your air support to make landings and pickups. continue down to the building with the AK-47 painted on its side. Coverage fire some support shots into the Single-Player building across the courtyard Walkthrough behind the statue.

204:010110 n . Be very careful of enemies popping out of the windows and on the roof of the building to the right. utter chaos breaks loose. When the bottom floor is clear. Watch out for the RPG soldier on the second floor to the left. Proceed to the LZ When you drop down to the lower area. The enemy has completely reinforced this area and attacks from all points ahead. head upstairs to rendezvous with the recon team and begin the escort out of the area. intel There is a laptop in the corner of the room where you meet up with the recon team.

and it’s a straight shot to the landing zone. Clear the room and use the windows to pick off the remaining enemies in the alleys below. Run through the building and clear out any enemies. Eliminate the hostile presence and then go upstairs. The Coup Proceed Blackout through the Charlie Don’t Surf doorway on the The Bog right and kill Hunted any survivors Death From Above inside. start moving Crew Expendable & forward. Prologue Act 1 Just watch out for grenades! Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements Once you hold this position for a bit. Multiplayer The laptop is on the floor in this room’s closet. Head out the door here into another alleyway. hang back and pick off any enemies you can see from the There is a very well hidden laptop on the second floor of the enemy weapons safety of the balcony. Pick them off. There should be only a few enemies on your right. The Basics Just stay back and pick off any enemies that you can see from Squad Warfare behind cover. One Kill Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:205 n ©BradyGAMES . wait for an opening to make a break for the right wall and through the open doorway. jump down to the lower area and sprint to the Single-Player left wall. Introduction Rambo intel Gearing Up for the Call Feeling a bit crazy? If you want to accelerate your assault on the enemy defenses here. the enemy surge dies down and you can F.G. War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. building on the right. Head upstairs to find six tangos with their backs turned to you. Eventually.N. Coverage When the bottom area is clear. and you have a reasonably safe spot to pick off the remaining advancing enemies. and one up high Walkthrough atop the building.

sprint straight ahead through the street toward the downed helicopter. When you arrive back at your escort. surface fire takes down a Cobra. so just make a beeline back to your own copter before the enemy can get a bead on you. you can’t fire back. If you see enemies running in front of you. When you reach the Cobra. hold the Use button to pull out the pilot. drop off the pilot. After your helicopter lands. 206:010110 Hang on as your copter goes down! n . Once you’re holding onto the pilot. Get Back on the Mark 19 Grenade Launcher Climb into the back of the helicopter and approach the Mark 19 to operate the gun for liftoff. and then turn to open up on the enemies from out the back of your ride. Shortly. but it isn’t long before disaster strikes. take them quickly. Shortly after takeoff. fire at any enemies you see running along the streets near the downed copter. your chopper takes off. but don’t let them slow you down—speed is of the essence here. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it from crashing. Rescue the Downed Cobra Pilot The Cobra pilot is trapped in the crash’s wreckage. While you await confirmation of orders from command.

One Kill Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room Game Over Mile High Club 010110:207 n ©BradyGAMES . Act 3 You can move Epilogue around a bit. Introduction aftermath Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough You cannot Prologue prevent the Act 1 inevitable in the Act 2 Aftermath level. Unlockables but eventually Xbox 360 Achievements you succumb to the radiation poisoning.G.N. Crew Expendable & The Coup Blackout Charlie Don’t Surf The Bog Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. The Basics Squad Warfare F.

use the game map to determine which safe house you want tips on and jump to the corresponding section in the walkthrough. Follow the rest of your squad as they head up the hill to intercept the ultra-nationalists before they can continue killing civilians. It emphasizes avoiding the tank that roams the city. You can use the fence or trees for additional protection. possible way of clearing the safe houses.1 safehouse Spec Ops Soldier ‘Soap’ MacTavish Rank Sergeant Division 22nd Regiment Location Northern Azerbaijan Time Day 4: 02:00:31 Legend Primary Objective Starting Point Find Al-Asad in his safe house in Azerbaijan. This level is unique in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in that you can clear the While he is sure of the area. Enemy Intelligence Safehouse 1 Arcade Mode Safehouse 2 Time Limit 17:00 Number of Intel Items 2 Safehouse 3 M4A1 SOPMOD Safehouse 4 Starting Weapons M1014 Safehouse 5 Safehouse 6 Walkthrough advanced intel Safe House Strategy The British have intel from Nikolai concerning Al-Asad’s safe house. Safe House 1 The first safe house you reach is northwest as you come up over the hill. 010110:208 n . watch out for reinforcements from outside the hut. You must clear six houses in the area to find Al-Asad. ACT 2. houses in any order you like. a vehicle that can make big problems for you and your squad. Hang back and shoot at the enemies inside the safe house from the safety of cover on the hillside. including dogs. If you get stuck in a particular spot. As the village gets wise your presence. which can surprise you from behind cover. The walkthrough for this chapter details one He has gone into hiding after the nuclear disaster in his capital city. he is not sure which house Al-Asad occupies.

which provides much safer entry than the front door. be sure Act 1 to avoid the area until the ship flies Act 2 away. Then proceed upstairs to ensure the building is clean. SNEAK UP FROM BEHIND A good flanking tactic is to rush past the window to the right and downstairs into the basement. After you eliminate the initial enemy groups. There is a door to the house’s rear. you should get the signal from Gaz that the building is clear. Otherwise you could get cut Act 3 down by friendly fire! Now you just need to check the basement. This allows the player to come up behind most of the enemies in the building. you can You can obtain your first piece of Coverage call in air support on any target you like. Epilogue When an air attack concludes. it Unlockables takes approximately 30 seconds for air support to be ready to launch a Xbox 360 Achievements new strike on a different area. After you run through the basement. The laptop sits on Walkthrough flies in and shoots the heck out of whatever you target for them. a bureau directly across from the Prologue mattress. a helicopter enemy intel in a torn-up bedroom Single-Player on the top floor. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call advanced intel intel Calling In Air Support WEAPONS Multiplayer Throughout this mission. switch to your shotgun and clear out any enemies on the bottom floor. After you call in a strike. When you do. Inside the house. move along the wooden fence to the right to approach the house’s northwest side. 010110:209 n ©BradyGAMES .

a machine gunner sets up on the house back on the hill. After the helicopter tears up the building’s front. stick to the road and use the guardrail for cover as you approach the building’s rear. the helicopter can eliminate all resistance within the house in one go. Use your air strike to get rid of the gunner and pound the house with fire. and then call in an air strike on the house to the right. you can sneak up the side of the hill via the path that leads to the house’s right flank. you can move up the hill to the southwest. Side Entrance Instead of trying to take this third house head-on. If necessary. Safe House 2 Once you have the all-clear on the building. n . Safe House 3 After you clear the second safe house. enter through the basement door located on the right side. of restaurant. intel When you reach the house. If the air strike doesn’t get everyone. If you designate the right spot. Switch back to your shotgun and carefully clear each room of This building used to be some sort enemies—many survive the helicopter attack. and 210:010110 you should be able to make it to the basement without any trouble. and you won’t even have to go inside to get credit for clearing the building. This should give you a drop on the enemies defending within. exit to the road on the north side. This flank is completely undefended. wait for air support to reset. The second and final piece of intel sits in one of the booths.

Crew Expendable & The Coup Blackout As you come up from the Charlie Don’t Surf basement.G. but there is a much easier way. Mile High Club Get to the church building. You No Fighting in the means. house. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 Achievements The Basics Squad Warfare F. softening the enemies Aftermath there with frag grenades and Safehouse flashbangs. One Kill Heat advanced intel Taking Out the Tank The Sins of the Father If you take too long clearing out the Ultimatum houses. n ©BradyGAMES . which 010110:211 comes in handy later. clear it of enemies. which is located to the southwest. You can’t All In Once you clear the house. The easiest way to take out the tank is to call the helicopter on it. One Shot. Watch out for the All Ghillied Up enemy hiding in the bathroom. After Death From Above you kill all the enemies on the first War Pig floor. On the top floor. toss flashbangs to stun the guys hanging out on the first The Bog floor. Price tells you to throw War Room can proceed to the next safe smoke bombs and plant C4 on the Game Over tank.N. you can run into an enemy tank roaming the streets. you can find a Javelin and a sniper rifle. then climb the stairs inside to the bell tower. carefully work your way Shock and Awe & upstairs. Then pop up and blow them Hunted away with your shotgun. you take out the tank using conventional get an all-clear from Gaz.

following the path that leads directly to it. 212:010110 n . Wait The easiest way to kill it is to call the helicopter on it. be sure to use flashbangs to soften them up. Switch over to your shotgun and begin clearing rooms. There are enemies in each room. the one located southwest from safe house three. Call in an air strike on the squad up if you’re not careful. house—again. one method is safer than others. It can really mess your However. Now move cautiously toward the safe house. Try to keep an eye on the tank’s location. an enemy tank rolls down the street. in safe house three until your air support hammers the area. go around the right side to find a side entrance. Instead of entering via the front door. If you have trouble. Safe House 4 advanced intel Watch the Tank There’s no completely safe way to get to this fourth safe house. At this point.

Squad Warfare F. Walkthrough Prologue Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Epilogue Unlockables Xbox 360 While the helicopter works its magic. When Price arrives. Then jump down and Crew Expendable & walk around to the south side as you wait for your squad to arrive. Once you’re inside. While the old Multiplayer farmhouse looks abandoned. Introduction Gearing Up Safe House 5 Once you have the all-clear from Gaz.G. weapons The fifth safe house is through a field to the northwest. It’s worth 20 GamerPoints. you should receive a checkpoint. The Coup Blackout While you wait for your squad to join you in breaching the house. sneak into the leftmost barn by Achievements following the fence to find a secret rear door. and follow the path down the hill The Basics to the last safe house. One Kill Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In achievement Wrong Number No Fighting in the War Room Xbox 360 players receive this Achievement after completing this Game Over level. follow him inside the house to find Al-Asad and complete the level! Charlie Don’t Surf The Bog Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot.N. From this vantage point you can fire down on all points in the farm and easily neutralize any survivors of the helicopter sweep. go upstairs and kill the enemy that’s camped out there. Call an air strike on the north side of the house. head back the way you came for the Call to approach the sixth and final safe house. Pick off any resistance that remains here. Safe House 6 Follow your compass to the southeast until you hit the main road. call in your air support early during your Coverage approach to soften up the forces that pop out as soon as you enter Single-Player firing range. Mile High Club 010110:213 n ©BradyGAMES .

If you accidentally alert the enemy. often partially are charged with infiltrating the enemy camp to stop a transaction and comprised of materials taken from the deployment location. unmodified camouflage clothing would allow. grasses and other plant matter. you and your partner wear ghillie suits. ACT 2. It isn’t easy. Ukraine Time 15 Years Ago Primary Objective Crawl through Chernobyl in a ghillie suit. you can complete it without getting spotted by the enemy. n . such as long assassinate Imran Zakhaev. own ghillie suits.45 Church Sniper Walkthrough The next two levels are flashbacks. explaining how to get by without being detected. This walkthrough takes you through each step. Ghillie suits are full-body outfits with three- dimensional elements that aid in disguising the wearer from detection in underbrush. Professional military snipers are trained to create their In this level. so be patient. Captain MacMillan. you can commit suicide with a frag grenade to restart from the last checkpoint and try again. “All Ghillied Up” is the only pure stealth level. Arcade Mode Time Limit 18:00 Legend Number of Intel Items 3 Starting Point Junkyard M21 Suppressed Starting Weapons Enemy Intelligence Roadblock USP . you can earn this Achievement’s 20 GamerPoints. Imran Zakhaev. which take you back to Captain Price’s first encounter with the villain behind the nuclear attack and an old enemy of the western world. This custom approach helps the wearer blend into the surroundings much better than standard. achievement Ghillies in the Mist 010110:214 If you can get through this level without any enemies detecting your presence.2 all ghillied up Spec Ops Soldier Price Rank Lieutenant Division 22nd Regiment Location Pripyat. you and your commanding officer. Ghillie Suit During the flashback. and if you’re careful.

or the massive amounts of Epilogue radiation in the outlying areas kills Unlockables you almost instantly. MacMillan gives you orders to take out one of them while another is turned away. and you should do your best to observe them closely. Use your M21 Suppressed rifle’s scope to score a headshot on the enemy. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call Follow Captain MacMillan WEAPONS Multiplayer After the level starts. As such. you Act 2 must be extra careful not to wander too far off the main Act 3 path. After a successful hit. MacMillan reports four enemies inside. Throughout this level. Follow MacMillan as he sneaks around the side of the house. you observe two tangos patrolling the field outside a small house. because his friend is walking away from him into the field. which mark restricted areas that contain lethal levels of radiation. Move up to the shed and wait for MacMillan to do the same. As you approach the house. MacMillan reminds you that advanced intel Coverage you are in a highly radioactive area. The man on the right is the ideal target when you first come upon the pair. MacMillan gives you many orders. MacMillan takes out the second tango and you can move up to the house. 010110:215 n ©BradyGAMES . follow Captain MacMillan as he sprints ahead in the field. Make it Past the House On the other side of the shed. where the worst Prologue nuclear radiation accident in Act 1 history occurred. Xbox 360 Achievements Keep your eyes peeled for the small radioactive warning signs. completing the level undetected is much simpler. Radioactive Area Single-Player Walkthrough Pripyat is just outside the city of Chernobyl. Keep zoomed out and wait until the enemies are not facing each other. If you do.

the tower and two soldiers patrolling out front. Your best chance at taking down the helicopter is to return to the church interior. A piece of enemy intelligence is at the top. the safer option is to take down Make it Past the Church the enemy quickly. You are less likely to get spotted if you shoot him. After you dispose of the watch cleanly. While you can let him pass. When you approach the church. a helicopter comes after you and MacMillan. Remember that you can hold the Sprint button to temporarily steady your aim. You can either wait for this guard to pass or quickly dispose of him with another headshot. Be patient. This is one of the harder With the enemy by the car down. an enemy approaches from the car. When you reach the corner of the house. Follow him closely as he clears the area. Next. MacMillan sees a lookout in the trigger. next to the guard you neutralized. MacMillan heads inside the church. and make sure you have the shot objective. turn your focus to the north. near the burned-up car. so that’s what we recommend. You are tasked with taking down the lookout. n . you can move further toward your shots you have to make. where there’s an unlimited 216:010110 stockpile of Stinger missiles piled against the wall. advanced intel Helicopter Trouble If you alert the guards in the next part of the level. intel Use the ladder in the church to climb to the top of the tower. allowing you to proceed to the next area. Follow MacMillan across the yard and over the picket before you pull fence.

If they are. F. Wait for the bird in Unlockables the sky to fly past. a large enemy patrol sweeps the area with armored support. Squad Warfare Ahead. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough As you pass through the Prologue cemetery. an enemy helicopter Act 1 flies overhead. Combing the Field After a long run through a field. so you must crawl Crew Expendable & right under their feet. Keep your head Ultimatum up so you can see if any of the All In enemies are about to walk on your position. which is possible thanks to your ghillie suits.N. There’s no way to fight your way through this section. Get down on the ground and begin crawling The Basics forward with MacMillan. crawl No Fighting in the War Room to the right or left as slowly as Game Over possible to avoid getting noticed or walked on. Go prone Act 2 and crawl into a corner near Act 3 the cement fence that’s in the Epilogue shadows. One Kill The best way to get through this Heat section is to stay as stationary as possible and let the patrol The Sins of the Father walk past you. Mile High Club 010110:217 n ©BradyGAMES . The Coup Blackout As you crawl. Your goal is to allow the patrol to pass without The Bog getting too close to any of the enemies approaching your position. Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. followed by a quick hop over a low fence.G. you can hear tanks approaching. you are completely undetectable to enemies unless you get Charlie Don’t Surf within three feet of them. and then Xbox 360 MacMillan summons you to Achievements follow him up ahead.

With all tangos in the area In this section. After you do. you can stand up again. take and stick to the shadows when him out. Make it through the Junkyard When the patrol passes. it’s a better option to take out the enemies rather than down. Follow Two soldiers remain. 218:010110 n . and observe you and MacMillan. soldier standing by himself. or try to sneak past them. When it’s time. and MacMillan follows up with a quick headshot of his own. Spot the enemy wandering off to your left. position and give you the signal. move your scope to the right to take out the you hit the large crates. and they require a coordinated attack between MacMillan to cover. follow MacMillan as he continues creeping through the underbrush. you can move up to the try to sneak past. you have two options here: take out the enemies without enemies. Follow MacMillan is a good distance past the solo soldier loitering near the tank. Wait for your commanding officer to get into the soldiers throwing bodies into the water. When he next section. alerting the other soldiers. When you get to the abandoned airfield and tank graveyard. take out either of the Once again.

You must be prepared to sprint. Crew Expendable & The Coup Blackout Sprint Past the Enemy Position Charlie Don’t Surf The Bog When you exit the final crate. and he can lead you through the next area. Hunted Death From Above War Pig Shock and Awe & Aftermath Safehouse All Ghillied Up One Shot. Introduction Gearing Up for the Call weapons Multiplayer Coverage Single-Player Walkthrough The next guy is all MacMillan’s. go back to prone. Prologue Let him take out the enemy and Act 1 continue through the crate maze. you can see dozens of enemies on the other side.N. Act 2 Listen closely to his commands Act 3 to make it through the maze Epilogue undetected. MacMillan is an expert at predicting enemy movement. Crouch. One Kill Heat The Sins of the Father Ultimatum All In No Fighting in the War Room