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wo o d l e i g h a n
Written, photograped and presented by Woodleigh pupils - Summer 2009

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tykes call up local stars

WOODLEIGH School batsmen Jack Garritty and Tom Hoggard are celebrating selection for the North Yorkshire U13 Cricket squad this week. Professional coaches including Adrian Grayson ran the rule over 40 youngsters at Oaklands Sports Centre in York for three hours, examing batting, bowling and fielding potential. Tom, 13 from Pickering, and Jack, 13 from Great Habton, were recommended for the trials by Scarborough District coach Mark Welford, after several months coaching in Scarborough. The duo are hoping to play in up to ten fixtures for the county, including matches against East Yorkshire, Manchester and Cleveland.

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Song Swap!

WOODLEIGH School and Langton Primary sang songs to each other last week in a two hour afternoon concert organised by their music teachers . Over 100 pupils “swapped songs” in Woodleigh’s gym. Each school performed three songs in turn. Langton Primary sang the “Recycling Song”, “Dona Nobis Pacem” and a lively medley. Woodleigh sang “Half a world away”, “Ombra mai fu” and “Chocolate Mollenio.”

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The Shy Wonderer
The shy wonderer peered, Afraid of what might happen, Reaching, grasping in the dusk, And praying in the breeze. ‘Twas straight, stiff, soft and still, But growing through all of time, Opening out in twilight, Still swaying soft and calm. Where was peace? Was it here? The dew the grass and water, Just maybe this could be change, But no! There’s always been this peace. Beautiful is this place, Red, yellow, green and orange, The place is changing, dancing, The wonderer is free! Charles Saunders - Year 7

The Sound Collector by Roger McGough
A stranger called this morning Dressed all in black and grey Put every sound into a bag And carried it away The whistling of the kettle The turning of the lock The purring of the kitten The ticking of the clock The popping of the toaster The crunching of the flakes When you spread the marmalade The scraping noise it makes The hissing of the frying pan The ticking of the grill The bubbling of the bath tub As it starts to fill The drumming of the raindrops On the window pane When you do the washing up The gurgle of the drain The crying of the baby The squeaking of the chair The swishing of the curtain The creaking of the stair A stranger called this morning He didn’t leave his name Left us only silence Life will never be the same

Performed by Year 3

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tuesday is kayak day!

On Tuesdays, after lessons, in games time, a group of years five to eight go Kayaking on the River Derwent near Malton. We use a variety of boats we ‘ve used Canadian canoes and kayaks. We’ve done wobbles, capsizing, and moving forward and backward. On the second lesson we took to diving off the pier where we had our partner throw life ropes at us to rescue us. It was ace! Mrs. Murkett takes usand we are taught by a man called Paul. This is funded by the government to try and encourage people to take up outdoor activities.

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Woodleigh goes even greener

AFTER a lot of hard work and commitment by pupils, staff and helpers, Woodleigh School, Langton, near Malton has completed the requirements for the EcoSchools’ Bronze Award.

The award is designed to help schools focus on their impact on the environment and consider sustainability issues. Schools follow a simple nine topic process which helps them to address a variety of environmental

themes, ranging from litter and waste to healthy living and biodiversity. The award process began at Woodleigh with a themed Sustainable Schools’ Week.

C’est magnifique
CHARLES Saunders, a year 7 pupil from Woodleigh School, took part in a national French competition, called Le Grand Défi (the big challenge) in May and sat a halfhour multiple choice paper with 50 questions covering a whole range of questions on French grammar and vocabulary, and on France and French people. All of the questions were challenging and some were very difficult. Charles received his results this week and he did extremely well to score 58 points, which placed him well above average nationally and was classed as an A grade. Charles was awarded a CD Rom of French games and learning activities, a certificate and a badge. He said “I really enjoyed doing this competition because the questions were interesting and it was fun to complete. I am pleased with my prize. C’est fantastique!” Charles’ French teacher, Madame Downey, was delighted with his result, and added “Charles’ confidence in French has been boosted by his school trip to Rouen last year to stay with a French family. He is looking forward to going back to Rouen with the school in the autumn.”

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WOODLEIGH School’s under 11 Cricket team were crowned area champions at the Yorkshire Cricket Board 8-a-side hardball competition. Beating Bramcote in the morning session, Woodleigh faced off against rivals Terrington, who had earlier overcome St Olaves, to decide the final. Woodleigh batted first and after some indifferent strokeplay left Terrington with a target of 12 runs to win. But inspirational bowling from captain Matthew Procter and excellent fielding from the team left the result hanging in the balance.

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Spelling success

WOODLEIGH School spelled success at an inaugural competition run by the Times for Year Sevens across the UK. Spelling gurus Charles Saunders, 12, Patrick Litten, 12 from Pickering and Mikey Curtis, 12, from Foston travelled to the Odeon Cinema, Hull for the regional championship of the Times National Spelling Bee competition. The team managed to spell numerous words, including “mysticism, phoenix, rhubarb and success.”

Magic Will
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Year five love reading
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WOODLEIGH School U9 cricketer Will Bradley produced a stunning performance in a Cricket match against Terrington Hall last Saturday. Captaining the Woodleigh side, Will Bradley, 9, from Kilham, scored 50 not out off 15 balls, his haul comprising six sixes, three fours and two singles. He left the field to a huge round of applause from parents and spectators. Returning to field, he claimed two catches as wicketkeeper before bowling two overs and taking four wickets for no runs. William, who also plays out of his age group for Scarborough District U11s, said: “We played well even though we lost a few wickets at the beginning – but later on it went really well. I was pleased with how I bowled.”

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the italian Job

THIS term 27 Italians have visited the school. Charles Saunders conducts a vox pop and reports on what they thought of Woodleigh

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Photo exhibition by Year 6

THIS summer term year 6 have been doing an interesting photo project. This took three tiring weeks to sort everything out to a fantastic standard! The children managed to finish the task for a brilliant display. Year 6 did this to show how much effort was put into this and to show all the stunning features of Woodleigh School. There were a few subjects which were teachers, school, trees, flowers, dorms and a couple more. The children had to sort out what to take the photos of and write the captions. These were done in English with great advice from a helpful teacher. There were loads of captions and I can only pick some, which were, the “Tree monster” by Will Simpson and Angus Bulmer, “It was him or the farmer” by George Ullyott and Edward Medforth and “Danger dog” by Frankie Cheung and James Bulmer.

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Camping adventures

Year 5,6,7&8 all went camping this term, on two trips. Ther journey to Windemere toook three hours in minibuses There was a lake with a forest around it. There was camp site and we camped there. When we got there we had to set the tents up and we unloaded the bus and we were allowed to play in the wood and We had sausages and bacon for breakfast and we have to cook it ourselves and for lunch we had packed lunch. For tea we had a barbecue. We did activities with the Pink Adventure instructors abseiling, archery, gorge walking, rock climbing and we went to an enormous cave on the way back.

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new extranet for Woodleigh
own account in which they can store information and their own pictures and videos if they wish. School performances are also posted onto the Extranet. The Extranet also helps the children do there homework as the teachers can add tips to it. The Extranet includes a calendar and on each day it says what is happening and what age groups are playing in fixtures. The people who have an Extranet page are able to send messages to each other.

WOODLEIGH school has a fantastic and extraordinary new Extranet. It has been very successful because and many people have made their own account. It features fixtures, a calendar, an account for each member, videos which are loaded on by staff and many notes and events that parents need to know about. The Extranet is very popular with the parents as they can see what has happened at Woodleigh and what is going to happen in the future. Parents and year 8 children are allowed to have their

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Blues Brothers by Year 8
Jailer 1 Jailer 2 Jake Store man Elwood Mother Superior Cab Calloway Preacher Gospel Choir Traffic cop 1 Traffic cop 2 Murphy Dunne Duck Dunn Willie Hall Mr Fabulous Alan Rubin Waiter The Father The Mother Daughter 1 Daughter 2 Aretha Franklin Matt Guitar Murphy Blue Lou Marini Backing girl 1 Backing girl 2 Backing girl 3 Backing girl 4 Ray Charles Street Dancers Bob Claire C&W Audience Tucker McElroy Good ole boy 1 Good ole boy 2 Chief of Police Oliver Medforth Jack Garritty Fred Weeks Alex Machen Ed Megginson Millie-Jo Castleton Will Procter George Mewburn All Tom Milnes Jack Garitty Ellenya Smith Eve Shallcross Tom Hoggard Alex Machen William Bennett Baggs Stephen Johnstone Eve Shallcross Charlotte Howarth Sophie Lear Ellenya Smith Will Bennett-Baggs Tom Milnes Charlotte Howarth Eve Shallcross Sophie Lear Millie-Jo Castleton Sam Megginson All George Mewburn Charlotte Howarth All Sam Megginson Oliver Medforth Jack Garritty Stephen Johnstone

AT THE end of this term Year 8 are performing a play called the Blues Brothers. This play will be phenomenal with some of the best choreography an end of year play has had by Mrs. Murkett and Mr England. There is also some great music from the blues brothers. We have all songs and the theme music by Mrs Naylor (piano) and Tom Hoggard on the drums. The main parts are Fred Weeks as Jake, Edward Megginson as Elwood and Will Procter as Curtis.

Year 8 almost started rehearsing their play straight after common entrance and all year 8 are extremely passionate about this play. The soloists are practising nonstop. Rehearsals have been done in maths, science and French. Within a few days Mr. England had the gist of what this play was going to look like, if only he could say the same about Ed and Fred on the tandem bike. Year 8 have put in all effort possible let’s hope it will be excellent - I am sure it will be.

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